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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1459: Meat puppets behind the servers

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1459: Meat puppets behind the servers

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It turns out that no matter how technologically savvy we get in the world, we could always be betrayed by the "meat puppets behind the servers." Thanks for that one, Donald. And human error does appear to be what happened to Amazon, and also the Yankees. DSLReports, on the other hand, just plain got hacked. And it would also appear there's no one equipped to help us with our little data leakage issues, since the FBI's own cyber-security agents admit they're not up to the task. But there's even worse news than that: the white iPhone is 0.2mm thicker than the black one. THE HUMANITY! --Molly

Today is Friday April 20 ninth 2011 mining Steven -- of I'm Brian Solheim Donald bell -- that'll that'll open a buzz out loud at all and they are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just got out a big -- -- link. Evidently didn't get that way and we've got -- internationally silicone treatment -- -- get a new demographic towards the pike and -- Bring in -- targeted that we aren't exactly Akamai and I know yeah I know you all out there near big rig that for a big big tech big rig and I usually do that our tech -- they -- big -- -- have impressed -- you gonna stand in line it's really hard to get -- you and it's pretty amazing actually -- and are we gonna jump lists -- is because -- -- Hi guys care more about this then you know actual news so -- and an update to the ongoing Sony saga hackers now. Have not been posting on a variety of forums that they are trying to sell the credit card numbers approximately 2.2 -- credit card numbers that they've acquired. This is allegedly they require a required Sony has yet to confirm that these credit card numbers have been. Released or were acquired from hackers but from 100000. Dollars -- imposed -- for him a message boards also. -- the hacker group who is posted these have said. That they offered it to Patrick C bold -- Sony spokesperson. To purchase them back from them as well. -- a little bit of -- heat that she said situation right now because obviously Sony said yesterday that the entire credit card table -- encrypted and they have no evidence. That that table was stolen. But now hackers are saying obviously -- We had not only do we have -- but we tried to sell back to Sony I mean you can imagine. That it might not even be the same hacker right that there's some possibility it's just somebody who's trying to do you put -- a -- extortion scheme does highlight a little bit thicker multi down. To be honest asking just for a 100000 dollars for 2.2 million accounts is that not that much people like that figure itself makes me wonder like -- this is just a high school -- like. 200000 dollars a lot of money right now I -- you extortion on digital file. I don't understand how that works acknowledge this is the only copy. I. They don't really encrypted and gives Sony a special pastor apparently it's the letter is written like an ancient papyrus scroll -- only one person can never read -- him from my. We will tell you the stone -- and credit card informing you think this tablet thinker and well it's not because I know ancient pyramid. I totally did that a running on the tablet. -- view although it. It certainly doesn't help Sony at all now if if that if hackers are out there saying the fact is we have this. Information you know we're trying to sell elected to Sony and or I mean they're saying only maybe one hacker tried to -- it back to -- is the one guy who split up -- -- now. I mean given all of the reports of people saying that they've had breaches with their personal cards. It does seem like me -- and we have an email actually in today's lineup I think -- -- -- came out. With someone talking about how someone could un encrypt that data. You now -- can just jump into area this come from holder. RIT guy in Houston and he's not a PS and user but he said as the Sony statement that the credit card table is encrypted. Database encryption is good protection against offline attacks for example someone gains access to the database -- -- back up to the database but it's a one minute -- -- -- sequel queries against the database the data will be revealed in clear text. The only protects -- against that as of application. Encrypt the data and then stores the blob in the database but typically you not refer to that as the table was encrypted with the Sony's language but if someone manages to gain access through the application. Then even that method will not help so until more details are being revealed I would question the statement about the credit card data being protected. I encryption -- while the fact -- even if it's protected by encryption nothing is un hackable and as we have the -- rather have seen an -- her. And over and really so the lesson for people listening. I think it makes complete sense now to be. So just be so sensitive aware of this that you should canceled a credit card I went that one because someone wrote once I posted it on -- some civil. They haven't officially -- they have -- by the time Sony says its official. It's too late yeah. It's too late. It's very -- actually that is been Sony's method with just about everything denied that a new console coming into the -- announced an atlas is the tech investors like the tech world but then that it got out they were all and it's true that -- personally. If I knew my credit card information was with the Sony PlayStation network. -- -- -- And then there's larger implications like John Strickland did -- mention you know. It's not even just your credit card everyone can close a credit card. But they have your address this is an identity fraud issue -- on just a credit card you big time I actually think it's more I actually think it's more of an identity fraud issue than -- isn't a credit card -- -- it because the fact is. Banks now -- offenders on -- -- two banks are so fast to. -- fraudulent activity happening and shut down those cards and they'll they'll reimburse you I mean it's almost like no big deal. And so but to me than the much more dangerous. Aspect of this is the Phishing attacks that will follow and a potential again. And find new hires that right under the seven different things and lives -- from here on back and you have claimed to be kind of like the semi on this editor here at in current cost -- at. It's -- every time I'm here I don't think you guys have it but there's a story like this where it is leaking ally spew this off the -- I -- -- at an all time the humanity -- I'm holding out -- -- the galaxy. This time I mean it's gonna ketchup a -- reading for a long time. Booker and you won't be using an -- -- Eve candlelight. Meanwhile Amazon is coming clean about what happened with their giant network outage and much to our surprise it was not actually hacker related but the upshot. -- -- they're very log in detailed and good for them for putting out Clinton detailed summary so we out of what happened which is in fact exactly what we asked for. The upshot though is that it was human hair. Now it appears that it was human hair -- -- so -- this disc description which. Make sense to me back down thirty BS system works using a peer to peer technology that keeps the data in sync using two network so one is -- for the normal operation. One is slower. Which is used as the backup. -- each of the nodes use -- -- to treat multiple copies of this data but when one of the nodes stops talking to another midstream the first one. Assumes cycle and they also looks -- -- replicate this when it happened though is it looked in an area that had no longer had any more storage. Cancel all these nodes kept on trying to replicate themselves -- there is no more storage. Then some of them were able to replicate -- you still had a large group of nodes or continue to try to replicate they had no idea where to go they couldn't buy anything so that's what bog down -- whole server systems -- And is like people just recently find me. Replicate meet the you know with the -- has still. I would be happier if it wasn't human hair because if human error is always gonna be it is going to be -- believe it was just like a computer replacing -- patched for ever -- giving Obama confidence in cloud services. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Begin meat puppets behind the servers will -- what happened that I and title. Meat -- about -- servers. All (%expletive) up -- I. I -- the meat puppet writes in -- says I dispute that today must give me all that actually that goes to dispute your claim that -- I'm going -- is better to the fact is what we really mean. -- -- the robots to take over. And that's fine and it's of them vote on leave me alone the other about their -- everything right it's much more reliable casino computer's never screw up yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Last but certainly not least we want to apologize. We know how critical are services are to our customers' businesses and we will do everything we -- to learn from this event and use it to drive improvement across our services. We will spend many hours over the coming days and weeks improving our understanding of the details of the various parts of this event. And determining how to make changes to improve our services and our practice. Not. Sounds don't regret any inconvenience this may have caught yet another sounds very is that you -- human it's sentiment even if a computer rutted path. I can't even though it -- They did they did say at the end that on they will increase the automation to prevent similar -- from happening again. Human error but -- -- the -- -- computers that well on and there is still by the way if it remains true apparently that that point 07% of the data involved in the crash and -- recovered. And that's very -- -- and they did also clarified that the people are going to get. A ten day credit equal to a 100% of their usage and EBS volumes EC two instances -- database instances. That were running in the affected availability -- nice suite. And in that they won't be able to. Clear themselves up the record for having this issue happening -- In the long tail is will their customers stick with them and be like you know it. You were at least we finally got the information I think a lot of them were probably a little more upset that in here about it earlier yet which is always hard to. I mean if you read the -- -- statement it's it's quite an extensive statement Friday Amazon really likes that I you have to read it but it it. And it's very. It's -- personal right like a week I think we they talk about. Things that they figured out and we refrained from speculating before we can do this post -- -- and I think we can. We think we can improve in this area right -- it's it's straightforward language. Apple also can take a cue from this Writely is -- all they -- to -- -- could show you how well they catapult key note that many backup equipment seriously like we've had -- -- now about three major technical issues over the last two days from Sony who regret any inconvenience that it may have caused from Apple who says the -- stop Afghan. And from Amazon who says here is everything that went wrong here all the ways that were trying to affect and by the way we're really sorry. Which one do you dress smart you know like which company comes out looking better -- -- on this that as the boat. To the bug just about shut the -- -- up and eat your comment. At that at and at -- However girl at that anybody in that it did not keep them out of a lot -- ring. Google now has also been feud over location data collected by Android devices. This time it is a fifty million dollar lawsuit against Google -- -- Michigan women. -- -- -- That means it gets his money didn't clarify my god there's -- -- Mr. I am I love Michigan and I hope they continue to listeners to our show went on -- not on the I'm no good luck and Michigan isn't that -- -- -- if totaling. They'll both are not gonna define. I was is gonna -- Google declined to comment on the lawsuit but they -- all location sharing on -- -- is opt in by the user we provide users with notice and control over the collection sharing news publication. In order to provide a better mobile experience on Android devices etc. it's a few Digg in the settings and you understand what they're what they're doing -- know exactly -- -- a if if I mean this is this is kind of how the only -- sadly the first steps toward actually. Getting control. Of our data and getting these companies to understand that may need to start taking national little more seriously and are going to be -- that lusted for us is how we -- in America. Yellow means anyone needs to learn NICU means Apple immediately wanna do with sell -- some hardware. Google really does want to know everything about too large and out that's their business I think he did everything that they think that's good. Sensitive industry they might be that slightly -- -- one that I think. Maybe. I we're gonna take a break but we are and definitely not done talking about data leaks this guy is following men still following Dennis as well -- there's more that coming up plus that they're absolutely. Devastating news about the white iPhone now. And the space shuttle endeavor. I told -- he called it. Welcome but. Ballack but we'll come -- about it alone is -- Alexandria little handbook -- on the brain friends -- town Molly Wood in the house even beat him and our special guest -- even introduced on about really is especially guessing he's got a part offended nicely done Friday is now. But I -- -- special you're. Here are joining -- and have -- well in well okay. Our sun and it does -- -- -- that he needs show up any day month absolutely cast metal -- day though I am and it peak. Mike you know humor that he could. Idiotic cigarette like you would not believe again I'm I'm I'm at I'm blacked out right now I cannot remember any enthusiasm and I'm not trying to make your very likely -- people who like we do what it -- -- we have a lawful truck. That comes with CNET on Friday as and it part in the Alley outside testing has built a three block radius with the -- -- -- you've ever heard it in its Belgian -- track gonna make him in the -- easiest way usually he can actually look back on videos studies to do -- a year ago union and much much wider. -- it smells like magic in makes the Hamann a -- -- like hobos like for the for a card in order to believe that strong. And all those wonderful unique smells. The lawful global truck is no alternatives to the pinnacle. They need a -- subway and on the bus and -- totally covered in -- at -- the way that the -- -- and even -- the garage the parking her national that's -- that's -- And that's -- magnet at this day -- Friday. All right DSL reports says in addition all those other portable -- we've heard about from other companies. You -- ports as some of the member information was stolen their site was targeted a sequel injection attack yesterday at about 8% of the subscribers email addresses. And passwords. Were stolen. Looks awesome. Also. The New York -- -- emailed their ticket holders 21000. Of them to let never know. That they also accidentally. Turned over the names account numbers addresses and more. Of those 21000. When you are valid data centers that -- not a -- I hadn't even -- I was so there's another it appears that it was one of their. Sales reps are ticket -- -- Forwarded the email with the spreadsheet. To. -- -- -- -- -- Sorry. Such a sorry checked before -- before you send that out. See there's this. I. So our god I'll -- now I think they'd like if it's not one thing. It's another it's not -- -- -- after that absolutely and used the databases of personal information is -- -- I think that cannot be trusted with your basic. Fundamental information account numbers names addresses email addresses phone numbers fax numbers seat numbers and to get paid codes of exactly 841000. Over 21000 non premium -- they get older they did say that -- credit card information was not on this. -- spreadsheet Allen -- if I am right here -- It -- that we know where you're sitting this thing has been listening has been perpetuating and released in like you know throughout the Saturday is on some guy -- an assailant -- in this. But 088 keys in case you're wondering. Deeply regret this incident and any inconvenient that it might not. Can we -- strike. The regret inconvenient flying from the lexicon of that is the most like I'm sorry thing amber that's almost as bad as I'm sorry you feel that -- I do I do not make people feel better. I think we should go back a little bit as the DSL -- -- -- it's okay at it. Just to tell people you know -- site has been reset for the pastors are -- our affected. On it was about 8000 random that counts and there's only 9000 active on DSL reports there's about. 90000 in their database and so on to select you know -- you know. It's not -- 90000 -- it's not only it's only about eight now Google me. Knowing. They do say that the that. Although they don't know what the purpose of the attack was they imagine the data will be searched for possibly high value access elsewhere like PayPal eBay Gmail and -- -- they got no other details just email password pairs that once. Once again contained -- to have -- -- this totally being candid -- -- -- -- the alarm reports. -- I wasn't -- -- an apparent photographer. Yeah. Actually there's all. This is like a really widespread issues that people are really into photography -- brand was this really that important if you're iPad into the lineup I was so that's actually totally funny because. There was also a RM -- out today about -- an icon image authentication system -- has been -- gone -- is Agassi agreed that it means that the what did it do it creates a means to produce -- pictures that would successfully passed validation -- oh and -- big security weakness in. The way that. That would delete the files are -- -- that the images haven't been tampered -- via the venue could send a picture -- is like totally bigfoot -- -- never be able to prove that it wouldn't they just open up a huge industry for the although iPhone Apple mock -- creators. -- it's pretty funny I'll -- thought that's created this is night and in the line of but it is now. -- comes up has created a gallery of -- images that successfully -- Validation don't know now from nighttime and it is it's pretty funny stuff like it got -- is that the Russian blogger with Steve Jobs. The Beatles -- Iran Otellini sent a selling gadgets but in a chat room and then it's got Mike Tyson with a tattoo that's an I heart Angry Birds. And -- is pretty funny and they're all in Al. They would all past validation now because of it that's -- areas -- nothing. I'm just AF from DSL to DS LR. Nobody think that's how we year old and it turns out that there's no and out there to help us. And it's -- -- Think they know I do appealed to you know and your children going to need you guys Mike Tyson and the Angry Birds that -- -- that but definitely not the FBI. No not the cops -- and -- -- -- cybercrime division didn't. According -- department -- would support lack basic skills. If they -- as little -- thing. Diaz was be a little money later noted that is based on the interviews -- the -- themselves right most of them were displayed yeah we have no. You guys are candidates candidates silence common misreading it DSL report that they like you know there. They -- say the event dot officer involved with concern about his ability even perform the investigation especially fifty units a significant case -- -- bike it's -- -- -- -- Can I took this -- I thought it would be cool picture. Q what do I do not have been killed -- -- are now on some stats here. While the voice of reason I don't know what's going on here but after that after an -- 36 agents -- -- their offices nationwide. The investigators found that thirteen of those agents believe they liked the network in in counterintelligence expertise to investigate. National security intrusions like adults and five were even more modest -- -- -- think they were able are qualified for the job. Also deprive other 36 that we do not think that we have the skills necessary to do this job -- you an idea that we have been given the units policy also rotates agents from one from -- one offs in other. So some of the people that have cybercrime experience. Were put in posts or locations where they couldn't use it while -- cybercrime investigators. And no relevant background because of all the -- I think this is scary this is really scary really a. Like it we're laughing at almost because it's hard not to laugh now how bad how. -- ridiculous that it. But that is absolutely terrifying that you're taking people with perfectly relevant skills -- shifting them out of jobs that they can do and when you ask -- them. And that is a really by the way a mark of how seriously these people take their job. That when they were asked by the Justice Department do you feel like you the skills to do your job they were like look. No and I'm concerned about this because these are really big deal cases that we're working on and we are not the -- will -- working on them you have got to be kidding me. It also indicates the fact that they're not the and you do a better job a recruiting and -- keep -- be making a lot more lucrative. To acquire some of the top global hackers out there and because if there's no incentive for them to work for the -- of American government -- US government or whatever country you're from if there's no nonsense that incentive for them. They they'd rather hack around and have fun while also -- one of those jobs where it. You get it and -- you leave. You know you probably wanted but I like every other probably you know. Nation that might want to have seen and until that absolutely you'd be pretty hot commodity -- you're not able to do that and think about what's happening -- these two. These two bell curve these two charts -- talent in -- -- -- like this -- -- a template for these guys skills. And experience are tanking. Meanwhile the attack the number of cyber intrusions and attacks as we have literally seen just this week. Our. On a hockey stick trajectory. They they got means it's going -- -- going up into the right people the Department of Homeland Security admitted. 5499. Known intrusion of government systems in 2008. Up 40% on the year before you can estimate that number is probably up about a 1000% now and that doesn't even get to the intrusions on private industry. It is time to -- that haven't it really is important time to -- basically outsource this jobs. To have private hackers that -- which given exactly -- much safer bet. Wow I like it this what this says that you're got your information is even less safe with the American government then it is. At Google or Amazon or even Sony. It's scary I actually met one of the hackers who works for. The US government we're gonna we're trying to work something to get them on here in you know very but it would be in seen here is insight or even what he can I I would assume he wouldn't be -- to comment on any of this stuff. Tell -- about that in -- -- lead the competency of the department could he actually put him in that chair in the corner and we didn't and we made -- -- -- -- monthly -- modulator from what if we just got Donald -- to do that the agony that goes around the camera lands. I have a little suspicious -- that yet but -- it's that it's bad news for sure this is really bad news that there and -- -- to nothing about it that we're looking at the land seemed as anything more -- and are now let's get and I don't the next headlight is more bad news that. That's also I was transition in the island. But there's more bad news this time it's for Google TV. Pretty much Google. Google's entrance into the Google TV market has been successful they thought would be probably because they rolled out a half baked product and then tried to. Throw up online content where they had no licensing deals are content rates associated with it but Google TV. Had projected had predicted that they would you know have it -- in eighteen million dollar. You know -- call from their Logitech partnership that was only shown to come out to five million dollars and all sort of like you go home -- Logitech. Out I know that's a camel into account what's militants in about is like. -- to Google TV like okay again Google slapping their name on something that could be in Steen and something cool in article this is from a cnet's own Greg Sandoval. Google. Out rights outright -- -- what kind of their philosophy is its early days for Google TV and for Internet connected TVs in general. -- Google we launch products early. An -- quickly based on consumer feedback are engineers are doing just that. And the developing next version of Google TV which will for example include the Android market. So old and take content -- -- -- and polish. Eight but unfortunately not for it's not bloody likely the content providers it was nine just didn't -- in -- with Google you know they've been totally burned by this. I mean this may be one of those those examples where Google did. Rush it out for whatever reason right it's close enough. Was put out a total mail it really has a product yet let's just -- out -- right -- you can't really put a beta tag on p.'s hardware for one thing and when it comes to those deals with the industry and those are more. -- Byzantine in confusing then Mino the current state of copyright law you have any -- I think about Amazon coming out their cloud drive in the cloud player all that stuff and they kind of put that out -- before they'd really policy and -- need polished not polished. This bad but made the agreements for all the content. Providers to make sure that that was Kosher yet another going back and make sure that -- work. -- but I think that's a little bit different right that's not. Necessarily mean Amazon's and we have the legal right to do this but also provided a service that was pretty simple to understand that a lot of people want and that didn't it didn't require a new 300 dollar bought. -- the the biggest issue here there and is that three of the outer part of it is like -- part it is -- you had have a box but then in addition that if he talked about the I think -- -- Sony TVs that had the Google TV interface if -- launching a product to mainstream consumer that really isn't polished and hard to understand you're going to turn off people. After that first product after those for trees and people come back yeah I think that Schieffer for Google in the future working with content -- main factors is probably. In India once bitten twice shy -- because. Logitech and Sony republic on my god we're gonna be the new Google product this is gonna be hot it's gonna be amazing and it comes out and all these issues come up. And these are backpedaling and they're the ones who really are out the money I'm making these devices making -- for the -- Next time Google comes a knock -- with like a new beta service. Unique outlook -- to be bad that hot to make -- -- angering consumers probably -- -- minutes in no it's a long game and wealthy bad Google TV they have so much competition on a gotta -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- Was dead in the mud was get dirty and -- hit -- They examine -- slash news alert the white iPhone out yesterday but -- what if you -- That it had a new feature. -- needed to know about you absolutely right you why I phone. Is point two millimeters thicker than the black line. Point two millimeters thicker now you might say like solid -- that the community. -- it means a lot when it no longer works with your case and accessories that you purchase it's physically. Larger. Than the white iPhone it is a different pop and out of -- density. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That. On nine nobody -- the feedback. That nobody wants to see that number won't fit the right up on time. By the way and time of -- and blog is like protecting is. -- -- -- Mainly because the headline is done at -- and -- Hulu plus is coming to Xbox Live today April 20 ninth and it will be free for a -- that he can -- Steve just exactly how it compares. To do that YouTube -- lets you can't get. Yet on Hulu Andy and we can look forward to times of those funny funny screens has been elected who has it and who knew that the Newton and I'm really important we had we have. Just the ball we have some people. There -- like I didn't understand why you guys -- repeat on Hulu plus somewhat but then. They sign up for the service and they agreed there like the content is all over everywhere and I think the same stuff on the free stuff -- -- the Hulu plus stuff. And makes it's it's its -- -- talked about the licensing agreements but it just doesn't make sense for that and username. But you can it will feature Kinect compatibility Hulu plus on Xbox that you can swoop around and swoop around -- and I'm finally alien planet -- -- -- You could grow if -- anti about this one Donald. -- Twitter. Kids are aware whenever I think so -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this new little text ads feature on Twitter on the -- him in the right hand column. But it's not really called out as being at its -- the one that's currently -- those in this example as. NFL sponsored a conversation. This is follow -- and a pound and and a telegraph conversation. I think Adam -- -- because it will get a clear it out if hack attack. -- -- -- -- timing you know ranch hand -- the combat that ran out of here. I am. -- -- it. Yeah you get to do -- quick look at -- there is no way I know there's still bought it anyways the thing that's a bad infuriating about this is that -- didn't -- congress out of an advertisement they would with a sponsored links. Oh CNET pretty bad -- its new -- and and -- -- and -- -- sneaky and it just trying to be more transparent Verizon here is adding a location tracking and warning sticker on phones. I I will if this is the actual sticker I'm amazed this is good that they're doing this but this -- and -- and Leo this is stray data Jake -- department Jang keys. Remove a so on the back of the sticker says remove before use the devices capable of determining. It's and you are physical geographical location and can associate this key application it with other customer information about block it looks like it traced outline that my four year old niece -- -- the pretty. Bad the sticker on well. Bigger is not good but it -- sentiment behind the speaker is pretty smart yes and it -- -- that well. Hopefully help them magnitude and quickly. Where we're actually celebrating the Verizon that they're doing a good job of putting Vista on yet if you can't tell that -- And I get -- -- to be pretty does this matter is that -- -- you don't really want people to read it you know and they typically clip we've we've done our part to think that cigarettes are eager to. -- -- -- that it ethnic of that -- in the -- the hair -- in the -- And it looked like a little they had bigger slightly good job on the sticker overall. I would that lets move on to science news. You all thought -- -- making -- like snotty little joke. Last time when we talked about how the space shuttle endeavor launch was on the same day as the wedding and I spent. -- those things never -- ten times the Wii not to worry about it learn that while death and. The end -- airlines has been delayed for at least 48 hours. And why at all and -- You can get. -- said it was according to was that weather conditions added and it knocked it off track him. I mean really -- things like. -- mail and -- -- the -- the launch is not. And it was not I just couldn't. I can't imagine leaving less surprising than the fact owners are more and -- all the astronauts can manicures. And that reminds me don't don't don't don't don't expect that I respect our space program too much to do that aren't fluent in -- The actual reason that he -- was an auxiliary power unit heater problem. The tally apparently is now up to 72 hours. -- in the last -- was delayed like three weeks sound. But nevertheless huge crowds are expected for it because it will be the second to lance second to last launched. Of the US space shuttle program and endeavour's last launch -- -- -- the -- -- -- 5750000. People -- gonna show up for that yeah that's and that's that's mass that is math and and Democrat will include President Obama was to have included President Obama and is -- -- two children. But now it's like. I've thought about many times flying to Florida for a lot but I've always end up not doing it because that -- -- all. Eyeing an atom -- -- two weeks to. I never know it flakier than Google -- shuttle launches. But you should all follow if you don't follow that already of the KFC visitor complex it's like on Twitter explore space KSE. An alien space center Kennedy had been there that pretty -- but ethical ethical Twitter feed because they give you all the link will updates and may have links and Ameritech when it's got the best part about that also a flight. This you know when you can get the giant space dehydrated ice cream. You guys into that we need to space that it you can get that at want to. -- -- at at the Kennedy space and very costly and -- in aren't close Ellis that science the ordered and the nature company or something like that. They would sell like the dehydrated food for space people are really for space people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's not help me out here -- there's a -- does -- -- I really like that story Pepsi has unveiled what they are calling social. Vending machines. They have a touch screen interface you can gift a drink to a friend or even a stranger as a random act of refreshment. And then even buying the -- is actually more interactive because you can swipe through your choices and read nutritional information. On the spot and member really the only social thing is the ability they can gift. -- to drink but it'll text your friend. And like -- making go over to that and other social machine and -- -- and index. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This this vending machines getting all that information on your friends like their -- -- -- -- in your own information about. Who you who you are -- who like we -- -- It's an information harvesting machine this is going need a hacker story and next week where they forgot that these things are totally vulnerable to hacker attacks and all of your all of those gifted at these. About the trail of credit card information. And that's of -- final one. That's a -- a final and outbreak they -- -- okay. Is there an adult I'm gonna call this on that there's going to be a way to -- -- listen to all the different I alienation. I -- ultra Harare in right behind the I don't care I am going to -- -- to view all the review. Pepsi. And your information will be harvested you're going -- like the AMA I actually prefer a diet here it definitely makes you and along now they are Mac users -- billion -- -- holly. To decide on the leave comments on. EA Donald Bradley writes -- it means is that it. We wanna hear what you guys had to say we talk way too much let's go hit up our feedback -- crew. I. Don't know the bag and for that I mean nine but now that -- beauty and of the that they look the same. -- Jerry from Austria -- -- that -- been a fan of the show and he never very long time but never wrote in report. Yesterday attended decided to take a shot at this be a hotel or restaurant idea always save enough for Monday we are why we graded out I think it's okay sorry -- -- Bit impractical and yeah we want people to still send their menus yet we wanted to I'm directs I'm here moment here and here that actually this is Gerry -- at the -- to think it's a -- morning dependency on all -- don't come up I think the chatter of actually -- -- pay damn thing at that they count. -- we also need to see the tambourine on their I didn't see it. Okay. How the tambourine they give way to save humanity -- just -- -- An athlete isn't really did keep sending -- your and isn't things in there but I'm not gonna talk about it -- smart for Virginia -- us and said. I have to say that I'm always disagreed with you on the point of locking down Wi-Fi networks and selling routers with an encryption -- -- Now the FF the electronic frontier foundation is disagreeing with you to. In a recent post on the web -- -- -- that says if Apple be working with other organizations to launch an open wireless movement. In the near future in the meantime working here from technologist with wireless expertise. Who would like to help us work and the protocol engineering tests that are needed to make network sharing easier from a privacy and -- -- sharing perspective. You can write with an -- -- and dot org and have the full post. Yet you link to that in -- nice in the -- -- -- I I except -- disagreement. Uniting your command now now I'm with the -- -- -- -- talking about working with other organizations to launch an open wireless as an adapter in his company completely different from the idea that individuals need to lock down a wireless security which they still do you know I mean I'm sorry that's just the world we live and make you can't. People cannot -- if FBI is going to come into your house throw you down you're downstairs beat the crap -- -- call you a child pornographer because you an unsecured Wi-Fi. -- on board surprised him by now. -- -- -- I think there's a difference right right I think there's a difference between being able to have an organization all open wireless movement in my copy shops or whatever but even then frankly. I'm not -- that we live in the kind of world that can support usually open Wi-Fi of people are going to use it to do that -- even in any type of organizational thing put down by the government that enters into your household and -- has to deal with your household stuff right. Not -- no way baby for public spaces in you know I think they are shorter public spaces and that's usually what they're talking about when they referred open wireless movement -- For your house and your computer. -- -- -- Okay. You know we're say no now but you know we always say yes to you know what timeliness. And -- An afternoon. Or do you care. Our -- if you look kindly to just turn this off now you hate on this test. -- I yeah I read this email comes to us from Robert. Hey guys and -- think summitry in my computer -- success story on -- 1440 a few weeks ago. I played -- for my girlfriend and she cried. With -- This time I'm ready for some advice to find love right -- my -- I recently decided that time was right to purchase. The ring. -- -- and am currently pondering a creative way in which the proposed 10 highlight the inner geek that's he -- level it actually. The best they would have been a propose a new after playing the show my email but. The thought had it occurred to -- Until after I had already laid a four. I also thought about taking her on a mock geo caching -- -- those are. In listening to hash ends up being the engagement ring but I'm wondering if you have -- any better. Text centric ideas for proposing banks and love the -- revenues. -- Actually I think the marketing accounting and the -- Human waste is not in yet -- -- -- to drag -- -- -- the wilderness but without that I find in a class that -- on the the Barrett figures like this is. So stupid why are you taking up here why -- coming here -- I love you. Girls don't often come off that well in -- world -- noticed that. And they're very happy to have been proposed to you by Brian and -- Good data that -- also -- you could you could I noted recently on the show we're talking about how the importance of proposing in person. But you could -- a little luck getting a little audio file and her like playlist -- iPod Shuffle and to take to the gym or whatever you know accumulate there's been yeah and you wait outside that -- that we've all shuffle I communicate navigate that track gonna come on Apple has also been like some creative ways where people have used. On if you have any expertise with imovie Molly -- does now. You can't create an -- like people than engage in videos on their iPhone. Where they ask with in the video. The yellow line hey baby you lose your baby check this out. I wanted to watch this YouTube video. You could show like I actually like oh my god didn't really funny YouTube video -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you -- -- the well and you're welcome you're actually as Gillis the -- picnic Medicare Reno. The I think after -- -- and. I gotta say it doesn't add into that can detect -- I think you can sometimes you -- the trying too hard yes sometimes really putting you into it it's not about units around -- the -- -- -- possibly the most memorable day of her life. And you trying to put -- -- phenomenal isn't gonna be -- and immediately go away you know what about the network issued him a YouTube video -- and -- -- Miami we -- -- and you think. -- -- Our right and the move and -- in Evanston Illinois or attendance I have been asked the same question by different brands are not completely confident in my answer. So I thought I would ask you guys. Recently a lot of my friends seem to be breaking up with their first serious boyfriend -- -- that junior in college by the department of -- but generation and as you know. Everybody breaks -- at the -- down and now I'm Donald totally invisible. Yet I hear that tell us how much there we got -- -- -- -- -- FBI got army field with the -- bad does DM get mines must ask him. If they are all anyway and I if you make the light to dark you do risk defending her by suggesting that you don't think it's just a little -- fear premiere of the -- I am I'm also gonna say some girls referred to mean because it gets embrace their full body emailing her. Well that Apple its parts -- full body. Okay okay anyway. Anyway I know. A lot of relationships don't derive those early years in college make you right and there's a -- -- Friends and to be breaking up -- their first serious boyfriend for example they met when they were freshman negated through the years several of these break -- for -- And my friends were and are pretty upset by them a few of the girls wanted to delete the pictures of their act and them on FaceBook in addition to confronting him. I think that's perfectly acceptable as -- to your profile on your pictures. But other friends make it pretty compelling case that you should only do this an extreme circumstances because it affects everyone else in the pictures as well. Their argument is they've been creating an online persona throughout the pictures that tagged and probably including the ones you wanna delete actually -- -- get upset. -- an album was deleted that this girl had wanted to stay online. So what do you think is a photo on your profile public property once you tag others and it. -- -- just about you in your control over what photos you upload. That is a good I -- it might really -- -- ray camp I don't know that I have an easy answer there. Well I've been my feelings have been -- when passed x.s contact me from pictures and I can no longer get access an idea and it wasn't like she was the only one in a. I will say that. Here is probably the easiest way to solve this problem you can download those pictures to get down FaceBook lets you download the virus version so if you see a picture -- -- tagged and and you want to keep it at the keeper for you download it. The and then everybody and isn't like warning ethnic and like the leader taken -- -- unless they like it you really like it kind of especially if you're dating from Michael and prepare for the possibility acidic young typically takes -- for hours before a girl deletes you from things -- -- -- So you have that time window of stoppage where you can then -- her up and Melissa and saved the -- -- -- -- -- but if you really love a particular photo I would say the onus is on you because it's you're not the owner of that photo just because -- -- -- -- -- -- always -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- Ultimate control over and has -- right to do whatever they want with -- but if you love it. Go ahead and download it okay as a personal responsibility issue. God also -- -- you know don't build up an entire persona that's hinged on one or two photos you know that are actually really that. And in the photos -- you look like you're the happy if you've ever visit your entire life at the -- -- I hate I actually enjoy keeping notes photos of my. There isn't it or else that might not waste your -- -- -- and I'm a camp I'm going I'm going to read the next email guidance. I really hope people are still listening please yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I tried everything to find someone to find someone to love the find to attack by an impossible. For me being a quarter of -- sentry will. I've definitely tried match disease and other dating sites -- yet. I'm trying to find -- -- my age on these sites I was seem attract much older ladies and I would really like to know and find someone my own age a year older or younger. I now had it would dating web sites I don't socialize them much outside my circle of friends can anyone help -- Com. Joshua you know but we have a voice mail that pretty much addresses. What you're talking about. It it literally does. Are we really know we're gonna I think they'll -- it. -- Annan called on -- of -- -- -- wow talk about -- different. Her. You are a lot. Like the Wired News it would -- -- problems people who. While the finding that special while -- -- -- Edge. Here and and et -- back at. It at -- -- prop up Eric. It is better than it actually. -- Apogee back out -- -- and you're -- there yeah I like. There -- about everything out stock -- I want it all. -- -- -- So we need now -- alive and keep hope alive a love that also 125 years old don't refer to yourself as a quarter century old -- and -- found no all yeah that's it but really the president would censoring -- that's we've put your online description eight. Cost of a century old -- Girls not. Nowadays don't feel that but it Austria it is that age old advice and it's nicely sums up the right line were -- -- You just gotta go fish seen. Keep your worm on the hook in the water. It's a worm and a fish will bite it you know harm you -- -- -- him right now like him. -- barring other Salina and on windows and -- and -- eventually. -- and alright guys that. Is going to do it for this episode on -- special Friday as usual. Donald -- company thank you Adam and aren't just a programming note every -- I will be on vacation. All of next week have not left I'm not going to twit I did not quick -- got present -- not I am just going on a little spring break vacation and that you all will benefit from. My keynote presentation when they get rushed out there that's -- blame you -- you know how to keep you on on attacks use. A house that keynote presentation doing apps that are out of this I'll send you pictures that you can show. To that chat like -- to prove that I am I'm working on. Okay. And I don't see anything. And I don't believe I wanna eat shop and on -- -- -- not you will you will be alright guys show notes at -- -- dot cnet.com in seeking comment there. Also we love your phone calls 80616263. CNET and you can also -- also -- -- cnet.com. Keep them coming and -- we will be here next week of variety of tasks. Myriad yes have a great weekend and week everybody. -- -- -- --
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