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Ep. 1492: The streaming movie crack cycle: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1492: The streaming movie crack cycle

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We are back online today and explain exactly what happened to the show yesterday when it blew up. We discuss Rims demise and the Senate passing a law making it a felony to stream copyright protected material on the interwebs while at the same time day dream about Spotify coming to the US in all of its music streaming glory.

Today is Friday June 17 2011 my name is Steven -- -- fully charged powered up -- -- -- I'm Molly and I don't think power plant stuff and looking about and heated back and -- that -- -- let -- -- -- -- -- -- am assuming is. And where we're hoping for the best today here in studio we're gonna be buying -- -- -- -- -- about what happened yesterday that I've -- on the board. -- -- -- -- -- With the new of the major -- earlier to sit here that the show is going well we're not to talk about FaceBook we can all warmed up and it. I'm but I will try to let -- get everything back on line and oh yeah I didn't -- -- where we have like their T here and everything takes forever to get back on line. Those kind of stress -- when -- -- around for the power strips -- happening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Finally we got back up and I was able to post something for you guys -- -- -- -- -- You guys are. Oh yeah oh wow. As if I -- -- adding that -- -- -- no. Well five. Our it and it. That's how we do this only -- That makes them. Is there any other show and I can hold him down like that is there any additionally you hold it down like that on -- -- -- is -- the -- -- -- It is a Mac. With planning and atlas that can lead an entry -- to stop. -- live every night. Men. -- is -- -- -- -- novel thought -- up again and while. Think that the best of buzz out loud feed later on today mambo. I did this and anonymous use now -- -- I think I guess we'll do the news although I got -- I gotta admit it's get a mile down comparatively speaking it but but -- I think going to be kind of a huge let down because we gotta start. With the random. -- our Research in Motion makers of the Blackberry in the Blackberry platelet plain wooden play -- As a -- there -- financial results they're quarterly results yesterday and it was it's not good. In fact the results were -- the net income for the quarter was 695 million dollars or one point 33 dollars per share diluted. You know what. You don't -- -- active the earnings were way down they would they actually had to publicly admit that the quarter was off to an incredibly bad start. And it was such a bad report overall that it triggered a 22%. Slide in ranchers. Also they announced the layoffs adieu to their port numbers and even any other sad point of how well or not well they're doing they announce that they have shipped. 500000 -- -- but again people these are -- these are not purchase them and sold to the consumer. So you know they had. Mention that fiscal 2012. Got to challenging start to had a slowdown in the first quarter and it's continuing -- acute to shareholders not that happy some their -- -- shareholders are showing signs of billion. Citigroup cut rims from a cell to a hole to sell from hold out on there's other plenty of other firms are cutting the price targets. This is not looking good for program. One investor is giving -- six months to get -- acting out there -- basically acting in the next six months and ahead of a fund. While with a major stake adding in the next six -- of a better a much better idea where we stand they've laid out a business strategy and we are measuring their ability to execute. So what we will -- I -- they did lay out some strategy to try to deal with it. Including an announcement that there are going to have -- And then do some restructuring and re allocation of resources to allow them to a picnic areas -- -- for the highest growth opportunity -- -- -- strategic objectives such as accelerating product introduction. Now rim did want to make a point besides all this bad news that at the moment their business is still profitable. Overall the strong balance sheet of almost three million dollars in cash but all the signs are with a disappointing Q -- are -- school 2012. At this point you to coming up on the heels of that and if you have a six month window to get your stuff together three months of battery gonna be part of Q2. You've got to turn this around thousand I don't know where I see the product line that's point it really the playbook was the next thing to help diversify their product line. Give them a boost and it's not given them a boost they can always rely on their phones but that's gonna stay flat if not decrease which we've seen -- going -- -- Android and iPhone. They can't rely on their phones until they start to make some good phones and you -- have got to catch up in the Smartphone market that's just absolutely. Mandatory in the fact that they frankly got distracted. By chasing. -- and still very small market that being the tablet market is not a good sign you know I mean if this company has. A leadership problem and they need to do something dramatic quickly I mean its part -- I maintain and we'll always maintain many co CEO structure is just a bad idea. Think I'm targeted -- nodded and actually got to have somebody charged and and maybe it could work it goes into the right to guys but it clearly isn't like they just need to. Make -- change and doubled down on phones that that's what you do. Yeah right on the money not because from day one when they won the tablet market -- like a cable what is gonna mean to them they never. Were able to figure out a definition of who that tablet targets and you know where has -- been and they were so in a matter I think office -- but they're like a cable -- opened an emulator to -- -- Android apps but this is really more a business tablet. No one knew what they were doing with that data anywhere date -- even know what they're doing with that so you know. That's pretty much have a huge failure on their standpoint and like you said it drew their attention away from their bread and butter -- which is they're smart phone business. And explain that what do you know -- didn't know within about an article -- I keep it up not even with their new OS on their Smartphones it's only people are raving about it. -- because the hardware is not -- -- OS might be absolutely fine but the hardware is not you know I mean. The Blackberry torch was their answer to the the iPhone in the burgeoning Android Smartphone market a public release. On sick so we'll be watching that they would have the dram and or who -- them but -- it. But doesn't say they had a bad day yesterday. -- -- -- -- -- Even if you leave the -- you have platforms like Google and Apple taking their BBM service and incorporate into their own platform has now -- that's. You'll be BM was the one thing that I feel like more than half my friends that's why they -- the Blackberry and I you're taking that. You know model the -- into it they're more popular Android OS and -- less and that kills -- different shade -- -- -- capital and now and so and -- you got infected hardware -- like when he got when he got what she got -- to it which would be done for me. FaceBook appears to be finally after all the time doing something for us if you ever look at -- but on an iPad. For God's sake. They did it again is hard even to get to the good news to the film haven't taken the line. It's horrible -- is a nightmare you have tried to browse FaceBook -- -- Ariane -- an iPad at the freaking nightmare and finally two years later FaceBook is bothering me around to readying an I product line. It's also -- -- this is kind of -- right because we just talked about how FaceBook was looking at least from projects pardon the rumored or you know in progress. Initiative by them to go all -- -- -- -- with the FaceBook platform. Clearly at least the current status of an iPad app is -- not good enough. Then you also had a lot of competitors like I think it's called friendly for FaceBook that was like 199 -- tuning unite and people were purchased -- Because they wanted -- FaceBook standalone app. Now we're decently well but I thought it was all right and it really care about but. This is more of them responding. I think it was wasn't even Mark Zuckerberg like a press conference he knew he said like oh we're not gonna develop it didn't even -- -- he did that I sound pleasant and I'll tolerate death was an iPad not mobile. -- that it was basically a computer because they're not mobile and it was I remember early on this show we reported that and we were just like what is wrong with it. What is wrong with it when I it is. I interviewed Chris Cox is -- senior VP of strategy is basically like the number two guy at -- but for CNET conversations and I asked him. What is your mobile strategy because with all due respect right now it is not cost them. Like even apps or an -- -- apps still could be better you know but at least they've gotten better -- -- -- -- fact that Zuckerberg. Stood up there in front of the iPad was a mobile and they warned in an investment strategy was like -- in. You are missed and that train big time and at least to his credit. Or somebody -- credit the company name as the -- -- that they're gonna do an app because the web interface. -- On a usable yet they said they're going through several design iterations it's in the final thing to test -- -- -- those people close to it and Zuckerberg himself. Is on heavily invested in overseeing the design decisions and perhaps unique features after. He said it was a mobile but I like like any you know at least he's responding. To what people I had like any good CEO of programming -- gotta get that thing up train -- -- Nina but the -- that's in addition -- the iPad is but also plans to introduce a better version of the website for iPad its unclear whether when that will be unveiled. It's not intended apparently to be -- -- To compete. With the FaceBook iPad application but just be a better web experience if you do you wanna use the web experience would you -- -- at the right now -- And like sometimes it doesn't load and like all the little -- pretty freshmen drop downs in the remove this. Post network -- you have like click on the icon when you click on messages included against the disappears so that I. -- -- -- I don't really talk is. Anyway that's good news that actually is good news item and -- -- a -- -- -- yet good job get around that appreciated thanks thanks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- India have to give a big fat raspberry to the senate committee that did in fact votes. To make illegal streaming of movies and television. -- felony. Yet the US senate judiciary committee on Thursday approved. -- -- -- only -- of the proposed law will now go the full senate. But for consideration. As appropriate. Yeah at an adult that's that's that's a period that we're all adults here not distracting well. -- can. Until all the legislation supported by the Obama administration and -- and -- hold a broad entertainment industry coalition. -- -- But missiles also will the along with their passing -- if we don't know how clearly it's -- the -- of what constitutes a streaming performance you know we talked about. Could they go after people that are publishing things on YouTube. Could someone who -- a video that streaming over YouTube as a link. Embedded link and their you know blogger are they responsible as well. So they haven't really gonna be don't know if it's infringing had a bad day exactly tarred with like you decide dabbled I mean -- he says elections but -- market. The illegal streaming of the -- -- commercial purpose the penalties increased up to five years in prison went -- -- ten or more instances of stream mean. Over a 180 day period can -- interrupted -- -- do it ten times for in the tenth and final cut a little ten -- fuels each string that a review it. Over that. -- Which by the way that is -- rate of ten times over a 180. Day period. I mean that's just like that -- That's and make sure that it doesn't just apply to commercial you know commercially streaming web sites to make sure that it applies -- like. You -- -- if we accidentally embedded video that we didn't know is infringing like it's just. Outrageous that -- and it is outrageous -- guesses that there and say this bill. Says Michael O'Leary executive vice president of government affairs and E&P A this bill help ensure that the punishment for the site operators. That meeting being potentially individual bloggers to do is don't know. It's a crime. Fit the crime. Really do and it does actually reconcile -- disparity between the current law which makes peer to peer downloading. And providing a felony. But not streaming though they're -- bring at all they're trying to -- on every level others tended to it on every level so a felony if if you disagree. Or you think that the law should be more carefully written so that it applies only to for example sites that are in fact arriving commercial gain. From illegally streaming movies and television which in fact should be illegal and I agree. -- nobody is nobody sitting here promoting piracy. That should not be allowed however the slot should specific Lee. Spell out the ways in which it will determine whether site is driving commercial benefit from illegally streaming television and movies and have. Some kind of an exemption for people who might be doing it accidentally -- ten times over the course of 180 days mean that this could be potentially applied to it like anybody. That's that's when you publish a video and you tell your friends on FaceBook -- take a peek at what I did. Well there would be some sort of warning or something on YouTube like if you go to a bad some sort warnings to pop up for something rates. It's gonna catch people -- then we'll see how clearly I mean I know I would assume that they're gonna have to streamline this and more clearly define it. By the time. We see it actually get voted by the senate I would hope so or someone -- -- appeal or ask for you know revisions on the on the proposal so. I would hope so I think that we should Asperger's and then click here and there is please email your senator and ask -- it will do all do it while I won't commit to doing that today -- -- -- -- email -- them. Meanwhile though ironically. The industry continues to withhold. Our abilities. -- or withhold from us the ability to legally stream and view the content that we're interested and though it did so while they try to penalize you for -- -- like accidentally postings and operatic content on your they also are making sure that you can't discount like watch a movie and. Yeah this is where Sony has pulled movies from their net which dream mean. Thanks to the stars dispute -- in a statement from Netflix they say. You may have noticed that Sony movies through stars player currently not available to watch instantly and this is the result. Of a temporary contract issue between Sony and stars and -- these two valued partners work through their differences. And we hope. Know you're doing the wide variety of new movies and TV shows added except for Sony starts -- movies. And in the next few weeks look for great movie titles like the -- -- -- Iron Man two as well as the first or season of mad men -- watch instantly. They say if like -- -- that's exactly right if Netflix pay those average. The thing -- if I mean. I wish. We are excited thinking -- yanks -- up thirteen -- good customer experience that really I don't know of anyone out there listening but I wish we had someone who deals specifically with these dirty. Nasty content deals and agreements because it feels like. Every so often you just here. You just hear some really not even that the contract expired where there's a dispute about the terms of the payments and also they just cut -- the content that we the consumers. Have been paid for and -- those who play right and the we're left to go like well. Okay I might have in mid season of something I'm watching and now I can watch it. And now it's -- and -- and what do you think is going to happen like what people look at. You -- you you spend. Millions of dollars on marketing to create good shows and create demand for those shows like you clearly want people to watch them and you get you know it's it's cracked tactic you're trying to create this -- -- TV. And then people get hooked on it and it disappears from the legal options where they could consume it. And of course they then turn to piracy and sometimes they just don't know like honestly I know a lot of people who just Google mad -- streaming right. And then boom STO leads you to use some type that is illegally streaming and you don't know the difference and even if you do here just like why was this -- not a Netflix anymore but it does. It's totally asinine -- you don't. Don't play this game where you -- where you kind of like dribble out from drugs to people get him hooked in and take it away and try to charge more it's just. It's a ludicrous cat and mouse game. And then meanwhile make the penalties even -- I honestly answer product -- like we're not watching a now what -- only watch web video to help him knowledge that it. Kind -- game -- the elegant -- I don't matter as -- real early really and once told me in days. Days means when he five -- and simpler days. They think they've been very good -- also other music service we love to have but still can't get our hands around to modify is gearing up. For their US launch in close -- It's was it the final funding round that gives it a valuation. Of one billion dollars no more importantly. The companies modify. Has been able to lock down US licensing deals. From three of the big four music labels they say they're in advanced talks with pulled out Warner Music Group so spot by also we had talked about how they're working on. -- -- -- Their music service within FaceBook but it looks like that's still only gonna be exclusive to the European countries because of the fun licensing deals and nods -- agreement that. Have to be put in place so -- it -- I want I want this back and do I really I really believe I want to believe that this -- even spotted by an -- -- Warner added together. So it just as a recap because we tenements in this here in their spot by its a premium service where if you're registered user you can listen to Canada. A certain amount of stream music -- each month free but if you're a pain subscriber you get unlimited. Streaming music from your computer from your phone other digital devices on because of agreements that they have so we we want this and author of panda cloud lock. Or service deteriorate and in addition to just kind of music. Discovery yet -- they sounds like they may charger and ten dollars a month for the premium service which. Because unlike something like pandora it's not random I think you can actually play the songs that you want the ten dollars. But I do I mean I love pandora for music discovery -- the -- is stuff that's fine but a lot of times they get started because that one -- in my head and I wanna hear about what I thought and I -- -- and I'll know -- the minute you can't replay vessel because it goes on the next some because satellite or played out -- It I much prefer -- -- -- check for like specific and manic I'm happy to discover from mayor but I don't have to start with the. Like -- does not. -- on. And then when you're trying closed the app and then re type this on -- -- that's on -- currently in your key will completely and -- the knowing about it renders of what. That'd be in the public and it looks. Like that -- you really want the same. Alignment. -- -- It it's. In that we just this asteroid pandora's business model or not the only ones like to have a story about that after the -- -- now. We'll be talking about -- connect. Going legit with the hackers. The Apple fans and the pissing match just goes on and on until all along what is and a close second and what happened to the Friday video -- YouTube it up. -- -- You guys we. But analysts is -- out there we we all use pandora rallies and even I. I like this there is that we just it's so true we just completely picked them up art but -- I -- escalators were like adult and integrate okay. You guys -- gonna keep on moving to the stories. Connect is going legit. On windows is Microsoft releases their software development kit was gonna enable users from their peak from their windows machines. You don't have access the AP guys use the camera in more different and innovative ways we've seen already of the -- -- now route their before. -- -- even offered -- the eight. -- for all of that you know kind of the deep data the depth sensors the microphone centers and how they can utilizes. There already selling some cool. -- like that's via -- AR jewelry can control it with your arms and just with the 24 hour period of people developing this though. One thing -- collect him out of ET that's related to the stories I talked to two of the developers from the connect team. And if you guys have a chance to play with connect really fun stuff but they offer this -- -- new app called connect on labs where they're gonna throw in a bunch of these kind of new hacks. Developed from the community that you can try out and they're already Alex six or seven of them in this free. App or game that's available through the Xbox Live service so I'm really continue -- this. Be so open unlike what we've seen before with the technology that the fans are climbing toward developers I even did in human -- about -- -- Wanna get their hands on -- so this is that the big time like. An awesome move by Microsoft is showing that they. There well they really show what kind of and then one of my office -- I mean but but it is of it's genius because they point out very specifically that connect on windows. Ultimately down the road could -- could really represent an inflection point for computing because they can totally change the way. We interact with computers they say. The you know the move could eventually help connect technology and and motion control technology find a place in kitchens are doctors' offices -- auto repair shops. The you know where you can't necessarily do you like the computer and mouse thing but you can. Or even a touch screen -- you can. Eight and entering -- generator. Yeah closed refrigerator. Ellis has grabbed the handle easily if that would be. Click DN LL at all. You give it like a voice commands open and he walked to the kitchen dad doesn't necessarily have to be doled out in the sesame. It is -- Edited it and if this technology does eventually make a -- to computers that really will be a -- change. In a lot of ways around you compute especially if like the voice instant it to -- -- -- now there's this thing cool it. I think they're right I think they're saying like that this could become. Is that in the evolution of computing that a new group. He agreement except features distinguish scientists. In the evolution of -- -- says this'll be a pretty memorable moment you. Know -- obsolete is when a person I don't -- -- that a lot of time that are a new. The new group got a new group of wonderful -- -- -- and I -- internal liberation. -- -- bad news for you did. Bad news to the right now that you in particular families one -- the president now has been. Waiting like death waiting to keep the for the new MacBook Air -- with -- -- -- might not happen until -- -- comes out. This is garbage but I -- makes sense but I'm just like really annoyed because there were reports that blu. MacBook -- coming by the end of the month of course the -- but now according to inside sources from Apple insider they say. That it looks like Apple management is specifically holding off on release seen the MacBook airs so that they can time it with the release of Mac OS-X lion. Pretty much they wanna get that gold master edition of the -- -- -- Imaged on to those new computer so. Which makes sense right and you deliver the computer you don't have to have consumers go through this upgrade process for two weeks ago. And get the headaches -- -- -- the -- capstar what I have to press on this blah blah -- and it comes loaded on the machine with what they had the best of what they've got. Will the new thing the -- -- the best -- they've got the newest thing. Also plainly that Ehrlich isn't. I love -- I'm not lying and then the commercially at with the best of what they got he's not. -- -- You're right you relied solely I gotta say I think. Exhale is a Friday about the enemy they're likely to finally started out with the big wall watch only a little but -- -- the -- command July yet though it does mean you got to really a couple weeks not advocate. To get -- -- they have to offer the best. This actually there's -- -- anyway at the moment please call me out my got a -- -- -- -- you bring it back to honor the. Having it active actually now I know I got -- gonna ring you back to earth without -- -- I've been okay. Apple has apparently filed a patent application on some kind of technology that would sense. -- iPhone users are filming live events. With their Smartphone. And shut down the camera and it. -- -- -- -- and I wanted to scream. Really loud you the idea of this -- of course the patent. Will we see this one yes we're doubling -- -- -- one half minute. Is if you hold your iPhone a -- and a concert to record it -- -- trigger infrared sensors installed at the venue. Which will -- -- track the device. To shut down its camera if -- right. I may regret I was watching okay I capture the moment like I held my photo for ten minutes of prince in purple rain and -- -- calls and now it's like. I watched it three or four times up -- -- and it. That's not possible. And that this is the thing right Apple has all these content deals yeah with music -- -- movie studios and the reason why they're. Even flirting with this idea. Is 'cause you know. The -- is -- the performance groups have talked to them about this about the problem every time you gonna cut their rights you know what you see yet everywhere concert -- -- like. Ambulance that every minute film. -- think it matters but can this article to -- the Daily Mail there like you'll be welcomed with open arms by any -- you know it. Work met up with their view being blocked -- -- growing mobile -- -- no I think that's part of it now these days I have probably a little annoying -- -- -- music -- it you can expect -- We've -- connected they have a good zoom. I like CNET than that -- I've actually a lot to -- very -- lens cameras -- to get them to think that there's then enough. The benefits -- the go out and. I've always wondered why it you know there's. It's totally different when you're at a concert while lot of these groups say. Don't record our performance. I haven't heard of someone -- say who was a fan or -- interest -- -- group would be like you know what I was gonna watch the concert recorded from someone's cellphone on YouTube. Yeah that's crap. Now I mean it's totally -- one there men are -- -- and reports -- that Apple wants to get into that concert. Well with their ticket -- -- a ticket available and the -- and we're gonna union and they might even start to get into like a live nation styles. So they could definitely say. All you do you wanna have an exclusive ticketing deal with us Apple because that we eat we will protect you and your show from being recorded by all those -- that are gonna put -- -- High quality recording on the Internet and ruin it for everyone you know this helps out. -- How fast time to get to black -- out Android record on that -- -- -- -- by 480 resolution camera. If they get to -- UK have blocked by the infrared it's totally does he noted rim both fights back so crappy elegance. Remotely disable my own like. Well it's a Dick move. Of the total -- -- -- -- -- and ridiculous just keep common between them like an Apple about the awesome -- -- -- -- -- they -- Against each other -- now. Apple has added a number of additional Samsung Smartphones and tablets to its complaint against the company which by the way its complaint is you copied everything that we did. The look and feel Samsung has responded -- -- on you copied everything we did. But now they have added what the Samsung Galaxy Tab ten point line. And the nexus S forgy which -- you know that's been confirmed but they've got -- -- about it like that -- got a boy genius report alike packed in -- -- Yet. This is funny because they had a list of like twelve phones mean yet heard of -- of -- personally and then they're like you know what we need. -- I think it was a recently we don't put in the show notes but -- -- the shows but maybe three years ago. Apple had made -- like a public complaint that Samsung was harassing them Newton with the with their requests for their hardware so Apple's like. -- and will harass you back. And add twelve new items to our magic list. If this is so let's -- it didn't really cause a stupid. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I forget I cared about the I never did just that till now I dread competitors out but I'm just -- -- -- it was really funny thing where like you know what this really isn't like and the fashion police. That segment -- general 2000 fashionably -- stole -- look. -- of these you're doing here this is basically like. Did Kate Winslet looked -- and. I like that and people might not that -- rats we not that residents publication or math on gaming -- time I that the we are the both talking about women's magazines numbers on -- -- -- even save us here. But for the first time ever consumer reports reported that -- no. -- beat out the candle in there reader rating they had a greater reading -- just released their simple touch reader which -- they're dedicated. -- -- -- knowing LCD screen in the bottom that was controlling it for navigation. And according in the consumer reports they've -- it like -- a point above you said. For a fourth board five point hired other and then you know and other categories the thing about this is I read this article. And they basically kind of talk about the new the new and a simple touch. As an equal to the Kindle. But they don't tolerate say by a Q where does it really can -- but because -- -- okay is the new. That's great it doesn't have that -- -- the control navigation Netscape it feels like really the way they described these two that the really on the same. The same plane via I think there I mean it does only -- with that it -- only one point higher than. Kindle in the six to seven inch category and then -- four point -- points higher than the other Kindle. So it is and I think it's a really close race. Yeah just interesting that it's the first time that they have ever -- the recommended for something that wasn't a Kindle you know. May yet to me it's just a personal preference and book. Saying that fit into -- -- -- and it is these are both great they cost the same. And you have to often -- As convincing now because right so we have the nook competing in the same space now -- pretty much lets say even -- -- with the Kindle. Now we know that the Kindle is looking to release two tablets by the end of this year. The potentially compete with the Nook Color market now so they're -- those two guys are going head to head with each other from a price standpoint and as consumers -- the trying to hit yet so they've got their own little. Girl fight on on -- there. -- -- -- Every residents. On what you think why event at their -- -- identity to a media. Lucy until Mi amiga benefit. Moving on now are doing the -- has actually hit the Kindle and. At least it is an online health and policy. It's a Friday guys can you tell me -- so I don't get it though and as Acer didn't happen that we have a lot of pent up -- -- -- spam -- -- hit the Kindle though this may help but your buying decision apparently the online bookstore has been clogged with spam in this self publishing system. So these but I haven't -- they have not been written they're built using something known as private label right. Or PLR content which information can be bought very cheaply -- -- and and reformat it. In view a digital book -- -- basically. Just as super easy way for you to spam the BE book store. There's evening -- -- they talk about aspiring spammers Stephen purchase a dvd box set called auto pilot Kindle cash. That claims to teach you how to published 120 new Kindle books a day without writing a word and and if you talk about the numbers of how this is just exploded. They say in 2010 in this article are almost two point eight million. Nontraditional books which is including. US while there were just more than 316. Thousand traditional books that came out -- you can see how that is has exploded that compares with from last year there are one point three screen million nontraditional books. And 300 in 2000 conventional books. So you pretty much jumped one point five million. Nontraditional books in a one year that are part of that are being fueled by this you know by the spam. Yeah but it's not spam like they're trying to sell you Viagra what it is that they're trying to sell they're just self publishing but the final get a revenue. And what they sometimes do you know some of the -- and outright copies of other work under other names and then they just take the money. They -- the way for Amazon the wave of e-book spam crashing over the Kindle could undermine its push into self publishing tarnish the brand. The Kindle. It is really I mean the one -- -- -- and just said -- -- and -- is too good for. Both of which I have to agree although Amazon -- Definitely an app to get into this game and do some serious quality control. Yet mean they have -- and fortunately the whole self publishing thing like rate again -- keep it completely open you have date. The bad apples that do know that that you -- gotta have some circulation system that. That filters is on this -- now man and I feel sorry for the person that has the do you. That's the a -- that sound like there's technology that you can check. In MO CR and text and text into their existing tacked on Monday and it's gonna cost him of them are money and author of something are hoping to avoid them. A new time potentially. -- let's do some quick and -- it. Obama as tech czar bill that couldn't -- nation's first ever chief information officer. Has resigned after two and a half years on the job it sounds like it with a little bit of a surprise I think. But he is he's moving on to take a fellowship at Harvard. -- he was that when he first came in office he was really pushing for cloud adoption because he felt that there are a lot of IT contracts. The payment. We're hanging in there they weren't efficient and they they were -- just once they were on the payroll there on the payroll and it wasn't helping out the government he also Leno puts a lot of things are using consumer technology -- He wanted to make data available on their public sites like data dot gov to kind of be a little more chance -- have people be able to look at some stuff that they have. But he's -- after two and a half years. I'm I'm what I'm assuming the grind must've been. To -- like for him to get his initiatives pushed through. They say he had like -- -- -- five point document of kind of changes. That they were hoping to push forward and happen can and a nominee of them have actually come to fruition there are in the process of it. But being bogged down by know sometimes a large government bodies will also -- frustrating. Nobody had the clout in the tech community to be honest because he wasn't detected he was always kind of a politician and I think that if there were there were sent to even in the -- -- there's their people who say I worked with him. And he didn't understand technology and there was kind of method involved a lot right but even more apologies nanotech act. But let's be -- what is really does is just clear the way for Eric Schmidt. Spec is Austria and a things are gonna be him mark my words. Creepy -- -- mark my words. Also FaceBook launching -- send dialogue propriety -- so what this can use if you're on a variety of sites and you wanna share specific content not. To your in high here. Social group of friends on basement but to specific people maybe like a vacation spot what do you guys think about this on their integrating just another button or you know more specific -- and which is their -- -- for private shares specifically. Like it. Pandora stock freefall. On -- -- after the IPO it is down a 24%. It closed trading on Thursday at about 17%. Below its IPO price and that they report -- -- the earlier today. Photo yesterday afternoon that the stock hit absolute freefall territory in the last hour or so. Of trading perhaps it's time to a bearish due to research from media idea analyst rich Greenfield who put a -- rating on pandora set a target -- -- -- add. Five dollars and -- who they share those two thirds less than the IPO present sixteen dollars. I I will say -- by the way. His this -- -- wannabe in -- because all his points are taken almost. Directly from the Wall Street Journal op -- that we are dying out and that we said like it was a really gonna that I did it does is really well written that's really break that right down it's like once you put in an analyst note all of a sudden -- -- the people don't listen to reason when a journalist without ever got sick -- -- Are we not why am -- an avalanche and analysts and you -- and -- -- -- -- -- actually -- Also I just a follow up of the IBM is nicknamed big blue the slate article -- Bloomberg that says. It remains a mystery. Of the Eurasian of the name I could -- -- in it you know referring to the global company size the big. And don't for the blue goats fascinate Nagoya -- logo bald eagle Tribune things there are creeping -- this week and they can have because the hundred year anniversary of IBM and affluent island noted recently we did talk about the hundred year anniversary manager Alan -- and got that happened to that so people can. Really that story from our exploded show yesterday and yet if that happened but -- -- like what the three letters in bold horizontal stripes often covered -- -- It's called big blue and I don't know. Totally interest dark blue suits once warmed by aliens would certainly address announcement big blue -- -- -- -- Could be any candidate be they just wanted to -- a color -- that -- with -- Could it be time for science -- I -- I think that content. I've gotten totally into -- Audi rental credit you -- -- -- idyllic Thomas Dolby equipment. -- -- okay. This is an amazing story right and of course it came from our friends of the discovery in the -- of Borneo. -- at risk of state university researcher Dennis does -- -- sponge Bob mushroom has been discovered. Recurrent pattern extreme violence -- up -- -- Anthony. The name and a new species in the name of that -- The minute with Steve and I love you I'm glad that you like -- -- -- -- -- damper on. Pretty much like -- -- and covering any wide spectrum of American culture but I want. I've seen these -- I know I didn't. So they named -- they named it. After the cartoon character. Spongy -- -- fancy new species of mushroom. Who also would do this but severance is people from -- Cisco. Graduate think you really sense that -- -- Very it is apparently -- it's a public safety sponge was found -- -- -- -- bright orange although it can turn purple when sprinkled with the strong chemical based. Not from the Europe -- likely to discover the world it's spelled smelled vaguely pretty or strongly nasty sounds like my next Cologne. -- and pretty and -- -- Tom. Com -- by Brian. Tong -- -- pleaded not handling it. So please make no comment on what -- not that. At the bottle -- home and sound and at a ST the commercial -- -- -- it. -- And vaguely fruity. And we must -- I threw into with a laugh and everything. We -- we didn't like the little heart in the background. And like these and -- these slow hands and dissolves of the bottle again hourly and I -- -- -- we need a fan blowing her. -- stuff. Stupid and without doubt the while but I have that they get does in the mood for -- -- Actually okay we you're laughing about this but. -- arm at the beginning of the show someone -- public and the immediately from him. -- Everyone cares people if there were some Marines -- actually with the mapping and there isn't the first number is then. The Friday video disappeared on YouTube apparently due to a copyright claim. Filed by one Rebecca black apparently but here here's what I think the real scoop was they took it off on Thursday. What do you know it came back on Friday under the -- those channel. The views at the point before they took up around -- 169 million. I think they push it over to be those that they can make electric went on that then they -- answer they had a veteran have you heard about him assignment enough. So for all and of course they brought it back on Friday this is very smart. -- look at what we thing about. It's that game that is so. -- if you never listen to show again I completely understand we actually we do. We thought it is completely so it really good site you know how we talked about -- and then like I heard the -- like millions and hit right when we doubt that our perfect add an update out that the next Campion or because that's where -- -- that's the place. Yeah yeah that's -- and at the Lawrence okay and we're sorry. We're doing emailing a link to this though we know you're brilliant got a god I guess it's time for your calls and letters. -- -- Yeah had been Ana -- and it turns out leads to -- -- Our next caller that this look like stuff that's not them anymore. Neither is it approached the -- with the -- -- the Trinidad. The Trinidad but it. Don't know who long ago that they had. I'm sure to be talking about -- affect PB. It didn't belong to. I don't look at the tech article what comment on right -- -- for the articles and on the forces people to compliment. The total went straight purple so I mean giver of -- -- such that will -- -- agenda. Try to get the potential well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Marlon -- money and you know its not (%expletive) calling up a lady that used information you've got from the list a little -- and -- in the crap batter -- that's not funny dude that's in the -- I appreciate your kind of boy it adds that stability there and like what helped the lady -- -- -- that night job and and and -- clarify her grace that you tried four different user names and -- before you reach one -- That's asking me -- that. My yard dog we love -- and a dead -- but. Let's not do that anymore -- popular with the now if we get it I get it I appreciate the sentiment for sure and I agree it's not funny anymore. But that -- that as well he did is also not on the peninsula donated organism a little bunny bunny could. -- Silicon in the mile we appreciate and then on our show we -- -- introduce you guys in new means new you know new entertaining things or whatever sometimes and. -- -- -- Cancer -- and perhaps no other solution and safety. And prevent -- certificate and guess what. -- opinion about what happened at. An extra just. So. I hate -- did not give I ain't gonna happen I don't you know one. -- -- Extra time and -- -- It sucked up a -- The I know -- whether regular email I think we're gonna have to get right ahead -- the thickness of the acutely the good stuff -- -- spreading contaminants or business. It's a. -- being. I was gets this right away this one comes to anonymous. Dear buzz crew. -- -- when he when yields enough protein my senior year in university and I have a question. Is it too early to start in -- -- Internet dating at my age I don't have much free time to meet people through the called experience because. I have classes and work two to three jobs on and off throughout the year I'm wondering if Internet dating will be right for me at this time for me to meet people. -- I don't -- it -- we -- do -- thing did on that horse let me tell you experience counts. Experience. Via its arms that you didn't have anonymous ready cheaper Lovett -- -- -- -- may eat it at a I know I've actually -- that someone does not mean candidate they think okay keep native kind of the one where -- like a little bit younger and may be geared toward slightly more casual hook. But the other. -- doesn't mean. There's no reason not that I mean you're a busy guy like you say and I think a lot of people -- Part of the reason why they going online dating is because you're so busy like where am I gonna make the time for this -- to have these sites you know. Random means of fine young ladies or gentlemen -- what side you know I could happen. So don't get on -- and get on it yeah it's never too late 21 you and you need to get out there man yes and -- is prepared to fly no reason. -- repair it be prepared for the occasional rejection in just remember you can use that that the help refine your personal sorting algorithm. Candidates that I experienced I have is I mean I viewed differently and that was often. Dim red -- -- -- carbon dating my best friend of about seven years or two years but both left tech that was one thing that let -- battered but the only tech related thing to -- thing. Everything thinner young -- until this past landings and we went to apparent thought for her mom's birthday and out of nowhere she proposed Jimmy. All I I was so shocked delegates they would I'll have what she's having there was cell operating quiet I couldn't answer luckily for mentally for -- business trip on Monday. I don't get back until Sunday -- but and it really thought about merits and I'm about to graduate from the University of Notre -- to compete in psychology animal between five. If I were to say no though I would -- wasted the last two years of her life. So buzz -- what's -- love the show PS Molly let me be the first thing you look very beautiful every -- That is -- that America that think we know we needed it. -- 09 clearly you don't wanna -- let this girl primary you don't wanna get married whether it's but if you wanted to get -- -- this -- you would know. A guy notes -- -- guy knows opera -- have what's happening. Through there I have what would of the family deal when you said that detailed planet that is yes. It. Well Jim. -- on -- going to be. It doesn't mean you have to break out. I don't think and it doesn't but don't don't don't do the right thing right spend this week on your business -- figuring out exactly what you want and do not string her along W I I don't wanna break up -- I don't wanna get married right now if you don't think it can -- this is serious. The sisters and I I almost -- -- I mean and. For -- that that there. -- That we -- the obvious but be sure what you line and then don't let some you know don't let them -- reason micro oft you bad. You'd feel worse if it's eight years from now on them -- then you're breaking up in -- -- -- like you a whole the hardest thing to do is if you can -- you need to keep it real there. -- -- -- -- -- I okay there we go -- on this comes out from a buddy Mike New Hampshire so. It's been about eight months -- put out your baby -- mix tape and you know what that means. Yup I need some suggestions for a baby pop in mixed. Daddy to be Mike in -- Hampshire. My eight. We're gonna do US service today and going to throw it out -- the buzz -- buzz town if you guys have celebratory. Maybe pop -- make state music songs recommendations. Send a -- way. We knew we were gonna do this right native Robin we're gonna create I'm of the letter is that magnetic -- and then help them about -- -- -- a happy time. Happy happy happy song and a -- -- -- about how it's gonna be okay you're gonna get sleep begins Sunday. But I don't worry you can do it -- pop in -- -- You know will make it a small -- That many. Congratulations baby son and then let the sun that are about the moment in the -- -- -- -- whatnot. Moved from concedes Eva that create -- and there. That -- -- -- -- with a little. In. Bloom blue pin and Melinda. Fill out that they act. Natalie never let alone. And I really like actually don't want -- 1%. -- -- -- Nobody with -- -- view we'll -- our usual. Our usual. Way way way delayed iPod Shuffle -- think. Actually now that now I'm -- I of that -- that -- in India put the music on their and I got that out to you. -- coming. Out -- meant that the human push it. -- -- It amounts of -- And well Shiva and -- -- that. I love it that it is. And for the baby pop and make it and it YouTube have a baby on the way right now thanks -- -- -- Maybe make it makes it let us know now we had some other emails but we're gonna push him over to next -- -- guys just you know state in -- get to those also totally okay that's shepherds and am ready by knowledge and adds over at BOL dot cnet.com. Also you can Dulles at 180616263. -- -- CNET. Calls 30452 you guys are doing great I feel like we don't have to coach you any market but. We love you guys do it department -- got a real threat now. The hesitant and abhors email buzz at cnet.com the -- on -- have a great -- Our idea of buying. -- -- did an excellent job.
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