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Ep. 15: Super Bowl TV tips, developing new battery tests, and pricey little cameras: Tech Culture

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Tech Culture: Ep. 15: Super Bowl TV tips, developing new battery tests, and pricey little cameras

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This week, we go over some Super Bowl TV tips, including what to do if you're not going to be near a TV at all. Julie talks about developing new battery life tests, and Josh laments the decline of the compact point-and-shoot camera.

-- -- I'm Josh and tying it's another -- a less -- which as you will now is the only. Cnet's show about a hybrid stuff -- that and so if we review and intestinal and other fun stuff in enough to look at a late start today but that. Hopefully everyone will forgive us or watch it on the replay. Yet that's only gets you so excited to be announced Monday. The ads back on -- -- -- Happy Mondays to get I believe there are doing a reunion as our web with -- -- to Begin with men and reload the Stone Roses yes. There's a great -- -- -- legacy destitute bass player from the band to rest and work since like 1982. Went to an ATM machine I had to get the money to pay for groceries they -- that he had to make two million pounds in there because they started day getting tickets felony. -- wish everyone could use -- he says that the shuttle undocked. The -- -- problems -- day -- I know I thought those royalties and that outline back in the eighties and election as an excuse Bichette. I'm gonna start by history Julie. And to talk about the exciting stuff that's been going on in the land a lot of it's being done by a Belgium was that you worked on this right now. -- the -- -- -- -- review a lot of phones here's crazy Android phones we've been trying for wanna come -- the good way to test battery life on the that you that's been following along with this at all. Yes. Yeah. -- as it. So much is a -- we have a video test. Video pictures video text. The video that has said the purpose is to drain the battery -- and so it's -- by it to always doing right now is just using. When movie and constant loop using -- Android apps right now called an -- player. And now looks the audio -- from. The phone to. 21 of the best apps we have in the lab and then just records the output of the -- and so audacity and then once it's -- finishes. With the sound and you'll know that that's where it stop that so it's that time it gets recorded basically in. That'll be -- -- hours depending on when the sound just goes completely area off cool -- as this is bad this plane is just this sound trial and -- So on it's been nothing has been put on spinning it down on Paper yet calm but we're testing an -- of -- sparking. Says yes that's success of the times and didn't -- part of the trial and error backup they have -- will look at this hat that was more because. The plug was seated properly it wasn't a -- arms setting on the Motorola that we packed. So that the actual. -- audio cable didn't get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A DD DD ray cement actually yet nineteen hours yet -- -- it but actually acting as it was when he posts when it means. That's pretty good idea now. That's -- -- the Macs yet. What may he wasn't and the only thing I forget but I'm always on days and -- wrestling around that time it's that -- -- -- -- -- I. Which is already -- long meeting. Originally told us we had to do we had to find I mean when you come up when you start to develop a test which we never had a test like this before we get a flat out enough for phones. With an okay so we've got to find a a media player that will loop a video. And that you can get on almost -- you know pretty much any Android device that can't be relegated to one App Store vs another App Store it's -- be universally available. And then we had to find. This other rapid Brian Bennett actually found for -- where you go in and tweak a lot of the settings override the settings on the phone. To make sure that the screen stays on all the time it doesn't go to sleep. I see -- leave it overnight you don't to sit there and and babysit it. At the end goal at least it has come up with simply consistent test that works across multiple devices and can at least give you -- baseline. Of of of with a direct from the phones should be like relative to other phones and -- be great if we could then roll this out to like you know I west job for -- when Chrome operating system phony -- operating systems like that -- -- -- clinics whatever but we need that you began beat I'd really wanna find -- universal media player app. That is -- latest art which is hard and so for those for the time being it's -- Android stuff. But that. I think as far as developing an Android battery testing degree we've made a lot of progress the last week. With the with with -- helping out and and you Julian Joseph and and and people testing stuff trying stuff out. And eventually will start handing them -- to review so I think that'll be pretty cool and if you're from any rival publication that now Fatah Ira -- Don't feel this idea that -- that they have to drop the phone at the -- intent. -- can be flirting and five. You know what this weekend is. Tied the you know this week what happens a -- and what are they -- -- -- its -- coming -- -- this coming week. I mean much -- justice as we get the pro ball is very excited -- -- I think it was San Francisco services using them -- Wrong. That is from its extranet and access our data -- the extra in his what's happening again now well that's it I mean I have several questions for you particularly because I'm sure you get asked. For TV buying advice. All the time. With -- by email or Twitter just people on the street of people in the office. Below the state is not up to me hey look I'm feeling like I thought -- TV look like ten days later it it is runoff to back data and has not. So so this is a big TV buying time for some -- reason then I guess all old you know saw its sales and stuff at stores that when -- ask -- about that. For talk to -- -- at the Super Bowl but I'm also fascinated -- your cultural. Interpretation of this event and how it is for you coming it would sort of their -- a fresh. And how it feels compared to -- item to the World Cup for something -- don't even know what's funny. Does -- get there in a strutted its -- about mid day even in Australia and we did has the next that's what its administrative office and I would -- -- -- day. Wednesday flags in the -- is -- and watch the the what is the cooler than watching it on there on the -- -- name Toto is being broadcast. Absolutely -- they plant -- look at that so it's the only horrible people -- but of course we don't get the need. What some people. Think is the best on the Super Bowl and it didn't get the -- -- The lingerie -- -- -- -- knows what all these other channels do their own halftime shows a useless to flip over to -- -- like Budweiser vs spotlight and I went and animated Kansas hemming and -- even now. The I thought I call -- and on its and his orgasm is -- with like pets like dogs or something -- is always on with girls in in in in lingerie. -- and others and useless to flip over and then they'll say okay -- I kinda have a chorus of have to do you -- you it has channeled back down we don't sit there much I think Madonna's during the halftime show. -- it is it -- -- and some of these -- sorority leaking. Yes on line at its best buy on actually varied its mind about the net through -- ONF. I think that. Abort system -- it was cash -- was -- guy's name. You'll -- a huge hit on what is the islanders yeah and O'Donnell waters and all I am I checked that don't and -- here. It's basically as you've probably seen that it is that it's at a golf all of Bear's -- -- And it's it's kind of cringe when I think really yeah I didn't like it. Only when you're revisiting your childhood icons I don't think John Hughes would would agree would have appreciated as it -- he -- he was alive yet. That's partly had to wait this long Matthew proctor. Teacher at FF he's -- all that sex in the city money then the producers he doesn't need to do this sounds like well. -- I think you've got off entirely new level equivalent to a property had -- -- here. Okay so my question to you than dial aside from the -- cultural hot list. Of of however is gonna freak out next week and then forget all about it. What kind of questions you get from people out to Google TV is -- what -- some of the dumb things people as I am I haven't had a. Single question from the public about says competitive and has livable cities is that's probably the first -- -- battling to die yet exactly what else is not popular sport is something that's fairly much universally and it's it's essentially Greenfield with one -- -- whether it's soccer. When disagreed on whether it's -- -- -- In the same things apply things I've heard of but I don't know what those rules -- and it's it's like rugby. That's -- six. A running version of Green line for a popular here for helping you were -- -- the park all the time the Abbott Abbott had and it had its cultural moment and this is also a -- display it's actually played in in the old people but that's. This -- -- gaelic football with them but anyway the whenever it is what you want something is a good -- motion resolution. You have something that will actually -- lines and Iran. Then had to -- through them. And you want good color represented a bet that's -- -- -- people people you say oh well LCDs are not as good for fast motion you know for whatever reason is that still the case. If it's a cheap really cheap with a 100000 those. CD yes probably. That you're getting a big screen -- -- 67 inches it's probably not gonna. Replay motion as well as something -- departments and yet I am. You've -- of the problem in the states but the he had and motion compensation -- in a hundred when he has started -- -- Those sort of engines are -- very good useful particularly the -- -- on. If you want something that will let -- show is -- -- moving in a natural way. If for some -- the 240 it's Sony television -- So that's that sixteen the only reason -- line. Some -- but that's sort of engine built into it as not very good for movies music is that video. Yes yes I -- that on my -- the Apple disable it. I over the called it to dejudder yet another -- -- -- -- It's news in this the only going to TV was turned on by default and download competitive enough heat to turn it off than it did look very strange. Did you know that this year they are streaming the Super Bowl online for the first time ever. And filled out the NFL and NBC are on either one of your web sites is doing a live stream to your browser your -- now. That's right there speaking of live -- Mars expert of course I noted that I -- that's a consistent to have a problem year -- its good to stuttering. And it's been -- -- pre screen and I I thought that when I tried to watch dial in and it was it was the same thing. And I'm gonna pop in here to the chat room and day -- a -- I get -- -- but the -- is breaking up and l.'s launch and dialed in but the reason my -- in Washington Miami because -- -- -- -- We'll be. Hostname -- TV video. Leader. -- -- -- -- Yes no and they always they always say -- -- typing like -- everything lights up a slide show or something and you can view is always beating babies and a bit you have to -- that -- physicist and a primary threat. I do to tell you about the streaming on the one thing is the commercials may not be the -- on the streams if you're watching you just for the commercial that's kind of weird but I did a quick experiment right -- a laptop. Playing the street the current stream on -- that come up to a -- Pico projector. You know those little tiny view that he's just he's -- have you seen these little tiny. Like 250 dollars may be and there are like The -- the size of a deck of cards they easily have an HDMI input like the one. When I try to register it up on my -- above the door. And that was a cool way to throw up a -- -- quick and easy big screen if you don't have a big TV where your -- you have a laptop and -- Wi-Fi and -- -- -- and quotas. And -- -- that -- -- -- -- who has a little he had to humans -- -- and any good and address it odd. I've never actually seen the results and I I mean an -- -- for awhile. And they still do have point and shoots with them. A little projector built into different -- It's strange to me and -- well. Apple has also been an I mean they're they're they're good -- -- they're not if it at and the Jeep once electricity and ebooks are not HD but you know what. Rhetorical ultra lights off and it looks fine that's the key parties he have to -- yes yes people forget that with projectors sometimes. There also I doing IOS streaming you know to phone streaming a tablet streaming app but you have to be a Verizon customer on that I am ever okay so that's because most people who have my stuff but that it will be in for improvement. I did find a couple of other collapse that receivable related I -- a program you can get the -- free and -- cynical but this one. I'm gonna turn around should ST right now is like a map of the stadium okay. And you can do this in a standard Google Maps stuff and zoom in and zoom out and actually -- -- -- different restaurants and things are and you can you know move around but you take two fingers. And you can actually rotate around and -- it can do this remotely here. Ministry of into the stadium and the -- into the -- in every get nearly people and then. I saw Greg. -- because I live out his nose. -- -- You can rotate in the not being terribly. We really and that wrote -- and now I really can't understand up aim and just gave us a break in. A note I. -- To. Him. Yet that the 3-D map of the stadium and if you tap on the stadium you can go inside. Thinking of like that you know he's that it is the -- out of and you can see receipts aren't stuff if you're going in there anyway I thought that was -- I don't know anything you bet. You people. That was kind of cool free app and and that's -- -- have to save up to -- -- -- except for with the streaming they've -- killed the main reason to have a -- -- -- is kind of thing. Please don't -- -- -- it from your cable -- anymore maliciously buys them out of money. This thing -- people. I don't know I think the slingbox people are doing good enough job depriving themselves of money by not coming up with any new products -- clear they are currently on. The only the only big advance they had over the last like five years is deciding they -- charge -- thirty bucks for the iPad. I think that -- sort of like tapes. -- cassettes and cassettes sort of bridge to gap not think slingbox and -- -- the -- thing until now basically every out to streaming -- at the point and site now where. At the point where most cable companies are straining their properties anyway is that you don't really -- is that at strip. Jumping jumping topics for -- we -- a lot -- TV stuff. I -- grapevine just that you -- cameras are intelligent I was sure he didn't matter around them and used to do some computer stuff like way back in the day did you did and still do sometimes I do -- on your cameras -- your bread and butter and anyone else about some sort of of the I really don't. -- -- you that's -- -- If I didn't oh yes and perhaps if and when you and certainly the city's. Announcement. Just whenever they successful politician or -- or television broadcaster he's just too honest hands of the -- you'll -- has learned that I that app -- -- -- States. All right so -- had come earlier today. Entered into pinning -- at times gently. Nam. And Sony announced -- ultra compact camera the cameras that are basically going away because -- -- -- -- Leo but this one is different it's expensive it's XP yeah. -- -- 500 dollars. How much in the way it. Should be. Very difficult -- fifty it is very powerful camera. In a very small body and so. If there's some interest to what -- they call that the -- Compact ultra zoom through the -- -- -- -- this is different is just an ultra compact ultra compact and they usually don't have lenses that extend from about any of these thorough internal influences. -- -- Forward memories in of them if people really wanted apparently according to Sony get -- Sony says that people in the US really wanted eighteen -- -- people Sony thought people would want the rowly. So what Illinois secret. -- people who want the aibo robot dog on the -- people would want to eleven inch led TV yet on they thought people would want -- the bloody. Oddly enough people would want to have the VIP yeah I -- -- idea did on its going to be -- of media on. So they've released this tiny camera with an eighteen megapixel sensor and you really need thing is really going to help you. -- photos through an awesome photos -- 500 bucks would you be better off getting a cheap digital SLR yes but she Angeles element in your pocket. So this is and waterproof -- -- -- got a large only screen. -- means we like that happening. This stuff. I read RS I probably that it probably the best part about it is -- it -- It -- 1080. I will say video is one area or even the with the phones really kind of break down the photos usually pretty good but back at CES I -- some phone video is sent to. A news. Shell I was I was doing some reports fourth el Al discussions of the positive of the footage and for the products they shot they think you know it really I previously does have the flip -- -- that was fine but -- iPhone four S video footage. Was not good enough -- B -- instead. The -- -- not to bring with look at yet but they're not quite the same doesn't work well in low light the gas C yeah very well lit up and that's it this camera is designed to work. Really Leo easy cameras losing to -- -- David -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Act act act activities is that we are very tight pants from clotting and if I can fit in your pocket needs very tiny. Just about happening day and I used to have to take cameras clubbing all the time because they covered. Clubs and -- and make money didn't have narrowed down you know did not know you really fun little camera though it's not but this the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- that is not so much in the project. Eyes and cameras like this are the only ones that are really showing growth right now. Besides the FL -- -- SLRs in yeah and then anything with basically -- in -- -- -- one. Very thighs as CNET and fourteen but that -- -- money there -- and Nikon Coolpix S 8200. Did pretty well over ten. Sort of that I -- this to engine fifty mile. Copy yet to get to that content in your pocket and -- -- -- Wear tight cargo pants and a number only a photo -- and the in my own the songs in a spyware aren't yet plots. -- -- And a yesterday. At this as you can see you'll see a lot of -- -- that some of them have we given and one with a -- Digital's -- come ons to its -- cameras and -- the -- because they've -- new versions. -- the -- -- -- take delusion right but it seems like Sony with an eighteen megapixel sensor taking advantage of extra resolution and view and share. -- says doesn't give me a picture in Photoshop likened the digital zoom to whatever level you want them yet you can use it. These phony in camera in peoples who by pulling teeth gently on understand that if you unexpectedly easy in. Now all of them today just colored gas cloud Troy Michigan users that it could even though I use them great year ago. But -- aren't -- yeah big big news you carry a camera with -- usually I'm curious public health -- -- -- found a -- really gonna take a camera with you anywhere. A Houston and -- he's coming to go is that. -- mean music for years that's a longtime technology yeah yeah I mean -- I use I use my phone I got on because of the -- conveniences like union. Gas and a. Convenience trumps quality. Mean the big thing -- and textures convenience and quality but the big thing is for a lot of people like these are selling. Is because there's humans. And there's a lot of people there like you know those great day I -- you know taking those pictures of anything better. -- -- The question what is more important. What what is more useful features -- physical zoom lenses and cameras or. I just controls -- your TV. Just to control -- TV. Not an artistic another hot topic review right now I just think they're talking about when we went to see this -- to -- primes and those thankfully. Invented the sensitive guys didn't need to connect and just looking to see you know typical market Droid and he was saying that. Essentially he wants -- poll of about that I don't sell direct -- But essentially but he was saying was that. He wants just controlling everything but here's your camera with -- -- foreign but it's a laptop we -- this week that. Laptops featuring connect senses were going to come to market possibly. So why do you want you don't want to actually go. -- with the camera which is which is what you end up doing this is this is the clock movement. All the way you can going to be very slow very cumbersome and not very -- now so what what we want to do is basically -- your -- control. Human controlled this thing. Quick and year on -- thing. So just controls trying to I guess get rid of the physical thing and -- -- -- -- -- but it's not it's not anyway near ready yet. Living doing this for a long time to -- isn't just wrote an article I think Scott wrote this article about -- -- trying to add the kind of connect technology to laptops. But -- as yet assistant and even do that for years -- Julie you've tested this flap up now I looked it up at -- it was 2008. Toshiba did a laptop and have -- videos. For -- click -- -- video -- they're -- In in the thing maybe we can refresh -- -- -- -- it was it was a one shot deal it was the Toshiba I think G 55 or something like that. And it was a gesture control laptop they used the web -- to control media playback and you would feel like this you go like you know like if sending a thank you go stop. We go like you know play here this -- you turn your hand like Vista and -- your thumb out to link used to. And it did not work at call. And that that that was three years ago but the thing is it in the intervening three years it hasn't gotten any better -- and that's the problem and that united. -- incidents -- have had the longest technology. And that they have had to connect up to connect to coming out with the Xbox three and twenty -- and again I think we're getting into you have on the but it hadn't. As the future future stuff. Unconfirmed future well exactly you know -- -- -- -- that's the latest rumors that is going to be a number to the next. Introduced with an Xbox but -- they have basically on the cutting it -- process technologies consent. But lost the use they have really a whole easy and say that this is the this is the laptop -- -- -- within here fast for that about a minute in and the nephew and my hair look like pain I think that's the out also to it and get that the blue in it that it going. Not black laptop a sort of remember this thing you know they all come -- with the fame. A with a -- -- actually playing right before the majority of them to them back -- -- both candidates. If you want to see them all down on of this actress amber actually I think February is doing a great look okay what are your handle process or describing it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- because sideburns and -- -- -- Act called them -- that I'm really not aware that bested those of yeah I am doing the motion gestures. We're trying to PC -- kind of registering kind of not as in the she doesn't really know what I'm doing. And they never -- another one after this -- -- -- I'm not a successful experiment with motion controlling your about what was with that I don't know not me I don't remember I think it was like yes or no or -- -- that's enough of that. It seems like everything else -- -- and these these products where they they know they've got -- our you've got a webcam accumulate webcam and I have people be interest. -- itself -- -- -- where we can use. And people will be able to open -- -- -- And I'm done but we're not a bit of use -- which is against the good. The Islamic -- -- all of them. -- -- -- -- I mean it's it's not very different and and and cameras you know if he can do certain things to use two weeks ago -- and -- -- -- we in our previous feature in. That's what you want -- -- just because you can do a thing in babies and their innovations that sell anything to TVs in deciding to sell TVs where. You know it's it doesn't actually give much benefit you -- what you we did a couple of these demos and in the end what we wanted to do with his government all. I know is gesture control for TVs in one generation wonder -- will there -- a second generation. Similarly -- want to go look at that we will see Bennett. Processes and -- next year. -- he had done by TV because it's got this stuff in it. Sentence going helpful leather they going to have -- -- technology which and I guess is a generation behind prior instances on. So I do and I it's going to sort of suck at but I would needs but you can't really Angry Birds and you can. -- -- if it recognizes handle properly yet like you'll you'll go like that -- and essentially it takes about half a second that's now. That's really bad for playing and even though it could just not fun and ultimately that's the big smoke it sounds like it's not gonna voice control taking off -- thinking they can actually cancel that -- coming of these speakers is doing isn't making isn't -- think what that out and voice controlled and much more. -- technologies ATV hello How I Met Your Mother. They have to -- also account -- -- and Estrada -- because of Illinois. At. Now an accident and random cursing in the back out -- -- thing we know I didn't know why are you going to scan Macs now. I got it. It's like they hardly -- nation -- -- -- guys. Terrorism act as if that aphorism that -- Very exciting show annihilate. Them somehow we managed to actually -- -- and easily fitting stuff I do have July. The iPod latest efforts -- -- best efforts with the here and in -- around for fifteen minutes frank it's been going. -- you -- -- exciting to show you this is rare that you see a consumer product come out. With such an egregious error on the app packaging itself be ready for this. I I I I put us on Twitter and -- picked up by a much about web sites. -- -- when there is to give credit for this but I just got this Nintendo 3-D S game. Over the 3-D F. They still have that. -- Resident Evil revelations. Okay all looks normal here correct -- the spine. And to hold it right up there and and and and look at how that -- Appointment with -- -- I'm. Even though kittens. Yet yeah it is and if it if not for the content updated its RE VE LA on a TO -- Though so it's like Twitter that and a how much -- use and come by and said although in a site that first and then and -- on -- on the I really impact people's game play and these it is online you -- look -- -- -- Adding an enemy against Verizon as an iron vita case and -- -- and it's so rare that you see that kind of mistake that was pretty amusing. Even even more amusing was what came packed in with my -- people my game you're musings -- standard -- that's right and opt for some reason they included a pair of I've never heard these before. Two X. In the hat you can hear that -- -- can weighing an odd -- it really be an invention right there that's amazing I usually just look at my hand on the shelf and I wish I could do some useful that's. But now you can Wear and apparently it's it's it's that it that it ski cap. With. Pool headphones built into it with a slip into it's he can Wear them and you'll fall out and that they you know tubes and -- -- -- -- is -- And -- -- I'm -- superior sound quality beanie with integrated removal headphones that that's -- this day. Great for snow -- are running skating hiking gifts and spectator sports got its. I -- possibly making itself but I think that was like how to make you run them. On their populace but that's also because what I am not a member of others like bananas and -- It's -- others ipads it would -- -- months earth and this one's. -- well maybe a Scotland -- next week maybe he won't who knows. Now -- here is welcome to join us on the asking -- Lance -- -- allegedly every Monday. At roughly 2 PM if you're -- -- I'm -- -- to fifteen just to be on the way to the wax that I you know pretty telling us there may -- you can always get the show at cnet.com slash -- tests on iTunes where your other podcast. Getting place whatever you like. Difficulty that netcast on FaceBook. At FaceBook dot com slash CNET -- -- -- -- followed Twitter. Where -- simply -- And -- have. On Twitter Julie is nothing because she refuses to participate -- I know Josh is at super box monkey. He he realizes now many years -- the fact you can actually change that people collars that and to conduct there. Anti is simply and I time. -- -- -- scheduled before then why -- it does pay the big. If if -- Auckland it. -- -- And I of course and that Dan Ackerman and I thank you -- for for bearing with us today and we've got the more hardware fun stuff. Next week art by everybody -- is. The -- will have the music via. And even that --

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