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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1460: Twitter breaks the Osama Bin Laden news!

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1460: Twitter breaks the Osama Bin Laden news!

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Twitter shines in another moment for citizen journalism and the internet. And then there's that guy who live-tweeted the whole raid, without knowing about it. Sony officially apologizes for the PSN outage and they're giving back to the users, but is it enough? And we "Like" what the BOL Menu is serving.

Today is Monday may second 2011 my name Stephen Beecham's. I Eric Franklin I'm Kent German and I am Brian's song look at -- -- -- -- spot doesn't in -- -- It is episode alone 1460. Apple fourteenth that the out like that number -- fourteen I was almost an assailant in 1416 that was the year before the number -- spreadsheet so there. How does not have a little -- but if you guys didn't realize this in the house Molly is on vacation shall be back all next week but in the house. Eric Franklin senior editor of tablet stuff the labs matching monitors you some -- of speed -- action of -- and -- -- -- Eric Franklin in the house also -- -- under section editor all all things mobile phones yes Brian and I'm doing good so we we have. You know called on the help of our. XX and colleagues yet I don't know I looked a little bit far if you -- anything outside of assisting colleagues -- Possible. And I don't know we Hillary colleagues or know what I'm surprised to figure out here priced at one time he held with an. -- -- -- -- -- -- right so are you guys played a company and really appreciated. And -- we're gonna need to attack the news. Pretty much the headline that you'll hear everywhere. By words plain and simple Osama bin Laden is dead. But the Internet had a huge role to play in this is well on Twitter. Was really the first place -- credible reports of -- lines that were spread. And it started with the chief of staff for former Defense Secretary Donald runs -- The names -- erred in not -- urban country -- right some you might think. But so far and -- it. I feel like she's learned relief to the news that's rings again but. So he he tweeted so I'm told by reputable person that they have killed O'Sullivan line. Hot Dan and it was. In in actuality the first credible sign of the announcement on the news broke. Probably. Around 7:25. Pacific standard time that's -- to around 1030 in the East Coast. The actual announcement. That Obama made was around 10:30 Pacific time and yet -- so -- -- Yeah I know that's my incidence -- news -- -- but it's just just a fascinating of how Twitter. Has changed how old news can be -- week in -- right. Yeah no I thought wipers. My first. Let -- -- on news from a tweet from U. -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought Bryant -- -- -- more is highly reliant uranium and receive -- on the value pretty much I like Mike in salt mine I'm waiting for updates. Like -- -- -- every chance I get and I saw something from you something wills and little witty with is him. You made winners and yeah I don't know it wasn't the sort of up on the ground and in the caves have a fellow candidates. That's right that's right yeah. Yeah I was crazy I was some residents. Symposium. Where it's estimated what do what is really symposium I don't like or Sony's panel talking about the original talking about a panel tensions about cellphone radiation -- -- going on about smart meters which is that you do on Sunday of course I'm on Twitter might have to grow up -- -- her head in. -- and you lost interest -- you are captain you know you're locking a phone now. This is really another thing where you could almost say and that people are reporting about this that Twitter just had its quote unquote. CNN moment what does that what they refer to their efforts elected the the first gulf war yell what happened is on CNN -- -- -- fledgling network environment in TV. And what happened is CNN was one of the first to have -- extensive coverage during innocents are represented the bombings on Iraq and they have like Bernard. Sovereign shop Wolf Blitzer area and actually -- -- -- who is coming CNN all us and they really changed how CNN as a media -- it was perceived because of their extensive coverage of that event -- now here we have Twitter. And let's let's not jump the gun and say. Twitter is now the official news source for all things because we have seen plenty of rumors of celebrities or celebrity death yeah that -- aren't true that aren't sure that that spread and they're -- not -- but. -- even given that this is still an example of how Twitter. Broke the news first now and so this is just a you know no one the thing about how many people actually following -- there. But it still allow the thought twice about -- -- Sure we get rid -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's say five years ago. News outlets might have and we would've found out. About the news if you happen to be clicking on the TV and you told a friend or maybe text messenger friend now we knew. Happened or what what the -- was pretty much going to be and then what everyone had talked about and tweeted about and also what you support for saint that's exactly what President Obama -- is announcing -- -- -- -- -- While it -- in this CNN momentum to think that this is certainly Twitter had. A moment last night where it was really -- -- but you think back to things like you know the protests in Iran after it after him to receive -- name. When he got reelected in on how Twitter really spread the protests there aren't any -- -- as is having a couple -- already developed a couple -- -- as a sort of that this is 11 time I really -- -- some just an incident TV -- him later and provided context in relation. And and you also have to I've sent a -- you know a lot of times that. No matter what Twitter may be the source for some -- that early information but there's a reason -- news -- -- -- large pieces to that is to confirm this suit to me because a lot of times people can jump the -- again to throw stuff out there so. I'll but I do you think it was agree. You know a great moment for Twitter without a -- now without a doubt so I agree yeah also and in other it's literally news -- Who unwittingly live -- did you read it hasn't yet been high is because this is on some -- pretty -- stuff so so height. -- -- Or are sit -- and only 500 filers last night what was is falling count -- now I just aspects of the insulin -- -- -- -- a -- story idea between a bit Aaron. It was up to like it's something -- on something like. If you guys while one and talk talk another sort of what do you guys can check out that the at Twitter his name is really virtual. A -- to see how many policy as right now at least so high and I'll artists on he was just an insult IT consultant and he broke down. The until the action as was happening so we're gonna read a few these this streams just because it's pretty amazing that he was observing this and -- didn't realize it until after the back. You can tell by the picture -- -- realize because he's still matter a fact that pick you lay out a whole idea of a completely. Or -- actually play god and other data home this time. They're -- think you guys could -- another helicopter hovering above the bottom but at one end is a rare event. Go away helicopter before it take out my giants water. Later on he said a huge -- shaking being here in -- -- about can't it's CE NTT I'm not sure what that's referring to or can't. I hope it's not the start of something nasty. Next the about about helicopters left UFO was shot down here that allow town area and there's a -- flat people so it could be -- -- And later he says and now plane flight over later on his spinal is final -- was. -- -- Now I'm the guy who live blog via Osama without knowing it there and if you go further down -- list he says things like I'm I've -- tree might -- because it must count. And now the emails from the meteor coming in the TV screens nose that's fascinating to see -- Not exactly what was going on around and suddenly you realize it's. I ladies and how -- I mean I asked him. Unisys on the I looked -- his his Twitter page and nine at 60530. You know what's so yeah. By under orders them so I I am I wonder how many people he's going to keep around but once he starts to be about sandwiches and ninety stuff -- -- intimately as a I'm just saying it if. Let's say that that's more of twitters big moment right there where you can house up -- -- do you somewhere -- be that influential. All the -- -- -- overnight like that that's that's that's really shall the power of -- Yeah we we talked about you know has the Internet as a unit has grown -- citizen journalism. -- against such a big part of the entire story. A of a palace story is built craft and how information is spread out because you have people that are really at the end of the day on the ground. Directly involved with the situation or news and you know you have news reporters. Sweetie information before they go live on there and right -- -- -- can find out information like that. Repeat cubic feet so no that's a really good point that they kind -- this definitely open up the eyes of saddles citizen journalism at added that one of its best moments. How much that it hoped that. His name is really virtual or virtual I mean this is. A maybe maybe change the Atlantic telephone calls because -- -- it has added to the whole thing again. So also adjust the follow up on this the bin -- debt also sent Internet traffic. Soaring and if you talk about how many tweets were sent up they said during that peak time is news -- spreading Twitter users are setting up more than 4000 tweets per second. That makes it Iraq either the second or third highest in -- history. That volume was on par with the 4064 tweets per second that -- senate this year's Super Bowl but still short. Of the 6939. Tweets per second hour. Posted when Japan brought in the 2011 year. -- as a -- to pass. -- -- -- and the Japanese -- today you know it could but the about it and happy new year that was firfer connected country like that against I could. -- totally did you learn where you guys online at the time. When I found out about actually my my girlfriend who's in use she -- we -- like. A solid line and the new zany is that and I -- went to Twitter and then I -- like leading up and then I went to TV. I was accidentally found in the -- like it. I was kept expecting that humans -- in attempt to animate it I expect kept expecting the crash like justice turnout meant an actual -- I was held up. Now so I made amazing stuff and -- he W noble but a more details of how this. Intricate operation went down well I. Just not just one which in a big deal -- to just -- something about the team that took out some of them so you and details yet -- pointy toes and go. Excellent. Excellent are able to transition a little bit over to the fallout arm and over the weekend not only was Osama bin Laden's death. The huge story on Saturday night at least in the West Coast. Sony. Finally. Let's put out there apology. And also how they will be -- bundling this welcome back yet of -- get some of the details. Of the little of what they're going to do at least to take care of customers. They will be rolling out the PS -- network to come back online by the end of the week. Features including the PlayStation store. Will not come back online though and what is it PlayStation store's downloadable game shops they -- not come back online until later. In May but as an apology Sony said they would give its users some goodwill gifts. Sir sir I mean the -- and auditing and allow for this to -- and this is the right I think. At the end of the day I don't know of anyone -- there's always -- be bothering me -- not. But they're gonna give people some downloadable content -- -- -- users at no charges can be anything from games to movies and content of these militants they don't get to what that is also. Every user will receive thirty free days of their PlayStation plus premium service network. This is -- I'm a member of this but this is a service where when you pay a fee you get access to free downloadable content and then access to some in game -- it -- but. Again you do not pay for PlayStation network service. Which is tied to credit card now the big news that was alluded to and not really it's spoken in detail is that Sony -- her -- He talked at -- during the press count on Saturday and mention. That as many. As ten million credit card numbers may have been stolen out of descending seven million users and that's that's easy and that's a huge number of praise once -- once some other rumors throughout that. Hackers are trying to sell a list of some of these credit card numbers I told. You know if you had any doubt changer could -- information well yeah you're on PS and you have a credit card linked to it change it now and the scary thing is that that number appears to be all of the credit card numbers that Sony has because you don't have to be a pain member the part of the. So -- what would -- paying members what are they pay for exactly well. Meaning not I don't wanna say -- members on a monthly subscriptions are placing it might have a credit card attached to -- that they want to rent a movie or something like that I can do that can buy an app like like an iTunes ran an account but we kept. Hearing rumors that. PlayStation phone is finally gonna come out on the twentieth and I wonder if this had any effect on it. Is Verizon still you know it's kind exposed to -- at the end of April will be an April in an April -- and so. When -- that's been you know. Thrown into the mix. You you would you you'd think that it Mino. At it probably is because I know their -- in a phone is the ability to download and play against and if their store and their service is down. And that's one of the big selling point that product yeah they also have an idea. Ask the question what what kind of damage this is done to the PlayStation brand -- as far as consumer trust goes because. In -- you know -- I can imagine myself. Given due to limit credit card to Sony anytime soon because of its -- -- Men as well like the -- only ones that are vulnerable their a lot of comes out their their portable -- -- let right now the idea. The stigma is that you can't really -- systems. I think -- -- heartening that in a you don't see a lot of companies. On the Internet. Going after Sony because everyone knows that everyone is susceptible that any attack now you could make the argument to that Sony will actually be safe for now though because they -- ready -- -- -- -- they'll be on top of it and it's a little more vigilant and so also on in addition of that Sony during their announcement also said that is found no link. No direct link between the attack on its PS -- network. Increase -- services from the Internet activist group anonymous glitter earlier coordinated. You note attacking Tony says Sony's servers as well. So let Sony said it was a very sophisticated attack -- right CEO Sony -- subsidiary but they did confirm that. It was has not been up to this point. Tracked back. Two two anonymous he said while there may may be no relation to this attack Sony's network is ultimate target by the Internet even on -- in addition -- personal information. To Sony's top management including their names of their children's schools they attended the names of other family members hasn't published and the Internet. And so they still weren't happy at anonymous there to -- in this incident attacked are -- economic. To do something like this casino they started going after assigned her to Scientology's and they but there is about sort of information and suppression censorship rather than. You credit card numbers so I really doubt that they would be. That's not that's -- like I don't of the term there's no mission statements or their purposes. -- right guys over gonna take a break here but after the ad break when we come back will be talking about Tivo. And finally -- a little extra -- -- in the bank that thinks of their patents and AT&T broadband caps. Starting today for you guys I'm sorry. Welcome back to buzz out loud everybody Eric Franklin here with me Kent German also in the house even beat him. Run in the show. Tell -- what's up we've talked back and forth about. Well you guys know about this the path towards a continually it's just a dirty dirty -- and this is a lot of companies are really trying to. You know leverage or cling on to what they had to make money because they don't have really as viable business models -- used in the long running Tivo patent battle. Finally settled for 500 and million dollars they settle its patent infringement lawsuit with DISH Network and Echostar. And the companies are agreed to pay Tivo a total of 500 million dollars. It in exchange for the right to continue offering some of TiVo's patented features now the main feature that was at the -- this was on it's time shift to what they called a time warp patent. And -- would allow you to skip through programming watch programming later. Essentially -- Let's say you know exactly what changes your life -- to -- I like Tivo was built on doesn't every Dieter -- You do exactly but they had never been a net exactly -- DVR to do that but they had never settled that patent that's what Tivo was after and for them to get royalties or been paid or a settlement for this. This would also on this deal would also cover future -- litigation so Tivo we paid 300 million upfront. 200 million paid in installments between 2012 and 2017. And exchange for their hard earned money dish and Echostar will be granted a license to the time warp patent for the remaining life. Of the patent and this is -- I think this has been an ongoing. Battle since 2004. Every time across the way Tivo has pretty much for the most part. -- its suit against activists are that was before at this are split off into DISH Network and Echostar that's latitude it's a kind of combine. To pay for this on what I'd like to see out of this now. Is -- actually innovating a little more is that a sitting on their but the collective stagnated. Alone out of any set top box -- Beat them to death about like how Tivo. I feel as more and more than any company. You know it became a mystery technologies trigger device but they've sat on -- using patent licenses as their protection in -- there what's bankrolling them. And -- an interface standpoint from a hardware standpoint they aren't evolving has anyone else move -- that in that area -- you know why would I would argue that a lot of companies are being held back because of Tivo holding that time were packed. Because one -- that is. It that is. Paramount too wedded DVRs and Garrett that's a -- -- and so so you don't see how the shakes out additionally. Echostar is granted -- -- licensed in not only user DVR -- for Tivo branded products. Tivo said it would help dish. Promote Blockbuster's digital video service com so I'm assuming this might be the blockbuster -- I anymore promotion pumped into -- spots as well Atlantis it was gone. They are gone but there you know -- -- trying to go Digital's well. So you know. Finally that battle is over also. -- in more news. Probably -- that you are so happy about AT&T is broad -- data caps are starting today so today AT&T restricting more than sixteen million broadband users. Based on the amount of data the instrument -- the new limits. 150 gig limit for DSL subscribers. And there's a 250 gigabytes for U verse users. What happens is once you go over that data cap they're charging you ten dollars. Extra per month. At a campus per month. Yadda yadda -- -- per month and then you pay an extra ten dollars per month for fee. The fuel worker after each like additional fifty gigs that's used. But -- this is this and indeed this is the new age. You know the this is and this is old slowly to curb piracy -- you could argue that question you you know I don't even I would even say it's thicker part piracy -- -- open. I mean I was the arts in Africa which are out here -- department hasn't. I they said I think they read the same reasons like -- -- -- well it's your costs about the screen up at them and that's going down I mean I think it's just that there's not a lot of it right now -- to restrict people -- You really industry leaders to really think that that's the case that there is not unless they're doing well I mean that's why AT&T is having been moved away from unlimited data plans -- -- -- -- -- line. If they give you need to gates or whatever it is has some equipment used in announcing the people shouldn't use it but they do -- -- they're just trying to do it as a way to. Keep as many people and it's possible. Here's the thing they're not only are they making more money along the way -- can argue. And that they're not you know they don't have the infrastructure but let's look at the look at this little tidbit -- to talk about they say oh we don't have enough -- -- but the same time. They are really -- the -- enough in building more infrastructure for example Time Warner Cable. They brought in one point 13 billion dollars in revenue from broadcast broadband customers in the first three months of -- eleven. -- -- -- Only 36 million for bandwidth okay that's a 3% of the revenue they brought in and if that doesn't tell you yeah what's how these large companies are investing in -- -- -- -- That that the proof is in the putting right they're they're not investing in you know because they're not they say -- we don't have enough infrastructure but there's still -- in in the. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it only to admit that I don't have -- infrastructure and that's ultimately compounds and that is as the fact they -- let's admit that they're spending money on it and improving their services yet. The -- fascinating things come -- notice. When AT&T of course that try to by T-Mobile. That one of their arguments the reason for the FCC is there's favorite talking about sprint and other carriers sprint competes very heavily because they have unlimited data plans need an -- and Unionists are trying states it is kind of symbol. They have unlimited data plans we -- -- -- competing against us that we you have unlimited data plan needs a little break so I don't really like I'm not really crying for humans who's gonna. Also you know we have a lot of international listeners. Whose -- with caps are. Far more brutal than what we have in the eyes so you know obviously we haven't experienced -- -- -- -- -- her BI exactly they're like -- but. At -- this is in effect a lot of people. Who are in mobile you know multiple person homes feature that do a lot of download -- I imagine a college apartment you have liked it if it is not enough that's -- -- Annan. But did you can you increase the -- cap if you want to pay more -- they charge for every -- to get expert is -- way to like. -- -- -- 1000 they -- elected as I have the business tier plans -- that that -- you know higher bandwidth usage rights but this is really you know what percentage of users are really going to even. Pay that extra amount to do that regulate a houseful of programmers are some. Maybe. Yeah maybe so but there you go away AT&T'S data caps starting. To broadband data -- specifically -- today also -- If you wanna -- in what's happened with the windows -- another note oh update which we were hoping to get a copy and paste updates code named note though. It appears that. They've had more issues rolling this out and it's been delayed at the update has been delayed to a certain Samsung handsets. And this is in the first time -- Samsung has had some -- -- with windows -- update Terry -- And up first time that Samsung has had promised updates and room and definitely we have is -- a longtime editorial and on the galaxy S announcement. It was really disappoint here is when -- mobile spokesman -- -- seventy. It's all right we understand and I -- wanna say windows phone phone is that we missed them by. Anyway. The problem there -- updates for supposed to be different an entry for instance and Christmas ago took -- -- that wants it would amend it when it depend on Whittier. AT&T wouldn't and Motorola and Ecstasy found everything was this about once and everybody that's been missing features once which. Would eliminate all the fragmentation -- -- platforms so it is disappointing to see this happening. That promises a really neat development and also response to copy and paste in immigrant when Bonnie reviewed the devices -- minutes and she likes -- -- on line. -- -- you know she sort of gave it a little but pass on the cut and paste issue because we knew was. And -- them yet and it's now it's like a case it was coming and a -- is coming and we're not seen so and it's really disappointed to front but the universal updates especially if -- needed there. You said -- -- not seen it but -- system like CNET. But what we are seen. But I'm just I don't see that I would get the product quickly check -- that I get a product placement of more than half -- -- march or eczema. So up. At the you know bad news for what -- If you want consumers adopt -- you just can't have this stuff happened in. Oh earlier wins they rolled out -- update that had -- potentially breaks or crash certain Samsung phones. And windows and Microsoft kind of pointed the finger at Samsung in its. It's instead of taking responsibility for it -- I don't see how that's a good thing to bash your handset manufacturers when you're really trying to grow and ecosystem and a platform that needs help in every -- Hasn't ever worked against the company when -- messed something up to take full responsibility and be like this is our fault we messed up has that ever. Gone bat for that company after B that data. I think they get a lot of I mean I can think of it. Specific issue but I think people get a lot I think you get a lot of public -- when I have yet I feel like that to -- -- via an -- and the problem with with. With Android updates for instance -- there's no and you can really -- -- Wednesday. Okay you're responsible for this update it's been on Google it's not Samsung further manufacture -- -- not care I mean now it is eventually that the customer. It's really hard -- -- don't say okay this is the person responsible for this misses. This is a person need to deal with to get the update and yes they -- -- goes -- -- Google releases that. The -- today. Care to the manufacturer you know makes the phone compatible for a minute carrier releases its -- -- obvious -- -- you know. We have talked about how as. Company is for example some as big stuff like Amazon's servers going down and when they write an authentic more humanize the apology ray that is what -- -- as skins. I hate you know I've almost been desensitize the fact -- expect that from large company -- Amazon did it right when they even though it came a little later. At the -- of the day they they wrote the site. 5700. -- word apology yeah killing every instance and genuinely -- -- and as more companies do that I think that people are gonna be forgiven especially in this. Data age where -- where -- -- we're not gonna have 100% reliability with these systems and it's just it's just the reality of -- And you can't you can't underestimate the power. A genuine sincere apology -- social so there really can't fit. Well here's something that Apple might might or might not be -- we know if there's one company that doesn't. Apologize because they tell you -- the one hole in the phone around. It's our friends at Apple -- measuring it and this is your measuring -- predator measuring Iraq. We talked on Friday and you know people -- seen the new white iPhone. Recite -- feel like the white iPhone might be. Physically larger or thicker than the black iPhone and a -- point here it was something like my point 02 millimeters pictures on the web surfaced. Will this is. I -- a slightly rumor -- but according to a user who tweeted Phil Schiller Phil Schiller has been active on Twitter. -- like the white iPhone is out and it's beautiful right Phil Schiller wrote back to direct. A person who -- at what's up with the white iPhone he wrote back it is not -- don't believe all the junk that you read. Receive or see what we're gonna we're gonna find out for sure because we're getting the Verizon white iPhone in in house today sure you can buy them both. It's not like we we don't go out and buy every phone all the time to so we're gonna find out that the main thing -- also now is there's a huge. Fragmentation in the iPhone four -- market in which might be which might be -- -- but -- will we'll see if it really is. That there are not plenty of people on the Internet they'll have said it is. -- -- -- -- Now we're trying to Italy which trying to figure out -- it I don't know if we do we haven't as a measurement in the late in the -- -- now don't go that's the home and get some -- okay yeah calpers they have to go -- that -- -- Josh Johnson -- came in -- Panthers and transfer program Thursday means that he understand the way it was the and Yahoo! really other they're told there's a lot of lines you go -- -- I I chose to take the -- Atlanta say that black might be. Actually a really a more -- -- color not I thought what. To my. Click the black iPhone is on the figure. Longer and and actually last longer to a battery. We've we've talked. I told you are gonna go and it. Or we talk about anyways oddly on covenant we're gonna we're gonna move along snows of women in the -- calpers to segment in the it's -- slash president these -- I don't think we have programs as well as mobile phones okay every gallon of -- -- Well right. And. Also to be fixing in the -- equitably genes important but that's not we talked about Apple's apprehend -- location. And and -- nobody -- on the about it but they will be released scene and it. The updates to -- and talk to the Iowa software four point 3.3. To be due out soon Apple had announced that they would be getting it out there within the next couple weeks. -- which is -- says going to be happening possibly consider within the week. The updates that it will dress is the phone will no longer back up the location database to iTunes so you won't live on your computer the size and locations of database will be reduced. That addresses it's storing your location release the Wi-Fi hotspots your nearby. Over the past year. The location database will be deleted entirely location services are turned off. That addresses when it was still -- on the phone people turn off the -- battery life improvements which everyone -- and now iPod but. Several the first two. That it would no longer baca so it won't back up your computer and in the size and location and -- -- on the phone yes yes yes as -- on the phone because they said they would change the. The amount of time it would quadruple -- you to seven gazans -- of separated for. Up to a heater market which is a little ridiculous. That also time and Apple have reached a deal. On iPad subscriptions -- magazine time Out Magazine ultra tiny. Has reached a deal for there. IPad editions to be available for free to print subscribers. This is kind of been a big thing between the two companies I know people -- -- was People Magazine that had. A lot that in a place -- if you had the physical version up and every people. And you get on your iPad for free but beginning tomorrow subscribers the Sports Illustrated. Time and fortune magazine's will be able to access the iPad content via apps that will authenticate and subscribers. To still -- -- Yeah I think I'm assuming there's probably a few more but those -- the big -- Would be almost positive there's a -- what -- the big news. And also a quick hits Blackberry Playbook to get video chat and FaceBook apps in May this could be potentially -- Truly optimize FaceBook app for tablet -- It's still hasn't happened -- Yet still not happen -- -- and again and from whatever via there's third party apps that are doing that then this is. An official -- one we will see. All right let's -- transition over to our gadgets and -- some good stuff now. Can humans I'd like you take this and talk about tennis of the new cool stuff -- are about. I mean I guess -- have an ice has hesitation there I just felt like throwing I don't want him and one. It's peculiar still -- -- I don't think it under. Dan okay his motive. I'll bring the thunder rim is unveiling their -- -- -- 999930. Phones. This is the latest editions doubled -- color to the Blackberry Smartphone. Old and we line they'll have a two point eight inch VG screen that's touch capacity of it also run the latest Blackberry seven -- and that's product by the bigger news if you think about it about and what Prius will bring. Yes and expect carries a Blackberry world is happening and today and tomorrow and meet Wednesday and -- -- we are just -- today and we. -- everybody complains because rim didn't do anything to it and -- any mobile congress for that matter -- -- it's it's finally it's nice to see some thing new here and and and a -- prediction -- -- had. Recently was that are some anxious thinking about was -- -- have so much time talking about the playbook and not really talk about phones for months and months and months no new phones and an advanced. And maybe she's -- -- take what they went and equipment transfer files that's -- good point so -- policy summit like a trying to. The highlights in Blackberry seven OS will be -- -- -- it'll be improved. Revamp mobile -- that's performance driven with easier navigation through. Yeah we all of -- -- -- liquid graphics estates. As well as faster performing graphics and browsing. The latter's also revamped by the Blackberry browser like -- includes a just in time JavaScript compiler and html five video support. Blackberry some analysts will bring new support for technologies including. Near field communications. And augmented reality applications voice enabled search and -- when he. Each dvd according will make their debut this -- -- last to repair are much much needed feature. So you know NFC is still a ways away by for them to build that support directly into their us and it. When people think -- -- this. A browser has a smaller but -- -- behind for awhile now sits into repeating units slit that small screen. Attacking video capture rate. Yet video captures audio or video accordingly lag in the watching movies -- like it is now an announcement -- you could if you want messaging platform. That's right in an announcement -- -- -- -- A well alright guys -- that we're gonna jump over to the feedback loop here would you guys have to say -- us and read some U emails because we love hearing from you guys it we go. -- All right this voice -- we we've been talking that didn't look up because it is really our favorite sleeper tech toy out right now on an anonymous caller talks about his battery life. That maybe you can only dream of. The group -- look there first caller -- call out the -- but what people talk about what all. Are coming to point you throw -- about many coupons now. -- battery -- price no one thought about the matter really average battery life are about a few hours standby. Another -- -- from the double checked about eighty -- is the -- that it -- as. Seriously at all what the show that. Nine days I I can't tell you that the the Amazon Kindle standby time. Is about a month. And then just -- -- dad and he's announced MIT anything like around fifty to 53 hours I don't know off the top of my head. Apple's ipads in my talents -- -- -- -- that's I think it's it was about a month as well because. They optimize -- in the software about utilizes the -- And also depends what you're doing it sounds. Exactly so -- -- all right -- the emails. This won't go from Jerry this CEO of -- out loud incorporated a -- I just updated my ideal menu from last week I can't believe that I forgot the -- and the the tab -- read -- shame on you generated on this game. But I'll make it up -- party started working on the business plan in the meantime Brian you're in charge of finding some cool in styles -- -- you know something with a decent amount of aloha. -- you start clinic kick -- sound and light systems in his principles on place going to need this for computer lab Friday with. Just -- now that we're gonna have those and Molly. You are the one who actually -- the whip up all those delicious meals and always do what you press vacation time on -- keynote presentation. And start learning the recipes are engaging in putting it -- -- -- everything an accidental and -- -- gets lazy especially in. Even -- -- and I really -- guys work is get -- -- is it is possible time flies check out this mania. And I like this rule it out. My favorite drink connect sex on the BC I'm not there we refer to connect sex all the time. We have the TNT -- this green mean -- salon cocktail. With fuel on the amazonian meat puppets -- That's in regards to timeouts on of the staffers behind the scenes if it I think what it was like pumped into updating out -- this is taking an accord. -- -- that the caption. Variations of white meat may take a longer time to prepare price still unknown expense that doesn't have -- attack scenario seven your products -- -- -- That's made it when it's -- be ordered works. It is well so if anything from an analogue will Molly also handling our special -- special there's a lot of find it. The fees and -- I -- -- -- -- that's hilarious because. I'm Molly and I kept on going back or how to pronounce his name that's that's. Yeah and that's how you say it lets you that you cannot safety is -- -- and I'm like no trust me it's -- name is that and -- -- the teaching like -- -- -- -- -- -- DRM scrambled eggs it's authentic it's not so in the -- Jerry we gotta -- -- major -- so we will. You know let's as the market venal or communities and stickers of a couple other avenues through them and -- we're gonna showcase the -- throughout the weeks of the guys still feel. -- you wanna throw up some throw up something. Put together but it actually I don't don't don't do that death avoid Red -- and put something together throws -- -- that induces you to do is. I believe that's not right I can't -- next -- is for you. It -- crew on. Episode 1459 email a couple of throw throw it references to country music demographic and I thought -- -- you know that we are out there. I listened to about half of nearly 15100 park episodes -- driving me. Tractor on my farm in Nebraska and -- are a number of others who do the same you can find plenty of tech savvy farmers if you search the house tax. -- chat and -- nerd. Where will argue Android vs IO SPC vs Mac as vigorously as we do with France and tractors pickup some corn and -- really -- vigorous discussion about the -- person here. I showed that then I'm sure there's a lot of passionately more like -- -- yellow color verses Multi Color colored. Where you get on what region how they're -- effectiveness went public discussion and I'm -- I'm writing -- -- -- John -- steered by GPS receiver and has the capability report back. And report info back to a computer at home so one protect so our particular primary network for Donaldson -- you Amish utopia -- -- shows that the armored. -- I like to say that is an awesome email on I apologize. And I got nothing to -- -- because farmers yet. Help us -- great goodies that we have in California. -- when you go to other states you'll realize how much we take the producer for granted -- right now I'll tell you right now so let's Bruce horn. A real good value at the pilot violent every morning. Is gonna -- you out his gun in Britain all right Eric -- emails via. Ive us people are right the train to work every day now a normal -- about Sony 5% of my fellow commuters. -- holding a Smartphone or some kind of tablet thing. Only one of two of them is reading an actual newspaper. This morning I saw eight wholly different picture at least half of the people on the train were reading a paper paper. I thought I'd be the last person to say who says the -- newspaper is dead but today found myself thinking just this. What gives sure there was big news -- was a big news story so why wasn't everyone on the latest a reading their latest on their gadget some theories. Maybe -- the important news can only be done right by the real media and not some blogger in some mom and pop online quote unquote. New -- paper look -- whatever that is. Heater and data -- that model the camera is that people can hear it looks this is a podcast that is now an -- it is again can't. Com -- windows or windows big news is they're more -- and holding a -- -- artifact. Then in something that can disappear as soon as you click the back button or maybe they just want to have a physical keep -- keepsake of the event. Maybe all these people who carry a route Internet connected devices don't know that they can actually be used more in email and texting. Love the show Peter on the train in Chicago fish. Chicago ash and into something he set about you know some kind of landmark breaking news -- -- And -- -- is delivered and people want to -- is a keepsake. Excellently. I drag in the last few years -- -- a couple things have happened that -- pan pan -- and I instantly in the world communities I English especially when you when it's news that in this makes you happy it's good news -- honest I don't that you don't you wanna see the headline democracy yes the -- tax imitate the way page that says you know whatever it is. -- and I haven't seen a paper here locally that just has huge title I'm sure it was in New York. But just some -- in line in. -- and daily news. That Chicago -- -- when a daily news detailing the project that that rot in hell out what was the little or we'll have all the post them to -- incident near -- that it pretty good ones where you -- the current horizontal -- Those are still grabbed my account well you know there are well hook -- There -- wireless trials it. There was some Fox News not yet it there was some Fox News coverage -- screen and on about screen grab earlier that apparently an idea whose it was a deposit is a fox title in -- Forty recently boxes for. -- -- you know that that stuff does happen god does. -- plus one Obama -- tell you right now plus one. Single -- I'm not done up little -- premier's best night's sleep and time. Well there are yelling outside of the outside -- that you might like it does sound proof room but I'm sure he had a good nicely for -- -- -- Alright guys. Let you know -- there's there's a lot of stuff going on here and how -- make -- to get what you gotta show no Mario world dot cnet.com. You can also send us your voice -- to 80616. 2638 that's their plot line -- line. That's a hot line please leave us all it was built on you know where you were in the China remind you early but we still have plenty of computer love to give you guys. And cnet.com. Eric can't thanks for coming and that's our brand and -- -- -- will be back tomorrow a rate need only in the house the week without Molly continues. We will get things. It just. I see you guys -- -- day.
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