Audio: Ep. 148: Zune HD's moment in the sun
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Audio: Ep. 148: Zune HD's moment in the sun

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Donald and Jasmine give the newly-official Zune HD its deserved time in the spotlight as they both gush about the player's design and HD features as well as speculate about pricing and other possible WiFi-related additions. Also this week, the Insiders discuss rumblings about a potential Sirius XM App for the iPhone. Then, Jasmine brings up some of the tiniest MP3 players to ever be reviewed by CNET, while Donald goes off on a tangent about audiobooks. And we musn't forget to give props to the entity that gave this whole digital music thing a violent shove into the mainstream consciousness: Napster celebrates its 10 year anniversary this week.

Transcription not available for Ep. 148: Zune HD's moment in the sun.

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