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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 15: WikiLeaks springs a leak, TouchPad returns, and Apple loses another iPhone

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 15: WikiLeaks springs a leak, TouchPad returns, and Apple loses another iPhone

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Full WikiLeaks database of diplomatic cables appears online; HP to bring back TouchPad for a last production run; and an Apple employee once again appears to have lost an unreleased iPhone in a bar!

-- -- -- Hollywood welcome to the best of buzz out loud our weekly digest of the best moments from our daily BL well podcast. This week beef. Old collection. Of WikiLeaks diplomatic cables ends up on line. HP is bringing back the touchpad for just one and last production run. And an Apple employee what -- Appears to have blocked an iPhone in a bar you know why they keep doing that and of course Netflix loses all of stars content and dominos -- open a pizza joint on the moon. -- apparently for real sit back and enjoy the -- about. Big news potentially in the WikiLeaks world apparently. For the second time -- -- WikiLeaks has lost control. Of its giant cache of State Department cables. And this time the leaked files are apparently online. This is this is bad this is -- now the -- -- cables were contained and -- supposedly. Amino pastor protected file one point 73 gigs of data that was encrypted way to happen is Julian Assange. They had acquired they had this file but also -- given the password to use some unnamed. Outside person. And through to people putting two and two together. They had revealed that this outside person has yet to be revealed. Had leaked the password out in some way shape or form weather was in some sort of post and some sent me -- -- tried out word they gave them access to this file. -- names of officials informants and suspected intelligence agents. There it's un redacted which means none of those names were blacked out in this file Reyes is the you pretty much the raw data from some of these cables that they have. And therefore the concern about that is that. Some of the sources contained within because obviously stuff that is you know be on top secret classified. This is why that the State Department speaking out so much about it the concern -- according to New York Times and others that sources now. Have been exposed. Potentially and -- could be in danger or. Vulnerable to some other recriminations. And the thing is that this file is if you're looking forward. You know it's gonna be a little harder to try and put two together but from what the -- German newsweekly. There's Spiegel says is that. They were able to find these on the Internet and then put to -- together and it's not if you do enough digging you'll be able to access this file -- it is so why won't other countries. Chided try to search for the stuff you know countries like Iran Jordan Israel who have -- people better on this on document -- of this file are named. -- on what's interesting too is that they had to. That the part of this reveal is that they and in this they lost control of the this -- of information apparently like members of anonymous have been trying to find this information because. Leaks are anonymous no members of anonymous have on behalf of WikiLeaks because there was that the German guy who deleted a bunch of files this don't try to berg. Who had -- I think that was the guy who deleted a bunch of information and people have been trying to recover it and then anonymous probably will have a field day with that or not but. The people have been trying to recover this information and so what the near time's right is that. It will who wouldn't why would -- -- have given out the password for -- hundred active materials to an outside source and then not changed it. When that material disappeared so it was somewhere on the web for somebody to find -- -- you know whether it was like living on torrent sites or whatever. And Assange apparently never change the password for the database. And that and so that's what near time's right and they say that the you know it indicates. His incapacity for or disinterest in. Establishing coherent security guidelines for his organization which is a problem appeared if you -- to leaks of -- WikiLeaks and you can feel like you can't trust them. On the other hand WikiLeaks has written has weeded and said totally false. That any WikiLeaks sources have been exposed or will be exposed. New York Times they say drooling comma -- -- -- and evil period. An -- to imagine that -- is using Google's be subject to compose and. I did this is from what we've heard rated either -- Staten WikiLeaks. Has only been in the news as much but it seems like ages were sitting on this. Stockpile. Of cables and -- At least from what we can tell. Have not been acquiring many more things and releasing many more new things new -- just been sitting on -- stash. And slowly but surely panel once a while throwing them out to -- get their name back in the press in the media. Now it would this. This also shows -- all. You know it is that if that was the level of security they had all these files pretty much an encrypted file and a password and -- that and that's it. And it was it was on their servers WikiLeaks on servers. One of the defectors from WikiLeaks. -- then spun off to lead this -- -- this rival group called open weeks. They at one time had. How to access to this file. They they acquired this this file and then later on gave it back to Julian Assange prank so they they have the raw data is all they did not have the -- of the time. But as they defected because they weren't in aligned with what WikiLeaks is gonna trying to do in. You know with the how how we -- it's gonna throw their power around instead of using four. The good in their mind open leaks did it end up giving back this database to them. But it just shows that how this file was floating everywhere was floating everywhere. They got it back in men that's when He didn't change a passer and that the deal to -- it literally as I was saying that earlier I realized how can you change the past or non encrypted database that you don't have control over. He net He -- it appears that He never. The the -- it was. Almost encrypted file in this outside source had a -- but in the a Julian Assange himself you know anyone's control of the file. And any other file back and -- the passwords and -- the external source was able to expose somehow or something somehow that ray they eluded me article you know this is sizzling. Cloak and dagger type I know they allude that. They don't even wanna tell who the person is how He -- the password -- -- a poster of you just gave it up. Because they don't want this to be as publicly known that they don't want it to be really out there will too late now apparently leaks got leaked and then I love that. The -- though only story that I've seen so far that it that appears to Parse -- of the new data. Is about how Apple was slow to respond to counterfeiting. In China and other Asian countries particularly -- I thought -- -- -- -- at this. And they outsource that to be exposed and by the NASA had to be -- but it. Really. Okay that's why that's why the you know they're saying we're holiness stash of cables. There's a lot of stuff and an unknown really cares about -- -- so. Anyway apparently Apple's slurs on counterfeiting and -- and they did didn't they didn't see now in common they guided opinions on -- badger. I thought well. The US Justice Department moves. To block the F officially filed suit to block the AT&T T-Mobile merger well. To whose -- the color and August is slow month plus plus often mirrored at. Look wow oh wow oh well how about ideology -- stepping it up -- -- the move came sooner than expected apparently not part of it was a big surprise. We didn't minute we were -- -- was kind of expecting. Then -- they were basically saying they were gonna continue their review they were expected to make a decision on the merger early next year -- CC and the DOJ -- -- -- -- and then the other fact that they -- filed this petition against the merger is somewhat of a surprise and would suggest that. AT&T. Reluctant a better -- failed miserably to convince the -- -- this was good for anyone but AT&T. Now in their statements they said one of the main reasons would that. The merger would allow the would that AT&T -- merger would have a substantially lessen the competition in the industry. -- -- US antitrust laws the combination of AT&T T-Mobile together result in tens of millions of customers across the United States. Facing higher prices fewer choices. And lower quality products for mobile wireless services which is absolutely true we we talked about it a while ago we were sad more than anything because. This -- not is far from a -- but this is. The -- Department of Justice putting their stamp on this -- this is what we don't think they should go through because there's going to be a lot of negotiations in the background. There's a lot of money involved so it's not like this is just going away but T-Mobile as it stands -- -- the one of the most innovative carriers -- brought forth the Android platform. -- AS HSP eight plus -- also on start off with unlimited data plan so they knew they were that kind of smaller player that was really trying to innovate and bring new things to the table and industry and has to get rid of that. It's it would go away. Be terrible and to me that's the DOJ totally nailed it LSD -- -- -- -- -- the same thing you may the fact that they pointed specifically to T-Mobile being that disruptive force and that's what they call them in the wireless industry to me was like. The most compelling argument I mean it's one thing to say. It's sort of unquestionable -- -- that it would reduce competition that it would raise prices that it would probably eliminate jobs despite eighteen teasing and it would create 5000 jobs. And that it wouldn't ultimately be good for consumers -- murders like that never are. But that has not stopped the FCC or the DOJ from allowing similar mergers or mergers of an equal caliber to go through. -- to -- where they really apparently have the biggest problem. Wasn't saying. Not only would reduce competition but it would reduce competition and take somebody who has like really push the industry forward completely out of again. The -- is also saying -- that that. Because there's so much money in the table -- you said mean if this doesn't go through AT&T -- -- T-Mobile three billion. Dollar. Personally don't even be more because part of that agreement is also they would give -- wireless spectrum. To the T-Mobile if this doesn't go through rate and also there's this reduced -- -- for people using AT&T network which could bring the total to somewhere around six -- seven billion dollars right if it does not go through. As three billion dollars in cash and then potentially all those other things out to seven billion dollars though. This speculation is like it's limiting the terms is that so let's say may be kicked down three million dollars to -- apps and senators and -- representatives like this. Is going to -- and I hope that's not sure we can I gotta say it like the -- -- did. This was so surprisingly pro consumer. Yeah this one little thing. And like you said AT&T is claims of the widest merger needed to happen. Was really to two -- -- -- really rested their laurels on we need more respect from. Provide better service across America right now AT&T and T-Mobile computer like 97 of the 100 major markets and then also to say that. This creates jobs -- -- either two things that they were really pushing and if someone says Diaz the government doesn't want this because the government doesn't like jobs. You're crazy that's not what it's about the Intel well and that's ludicrous. That is exactly what AT&T is saying is going to and in fact even before. -- literally just as we posted the story the DOJ news came as -- even before the DOJ news maybe AT&T had a tip. They started using the prospect of more jobs many AT&T has been so. -- -- Political -- this do that and act like there imaginations are so transparent it's almost embarrassing right. Like in their initial filing they talked about how this would be so great firm Merck and that would really -- strength than -- Merck. And has to be awesome for the economy in the immediate itself blatant right to the political pandering -- embarrassing and then before the DOD even filed suit. They said you know all. It's so great that -- T would be able to bring back. 5000 call center jobs to the United States that are currently outsourced to other countries so exciting and they say we don't anticipate any job losses mean it's like they they. There's there's a clever -- Presidential candidate ever you know they've piloted the hot button issue of the day and like you know we can fix that in fact if this merger goes through -- -- -- -- Social Security would be guaranteed. For probably another -- 900 no law are sexes. Here's a -- network and on your cellphone bill and it will never raise taxes and I do I do kind of feel like DOJ is does probably looking at -- likely dollar early as they grow up as -- growth and exactly -- -- what about this merger makes it even remotely more likely that would they would bring back 5000 jobs like. They would spend billions of dollars on this -- how to how are they suddenly -- money. What is in those 5000 jobs overseas in the first place and also shot up. Some us and taking your not a fan and I mean we've never been a fan of the snow and that's the thing I mean it -- DOJ read the tea leaves here -- know consumers and in this. It also gotta wonder what's the future. For T-Mobile if this doesn't go due to -- they get a three billion dollar payoff but. Deutsche Telekom T moles German parent company has already -- -- said they're not planning to invest in T-Mobile US anymore right so so does that leave it. Is it a day is -- a dead duck you know what's going to happen to T-Mobile. If even if they get this -- will have to see you it will see if this you know when that happens or not. Yeah I mean three million dollars indefinitely keep them afloat for a while a little may -- the press it would give them kind of a boost you -- they can -- derive advertising but yeah I -- T-Mobile is in trouble before which is partly what sparked -- This merger. T-Mobile has been a little quiet. At the first -- -- like -- -- -- -- -- not saying a word in any wonder if they sort of feel like it could go either way and maybe they'd be okay now. Okay guys home we talked about HP's touch pad and how they might think of bring it back but yesterday towards the end of the day. If you made an official announcement on their blog. Almost like a Steve Jobs -- announcement but it wasn't called one more run although that's what it looks like they're doing. They are planning to bring back the touchpad from one last production run. In the wake both. The -- and -- -- in the consumer interest. The exploded so -- -- so I find this tell me that was stunned and the sounds ugly. And I read it I was like what because I receive the was left in the dust was signing on every kind of excited so there's -- says that a limited supply are coming it'll be a few weeks before they're available. They'll know what -- let us know more when they're available they will still be priced at those fire sell price point not necessarily not necessarily. Now they say that some -- regarding the price the retailers will manage their own policies and processes regarding pricing pricing and price matching. Please contact a local retailer -- -- -- with their current dismissed some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- thirty -- is its gonna be -- -- revived a tiny bit for a little files but also still be a dead platform. Ultimately in a year when they -- but -- -- gonna deliver an update -- pretty soon a firmware update is coming or the air for current HP touch -- owners that can improve it just for a year until it. Doritos and another year they might bring it back. I'm in the hunt for women and allow one idea -- working Galen how are brand and actually am definitely in and I've been I was religiously try to find one of the things on my vacation -- kind of that yeah I watch your three Gabby that I was keep -- people close and people said they were able to score some based on -- Said attempts and failed attempts but it worked out -- tenuous this craziness it's like crazy and we talked about component suppliers were left holding the bag right now this is I feel like this is more like hey you know we still have. Maybe 150000. In the channel was his abilities and get these out and somehow break -- they're losing money on the easy to. They're losing many mid at least they're getting that they're probably making some manufacturers happy by getting the supplies out of at -- then warehouses. Big -- -- -- has -- that is that Iraq and story -- one early buzz and came to -- comes to the break up show three reared -- your. Well -- -- and also. And why would they ship to retailers exactly chat -- like I'd just. It is at the Lazarus patent and I am I was I was -- the impression that it was is going and HP website but I guess me it sounds like they'll also be under -- yeah. Absolutely. Adorable -- is. And by adorable I mean all -- seventeen in the articulate -- and an unknown number of meetings this story continues -- it's like the endless summer I can't wait I can actually way to do this on VH one where they now. And no new stories that may not -- it could not get any bigger or more idiotic. Tell us if you've heard this one before. Apple loses another. -- released iPhone -- blew up on the Internet everywhere towards the end of the day this is a CNET exclusive. Led the turn of events almost -- you know one year after the anniversary of the iPhone -- being lost. It appears that an iPhone prototype went -- seen. This ever Cisco mission district restaurant and bar called -- a 22 in late July. Apple scrambled. To find the device over the next few days. They weren't so lucky but some of the other details are. It's unclear of what the device actually look like is it an iPhone four -- and iPhone five. But operating system was -- running on what other details what is even look like that's unclear but it appears that someone left it at the bar. And it was taken and allegedly may have been sold on Craig's list. The home of Apple prototypes. And recently actually that they had -- Obama for 200 dollars in cash and they have still yet to recovery. They haven't found in fact they tried -- because I -- this yesterday with like no. And no way and and then every tweet it and the funny responses and one of them let's has anyone Apple -- -- find my iPhone. But apparently -- -- but apparently they use the find my iPhone feature you and they tracked the phone to this guy's apartment. But then surged and it wasn't there. So they have been unable to recover it but and this was just this week apparently that they searched it and and it wasn't there and -- -- a claim that He had no idea. What He was like I don't know anything about any iPhone and even continued to say that when. Apple employees apparently offered him cash on the spot and no questions asked to return the phone. Yes so it's -- listing of what's. Missing Kennedy -- this is that Apple did not file an official report with police. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So they worked with the authorities to try and track it down offered this gentleman who had been at that bar that night. But had allegedly no information about the device from -- I don't know how much money they threw it in I would of been interested to see how much might -- and honored methods it was at 501010151000. Who knows. But He still had no knowledge of this -- according to the sources and that iPhone is in someone's pocket right now. Or not and that's also like let's ask the question is valid and there replicas are fighting this at all this is. Is literally ask a promotion for this bar you could have an unsolicited and now it until -- -- -- I'm totally fine -- story completely oblige them to like we've got a picture of the bar and then we've got like info about the menu right. I I -- -- have -- -- in celebration I think there's an internal email about some editors going to. Going to comets when He too late tonight or tomorrow never happy hours ending because apparently they have a lime marinated trips to be -- -- I think millions of my into the article snippet sounds a wetlands areas that have on the -- may -- that had some influence on how they lost their phone maybe they're taking a photograph of -- of -- -- post on a FaceBook it is billed as a -- -- I'm -- how come you Ariel only hiring drunks. -- -- -- and -- getting them prototypes we get an interstate okay if this happens what time you know. Then that happens one time how -- another how does an iPhone prototype ever even leave the building again. And not technically chain into a bunker now well I mean they do have to -- -- began they do have to -- the device and we've seen people in the past take these out in the wild in particular field tests. That yeah while banks let -- at all not at Panama alcohol. You guys you know -- pain -- -- but. Wow I thought I -- believe it now this is hilarious by. Last month -- two media more details hopefully -- be forthcoming so far so far that's literally all we now I mean we know that Apple has. Taken extraordinary steps since the loss in the last prototype to protect its devices the next generation iphones are sent carriers in -- sealed boxes. So that the carriers can check their own network compatibility actually I would do it I just wouldn't be letting engineers leave the building with them anymore. Well the other thing that's in the report He released from nine to five Mac is saying that the the device looked exactly like an iPhone four. Whether it was in a case that made it look like an iPhone for them or its action like half from four with different -- -- -- -- is that Myanmar and you know iPhone fighting. There's nothing about it that even if you were selling at around that would be -- Some great -- to publish about the iPhone. Gathers developers that Apple works closely with. Other been reports that they do wrist they have received belies an iPhone four with a faster processor inside but cosmetically that -- that's olina. -- -- -- and and those are in fact all the details we know that we should brands with the -- -- exclusive group so good job if we love you tipster is. Keep coming out of the woodwork even if it turns out to be a total lack actually power for tight rein in the photo here and you know technically Saturday and -- it and -- -- -- -- I guess it really does have the right for -- burning question really is. Is this in fact a bar and restaurant that only serves tequila. And lime marinated -- should be taken that's kind of what I'm I'm not an elegantly I McConnell can get you -- and isn't phones that quickly -- -- is a dangerous company apparently they also serve iPhone prototypes to use science -- that's in the menu element in the terms as news bullet didn't Apple start a program and at the Apple -- hires employees who are in recovery. From now because -- -- -- It's all right it's it's it's good -- Men. Always glad we've been having that the democratic what are you gonna do your legacy incubating -- -- -- them -- streaming snaps are good. And then as if to drive home the proverbial nail in the unfortunate Netflix -- The stars deal fell apart. Answer yes stars announce that it will not renew its contract with Netflix. To provide streaming content from its star and on core brands Netflix and react in this their shares were down 7% but this is a huge thing because them. We had talked about like -- you -- at Netflix is losing its shine. We -- to see all the content you're done with you really don't have a reason to go back as much stars is really one of the only vehicles. In their streaming library where you felt like you -- at least more recent. Movies content like tangled. The Karate Kid not that I lots of it rallies it made it feel like you of the current -- Toy Story 3 when someone's a twister there is a public -- It was on stars -- that's gonna be going away sometime in February of 2002. It'll cease to distribute its content on the Netflix platform to doesn't while twelve sorry student. I went back in time for the -- daily -- 2012. Now when asked about it Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said. -- like his had because we've licensed -- -- -- he's trying to -- the -- spin -- -- because -- -- so -- -- -- content -- content. Is now about down to about 8% of domestic Netflix subscribers viewing. Is that as we add more content in Q or we expect stars content and naturally drift down. To five or 6% of domestic viewing queue when we're confident we can take the money we'd earmarked for stars renewal next year and spend it with other content providers to maintain or even improved. The Netflix experience and you -- keyword there. The money now designs -- all about the money so according to sources with in the negotiations. It's Netflix decided so they would be offering the stars and bumping up. The amount of money from their previous contract somewhere around was it 300020300. Million dollars. Stars though wanted to kind of flipped the script on Netflix is model and how of them kind of include dare streaming content as a premium line. Where subscribers would pay more -- specifically to get access to stars content you think that's gonna fly. Right and nearly -- earth on -- and Netflix has been like hey we have to have -- he's having -- more content or changing or pricing structure. Netflix at least you know they did protect the consumer in this one case according to this report at least they were apparently unwilling. To introduce tiered pricing I mean it's sort of like how you have to pay more for a popular -- like the dollar 29 vs 99 cents -- -- -- pricing and that. And Netflix was like now we're not we're not have -- And so they said they were willing to. Walk away for I mean walk away from the deal it's really telling now that this is why these deals can't give them that this is the kind of thing that studios are asking or not just. 300. Million dollars a year. But also the ability to completely control pricing. At the consumer level and that's just. I mean I gotta say. They have Netflix over a barrel but in some ways I kind of appreciate Netflix being -- You know -- now -- and when you look at this whole situation. I don't think anyone really wins so stars and their out of a potential 300 million dollar per year contract where it. There -- going to have to somehow find ways to make that revenue back up Netflix. Although its subscriber bases continue to grow. Some of the more savvy subscribers like the people in this room and listening. Are starting to feel like there's not much content why do any Netflix anymore so they're losing that new content so it's not really a win for anyone here. Yet it's definitely a problem -- and it's -- it's just an increasing problem for Netflix I think stars and and the others are sort of they're working on the assumption that they've got a lot of digital distribution outlets that the that -- came to the traditional cable and movie market is still strong they don't feel. They need as acutely to be there. Which I think in the long run is a mistake -- it may be a short term gain are short term preservation of the business model but in the long run consumers are moving online into on demand and you gotta get there. But it hurts -- a lot more impact their shares -- are down quite a bit. That's a bummer they wanna make cutting the clarity easier for us guys let's get intimated that -- and actually -- an image using pointed out like what. It's uninteresting that they announcement following part of the stars -- the day after everyone had to tears streaming TV that I. Again why guys stars -- -- like about 45 material legally I can I would say though those stars and the even though they had like more of a collection whenever the -- the. Quality is really bad they were a lower polishing pressure yeah -- When you know my nieces nephews they be like put on tangled okay there you go like we care about tasty stuff more than like you know maybe. The general consumer -- TD carriers which a lot of times are sometimes watching that stuff yeah so now. Know -- I made a joke the other day about -- and it actually not a joke my brother is over and in I was Amazon is there and I was talking about Netflix and I was like. Cancel Netflix and just kind of -- was -- -- just the exact conversation we had here. And -- -- school out over the next like your bedroom like it really hurt me any other. -- that lets -- -- -- -- -- ability to cancel Netflix and thought the bill you're. Do you know Bob the Builder is a whole what does He -- what -- He built. Then -- assignment and when it -- isn't. Well -- really call it tires on we're gonna look for -- in the -- Miller ran -- and there have those any brains of those of Bob the builder's likeness now I have no idea who Bob builders. Thanks to -- thanks -- Bob the Builder and sponge -- I suspect I'm gonna have to keep up -- -- longer. And my and my friend has few kids and they watch Netflix on the iPad costs yeah like that's like it's it's true my Brothers did. My sister's kids it's sad when you say -- night Jake. That and editing on here I'm over here engine look at my face Republican -- face with. That's -- for the show this week everybody remember to catch us live every weekday at 10:30 AM Pacific time at cnet.com slash live. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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