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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1489: 7073, people, keep it simple

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1489: 7073, people, keep it simple

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The most common iPhone passcodes are revealed on today's show (no, not by LulzSec), but Tong has a pager-callback suggestion for all of us. A proposal in Congress would force U.S. companies to actually tell us when they're hacked and our data is stolen (yes, please), and Rojadirecta becomes the people's hero in challenging the government's domain-name seizures. Go, Rojadirecta, go!

Today is Tuesday June 14 2011 my name is Steven -- of I have Bryan song and I'm Molly Wood log in above the allowed native podcast of indeterminate length that is episode 1489. And it is Denton real in the whole foods parking lot of immune that we were just discussing our various demographic differences then called college and other for the -- but I -- it comes Elijah. You definitely do cnet.com -- -- every day at 10:30 PM. At 10:30 AM Pacific and yet but -- I don't like what music you're listening to what things are my friends -- both the and if peppers and your environment. Guys we you know -- what are we doing but. -- point on the -- get a story Steven you wanna make your. Special announcement today at the top of the show -- yeah yeah we we did a buzz out loud survey and I've published -- -- which which over the last Friday -- can publish and a -- regardless it. But anyways we did this really simple but -- survey we're asking people to copy and paste it into. Your email fill out all your answers give us some suggestions for the show and then -- at -- -- at cnet.com and we're just trying to. Get some ideas from their users -- at users at like -- reference yeah I got an idea you with the -- about. How we can prove the show make it better so go to go check it out at the blog the. Yet and we we might to three posted on the mining and related to how to get it back to top of mind because really -- As always with this show what you guys what really drives that for the better feedback even give us an answer and a better you know -- better show up for example there's a reason why I -- last. FBI via the feedback. Some positive constructive feedback. I was gonna sing a song in reference that but I decided not to you because of this positive. Feedback loop that we -- going I didn't say anything but -- -- waiting for the -- into very predictably freaked out at the words special announcement of the flu like. No burn any take announcement -- it because I got out of that. It. -- -- -- -- -- a bit word go fill out the survey pleased and ultimate tilting Olympus had to be like as we wanna hear the brutal seriously if you must. Right on to the -- and used it today US companies according to a new lobbying drafted in congress would be forced to disclose if they have been hacked. Yet this -- been penned by Mary Bono Mack who's a Republican from California she was on at the Marines during the data breaches where Sony and apps line. -- promise -- kind of talk about what had happened with their situations and she's looking to bring a bill designed. To protect our in the consumer information. So to get the vote Macs law will force these companies protect consumers by requiring reasonable security policies and procedures to protect -- data and also report. What actually happened in the -- Yet they would affect noted that the -- but I was gonna say they would be forced to delete older are necessary data and notify the government in 4548 hours. A discovery return -- -- that thing where it's like a month later he could argue that Citibank disclosed that it was hacked just that they -- in an incumbent Eric. And we don't we don't really know -- the consumers don't know what happens also the whole wishy washy. -- -- the world tell you some things but not some things under this bill that its -- if it passes and it has to go through many steps for that to happen. That would enable us know what really happens Sony we saw how they play that game me -- make a lot of these -- we hear after the fact and at the same time. There's something to be said about okay don't reveal exactly what happened yet but at least if they have to report it to the government. Then that at least that information flows. Yet it does sound like there are some loopholes already for example the the companies wouldn't have to tell anyone if the breach was an accident. -- -- Is it always an accident when there's every breach or a problem you don't -- -- you accidentally left here. Total Internet or totally and protected or you accidentally order -- -- -- -- like that to me seems to be a truck -- loophole that they might want it. Why wanna close I mean maybe there imagining is -- in which someone leaves a laptop and a car which has happened before the had a database on it. But it -- I'm concerned that ought to be disclosed to -- -- at we'll see what. How how the final version of the bill and not and whether get past development it is it is currently making its way through you know little. I'm goes downhill. You -- hopefully we'll have dropped on it by Monet they don't let them. Anyway -- that signals in the mail is that mayor on Capitol Hill. It's got to give -- to Google's -- -- And. The first chose the US is domain seizures has been filed. A while ago the US government I think it was around the Super Bowl and they decided takedown. Several hundreds and now. As time has gone on on it led to the accidental seizure of over 84000. Sites some of which -- stream means. Suitable and other sports lives so. If you've tried a few of these you could watch any game from any place. Pretty much killing the whole idea of doing something like an adult ticket or -- league pass from -- Major League Baseball so. Through this -- -- direct which was one of them is a Spanish Internet forum was seized because users were linked in establishing events. Now they were told that. Twice in Spain that their service was legal. But US law pushing forward who completely disregarded those -- the you know Spain's jurisdiction in oversight in this case. Decided to take town -- director site and still at this time has there. -- URL or -- demeaning and -- Yeah -- -- that the whole domain names -- everything has been fascinating to there were reports that all the a lot of the seizures were based on bad evidence they ended up taking down people's blogs. In some cases like. Start blogs that -- hip hop stars for example used to promote their own works but they take it down accusing them of of illegal streaming. The router act as the first one to really fight back and they have hired. Some pretty big names in intellectual property law and among other things they're saying in their filing this is fascinating that the domain names users violate the First Amendment which. Seems likely to me that they represent unlawful prior restraint but they also allege in some -- and in some way that. The government the US government appears to have made up the idea that linking to infringing content. Is a criminal infringement at all and they cite several different cases including -- vs Google and Ticketmaster harbors is tickets dot com. In finding that hyper linking to other sites does not constitute direct infringement because the whole. Domain -- domain name -- thing has -- us right the hell out. Because it would seem to potentially be able to lead down a slippery slope. Right to take now my Google Google eBay. All all the major sites that we pretty much use yet because there are a lot of sites that inadvertently or not linked to infringing content to -- lot infringing content on the web and also infringing content as the content itself. Is a moving target so it. If the if -- -- water -- is successful and I think that's why they've got these big name -- you know intellectual dollars behind them. Because they're trying to set a precedent that would say. -- freaking hope you can't just without any due process take domain names off the web because you'd think. You know whether you have been able to -- -- not that they link to infringing content. -- the thing in the US government to go on and immediately shut down these domain names and claim -- you had that. Kind of official statement warning that would show up when you tried to go to those sites but there -- it wasn't like they were served and he noticed he just took and a -- So one of the other things erosion direct is doing is they actually also tried to play by the rules of what was happening. So in their filing notes the court the date mentioned how they try to be patient in reclaiming their domain name you know in hopes of -- instead of having this lengthy proceeding. There is a point where they had you know they want to discuss the situation with the Justice Department and pretty -- -- both sides to. You could almost can think of is like a backroom negotiation -- like okay this is what we're doing. What do we need to -- to meet your meet your demands and then move forward but they pretty much -- pushed off it it's not that easy. To find people to talk to in the Justice Department about a -- domain name. And so they've been trying to advances trying to move this -- but at the end they've just been tentative in the run around. Yet that's what's fascinating is they basically said look we have tried every possible means. To resolve the situation -- -- two to clear our name to get our our domain back on line and meanwhile we're just continuing to lose business. -- did a better otherwise I mean they're saying like look we believed. Under our jurisdiction and under US slot that we are engaged in a lawful business and we're losing money every day that you refuse to put our. Domain back online and -- -- refused to take our call in hell yeah so that -- view. So through one of the reasons -- the finest -- that supports their contention that really the government just wanted to avoid a legal challenge. That's why they're moving forward and -- okay you know we've had enough for this we are going to put we're gonna put the sport now. And I I hope that they are successful in Gillespie our our standard and legal advice consultant -- I don't use the city -- -- up when you're coming back there's still use the -- and then there'll be no legal stories every. They don't like need to have a do not. He says though he thinks that they may have some luck with the argument that there has to be some due process and you can't that they may not be able to just assume. That linking to infringing content -- can be seen as criminal infringement. There the other thing that there arguing in their filing is that the domain names did not meet conditions set out under US law to qualify for seizure in the first place thing that it is not contraband. Evidence or particularly suited for illegal activities so they're saying. You can't prove that we were method that the only thing we are engaged in is no -- activity and frankly didn't even try. You have proof that you didn't like you is that is that it is -- -- are a double layout has basically mean they did the same thing and -- -- like the buckshot lawsuit. Approach they just take down domain names didn't bother to find out whether they were really doing anything illegal or not I mean it's just -- -- it is appalling to me. But our government is acting in this manner anyway and then what they did is. After the fact. Go -- past law. To -- to justify it. -- -- Seriously is there like a PayPal on the -- at lawyer website because I don't I've taken -- cash for that defense. Are you heard it setup your PayPal account seriously go -- -- -- Arafat direct that in other legal news we all -- the patent wars the patent battles Apple has agreed to. To -- Nokia. Patent licensing fees -- this is the long running legal dispute where Nokia said -- Apple is violating some of their patents on. Some of the patents were involved in let's see Apple reported they reportedly refused to license. Relate. Things relating to making phones able to run on GSM three G and Wi-Fi networks they also include patents on wireless data speech coding security and encryption. According to Nokia. And it's been a long running. Locking out that in 92009. -- Nokia first sued Apple over those ten wireless handset patents and an Apple filed a countersuit. In December 2009 charging them with thirteen Apple patents infringing thirteen Apple patents related to the iPhone. But it sounds like. At least from the settlement perspective. Nokia -- on this one. Yet the settlement -- is likely netted to be somewhere over 600 million dollars plus others according to -- is -- -- and between the lines blog. From what they -- kind of figured out it's not only -- 608 million dollar payment from Apple. But also a long term royalty on the products so for example. If you every iPhone that has been sold its estimated. That Apple will be pain Nokia eleven dollars and fifty cents per iPhone as well. But if you look at this in the whole you know -- for this quarter. It helps Nokia's numbers but for the overall health of their company which we talked about what Samsung and Apple will both be bypassing. Hand held that are manufactured. Compared to Nokia. It it doesn't help the overall picture because really at the end of the date they are the ones that need to come -- with innovation and spark this. Beat -- third player potentially in the Smartphone market competing with all those Android handsets but be that third player. -- M Morgan Stanley analyst Patrick stand art but that method -- stand -- of an art. There is -- one -- does little for the long term picture Nokia still has to transition to Windows Phone 7 devices and keep some market share going forward. Something it just -- them -- gain marketshare already. It's kinda like when Tivo got their 500 million from you know yeah Echostar it's like okay like a mini wind -- -- not gonna see that and any other -- you have money now but do you have a plan. That's what we're still waiting of China. I worry and take a quick -- when we come back Facebook's skyrocketing. Valuation into whole Miami. Higher and higher and higher more hacks for fine and if your. Passcode on your iPhone is -- these people -- without -- -- -- you with every one of us by name or anything and -- or download thing mind you can't -- -- Welcome back to buzz out loud brands -- here in the house would miss Molly Wood. And -- V camera in the show. You know before that breakdown of you heard it but I said I can't be hacked away with it. I was a full but I accident wasn't referring to -- that I was meaning like the lumberjack and I can't. Oh and. I got a guy with -- would -- what happened is there was a lumberjack outside walking by C with act with the red plaid shirt. And we saw him at the window real Paul Bunyan type view edit granite grizzly Adams -- -- pretty. Expected I would say it is the him in the CNET -- -- but he was clearly about to hack away. -- -- and I said they'll do that it that he you can't -- had an impact me. Lumberjack please wanted to make -- very clear while YouTube -- you do not show how. The stated human. And sit ups -- right back the stories -- and I and -- Below clean up their latest valuation could be targeted to top 100 and 10100. Billion dollars now the company's IPO were to happen by next spring. Would probably triggered by this section of the 1934 securities exchange act known as the 500 -- -- if you have the rule says that -- a private company has more than 500 investors. They have to start releasing their quarterly financial information. A -- so. FaceBook into space linking to that number of by the end of this year and probably wanna launch the formal IPO. -- but this is 100 billion dollars the -- is the lack of weirdos like 5068. -- -- -- Also -- -- that does the company at 500 investors that isn't public but. I mean it literally it's day and the biggest scam ever by the time the public is able to -- -- -- it is gonna be in Google territory right there just hanging out at 409 united investors there's like hackers usually. Private investors -- I -- big -- eminent legal. DJ -- my -- would also be triggered by the tech bubble. Isn't it but no 100 billion dollar -- but they're saying that that that. Securities exchange would force that them to go public by the first quarter point one get it out and other than that -- in need in any particular hurry. To go public but now they're building up so many private investors that they probably -- together as rich -- that inaccurate totally -- -- also apparently hoping they say that another factor motivating the IPO. Is the desire to increase employee compensation. Earlier last year in a statement did -- put -- curbs like taps on employees' ability to sell the company's shares privately. Other investors and that might be they -- prompting employees to quit FaceBook. So that they can monetize their shares -- basically people -- thing employees are getting. Impatience -- having to sit on their shares and -- which really used. Yeah that's -- -- that could I don't know if that's the theory I gotta talk to my friends or -- because I highly doubt if you're. You know let's say somewhere in between like -- is the mid thirties you're likely -- but right now. -- -- -- you're going to wait the current job you and -- You're gonna wait for that IPO. That's who naming them I mean I think they mean probably higher level executives who have a lot of shares who have been there since the beginning and wanna cash out. You know and and can't because they're not public I mean I can see if you've been at FaceBook. Since the very very early days and you're trying to ready to move on has enough a happy endings things -- old and you're like look I've put my blood sweat and tears into the startup for. How on FaceBook around been around six years I think yeah I think Theres. And maybe -- -- like look and ready to pay you know and that how to make that I don't think it's necessarily individual. In individual as -- although we're hiring engineers if I keep seeing the sign in elevators that -- my duty to. To -- -- we're hiring we're hiring. No we're not hiring for the show but we're hiring engineers so there you can work two floors below us if you want to disclose who you gonna get people to be real. I have my job basically a -- of the -- don't even track. -- all audio engineers on a fixed it. Often the only guys he says -- IE on has been actively put him through hello -- -- this scars are still helium balloons. Narrow thin. Video ID tell I don't know yet you don't like about that CBS interactive background and -- tablet yet Gaza to get an -- desperate it's really ridiculous but ridiculously do -- the stories because we know. We're kind of going a little -- -- -- All right moving -- according to researchers at -- Weiler -- that I've never heard of Amazon plans that does say and just put -- there I don't I cannot but they're Boston they're a Boston based research firm you ever done. It does seem a little obvious actually -- statement according to boy genius report they are claiming that Amazon plans -- streaming moving movie service. Tied to its forthcoming own branded tablet so they would basically be doing the Netflix model on an Amazon tablet -- it would -- Amazon's -- -- Interest -- I think the main challenge those that we've seen we like the idea of Amazon prime members getting free access to their streaming service. But I haven't used it once because I -- the content library was pretty -- get us to get better for sure though. If they can locked almost content deals right content is king me using it over and over and then it makes little more compelling but I. The main thing is that look at that this ecosystem that building -- another App Store they have Amazon's cloud locker service. And they have a streaming service. -- this is one of the few companies that when you read and see those three things all on a device as it launches probably by the end of this year. They actually have an ecosystem to compete with Apple's. -- I think that's probably the only way to do it appeared to be perfect man to -- -- Bethlehem makes eminent it's an interesting style player. Because -- be the ability to build it top to bottom like that means that you can as we've talked about a lot. Control the entire experience and you have the leverage to make the deals -- -- some movie streaming service dot com trying to compete with Netflix you don't have a lot of leverage but if you're Amazon -- -- like it. We got -- hardware we got them customer base we have the name recognition. I mean they should be able to makes indecent content deals and beef up Lambert -- definitely. -- opening serve and let's related god is totally on topic let's do it is watching some movie on Netflix and his like did you watch the movie viewing -- -- a little note link in the -- and -- -- -- and have little. Nearly -- what did you -- and Netflix and like. An in -- I. I -- what did you like to Annette yes but now -- gets better -- like that and Netflix and have little -- -- -- what did you watch on your iPad. Yeah -- this is the modern four year old right here I didn't have an iPad when it. You couldn't -- -- peanut dust hundreds of existing Ana Lara and it also subtle. Comcast and -- -- Skype to some of our TVs sued Comcast is having their -- yearly in industrial industry's annual convention. And now one of things that'll be coming out -- that is a few things with -- they're gonna be plan mean. They haven't announced any hardware yet but the ability to make and receive Skype and video audio calls or send instant messages via Skype on -- television while watching your favorite show the same time. Like I have that a caller right the little blur that shows -- if you're a Comcast user. Falsely you know making receiving audio -- all calls sending them through -- engine importing your -- but -- FaceBook outlook and Gmail. The service will be delivered on Comcast customers east he TV adapter box. This is that really trends you definitely seems to be like a lot -- -- connected TV providers were talking about Skype on TV and at CES. I I think you know -- with has potential. We Europe -- one of my is lame prediction that didn't work -- I thought that the whole web video conferencing would be a bigger thing with integrated TVs because we really haven't seen. The next net revolution in TV so maybe it's another year away yeah I'm surprised that it has been so slow to roll out but I think eaten. -- -- -- -- -- -- Nathan yet and I'm -- and it doesn't work for I mean nobody wants to do video calling for all of their pals because sometimes you need jammies and sometimes -- paying attention and you know it's. -- -- -- The market is probably not just like we're not evidently and a prayer hall -- we're not there whenever and Jimmy you can never make an average common vehicle run on -- on every call video call. I would never think we make that little video call now that I think -- I. I'm surprised we're not further alarmed on the -- and yes definitely and Comcast in a good job for them for everything from -- enforcement. The other thing is this if you compare to Cisco's umi or umi product which is X really expensive. I think it's. At least and when it started with somewhere around 12100 dollars. Now they got the price on a 500 dollars please stop paying monthly subscription service for video comes in now looks great but -- -- the general consumers just not gonna jump on the. Yeah I know it's gotta be part of the TV experience with in the -- now although -- -- -- -- -- conflicting -- to really want a second complementing the other now a lot of DVR I think the DirecTV DVR they offered the of the caller IDs and I finally got a mile US authorities still there. I mean that's already happening -- might -- -- its economy has been like if you. How cool happy to get pictured picture -- -- Bustamante the -- I don't. I think people are not that idea to my mom. That's called Molly your momma raised you -- I muted. It -- -- -- that. But even in a little use video conferencing right now we we've kind of learned as Amazon when you do video call you kind of tell the person let's do -- -- Anyone who does a random video -- me when I'm on chat I don't even accept -- -- it's a phone date as sling video Al -- that on. That the candles the music. Not the Graham an upper among them to me that -- I yesterday. That we talked about rumors than an unlocked iPhone -- might -- -- on Wednesday and here it is a day early. I all I dash it actually happened -- -- not surprisingly. At how expensive. I really -- -- there. And Molly does that -- area -- is Ed Decker island in Oakland that yet Oakland invented -- Molly with the hello. So you can now buy an unlocked iPhone 416 again nothing has had and a -- for the affordable price. Of 649. Dollars 32 -- will be 749. Obviously that's why they lock the city's contracts that we don't have to pay this money up front but it you -- -- advantages you can use T mobile's edge network with. I mean it'll work on T -- -- network. There are still those people out and buy it by those people I mean some states. Like the one that my -- my parents -- and they don't have AT&T three G service -- they would love to have -- view that everything that'll help value can pop out your sim card because internationally that's the biggest thing a lot of more than anything -- -- be for like you know the business user on the go or you know -- -- one has lot of money to travel wherever they -- -- Yes I can see an I think for that -- -- depth and -- and that the flexibility and no contract in her at that point if -- at that when. And attempting to the Atlantic 49 is left and you're in a pain in electric contract there's a thing -- -- -- -- the net are three more months for the next iPhone comes out. You really wanna get a lock on right now. Levy and caliper does that and -- true true that -- -- -- it is. Also -- country and Williams and -- -- movement of decades we've just got a little bit of Xbox-360 console. Still rules the market according to data compiled by NPD's group. The market research firm Microsoft's console is now held the number one slot and a PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii for eleven. -- the past twelve months they sold 270000. Xbox 360s. In the US in May up 39% over the same month driven by our favorite little gadget. It connects. Hard to connect its so awesome -- that video out. -- does it does it use windows messenger -- if someone you know has connecting you have connect. Yet to create a windows live messenger you could -- -- conference that's why. I wanna do but I'm like well when it comes -- you know when a -- I'm not gonna say no one because I know someone out there listening does but not many people use windows live messenger now a venereal have -- now. But to be able to use -- -- -- -- -- yes anyway. Good news for the Xbox there. Also that the according -- a new report the -- EU. At least one analyst is claiming and that we you'll be 50% more powerful then. The PS3. Like I haven't got that back then moved and -- the week that. It currently your honor all 50% more powerful than the PS3. And has and Seinfeld processor in -- like that is pretty. -- -- yet as the core and install low as our technical points out that yet. Three's hardware is how old they are relevant -- computer terms. But the -- if that -- and they did not know. The analyst populate the game developers who are working with this hardware. So basically estimate -- -- it to present no one knows the actual specs of the processor inside. But let the OPS three Xbox -- they've been around for five years or so. You would hope yes and it it definitely should -- even the stuff though that we saw of the we have the the demos they showed up they were still trying to play up on the Wii's. Though original -- -- cartoon you look like they should demos -- dollars a video -- but you do need to look as good as -- PS3 game -- arms. Yeah I mean the re the only reason I find it even remotely surprising that. It you know in the sense that it be that 2% more powerful and take your old hard it is that Nintendo has not typically double down on horse power you know they've -- -- -- -- with the -- like. Little link fill up on -- you know that they're going more serious with the CP in -- power than that that's good and will prosecute them -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Q and -- for the all of -- -- fact. Otherwise known as the puppy kickers have now -- in the US senate's web site. For fun. From the official -- -- security review they didn't really do anything made to sort of said that they had broken into the Senate's public sites. For fun posted some files online they -- they posted a list of files that appear not to be sensitive but did indicate that the hackers had breached the senate computer network. Now effect said in statement we don't like the US government very much. Dad you wanna talk about -- you know -- -- -- anonymous is the anonymous group and -- sex philosophies might. You know have different mission statements lol Sykes said this is a small just for kicks release of some internal data from senate dot gov is this an act of war -- -- Problem. And they are pretty mad about the law that that act of war ally is pretty bad -- and -- and we actually have a call that's gonna point out. Partly why later on in the show but that's that's been part of the reason that they they -- -- -- now it's still like. Left interpret it's not lie yet though you knows that there is a proposed definition on the bill I don't think they actually said outright. Any it was. From with the language that I understood they were -- like it could possibly be an -- -- but they're not gonna claim like. If -- government accidents right now on like on this day it is officially an act of war. Alert that that I blame on the next thing that they'll look it up -- okay also Boxee. Announcing that they'll be getting a fall update for the PC Mac and -- -- to their interface for their consumer. Electronics. Boxee ice believe by the sold around 199 right now they were not initially to -- putting a man to bring nine but at. Boxee known authors and device we've had -- -- -- -- to talk about the products Motorola -- show them a little love for only Boxee lovers. Definitely another reports suggest that there -- the Pentagon with part of the Pentagon's cyber strategy policy proposals are policy that is part of pentagon policy. That the Pentagon -- -- ultimate mobile. But there are there do appear to be some guidelines that to be followed a cyber attack pretty -- the -- damage destruction -- high level disruption. That a traditional military attack would cause then it would be a candidate for use of force consideration which can marry tell -- There -- -- although they have left a range of sensitive issues and resolved including the certainty of an attack origin and the kind of cyber attack. That would constitute these support -- still very -- I write anywhere in your reports suggest that Apple might start selling the new MacBook Air is -- -- is and -- way. -- waiting for this I'm sorry you're not alone this is -- Oh and another song -- my -- but I'm not gonna sing but yeah I cannot and no I'm not instantly an amendment that -- IP. I look I'm excited about this sandy bridge on the MacBook Air I've been waiting for this is is on like donkey Dong -- -- -- Now as well as valid. That outlet and -- open. It. Them and then -- that's crazy info graphic over at -- US. This this guy is basically an app developer and he makes a product called the Big Brother cameras security app and it involves a passcode. Andy said because my -- -- screen lock screen or nearly identical to those of the actual iPhone passcode locked. I figured that it'll be interesting to collect information. About what passcodes people use and nearly anonymous completely anonymous information. Although low. And then put out a little chart of the most common passcodes which are very likely also the most common passcodes for the iPhone. Because he said the screen pretty much looks exactly the same so -- he did get a good amount of data -- this -- from over 200000 recorded passcodes. At number one ladies and gentlemen you know it. I know it. One C in 234. -- -- power. -- and then -- it thinks hugely. Deep drop after that you know like -- pretty much all the way down about half. -- 0000. A surprising number are 2580 but actually it's you know like this line of numbers right now in the middle. Really -- this idea he added there though is that we had just realized it -- -- ray out a way guys say thank you -- 111 to one comes at a number of -- -- 555 I have planned unit number five. -- 683 that's antibody and paying rent those numbers on the right no it's actually middle rate. Lower middle operate -- That's cavalier and -- but -- -- -- it's -- -- they're such small their current such small numbers and it's probably just like them. Weird that it's and -- 0852 which is the middle linebacker out TG GQ 1212 and 1998. And two color. -- -- -- -- -- -- 0852 does well. That was one -- out and out 5683. Canada the bio plastics. Where's the the -- -- eight. Well all the letters the alphanumeric if you do it by his widget. -- you have entered into arrogant to think -- -- The united solar as I just learned something name but I never thought about the love thing wow really people are back committed to -- out outward -- right. I guess that leaves me feeling -- thinks that's just using now -- -- on there but I thought like -- -- -- even more appropriate you know. 7073. -- why don't you keep it simple. They -- you actually they keep it what you reported that I. Here are absolutely quantity or is more difficult to press Q by the -- is the simplest one yet has Lima Allen -- online or one on one -- organizers as Israel 10 were tight and others the way along and we really acts as humans as it happens and this. -- More -- news today not charge that -- not -- official lasers. Lazard jets. But apparently being developed in Russia to shoot American battle it out of the. -- -- -- -- We all you lasers and Patrick. To put the link really isn't -- that you rightly don't. You don't yeah good -- and we're very. Solomon. Now. I. Am not Hubbard is making this -- the -- eyes. That's apparently what they hope it's gonna happen there's mounting evidence that the Russian military has revived. A Soviet area -- lately either project called the falcon Echelon -- That. In this new incarnation. The Soviet lasers and the rest lasers now would just be pointed up and American -- Crazy. Nights it -- Oh man that's awesome speed and you're the man and -- love it. Let -- put into that. But that's making me that sound with his voice it's not clear how far along the -- -- -- really is but they say it appears to be heating up. As our US airborne laser test -- -- -- down. But this event I know now from my area of safety when history this is the way of things with America and Russia we go crazy developing spy planes and probably -- by satellite. And they go crazy developing fact -- on the plane. And utterly. -- comes full circle knew such songs and pokey such phones. While those both -- all that's happened for. Will happen again. You know what's happened and I'm a happy ending and it. Are we where I -- my -- side and kind of excited for Duke Nukem forever and unfortunately -- lifted. -- is completely not in what Molly is called the best headline ever. This one comes from our -- -- Duke Nukem forever barely playable not funny rapidly offensive. That's that's the headline of this. Yeah or any are you now know everything you need to know that -- amazing -- -- critic it was getting something like around a 44 and this is a game that -- in over ten years -- development off and on studio problems graphics engines blob of not so here this is all you need to know about the game okay. And I'll read through this quickly in the first few moments of Duke Nukem forever the character -- and urinal and then earns an achievement for reaching into -- toilet and extracting a piece of you know what. And we think -- is this game rewards you for this we have -- Yeah it's really it's. That's -- here's love actually the second paragraph is that they say there's a feeling among some fans of Duke -- that anyone who dared to give a bad review to -- titles simply doesn't -- What became -- idea how happening here is -- -- -- this is why they're doing that then. We need to relaxed. Goes the argument relax enough to laugh at the rampant misogyny -- hateful stereotypes on display throughout the game. Paper reviews suggest that it's not funny is simply to -- someone -- dirty words. That's the reviewers is -- not an issue with the game any hint that constant jokes about penis -- aren't the height of comedy. The reviewer must not have a sense of humor. I love it and that's totally true because there are -- to -- vandalized yet like you would not believe but you know let. Our second ago hardly the only ones -- life that says and at wired duke nuke nukem forever should have stayed vapor ware. Yeah you know now -- their own whenever anyone talks about her view of the game I'm not all the blossoms like a whole it -- you know it's every little arrow likes it but yeah right now on meta critic. A 49 out of 100. Yeah ugly that it I think for a game that you know. They'll still for those guys really know the -- -- with -- -- -- not a minute after the game begins reports -- he can remove a piece of human species from the toilet and run around with it's flattering group on the walls and people. Really. Really I don't wanna do during my I wanna do that -- you know let -- doesn't appeal to me. While I thank you gotten it dried out where they've taken -- on that yes yes I keep dumping duking nukem. It terribly -- symbolic and you understand life is solid -- -- crap the content but it's all over the place that's entirely but but but but. We have and how -- bar exam a lot of feedback from -- that would mitigated through yes. We are. Always tong especially alleys -- yet to -- the voicemail -- 30452. Turns out here's one way to do that and it's in good info and their to -- listen -- But you're sleeping about the fact the government agencies here in US are not very good differentiating between an IP address in the physical building associate with. For example in recent cases what warrants were served on citizens for crimes other people and other open my -- works. Where the -- is a really dangerous precedent with new -- a declaration that cyber attacks from other countries can count as acts of war. I just wonder what happens when the -- on the PC in a botnet attacks the process. -- -- not having separate news that not that -- and other countries to worry about their infected devices can be targeted US counter attacks of the show thanks. Orly thanks language and play that back in -- down. The -- looking at the meat of it but now that's a really good point like the idea that an you know well I mean as we've said we talked about for example why banking. Password requirements need to be stronger and or do not stand up to the fact that a lot of times when when -- Customer's account the fact it's because that customers PC is part of a button and not under their control and -- A good job and -- talking. Like did you record that I needed operative yet and -- -- Canada yet we can that is impressive. Most -- the most impressive Jason is colonists in and talking about storing passwords at his retirement community. I'm -- -- I'm calling to comment on episode -- -- -- -- Computers and retirement community and one of -- requirements that we have is that all their passwords solve the Arab Bank information outlets -- Is located on any external storage device that's in case something happens and -- -- -- -- we get that information and their families. We found the worst -- I do myself keep my marriage license by Social Security stuff and all of our financial stop. On an eight flash drives and a safety deposit box but just -- that may. Biggest -- thank you love the show. Well let's quit the service. Right and then finally meantime a lot about the death of texting and one of our long time friends and fans of the show up of -- duplicate. About the texting fail excellent tech. It's -- the way back it is -- Apropos of -- discussion athletic continues did here's my story from Saturday. I -- yet been graduation ceremony -- -- -- -- wrote it up that we can watch her op option to get your diploma one. Back and after I got her -- it's about twenty people back. We heard. And we barely have time to our days. AT&T -- identity you. I'd like like -- partially because it had been online tack and looking up. Her neck line on stage added JK I'd rather late -- And. Out of limit them and out and gotten out lets them see the user these third person world. Tech -- problems because when phones didn't exist out -- and we would watch people stand up. -- in line Arab in the old days before Netflix and iPad impacting renewed its -- -- look. With the Urbana or whatever -- but the person at the same time -- fair though they're all dressed the same college and if it's college graduation that's a lot harder it is right I was high school graduation EGP -- College. That's not -- AT&T -- its. -- You suck AT&T GQ. -- -- -- -- -- I had look the Bob the analysts are right then and says many a time you mentioned -- Canada typically gets the short end of the stick. When it comes to Internet based services such as Google Voice. Pandora insert awesome US based service here at that are up. Once again our cluster -- system of licensing -- will at least in the -- capacity prevent us from getting I cloud anytime soon according to the Toronto star link below. Which -- remember we talked about isms are not yet Canada's not getting an iPad right away but really bother than here because of this line. This in -- feeling I have must be house Steve Jobs feels when there are only dark gray turtleneck that the gap and no black one. -- It's. And then I pirate their -- -- -- wanna -- lately don't disagree he noted overstatement that all we are you I think we are gearing up. The atom of the payment the other -- alright guys that's right now that's over that's it that they had to be got yeah. Tracy but that's a preview -- your emails coming on Friday coming -- yeah yeah so we have a plan for Friday -- -- and is guys the old dot cnet.com. Is where you can -- -- show notes and everything you heard about here also quick thing we talked about the Microsoft in connecting we put in a link. That'll have some of the coolest and latest connect acts the guy you know we love that stuff -- out yet to take that out also keep it calls -- -- 806162638. CNET and analysts abuzz at cnet.com with all your juicy. Thoughts opinions. Comments even if -- -- reduce the impact the Lima. Even if they're slightly dry in the humor -- or whatever we'll take we take it well. -- because there aren't that this is the -- -- -- --
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