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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1483: Apple's iCloud is really iSync

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1483: Apple's iCloud is really iSync

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On today's show, an exhausted Molly and Brian Cooley wrap up the longest Apple keynote in years, and try to make sense of the things you can and can't accomplish with iCloud. Plus, the latest from Microsoft at E3, a little bit of cursory science news, and finally time for pizza. Phew.

Today it's Monday humans. 62011. My name is to delete them so I'm Brian Cooley Molly -- a lot of buzz out loud -- a podcast of indeterminate length it is episode. 14100. And 83 the episode that take place roughly three hours after a normal short or normal start time because Steve Jobs -- in is that you. Now our. -- fast. And a summarized by one sound effect. It that aimed at all wireless users follow Alex that of the tone in the room at the moment where we're thrilled injecting -- we are some of the news that came out of the -- diabetes -- out now to be clear. Apple did at least attempt to set some expectations. -- strictly putting out -- I was there first -- Yeah they put out a press delete and that does more in -- analysts and iris. And I -- and I've tried out -- so we had the big four -- with a habit don't panic as the architect Matt. -- then off they -- they started with us ten we're gonna start they're cute isn't it it's more fun really when. Don't work our way are you OS-X we what we ended up getting. A different look in many ways within iPad like launch pad icon oriented area can oriented multi touch is fully enabled -- the track pad now. And in the -- all kinds of multi touch gestures you. -- gestures to finger in -- three finger in one yup and we got a we got a sort of an online version that. History not online in device version and like given Google docs and where -- devices are are your documents are being kept in just about every version you ever do incrementally so it's not gobbling up lots of hard drive space so there's like sort of basically. Unlimited undue -- done with. Is very nice and then -- -- -- -- session -- basically the union resumed. Your apps session right worried when it right where you work so -- the app and get the exact same work spot you're at -- -- which is nice yet full screen apps. Mission control which is like you -- the track pad you can -- at a glance everything that's running on your Mac the and then and the really big news about it actually was that you know obviously like it gets more IOS likening -- the App Store. The big news about it is that it's only available as an App Store download via. That the upgrade will cost thirty dollars -- of the usual 130 dollars. And we are -- actually have a blog post up because we everyone kind of we asked the same question which is. If your on leopard. Two versions ago few versions ago you don't have the Mac App Store so snow leopard brought us that the -- do you have to purchase it looks like by all accounts you have to purchase snow leopard. Before you can byline. So that would be for that. A sixty dollar upgrade or notes are each of those at thirty -- though if you wanna go all the way up to version that you have to pay a total of 68 out. Okay so snow leopard was a thirty dollar upgrade -- was cheaper than those earlier one word -- now -- okay aren't so still it's -- it's cumbersome. The -- to sit there and do another OS upgrade just to get the one you really want rank this at the waste of time yes the way ago. It is still yet sixty and again at sixty instead of 130 but I have to -- -- a in our blog post do we embedded and Twitter search results. Results for snow leopard upgrade -- and then there are bad words and -- -- -- W I think -- what happens of the people aren't super excited about super happy enough to think that that the -- -- -- oh and we've got about air dropped. And mail you get them -- or you get integrated kind of drop box like features -- -- airdrop it's like a peer to peer sharing. I'll be easy document sharing like a drop box I'll get -- only living in the Mac platform writers of windows and Mac -- I think that's just an act up are Mac only and then mail all debts. Basically it comes up to parity with. Web mail from it becomes a parity with -- -- like -- 2005 -- I know I it was it we learned a lot of things for example that it didn't have a conversation view. -- we had this like half hour of our jaws open works like it didn't have that already. And anyway and then -- and then now you can search against that you can -- year you get. Quicker access to your most used mail folders -- priority and not and then you get -- better sorts that brought us to IOS five if we wrapped up the. Lions stuff then things got interesting so first of all go buy a white cable wirelessly. How luck -- first off right off the -- the headline I -- for her four I a finds that a finally gets. -- finally -- -- devices and untethered post PC devices right now Olivia yet. The man includes iTunes -- -- -- to small -- either rich media it's not just contacts calendar and email and we were just talking about. While on the computer as well on your mobile devices but also the heavy media the big -- -- -- the video files to everything through photos everything and most importantly upgrades. So yeah you know -- more haven't applied in just again and I update over the air updates are great -- message is a Blackberry messenger competitor they're rolling out again it's within the IOS camp not cross operable I don't believe. In -- about now -- filming across the ethic but it is across all IOS devices Ellison buys an iPhone name to crack but you can't put client on your -- touch -- iPad now. Status alerts. This is one of those things you can just get those little alerts that lets you know things are happening that are huge pop ups that clobber your interface on your device and then go away when you want look at. Yet the revamp of their notification that instead of getting all those pop up menus and badge icons and found that you are just annoying and also there was no good way dive into the a list of all the things that that on the notifications your patent. Now you have a new notification center very much like. The thing you get an Android where if you hold down that top screen you have a list of all the things that are going on. Now you have got you can access it from -- -- any screen by with actually the -- gesture. I get the pulled down jewelry is like your -- downward. And you get your notifications to. I don't know if you are like Google segment Activision it was Obama. Like Android has yet they have newsstand which kind of just gives an iBook like interface to magazine subscriptions and safari gets a reader it's -- -- Twitter rather than a tweet that had like all of the different app makers that just got screwed right there are always possibilities -- those killed. They have integrated Twitter. Functionality so you can tweet without leaving your image gallery or your camera app which is great you can tweet directly from YouTube safari and maps. And then let the reminders you'll get -- to do that which. I actually I don't really top of the list of they didn't have that already undoubtedly in the top -- and saying you guys three -- had a post it note -- that for 25 years and Apple doesn't have one of their electronic device. And then you get like a camera. Button and camera shortcut on the lock screen -- -- hanging around the biggest it actually the biggest news about. -- five in my opinion is that it got all of these catch up features via. And a supplemental -- -- a long delay and there is really an audible. -- -- -- not -- -- that -- -- and kind of -- ideology that 24 hour to two we think that's the most rule things out -- unavailable now wanted to be in stores in two weeks or whatever this is a very long -- for them which will dovetail with iPhone five we expect in an attempt. Absolutely that's -- that some going to be it's coming up part. And then the big thing that -- -- is waiting for Steve Jobs came back on stage to announce the -- cloud. Service which we every -- We're talking to Apple's attorneys and patent office right now it's -- we can't I think enticing to -- -- -- not in -- cloud. It is generously speaking a re imagining of the cloud at it as it has been described to us so far because. When Google described the cloud and living in Chrome -- at everything lives on everything lives on functionality and data. And wherever you are you're doing you're -- you don't have you have no local storage right -- processing and data in the cloud Apple is using the cloud as a as the road. Not as a garage if you will you traverse it to move things around you don't store anything -- your car doesn't stay there -- it moves across it to get to where it's going. It's a different thing and -- vs you letting. So it's not confusing enough yelling go ahead -- anything better this nonsense of calendar contacts as an -- -- and that's still what is free. You stay on me dot com it's free now for those core functionalities you'd be part of mobile me the calendar contacts and email yup and they sing good no more 99 dollars -- we hear that there will be refunds and or store credit Apple MacBooks and all your contacts and calendar and email item sync across all your devices with whether -- desktop or mobile like Google. -- like Google. Documents will also sync across here within the family of -- work right and you still have to have the app running natively they don't become web document and it doesn't become less about not cool you just can edit an -- you can edit and -- from any device it's just think it is. Just sinking is still gonna by the Apple -- -- suite to edit these docs. K and -- photos and photos while this was a charter operators -- -- huge huge WTF off Mike. They're very confusing so photo stream of such generous. On the new one using hand I'm trying and trying and trying to meet and not a bad -- Photo stream is cool. In the sense that whenever you take photos. It puts your whole digital camera roll to the collapse if you take pictures of your iPod Touch -- the -- iPhone. It thinks the whole roll and then it's on your computer to a thousand photos on the devices -- -- one limitation on IOS. It will only store the last 1000 product. And then. And is that they then all that's all the photos that are in the also on the -- this is the only part of the cloud that is truly cloud where they're actually doing storage for you write everything else the sync is the only storage -- that I picked up on yet. It's thirty days' worth of photo stores the last thirty days when a photo and it's thirty it gets deleted off their server. It is still -- to -- your devices but now it's your problem yet. It always was your problem and their problem and that thirty days to become your problem only to keep that vote -- presume what you've got two or three places now. So in -- in a sense you're running your own back up but it's not clear. It's not a simple listed an average considered under selective use them let's say -- -- get in new -- -- -- new iPod. Are you get an iPhone but so now all those photos that were on photo -- have long since been deleted. All -- many 38 times past. I don't know if you're ever gonna be able to think those old photos with your new. IPhone and inferior to their anonymous server in if you keep taking pictures -- -- if he keep taking pictures the thousand photos on your devices also -- gonna roll the oldest ones off the back. Writes he read -- -- losing photos in both places at a different metric won his days -- -- -- number but either way. It's giving you this movable infinity pool of files it's always rolling off one -- that's -- via who's gonna think about this need to sit here and count photos. Uninteresting to me. Now that's really original device you always took the photo -- always -- -- a thousand photos I don't I don't care summit a lot of product. Right like and it's just the photos on your phone nobody's gonna think. What's weird about is that none of it becomes cloud storage the burden of storage is still on your devices and these devices -- -- they don't have expendable storage is a little bit of storage for a brief while which is confusing. And of course the fact we have iTunes wireless sync means that becomes my true repository my photos are always sync back to iTunes at least that's my back -- But it's a complicated story of where's my stuff. I don't know where's my stuff and when and how when -- -- expiring device iTunes or server. Okay I don't know that it's messy and I know but the average consumers a look at this and -- while. Now it's very un Apple like enough for -- -- it's really. Confusing and -- -- and a lot of questions are unanswered and that we haven't even gotten to the music. Writely already a lot of which -- -- pretty easy their what's going on and then they did the music there is so that the in the three big apps he -- -- that I work. Thinking that photo streams thinking the one hoping to put a stream does though -- that does think -- Apple TV that you have Apple TV. Bennett get your whole punishing there and you can like -- that's not airplay is not device to Apple TV its cloud server that Apple TV again. But what you have on there although barely different from device and yeah that's less reliable ultimately because you don't know what and I -- unilaterally there now -- music. Here we -- This is. Things that Apple -- you three super simple to almost too simple -- K that he now -- on the TV too much confusion you have your iTunes music. And then you can you have a purchased. Pane in iTunes your -- your desktop software and on your devices and it will show you a library of everything that you purchased through iTunes and you can re download all of that. To every individual to -- the the first time I've -- -- purchase look back and a re download without arguing with them and calling customer service -- -- -- -- -- Don't think that it automatically will I don't know that there's an option for you to just day. -- download all. A -- you know there are -- checkbox list -- -- -- like the after re download individually per device start menu for assembly -- can you exactly how can you imagine it's certainly per device -- -- -- -- partially -- -- like auto push -- and the different that is why it's -- the cloud right the -- think you weren't. Or but it doesn't even coming BI the music thing is exactly think if it's up to you to initiate all the re downloading. Yet we have to see how that actually never used in the interface and there's no streaming. Now that we can understand -- they -- video involved here adults are strictly music yet -- to be -- no video the TV no movies strictly photos and music so far. So that's all the music that you bought -- nineteen. Then you get to the music that you did not purchase a ninety and so if you for example had a 2000 CD collection that you ripped. Into digital form don't back before iTunes exist -- time than. People had -- I'm craving getting into your pirated music sometime in about like the vast majority of my music on my computer is in fact music -- -- ripped from CB. And in effect this system doesn't care between pirated or ripped from CD or bought from Amazon all the non iTunes files theory. All put together an iTunes match it'll skiing and see those -- -- some kind of -- music signature of the actual file I -- was not relying on tags -- those are completely on reliable. And then it will say okay weakened sink the news. Across -- other devices who -- cloud sync thing. For 25 dollars a year to pay for the discovery and sync function. And I don't know if there's anywhere you're hearing it hearing yet and there's -- in here I know even though he mentioned it briefly I thought that you could then buy the song on iTunes. -- said. He just said you have music that you already that you haven't purchased on iTunes as a way you saw what you would do it getting that there were three ways beat India and here's why you would do -- you don't wanna pay the 45 dollars a year -- -- going forward you just wanna get caught up. As a full iTunes libraries -- can take advantage of all the full download and mirroring and re download and look back. So you'll do it -- make a huge music -- 4000 dollars -- -- -- 3000 songs. And that's okay you know I can turn off my 25 dollars a year to fools' bargain but it's possible it's enabled look at I think that's just a -- -- and -- -- -- and is read by -- -- So you -- has ever gonna make their own decision on after the break points different for everyone's numbers on how many files they've got. Or can you imagine or do you explain -- best buy no it and number you and I -- -- -- -- to do a bunch of like radio and TV -- after this trying to explain this and it's -- it is obvious that. And it's gonna -- genetic and then there are several questions left unanswered for example -- have to pay your CD tax. Basically write your 25 dollars a year or having the audacity. You have purchased music in the past anywhere other than -- and for a it is. I don't know what happens. To the music and or the sinking once you stop -- between about. Yeah my understanding is you just lose future sync and discovery. You don't have anything on on one around you no -- lose the access to play your stuff. There your files to begin -- -- couldn't take them away from but if you haven't already read downloaded them somewhere then you don't need -- -- never Kent. Welcome to your reader -- Items meant no I don't think so -- Welcome summons yet and I didn't get I don't know -- -- -- again though what if you buy a new device. Where's he music can you read download all of that means all -- -- you're gonna do -- match again absolutely affiliate of it -- yeah tacitly giving it what you -- the I would think so yeah. -- or sync to your local copy that is now iTunes wirelessly sync we keep leaving that out. It's doing a much better job of syncing everything to might Mac desktop let's say through iTunes wireless sync sink to that. So there are I they were gonna not quite connecting that we have the -- cloud stuff the stuff that's in -- OS five which does give you. -- you -- I have to become your home back up here this is not true cloud. To be clear -- this is what we get. Because Apple negotiated with the label three talk so much about like Google and Amazon just went -- right and Google and Amazon. I mean Apple you know Steve Jobs made a big deal about how you don't have to upload all of your music. Because that can take it but one time but -- -- and about Amazon and Google both let you upload. All your music for free. And just use -- Amazon charges you only if you need more storage and then you can pay for additional storage for your music and then be able to stream it anywhere. Right Amazon has not weathered some expected legal tests so we don't know how that's gonna hold -- I mean maybe it's too good to -- -- out of -- and Amazon -- -- really gets it into their software in their discovery is a graphic. Very few ways to sort insulation educated on the -- -- played by genre on the Amazon cloud player yet you know. I don't look at my -- -- music -- say okay okay listening to be actually had actually care that don't have that paid him. Now let's into the music active we have put the socks -- -- -- and he bought it but -- gamma some quad players' socks and it's free. Apple doubled the richness of iTunes I'm sure discover ability employee list and -- Amazon doesn't have but it costs -- What's true but what nobody complained that the -- instinct which is the same battle. At the moment of -- total artistry equivalent of. I don't add these devices have limited storage let's why don't carry the killer feature of streaming -- streaming abilities are perfect. Miller is a perfect when -- have a connection to Amazon you don't have anything so they've got their problems aren't the best street at that but now Apple negotiated with the big music labels to get her -- -- -- -- by the music -- we area. He argues the music we -- use the media guardian exactly security paper once but I don't wanna use it. You gotta keep it yeah I actually think if you want to use it a new way -- to keep. I think 45 dollars a year would have been reasonable for me to upload my -- like I don't let my whole entire library and treatment. Audio and video audio and video rich interface is cool and Amazon don't have been -- it must give -- a series and I totally -- -- -- -- analogy for two bucks a month yet kind of but the idea of or at least I would've thought that was okay but the idea of having that like wade through this confusing -- and basically really. To some extent be penalized for buying music other than on nineteen. As -- I don't understand. And why -- street -- I don't I just don't I don't get that these devices don't have you know I -- -- -- -- and not have expendable elegant I don't download everything everywhere don't get it. But you know Apple's note though ease into this thing in six months or whatever the -- the next when -- they'll they'll add streaming Abel and and 90% of consumers of yeah and that developers will go nuts there will be and most consumers and the 6 o'clock news will portray it as an invention of Apple. It happens every time Apple's not waste their time. Breaking their breaking rocks and they can -- -- -- present -- consumers can appreciate and be quite honest I think you think it's genius now already is genius marketing and it's horrible technology. But it's actually -- they're not over innovating ahead of the consumer -- I actually. But you know let me be the limit maybe it's the limitations of it but this is so. Confused and confusing and that's not out and that for Apple is that the killer right although here we are saying that's so -- not Apple. All of us have tried to re sync an iPad or un jailbreak or jailbreak or whatever and then try and re image an iPad that is confusing as any software and media company has from the word go on iTunes especially. That is the most confusing mess and now to try and move things around re -- -- library change computers -- to a different collection. I can't figured out I swear I cannot figure out a change devices and I in iTunes and not miss something someone -- -- -- my apps aren't there some apps from the -- capital go to the iPad. Yet it's so great I think -- you live in this universe. All your devices -- Apple devices that some of this -- that I think he is going to be a great teacher and it's a typical don't lift the hood Apple except. The the photo thing. Is gonna you know -- organ donors actually needed -- -- people are gonna lose pictures that is just bizarre. And if they don't use iTunes wireless sync which I'm sure many don't they're gonna over there's a repository to find those photos via. And I don't understand showing us a tour except the end of the few hours thing. Showing us a tour in a huge data center. In North Carolina and then behind you what's in and have room for or to store your products. And -- -- -- -- don't have the agreements or the model they wanna do I think there's another issue yet to drop again -- innovating only as fast as they have to get all of us to slavishly cover their -- And make headlines again today this is this available cynical about. About this announcement not intentionally now but the attitude that they know they can take they candidate only as much as they need to. To get lauded again across the world for the next 48 hour I do not see that happening and I really don't mean outside -- -- -- absolutely. I -- it'll be another while he's out we look what Apple does now. Absolutely now the story to sell at 6 o'clock an easy -- what is the thing about easy tower talked to one of you were idle -- -- the minutes and of the tidbits were given what are we gonna say it's easy we're gonna say it's going to be hard for people understand. But that's not explaining it to do exactly what it is and there are some nuggets -- -- -- -- it's gonna make sure all your stuff on all your devices that's easy that's an easy sell for awhile. No -- -- all the editing but the photos is everywhere. And the stuff the photos are always on your original device that I never go away. All your stuff on your -- -- and it's your photos for thirty days and has long deep pay extra effort to be all your music. Unlike load up I always on the original device they never get white format. When you shot it we -- but we have today. It would mean one thing we have the -- -- mr. at least that and the others that even if you turn off iTunes matching music doesn't go away you just don't match any further news. So it's not too hard to sell but we see all the problems in it they could make it great it's only incrementally useful. It's I don't -- seems like a safety net for me like you know if you sync your phone you'll lose all your stuff like always -- and stuff -- -- that you don't -- yet for a short -- -- time -- -- another device or whatever or -- that wanted to -- I think that's only good thing I see about that yet which is you know of some news yet but not huge. So I -- there we are. The double -- mind there's a lot of thought that about one point five per if not months and then allow anybody but -- -- the -- anyway pilot. -- Putting him backward in time memory demo please -- in fact that we're actually did talk about a little bit about Xbox and then hackers gardeners -- Apple superintendent. -- Across the -- making your home town stay connected with your community. CBS radio's award winning all new stations bring you up to the minute coverage on everything you need to know. -- -- Online 24 step back CBS radio dot com. The -- about that everyone I'm -- led frankly across stable administered to get it for awhile we're starting to get this each other. We're gonna go ahead and -- router out of congress hunger hunger. With that here is what we do for you. We came in early and we give their road to the Microsoft live streaming press conference -- -- -- after the two hour keynote. And now we're doing a little special let -- out -- -- little. Anger I'm retiring tired and hungry you are rushing through these -- are which are going to you with a glazed side this interest it's not really that. -- -- really we care. We're gonna -- a lot more tomorrow bomb -- art and hurts Diana you know my heart goes out all the people trying to -- -- -- -- Without an -- in the way it. There was also a live streamed keynote at. -- update there were that Microsoft announced live TV coming to Xbox-360. Sometime in the fall. But they didn't really say much in the way of partnership that we don't really actually know what panel ITV we do know though that they get YouTube now. On -- spotlight which is pretty cool in addition to Netflix. They have kind of on the web video that you would want you -- it being. Coming to the -- -- and -- control. To deal but -- -- you talk like we're talking games and all I hear is. -- This is why we're having balanced plan through now that's wrong. Or well as malaria. I love that they wear it like iPod -- -- -- So by any. And then there are several like twenty minute long game demos -- -- -- -- Nintendo said Sunday that a server for -- US -- website had been hacked. But no company or customer information with compromised it was the first time though that Nintendo had been targeted in recent global hacking attacks area -- games and I'm here. It. Here. And linking the things that throw that that don't involve water T. -- -- well. After that three and still out of it now cocked and ready. Anyway it is will -- less severe than a hacker attacks on Sony obviously because. No personal information on but it does make you wonder why Nintendo. Well -- did post data on the Internet that it claims was Nintendo's server configuration file or data for programming purposes. We don't again know -- walls -- and Nintendo but -- said they they sincerely hope. Actually low click on it it's Twitter accounts of that they were not targeting Nintendo and than we sincerely hope they -- It. I don't mean attacking him for thanks for the help -- security storage or. There. -- stay over there are word. And now please stay over there as long as he -- With the -- CEO. Where. And -- Answering -- -- and -- 383. -- period 200. Marketing and -- -- looked like like okay science news. Okay cool. Ha not -- -- right welcome back. Now please really elaborate -- -- This map. The floor there's really great. Okay science -- this is of interest -- this is the anti matter story of a great story around this to wrap this show intent. Cern scientist in same place to the web was invented by the -- the Swedish or suites -- means to do science -- whatever -- LC aren't stands for in French. Have trapped anti matter. 417 minutes. Which is like seventy minutes longer made redundant before an anti matter has been -- near theoretical outside of a few milliseconds of its existence and now they've actually been able to. Have an existing in some kind of and charged -- -- -- the -- -- for seventeen minutes that's pretty amazing. The story -- -- -- this. Is that I learned about anti matter in a physics class at Berkeley all my cal friends -- -- Motorola and Intel hall which is a rotating stage very cool. From this guy who looks a lot test if it's a ups this is Owen Chamberlain. In his staff photo from 55. People this up Stephen -- -- grab your. I look at him a good job today going to impede and did you look at lecturing knowing that you guillotine is a great guy and we had the classic physics staff photo of the day -- has its pipe. Various. You always -- of the pipe and serious patches on his elbows because that's how you -- in those days. But he taught the class in this site in this physics course and the day he taught anti matter is as long two hour lectures -- horrible lecture you are and -- falling asleep and income mumbled the very end as he finishing up. The discussion bubble blogs -- -- and -- these protons of this -- and that's how I won the Nobel for discovering antimatter in 1950 -- -- in this week. -- You're the guy that discovered anti matter you're teaching an undergraduate course you rock. Owen Chamberlain Goodman. Argue all he wasn't -- lecture but he's got the discovered anti matter you're teaching undergraduate physics he didn't get what -- -- -- -- them but graduate stuff and work in labs and you know those it was just it was very cool but -- The so we have the Geico just quietly humbly -- failure has -- -- the Nobel for discovery. He was great -- a -- Just as recently as last fall -- -- were only able to record the present an -- -- for fractions of seconds and other -- -- human. -- back to -- good for maybe takes out stains but it didn't implement. Would be a good idea in recent episode I'm so -- yet at -- happy if any are gonna get today. Where we're out here they're speculating. Pleases the cnet.com and CNET TV we will have all the video of the keynote today all I'll -- The replay video of the Microsoft -- conference and if you're watching -- live tune in to CNET -- cnet.com assignment 5 PM Pacific time will be -- in this Sony press conference from. What -- third. Are we watching for the track them or Howard Stringer tears underneath pancake -- And then also Nintendo the election tomorrow morning at 9 am Pacific time and at. God willing Brian Cooley I'll be back in this room tomorrow and again -- threat -- and gentleman. And while. There is one aggregate use for it there instantly auto by the -- -- -- can take one of those found boxes out no problem. Only nine dollars ballot -- at cnet.com and Amazon delivers in today's column -- that when they're gonna wanna I wanna spend -- -- more. Beyond a few days to -- -- there and I do want a new thing and they. Music creative there and abundant human by the end up happening now and of the email while -- -- it like. It. Like you have any thing that there. Like you got goodwill left. And and it. It.
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