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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1494: We Like + 1 Yonanna

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1494: We Like + 1 Yonanna

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The otherwise staid and professional Jason Hiner joins us from TechRepublic to discuss important issues like the amazing Yonanna machine, which turns your banana into froyo just like that! Ok, ok, in tech news, a 19-year-old is arrested in the UK, but LulzSec says he's just the IRC moderator. Sounds important to us. Plus, your Facebook and Twitter posts will haunt you for seven years, just like your bad credit card purchases.

Today is Tuesday June 21 2011 my name Steven beach of I am -- -- And I -- Hollywood -- and a buzz out loud is cnet's podcast of indeterminate length -- episode 1490 or we have a special guest in studio today. Jason -- the editor in chief of tech republic like when -- -- I -- -- -- part of that aren't the only part of the part of him. Rolling in from Kentucky. Barely FC barely made -- hear it sound like. Rarely yes and I go bad weather Chicago yesterday they rumors they were. Planes you know circling people -- -- -- All this time you know it set it was so bad there that it's so beautiful here I mean we have seen what eighty plus to be whether. I'm wearing shorts and slivers -- join a skirt that I have not seen the heights of -- -- likeness. Has. Should just. It's one of those like. That is what I'm just I did some -- I'm -- You welcome by the way -- 86 and I got it yesterday said -- -- camera camera a camera on mullet thing to easily add very -- -- -- I mean lately and I safe. I she. Anyway I am taller than expected public would be even myself -- put on that does not like. It extends the legs emphasized the -- lot of album turns out. Now it's for all for all the fans or if yes you guys I -- -- -- -- and you're you're listening you can't yet but that. Yeah yeah yeah yeah -- -- -- to make gitmo you know why you cannot. You don't -- -- don't gotta thank him that's under the tables the and that's for later this kind of empowerment that the thing. I thought I a -- to give a shout out to doctor Carl. One of our oldest listeners not like old old but -- longest listeners you've been with -- -- pretty much since the beginning of the show. -- a regular contributor without among the listener talent -- And we'd like grown up together because when he first started listening to buzz out -- unit doctor -- the med student. With taking some liberties with the doctor thing you can -- that he doesn't bend -- -- then he was doctor Powell the resident. And day and that the chat -- just informed us that -- just graduated. And is now -- patiently. Doctor -- the doctor. So you can you awesome you can officially say on the street. To have and I'm just to talk to. I meant doctor. I am in fact you know -- like the moderates in the the whole lifetime Waleed has been -- -- and think about how much he's accomplished in the time the show's been going -- downloaded do I -- -- I think it's simple I just got here you know less than year ago Osama. -- -- I don't think I'll congratulate doesn't it announced a cell where we're coming out -- and thematic element we celebrate your journey that's a good idea. Well you know we get we get like a good legal advisors lawyers in the audience will be like taking your -- -- them. I don't know the -- in the memory story telemann yeah I didn't know search or your -- guy and callers via -- -- got a pop up so where we got. We're all -- -- good -- him you know we're doing a lot of laws here but if you guys haven't heard. For the lulls the team alleged member of the little sense -- -- -- hacker's group. Was arrested in the UK is a British teenager suspected of being a major player. For the now notorious group you know some of their tax -- on sites like Sony and Sega. And the CIA -- Tennessee and hang on I'm playing my game -- never stay powered again and you were fine I'm I'm. Set. But the -- of nineteen year old man just days after the group claimed that you know it took -- the CIA's website. And they announced this that this is what's great that was -- -- and not much you talked about at the back a little second anonymous. Have appeared to align with each other now. Yeah -- talked about the philosophies were so different before. -- -- they seems to be at one point going to a little bit of a civil war at least over Twitter and now with Canada thank them they are about it and apocalypse for -- began. But now they've yet they joined forces yesterday issued this manifesto. Calling for -- nonstop assault basically on governments banks and other fat cats. But then. A day later -- the rest of nineteen year old man comes and that the authorities are claiming that he was the mastermind. Of -- -- I'll. Skeptical they got him yeah according to -- yet according to them right I'm -- -- Whoever they got you know there's a lot of people behind them that -- this could actually set off more. You know more attacks because of -- button for at least for now -- turn into a pumpkin you know. I don't think that it glow -- actually it looked like immediately treated. And fed seems the glorious leader of low -- got arrested it's all over now wait we're all still here which poor bastard -- -- -- out and and what they treated anonymous -- meanwhile yeah exactly according to anonymous -- official Twitter. They reported the good news everybody Ryan -- guy who was arrested has little to do with lol -- besides running ire -- That online all big and members of lol thank our fine and. Hey look at that makes complete sense just leave the moderator of your higher sea tiger out to dry. We would never leave genie out to -- Never -- -- that's they absolutely not why we're different from these trees cannot decent. It's like -- genius has nothing to do it. -- -- this does take care that I guess actually if he is they -- -- there's been any kind is the mastermind double click it genie is now. And I'll apparel home can you do that anyway you look like all on him anonymous -- all claim that they are headless beast that there is no way -- -- can ever really make that. Totally decentralized. In. You know I mean who knows if it's true whether this person is -- mean look these guys aren't necessarily known for their you know for being on the open up so that they could have made that up just as you leave anything not and no I'm not taking any shots -- both Flickr and they navigator. What's right right but but but no I think its also awesome that anonymous has an official Twitter account in that that just from the. National and wealth like that tear exactly the idea where who -- there and in math and yet -- now. I mean phone hotline that this is updated yet there's the and then they announced also Alabama upon -- -- call in to pick the next target. Well and the last time there was an arrest remember in Spain they arrested the three got that that they were members of anonymous and the next thing happened is anonymous tech and the Spanish police website so -- You know we can we'll do it happens about Scotland Yard in the FBI website in the next couple -- -- use your power for good. One thing though we do know that it does confirm our belief that these are sixteen to nineteen year old kids. Actually no we decided yesterday that they're not well actually your good point this guy this guy and Yang announcing it -- yesterday it totally confused just because of their love for Dreamcast with it which would suggest that they're closer to the mid thirties. It's actually not -- using a lot of these especially the last -- -- it's nothing like Russia -- Eastern Europe and a lot of times -- you know unemployed like really talented student in computer -- folks in and you know that economic environment has made it such that you know they've got nothing to -- they've got almost the skills and nothing to do with. And a -- and interestingly the that -- the merger. -- second anonymous does seem to and -- -- sort of new manifesto seems to suggest kind of a new direction for -- effect because anonymous has always portrayed themselves as. The Civil Disobedience. Yet Civil Disobedience. Agents. And that they -- about drawing attention to corruption and leaking information that was valuable and that was you know being hidden. And what -- public harm yeah now that they've sort of join forces with to -- and -- low tech but like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now our shared mission is this kind of anti corruption -- which is not an -- of them. So maybe anonymous -- the grownups. A little sex were the kids. An anonymous how to wrangle an inning kind of like you know slap them over the -- and say hey if we're gonna do this let's do this the right way and you know let's actually make. Have something good come out of what we're -- wean its of people viewing us as you know navigator yeah -- DF and -- utilities anonymous is like. Eric Schmidt. Any product you don't you when you see when you -- -- like is vigilantes like. I had at -- I can remember the name of the group but there's a group that's trying to kind of like in response. To -- -- and -- honest activities they're trying to expose and some of the members. Almost like an anonymous like almost like the web vigilantes what you have -- like. Now this new level that's slowly but surely -- of web cybercrime and -- cyber vigilantes. Yeah it's like the comic. Looks it really is -- comic but -- I can't I just can't get enough -- had -- think it's a fascinating him until it -- next year especially since it's Polly really did a handful. Of an earnings other. You know -- them. -- it probably is I mean they say all six members of wolf back in the anonymous through it obviously at all like I'd been trolling but. It but it is interest in need -- wonder how many could well I mean I think there's a lot Writely to be just watch their -- there's obviously a lot of people who could. At any point choose to get involved with whatever that target is or the movement is but I think they're probably our -- -- people here -- there who are running at there Eden. My guess is this I like -- and I have like you like 1% who's really active in the in about 9% who tiny contributes and is you know sort of providing commentary and and you get the other 90% -- kind of the workers' right now and. But at any point can be mobile again I think like at least some of them price 50% of -- 90% have the skills to be mobilized to help. Totally members machine but the very well it does the difference is an anonymous exploit in that sector promote their cause for -- -- in effect is the -- Which -- -- and a good way to put it but now that they've joined. It could be more more. -- -- -- -- The main impact of the hugely in -- parliament and then I'll get it -- -- character and -- but let's move on to quote gadgets. That's cool gadgets that we -- know how long you know the -- -- live but and animals they don't for the first time a long time that I put hot and Nokia together in between. The you know here -- -- -- to -- -- lever point now on out that's right Nokia just launched and introduced their Nokia. And nine. All it takes a little -- it's like this that there are all new phone this says this has no physical -- on the front nine and has a volume rocker but this is an all -- Based off of their Migo platform. Which unfortunately. Is already officially dead I mean they're killing this is. It's curious why you know they're going to they had this in the you know -- And they had to -- -- but it it's still the same time it's giving people a peak of what could have been and what is not going to be. But they're still releasing the and nine the -- -- -- it it borrows a lot of you know -- User interface things from the Yucatan -- even from rim in their place and there are the -- products but at the hardware itself. Really 63 point nine inch curved glass animal led display button -- -- comes in sixteen -- 64 configurations multiple colors. It's not they describe the body -- a unibody design I am aware of matter that -- before the but -- but it's them it's it's not a metal design it's actually kind of a plastic sheet design but. Men this feels like it was three years to. It's sweet but I tweeted yesterday that you know kind of same story gorgeous hardware questionable software mom and with this one it's it's. I wrote this post today sorry for the seamless plug but they found called or -- -- -- legit thank you so so. Why the white iPhone shows that Apple is winning and it's that you know Apple -- it release it until it was ready right they -- the one thing that they have -- discipline that some mothers don't. Really the biggest thing and with with. This product is currently why would you release a product that essentially a year from now you're not even gonna be supporting the platform -- more or less right so. May be there there are I the only thing I can think of they think well amigos going to be kind of like an open source thing Intel -- there's still gonna support -- so maybe they'll be some. General stuff happening in some general action going on -- it does look like Nokia's going to be providing software updates for me go and get to be encouraging app developers -- you know get Angry Birds on -- and so. Why would I just don't understand why -- even released this thing actually. I got -- feel like it's just. I'm trying -- tristar not to make up on here but I gotta -- -- -- -- the -- play. In the open. I didn't try very -- like it and didn't. -- a lawyer -- his bill anyway it's I think it's like if sympathy thing for them they just they if they worked so I mean they put so many -- years. Into Migo that I think they were just like we we want to at least show people what we could have done in the real thing but those exact I think it'll -- swan song and and I do agree that as a commercial strategy. Questionable at best at that seems to be what I mean. My guess we had to inactive put out a product like -- and you know again it's not there it it's gorgeous but it's not dual core. It's not super powerful or rather I think it is dual core but it's not super powerful. It's it's. If this middle of the road phone right now that looks really great and and I think they're just saying like look this is -- -- deployed when for the -- -- -- -- -- -- A technology showcase of like this is what we are capable of doing and -- -- -- we've been working on this regularly send you might see some of these things roll over. Two -- windows once we take over Windows Phone 7. You know they have dolby digital support for surround simulates surround sound actually five point one surround sound. Supported on the device which is technically one of the first and if Byron called the only -- -- has a dolby digital surround sound support built in I you know which -- which is kind of cool for you know if you're if you're an audio file. There's an FC tips in this phone as well. But again it's like it's like a tech demo to meet the -- Activated on sale but -- could actually hurt them I can see that where this can hurt them because in. You know in Europe especially like their channel. You know -- was -- stop selling their devices and stopped pushing their devices their sales of just totally plummeted mum you -- gone into an absolute freefall and so I can't think that any of them are getting get excited about like oh great now I've got another phone like we're gonna push this thing users -- gonna be total -- us if we sell them -- phone. That you know no he's not gonna support and a year and so. You know the sales channels and and some of their best resellers already banning them only now you're gonna have pushed the N nine -- -- -- Nokia -- and they needed to save all their firepower to try to get the sales channels to push Windows Phone. -- as an operating system that we know that they're not doing so it's like if it really. I gotta say like I get they -- part of it and good job creating a pretty phone and whatever -- Just hold your -- hold your fire and until you're ready to come out of the gate with really good windows on phones can -- this dislike. Think I've by the way I can't believe that evolution of technology jargon and the fact that I now without even blinking -- Windows Phone phone. Thanks a lot like a -- -- that. Decided to the great thing it's only running a single one gigahertz -- -- so it's not though again not a thank you just. Moving on it. You know we always say should be carefully posts on this and careful that the Twitter we have nothing about one in three people have posted something that they regret threat. Turning the other seven haven't posted anything -- right exactly ever feel like I'm not think the now according to a there's a new company -- you start up called social intelligence -- That does background checks for companies via social media scary -- which is -- all on its own. Now the FTC has concluded that yes this company's totally -- it operates within the boundaries of the fair credit reporting act and they are authorized. Didn't dig through your social media and keep records of what you posted there as targeted as publicly available or up to seven years just click it. The chief operating officer hold for -- We store records this is -- quotes we store records for up to seven years. As long as those records haven't been disputed the record is disputed and change that we delete the disputed record. Like we really know what these people are tracking button and -- the new record when a -- him. -- So you're not only when you like make bad purchasing this isn't that the credit card. The whole startup idea and I want them to do that I'm giving it to you for just the tiny tiny. -- at the little dimension literally had to look -- kickback. I want there to be a start up that calculates your data score. Your personal data score that says like based on the things that you posted I mean just like the alternate version of this or this company could get into that business to -- It Combs through what publicly available about you and says your data score is -- -- here's the possibility that it could negatively affect your employer ability here's the possibility that it could. You know negatively impact future relationships or whatever it is like you do get a hold personal data score because really. As we -- promise of becoming a hugely important part of your permanent record. You know I love it when -- When I was applying to this job they may be due to background -- that it had to go through it twice and -- was very careful about FaceBook like I went through and clean up fees approved violently -- stuff and nice kind of where we've had to employees that we almost hired the minute we found to be serious stuff on FaceBook or like live journal. Where they were totally going off and just the united you know whenever I mean their moments having the company was splitting that way -- -- The promptly. Now -- -- felt. But we do I have updated added. Is that there's -- and young I don't have to get it back I just had a -- Mr. Brian -- So what we did hire because we found we were -- it hire them. We found stuff on social insight boom. Maybe not in really -- -- anywhere yet any it was like there were okay with it like a racy photo or questionable photo more like just some of the stuff that they were writing about. It was like they -- you know going off half -- Blake -- sort of intoxicated. You know. You know with. F bombs everywhere and you know -- and just sort of totally unprofessional now. It did their personal life but still you'd like me who you know this person might be a little bit release candidate lot of crossover between the personal you know the -- -- yet it says you you you think that says something about their character means though mum. But yet this is can I seamlessly with especially -- -- younger cousins and stuff and a few months these look like -- -- definitely. Get that off -- well. Yes I mean if I think about. What is now and I'm not gonna move. It's fascinating because it Billick today at the society for better -- -- -- -- right away more and yeah -- yet in the old days like this impropriety is not what it was anyway. And then coupled with the total lack of filter that happens on social media and you get in I have a friend who does. Student Richie interviews perspective Harvard students -- she went to her so she has these interviews -- and they wanna get into Harvard high school kid. And -- -- unbelievably bright. Talented people don't you like the -- with those smart though driven and he was like really worked very hard -- great story and -- as Twitter you know public. Eden. Because it's just like it's totally raunchy like infant only -- in hell yeah let. While you and a I don't know. I mean coupled with the new apparently institutional respect for women it just seems to be exploding in -- country lately it was I mean I read as Twitter feed you and public at that email I could not recommend act. -- -- -- -- nice and polite or whatever but the vernacular is to be so offensive. And it's just -- like if that stuff does become part of the seven year old. Trove of information about you -- the -- you say when you corrected. -- -- -- stick with you forever yes I totally. The people specially you know there are people the ones you actually listen to me that you know older cousins -- that -- -- trying to apply fertile. You know and they say listen I -- -- -- -- which -- pollution and it was just a -- to just post everything thinking your mom's gonna read it you could potential future employers gonna read a you know all of that if you're still -- -- that -- you know and I don't it just have to own up to exactly. Now in of the day and and the it's gonna it has become like part of our education and my children -- it wouldn't -- it. This will go down on your permanent or -- -- I'm just lucky FaceBook -- -- super hot when they hired me here. -- did -- without idea that it is interesting that I'm reelect via an. Like break while I'm a friend request that it sought out where they might like some of those pictures Jason while you imagine. Some of the things that time has on his -- decades when we come back little drop box security flaw that you probably want to be aware of the -- point revolution may be over. And from the guys who brought -- the pain ray. An -- view based raid -- -- that you think need to figure this. Its -- welcome back to show one thing that we have to teach our guest Jason Tyner. Is you do not -- The -- in between showing you not talk over idea. I -- -- my bike wasn't on -- it's really hard to -- lenient in -- to get -- and now you don't even if we -- if we had a real -- and then copy. That's civilians -- and it assumes that you that are expected -- -- -- are now back to -- guys that you know we wanna get -- that's not drop box has confirmed a security glitch. Where there was no password required -- drop box I'm sure many uses so -- something around like when he by milling users but for a four hour period. Between 1:54 PM and by 46 PM yesterday. An error temporarily causes security -- -- any password to be used to access any user's account. It -- little to spiral I don't know where the opposite I'm glad you are they're transferred added that -- you know but. This security breach was attributed to a code update that introduced a bug. Affecting their authentication mechanism. So if you typed in -- -- Molly's username or -- I can remember that's what you notice that these are -- -- and typed in blah blah blah. I -- -- -- district bucks yeah right. I was crazy it's embarrassing for now but that does what in the latest these there that act and. Now -- -- crisis of confidence you know especially top boxes one of those ones that I think people. Put more stuff on there than they really should you know definitely agree -- integrated into your operating system they make it -- -- I'm melanoma now so easy and so yes I will. First -- all they did it right like they say exactly who -- what happened -- responding quickly so kudos to them for that. Com and and you know that's a good thing but yet what -- these things with cloud you know what we're gonna see a lot more this thing. Our I actually feel pretty -- -- I don't -- -- nervous about drop out and -- -- like they handled it very well. They were like this is the thing now expect that sort of like -- -- -- patent. I'd much rather get on the plane right after they've been a crash you know I mean it's better than saying that your system was hacked because you had two weeks security. You know it was -- -- that the wasn't publicized they admitted to it I I don't know how many people's accounts information or data was actually stole it doesn't appear that they. Made any statement earlier that because people pretty much -- even -- it happened. Yeah I'm not -- I'm not jumping off drop -- their -- -- -- I think -- I think that's okay yeah yeah yeah I guess I'm like 1234 guys. Another and other. I would likely use actually is this cool new button button. The button and suffer from bulletin overload. On the Internet. Now you have the FaceBook like button -- -- button and now the mysterious Google plus one button which -- can understand and on and one of the -- and it via -- -- -- -- profile I don't know where these weapons but anyway -- -- I am thrilled to report according to techcrunch that there is now. Thanks to a former Google -- and the mind behind FaceBook disconnect. They've created this plus like extension. Which lets you like Google search result on FaceBook. And then -- all your off site like buttons into these hybrid like plus one button fill all the buttons become just the one in many -- lining and like all. I'll -- -- -- -- you stumble upon at the same time to. This just a -- thing it's actually it's called -- light bulb it's called the light plus one -- but it's. Which it and it's it's unlike the plus like expansion this one that's called an emphasis on like plus one -- Integrates both the that it could you guys -- it that -- This is an extension we're talking about is called like plus one yet which integrates both. Unlike the plus light. Extent which would immediately value and yeah it's the -- Irene -- that's -- -- -- nuclear plant for all of us in the room and everyone confusing everyone that's listening and perfect -- Totally yeah here's why this this is yet why these. They won't do much. -- -- -- I like buying a no I didn't like arms back. I recently set up a -- actual page on FaceBook. To. You know -- people okay. Few tech the excitement and kind of split -- an -- diet may contain a fan page and we could -- do you mean let's not tiptoe around this a band -- and the head shot of you staring directly in the camera yes. Yes -- of Miami area so I and you know to separate personal and professional so I've told people to go there we have links to -- -- tech republic to all of our opinion pages and stuff. Everybody goes there we we can see like the number of links that -- gone there nobody -- to click like. They don't have that they haven't figured out I have to click like in order to actually get that this person's updates in my. Ike is it's not it is though it is not a parent they've taken the idea of subscribe. And they have made it light which make no. And then on top of that you've got this whole new. Because sharing is the currency of the new web a web three point oh yeah -- recommendation that every I mean even if you look at the techcrunch pain. -- like. The entire top. Bar here is -- alike but in how many people like and now there's -- fifth but fan but in -- the plus one button and how many people plus one and then there's the tweet in how many people pleaded and then something called -- -- -- you know what that is. When how many people in shared it all of Lincoln and then there's like dot com. Yeah it will -- out and then there -- seventeen different subscription options also at the top you can get aren't thinking that the email you can get app for your browser you can Twitter you can -- but like and then something that without tech. And now we get -- you'll also face it'll also do plus one at the same time can commit to you guys to get an extension I think we use the chat room I'm gonna speak on behalf of the chairman Albert in a simple by the story but just saying there's a new extension that allows you to like and plus one at the same time. He -- that want to thank god. I just saved it for ten minutes we waste. If I you know what I like Alec matter that. Awaits him I would cut although those -- now as a means. I like plus one bit of next story we -- -- in the new technology called. The -- Okay in -- -- -- and I am fed Windows Phone phone. Plus line like like like -- like like my lifeline and now the -- the real world we live and really cornucopia. Anyway and. While -- shed the in the tech universe is actually kind of a. Cool new technology potentially that aims to replace the need for an NFC chip -- near field communication chip. When you want to do an excise NFC's style. Communication. So if you wanna like do you Otto at electronic wallet -- you would use this technology -- -- phones exchange transaction information via an audible sound way. Yet the short range radio communication between phones and a point of sale devices and if you guys dig deeper and and the threat is actually like a video that they post that how works. It still looks very conceptually because the main thing this is an awesome you know com idea it just because there's when he phones out there that do not have any NFC chip and then today. The trick in the key is obviously the implementation of this. On -- retail level -- they might be able at least to get it to go from Vodafone across multiple devices but to get something like this. Implemented and into retail chains for and for -- to get a jump on you know what we have going on right now with the pay pass. Google's growing out there's and in a few select cities that's going to be the big challenge but -- the idea the technology is very clever. Yet I went out of one the idea you know with the whole idea guys. -- -- Didn't. The this. I thought I did -- I -- I -- Given it a hand that's zionist line I get into. -- -- Mobile payments and -- this stuff has great potential and and this is really -- the next date being thin and I can't wait till this gets gallon because. You know it it can it simplify and streamline so many things that you don't right now it. Yet here year that ATM card debit card or whatever that's being single easier -- with -- found yet there's some challenges with that thing is gonna be it's gonna be. Really being the next few years. And I really liked the idea I really liked left on the idea of a technology that would replace the need for a chip because threats I think I think that let them. Method that anything that -- I -- I want -- technology they can replace the need for the chip because that means we can implement this faster we don't have to wait Tor and at the point of sale. Implementation could be less difficult if it's just as a smaller boxers -- -- -- can be integrated into the little -- -- in the bar -- -- Like -- have now and so and it doesn't require reading in new phone lets music has. Our you know from -- my uncle your dad you know all that they're gonna have the same you know phone for five years. Right and and it's not gonna have NFC that's absurd and -- -- -- You know it's negative via the iPhone did you know a lot of them was still beyond Motorola. You know start tactic the if if it was still available as well -- -- You know this is what we knew we need some bridge technology like that but like any trade theater it's about implementation in the partnerships and relationships like these guys have an amazing idea. We'll see if it will see the gets picked up yeah that's gonna be the biggest somebody will somebody will do this right now -- I predict at. The FCC has announced that it is about to take a line. Mystery fees on -- -- speaking of phones they are. Announcing official plans to start battling the practice known as -- cramming where carriers -- sneak. Little -- in here bill and I went off all the time it is typically between 199. And 1999. A month. -- tacked onto your bill in effect fifteen to twenty million households a year fifteen million to twenty million of the year. According to -- survey cited by the FTC. Last week they issued fines totaling eleven point seven million dollars against four companies. For allegedly charging thousands of consumers for long distance service they had no I didn't just sell well yes. This is big like I I have. Like 54 dollars on a cell bill two months ago. That I'm still trying to figure out with the carrier why it's there -- where that extra 54 dollars come from yet and then it. Do you know they it's not clear from the bill you know -- that you talked to the sort of standard customer service they're sort of still not sure of the dvds sort of circular -- and click okay that's still doesn't tell me why I've got an extra 54 dollars. Yes -- term answer you're not paying for data on an iPad -- turned off but you've been in for it for a year. Yet it's -- that -- that might be what you're. Except that this can assess the theft and via -- has posted is really useful -- -- actually a really liked experts for things that you can look for on your bill that might. Indicate that -- are being cramped. Up for example charges may read service speed. Service charge. Other -- I mean I really I think -- -- all the anonymously. Well hopefully now in and if -- the thing into voicemail mail server calling plan membership monthly fee. Or that my favorite minimum monthly usage -- Yeah but they'll I don't know what's a bad uses a government did this is good use of government and regulation and yeah I totally agree. The electronic frontier foundation announced yesterday via a blog post that they are no longer accepting a bit coin donation don't know. Due to what they call a host of complicated legal issue. Blake -- -- -- and we thought these are worth thirty dollars now they're only worth a penny. Well you know they they put I -- -- they put -- three bullet points about why they're doing this one of them is because the legal issues involved that. With the currency system that hasn't really been clearly -- me know what it what are they doing with -- they don't want to mislead their donors where people are. Giving them that points to a nonprofit but what what's gonna happen with the actual money Howard you know they have to eventually redeem these -- clients. How how vaccine can happen and people are what do they say here people or miss constrain our acceptance of declines as an endorsement of that coin that's the probably really. Early on bull hockey double happy -- like that is -- I am I have to say. I -- Pretty disappointed mania that right now again that does is usually you know -- the champion of the little man and whatever but if you're gonna jump on the big -- train. Don't even try to -- weasel out of it in the wimpy as possible way now that it's gotten kind of confusing there were complex legal issues. From -- job when you were talking about accepting donations in the form of an underground alternate currency. Plus you can't say misconstrue without doing it and -- huge bag voice like. You've misconstrued. Our interpretation without my. -- it really. You know you can make you can construe Mike might except my wearing of this -- -- an endorsement of the dress like that is just. Embarrassing now but I don't. And almost them a good thing yeah I just -- Philly dot you know what if I can't think heat don't go into the kitchen in the first place don't be like. The hackers were totally on the -- -- because this is actually worth something but now that where -- -- We can't actually -- that money in into the GB worth Atlanta we -- out how to get our money out of the wall because there transaction thing about it -- like we. Yet you can't I I think we all expect better out of the -- staff you know on and that's me part of the problem here habit. Seriously misses the says train -- written -- I mean in and it may prove to be like -- Klein revolution over I don't know it may be that the instability of it when it but I think -- No question right the instability of of them the currency right now is gonna get all that speculators out of yup -- is that like. In money for jumping on -- into early -- -- weenie. -- -- Well meanwhile by the way what they've done is they have taken all the big claims that have been accumulated. Or that may accumulate in the future and they put them into an account set up in the name of the app into the -- point profit. So they can continue to circulate in the community but they can they can't figure out -- it would be too hard to return the donation. So if you donated to the FF in decline. You knocking -- your -- went back there isn't going to the community but they're not taken. And it attendant says that they think you have a bit clean dress on the popular and -- that. Also I know how the -- -- I do know that it that he can't take he did advocate and they but that what they're doing is getting out of the kitchen and they never sitting on and the first. Thing. It's not right it's so hard resistant for that -- you know there -- they wanted to jump on it just what is available like you said the accident -- at -- backed up and -- app you know it. Leave -- India you're in its alligator have lawyers there who could have told them from the get go that -- complex legal issues and well yeah yeah lawyers. Yet but don't make yet make -- that now apply. Okay we're gonna go go to our quick hits because we've been destroyed and -- that now. I really like you guys. You wanna talk about another dump -- -- has decided to. Drop the Blackberry. Support Toledo -- -- yet that Donovan did point seismic I'm gonna -- -- I don't know it. Anyways season make you know -- whatever client they -- You might use on your desktop or your other mobile devices they announced today that they would Annan's order yesterday announced -- -- -- support for Blackberry handsets. And just you know it's a small opening day at the rating on their actual app for Blackberry wasn't that hot it's like a 2.5 out of five but. It's one of those small signals when you start -- you know pretty popular. You know well use -- like Twitter client pull out of a platform and outright say they're gonna focus their development. On their most popular mobile platforms Android -- and Windows Phone 7. It's again another sign to the demise of our friends that ran an ads and ads as an elders' circle NEC and its its one developer but. But -- -- is one of I think one of the hottest the most stable you know best. App developers and they develop for every platform -- they make really good stuff you know when I -- The last time I use a -- who has been like eighteen months ago now. You know -- -- -- what I used he was the best thing on on Blackberry and I think there -- some other ones now on Twitter has its own happen you know that anything. -- this does hurt and any it does there's a real perception problem that's happening a lot with Blackberry right now and this is only -- Gonna add to it in and I think when other -- when other companies -- -- doing this. They're probably gonna -- -- and it's a resource they mean really unit how many. -- become as he literally spend all their resources develop deeper. You know 4567. From platforms you're gonna get it have to -- -- at some point in time yes it -- the scaled economic consolidation it's gonna happen. You -- -- -- we have just off on this with some sort of mobile development and currently it's you know I've and we didn't have to have balkanized fractured app development. What you're -- sound awesome. Apple this morning released the latest iteration of final cut pro final cut pro X. Now available in the Mac App Store now this is exciting and -- auditor -- and taught for 290 is it to nineties -- 1999. 64 bit rewrite a lot of cool things like background render mean -- a lot of things that they're doing with final cut pro X the cynically is. When it -- in your video files. The -- lean in a lot of the meta -- I retire and I know the camera the -- eighteen you know. A lot of just the details of your video files it also organizes them for you. There's a school like magnetic timeline. Thing we're basically gives dragon drug eclipse and it. It's in a more easily -- it just put them together so it's it's nice -- I excited I like it. Welcome -- always been the gold standard but I think the biggest thing with this is 290 is used to be 899 on the other stuff to separate motion and all those things with their products to 99 Austin. Also Apple unveiling new time capsules were also anticipating an airport extreme update really soon. But they released a two terabyte and three terabyte models tuning united 49 previously was 199 -- -- -- one -- with 299 and 2 terabytes as the morning. Though the violence allowed rumours today from boy genius report that the Apple iPhone five will be a major update after all. And that the announcement and availability could be as soon as August there was a lot of talk about the in that it might be an iPhone four -- As opposed to the true iPhone five update boy genius report says that it has independently confirmed. That connection time will not be an upgraded iPhone for the will be like a real regret we'll see it goes against the grain. Everything that everyone else has been talking about and also just a quick note on if you saw at the tweets that we throughout there are that I throughout there. My source that was up to no good that -- an iMac Intel I was -- money has also said that Mac pros and Mac minis. Will be coming out you to the end of July -- the first week of August -- will be Sandy Bridge thunderbolt equipped. And also run with Mac Calista online pre installed on these desktops from people -- looking for a time period but it looks like the first week of August according to my source. They got the don't buy a new phone and don't -- a new Apple Computer and broke don't buy anything until they want to this already take the summer off. From that retail their -- and yeah all low you can go over to MP3 dot com and get some stuff for free me not -- -- -- kind of forget about all the time. What it at which we owned by the -- isn't to any and it just the -- that's closer to closure -- old browser we own MP3 dot com CBS interactive does but they unveiled a new site today and has more than one million free tracks for download and there they're real ones lately everybody three it's like Mumford and sons and Britney Spears got -- an arcade fire and Jennifer Hudson and Paul McCartney. There -- because -- the radar bands out there it's like real -- Leader and a branding night c'mon you know we don't of those people are and you think decent numbers and bright idea that I I kind of restraint from seen lately you've been named. Kimberly will look at that -- -- happen to. -- I'm cutting our science news for the -- -- -- -- -- I am just yet this summer. An outline. The gadget game. I found was like right before we went on but this is -- -- -- my I lost my -- here it was called -- you'll nanos. Don't and is -- frozen treat maker okay. -- man is this not show -- Like okay to -- you put in like fruit does this mean -- But now you could put it banana strawberry is that and then it I know this is -- high tech but there's nothing like it it's from our friends at -- -- -- You throw in like you know. Fruits chocolate and then it turns this bad boy and then produces a creamy treat with detector of -- you know there are ice cream -- we think it turns your banana -- -- In -- program. It turns about editing don't Anna. It if you get the revenue on the show again it's unlikely after this but can't we didn't -- Canada we should totally do it -- these. We can live without some of these like after the show and a 16995. Are you telling me that I'm not gain this for my dad. Because I didn't get am afraid it you know positive present -- -- out of town. Is the perfect present for him that I'm gonna use. I love -- it like accommodation food profit there and ice cream machine. But with the fourth of the county and make that your -- Might unload Unionists I'm NN that the young and not as solid -- -- -- -- -- that now that accompanied the sample that labor program. That no -- however has been implicated time to get the happy ending yes. -- currently mango by the way someone basking in the -- with -- you can put any fruit the have to be -- and I don't think. Mangoes flashy so it may be good to blow up the life of a -- mind off outlets in Canada but don't don't. This -- We love a happy ending to story so I think many months ago -- -- even over the of this arrived at we talked about beautiful people.com which they were dating site. Where users -- rate how attractive the applicant partly due to apply to get on it users rate how hot you are and if the consensus is that -- ugly you can not post you're dating profile there. So in a total yet it's -- -- -- a total revenge of the ugly. People.com was hacked. And some 30000. Quotes it. Less than aesthetically pleasing are also meant that have their profile -- proved even though. They were not on par with the existing registered it was like a virus supposedly perpetrated by. A disgruntled former employee and called it. But as Shrek and -- at. So I don't know if this is real live PR stunt and all are not now the managing director -- -- -- -- and is plug. Pompous bastards when asked why an exiled the mistake -- members he said. We can't just -- 30000 ugly political under the carpet of Apple -- -- us that it. -- -- And is this these people aren't I want to see what this guy looks like Greg -- -- I wanna find out what this looks like I think it may well be better look like Brad indicated he's gonna say that that -- I think -- -- and definitely -- like. There's no way the district does not comment but he's playing it feel very sorry for the -- unfortunate people who were -- the admitted to the -- in believed albeit for a short time. That they were beautiful. It's the I S I can almost guarantee that approach pattern in Japan later that it's hysterical -- that's gotta be moved so we'll play played beautiful people alpha is already out that speculating that it is in fact. Just a way to troll for sign up but pageant should update my password on the outside I believe just for insurance and -- All right. We want anywhere enough publicity was really so -- what -- -- column today it funny yeah I thought here -- -- gonna go hit up the beat back and I hope you guys -- -- We love your voice -- and -- from Syracuse brings up discussion about web GL -- of its security risk so we're gonna have legitimate. Information actual content for -- one from the show. Investors that the government -- worker here he's just Ottawa yesterday show -- Microsoft. A -- -- -- Just -- it had not yet lottery. Provides direct -- -- -- Computer whereas before some time. Scriptures -- browser to -- art or act as a whole to obscurity or repeal it. So parks out by so this. Before -- -- -- Chicago but. -- -- we kind of skimmed past the it the reason that they were so concerned about security but that's what that's what -- Melanie so when my pathetic grants potentially access to you the most vulnerable horse to a previously the most secure part of your computer which is the hard. Yet it -- -- Mozilla arm rejects the idea of -- of the things Canon does the interest in little. Stuff going on about this we'll see what. Google's stance is it with -- on this with. From the so nobody -- so -- the major. Come browser makers that have been are behind the web jail standard haven't really issued anytime statements other than Mozilla now things like okay we rejected. But -- images that he -- them that it is Microsoft as being extremely. Aggressive about saying we believe this is a serious security risk yeah so we'll think -- -- Yes yes your emails. -- -- -- From Cupertino would like to clear something up saying there have been some reports of -- -- not getting a web interface in fact right now that is what most people think. But from what I hear from my colleagues than from -- -- get running Mac OS-X line developer preview and I us by beta. Apple is working on a web interface. For us. While Apple PR has been saying that there is no web interface for iPod I think you realize that -- in -- -- the Lyon -- and it is live in offending any and invite via iPod and I -- redirect you to use this website that will be our turn up later in fact he and other right now you just get a server error. I thought I let you know I'm not breaking my India completely because of the -- now but yes I do work for a company Cupertino. Which is named after from -- -- we love the would love we love the tips. Yeah -- know -- Leah -- and -- if they work where. Apple's site one and older there's an FDA permanently -- it'll also others and years for use in developer previews even though every website including us is completely broke those and -- all the features that you don't know about. By -- -- -- -- era now affect but the web interface tracked that would be good. Let the it and keep it that -- Jack W -- do something doesn't add up here. Why would Molly -- invest in underground darkness hacker currency I have -- theories in the Molly -- from yesterday's show wasn't the real Molly Wood. Where the real Molly -- is a pro consumer CNET editor Molly Wood by date. Black market -- apocalyptic Molly -- By Knight who shot Molly Wood. The guy who messed with Molly hoods -- -- trading -- could do not mean that but -- All right Jack -- isn't the Hollywood to -- the hassling just to prove it today and yes your fault in Latin is to a -- -- And I never liked what outlook and your wallet because we were -- -- -- and no comment -- what I do I do you really want them and to make a comic book version of me that black market in apocalyptic Mount Hood. It'll be like that they Hiro protagonist version of. Yeah that's amazing thing you asked challenges of the community and the deliver. -- the end like to a -- Thank you make me don't Anna. And and we. You don't make me a -- -- In 1000 to start at Mino -- it's a very they need to know if that's Tyson breaded OK a lot of people already in with -- Misinterpreted talked about the lion recovery partition that people are very concerned about that -- and -- now download only thing until we got a ton of email. And Tyson is among many who said I heard about the lion recovery partition from your show. And I think that's actually an unfortunate step back. I hope Apple provides a CD or bootable USB alternative like with the MacBook Air because of the hard drive fails or is in bad shape a recovery partition could get affected. Defeating its purpose we need an alternative medium to boot to troubleshoot. Which that actually. Makes it so I mean guitarist response that is labeled look at your hard drive -- -- -- with toast you have to go get a new hard drive Rensselaer us anyway one in what the big deal. I mean the only other thing that is helpful is like you know there's utilities like a tech tools pro -- -- some these dis recovery guys but. At least say you might be able to solace Sony but if it's -- it's frighteningly seemed like people to get that and asked the hard drive question mark your tennis routes. I think what people want as they want to be able to do it themselves they wanna be able to say okay I wanna be able to go out and get -- replaced and hard drive dearest -- take my USB -- -- -- think -- downloadable -- on -- -- in the -- right now it just reinstall. I would be very surprised and maybe if some of our friends who work for. Her company had ten. Ken let us know organs that have about the would be shocked if there was not a way in fact -- -- from an email that. And there is almost always an embryo as a way to create a boot. A recovery CD and -- media yes I'm pretty surprised that there was no way at all in line by Apple so far -- not really thing than even if -- say okay create of the media mean they're gonna be pushing their new Mac but -- hard that I have no optical drive whatsoever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Could investigate interesting Jason Tyner the MacBook Air -- the beautifully with the alternate ya -- -- in Asia they -- -- -- they need to have that mainly because honestly. Even -- It worked perfectly in the and the trust us trust us we're Apple there's a lot of system like. People clearly want but I wanna dance like I wanted to add yet more light on exactly you just because -- -- to go on you as you can they -- the -- up the new Macs come with instead of a disc that -- with a little USB key during install with just let you create your own roll and roll your -- -- -- really wanna have to Roman to you know I'm not going to and coming in -- The problem you know I really know that you can't you went yeah well okay but at minimum I wanna know that I -- Okay. I another separate ad and how do you wanna be the yeah yeah I got I didn't tell me Canada aren't I -- -- so -- wanted to introduce this segment. I guess I want entities in the sun -- -- really -- idea -- he doesn't. So the buzz out loud fans of the greatest and they put together some really cool Hong Cologne. Pictures for us that's what authorities have been any of these yet -- puppet topless and that's that's when mrs. -- for him. -- looks very elegant. Motorola love wow I really got actually a good beer bottle I don't know because remember it -- -- a couple days ago that we inadvertently created a news and name for time he was from the sponge -- story that I like listen. State police my -- vaguely fruity bits and sometimes musty yet anyway but -- civil got a couple more than that we got. Brian Vincent talking presents big -- -- -- -- -- To get its blood drawn on with your iPad. All -- it doesn't -- that aren't apt as the I want -- -- own an iPad are signaling that I had a real -- more. If this Eric Anderson presents. Fruity mask. That like -- like that title better. -- And online. All roof and. Oh yeah I think comes the humbler with I don't. Is the -- -- -- of the minds a little thing that I'm not I'm not where I I do think that number three does deserve to be on a billboard. And -- look at the color balances of president beautiful people profile -- Sheila engines. Well yeah that -- -- made into with that poster are no time after the -- -- -- -- And my wife and -- ITunes year will will try to upload a government server and post -- little. XB OL dot com because. Our users deserve full credit Dalia I -- get it out. There is gonna put in the face but that's not circulate online now beyond dot cnet.com is where you will be able to -- those images later. 1800 signal and think they think they -- -- -- -- under review article about that. And buzz at cnet.com. Or email it I think it's human that anymore pictures. And actually renewed a new thing -- a little bit of led snack. As for you as we -- a little a little money. An Asian connect prodigy. Check it out and thanks for joining us today everybody the -- -- We know easy. That's jumping to conclusions. Didn't it come from. -- -- -- -- -- The Q do you believe the meaning and well I am -- -- -- planning and hearty platinum card that that it is now. -- -- -- -- -- You -- in hard hit hard with the. Out I would it take this guy on the way and look at a look at it got. This limited -- -- make it. They got button and the city. Like hello and cool wow. Unique take on congress. In the instance. I think Israel and he should not be the preeminent -- he. It's their heads in real it is -- and I is a real attack scenario. -- -- -- everybody our new segment. Any statement what's -- this.
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