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Ep. 1484 The Wii U explained (kind of): Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1484 The Wii U explained (kind of)

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Brian Tong joins us live from the E3 show floor to try to explain this cool-looking new Wii U console/controller thing. Even Cooley seems at least slightly impressed. Also, Sony delivers an apology but kind of a snoozefest of a press conference, 25% of U.S. hackers may be informants (including Antuan Goodwin) and reasoned discussion of Apple's iCloud, iOS, and OS X updates. No, really. --Molly

Today is Tuesday June 7 2011 my name is Steven -- -- I'm Brian clueless. I am Antuan Goodwin and Hollywood -- and -- that love cnet's podcast of indeterminate length it is episode 1484. For the most part we've shaken up for Apple hangovers. Mostly mostly Apple whining and where we're not okay now -- we're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They -- they made up before the show and there are designated driver mostly. Many of -- drink plenty of public but it all back together but -- so we're not gonna start with Apple right across benefit they're actually -- it is that it. -- that went well it should. -- -- Apple they got -- them with us to -- Apple's probably done but we will we will have a little more wrap up of -- Apple announcements from yesterday but right now we didn't Nintendo press conference as we're starting to -- just wrapped -- when there -- new announcement of the Nintendo -- you. Which is either a new console and a new controller or a new controller. Or some combination of both that we Hollywood does throw right -- Brian Tong live from the show floor. Eddy three kind of explained to us with one -- and an apparent Nintendo. -- -- -- -- -- -- Inside the Nokia Theater in Tennessee is right behind you guys can still see the logo. And we just wrapped up -- what you guys are trying to really figure out is what is the -- -- is this just a controller. Is the console well it's really a combination of both but the only thing that antenna could showcase here. Was the actual controller with the six point two inch touch screen controller basically had a lot of the mechanics like an excel -- -- a gyroscope. A camera on it so you can almost feel like. Is it a tablet but this is a controller companion. With a new we use system the key thing here is though we did not care about any price seen or any hardware specs for the entire system. In the videos they -- -- -- see kind of a new slickly designed we type console on the side. But again we don't know how it's gonna be talking to that it's just kind of a concept and a tech demo. That'll be showing out here -- some other cool things -- with game play the really trying to innovate and take things the next level really give developers and -- tools to playlist so they showed using this new Wii you controller they're tablet controller. Like like a screen if you're using a sniper rifle or could use it as a platform where. If you're playing golf and you look down you could see the sand where your golf -- arresting and -- you could swing it with the Wii -- so it's a companion that works like dual screens with different content. On that with the Wii console but again -- You know everyone was excited because when you see these concert videos it looks amazing and like all this is gonna change everything but that when you think about it. Without any pricing or how waxing and -- -- how many devices like in my house. On that's reading the questions come up and we'll have to wait and he really more around 2012 -- -- adult officially release more details like pricing. And release date info so I'm otherwise really. We come here to -- see some cool 73 this -- innovative people are excited about it but will actually -- when it's time. Was obsolete -- now so we'll be covering a lot more stuff here. On the -- connections that are sent to state and watch our coverage here at CNET TV and also news.com. Thanks Brad -- -- -- seem like a model and regular there really live he does live. You talk to people going -- here and you you gauge their temperature. I think because the kind of blows your line with how you can play games that's really cool but how does it translate to the casual you know consumer. I like the idea about -- -- someone wants to watch TV I can then take this controller this Wii controller and walk away and play my game I think that probably has the most practical use out of everything we saw. People -- excited but without any price or -- real date you can't really get your fingers or your your head around. If I really want this right now are not I think people are excited but it remains -- -- -- plays out. It -- we are alright -- question now Canada aren't so what should we are right isn't the sausage for light. We can't ask him questions ourselves there's like there's we -- delays are you can really long re laying questions to him. -- they is that what we asked him that he was responding to power promising does this look if you. And it's. It's a little hard to get a full grass but without knowing what is coming in terms of -- new console piece one and that one that was in the video but they didn't announce it. We just saw something there right and what's interesting is like the launch titles and they're talking about for this console it's on a -- -- game they're talking about. On assassin's creed they're talking about -- Men are from city -- -- HD games that are gonna be on other HD console so. That new Wii console that it funnier underneath your TV. It's gonna have to have some better hardware. Than the current -- if it hopes that if it wants to like pushing gaming experience that similar that a lot of people interviewed. As far as developers kept saying hardcore games the -- hardcore games in my bed while my wife is asleep. You've got -- you gotta have more horsepower for that -- maybe there's going to be some sort of expect well. It sounds to me like they're not they're not. Going all out -- thing imbued it isn't going to be Wii console required for new controller and that there is definitely a new console coming right but it is weird that they didn't get the you've never heard Sony -- -- and new. For Sony talk about -- never Nintendo talk about hard core gamers before. So the fact that there even. Saying those words at all would suggest that there are about to go -- Steve I'm surprised they didn't. Almost public had -- a little bit to be like look at that I'd like thingy was like revenue per console later. Yeah it's funny you know to bring up the base before the peripheral. Love -- -- I think that's part of the new console if I had to guess I would think this will not work with your current week if I could -- to -- the Bluetooth connection you're not gonna be -- -- Mozilla got yet only -- -- than Wi-Fi and pretty high rate Bluetooth connection though become balanced audio and video in I would imagine all good result I'm and it's also got to communicate with up to four other Wii controllers and was receiving -- and -- next question. The with the first thing I thought when I saw this -- -- -- that you can have multi. Controller gaming so you can for example -- play football plays on your screen here. Friend -- -- on the rather collect or you could with a dream dream Catholic. In -- thing. But. RA a Wii remotes fifty bucks -- -- insects twenty bucks a you're seventy bucks per person to get Wii boxing yeah okay. How much is this control again across to this got to touch screen. It's got motion controls is basically we looped a nun -- and had a remote and you're -- pretty good -- as display right that's gonna be buck but at the -- going to be under 200 I mean I don't think innocent yet it's getting -- 120. Boxer controllers guessing Steve does -- -- want for players to play in addition how much the console gonna cost. You could -- country -- and not everything that we don't know yet is is there any native game play in this we you or is it everything and be tethered off of this new console. We don't know that we've kind of those sort of they seem to save that. It suggests the wireless display with control of it I don't yeah I mean they're the means you may be able alluded to it at -- games on it there's some speculation that she might. -- but I mean. -- -- and I really syrup that I think if they would they if you wanna do that I think they wanna fill you DF for a previous. They don't want to rip replace the idea they don't want to carve that out yet how this thing which is not really small enough to be. A pocket gaming device now and it doesn't it -- what 78 inches overall size and it looks pretty coarsely from the side but there's a lot of depth. And acquaintances -- the and the thickness of what's gonna have to have and do they're definitely making clear that the console proper will be backwards compatible with. That Wii games and the Wii controllers the older Wii controllers though that -- this up even more as a standalone accessory -- -- -- -- -- there I mean. It lets be clear though it's still kind of in the vapor ware states that they could go in a bunch of different directions -- -- they could put it out and say. It's its own gaming tablet and an awesome controller because maybe that 3-D S hasn't taken off like and hope that -- or they -- -- that is another option. That I would say get them to implement right don't have it has been done. Hey dumb dumb peripheral this this augmented reality to the television is completely different right. Yeah that was kind of weird -- -- they sued using it like at the scope for sniper game. And be able to zoom in on -- -- who don't well I don't -- I mean I didn't I didn't really dig -- -- -- a -- about it or saw the demo of your watching our video stream. And its clip of it there it's like okay wait now I get it now I get -- that's her leave -- the kind of weird -- implementation that I -- on the demo video was there was Wii golf on the screen the big screen. This new -- you controller is actually on the floor at the feet of the player. Displaying the ball in the sand trap and now the player often customers -- virtual TN is like a secondary displays and they often have like a Wii remote. And even that is the golf club so I mean if this really turn your TV into the world's largest Nintendo three yes I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I think there's no question that they. We'll catch that -- when it comes to being more media friendly. Device and if they can integrate this accessory in some useful way this could be could be like LeapFrog has to be really great for the TV streaming stuff. That's where this is gonna reviews directory discovery. Parallel content like the Disney's second screen but -- dvd bay Blu-ray based human physical media -- -- -- providers give a platform they can stream. Two levels of -- moving one that goes to the portable ugly handheld when the -- -- the screen and that's also beer or remotely dual navigator yeah. Yeah I know that I am. I totally agree with the tavern of that is definitely still kind of in the -- -- and feel like they should be farther along with that with specs of console with me -- -- general I think that argument 112 of that at least a general release date. But yeah I want to know more than that -- like this have a lot of potential they direct. -- and the -- others trying to you know give us bread -- keep our attention for awhile but -- But it means when he twelve. That's bloody a year and a half from now. -- nine and went in some far off I mean. He'll worth coming out and a year and a half and Microsoft announced that yesterday via with it but with one game. That's the year and a half off Nintendo the whole console that that the reasonable lead he -- a and that's a pretty big deal because. No one else is talking many console battle blatant Microsoft and Sony are not even close to talking about a new console. Console Sony did unveiled a new portable console -- -- -- kind of putting. A lot of their eggs in that basket you know I -- Microsoft really talked a lot about -- -- that gaming experience on the go like it. Points will now work on your Windows Mobile what they're talking about integration Sony's got the PlayStation vita. Which -- I don't know just the new mobile device but no no console Nintendo I think have lot of room there. Let's talk about -- Sony PlayStation vita the vita. They expected begin shipping it for the holidays it is what there's a Wi-Fi only version of 250 dollars a version that does three G. For 300 superpowers that. Yes sadly I think it worked out well because it -- AT&T. Huge huge hate -- from the audience may announce that they really have a hissing and -- ball. Which -- got a rarity so like -- idea of audible -- now how would imagine is that now. Pool. -- brutal. -- for Sony. The Canada with the Sony -- wireless carrier they really did think again you can't really evil on top you know they can have their own way in the part of with a partner ticket out of their own way well it. This is basically going to -- what better quality display -- It's not a phone right right it is still up PSP in the same rule that we know. Yeah and -- I have a hard time understanding what the significant imprints is between this and admitted to things like the next version of the PSP and I might. It's it seems really evolutionary it's not yet totally publisher is not in a 3-D. -- as I can tell. It's not like black over a -- it's none of that -- and the five inch display touchpad in the back to cameras to support augmented reality games and is totally just. Like PSP two or three or whatever or on -- they look on your Nintendo now saying line in the we'd do build that. Use stuff into this -- how hard of that date. To echo. It's obviously not magic via. Well it sounds like they definitely. It was a total buzz kill that -- and at the AT&T saying it doesn't seem adamant although as far as I know -- -- is still relatively popular device that snow you know Nintendo idea that people don't like it. They also showed off a 24 -- -- that an actual Sony 24 inch 3-D display. That can display two separate images to to people looking at the same screen yet Amazon which is mechanical like that would be useful for her from multiplayer game because you know like if you play halo and -- mode with two people in the room you get a split screen for the. There to two. -- yet if -- players using. The active shutter 3-D glasses gates separate images but -- film that there to -- their -- and there's not enough frame rate to me at all happen and the thing assisting about it is they would just been four have both eyes -- at the same rank. Menzies -- -- one frame per. But -- this is an active shutter thing it's not the it's not the app pixel what's that been -- and uses to steal her. When is that again the Toshiba made a panel on some of the S class cars depending on your angle you see different image on the entire screen but there's no glasses up like an accordion lands -- and -- And some of the pixels are facing one -- and at a 45 degree accidents -- -- of the glasses so it's not going to be the glasses free which is gonna think that the technology exists to do without glasses but they chose to go that -- -- for cost. And -- think that there. And -- because as they said quote our commitment to 3-D -- unwavering. That's because the consumer interest Sony's inverse of consumer reaction always got an Angel -- eight track is really gonna be a hit the -- you buy the more we're sure it. -- -- -- off it almost singlehandedly so obliterate on the theory when they did -- Bay Area and native arguably successful platform. Yeah it Munich it is not a failure so yet if any -- -- If -- -- astute enough to wear glasses -- big difference. But they've they've doubled down on radio all over again -- they have long sizzle -- games of 3-D they'd ever -- 3-D glasses when they came in the room and of course. They also addressed. The elephant in the room and I can't believe -- Howard Stringer himself came out to deliver the the apology which I think we have video here. First time that have come to that stage in an. And of course I'm referring to the PlayStation network outage. And this is the first opportunity for me to personally. Address everybody. And discuss a little bit. So my friends who -- reporters tell me that there's absolutely nothing in the world. That makes -- editors today like controversy. And bad news so to all our esteemed members of the press sites today. You welcome. To our third party publishing partners. You guys have been with us for over fifteen years making tremendous gains and I know the network outage was -- city. And what's been incredibly inspiring is your support. And -- offers to help get things back up to speed and we wouldn't be where we are today -- what -- right thank you very much. To our retail partners. You gave a shelf space when there was no PlayStation brand and you've given us more than our fair share since 1995 and we want Biloxi original PlayStation. And after just having the best year since PlayStation 3 launch. We're seeing sales of PlayStation 3 exceeding last year's -- numbers throughout the PlayStation -- in fact last week's numbers alone. -- up 27%. Over the prior year. Which brings me to the audience that I'm most interest in addressing. And those -- are consumers. You are the lifeblood of the company without you there is no PlayStation. And I want to apologize both personally and on behalf of the company for any anxiety that we've caused you. I know we took you away from doing what you enjoy most connecting in gaming. With friends all over the world enjoying the many entertainment options on PlayStation network. An -- you -- that both. Causes us to be humble in -- means that the amount of dedication and support you continue to -- to the PlayStation brand. Network activity is currently at over 90%. Of the original levels before the network out. And that is something we absolutely do not take -- We are committed more than ever to making sure that the PlayStation network experiences both entertaining. And secure for everybody. Area was not Howard Stringer was Jack Trenton. Although it is human. From the -- -- legalism and Sony they didn't. Trying to hide behind it -- -- mean mrs. they're getting out for a better than observance Toyota. But it did not handle layers this. Forthrightly they really sandbagged the lot and -- -- that well it might be the people's carpet mats which turned out it was. Don't wanna hear that -- that -- your sword you're made of money you're not going away it's okay and then just get out and -- in front of it so this is a much debate -- those two companies are you know. So tightly squeak in Japan -- -- obviously are learning lesson from the other. -- -- I mean I I. I think. I think you have to at least say. We're sorry we compromised your information I mean -- Billick. To put so much focus on the fact that they're sorry that that network was down yeah and that you that I didn't come in the full talk couldn't play. We didn't need it we didn't get that doesn't sound clip but -- I mean -- -- -- the theme of his talk I think. They've just moved on from there then to you know new -- the minute -- I think I really want to say not just I'm really sorry that the network was -- you can play. But you know we are gonna work to regain your trust in terms of our capacity to store your information especially considering. But some of the more recent -- That -- -- claimed responsibility for involve them. Putting up a million user names and passwords that were apparently -- create. You know like yeah we're gonna be better as the company about protecting you I think would be a good follow on media and you gotta say it's a given but you gotta say it. Right -- guillotine -- -- candidates are you could declare often gaming system because are smart enough to think certainly we totally totally left do exposed. Actually like -- only problem. But in -- -- they did. At least address it head on -- -- good. Other security news apparently it. Are as -- security is now offering to provide security monitoring. Or replaced all of its secure ID token into what is really kind of their first opening now management. Of the big Lockheed pac. Yet they're going to you this this secure ID things of the ruling codes on them mostly an enterprise thing. Not used outside of large corporations. Know but it's it's been considered. An unassailable security platform because two part authentication -- SA is gonna sterling reputation for the stuff you don't get any higher in the security business than them. But. This has been a really ugly black art but the Boeing -- Lockheed hack says that the strongest most. Physically and virtually build out technology for security has been compromised that's not good it's coming where do you go from here. There is no better solution I don't think. This is where everyone relies on as the top of the stack that that's publicly known. It absolutely as I mean and it should be just if anything -- got a reminder that nothing is un hackable right nobody of the -- or rather everybody is ultimately the -- an anchor could become the Titanic. And so good for our -- Saying bad for their. Bottom line if they get lot of takers causing a forty million of these deployed and I've got it if they've got to put those out in a fiscal year that could take a bit of a piece out of their high to me that's it's a lot of devices that's your problem physical devices they cost money to do a vehicle. Join now so but they still have to do because that that we actually got voice mail from someone or an email from someone who is. Works for. Lockheed and four at a government defense agent him and he said. The government defense agency we updated all of our say token algorithms and at Lockheed they did not. Partly what allowed that hack happen uninteresting yet and so if that is the case -- good for our assay for saying proactively like we need to make sure because we don't wanna take a further black -- when you get -- -- -- because you -- company didn't update your algorithm as interest in them and another -- and there's also a report as of June that L-3 communications was saying that it also had been the victim of a hack and may have been targeted via -- Think your idea. I mean the security breaches have been around since the dawn of this business but this has been a unique a couple of months for the level and size of them. These are all majors these are all major platforms companies should know better like Sony companies that do no better like our -- -- partners -- don't always know better but these are major companies outcome Lockheed be the weak link. In this huge government -- industrial security space. And it via an advocate for hours and hours that come off like Nintendo and Sony those are like sort of minor distractions but when you talk about hackers using. -- -- classified. Stuff of extreme interest Tuesday. Oh and China or Iraq or who knows who you like that's when you know you gotta start getting your share in order. And government IT sorry -- of a lot of faith of their firewall and information in those systems -- they shouldn't be on any publicly exposed system with any amount of security but who knows what's in those systems yet. I know -- on those -- those networks at the -- where they can be -- it is now. Policies not always follow. The only good news I death comes from the guardian story today that -- do. And a bottle by -- but -- growth -- and a conversation to -- I don't leave it at all -- my government propaganda at it's best. Oh don't worry we've completely utility covered we have totally infiltrated the world of computer hackers who bought the mall and IP in -- -- side it's it's cool. One and. For hackers is an FBI informant in the US that's the story coming out of -- guardian. This story is that they have made friends made enemies turned people. Gotten something on on whatever it takes you know like bright -- -- those -- the last remaining -- photo he says that everyone's got an insurance policy. And apparently they've got. 25%. This according to. Eric Corley who publishes you know the definitive 4600 hacker. Of losing -- recite these days -- the 25% of hackers have been recruited. By the feds to be eyes and -- I mean and he. Legit source of the panel actually think pandora they've been totally controlled now though may well be problems -- -- He front of their does some people have sent a parent which -- to use of the rats at -- that. -- says that hackers are rather susceptible to intimidation because of the harsh penalties involved. And the relative inexperience with the law that they have -- -- thing really there you know the script kiddies can be flipped because there -- only like fifteen Levine there's sixteen year old genius. Via a mentally I think they're only defenses anonymity and with -- compromise Ian a lot of the the Internet power goes away and anybody on the Internet -- you know who they are yeah and if if they knew where they are confident that it can figure out an answer that yeah number of these people is gonna turn -- -- a cloak is real -- it's. There's not much between it and giving revealed -- and you're done you can -- -- else does then it goes you go immunity from being behind the -- being totally. Traceable through the nature of of network communications the other thing is I'm pretty sure. That and -- an -- wellness. I'm just -- that I just -- and look -- -- math. Not a hacker I just look I just know that's what that's what you had the best cover now you're not a hack and you books on ninth. Yeah I'm just -- I saw this this shift in the eyes he wouldn't let get anybody quite there for a set. An -- on this story didn't like it in 1000 BI at all the idea list -- -- pakistanis Capcom -- jiggling back and forth into eventually themed monopoly -- after news that even the kept hackers and that we trust exactly -- because that's the smiley and -- by itself or if they turn into the plague -- they're like oh yeah it totally flipped them the next thing now the right awards around how the plan and annually out tax. Building Gibson -- the planet. -- that you're doing. -- -- Who notes for its leader that it if that's -- if the greater number it doesn't seem to be slowing -- out -- -- and not the regular I was -- We went we need to go a lot deeper than that in the infiltration and -- there's been a horrible two months. It really it has been bad -- FBI it's not working. You maybe you wanna get them some older may be what you can grownup informant negotiate for a 100% -- -- -- -- not giving us much penetration and a bit of about the. And I wish they could break and come back we're gonna recap the Apple news -- yesterday what we -- more details have come out so what we know so far. Plus that you've been trying to Skype with your friends over there across -- We know again. Back to -- let everybody it's episode 1484. Brian Cooley Molly Wood and Antuan Goodwin. The involved in -- the informant didn't. We just -- Antuan. I mean as in -- and so we want -- know are you going to attack him outside the building to -- that's. Okay. Powell. And I know this audience though they're already saying not weather around the look at how okay were taken -- Goodwin -- -- a password and speculative effort yet from CNET one to something else from god. The from -- a dot writes okay or just capitalize -- -- -- enough. I just can't. -- let's recap Apple discos you know. I'd went through half a bottle of -- -- yesterday I wanna recycle -- plastic bottles saw wanna finish it off today AM leno's studio brands. OK so I cloud is of course the biggest the biggest buzz area around this we picked up a few more details. On how this is going to work I think one of the things I've found was most confusing me to buy talked yesterday of what happens to mobile -- there's three ways you can go. You can run it out -- July 2012. You can get a refund if you bought the box product and haven't used the activation code yet. Or you can get a retroactive refund but did we find out yet if that's a credit or reef. -- -- part that I haven't still mailed them. And now only seen it described as refund okay today but I think that that's American Idol and iTunes gift card via for the remainder. You can also and this is important because a lot of people have said that they were really concerned about the idea that it was gonna automatically push out music syncing. Two other devices over data. You know they're gonna blow through their data caps downloading every song or just run out of room downloading every song onto their devices you can selectively download any previously purchased -- -- album so you can turn off. The auto push. Says I'm gonna download your entire huge library on target tiny little iPhone you can turn you can selectively decide what to download it. Quality and it's ten registered devices as we mentioned. And I think there's any other updates on I -- into -- -- -- used -- devices and still looking for now this is the interesting thing is there was some discussion of how -- not IOS five. It's beta is compatible BAT and T iphones but not -- Verizon. Yeah yeah this is in America -- -- -- and this is this is what developer beta. Being tested on AT&T phones works fine but for whatever reason I guess that what -- slightly different IOS for Verizon afford -- -- -- Already -- it's reported that -- 400 -- -- -- -- and Verizon that's a weird split I didn't know. Since its launch earlier this year the present iPhone has been several OS three releases behind the AT&T -- and it's not -- tell you like is African Verizon does that. The system and that it is -- -- -- a bunker and I just hold them to hold the phone here Verizon. In you know. The mechanism and again and grow and grow ever happened. Happened for the -- -- Do you wear gloves and easier on you to an important and I believe -- you'll underwear won't come the other thing it. -- -- overseas and since -- -- a good graph comparing the features across the new -- five to Android two windows phone whatever burden news kind of clause in the wild and when has it but. To Blackberry. That's Q and did but blackberries doing them a good look at is how does a great that the Blackberry and -- -- Yeah you know -- really good chart -- actually because it greatly. If it -- it all up for you to see. The degree to which it really is kept up I mean it's really it's very interesting because -- yet. You know -- like Twitter sharing and integration right was an original Android feature including status updates via apps. The -- has been an Android and so meet them -- Over the episode -- air that's been a hallmark -- -- energy absolutely that's pretty cool the reminders lists. Have always been available via third party apps on all the other platforms so that's going to be like a new one thing in -- by the -- Anyway it's a good read go check it out in it -- it it actually like a good little buying guide. And then we we also actually quickly and I was -- though. It is only out in beta so far on AT&T iPhone. Evidently the dev teams as they ready Gilbert and. Done so that it -- they do that went to launch. Don definitely related but also got a good grid on the music services yet. And -- it's got a -- over and download yet and this is kind of where things get really confusing and so we've gotten eBay Google Amazon and and iTunes cloud -- pending. All -- out here -- storage capacity cost streaming. And bunch offline option details that are some of the most question -- The good -- yet. And you definitely and you definitely wanna read this carefully can I really I do think that the one. The most confusing aspect -- -- -- kind of how it deals with music in these various ways and you know this is just of the good -- we've been -- -- grew up dating it. As there's more information coming out now. Tech data -- it is a it's a sink and replication service that has storage. But largely for cashing you don't access the storage directly as much as its use as an automatic. So it's a little different than a drop box -- a true cloud driver Microsoft live -- -- or an Amazon web services drive where. You -- have direct access to manipulate the contents on your own directly this is more of -- its. Out of reach and use more automatically by the service brings them and you'll actually touch directly it's a fine difference but I think in every every -- usage it's gonna feel very different from others cloud services. I think it is I think it's the kind of thing as for the on the radio this morning. And thought about it manic imminently and that's your if you if -- only every is nineteenth. You're gonna be perfectly happy with -- -- -- be super straightforward lot of this year and you know you're probably not gonna have such a huge music collection and can overwhelm your iPhone even if you do download all of that music onto your device. And I think you know for that use Draper as as is so often the case with Apple if you only system -- universe. Your recent rapid and -- you're going to be fine although I think that photo sharing thing -- you're -- a photo deleting things. That's still has some default -- so gigabytes of just terabytes -- people but yet this is that this is -- don't lift the hood. Don't worry about how the engine runs system. Which is the way Apple always tends to operate they don't worry about Amber's gonna make it work it's people like us the kind of thing what about this and this of what I wanna go do this asked risky behavior to be honest we're we're we're -- -- lot of -- behaviors that tempers and people do. And yet are legitimate concerns about the flexibility in some cases -- -- I can't share with you a doctor I don't believe across platforms or even within -- like animate dock. In pages I say hey take a look at his dock and -- equipment. Yet -- it doesn't go to that direct. Trip to the not -- it's just an it and we talked about this before the show -- there isn't really some sort of set in stone definition of laugh right cloud is almost like four G it's like this marketing terms that we have been here in that in the freeways slippery than four -- Toledo -- -- faster. How you view it is very differently we note forging -- in the sense cloud you can't even say cloud is and he gets its sharing. Because this isn't that but it's definitely clout and intensive only off let off off site storage because this is kind of app and a totally about -- it's -- legitimately a cloud and it's obviously now it's not streaming to the used to be streaming I feel like -- a hallmark of that -- used to -- -- -- -- Apple bailing -- we answered here now. This is illegitimate claim. You know -- -- if they're if they're imagining of it torture and I still maintain that it is more complicated. Then Apple's offerings usually are now I don't think I think ultimately I would find Amazon to be a more youthful music service because -- Is a nightmare. Thinking is the one thing the one thing that everybody wants to get away from it even -- they're -- oats can automatically pushed -- -- how many hours your device can be seized. Locked up while it's downloading only music or like how I mean every time I earning him -- -- iPad into -- damn computer ever because every telling you it's really like oh we're thinking in backing -- -- -- -- -- -- Its -- complicated for Apple but it's actually with when I think about it less complicated then cool. Or Amazon in that EA Google and Amazon you have to pick songs to go on the server Amazon you have the whole. I have a certain amount of space that I can use with phones are gonna -- with phones aren't gonna go up. With iTunes -- service with that -- -- it's kind of like the Internet becomes that cable the Internet now that -- cable -- you have to plug in. And it has a buffer. An and so it's it's a lot easier for me in that case too you know manage my music on my computer -- -- and for example sale wanna sync the songs on this playlist. To my. -- device and the Internet then -- that cable. Right so if the stand -- -- -- you can do that with just play with them on anything else is a done thing you know but anyway yes. If the same convoluted policies between devices and host computers exist and this is just a virtual white cable then that's -- to be allowed them. When you move ipads across and computers at -- -- I gotta remove this set of data and put the other one on you can only connect to one machine a time right to tether -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and over yet another the B across tend -- -- yet again devices and device and how many languages could be while mean. Still -- one collection right probably which into a New Orleans and across in the -- of them -- again -- over the 10% of us who care about this threat a 90% will say find my -- everywhere and that. And I does makes it -- summer. And I just have nineteen music -- I'm but I guarantee like thinking. That part in ambient that the math on my music collections already immense I would much rather like isn't I would so much rather upload all of my music one time. Is the one time via Amazon out everything they and -- and -- upload a one time. And then it over and then I stream it every time on the Internet and no big deal as opposed to an and I'm totally and I mean. -- like Amazon you know Apple. They are offering I cut services it is unlimited storage for music that you purchased from iTunes right -- that not part of it is pre. As long at all your music on iTunes unlimited storage for for. Where the Angela -- Whereas Amazon is if you need more than five gig you do have to pay well Amazon and Amazon music that -- count against that it's actually unlimited storage for Amazon purchased. Meet head on over here -- -- -- -- Florida I have elaborate in my music that I bought last year in the year before that doesn't count. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pro active. Though anything that I buy after the -- or after I sign up for -- Amazon club drive. But then you know the William -- last year counselor at my front gate space -- but then I can horror. Really yen. But you'll find album a year to keep those little yellow burn and -- the first year you buy an album there's no guarantee that you'll get a free album next year really. I don't think they ever think that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Only done three year writer good next you're gonna pay for it twenty gigs and they're gonna do dot governor of next year earlier that that the promotion of us at the promotion oh -- The pro next here you buy okay and it's connect it and they don't know -- naturally so it might be. It's twenty dollars a year for twenty gigs -- paying for the store at Eden period so yeah yeah -- -- tell the enemy twenty dollars a year for twenty gigs is is that songs bought on Amazon don't count against tyranny to -- as Omnia. Which is similar to the -- -- but I guess I would rather pay for that storage. Then like can you schedule your stinking I don't know that does that feel that actually feels slightly messy to me although I'm sure that people to experience -- it. If they're totally within the universe all the tunes -- from iTunes I'm sure it can be. There's so much refinement commend all three of these players this way to early addicted to call and say who's doing that -- It's way too yeah. Lots of refinements -- on all appease everyone is and again there are of course fifty million articles out to that we aren't really gonna get into the -- on -- which apps have been now threatened. By Apple's upgrade that's basically the same old maxim which is like if you built a really smart thing agreed ability and instant paper and ninety do you apps in the camera -- quick fix which is you know. It gave you that lock screen camera and are here at the analyst now. There's been going -- for a long time in the operating system space you know Mac OS and windows have gradually consumed all their utility partners everything got built in over the years that's happening on the mobile operating systems. I see -- now there's an update to our refund story. Which says you can get a pro rated refund of your subscription based on how much time you have the service via -- and it's a refund. Now we know and it is a refund I that's enough Apple news for it and it. We should've warned you're -- has -- it just like. Utility could kind of scrub through until you hear the crickets and right we -- -- -- a flag or something wave and we waiver -- you can stop scrolling and or out of Apple go yeah yeah -- -- -- checkered flag here. If he can't get Skype working apparently it is having trouble it's not just you. It millions of Skype users in fact -- been having trouble -- signing into the application. Less than two weeks after study published new updates for the windows and Mac computers to -- a similar problem -- to them -- ongoing. Configuration log in issue that can people offline. And people are not happy and no I do not think it is related to Microsoft. -- -- they probably believed in on that. A British did it -- that they're not fighting. We can only -- but you probably not what would they do that well. Stupid that the Avian drunken find out that he's turned hacker community on any and the network more ready -- -- -- that. Ask your ask your darker dark -- They'd like that -- -- and then there's the -- -- hacker informant. And a little fun. I had to show we're gonna you're -- -- amazed by mister Columbus the consumer group called free press has filed an official complaint with the FCC against Verizon Wireless. For allegedly they claim that Verizon asked Google to block tethering apps in the Android market and that Verizon comply. Or bright and asked Google to do -- in Google complaint I do when they also aren't complaining about Google. But there they're saying that blocking such apps that Verizon did indeed make that request would violate the terms and conditions of their FCC license -- LTE network. And frankly I -- hope they're right. I know depending on matters should totally be -- -- Android market especially in Brighton doing away with unlimited. Unlimited data plans like they might as well as let me -- in have to pay. -- give -- -- -- heavy -- give me the -- you want it. -- they are there are also lake. Catching people and know how they're doing it but the monitoring their traffic and if they catch you tethering. They will cancel your data service and you'll letter in and possibly believe reportedly had -- I don't know event in a little worried about it. Yeah that's a fact that I've been me or me not do a lot of police have never got opera is not illegal to the data that you pay for Verizon. You -- and apparently talked about that I'm on the same page as you and I just gavlak paid for it let me use -- -- -- They'll we we talked about how well the laws on the show when we -- trying to figure out how they detected it and it was I think that they. Ultimately decided that there was no way they can detect it that they must just be patterns via that -- must just be a pattern -- They can't like since the user agent berg. Like he called or anything like that absolutely religious like that -- -- like. -- who no room data packet inspection literally turning Google it the same time that -- -- that later. Anyway we'll see what comes out of that also bad news for us that good news for -- -- every other investors not -- -- -- and he barely Michael Arrington too few special. Tech stocks are the cheapest they have been since 1998. Because -- area and is convinced that there's a big IPO level. William Becton and 898. Although I would buy so hard right now we're gonna protect not -- all remember them being diligent and everybody why we're -- the last bubble right that's why errors cheap is 1998 women come down that much but -- -- Of them at school -- -- about -- and the benefits of really good. Thank you that -- all right cool idea I joined AARP that -- a nice that is not knife informants reformists. Yeah. 2352. Street -- that he's -- -- -- -- hurt my hunch I don't take lines but. -- is brought in to him through a secure lunch -- he acts and then -- -- but the movement. -- A -- -- -- he was -- them -- and it probably was a freshman now allow. Junior and -- you're winning spirit week yeah. Appeared you're the baby we can't -- agreed -- -- the young and inexperienced. Not the only way to -- -- -- that it and it was mascot the independence high informants to. The Franklin high FBI a flop over here -- and -- Then -- ethos a long time. Telling yesterday to say of them. And Lebanon that -- this thing and -- there aren't enough good to be a lot of free. School. A husband and your youngsters -- your thoughts about who -- -- -- -- -- and right and that I found myself baffled and confused by many of the things Apple announced one being the Mac OS-X lion installation process. Frankly that digital download method opens up a lot more problems than it -- for example what happened to my hard drive failed. Users won't have a physical copy of the operating system in their computer won't be able to connect to the Mac apps are to re download it. Apple can't expect users to install snow leopard the -- they have on this. And then re download -- through the App Store once they're up and running which is another four point five -- down. The other. Oh well -- -- I know they absolutely are run. Or they just expect that you're gonna like -- at Flickr app and -- on Aberdeen store -- believe you Newhart. Oh authority on it absolutely. -- if -- I think it's great for the environment but at least offer users a choice between the detailed them and and hard -- Or at least that you the utility that makes you that lets you make a -- if -- feel like that would solve that problem. Pretty well now. Enabling -- looking for a chart of the what the breakdown of if anyone's done the research on what is the penetration of each of the last three or four versions of Mac OS-X. You'll like windows or spur all over the road that tunnel folks on XP and 2000 and how many folks stay up to their Mac OS-X I've never seen a chart -- that -- it is -- everybody here is it really strike it'd just like windows. -- -- either Bennett Bennett left stranded in windows because Apple really. Kind of thing -- at a table you don't stay with -- yes they don't keep supporting in like Microsoft has that -- has long tail of gas backwards support -- Big Apple's like nope sorry keep up and down the. Are updates are typically cheaper to. And their -- -- you the last couple certainly would. It lets the Audi right and you want to -- on are you still. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obvious from Alabama -- those watching yesterday's Apple keynote highlights -- -- something magical. Healing about the photo stream every photo taken is automatically uploaded to the cloud. Stored there for thirty days pushed out by the 1000 picture that gets uploaded after the got follow that. I don't have an iPhone but I have the pictures taken from one they are sometimes its biggest three megabytes each -- -- the iPhone owners grandfathered into an unlimited data plan -- -- -- -- -- that the photo syncing is not over three G -- Verizon are in retreat. Better believe it. The magic. Before some poor souls realize they are hit with the huge data charge which they had innocently agreed upon under Apple's spells -- aspect of the switch civil. Choose a bull sinking on this platform that we think is gonna be pretty. Pretty nobody. So pictures often on music off on iTunes matched offer on its if you sign a -- -- you want on. But hopefully there's some great hilarity to this and not just everything missing here or nothing -- If there's some sort of and the of the belief that they can do is pop up one of those notification that you get when like for example you start pandora. Where it says -- downloading a whole lot of data are you sure you wanna do this over three G and then you have to say. And the thing I always wondered though -- where -- -- on the month. And that's not built it why -- the carrier's work with Apple on this as they move out this may be available that time it launches and say let's put -- let's put a bit rate of a -- usage -- into all these alerts the -- -- -- alerts and -- to you where you are right now -- your -- The let -- have a new digs up. -- photo -- -- is actually Wi-Fi only so that's good I think the thing that the I would be concerned still about music I don't know if that's life I only but the instant thinking of photos. Only happens if you're on a wife I told us only Wi-Fi yet but and I was portrayed specifically so that's your answer -- that was portrait physically -- some of the present like. A look -- and a nice little love letter to AT&T and Verizon like we're not gonna populated it with us. So that will only happen over -- Write to the music don't panic about that it is the big concern that -- still a question for me I am actually not sure when and if we now on its flat panel near three deals that. I mean I still think. And they could almost solve it. Two with just a simple like what is three G it looks like and whatever -- how to toggle that's like. Only ever sync over Wi-Fi only ever think anything overlap -- nothing like it would just solve that you know pretty easily. Speaking of -- he Kwan Kim writes an antidote is meteor yesterday's ups and I wondered if I think. Was in fact such a bad idea. I always thought that I wanted to cloud service but after listening to the show yesterday I -- that what I really want is not a cloud service but rather a cross platform wireless -- I don't think we're ready for the cloud service yet simply because not everyone is connected to the Internet there aren't -- wireless hotspots -- of data coverage. And not enough net neutrality yet for most people have an -- -- connected to the Internet all the time to listen to the music or access the documents I. Could be quite burdensome and who want to have all that data going back and forth in the cloud server every time you listen to the music instead of just being able to download it to any of your devices. Today do you think the IT and parts acts but iTunes matched the nineteenth match thing he says though pretty much -- all the -- thing like sugar. Possibly it's not the cloud as you understood it but I actually want that thinking that I have plenty of offline -- Netflix streaming may be people are ready for streaming. -- it makes a lot of sense because now that think about it. Usually before -- listened to a music off of my Amazon cloud threat by hit that download button and in just -- -- get them down on my device just because that'll William halfway through play a listing go through a tunnel. And not be able to finish it via wireless isn't nearly robust enough to not go through those breaks all the time. Any though the of the -- -- connection on my phone actually is -- let you know -- -- wanted you know go into the build a you're going to an elevator riders don't think I ended without a start catching the next Claudia and -- a good point. I mean that's yeah I always -- the -- -- when I go to. Amazon's cloud drives or -- -- of course sorted out and -- -- there it's just sort of I don't trust you you can get of the business tomorrow on a no losses and wants to be in the -- business or Apple. Right so they can all pulled at least Apple is doing the thing where I'm never worried about them staying in the business are changing terms because the thing for the most part it's on my device it's replication -- Amazon and Google -- -- -- -- Google docs tomorrow. And -- -- Thousands of millions of workers and thousands of businesses of BS -- Actually we've talked about you know that the cloud it's kind of a scary place to live. It's -- it's not a utility it's a business tenants that someone else to decide if they run -- -- not turn off. And illustrate my head around -- -- a good point and -- -- again maybe I'm not really understanding how it works but it appears that for example we have one iPhone. One laptop -- thirty exit music on your laptop you think eight of -- year at. Phone using the I. -- -- the replicated download then your house burns now. You can still locked that music what's that it will I don't know the laptop I left -- in the house Nancy -- corner or down going to get you lost twenty gigs in the area that cannot be answered -- -- Well let you have -- new look back ability to go Gretna music again if its iTunes music it is an unlimited -- backed up. At Apple in the form of their purse that's -- and sister -- let's not being stored anywhere else. Though authorize -- being authorized but you do lose all -- -- nights but any audience not nineteenth -- potentially yeah it. Also thank you chat room under iphone's settings you can and there is -- download on and off toggle. And there's a separate cellular on off toggle and apparently -- I will in fact. Let you determine whether you want thinking to -- over Wi-Fi or your connection so good job. And thanks but now -- is a place where unlike Google. Am I missing something is there any way to take a Droid and run on Wi-Fi only. Yeah -- -- -- -- that this you can do airline -- in node in the Angelina physically turn on wants us to get Fallujah cities and editor which you can do it. -- -- -- -- and -- the widget. But -- I did not -- for airplane mode right. Why denial but it widget for as the like even a -- -- Wi-Fi only widget. The well there's a power settings widget -- is that in which room that even if I was an airplane -- and -- just flip over to my second screen here on mammal -- -- -- Internet. And management at that black -- and beyond. And does that turn off -- by doing -- three G third after them an airplane on a case you've got to -- with a two step process to go to Wi-Fi only on -- Write you an airplane mode first and then -- -- Wi-Fi back out of that but yeah I know what this to stay on settlements. Compared to -- compared to about it says go to -- -- There's a button. You -- there is that the -- you can use you know there's no setting for did you use defender there's a setting for turn off regional present there's -- out of federal do that yeah I guarantee there is little -- yeah if there's but there's no there's no three the off button. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah sure what I have before -- iPhone three G you have courts yet and one ahead before the solaris I can't really appealing to -- -- -- -- inside -- network -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and networks that you have to hit a button. He did find the settings button and it to go into the main news and it actually be like or collects although this is actually shorter process -- to -- -- this. -- yeah and -- airplane mode and then go back in -- -- -- over here and turn on my. That's actually like I'm not it may be a two step process but it -- if -- were clicked. Might be more than it needs to. They're all I'm gonna need to be at risk exists and we all know what we -- -- out on the SATA hard -- -- the physical switch on without -- never ever ever open policy idea Bermuda for camera and not for that from your camera always one -- you may someday have not been figured he and Nyberg on Mecca and has enough to know but oh well no my buddies was alone and. I think we're slightly in the -- flash Kenny with either road from here we're just gonna go and call that show. We'll have -- to the pockets or tomorrow and I'm entering and a copy of it with new music and now you now that's an evergreen battle hold find all of Reading an email to yourself through the stories for yourself and feel free to correct that's that's all there are shown at -- the blood -- although cnet.com there are transparent kind of organization. College that it bought one in hundreds excellent 6638 and keep those emails come -- but at CNET dot -- from the good feedback. Like the part that pointed out perfectly rational things but I -- ending -- -- things like on it months. I think this in -- --
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