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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1466: Google and the nine OS strategy, and Microsoft buys Skype

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1466: Google and the nine OS strategy, and Microsoft buys Skype

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Huge news day today, with Google's I/O presentation packing about a day's worth of news into a single hourlong presentation--and this is just the first day. We wonder whether Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Chrome OS can exist in the same world, and whether the music labels will ever again get a seat at the table. Plus, why Microsoft bought Skype, cellphones getting disaster notification texts, and the New Yorker comes to the iPad. --Molly

Today is Tuesday may tenth 2011 mining -- -- -- I'm -- I am Hollywood's talking a buzz out loud enough podcast of indeterminate length. It is episode 14160. Fixed. How the show where I just realized that perhaps between income people that we were alive who I know which means everybody missed a singing in -- in the pre show and I never again. All sorry guys sorry guys -- -- out big time but dirt Derek. Today is a news packed day pulling him -- -- holy hand -- Do you -- the kids and. I might -- haven't heard that -- or not. Holy Hannah Montana -- and only rock wall held bells there's a lot of new and today you guys almighty god and started off. -- it was a Google IO's keynote here over -- senator Cisco just a few blocks away for less and I'm got to give them major props first of all in an hour they were able to pump out like. About six key -- points of what they're gonna be doing moving -- So are enough that they wanted you know show their how impressive they were they -- -- -- hundred million users activated worldwide on Android devices. -- point -- -- app installs but some stuff that we saw here sign up with honeycomb. Three point one and we've talked about how we are hoping to make get a little more polished and finish on it they didn't go deep. In -- showing off their new flavors of honeycomb and -- can -- -- but. They showed up more true multitasking involving more than just recent task a lot of apps going on -- same time resize the widgets and a cool kind of interesting thing that data showed up with. -- you'll now be able use a tablet device or honey -- device. Excuse me as a USB host so you can directly connect keyboards mice even game had they had an Xbox controller directly plugged into. A tablet. And USB sticks to off load. Digital photos directly on your Android device without some cool functionality -- be rolling out to Zune users first through Verizon they said I believe. In -- out today as well as clinical three point one will be integrated into the next version of Google TV. And give you access to Android market place. You have really interesting because they they kept on that track about honey come being the very. The tablet device and then also being expanded to a Google TV interface -- like okay it would do -- every Google TV. -- But then they rolled out ice cream family to it is the next version. Which there alphabetical member ambulances earlier thought that it meant I have this thing in somebody out there's absolutely -- the -- but he it was Elizabeth out -- -- it. -- gingerbread oh gingerbread -- -- -- in their area and -- -- I know I've been damaged. Any -- don't declare there was. Yet don't let. -- -- -- Night okay thirty day ice streams that -- be the first resident and her attitude to that's designed to run on all kinds of devices though it won't just be a tablet OS this will be. And open source and -- version. They'll run on phones tablets and then even like you said devices like Google really did a lot of hardware extension showing off at and at this particular. And 8101. Insisted on calling calling everything you know. A keynote presentation speech while wanted to state things they came out this is that you concede though that -- data and -- -- say it but there's a division between. Ice cream sandwich -- -- honeycomb -- -- for tablets but -- seems like that's gonna be more of Google's controlled environment. They referred to ice can sell it as open source move and it is compatible on tablets silly your -- -- a separation of the two. And they're at the same time they are bringing some of the interface and features from honeycomb on to ice cream sandwich as -- there's there's there's a little bit of it I don't know if you if you wanna see confusion everyone says fragmentation -- getting sick of -- -- but there's a division between the two products. Canada overlap -- same time and it would seem to suggest to me at least like I was the product. Some people were speculating yesterday that there might be a Chrome OS announcement because all the pieces seem to be coming together for that. I am I was a little surprised that there isn't one but the way that they are kind of trend it. Quickly upgrade honeycomb but then develop ice cream sandwich as really an embedded operating system for all kinds of devices even appliances because they really. Laid out this kind of Android everywhere strategy but -- me seems to suggest that the next version of -- it's gonna be there kind of underlying OS that can power. The entire world. And that Chrome OS then might be the one kind of replaces -- -- In some is that it becomes really that the kind of like tablet laptop incline -- I guess they're sticking with that answer. I still still skeptical that I still feel like they are there really stuck on -- -- -- still being like a laptop. Specific LST think they would have like anybody role in tablet and Croats -- -- -- and Andrew and ice cream or you know Android era for. -- -- there -- -- will these devices will Lee Hannah I know it's -- Well Leo I know I'm not you know why can't they went on -- -- my grammar school -- have them and the that -- And people in -- immersing that the Chrome OS announcement actually -- -- -- That but that may still be that may be yet to come. Other announcements though today some upgrades to the Android market including the fact that you can now the rent movies in the Android market starting at a dollar 99 through your browser and your devices -- And that'll be that the usual 24 hour. Rental window -- what's that thirty day thing. Tony you can have stored movie for thirty get up to thirty days and then you have to once you watch it -- when he for hours one interesting thing that they showed is that. They called it penny -- but. One of the advantages they said oh you can rent a movie and see it from the cloud but if you wanna take it with you you don't an option and in the movie and then in the back on it downloads it. Natively tier device on that are on the drives that you can take it with you. Thick yes also if you're curious about the rental movies it'll be rolling out honeycomb throughput -- -- get -- on Verizon I believe they also said that will be today part of the honeycomb deal. And then users of 2.2 or hired will be able to get access that on their phones in a couple weeks so that's good stuff that really. Showing now we can't complain about them not having a multi media -- now as. It will reportedly function it will -- it will function other as an online music partner that can store 20000 songs for free unlike -- -- 1000. Songs. Devout Muslim -- remember -- -- like I read some tweet from somebody who said. -- I have nine gigs of music and I'm not gonna paid several thousand dollars a year to store it in there are those people out there. And that's what Google does what they did with Gmail they came -- and offered a gig of free storage and -- -- -- -- -- a -- -- yeah yeah. This -- some difficult things here also they showed up instant mix which is that. You could say very similar genius playlist and iTunes also syncing playlist across the -- again through the cloud. It does capture most recently played music -- about it that's always on the device. You can if you guys want to jump into it you go to music dot google.com. You can sign up to be invited or send an invitation into the beta. It's also downloadable today at least done some of the music features. On your Android phone devices on 2.2 and higher and there is like most it's 40000 songs -- for the beta right now I I don't look in a statement that that's. That's pretty box and as we like to say. It's interesting -- because they're doing just. Right after Amazon and they're doing and in a very similar fashion. Which is that they rolled it out without the music labels on board analyst -- their from the demos that -- you could -- directly from your iTunes collection and throw it over into your Google music beta product you think you premier Amazon yeah I mean if you just directed -- -- folder I I think it's gonna start editing and your entire address also. On the for partnerships. Kind of going back to the with the mobile situation we always talked about how annoying it is further updates to be rolled out when it comes slow when they don't come at all they did announce an industry -- -- they don't have -- name for but the working with. Many factors and the carriers all four US carriers were on board -- for creating new rules of how quickly. New devices will be updated with new Android releases I think everyone who has an Android device can say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- totally listen to me on the flight. The thing they're following my specific instructions that apparently can get control of Android that you don't lose the that you don't lose the goodwill of your customers go totally -- -- -- absolutely. Brilliant for them and if you wanna talk about brilliant things we saw now Google and their Android platform really trying to enter in not only the home but. Your life -- in and every device you can think of the announced the Android open accessory on initiative where planets and API. That allow Android devices to work with any device -- It what was -- about this is if you plugged in like for example here it workout machine at your gym in your Android phone it would -- Detect the device but the device would tell the Android -- -- Go to the Android market place and get an app that is compatible with this device yeah so now you're having. That you know physical products that are able to dictate that they get the -- and and interact with that was sweet. Yet definitely part of that kind of embedded OS systems -- idea and the idea of being -- -- anywhere strategy and there's an interesting article on TV net today that's like top takeaways in reality check. And -- -- the reality text they point out of every one is gunning to be the living room operating system you know Microsoft wants to do it that's. We'll get to that a -- but they're trying to make the Xbox the hub Apple is trying to do it it's and they say it's really important. That Google is aiming to do this connected devices and the appliances that are not currently Wi-Fi enabled because of Google can be at the heart of the smart home and they've got it right you know. And they say it it Android at home might have been one of that seemingly minor announcements from today but it's like going to be hugely. -- yet just to be clear like. Android open accessory was more look like. Third party devices but Android at home that in -- -- A receiver its own -- wireless protocol. That has to be embedded into devices like lightbulbs or your refrigerator. But the Android at home application framework will allow this protocol to talk to -- devices so controlling your lighting system at home because they have a receiver chip. That'd that is specific -- that they've built for this. Yeah so coming out -- for both direct and yet the API and with their own for -- aren't exactly and other. They're gonna be everywhere. And then of course the the main reason that everybody wants to go to Google I wanted to be the highlighted via Google I O they gave everyone in attendance. -- which we wouldn't have been able to keep anyway. But still I -- given it -- -- in May be a listener I know would have benefited -- An unreleased. Ten point one inch Samsung tablet -- -- You're all welcome it's. -- wipe out -- we're gonna. A few -- comeback this now -- headquarters we got people there a -- -- just just for a second to their music service because that how they launched without the label support. And I love the fact that the label public -- so far in everybody's estimates and that not only did they pull an Amazon and launch without the label partnerships. But they also told all things. Quote unfortunately a couple of the major labels were less focused on the innovative vision that we put forward a little more interested in an unreasonable and unsustainable -- -- business terms. Wow. Now while via -- but the that's -- load alone crack me up like they're so arrogant but it. Amazon Google -- like forget you guys -- -- will work on your deals later but legally we intend to still do this has -- useless to -- strategy that. Benedict totally totally and then met again that's just the Google news that's about yeah they're still today. Visited that kind of earth shattering news of the day it's pretty big -- great day after. About a week I guess the rumors and discussion about who might buy Skype it turns out. -- -- -- obviously. There are acquiring Skype for approximately eight point five billion dollars this -- this. A lot you like that's a huge -- this also covers -- debt in the deal transactions via. They're about three million or a three billion -- so dollars in debt -- Which makes you wonder I mean and the Skype just keeps getting snapped up by people for billions of dollars and then it keeps getting snapped up by companies that make you go them. What are they -- -- -- that exactly I think though at least having the Microsoft -- Where they are everywhere we've talked about in the living room even India. Enterprise business -- there's a lot more places for Skype to work here compared to -- In all -- Alia. You know it's gonna be a wait and see game but it'll be. I I I don't see how -- you know incorporated into like connected -- -- I mean I I think it's definitely part of the whole home strategy and it's about being. Bringing communication to that most important device they make which is actually you know. -- the Xbox and now the connect camera because. The idea of incorporating this into connect is like -- tell -- like teleconferencing and TV -- Done yet the you know what we first mentioned the story in it was. FaceBook and I think potentially Google were involved in the rumors of scooping them up. I wasn't that impressed about the idea believes Microsoft and their platforms -- they have to use the Skype brand name this makes. Hold much more sense because now you have people on your computer the second top there I think -- something like around. Isn't 100 million connects. -- and I'm sorry a 149 million X boxes are out there on the market but ten million. Connects are already in homes they had they showed off connects Microsoft. -- windows messenger live app that you committed you know use the video -- but no no one really uses that now that I know of you -- comes in you put the -- -- put their infrastructure on there. I'll be taught in you know my girl in Oregon inlet she's -- connect -- and can expect that the whole new lol when I also now. Reality I was that public it'll give you that you -- asking for I know that they will connect the camera I was cool about because it can penetrate new tracks your movement so I'm sitting on the couch. And I want to get like a player -- it moves and follows me to keep -- -- time. The other way what what -- does that right now -- now the other day actually making that I was playing connect and then I have sent patent turn off that. Al-Qaeda. Where there. And then it but I walked up to and I realized that it was still on in -- public. I got really great. And I am I think we have -- -- Microsoft is watching me off off. Anyways and I also think there's a lot of opportunity for makers of not only to an end to integrate this with connect which they should you and and you and that will be a phenomenal feature but -- -- in integrate some of the functionality into windows and so part of the Justice Department will allow them to. And it can baked right into windows eight and make it sort of a couple of MS and is currently in patent it and -- I actually think of all of the companies that could have purchased -- Microsoft is probably the closest it or at least they have the most they can do with -- the question is. Well if -- an old we'll see how this plays out they have the places to put it and the brand name does speak for itself. But you know it's -- this is gonna be -- C. -- today pay too much time. We'll see how this all plays out because I think most recently -- -- Skype lost seven million dollars in the most recent quarter and are still lose there's still aren't necessarily profitable that's. I mean eight billion dollars is a pretty insane amount of paper for Skype I gotta say I don't I mean it -- like what it really was a power play. They there were discussions about -- there were rumors that Google and FaceBook we're talking about paying three to four billion dollars. In their talks with -- that it suggests that Microsoft was relieved swelling family whatever it takes. Here's the money. But when you if you pay a 100% more than your competitor. Willing to pay then you know that Google and they're like okay ever Skype -- -- that Skype was planning an IPO. And whether they IPO -- or not. It either transaction was going to help them out and be a big win for them yeah just as -- -- so I'm sure they. -- K with it on -- Mac have money to burn in -- we can't stop kind of -- -- at the bottom but they do you have money to burn and they have a lot like we just that a lot of places they can they can effectively integrate Skype. That's the effectively part of the is that union so the -- now there's -- -- -- -- you know we'd love to hear you guys think about it yet so send machine -- -- -- cnet.com. Let us know how you feel because this -- of these are too big names yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- academy -- go live in the morning when I open up the things that make you young teen. And I are gonna take it could break. When we come back 23. Thousand people being sued in BitTorrent downloading case this New Yorker is coming to the iPad to thank goodness. And how to charge your cell phone with your -- Traffic delays stock market reports believe is developing stories CBS radio's award winning -- -- stations are always there every minute. Every second. Listen life online 24/7 XCBS radio dot com. Welcome back friends -- buzz out loud Molly Wood in the house. -- -- -- -- And when in the Zaragoza that I looked like -- total rocker and I really -- -- I didn't really feel that but I'm probably meant to be -- I think I think -- saw someone that you. That it's okay let it out I I thought I saw some that look like you Adam Lambert content -- I went ouch. Has until that as a phenomenal Eunice I had my that it was the -- a concert from we can better -- not hurt it and testing here today. Did -- through the bottle and. And potent and all right Stephen -- him into the -- But now with -- then again you guys opened up with us now we know that you guys really don't watch TV anymore and how are -- to find out. When there -- those disaster alerts well get this up to five years a plain national emergency alert system. Will now be sending messages to cell phones. During disasters its setting to launch this initially. In New York City and Washington by the end of the year but there -- this would send us via text message alert in case of terrorist attacks natural disasters. Other serious emergencies. This makes complete sense them they've been regular for my fears that president you know. -- -- and -- one at one of things is -- to be three levels of messages there's a critical national or from the president. The warnings about impending are -- natural disaster so -- be small things like accident on the corner of the street. It'll be big stuff. And you can actually opt out of all but the president solar though if it though you -- stay idling amber alerts and warning and -- you know -- That there's basically three levels that range from the critical national alert from the president -- nearly enter -- -- boarding. That -- Will -- immediately we live in a fighter jet that's you know that. It's a fun and remember this -- speech -- on its. Today. We declare our independence. And he also. There is a special chip required to -- to receive these messages some phones. Currently house Smartphones -- -- them in in their phones so it to be part of this initiative -- only now. I assume -- board. It's gonna be a no brainer these phones -- the chips but. It's -- an emergency broadcast it it is actually that. Very smart and if the messages are expected to get through even if the traditional parliament -- -- you can opt to receive all three levels of warning or just let me know at first contact and -- Parted economy we're gonna get at tech and now and the steady people are gonna be free and Larry that they sent -- satellites -- old meets our that they like let him know we -- here. Out but there it -- -- battle Los Angeles accidentally. A movie that you did see twice and only if Oracle and and two times in three days. I have I haven't action John Q what you want to have it wrong with that. -- -- I'm -- Well back. We I know I don't glamour reference for those who don't know. -- the crowd like no idea. Move for me. Though the I was so get an excellent -- in. -- soon. A survey in the June issue of consumer reports. And that of -- twenty million miners to actively -- basement was actually shocking. Seven and a half million of them were younger than thirteen. And more than five million were younger than ten. It's notable not only because who -- children's words so technologically advanced but although the terms of service require -- users to be at least thirteen. That's a problem with Internet if if the parents are again and monitor it public can you do. Yeah I think if you -- -- if you know there's plenty of parents that let -- kids us play on the Internet all day I've I was ten years old and I knew about FaceBook I would sign up. No I mean let I know probably doesn't -- -- you know like if -- with. That maybe if it does needs to have sort of a parental permission thing -- you you. Water obviously their line and get that puts the lie to the the real name thing Disney did scoop up that social network oh we talked about maybe three or four months ago -- -- -- I guess kids don't really care about now and. And now they want revealed. That they want everyone and we -- anything about -- the time there are that bad they didn't goal is that they were hoping they get him a victory and keep from there you know. Other social networking at the needs of the beat -- on how kids are surprised -- I believe that they aren't there ahead of the game. But they did say that the survey found that a majority of parents and kids ten and under seemed largely unconcerned. By their children's use of this site. Consumer reports -- -- using FaceBook presents children in different and -- with safety security and privacy risks and -- exposed ease of use of -- but -- exposed more than five million online US households -- some type of abuse. Including virus infections identity theft and for a million children bullying so as colonize -- better than that -- -- that the bad neighbor as a momma would you let. You know child on FaceBook at ten. I'm just for you personally I know I mean ten seems so yeah I know is that when I look at my kid now think about what -- -- became limit and -- I actually. I don't think that is but is that danger as long as I would prefer that we're doing it together -- -- yeah so that I can say here's your privacy settings. I mean it is probable. -- Clinton please click all five boxes yes I mean he can't figure he'll be he'll try to be like writing code by the -- it and it can get these Internet her life. But you'll be able to figure out pace with privacy settings -- that's not like really I mean I know ten year -- are smart but even 25 year old champion that out. -- I don't know if it's an interesting thing but I have to admit I was sort of with the people who are largely in concern I don't think. I think consumer reports is taking a very can only be -- here by being like well if you greedy ignorant you know. And and I am not trying to minimize online bullying I think that if any -- you. That is the major concern about -- -- but -- -- it may have been looking at pictures and -- farm Bill Clinton on a credit card number and went. -- Also you wanna talk about bullying and the largest single illegal bit -- -- case in US history. -- just been thrown out at least 23000. File shares will soon get notified. By the US copyright group in a subpoena to Internet service providers for downloading. The ever so popular movie the expendable. -- Powell. Sylvester Stallone's flick my mind of -- man I'm surprised point 3000 people even saw that movie I'm just to -- advertisement. Parent and I'm in that picture is really -- that they -- and I don't move thing about it is this skin looks so smooth. But they're they're taking them they're taking this a model that the porn industry has been notorious for doing. Where they can't they find out the IP addresses of people -- to download a file and claim it. They try to file these little lawsuits and get around you know 3000 dollars for someone who doesn't wanna get any bigger trouble actually are and employment department industries got -- for the music out -- hand -- And -- true true yeah so they're doing the same thing here with this movie. -- thousand. 23000 is pretty remarkable -- close the single lawsuit in size to be expendable case. Targeted 151550. When BitTorrent users downloading some porn links little finally I will never analog value that in fact I can't believe that they actually publish them in wired and that they were an evil one are -- words what that -- not you're not. Do not. Do not. Anyway I -- it that's. In fact this particular case it feels like one of those things -- -- like collier movie -- and no one wanted to payment and you just need money defeat definitely Kathy -- -- out of his cryogenic chamber and put him into an action movie -- want to go to it. But some people -- like maudlin curious and so they downloaded it negative through the crap out of everyone okay make better movies. All you need to talk to Celeste I am not about uniting the piracy that -- basically easily etc. using all his movies for like comebacks in Iraqi it's his movies the -- He wrote rocky yeah he do -- yeah so he's like -- -- a -- to be back in the spotlight and we'll put out expendable. -- to have gently on it. Summit have Jeanne -- -- evidently was that it generally you don't want -- -- dog demand yeah you the only one not -- it. He -- grab you right now is that all the great action -- antibodies to get I think health wondered who visited via there are a bunch of its its its classic like. -- level. And -- guys in you I did like them earlier red. We didn't and a a schools and we I didn't see it and a parent I don't -- kind of fell asleep and really yeah I was partnered with tiles yeah that we've been finding them and I can't get -- -- titles that to close that window and move on its. -- -- How to -- anyway of phones. Being on my -- -- nope. -- do not track legislation that we've been anticipating for quite some time has finally officially been introduced by senator John. Democrat from West Virginians sponsor of the bill -- that I believe consumers have a right to decide whether their information can be collected and used online -- with bill offers simple straightforward way. For people to stop companies. From tracking their -- online which is an optimistic way to put it considering that most people hate it. -- know think about technology and said that it would be largely unenforceable and extremely hard to implement there but. Good start every browsers doing -- now they're they're making it kind of one of those gotta have features interestingly -- Google has recently become the only -- browser maker to explicitly join lobbyist opposing. A proposed California law that and how much the same effect Google of course being the company that -- publicly. And they are all about third car third party cookie tracking that you mean they -- -- they care about that stuff and Islam -- well again and they're -- they make money that weird. Everything we do -- I'm doing everything well. And okay and -- an unattended about the Google I -- thing about making money and using many explicitly -- Sony talked about plugging in accessories either tablet they had when connected to a mini little elaborate. Yeah they with a little marble the holes really you could move the tablet and do the -- trying to with a marble -- a bill like. Something like a hundred foot scaled labyrinth. Big platform with a big marble. And they show the and it's act supposedly it's over and let's go -- right we deploy walked by and see it he says they you know. To just show you their capability is the right up. Primarily contract someone to make a hundred foot scale elaborate with spring loaded talks to your tablet. Yeah after expert is present just sat there and I'll let backpack and I'm talking about because it is Mac it's ridiculous that it is wound up -- thing. Although note that hybrid document portable takeaways than -- the get net article -- was that Google it might be like. Have an unhealthy obsession with Apple. It it so many Apple -- an area that -- like it as well and here's 101 thing now was obsessive. As I -- -- -- content helping me about the future is in dvd any maybe the front. Fifteen minutes of the show -- You know Apple plant's employees to applied they had people applauding after every sentence -- actually I'm not even -- I. Everyone who watch it knows exactly what I'm talking about the -- Edward unseen ice -- out. -- -- -- -- -- -- Ahead. Will multitask that -- -- Felt like. Stop and I -- -- okay I get it. Stopping it yourself is cool we get it let it go. At the end everybody does it they they -- -- who live there. The authority yes. Apple Google Sony everybody is being called on the carpet this week as the -- -- its mobile privacy committee hearings we've been talking about these for awhile. But it's obviously been a pretty hot topic recently the Judiciary Committee hearing called protecting mobile -- -- -- Smartphones -- opens and your privacy. Started at 10 AM eastern 7 AM Pacific time. Today but we will let you know what they said in the -- would also out of anywhere live streaming that's I think a lot of people -- -- detected. Also Conde Nast in a deal with Apple to offer digital subscriptions -- Seven of their magazines they say they'll be bill be the first on major publisher to have multiple titles available on Apple's built in the annual subscription. You -- feature and added to their IO SOS thank goodness -- New Yorkers now on the iPad wired glamour WIRED Magazine. If they had there's gonna be coming -- up until now there were only single issues that -- -- -- but now it's a subscription models don't yet. And -- customers were grumbling quite loudly about the high prices -- shortly. I was getting G -- -- like five boxes and issue yet it's a lot cheaper now it's gonna be dollar and 99 a month what step. Four at twenty dollars a year I'm signing up I actually it would -- -- -- -- I really great no no the New Yorker is a lot more. Tells the pre. The New Yorker is but still the new workers six bucks a month. For four issues or a sixty dollars a year but -- about sixty dollars here is actually not that and that's not bad pretty into. Also. Xbox has -- -- spring update to add PayPal with it with in their transactions and to allow you to. Instead of link your credit card because we know how good that goes. We know we now allow all turns -- now move. Using PayPal to purchase points or movies. Through the Xbox interface I love this could -- -- in the PayPal can't get hacked but it's one -- database like the more we can actually -- consolidation has always scary too -- That one fewer database is -- there with my credit card information is great -- -- that went computer world is reporting that Firefox. For his share went up 11%. In the first day after Mozilla started offering -- -- last week and then went up 30%. Imported -- apparently or with enough to at least. Entice some people back to using Firefox and yours is here -- we know what the -- -- -- -- again at that that's cool also its official Google's or movie rentals or movie update availability. When dvds are released with Sony Pictures universal and Warner Bros. that's happening there's still other studios like Paramount. That did not want to make their movies available because they say YouTube has all of our content copyright material on their website. Yet but I'd love this we we talked about in the past Louise wanna look you guys know that it's rolling out its official it's today that go into -- I gotta find that quote again. -- today at Google I think was saying that the -- to substitute in the movie industry here unfortunately a couple of the. Major studios were less focused on the innovative vision that we look forward hit more interest in -- -- In Finland and the -- -- Walt Disney studios is another one that's not on board with YouTube. Until they're -- not -- I am an Apple. -- an average of part of Larry Ewing in a bit me on your YouTube it's. I I -- to -- science news. Love that up of it's -- -- and all electrical engineers in Seoul Korea are working in a way to convert background noise music and voice calls from your cell phone. Into electricity. Powell it's kind of similar accused them earlier studies that abused kinetic energy like using body movement to generate electricity -- -- -- -- your iPod. In this case they would use these two tiny strands of zinc oxide stuck between two electrodes and a sound observing -- on top that would vibrate when -- -- That would make the zinc oxide wires compress and released that movement then it would generate an electrical current. That could be chart can be used to charge -- -- -- kind of like how your Prius charges when you're breaking or whoever your phone could hardly were talking. Cool very cool that's cool -- science. -- -- -- if you have AT&T in San Francisco what I really want -- -- the -- Meant that the review ends in several audio I said -- -- -- let me make that clear it also it doesn't help that the -- they need a way to target. When you -- because really -- reductions are. Cod. That is true and evident that say that's the same little of this that -- -- when you when you press a Wiki based exactly Justin -- ago -- ago. RI and then finally. Chemical storage and happy ending. There's just doesn't really interesting story in the New York Times today. Where Jack -- -- -- with a computer sciences that keeps track of the world's 500 fastest computers has done a little bit or research. Into the iPad to. And they discovered. That the iPad two and its current processor power. That the little thing you hold in your hand. Would actually be a rival. For what was it the world's fastest computer in 1985. The four processor version of the -- -- supercomputer. -- -- -- -- -- -- That Nolan you know I mean that's created means craziness that -- is that hey -- -- Cray -- man. Credit threat to democratic Trinidad but they said they run the tests on only one of the iPad microprocessors -- processing cores when they finish the project. They believe that the iPad will -- impact benchmark a between one point 51 point 65 gig of flopped. And that that would have insured that the ipads you could have stayed on the list of the world's fastest supercomputers. Through 1990. While all so powerful that would be added existed in 1992 salary and it would have been consider -- the world's fastest supercomputers that. Lesson worth a -- power -- -- -- my master mind better also now they're trying to there working on a project where they're looking to. Cluster. Multiple -- has together to -- to make their own kind of mini supercomputer and really what they're looking for isn't. More of the performance that power consumption is what interest them. They said it would be pricey to do this -- let's be real -- he had. An iPad just learned about his -- said it could be possible to to make supercomputer with -- and back them -- and -- -- it would be few -- power friendly. That's remarkable. We -- -- come so far everyone. And we've come so far the show that it's time for. New York -- that -- See how smooth the transitions are today and someone must -- here wide -- amendments allowed us some -- I doubt it's even blink yet I -- and that he went to bed I've awake he he shouted out early and I'm I'm -- -- -- one couple they both you guys. I'm Scott Brown all of America -- on the leg burner I am. And -- -- for the -- Okay. -- -- -- day hit I can't stop now I'd like people think it's an effect and I wanna I do it -- but it's weird mountain and don't over think. But -- just -- important -- -- You gotta crucial last you donate order and it's crucial in your voicemails when a hundred different sixty -- it is our phone number we have the recall today actually first up. Sometimes don't -- the Tivo. Virtually enters the game formerly under global arm -- supported you know -- I think all wrong people. There are eating -- -- on that are -- right -- -- flash auto machine. It's just. Cutting into their bottom line and they -- don't like it. -- on somebody on the cable company not -- actually -- -- properly -- ftp are not forcing brought here that like at the beginning of the cable card. We're gonna peacekeeper rocket maker holidays. To stop -- the cable -- the beat competition. Do you go a little -- getting beat on yet there I am not a major corporation and premier kind of about. It's old and it's the old justice good and everything else. You know so yeah it -- but. -- -- -- -- -- And that is the very by the way about of the model voicemail. -- -- it was so -- that -- were all like yeah articulated an all completely true clean nice yeah I think there's enough hate to go around because I do think it's kind of inexcusable that Tivo has not innovated to keep itself more relevant and maybe make it a more compelling. Option for those set top box make -- -- you're absolutely right there's no question that those guys are never gonna break. They're never gonna give up control to an outside box and I really wish Tivo would like. Here the amount of light disappointment that not only the tech community has but now we haven't commercial and -- -- -- about it yeah but you wouldn't. Eliminate probably now now now not after the blog post or put up a Molly rant Bosworth about it through that's what a thrill let's keep an -- news.com a small -- -- Super easy to get to -- now -- And then and -- -- have a comment thermal from our buddy bill about the the situation. In Beijing relations is that they think these things -- -- -- Haven't -- equipment and happy that Beijing Apple's or was able to reintroduce the Chinese. Americans ought. -- Black Friday every every Black Friday around here. We can't at least one quiet and one broke -- door. -- -- -- Outwards see how -- that he couldn't. If they -- them -- them I hit the F. -- live with that -- -- bills right we've shown people how Black Friday at. Asia had their Black Friday stated that the exactly -- kind of an alien they only needed a new one store. Do it. I had to a night out or on the same day what are you doing Apple stores that Wal-Mart of Beijing out hurts doesn't it -- that. And finally how videogames -- -- -- You'll. Aaron from Illinois -- -- in response to this story yesterday about the counterstrike map for Osama Eid -- Maybe that can be -- -- for the government crowd source attack plan -- the layout of an enemy base. Published about for the current strike map the whole -- -- isn't. A lot of people -- later of the show. I only that to go horribly wrong at all now there's no way editor of the T that in mind it to me it's the stuff file that would be on the Internet accumulate and uses that could lead to mental pictures kind of funny that you got to get -- -- -- videogame currently like. -- -- At that particular that backdoor -- Day -- how multiple. Alright guys gonna take out -- of the song -- -- from herald he buzz allied -- -- -- comment on what branded -- on the previous show we're city critically songs off Amazon's cloud player. But he couldn't -- where he could. But he couldn't scroll down C more than thirty solve -- wanna make the suggested. But actually all you have to -- within -- to scroll down is -- -- fingers. Alex groin on the Mac track pad so if your user to Peters now you should be able to find that you can scroll down to the rest your songs and Amazon's cloud player. Hope we find it's useful chat with others I swear I tried that. I don't have my iPad today out of all the days and now let me get even -- -- but we aggregate that Italy via Yahoo! I choose to -- and -- to try tonight and it doesn't work and -- -- -- Out. If Australia didn't. I'm surprised he didn't mentored at around a little more about -- his -- that not one but two forgy found -- -- Step forward -- agent already has spread into a more about that yet but -- -- -- that -- -- in on the same day as the be all Samsung phone has released the smallest Smartphone is also being released on eighteenth you board -- to support the HP common year. That hole and Josh says it probably -- on the -- screen without touching the edges. But that new version of webos may make it almost as powerful as the Samsung. But he -- -- -- side by side of -- being Penn and -- that it took off. Costs we have a picture -- if you're listening to audio and it is indeed the area. And. And love it. Also this one comes from James vertically by as to lately what analog and -- Netflix web -- been nagging me to re agree to the terms of service so I looked through to see if anything had changed honestly. -- couldn't tell but I did come across as jam in their privacy policy. It says and fortunately no security system can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Accordingly we cannot guarantee the security of your personal information and cannot assume liability for improper access to it. I don't know if this has always been their -- a recent revision but. -- And I am reading this out of -- -- every in this out of context and is this the new solution to getting hacked love the show. It's not dumb a tight pattern of its new or not a bad cases he got a few Ryan the world pressure. Pattern that it's gonna keep them from the class action the inevitable class action lawsuit that brings them but -- at the -- Dan writes in and says thanks to the great episode Monday -- I laughed out loud when he suggested responding to let me wish I did my brain is bigger. Then I realized that people tell me to listen to them at nearly every day. After filling out a new -- application I've -- -- -- of the valuable lessons from computer but. They seem to be in conflict with your new suggestion so I decided to do an experiment on this with my wife as the -- Sadly I was unable to accumulate a statistically significant sample for the subject quit responding. However preliminary results indicate romance is not well served by the brain has bigger response. My new hypothesis is that of course -- would be a more productive response I hope I get to try something. I might one in -- love that Eva. You -- that does get that it's not of course users almost. -- Also the guys on a thumb or get stuff you probably are wondering where's Molly's keynote -- is. -- Big news day today -- we couldn't. It's a big deal really act act as though we're you know and at that seemed like a Friday saying that you needed to happen like -- Monday that I got back. Or it's really it's kind of a Friday -- thing though I've -- -- I guarantee. It's. That's. The keynote presentation what I did on my spring break to -- -- will liquor on Friday also -- have my five slides all anted up. You -- -- I popularity effort to help me if I camped out on -- -- little review. We're gonna do a Molly version and then a keynote pro version. All right if you guys wanna check out our show notes and all the stories they heard her show today. Take it out below that cnet.com call us at 80616263838. Please send us voice -- just like -- -- the fast. The other gets -- medical or just make us laugh and penalty can. Cnet.com we wonder what you guys think about the Microsoft Skype merger. Or acquisition on either the acquisition. The outback she if you giving care what you wanna do about it lately about -- nine operating system strategy -- What do you like about what Google's that I mean there's a tennis -- to talk about so send us all that and -- will be back here. Someone who remember. And I -- The move -- move me. Apparently you didn't do tomorrow. Oh you don't believe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
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