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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1482: iCloud details, LulzSec strikes again, and USA rules at cupcakes

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1482: iCloud details, LulzSec strikes again, and USA rules at cupcakes

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On today's show, we discover that Sony may have stored more than 1 million user emails and passwords in clear text, which LulzSec happily took advantage of. Also, the Gmail hack may have targeted White House employees who were using their Gmail accounts for official off-books government business. And iCloud might only stream iTunes purchases at launch which, if true, would be a massive bummer. We'll see. --Molly

Today it's Friday few. Third 2011 my name is -- -- I am brand's all time Donald bell. And -- -- look at a buzz out loud to that podcast of indeterminate length at episode 1482. A bone to the show where we stare intently in the camera we did but Donald bell screw it up he normally are just on Thursdays which we appreciate going come on Friday. You jumped the gun we introduce ourselves and completely killed the spontaneous. Moment that we -- -- -- That's largely empty in Auckland and it'll go ahead -- using his medicated right now so I hate tennis they would all around when you guys a cartoon characters I had no idea of minutes available W Wanamaker for a good podcast. -- It -- is dragged to the -- -- -- an ongoing culled. It's and then there than than the rest of -- really -- have -- a Friday though look for a messed -- show as usual. And now it's gonna be great of the all right we're gonna start with the latest seriously this this podcast is not a re run. It is in fact we promised June 3 2011 and Sony has been -- against the antenna at the fact if you listen back to two weeks ago. This is not the same shows -- Now not even not at all now lol secs claiming expression hacked into and back I I started following -- -- and Twitter because I am not trying to find actually a member of that group wants to be interviewed on the early show. Identity protected so in coming. Only blue blue blue face you know blacked out until they hit we're adding an auto tunes yeah I didn't famous I -- them on Twitter and all the -- -- editing the -- That or like -- Sony just FYI -- were going ahead and just make an offer content on the year private information hope you know you know no big. And then sure enough they announced that they had released more. Details. Emails and passwords of more than one million user accounts that it was able to obtain from. Sony pays those advertising ghost -- this is crazy they they posted the links to allow people to download. These documents via which it knuckled day it wasn't even that they threatened to post it or even used it to threaten Sony like hey this is what we have. They -- they put it live out on the Internet. It's really and then but here's the thing and this is remarkable. -- is the part where like I in item you're with a chat of up to a point where they're just like me and years so that that'll -- don't you feel sorry for them until you find out that even after. This unbelievable series of breaches and attacks that have occurred Sony was apparently storing. All one million of these user passwords. In plain text. And is the king -- any effect that even legal. So I don't even though it these are the thing is there so this company is so big they're so silo at. There's clearly not some sort of message across the corporation. Sane you need to protect this stuff. When he -- that when he stepped. What are you looking at this. Sharon at Sony like -- honey -- they don't give -- If -- the united better video and it didn't I haven't cemented the honey badger you crave PU that doesn't give us. The -- -- like that supplies Saturn yes how to for the users that are. You know and conduct -- -- one that's the thing right is that now be as well beyond punishing -- -- it is well beyond these hackers thing Michael Leo or -- Sony for the -- they -- hot thing in the region in the history of. Of consumer pressure and. They're punishing the users now but I -- It's an existing psychological tactic because no like consumer is gonna want to you know. Log into Sony tried to wrap their Passworder credit card information stored at the -- product exactly and it's gonna make them just come off limits says. Anything any kind of company would trust. Adding that embedded outside -- the biggest problem is that this I mean I cannot imagine how you know it it's coming up on the Sony press conference. ID three. It's gonna be on Monday night and yet I mean it's that's the some of the Sony PlayStation so little trash and old precedent some way shape or form yet like they have to end and what are they possibly can take that really. I know it's totally it is about the PlayStation thing at the gaming. Press conference and and there shouldn't necessarily be any reason for it to turn into a security press conference but it -- it's Sony's first major appearance. Then all of this -- or or since the last sort of apology after the PlayStation network -- and you gotta -- like. I wouldn't be surprised at though -- elected because they've been getting hit -- so much now. They've stopped responding to -- anymore you know I -- I don't think they don't wanna bring any more attention they've shown that they don't -- bringing attention to it I would that is in the same tactic would donate to pretend like is that they'll say we're sorry about the Sony PS3 -- but then after that went on the move forward from -- I don't believe in like say. Sorry anyway for the gamers they will acknowledge it would they have the gamers will care. -- -- -- And I want a phone they have to acknowledge I want them to apologize for this attack happened to the ghostbusters franchise they've besmirch the name build -- -- -- and the Bill Murray brand. Over the library and the state up marshmallow man unacceptable. Got a you know running -- their soul that I did they are turning in their ghostly -- and the -- master and muted tie it at that isn't that. -- hacker group looked like not only claimed responsibility for that -- but then they also as though apparently. They're also angry at someone who is a part of the group there and like a big -- because Brandon pike a 21 year old. Who goes by the name shattered yet that's online and they claimed. After that Sony -- that this guy had paid them to hack PBS dot org. Which he apparently does not intermittent but they've gotten -- -- -- -- -- -- -- rolled around in bodies and now they're. Now they're basically like putting him out there as the as the patsy for the PDF fact. Well it -- to happen that I'm like a Fox News right he kind it's said that the mall security was a splinter faction. Of the anonymous group. Rent and so that they are they're mad -- him about that mission. He was out -- out his -- he was once part of the game. And many shouted out some and his home means -- -- -- you don't do that if you're in a game. He's done that the FY IM not that I've been an anonymous by the way has put one a rare. They put up like a poster. And and fed for once that was enough although they have continued to acknowledge that. Because anonymous is not really a group but a diverse and loosely bound collection of hackers that it is possible that some of the thing people have crossed over. Into lol like it now pretty organized that thing. An update on. US official is saying that. It seemed to have targeted this is the new Google ads and they just they detected a hacker in China and got access to hundreds of Gmail. Accounts and that apparently. The hackers were targeting White House employees specifically. Hoping against that they were conducting administration business on the private emails which would certainly hope they were -- I think it is that's the you know it when you said I certainly hope they're not that. I've got imagine though that does happen a lot -- when you have so many employees there's certain things that they don't wanna be on the record. On their actual government emails and so human nature is gonna be let me just take some of this online offline to my other account and you know communicate with another official that's what these hackers were potentially looking -- to lead to clues and more information to gather for their personal account. We'll get it apparently pretty common office officials. Have long used personal accounts to try to keep information to try to keep. Those messages from being turned over to. If there's a subpoena Mike congressional investigators -- got to turn over all official -- if there's a Freedom of Information Act request. Or an archives request you to turn over all of your email so. Absolutely like you're conducting -- off books. Stuff but there's no quite. You need to happen by accident like -- -- even this emailing you guys I have both -- down internal hand and my personal emails. And it -- auto fill that email address and have not careful it could be emailing guys you know something -- someone loves most seem that important to some little personal holiness prize fights going on and now it'll check Donald bell in my email addresses before the bill comes out to China don't don't -- we don't think about criticism high profile -- That's but it does although the administration has continued to you and take insist that no official messages were compromised. Idea. I have to say that they're responding to it so strongly and Hillary Clinton seems so concerned about it that I am start to wonder how wary they really -- Seems like he lingered. A little concerned him there's -- -- report from Trend Micro that it wasn't just email under attack -- Yeah Hotmail and Yahoo! mail users are also experiencing similar attacks with the web based Phishing schemes and I that they wanted to bring the light the fact that it's not just Gmail this is across the board. Across the Internet we're getting targeted by these Phishing schemes via. Yanked and that they've gotten raise your hand and that they've gotten so good like once again we said yesterday that. The spear Phishing attacks have gotten so. Targeted in and accurate -- that big an almost anyone can offer them now though right you don't even have there's a new one apparently that you don't even to click the -- Even though it yarn rather than -- clicking and malicious link even the simple act of previewing it. The malicious email message can compromise the user's account so there's a Phishing email going around now that that pretends to be from the FaceBook security team. And if you I've seen those before I hope they -- If you open it you might compromised -- a fun Nia where all the basically like botnets armies -- waiting to happen. Org botnet zombie -- if you glance the subject line Europe already infected and the -- if you -- email you're infected. Blew my breathe on -- -- part that. Or else period. Or their record to Madrid tiger at the happy and make it like I think I'm -- like I -- -- so publishing noted the top of the -- and sediment and but ultimately super important programming information at the -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- their cell. We're about to talk about -- D&E DT in the iPad announcement and then just as a programming note. Buzz out loud will be streamed live during the W -- DC keynote. Bryant will Brian Tong will be in Los Angeles -- And then will also that we live streaming the Microsoft press conference that starts at 9:30 AM noon an will be clean break and about to talk about to be -- to be thinking. Yet but before we get -- before we do that we do have. It's I that are emerging from what will expect -- what we can expect to see from the -- cloud announcements specifically at WW DC. So we've talked about how Apple has signed universal music which was one of the last. The one of the last four of the big four to sign on with them they also reached agreements with. The large music publishers because there's kind of tease that you have the music rights owners and the publishing rights that they have to pay for in order for this to be for them to get on board. Them to use them in there I cloud service -- some also other interesting tidbits -- -- you wanna talk about how are they. We talked about how does the money revenue has never been they've never figured out for streaming model how the money's gonna be divided -- boy here according to sources cnet's own sources lingering scent of all. The labels will get 50% the publishers we'll -- 12%. And Apple take their standard 30% cut. Now another details the streaming service will be announced but it looks like it will not be available on Monday but offered soon after that. And many other than a saline -- detail for me is that the Apple digital locker store at least at first. Maybe forever will only store music purchased. At iTunes which for me hills huge blob while also like why did you buy a lot of -- -- -- -- technologies they have is like that fingerprinting technology in in the deal to stream entire planet ending a -- -- and Liggett that musical fingerprint of the main -- that they'll probably be able to offer because of the deals with the labels. Like Amazon and Google can't just scan your hard drive and -- the music bit -- at the all of the uploading and it takes -- -- yet to pay for storage and things like that. Apple's main. Benefit may be that it can to scan your hard drive. Near the songs I and then -- cloud and then stream them back to you from anywhere stood -- out that big kind of uploading -- However. And because that's what Lila could do so they have the technology and there's really no reason technically considering that -- -- can do with any song in your hard drive. That it should only be iTunes music. And to meet that the heat that's like in fact -- -- -- yesterday like if you if your only gonna launch with the ability to -- nineteen songs why launch -- yeah you're not ready. Leo I really need to scale and that is that it is automatically come up with part of your iTunes account the purchase history right there anything -- but I mean if you already have Amazon and Google giving you of that entire like uploading guilt -- Mac every song in your collection and value than what is this even competing -- -- -- that ignores I mean you know atlas -- I think it's safe to assume that most people's music collections or at least 5050 songs that they have they have ripped from Phoebe. -- does not like we're talking about them not even uploading songs that you pirated right. This is songs that you ripped from a CD. Will not be able to be streamed back to you from the wild virus that's not a cloud service that the nineteen streaming service. Part of this also was supposed to be how the labels we're gonna -- make some money off of music that -- might potentially have been pirated right is that they will be making now like a streaming license fee. Upload music that you make unite a pirated but now registering -- backed down from Apple's cloud back down here devices and they're always get. Content that ranked as one -- the -- they're also talking about it but I cut costs would cost point minority -- -- I think one thing though. That I know if they launch without the streaming capability of other songs will be -- people being a little brouhaha upset but. It's a lesbian -- announced it. So we don't utilities there's this is still there this is still a rumor on -- we'll see -- better coming out isn't what they're showing up on Monday because of -- into Gatwick adding value to perspective yeah yeah totally its. So then -- mentioned that 25 dollars a year there's also report that Apple is paying the music labels a 300000150. Million dollars upfront. For iPod in advance and I -- as another entry to the -- You know be where users because Apple doesn't pay money unless they plan to make money so that would definitely seemed to suggest that there will be a -- -- I mean out. Pulled in order to get them on board to do this. They're sitting on something like over fifty or sixty billion dollars in cash -- for them to make this service work and for them to make this kind of like. Another champion product in this music subscription world. And this is what they have to do to get it going I mean that's that's pennies to them. So -- -- of his support you know if that's the -- get the labels on board it's -- -- it's smart for them to Panama I love how Google lands on what to do that we've been telling the story about this possible cloud service for now over -- -- right ever -- Ramallah. So this is like -- that the answer to how do you finally get -- yeah I guess you pick them -- did like hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront. Before even come out service and so the be -- -- between twenty by according in the article to be paying between 25 to build it -- million dollars to each of the 4000004 major record labels -- And internationally and Google and Amazon haven't -- that it's not that they weren't willing to -- -- -- they've they've Google got. Planning money directly it's not that they weren't willing to pay those amounts of that they didn't want to agreed to the terms. That they found that the negotiations kind of -- maybe they weren't willing to pay like maybe if that looked. We feel like we can offer a perfectly good offering without having -- you know pay 150 million dollars. Or some combination of all but it. It does. I'm just really I I'm just dying for this particular -- -- Adam Blake. There wouldn't. I feel like that I'm getting -- -- nearly one problem comes about a slightly later Brian have to be either have to be a benefit so we're all waiting to see without 150 million dollars nearby you know if they just buys you the ability. Used scanner guidance and upload and then only standard -- iTunes on. An -- and their legs in a deal wheelock and service for all you the consumer that really just doesn't get in is only used iTunes for their entire life exactly. And they're gonna need to they're gonna need to get us. In here on board. Before they get those people. -- also doesn't even sound like it solves the other problem adamant in wanting. To deal with -- like you -- to synchronize. Your music collection across various devices without having to hook them up and -- and now or haven't -- -- an. And I wouldn't I would be surprised if I mean Apple this is that they haven't cracked the -- -- yet so when things they still requires tethering of every device and you know it. I doubt you'll thievery downloading I'm gonna guess we'll see this -- their big chance to prove that they get the -- I think the -- orally and in a I -- gonna take a quick break when we come back bubble watch. An AT&T is slowly chugging toward board dean. And also the status of the story ever heard -- and you. Welcome back to buzz out loud. Bollywood very serious. -- -- them. And -- serious Donald bell -- everything. Drugged up. Drug. Hi guys welcome back to -- it's Friday it's a very special Friday back the stories group on. By -- for their long anticipated IP. The filing which was let their first formal notice that they expect to launch is -- publicly traded company very soon. In its -- they haven't disclosed. How much money they expect to raise from its IPO some of the evaluation that were thrown around is the company's valuation is worth. Around twenty billion dollars but they seek to raise as much jazz. One billion dollars through this IPO. While out in case you're wondering whether at the bubble or you Wall Street Journal planes out -- as the bullet point don't expect profits anytime soon. -- -- has not turned a net profit in any of its first three years of operations including a net loss of 389. Million dollars in 2010. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They had been making a lot of money. I mean they've been -- 2009 revenue was thirty million dollars in the 2010. Revenue was 713. But -- -- their first quarter of this year was 644. Million growing ever so there are also being calling it the fastest growing or fastest profiting company -- not profiting but. They're sending a lot I don't care college -- if they have to pay if they're paying double or triple. On you know. Three dollars for every dollar to acquire subscriber into the matter and -- -- is not -- -- not commonly we think it's a great idea that'll make money eventually they are actually bringing in money. Amazon was doing the same thing right when -- first -- they were losing money like they were believing money but they ended up being the survivor. Of the but there's like we've said there's so many other threats out there to their business model FaceBook. Living social. Amazon. Google deal. A deal is a deal my friend and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Apparently this is kind of interesting nugget of information in the IPO filing Google broke down the percentage of its coupon they need static category -- When things and to whom on that maybe ad group but I might have but you'll likely that broke down the percentage of -- combined meat category and local goods and services and found that about 13 fully a third of group and offers. Where related to health and beauty of all like spot treatment all the time that's why don't use DuPont has no idea that those -- -- one -- -- things -- -- -- -- like waiting for like a good deal ultimately. I can understand get a Brazilian -- via exactly. You guys are now looking a little bit you know you want a little Botox injections and I think you need to clean that up only does it really good deal on it -- -- don't get all my friends to -- and did a few more videos I think you need this blog blog -- again. -- FaceBook and striking back against the man who claims that he owned half the company -- I think as much as 84% -- the company they've hired private investigators. To look into his claims. That he. Came up with the idea originally announced sentiment and apparently. So they've they've issued statements saying that he is a well known scam artist. They're attempting to prove that the document that part of the -- are an amateurish forgery if they're able to prove that. I mean -- -- potentially face charges for pride. They can they describe him of the convicted felon in a well known scam artist who has spent the last decade of his life. Ripping people off all the patent but it -- so laughable that and now all depends if that is playing Wii getting the right reason -- this in the -- seismic as the column hero. Paul Siegel is one whenever you whenever you say about this man any unless the colonies to say I -- -- the FaceBook that you can stuff. If you area I don't know this intact whenever -- -- -- -- past whatever kind of inconsistencies in your story. -- -- And that that thing where -- masterminded -- wood pellets gamma and and you didn't deliver it would tell you fill some ideas battle oh and only -- what pellets. And there's there's any governor -- encounters -- get into and this is one of them that we had no idea. Now sometimes there's the -- you wanna have a beer with in the kind of guy you want to actually don't have it but ending the more than Canada 1 am merely a yeah I'm not -- wood pellets and got it right and keep your credit card and other. For sure. What do they really use wood pellets for burning for -- For burning like what do they use I don't I'm not a wood -- and there already is -- -- -- they're used for fuel you can also earning her installation you can use them for gardening infant and decorative gardening purposes and in some people use them a letter. -- Well thank you Molly Molly what led -- what Molly Wood -- Molly wait no that's out there thank you don't. Thank you for charity -- Telling them only slightly and -- Well I created a bug -- he told you -- whatever title hotspots outfitting your Molly Wood -- And while okay. AT&T mobile CEO Ralph de La Vega spoke at. And it you know he had almost nothing to talk about right -- -- -- that the number terror in -- having year old guy here. You do you effectively utilized spectrum and what's going on -- crappy network. One of the things that came out of that actually -- that he is that AT&T data network will not be on par with Verizon's LTE it speeds. For another two or three years hull. And that adorable -- -- and I haven't time that is painful -- hear that. Two or three years how -- they get him to even admit that view it as. As a CEO you don't wanna tell people these things yeah I already know what -- -- -- on -- to immediately. And get -- 82 or three years and now. Wow just think they have that much I mean like. Initially is that he could not say when AT&T would meet Verizon's quality because they have used obviously the marketing lies of four G to convince people that they have a four G network. Because it's slightly faster than the three G. But he did say it will take time for AT&T'S wireless Internet to match presence and speed reliability and coverage in the next two to three years he said. And that the quote they will probably be. Indistinguishable. I also like -- in that same. Speech he gave my talk about how instrumental he wasn't helping develop the original iPhone or AT&T -- you know. Role and I would like huge dates of -- first of the iPhone for Apple. Or the phone for Apple's Steve Jobs called me and said we want we want -- to -- the suspect's how to build. Phone apparently testing thing called AT&T that I'm sure they did via yes absolutely it's -- We're going down released I wanna be noted in history -- as eighteen t.s you know role in making -- -- he is fully and all India Poland and Al Gore that I invented the ice -- exactly are suspect. Led to the -- -- Remarkably honest with kind of weird like that that -- many talked about how. -- had to build a complete infrastructure in the company to -- -- information -- when they -- working with them -- -- and which I assume includes like bunkers and primary and after -- -- an iPad remember that Apple windowless room then. -- developers our first testing and -- -- -- amp amp. I and then in other news before we get to -- a happy ending and of course. Computer love canal the army plans to start holding desert trials in the United States next week to test off the shelf Smartphones and tablets. For use in combat. Which can wonder how many of these their own iphones now you know if elected panel -- -- -- here's I have an app and view fragile. It's a little fragile but -- -- -- bigger role in that armor armored -- and academics inside and hopefully in an AT&T. Alone but it is -- AT&T works better. -- in Afghanistan. Yeah I have no idea is -- -- in Japanese means that if the device has proved themselves and testing the service would buy what we need for who needs it now not necessarily giving every one. A phone but -- payment. They -- in the army has. Really -- interest in developing applications that would let people do you know full motion video viewing that. -- and I drought -- apps. That it'll all come down easily apps army apps. Let developers platform -- -- jump on Android or Apple's windows -- the jump on this right now. I know you're probably carve out -- And an -- it's. -- the army incidents they do say that they don't they want relatively portable devices like a couple hundred dollars -- mainly because they don't have to spend when -- 500 dollars to recognize. -- 200 dollar on you know. An -- wonder I wonder how we have a lot of people that are in the military that listen to our show yeah tell us what you guys think about LIG comic you'll actually use seen. What kind of phones are you currently using them may be some you guys are actually testing. The phones -- -- -- you know so the good stuff that they're trying to do with it too wide when it's like to live video from a -- them -- -- -- that's like the parody -- on the guys controlling with it I made out of it. Basically they're putting -- with a saying there weaponized out of area paralyzed. Video but he had to bring out a whole like video rig in order to view Vietnam's that'd be much more can mean Phil how about our -- -- tablet. -- drives which is like augmented reality we built to hold up the phone or the tablet up against the at. The landscape and the landscape of the skyline built the C you know or yourself yeah include biometrics we can actually go to test people in the field and make sure that. You know Paris. Let's see if it. They -- easily spit it out like that that makes a lot of that you don't claim to be likely to regulate the love me crap anyway -- not. Alone but. The lovely it's -- -- this in Diego. You love me our editor. That night and airlines now. Levels and name. And I'll read your biometrics. Let's. Let's move on -- we're gonna out of line and maybe a -- -- and am happy ending. I'm hoping to lessen the impact of this story a little bit I think that I -- you -- strongly sent the intern -- to meet him. And I certainly hope that that is the case you know hoax -- -- -- -- -- Because the story so far is that a teenage boy a seventeen year old -- from China traded. A kidney. To a black market organ harvester and so that -- get enough money to buy an iPad -- -- he. He went on line and there was a broker the BC offered him about 3000 US dollars. To go to a hospital. Have -- surgery to remove his kidney he didn't tell his parents. Until they probably saw him using the light iPad two and -- went to more like -- a hospital. -- -- he. His mother questioned him after he showed up at the brand and Apple have any impact of that vehicle does -- mean she immediately contact the police. They opened an investigation and he is apparently stands suffered post surgery issues. Because the hospitals not all qualified -- per apartment organ donor organ removal. And he says he regrets. Selling -- kidney or an iPad I had read that it was a rains like buy it there like at almost like a third party surgery where someone would come into the facility and do the surgery. So it wasn't someone like on staff. That's that's. That's why this is really wildly. Ever heard you know. 86 that it doesn't blog in this accident elevated. Credit. That's -- like a punch to the kidneys it basically did not admit it it again and I'm hoping for a happy ending happy ending you know I am certainly hoping that if it is -- through that he recovers and frankly I kind of -- it because that. -- relative Wednesday China it sounds like Israel. Just a -- and then let -- And move on Q -- garlic might. Okay -- at noon and and I. What top does what the hibernation noted no -- and said China he does -- edit it with Intel. I don't like oh yeah stayed out what is going on here and probably -- in Atlanta opinion on politically palatable if the. NASA got back -- MI six the British intelligence agency apparently hacked and al-Qaeda on -- magazine. That was supposed to deliberately and cute funny articles about how to make a bomb in the -- -- your -- And they cute and funny but -- -- -- that -- -- they had cute little titles that -- recruiting magazines -- let -- -- cool and sexy. And instead and I -- replaced all of the instruction. With a recipe for cupcake. Now that really is cute I like it and I also like -- there's the minor kicked in the kidney which was the fact that -- Published it the best kept kicked in America recipes that -- published by the Ellen degenerate talk show America's. Cup -- -- It is right. The Warren thought the best contact check the that you can't destroy our and our interest in cupcakes and apparently -- had article in relation to -- -- Kagan recently it will never been diminished -- I don't care what it. We own -- -- right here in America. -- generous according to the telegraph actually is similar. Pentagon operation was blocked by the CIA. The claim that the magazine is more valuable source intelligence that that that life. They're like actually we kinda wanna know let allocated selling enabling them to building -- that we can look for signatures and things like. And then it sounds like now it's better they never learn it it's a way funnier if they're actually reading about -- is way funny area -- can't live on -- -- movement. You move that they took them on the field started the growing red velvet -- people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lee why can't we just have cupcakes -- war than that of gun. -- of the UK -- the best cupcakes in America like they didn't even take an opportunity like. Trump their own -- making ability how could say -- but how -- they USA ruled that cupcake at that at the and and and title and and it -- you couldn't -- them. You know you know they can be -- 11 -- and before that we have them at some other feedback from you it's time for. -- -- -- -- Try -- -- and click OK. Yes Wednesday piece of anti Cuba isn't peace loving -- United man have you heard that -- -- you pilots start up with the -- build we have possibly first up. The most upsetting -- I've ever heard of either via our lawmaking process. Able to allow people's -- -- from national -- just wanted to comment about the new innovative antipiracy law created Tennessee. -- and governor Apple was asked to comment about it he stated quote I believe that piracy is a big problem in this country. I have to admit that I don't know much about this legislation but I think it's very important. -- -- I -- -- for. Of the show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have to know a stuff about the love that it happens it comes islanders and post it note on it they said scientists -- the latest gotta go with you've got Molly I believe I believe that piracy the big problem because veritable implement them. It -- happens when -- when any private industry can come with big gift wrapped piece of legislation and checked. It now and be like you ego make -- a lot BR -- Really know much about that. My insulin a preferred way to do that for him off the -- -- I don't need to. And then the tips I love Levy does with the tips -- the tips come in our next caller has a tip about what Amazon might be planning in the future. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- State -- -- will company. -- Adequately and that way I look at -- when it social and local. -- -- -- The -- school and everything running well another company said at any minute. So their Fuller. It should be happy and now it again being that he is not making an iPod competitor well exactly that's like republic com and -- That means in Britain area but that -- about sneaky is a picture from going through group and I'm happy happy yeah but. -- -- -- -- -- -- Someone walks by and whatever that -- that -- -- me. Actually how to gallop into -- of can be held Amazon local. In oh no alien if there's even a link are any level that Amazon.com. Slash subscribe. Any minute and -- at least 50% on local restaurants -- entertainment and Warner. Although and the tariff that they got -- about it the base for the tip apparently it may be -- emails sitting right before you call. It -- an -- of emails. Actually I meant to maintenance yesterday when we're talking about the Twitter extension for Firefox but only god I'm -- knows about giving them all the open it turns out tavern restaurant and says it's closing episode 1480 when he mentioned the Firefox Twitter edition of whatever it is -- -- having grown. Well in terms of the tiny tab at least Chrome and Firefox both have a great feature where you can right click on a tab and select pin tab or in Firefox -- -- app. Tap or whatever. And it will dock the tab as a small Fave icon on the left -- -- if -- even if you close the browser -- the next ten openings -- the idea that for me mount. Remember I'm new to Chrome I know I -- I seem only like a month in the okay and thorough that you get to -- about that depend have the I was thrilled to I didn't learn about -- out of school but the only unless there's some sort of it's extension you can add on you still can't use the search bar to type -- -- hash tag or an app name and we actually got emails about all the different there are much different from extensions that let you do. Extend Twitter functionality into -- anatomy and -- again there are a lot of and -- I don't. -- -- -- -- and OK awesome should go to this one here we go to continue my coverage I'm trying to which had to work this thing right okay hey buzz I'll. Am I the only person not impressed with windows it on a tablet right now I'm tired of the metro UI it's a launcher we. To -- I've seen more than one carbon copy of it for Andreas I don't mind -- in fact I've used a convertible tablet for years but they need to make a clean cut. They need to make it clean cut with. How it works in the back down. For example the registry tablets -- an obvious place to make that jump but now need to do the same required apps or to safely get online and keep windows running game. -- Keep windows running game. The -- windows running game counselors sent from Michael of the -- I had -- -- transform off whenever I don't care Edmonton but we didn't get a couple we wanted to give a little bit of counterpoint is we've got like when they literally globally a couple of emails from people over to thank you and -- also brought someone in the studio I wasn't -- -- -- -- you -- like it at all now. And I that I got sickness -- in April at home idea. I don't know I just was expecting a little bit. More innovation is as it does kind of feel like Windows 7 with like a little -- thing with the help simplify things up front but it's not. There's a Bill -- who is -- -- there is like that kind of committee. You know and going into -- -- we need to make everybody happy. Well or else it is -- so that's likely no but just that that means -- windows back and is there. This -- sneaking feeling behind the curtain. And I feel like. You -- you don't let you know. Then I also feel like it's not gonna help them reach any closer towards like battery life management -- the other concerns over tablet smaller piece of its true that I will want to the in the future some technical details about how they're you know it's -- be better -- they did they was gonna be lower power it like Windows 7 -- lower power I think that it's it's a windows tablet except -- -- look for -- little. Launcher that pops up in front and it. -- -- I'm becoming -- public yeah yeah yeah -- does. I acknowledge parental right sometimes you guys seem had a I looked at the hater -- going Dustin -- -- and that I know that and -- these themes like the future and we were great for at -- but it's gonna be completely annoying while we're waiting in line behind someone trying to use it. To think of problems -- iPhone ran out of battery can unlock my phone I'm and it's the app amnesty -- -- to the working. Not to mention the next four years of -- fade in and can competition confusion between the different standards and terminal. I'll -- an RFID credit card with a rolling aren't they tight security code any day. Before the forthcoming and -- train wreck. -- -- and a good -- all yeah we've experienced some easing the shopping line and we talked about it if supermarket shopping. And -- he could not make that any more difficult. -- next. We had time governor -- one because it is all the same brand on but we got so much feedback about space shuttle transportation. I love above Oscar because they know there's a -- might just out about space shuttle -- haven't even seen as email only to this you know several bureaus in that they essentially what Ernie said Ernie from his day. There you will have a chance to either shuttle endeavor hauled by truck. From ally react to the California science has been hauled by truck and of the fifteen to twenty -- nobody like the letter. It's a fifteen to twenty mile trip depending on the route -- taken as a story in the LA times about it how it is gonna be like. Deriving Parsons a global engineering firm based in Pasadena is donating its services to -- the logistics. Of transporting the orbiter from LEX to the museum grounds you're gonna have to be routed on streets that are not obstructed -- freeway overpasses. And he said dude you gotta get to that which is oh my god -- -- to -- is that also it's been done before. When you sort Edwards Air Force Base back before Bryant was born and when my little baby black -- Well I mab being -- sixty you'd think I'd like forty and ranks -- think -- -- Look if they did he dresses and acts like a child does not mean that -- is in fact that and -- a child like men. Anyway it. Back on topic. The space shuttle was back before we -- were born. Driven. By track from the Palmdale California plant way to the animal doesn't you Edwards -- if it would be nearly. Forty mile trip that happened at three miles per hour. That is awesome -- now. -- you know -- we actually found a compromise because it is partially full blown and largely taken by truck so everybody and hey. No hears that and Donald totally don't all of I think -- an -- Donald -- and value camp would -- -- -- like we said yesterday everyone in this room was wrong. No one spoke up if everyone was like death. -- policy -- both made a few references the I would be cool looking at about shuttle on the truck -- I would have said something sentiment zeppelin we just nod and smile when the babies packing and then. I really haven't sir Alec it's not bar in -- -- its computers. Cable. -- unity. I am gonna laugh out -- campaign is suing the -- -- -- -- mini -- this one comes from royal and Sarah. Doesn't sound right this -- as I know this is a different royal another king of buzz out loud. A crew usually miss the live show well worth but I make it -- to -- -- -- afterwards my favorite day. Is computer love Friday because that's when -- not so -- tech savvy -- Lessons about fell out with me she enjoys the stories that all the listeners submit and -- the advise them only gives sorry BT. With that I was hoping you'd be able to give us a shout out -- if you love as little deal will surprise present to our wedding tomorrow June Ford. Thanks guys and I can't wait to see her reaction. Congratulate. And. Load it -- love is grand royal we love love. Wonderful have a great wedding as -- -- -- -- just on them that everything is perfect and you have wonderful and if you use this song in some of those moments. That -- -- -- -- -- Have those moments. I'm I'm sure should be looking at the best bet that that isn't her you wear and like house -- -- royal wedding to. -- love trial they -- And -- them because I met my -- my ex girlfriend on OK cupid it was the first serious relationship I had from an online dating site. Sadly about a year into it we -- we weren't right for each other and so we ended it like any break up -- hard for me at first but it's been a few months now and equipment -- time to start dating yet. However I'm hesitant to use the same site again. Due to the sentimental aspect of -- morning into the common thing with other online gators liked my friends that don't -- return to a bar cafe limit their -- that. -- wanting to avoid eating in a restaurant that you used to frequent together. I really hate to limit my public doesn't that a pretty good experience on their compared to other dating sites. But I appreciate any appreciate any advice you can offer you. ITunes -- -- I think my opinion -- that still bothering them months mean we -- now over it you're not required to be a decent. You know get past -- -- -- -- Bozeman can keep it old -- Pollute the waters -- that make you feel a little less national. That's my advice. Good fit that I didn't know that I didn't realize they -- on the show that's awesome. -- open up a whole new like 69. -- you -- A. Inevitable terrible experiences and and I don't think -- -- the -- account via the Internet banking. Meant to -- you'll have managed Somalia and I've never not had -- There are now hire more drugs please you are now officially -- -- While I would say I mean. If you really need the best site you know you might have to just kind of power through and go back there but if you're really -- -- -- sentimental and now. If you're really ready -- and. Yeah I mean it's also the site has -- one of the most you know the site has most geek -- out of all the -- -- per say yeah so. At the end of the day just gotta get through that power through a move on find your loved one interesting thing I heard that OK -- actually is -- apparently you. Can he people's activity that you can actually see who's looked -- your profile. Riddle and so if you think that you are -- -- act might be stopping you a little bit like this just know that they can tell I guess they can tell when your on. And they can tell -- -- whose idea -- off like a buddy list just make yourself visible I don't know. And -- now let us I know I'm -- liquid I don't think even a stock down last night you can totally you've just started dating someone -- on. That you met on OK cupid or whatever you can see if they've been online looking -- other people. Announced today -- clinic and that actually sounds creepy that some deeply creepy. So maybe you know I imagine that now -- the -- and that's a lot safer. Well it does not enough and I actually have no idea and other features an -- that paid them I don't know I don't know you know what let's do. We should commit to a little computer and everything I think that we should create profiles. On OK cupid. And that it can -- don't know what the -- I'm talking about the an -- -- eating and how. You guys up. I have a lovely lady -- at the ability does let. Again they don't if you've -- and I love and if you like to complain about all things computer elaborate please operated at our blog -- all that the NI com -- what -- -- six Olympics do you think 38. Buzz at cnet.com is our email address and my guess that we'll see you a little earlier than usual for the live show cnet.com slash live 10 AM. But Microsoft latching type at 930 will be here at 10 AM for the WW DC -- that's right and he's. Have a Good Friday -- -- Scared me.
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