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The 404: The 404 1,461: Where we sanction the selfie (podcast)
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The 404: The 404 1,461: Where we sanction the selfie (podcast)

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Amazon Dash takes online shopping into the meatspace, Philadelphia gets treated to the world's biggest game of Tetris, unearthing an e-mail from Steve Jobs with a timeline of Apple's future, and the White House could soon ban selfies with Obama forever.

It's Monday, April 7th, 2014. I'm Ariel Nunez and from our CBS studios in New York City. Welcome to the 404. [MUSIC] What's up everyone? Welcome to the program. Thank you for tuning in to The 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. And I'm Justin Yu. So, we've got great news Justin. Yeah. Fantastic news. We've caught up with the, with the rest of the internet now and we're happy to say that we believe most of our feeds are back up and running. There seems to be an outstanding issue with iTunes that maybe if you had originally subscribed to our MP3 feed- Mm-hm. We're gonna go ahead and ask that you resubscribe if you are not getting audio files through your feed. But other than that, I think we're back in business. Yep. So, we're excited about that. We know about the video quality issues of our video feed, and the audio quality issues in our video feeds. It's very upsetting. Yup. Very frustrating. But I think I know what it is. Whether or not anyone can understand what I'm talking about is another story. Mm Hmm. So. But the audio works and it's back feeding to which is cool, so once you do a regular search for the 404 in Itunes. It should repopulate with all of last week's episodes, which i actually think were really good episodes. Well, that's really conceited of you. So, yeah, there's that. That's great. It's great news. It's, it just feels awesome to be like a real-life website again. Real life podcast again. Let's not speak too soon. I don't want to jinx ourselves. We always do that. Yes, you're right. Some other disaster I'm sure, impending, right around the corner. So we're back, we're back .How you guys's weekend? It's good. Fun, ya know, casual. Did you watch any movies? I mean, it was a beautiful weekend. I did. Oh! So, there's no reason why should've, but I did and I'm sure you did too. I did. I watched Anchorman Two. Oh yeah? Okay, that's been out for awhile Yep. So you watched on what? Like DVD or Blu-Ray or something? Yep. I watched it on a service that I use. [LAUGH] And it was the worst film I'd ever seen. Whoa. Really? It, it was terrible. That's saying a lot cuz. And everyone. You probably went into it really hoping, cause you love, we both love the film. The first Anchorman is one of the funniest films, I think, in the last fifteen years, and Anchorman two made me want to hurt things. Yeah. It was so bad. I mean like after a while you're just watching this and you're like what the hell is happening. And the jokes on us man. That's, that's what happened we got taken, we got suckered, we got bamboozled and this is what we have to live with now. A world where Anchorman 2 is actually a film. That sucks. I'm sorry to hear that. Where people actually got paid to work on that. I actually have that in my queue. So maybe I'll remove that if you don't think it's worth it. It's so bad. And, and people were like, oh, everyone said Zoolander was so bad the first time you [LAUGH] no. This is not gonna be one of those watch it again things. Yeah. Cuz you're never gonna wanna watch it again, cuz it's that bad. Huh. You know what you should have watched? I watched, I actually watched two movies this weekend. I watched Grand Budapest Hotel. Oh my god! Did you watch that? No, but I'm very jealous of you. Great. Great. And then I watched Captain America. So, the first one I was really impressed with. Cuz everything Wes Anderson puts out, except for maybe a few of them. For the most part you really like. Yeah, I really like, Captain America, whatever. It's sort of your run of the mill Marvel movie. All those have the exact same formula, by the way. They do. Yeah. Unless you're a die-hard Captain America fan or. Marvel comics fan. I don't know, maybe just wait 'til you can rent it. But Grand Budapest, so good. << Really. << Wes Anderson's darkest movie, and that's all I'll say about it. << Ooh, okay. << Super dark. A lot of really great cameos that I think you'll be excited about. I can't wait 'til you watch it so we can actually talk about it. Maybe in the future sometime. << Yeah, I feel like such a loser. I wanted to see it. So bad and then we got home too late to catch any Showtime's. Yeah. So I was like, hey, why don't we just, you know, waste our mind away and watch Anchorman 2. Yeah, yeah. Totally regret that decision. Mm-hm. God dammit. It was so bad. I'm sorry to hear that. There's oh, there's oh, God. You see it oreo? Mm, no. I didn't even know there was a two. Come on, you new Anchorman two was out. Maybe I did, I just don't care man, yeah, that's just not my humor. It totally is one of those throw, even the first one was kind of like a throwaway like The first one's amazing Just a. Standard, kind of a stoner comedy. First one's amazing. It was good. I like it a lot. You don't like comedy Ariel? Are you not? I do. I just don't like the super goofy like yeah, funny faces, weird guy. Like, I'm not into that Man. [LAUGH] What's your, what's the funniest movie you've ever seen? Okay, well, [LAUGH] this is gonna contradict what I just said, but Tommy Boy is my funny, my favorite comedy of all time. Okay. That is a great movie. Okay. I'm just not a big fan of Steve Carrell, though he doesn't really make a big appearance in the first movie. I don't know. Can't go wrong with Will Ferell though. I love that guy. Yeah. Will Ferrell's very funny. Steve Carrell, I thought was forgettable. Yeah? Yes. Man. Grand Budapest Hotel so good though. Really excited. Just to bring us back on a positive note. Did you watch that Youtube video that came out like 2 weeks ago that sort of showed all the symmetry in all of his movies? Yeah. It basically took clips from all his past work and then made a grid to show you how centered everything is in his movies. Sure you mean aesthetically like framed? Yes the frame ups yeah. Huh. Camera work. And I never realized why everything looked so great. And part of it is because of the color saturation, it's always turning pale. Sure, very, very, very pastelly and yellow and. And then the other side of it is the symmetry, so it's cool you can like pretty much fold everything in half [CROSSTALK] and it'll look perfect. I believe that. He uses, and he, he just loves like wide angles Stuff. Yeah. Every image is bent. Yeah. [LAUGH] In everything he shoots. He has so many Wes Andersonisms. I know. Like, you know that classic shot of like two characters running goofily. Yeah, yeah, yeah. With each other, one behind the other. Yeah. That happens in every film, you'll see that in this film too. There's always like a map. At some point Yeah, yeah, yeah. [LAUGH] That they'll animate over. A heavy use of miniatures. It's like a Disney movie for adults. And he loves that futura type face. Oh, yeah, I never noticed that. You're such a nerd. I'm. It's pathetic. We got an email that was hating on you about your discussion about type faces. Oh I wrote back. Did you see what I wrote back? That was funny. We'll read that later on in the show. Maybe. But today, we've got a couple kind of funny stories for you that happened over the weekend. We're going to start by talking about another Amazon. Hardware product that got quietly released over the weekend. Then we're going to talk about a followup to a story we covered last year about the world's biggest game of Tetris played on the side of a skyscraper in Philadelphia. It's really fun. [CROSSTALK] would allow shenanigans like that. You still gotta be in Philadelphia to play so you can only have so much fun. [LAUGH] Then we're going to talk about An email that was unearthed from Steve Jobs' inbox. Right? That's how you know when you're a freaking luminary, when you're still being talked about so many years after. Right. Well, he doesn't know that, but yes. True. [LAUGH] And now we're going to finish up with the White House possibly banning selfies with President Obama after yet another controversy came out surrounding the story. With a picture of him in it. So thats it? The controversy runs deep. Yeah. Alright, Amazon Dash. Yeah, Amazon Dash. Bring that story up on your computer because I want everyone to see the Amazon Dash that was released over the weekend. Did you hear about this story? It's basically a glorified barcode scanner. Mm. About six inches long with a couple of buttons on the end. Basically looks like your standard television remote control. Sure. And it has wi-fi built into it, so it latches on to your home network. And the whole idea is that basically, when you run out of things at home like uh,soap, or toilet paper, or even pet food. You can actually just point the device at any bar code. For stuff that exists in your kitchen. You point it at a barcode. It scans it, and then reorders that for you. Does it order it, or add it to your cart? Well, adds it to a cart, yeah. And you can go on to your smart phone or your tablet or desk top, and then check out through there to make sure that it added it properly. It's kind of, like, why haven't we had this already? Yeah. You can do that with the Amazon app. You've got the camera [CROSSTALK] Yeah, yeah. Try to find a bigger photo. I'm sorry. I'm acting like a bad article. So you can, so you're saying you can find a way to, or there is a way to use the camera in your phone- Yeah. Mm-hm. to scan a, a UPC code. Yeah, I do that when I go shopping all the time to see if it's cheaper on Amazon. Yeah. Yeah, it's a great way- All the time. Like a UPC or like a, what's it called reader QA rating. Yeah, exactly, yeah, yeah. Yeah one of those things. So here, here, here's the dash. It does look pretty cool. Is it free? It should be free. I don't know. If I was Amazon, I give this away, I give this away to prime members for free. Well that's, they're definitely giving it away to hard core users right now as a beta testing program, the problem is though that it uses Amazon. Fresh. And I didn't even know what Fresh was before reading this story. But that's basically like Fresh Direct it's Amazons delivery food service. Oh, I didn't know. Grocery delivery service. I didn't know that was a thing. It is. It launched, I think last year kinda quietly as well. But that service is only available in North and South California and then Washington. Oh, I take it back. I do remember this now. I think we talked about it on the show, but not a lot of people use it and it's kinda limited service, so it's not really that big a deal. Three areas. Look at this. Yeah. Amazon Fresh. Hope you live here. Yeah. Hope you live in these three areas. California. What was the third one? California, Washington, Seattle. Seattle. Yeah. Seattle, okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So sorry East Coast, you're not using this service. Yeah. You know, you gotta go back to the site to complete the order. Like Ariel said you could still use the app, which means you don't really have to include one more hardware device in your home. It's very complementary, or supplementary, rather. Yeah. I'm I feel like I order a lot. I probably do like three to five orders a month on Amazon. Yeah. And we do order groceries in that regard but it's always just there and it, you can just, it's very easy to just bring it in from your past order. Yeah. Yeah. You know, you're really not like going out of your way. If anything, this is less convenient. Yea because you have to Pick it up Yea you have to recharge it And half the things I throw away the packages so I gotta [UNKNOWN] my scanner. And you still have to go back to your computer after scanning it. So you know, the cooler part about this is the feature we haven't talk about it is, the voice recognization. So you can also speak into it like a microphone. It will pick up your order, you could say "I want a dozen eggs, or oranges, or something like that." And it'll recognize it. built into that that [UNKNOWN] mm, kind of cool. More gimmicky I would say. Right? And, and the fact that you can't really bring it outside of your house and go to a store and order things that you see? Right. At big box retailers? [CROSSTALK] I mean it'd be like, It'd be cool if you liked it. Save a couple codes. Yep. And just push a button to re-order. I'm trying to really think like, is this something that I'd want. I don't think I want this. No. It doesn't really take a lot of steps. I think it actually adds more steps. [LAUGH] Yeah. Ariel's right, I'd rather just use my phone and [INAUDIBLE]. It reminds me of like doing a wedding registry. Yeah, that was the worst. Day of my life. what? Asking for free gifts from your friends? Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] It was terrible. What did I, oh. [INAUDIBLE] It was good, it was good, you know, when we like needed real stuff like going to like Macy's and scanning like plates and ****. Yeah. Oh my God! It's terrible. Yeah, it's awesome. Oh my God! And I'm I know it's like a first world problem. Yeah. It was awful like. [LAUGH] I don't want any of that. [LAUGH] I want it, give me that stuff. I got, I got so many plates that I've never even seen. Yeah. I don't even know where they are in my house. Did you get like a bread maker. No. We got these. [INAUDIBLE] No ya, I kind of want that. Could have gotten one of those. I could have gotten that. All these fancy like ya know dining ware and China and all this crap that I, I'm never going to use. Thousands and thousands of dollars of crap. Well maybe if you would invite me and Ariel over to your house for dinner every once in a while you could freakin get some use out of it. That doesn't mean I'd break out the fine freakin china. Oh we're not worthy of the china. It's not about that. Clearly everyone's worthy of china at some point in their lives I would say Justin, you, would be more worthy of something called china. That's racist. Number four I really think that china is a,it's a useless sort of thing. Why? Because, A. You can use to eat TV dinners. It doesn't matter. It's, it's all in whatever you wanna use it for. I agree with you. And that was the argument I gave my wife when we were registering. [UNKNOWN] like that. But she's like, no, this is what we need. We need this stuff. I don't know. She's got it in her head she needs this. She doesn't. And I think deep down she knows she doesn't need it. Yeah But we have it. We haven't used it. It's like in like protective bags somewhere. Yeah [INAUDIBLE] I don't what we're ever going to do with it. The only thing we're ever going to do with it is possibly break it the next we move. Mmm It's the only thing we're going to do with it. See, my and Peony, we talked about this before the show. Me and Peony are moving in together at the end of this year and we're going to have to do a lot of shopping for the house. It would be really nice if we just could Basically ask our friends to buy it for us. No, that doesn't work. You have to get engaged. man. You don't ask for gifts when you just move in together. It's a big step in our lives. It's a big step, but there's like no security there in terms of you guys being together. Wait. That's not to say that you're gonna, that, there's, the, the coming together in the apartment will inevitably break you up, I don't think it'll happen. Are you saying that if You get a divorce then everybody who gave you gifts, get's their credit back. I believe that is the rules. Really. No [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] There's gotta be a statute of limitations like if they get divorced within a year. Yeah. Then everyone gets credit back. I still don't think they get the money back. No. No dude come on. Let the scamming begin. But all the people who gave me just Straight up cash for my wedding? You think I'm gonna just like send them a check. Be like hey, with interest it comes to, no. I'm waiting for mine. What did you get Ariela? Did you get anything cool for your wedding? Umm, You registered for crap right? Yeah we did, we did it all online.though. Yeah. Like and but, we got a lot of cool stuff, I mean a lot of Yeah. Well, I mean, I guess we use everything we. I really don't know man. I don't know. I didn't do a lot of that stuff. [LAUGH] It would have to be for the house though, right? I mean, I know I'm going to a wedding next week actually in Korea. Yeah. And they just have a fun set up to. Pay for their vacations. Right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I like that. A lot of people do that. That's cool. I like that. Share an experience together. Right. I know where we registered. I said, make sure it's at a place where we can return it if we don't want it. [LAUGH] Exactly. Totally. And that's what happened. We return a lot of stuff. Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Get that cash money. We, I think we did Bed Bath, Macy's and Amazon. Yeah. Oh, Amazon's a good call. Amazon's perfect. Ya know. But, but yeah, no, you have to get engaged in order for anyone to buy you cool things. Right, don't forget how much was in that envelope. When it was your turn to come to money. Just saying, no, we got a spreadsheet we know. You got a spreadsheet, [LAUGH] you would. You would We're you know, come on, in lock down. Next story we're talking about, the citizens of Philadelphia were psyched over the weekend, because just for a second they were able to take themselves out of their own city and play the world's largest game of Tetris. Ya know I have nothing against Philadelphia the only reason why I'm making these jokes is because I know you hate Philadelphia. Well it's just. I like Philadelphia. It's just doesn't deserve to do, to be a thing. Is there some rivalry. Sports wise between A little bit. New Jersey and Philadelphia? Well, they're like the Devils and Flyers aren't really friendly. The Rangers and Flyers aren't really friendly. Oh, all right. It used to be Mets and Phillies, but the Phillies are, have been way better. No it's just, Philly, you know, if you've been to Philadelphia, you're very much aware that it is Just a, just a terrible play. The enemy of my friend is also my enemy. So I also hate Philadelhiia. Yeah it sucks. No, I'm just kidding. So to celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of the game tetris, this associate professor of digital media over at drexel university actually turned a 29 Story building in downtown PA into a giant monitor basically just using hundreds of LEDs that were set up in a video system. And he actually did this last year. We talked about it on the 404. Yes. I know because I looked it up. Right. We talked about it cuz he did the same thing with Pong. Last year. And actually broke a Guinness World Record for the largest architectural video game display. So he's doing it again this year. And he actually re-broke his record. Cuz it's twice the size it was for Pong. And, this time, it's for Tetris. So it looks pretty fun. He just set up a. Does it look fun? Standard arcade joystick machine at the base of. Actually, right across the water. So you had to be obviously pretty far away in order to [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH] You could play from New Jersey. Yeah, the entire 29th story building in view. But yeah, People were invited to play it. And you know, you can see people dressing up on video. Lamest cosplay ever. [LAUGH] Come on. Like if you're cosplaying. Oh what are you? I'm the T shape Tetris shape. Yeah. Get out of here. You're across. You're not intention. I, I don't know. Is this a thing? It's something. [LAUGH] It's something on an otherwise slow news day. So. I apologize for [INAUDIBLE] No. There's nothing else to talk about. I knew we had to talk about it because I saw it come through on Reddit and everything. Yeah of course. But I've never seen a story get such a lukewarm, meh response in my entire life. There weren't even any comments, not even any hateful comments. Nothing. It's just like ok status. Yeah. Great. That's it. That's it. Tetris in a building. Where is it? Philadelphia. Oh, well that's nice for them. Yeah. Thank you Frank Lee. What do you think will be next? I mean, it started with Pong, now it's Tetris, it's slowly moving up the timeline for video games. What do you think'll be next to play on the side of a giant building? I mean it's gotta be rather simple right, could it be Mario? No. There's not enough information. Couldn't be Mario? Let's see what else. You saw what th, I mean look at this photo man there aint exactly a hell of a lot of detail going on. You know? Who knows? Yeah it's gotta be something super binary. I mean maybe the dot game. I don't know. The dot game? Yeah. The dot game where you like fill in four sides of a dot, of a square and you get to sign it. Snake, maybe it could be snake. Yeah, maybe. Or Pacman. Something like that. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Really riveting stuff. Keeping everyone in Philly on the edge of their seats, as if they didn't have enough to worry about. Yeah. Really, all you needed was that headline. Gamers play Tetris on the side of a skyscraper. Dot dot dot In Philadelphia. Next story up on the rundown. We're talking about Steve Jobs, Mm. Who we actually haven't mentioned on this show in a while. We haven't? Yeah, it's been a while. It wasn't only until last night that I really started to think about him after watching The Mike Judge show. Is it, does his likeness play a role in that. He's referenced numerous times in the show. So we are talking about. Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley. Yeah. Yeah. So that's on what HBO? It is HBO yeah. How was it? I enjoyed it. I thought it was good. It was a nice. Sort of balance between Office Space and Idocricy, I, I thought. And the acting was pretty good? No, it wasn't amazing but it was good. T. J. Miller's in it. I like him. He's a funny guy. I enjoyed it. It, it's gonna, it's a perfect amount of time too. It's like 28 minutes. Um-hm. It's not an hour long show? No, no, no, no. Comedy has a problem going an hour. Huh. I should have watched that yesterday instead of SNL. I agree. SNL's getting not only not funny. But also weird and its getting like musical theater too now. Well I didn't think this past episode was that bad. Louie C.K.'s episode in my opinion was terrible. Yeah it was terrible. Funny [CROSSTALK] really it should have been because he's so funny. [CROSSTALK] The best part about it was the monologue. Right don't forget stand up comedy and we've clearly gone down a rabbit hole here but stand up comedy's way different than sketch comedy. Right right. I thought he might have at least would have had some funny ideas, or something. He might have, he may have. None of those made it in to the final script. Clearly not. And then what's the woman who was on. By the way she's just like so vanilla, this one. Anna Kendrick. Yeah, I, I could not pick her out of a two person line up. I would walk. Down the street and walk right by her and not even know who she was. It was just like another, you know, white chick who like, sings. [LAUGH] I didn't hear that. And is like in, Pitch Perfect. Yeah. Oh. Which, is that her? I guess. I, that can, that's the only reason I would understand that she's famous. Yeah. You know, up until a few weekends ago I would've said that the best part of SNL was Weekend Update, and that it's usually shortened to that 15-minute episode. Right. But even that is not that funny anymore. I know. I'm so disappointed. We started talking about this because of the Steve Jobs thing and the show, Silicon Valley, which is about a guy who, who creates an algorithm that all of a sudden is seemingly, overnight, this very desired piece of software by all these competing, You know, companies. Right. But there's peop, things that feel like Google, and things that feel like Microsoft and stuff like that. Uh-huh. It's so fun. It's, it's over the top. It's kind of like a nerdy entourage in a way- Mm, yeah. Because it's this fantasy world where like You're talking about huge amounts of money. Mm-hm. And people dealing with it very casually [INAUDIBLE]. I enjoyed it, I'm gonna watch it. Do they all live together? They do. They're in like an incubator. Right. You know? Just like in That TJ Miller like, runs. Right. Cuz TJ Miller sold his start up a while ago, so he's just incubating. Like Shawn. You know, the up and coming people. Yeah, yeah, right, Well, anyway so this week. Those big names Apple and Google are, well technically. Apple and Samsung are embroiled in another trial. They really like each other. Yeah. Somebody who is really happy with each other. They just need to make out with each other and get it over with. [LAUGH] Seriously. Get a room, you two. Apple once again is accusing Samsung of ripping off a lot of its features for their Samsung phones. And it's really a battle between Apple and Google because a lot of the fights are patents that they, were secured for software. Okay. So, we're talking about the Android operating system, not so much the Samsung hardware. Gotcha. So it's pretty boring but amidst all the fog of that lameness, we can sort of get a few documents. That are emerging from back in 2010. And one of those documents that was released this weekend is an email from Steve Jobs, and it showed sort of exactly what the company knew for their future timeline. And it can maybe see help us see what's in Apple's future. So this email that we're talking about was sent back in 2010 to the companies 100 most important employees. Mm. Most senior employees. And he outlined the 2011 strategy. So it's kind of interesting the Verge actually posted the email in it's entirety. But some of the more interesting points that I wanted to talk about was one the apple tv two. Yeah there is in, before we get into the specifics that you want to highlight, you know it's really tough to read. That you know? Yeah, and I get it that it's, like, almost it's like proprietary sorta internal language. Right. That it must be referring to within Apple. But it's all very, like, it's kinda vague. Oh, Yeah. You know? Super-vague. He just does stuff like bullet points forever and ever and ever. Well, when you're on top of a company like that. I mean, like, yeah. And you have so much power. You can short. You can have that short in it. Yeah. But when doctors write prescriptions and they're completely illegible. It's like that. Like they, they, they, he just has that luxury. Yeah. I though it was amazing, they called Steve Jobs a poseur, in Silicon Valley because he never coded. They said because he never coded, he only was a design guy. Oh, right. So he's a poseur. I thought that was funny. Yeah. Alright, yeah, so, so, give us your highlights of this. Internal email. So yeah, the, the most interesting, interesting thing I thought appeared was the Apple TV2 and we haven't seen that come out yet. Right. That's Apple TV's, that's Apple's set top box. Right. So supposedly, that was going to basically pull together all of your Various speed like Roku and Amazon and things like that. That could have evolved into a different product though, like evolve into Apple TV. Apple TV. The actual television. Right, yeah, that could have been what they were talking about because they short of hint, he sort of hint at you know, tv subscriptions with network and then a magic wan controller device. Yeah. Now I'm not sure if that's you know, actually something that was being developed or maybe just a concept thing like we want. You know, one thing to do it all. But that sounds pretty cool, right? And then it talks about the language in his email, which I think is really interesting. He refers to the battle with Google as a Holy War. Holy War. As a Holy War. That's like, he's like a Jihadist. Is that arrogant to assume that- I think- these two companies are basically religions? Well, I think that's the undertone. Yeah. When you, you know. And was this the first time that nomenclature was spoken? I don't know. Definitely. [UNKNOWN] saying, like not, not in general, but saying used in the context of their conflict with Google. He probably refers to it as a Holy War to, self important, you know make it more self important in sort of, you know. Preach that down to his you know employees. Yeah right. Is that I would probably think the reasoning for that is. But that's just surface, you know, stuff. I don't know. Who knows? We could definitely jump down a longer rabbit hole with that. I did want to bring this up though. So over the weekend I watched a documentary about the Came out, sorry, about the Jonestown Massacres. How many movies do you watch a week? A lot. A lot. [CROSSTALK] Cuz I'm counting four already. Zero friends. Yeah. Jonestown Massacre in the seventies, super dark, right? Yeah. A cult that, like, a thousand people killed themselves. Right. In Guyana. A thousand people. A thousand people committed mass suicide. Where? In Guyana. Where's Guyana? It's over there somewhere. [LAUGH] [NOISE] Maybe it's in the Caribbean. Over there. Is it in the Caribbean? Yeah. Okay, so down there somewhere. In Guyana [LAUGH] and they showed you know so it's this Joe guy is basically a cult. Where talking about and they showed a lot of the scenes from inside the church they all belonged to. And as I was watching this... They showed them singing, at first, and sort of set the mood for, the leader to come out. And then, he would preach for a while. And then, it was, like, music, then, speech, then, music again. And, the crowds were going wild. Sounds like an Apple press conference. Exactly. That's what I was thinking. Yeah. Like, I had to pause the movie and I turned to pee and I was like, this seems like, it reminds me a lot of an Apple keynote. And, I'm sure there're, like, someone's done side-by-side videos, comparing. The two. But, everything's sort of speaking in tongues, which, you know, could say tech talk is sort of speaking in tongues. Yeah, there is a There are a lot of parallels. There is a, there is a, you cannot argue with the idea of Like subversion. Yeah. Ya know and manipulation. And how passionate and angry people get about their camps. Insurrection, sure. Ya know, Apple fanboys versus Android fanboys et cetera. Right It's so creepy. Yeah, I mean, and I guess, perhaps if Steve, Steve Jobs commanded these people to kill themselves. Some would. [LAUGH] Some might. Super dark. Anyway, so it's no surprise here that the leader of Apple-cide is considering it a holy war with Google. So, he talks about that. And I think one of the interesting things is the internal perception of how they stand against Google verses the public perception. Okay So, he talks about how they were actually falling behind. And how Apple is falling behind Google in cloud services. And so they sort of lament. Definitely And say that, Yeah, you know, we're not as As good as Google is with our cloud it's not all put together as well as it should be. And that's kinda crazy that he talks about, ya know just being the weaker link. I think that's, but that's a positive. They would never say that. No they would never say that publicly, we got, we have some catching up to do. Right. But internally hearing that he had some humility when it came to. Some aspect of the story. That's cool Yeah, nice to know that they took a real He was in fact a human being. Right, right right. And then some of the minor details that are in this email we will post up a link to it in the blog soon as well, sorta preview of the emergence of the iphone 4s and then the 5, this was at a time when the iphone 4 had just been released Gotcha So it was pretty long before that. So, they, in general, they talk about the cloud a lot. They talk about the post-PC era. They're talking about how iMacs can be phased out soon. So, you know, take those, you know Potentially it's future predictions. And even more so. It's a really old email It is, yeah this is back in 2010 It's almost four years old. It's like decades I mean, so much I am sure has changed. Even before from the time that this email is written until the time he died. Right And when did he die? Oh, good question When did he die? I don't know. When did Steve Johns Die? [LAUGH] You going to look that up. 2012. Oh 2011, yeah almost 2012, October 2011. Oh so this is one year before he died. We should go back and listen to that show, because I remember we heard the news, right before we went in. Oh really? Yeah, and that was when it was the three of us. Right, I don't, I'm not sure it was. Surprising though, right? Yeah, he was not in good shape. Yeah, he was in bad shape. Interesting story. Alright, there you have it. That is very interesting. It's weird reading stuff four years ago, it really does like feel ancient. Yeah, that, this was when the three GS and the four were still around, it seems like ancient technology now. Last story of the day, White House considering a ban on selfies with the president. Kind of surprising that they have been allowing it all this whole time Right? There is a law against it, but people just tend to break that law. People, I'm always surprised at the amount of You know sort of interfacing he does with quote unquote normies. Yeah. Like cheek to cheek. Yeah. Just like getting all up in there. Arms around each other. Putting his hands in other people's pockets. No electronic devices in his face. He has no idea Secret service is like this is cool. No Problem. I don't get it. That's fine. Well the back story that we're talking about here is that last week Boston Red Socks player David Ortiz He took a phoot with himslef, a selfie. And you know, when it went up at the time and it was sort of assumed that this was just a candid selfie. Oh, here's the President. What a smile. Let's take a photo together. What a smile the President has. And it is a great photo aside from it being in vertical, which is sort of annoying. [CROSSTALK] If it was in landscape you'd get so much more of the people behind him. Yeah. Including the Secret Service, which you can see kind of smiling. I like that. Yeah. But, anyway, so, over the weekend, it was actually revealed that David Ortiz had previously struck a deal with Samsung. Oh, God. To promote their Galaxy Note 3 phone. And the idea was that, the goal was set up prior to taking this that he would, you know, Set up the stunt without the President's knowledge and the fact that Samsung and David Ortiz could pull the wool over the Secret Service's eyes is kind of scary. No, it's not. Cuz it's this, this isn't, I mean, this isn't like surprising. It's surprising. It's totally reasonable that he would want to take Sure. A selfie with the president. Sure. Yeah. Not that worrisome. It was sent there just by Samsung to do so. Right, right. He's giving a jersey. Yeah. So, he gave him the jersey and they took a photo together. Later on, it was revealed Samsung was behind the whole thing, And yesterday, last night, on Sunday's CBS Face the Nation the White House Senior Advisor, Dan Pfeiffer, appeared to sort of talk about the story. And he sort of jokingly said that this may be the end of all selfies. They might shut down all selfies. But he did seriously say that it is illegal to use the President's likeness to promote a product. It is. It is, you never see his likeness in a commercial or, know, in Coca Cola commercials tying Barack Obama. So this is technically legal, and if fact they had the White House talked to Samsung warning them, hey, don't pull any crazy stunts, you know, we're gonna take you to town if you do. But isn't any photo taking with the Presdient An endorsement for the camera that is taken. This is true. Right so. Yeah. Come on. If people make the judgement on the quality and wonder about who what the. Exactly. Camera was. I guess so, that's a good point. Right. But they did it anyway. not, not sure how the White House is gonna respond to this. Well, so is Samsung using this photo for promotional material? They did tech mum. If you want to call twitter a promotinal material, then yes. Yeah, but you see, I think it's Cause. You know then, it is. It got thirty thousand re-tweets. Well then, yeah it is. And they have millions of followers. So It's not cool. That's basically free advertising for them. Just leave him alone. He's the one dude that's off limits. The president has had some bad luck with technology recently. So, like last month Samsung did that thing with the Academy Awards, right? And Ellen taking that selfie with a bunch of those celebrities. Right, but how did that affect the president? Because that retweet ended up, over taking the previous most re-twitted tweet of all times which was Obama's four more years. And then he was also caught taking a Selfie at Nelson Mandela's funeral with the Danish Prime Minister and that was sort of cannon fodder for the right wing to sort of criticize him. Right. It's kind of not cool to be taking Selfies at a funeral. First thing when you're smiling Yeah, he was smiling So, I don't know. He's sort of had some bad luck and I'm sure his detractors are going to be using this to criticize him even more Oh, yeah. He's in trouble now. Alright lets get to one little piece of show and tell from our buddy Paul. Guess what? Mr. Paul W. has a Trogdor sticker on his car. How bad **** is this? This is the best sort of image that I can get up here Oh, cool. Look at that. Pretty bad ****. Way to be buddy. Way cool. We're talking about homestar runner and all those fun things and Trogdor. The burninator. Is one of strong bad's characters that he created in email. That is a dope little decal. I like the transparency. Look at the spindly little arms. I love that. Yeah. That's the best. He's got that one like. Jack [UNKNOWN]. Yeah, pretty dope. Thank you, Paul, for sending that in. Then we got an email from, another guy named Paul. He writes in. He says, Boys, boys, never had I wanted to slap someone more than to Jeff talk about fonts. Grr. Or emotions are gud. What does that mean? Good? Good? Yeah I think that means good. Why not just write good? I'm not sure what his problems was this year? And, and then I wrote, you mean typefaces. [LAUGH] Yeah, corrected him. [LAUGH] Right that's what I wrote. Anyway, be apart of the conversation. Send us an email Jump on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, all that gnarly stuff. Mm-hm. We're gonna come back here on Tuesday. Yes. Alright, we'll do a show tomorrow. Tomorrow. How does that sound? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Cool. We'll be doing it the same as the last five years. Alright, beautiful. Alright. Until then. We'll we'll see you very soon, I'm Jeff Aglar. I'm Justin Yu. I'm Mario Nunez. This has been the 404 show, high tech, low brow, thank you for tuning in, again we're back here tomorrow, we'll see you then. [MUSIC]

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