Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1457: PlayStation Network hack: This is bad, man.
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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1457: PlayStation Network hack: This is bad, man.

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Sony comes clean about six days after its network "intrusion" and admits that its hack attack actually led to the reveal of tens of millions of usernames, addresses, dates of birth, and maybe even passwords, security questions, and credit card numbers. So, that's a pretty bad day over at Sony. Also, Apple "comes clean" on its location data tracking, claiming that it's not happening, and even if it is happening, it's not that accurate, and even if it is that accurate, it's just so they can serve you better iAds. Wait, what?

Today is Wednesday April 27 2011 my name is Steven beach of. I'm -- -- I am Molly Wood log in a buzz out loud in a podcast of indeterminate length of updated 14157. And my goodness and this idea like I've got a feeling in the head I gotta feeling and. Then today to get in -- in addition no. Because. Wow is now the -- -- -- -- we're -- Erica don't know no time for chit chat -- -- of that this. Yes -- thing has gotten saudis say apocalyptic. This is that this that this is real bad so yesterday PlayStation network. Send an official message of what happened and they wrote a letter out to all of its use of all 77 million. Users and is said we have discovered that between April 17 and nineteenth -- PlayStation now working curiosity service user account information was compromised. In connection with an illegal and unauthorized intrusion into our network so they did a few things they temporarily turn off the PlayStation network which we know about and is still down today. -- -- a -- engage in getting an outside recognized security firm to conduct a full investigation to find out what happened. Which they then and will follow up really quickly they did released details of what happened from those findings. Yell at people and I think very million amid a little bit America's what happened from the findings there's like. -- -- they admitted it was a massive. User data that the massive and then so they they came out and they said that what's been stolen pressure related to put this on their -- -- the hill to the Atlanta of the army emailing the users I think -- had noted they sent it in their blog. They have started reaching out and rolling out emails to their user base as well. I think there -- -- of that -- point but first let's start with so they said we believe an unauthorized person has obtained. Force your name address country email address birth date. Password and log in and handle slash PS an online anti. They say it is also possible. That your profile data including purchase history and billing address and your PlayStation network and curiosity password security answers may have been obtained. That is also the case -- you authorized a sub account for your dependent. Any independent the same data with respect your dependence may have been obtained and then they say quotes. Out of an abundance of caution if you provided your credit card data through the PlayStation network -- curiosity we are advising. That your credit card number excluding security code an expiration date may have been obtain. He added they're doing that as a -- customers that's great day to whoever hacked this database. They -- got it they pretty much got -- everything access to everything we don't. We I'm not gonna say they got -- the credit card -- that hasn't been confirmed now one of the reasons people are really also pissed off about this is the fact that. They were will be weighted around six days to find out the news that is unbelievable and that. Then Sony did say they did not. They tell us tell us the median people that they didn't know about the -- how deep it -- hit until Monday which was. Approximately 45 days later. From that from the time the -- -- happen but but others say anything about it until you late yesterday and -- and the problem with that and why users. -- you know and for good reason should be -- -- during that time if the potential chance of a credit card. Identity or identity theft or fraud could have been a potential chance of that happening and and and holding on to that for four to five days it. I can't I just leave and stressed how -- -- I know they -- of I know they had to write that statement we don't we're not on the inside so we don't know exactly when they actually found this out -- but in. But the fact that their network was down for personal more than the two days they said the -- -- it like oh we're you know weeds that we set up in our system it's okay. And now that it's a sick -- huge security -- in fact one of the largest ones that we've seen in the US. And affecting Europe. One security researcher says that it may be among the top five ever security breaches because it involved -- many. People and so many account and so much information out of data even if I am shocked that Sony is not -- more. Being stronger in their statement about the credit card data because clearly. They don't know right clearly somehow. They have they've blown it in terms of like their own forensic analysis -- -- their network was down. And they thought that it was hacking. The only explanation for the delay if it is not in fact ST YA is that they that's carrier NTT. Is that they didn't think. To check whether the hackers that were trying to take on -- network were also tried to -- their database. Which is pretty unacceptable -- and -- considering how much data they were sitting on and I'm pretty shocked that they're not telling people please assume they're credit card information is compromised then you know like. We advise you to cancel your account or something like that -- -- charmer saying they've still heard nothing from Sony the day com the communication about it. Is what is really going to hurt them at sort of like you know it's. It's at first this is a scandal but what to become the scandal and a cover up then that's when it gets really bad and -- you -- YA. Why would they not have that something about the -- it's just that it's astonishing. One -- that one other factor that is one other angles this is -- remembered when. -- -- and anonymous had their whole issue going on all their beef with Sony anonymous. Out where they -- -- said okay we're going to affect the servers and take it now now anonymous is also claimed that they had no part. In this current -- and Sony has identified that it was an individual. Not a group that had access to their system. When anonymous I'm not -- -- the role Mino. To poke anonymous bow when they started. One of the things that and on -- past that the aware of and kind of take a little responsibility is. When they tell everyone in their -- an organization that we are going to hit Sony you're going to bring other people into the fray. To try and do their own thing as well at and for them to now say our hands are completely washed and clean of this because we weren't involved in this specific situation. I don't think so yeah I -- -- -- the di the drew those type of people to come after Sony by by pushing hard. After -- sort -- like how you whenever you say you're gonna have like a big protest stick it to the man you always get that small group of people that comes and -- the -- newspaper boxes or whatever and and and raises -- right like I I'm. It seems totally reasonable -- -- that they inflated someone. To this to some extent but that even. There's so many things about this that just. Look so bad for Sony not. Least of which is the fact that this data was for whatever reason. Centralized and easy to obtain like it's just starting to look like more and more these companies that collect and really and you have to ask yourself right for a free service. Why does Sony have. This much information -- -- the credit card is optional but it sounds like the vast majority of people who use the service did put in. Credit card information. And it becomes -- like. We've gotten really used US service that asks for your date of -- -- can verify your age and your address that the billing address and your security questionable course to help retrieve your password. And your credit card information might think if you wanna buy -- paying and then they all put in like lateral what one server that isn't encrypted. -- the you know. When you ask why -- they have so much information the thing about -- Sony town is you don't have to put your credit card information in there that's for people that wanna be part of the ecosystem. And our bind those games night. We are used to giving up a lot of data when we sign up for any service now and it's a larger company like Sony we have been conditioned to feel like you know let. It's okay. I wanna use a service I'm going to -- -- up. This is -- shown why we we're just used to it and -- one of the problems also is. I wonder why if they don't think -- credit card data has been hit yet because it was secured in a different way I I could I can't imagine. That the database would include in one specific block. All that kind of generic or me no more specific address data and then your credit card right next it. They had to at least siphon it off put it into you know it's another block I would I would hopes that I would hope is encrypted exactly and I hope that's why -- Archer. It's and the thing is I actually think the credit card that credit like credit card number theft is possibly the least of the concerns here and if they've got your name your address. And your date of -- They can impersonate you in a million different ways you know they can get their own credit cards -- potentially in your name and edit so that identity theft. Repercussions are actually almost scary -- democratic and you know my credit card. -- just this week with my credit card number excellent and they I mean it's you know they may be managed to -- like a hundred bucks. And he was two or fifty dollars total that they were able chart report at the -- to shut that thing now -- credit cards are actually pretty easy to lock down but the the fishing. Expeditions that will result from -- the potential for identity theft like that's actually even more concerning than anything else. -- in an article also from business -- they talk about if you care how much this breach could cost Sony let alone how much it costs you know the people that are involved in this. But they said. As of you know 2010 the average dollar amount. That affected to -- deeper data data breach that was involving a malicious criminal act averaged 318 dollars -- -- compromise to record. The PlayStation network had 77 million users you do the math that's 44 billion dollars 24 billion. Dollars. Left before the lawsuits -- Canada that's gonna happen by the way Sony to to back up a little bit about Sony whether -- emailing people Sony specifically that we encourage you to be aware of email telephone and postal mail scams that ask for personal or sensitive information and Sony. Will not contact you in any way including by email. Asking for your credit card number Social Security number or other personally identify -- A by -- identifiable information -- Sony may email people and let them know that this happened. But if you get an email that looks like it's from Sony or really anyone asking you for that information if they they want to be sure that it's not -- They strongly recommend by the way that you -- nine when the PlayStation networking curiosity services are fully restored and change your password. And also it's you know if you have -- similar and we know how everything of the same passwords for -- -- other accounts. If you have any of those same passers with that -- email on SNL -- -- -- Powell go all know -- -- and -- that also wow thank you carry around my pancreas that Sharon just cents. The story about of the lawsuit has already been filed with the they're like clockwork it was filed today on behalf of the redon -- in the US district court for the northern district of -- -- But accusing Sony of not taking reasonable care to protect encrypt and secure the private and sensitive data of -- Does the fall comment when based. From Sony's email -- and them telling people how to be -- the worst thing about this it's not it's your online and your physical identity. That that has been reached here yeah. Now under the at both. Yet it's we live NA super connected world we really good -- -- know by now. It's kind of like that that that the -- -- of data manifests and -- all too prescient but it's like. What's fascinating about this is that the security. Protocols I think of the companies are not keeping up with the amount of data that they're -- they are just simply. They're not capable there's still being lazy with their security and a lot as -- Any other moving. Really fast outer area Gillis is about -- efficient lawyers and I wonder if that I really wonder like. Being -- -- Davis a form letter that there probably is now form letter for like cloud services breach. Of it is really at they were about their and -- gonna get worse before it that are. On Jewish we shipped over to some of the other news also kind of as a follow up here now Microsoft. Is issuing their own security warning after Sony's trouble. It's not said if it's related or not but Microsoft has issued warnings about people running. Phishing scams now over Xbox Live from -- on it it appears to be related to. A single title that you might apply entered your information into in this case it's Modern Warfare two. But the -- -- -- you know date they want people to be aware that they could be contacted or you know targeted in a Phishing scam. App yanked yet apparently it's bad enough I mean I assume that -- Phishing scams happen all the time but to talk I was saying there are suspicions. That the two things are related. Possibly the Sony downtime and an Xbox Live fishing things but mainly. It's enough it's happening pro with an Africans that might not want to put -- -- warning about it. In other cloud services -- news Amazon. River and that out of governor ever wrote Sony I -- Amazon has now warned that at least some data and it doesn't -- very much but point 07%. Of the EBS storage volumes in the east region of it infrastructure cloud. Cannot be recovered. After that out it's. They're just gone. The companies still has not explained the cause of the outage. But plans to publish some sort of a postmortem about it they say we are digging deeply into the root causes of this event and we still don't know in that case whether it was a hack. I I kind of feel like it -- like what else would it have been you know and maybe a tornado I don't really know but like. It's pretty. If it seems serious enough and it was in lasted long enough that it didn't. Likely the panel iMac but nobody knows the -- -- customers are still. A little annoyed at the situation if not outright pissed because Apple has an Amazon Apple and -- and Apple has still yet to provide information about the outage to their customers directly -- they've been pretty envious about this. They really have enough that makes me think that it -- -- Like something I mean this is we've been sort of predicting this for a long time that right that there was just gonna be some. Some pivotal events. That happened with the -- in fact I think it like a Tom Merritt prediction that two years ago or something you know who that made everybody not just and I I think like. The chickens are coming home to roost when it comes to data and data security and I don't think that it means that the cloud concept is fundamentally flawed. But it definitely means that companies half to catch up. When it comes to security and otherwise. I mean data lost forever it'll last forever will kill this little -- -- an -- now oh. On I we have to take a quick break. Which is kinda crazy considering that we haven't even gotten to Apple's statement about electricity -- gates' statement people let them patents statement Apple won't let you decide whether you believe it -- and also. No more looking for alien life at least not from said he and view of the kind of words that were science -- -- we've ever. Welcome back the buzz out loud I'm Molly Wood -- with Brian -- and the incomparable Stephen -- And while so -- has -- -- dissecting the massive PlayStation network briefs and that and didn't even at the top of the show. A -- -- didn't even make the cut. I I did say Apple by accident in Tennessee and -- -- -- that's about all that closely Canada however the other gigantic news of the day. Such as it is is that Apple has. Responded. To questions about the location logs and tracking that was detected in iphones and iPad three G it. And they put out acumen and for the PR library answering some. While answering may be a little bit -- -- responding to some questions -- wine why is Apple tracking the location of -- on answer. Apple is not track and location of your iPhone Apple has never done so and has no plans to ever do so. They said that. They basically said. -- sort of break it down we're not tracking you. And we're not uploading your location -- -- just trying to get more that any location tracking that's happening. On the phone and or the iPad is happening as a result of trying to get more accurate information however. They say there is in fact a bug. In the software that's causing the iPhone to store too much information and they're gonna fix that but that's it that that that but I'm not making that up but I. That's what this yet did they called it a bug a bug. Public Allentown there that bug that made it show like no bars but actually -- -- -- -- isn't the brightness of the. This bug would have never existed if this -- -- come to light. If the if those researchers didn't push it hard enough is destroyed and become a big issue in the media this would not have been a bug. Yeah but he's -- it did I hear a bug I think there's a bug I -- lots of bugs for for a week. Apple refused to comment on the situation now says I mean let me let me be clear about from the -- -- yet go. This is totally disingenuous for example the question is not why is Apple tracking the location of my iPhone. That is not what people are asking and that is not what the researchers are asking nobody was saying every you know with it was pretty clear that this was locally stored device. That your phone and iPad three G was gathering nobody was saying why is Apple tracking -- -- -- Mac on people are asking why is my iPhone. Logging -- everywhere I go and storing it in an un encrypted database. On my local device. That is not the number one question they do get -- why is my iPhone logging your location at number three. And then and this is where the parts being really reach is a genius level the iPhone is not logging your location. Rather it's maintaining a database of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers around your current location. Which may be located more than 100 miles away from your iPhone to help your iPhone rapidly and accurately calculate its location one request -- Another question number six why -- my iPhone need so much data in order to assist in -- in my location. As we jumped online to reason that phones are so much data is a bug we and -- and plan to fix it shortly. The bug also -- and covered we -- gonna say away and -- nor will we admit that if it was in fact as a result of this story coming out. That it was a result of the start coming out in one Amanda when I turn off location services why does my phone sometimes continue updating its Wi-Fi and cell tower data from Apple's crowd source database it -- it. This is a bug is -- -- So they did say they'll plan to fix these bugs. All these bugs in about two weeks of the software update which will reduce the size of the crowd -- Wi-Fi hot spot. Database. That it catches on the phone -- it'll cease to back up this cash through iTunes. Presumably and it'll delete this -- and Terrell entirely. When the location services turned off. All those things were bugs that they had no idea happening. I love the fact that it was bugs even though as we pointed out a few days ago there is an active and lucrative iPhone forensics industry that provides specific location information to law enforcement based on the data -- -- your phone has gathered. And yes it is possible to attract you to a specific location -- the GPS is enabled not just a Wi-Fi hot spot in a cell tower. -- It is may be possible that I am missing something -- but this just feels like a load of baloney to me. -- -- -- -- suspend its Apple spent. -- -- -- it kind of addresses it but it kind of does it it makes them not risk by calling it a -- it makes them not actively. Knowing that they were responsible for this but they did actively now and I love the end of the day. I'm sorry but you guys -- and in fact we have a call to bid to that effect that will get through a little bit later about how some of this at the of this particular user tracking -- actually law. And that's why law enforcement knows all about and uses it and that -- sometimes it is in fact totally accurate. They also used in addition to that the -- the old like deflect. Approach in that they dropped this tantalizing hints about this I love this -- -- I think it is hoping that instead of reporting on what a load of BS the statement actually head of the people and instead report lawyer I don't think Apple and -- Roger Richard or accidentally download and that's not happening which totally happen I'm not -- the sources but it happened. And yet pays the one of the questions as what other location data is Apple collecting from the iPhone besides crowd source Wi-Fi hot -- cell -- data. Apple responds Apple's now collecting anonymous traffic data to build a crowd sourced traffic -- -- with the goal of providing iPhone users. And improved traffic service in the next couple of years -- I got. -- -- Eight you've for this new feature. -- -- terror isn't it kind of bug with kind of really long. Time now also loved you IMAP. -- -- -- Lightning also Apple -- in the next major IOS software release that cash. On your iPhone even though they're gonna make it -- -- that's not a gimmick that it it will be encrypted. Yeah enemy and they also said the time that'll be. I guess logging this information we reduced to seven days instead of the year. That -- earth. The incident of the year amount of data that was collecting. -- that company did admit that it does provide some anonymous information by the way about users to third party developers to help debug their apps that may also. Provides some information to. Marketers so even though the locations are wildly inaccurate might be a hundred miles away -- Wi-Fi hotspots and -- -- RI -- advertising system can use location as a factor in targeting -- The cases not shared with any third party your -- unless -- either explicitly approved -- the current location to the current ad. For example to request the -- located to the target -- -- them. I think there's an intern and possibly and -- -- was deeply anyway Apple has responded now we know. And yet -- in other news it's like it's always despite. In other -- bit like Houston and he said. Oh well those that have -- per -- You know we kind of talked about how the -- had taken control of the gigantic or flood bot net and they were thinking that they might remote kill it in some ways -- now. Federal authorities will begin to remotely uninstall the -- fled botnet Trojan from some infected windows PC -- Over the next week it'll be removed from infected computers when the owners have been identified. By the department of justice and they've submitted authorization from the FBI -- unclear though whether the owners will be notified. That's not very clear that in there because -- just they're gonna figure out who they are. The FBI is gonna filed form to be authorized and then the feds will reach into your house. And and -- big. Premier infected zombie computer. Day they'll scan your hard drive enables snoop around they're just gonna run a little nice utility that gets rid of -- our flag and takes you off the botnet. I don't know -- like no I can't trust this with a tightly I can -- its. It's. Please please understand that the only thing they'll do they'll do can ensure that there's no way that will have like repercussions on your machine because their -- -- hasn't talent wind itself into their industries other reasons for removing it has a high likelihood of breaking your PC -- wondering if that's. I don't know. Greatly I don't. I'd rather be -- the botnet. Now don't get him out of at all thought why don't you know let's just put it it's accurate but wanted to look into -- -- -- Elliott avenue and -- my -- with -- -- I. Other new I does Obama gonna take these headphones off -- because one of the works of the night earlier and I put him on my neck. And put the other one of my head just -- -- -- headphones that was really DJ have you. Wow mobile -- media hype about it -- Upon them with. The. Okay that's okay in I realize but that I've. I -- as any that may be tired and -- -- really super hit and so how thrilled I just looked in the Kennelly we learned to like unlike what do you mean life. -- I don't know you fashion -- -- Wow awesome what it wow greatest beef that Brian Tong the quadra funny command and -- on. -- That's ominous. But there there I've flown here -- exit the app but -- actions you know. I don't wanna say it's this descend you know it. Disingenuous because they are they have reduced the core fled the effective in an attack that it's caused by 90% in the US and nearly -- 5% in other countries. It's just that they don't they -- unintended consequences that just like reaching out and her and takes. And added uninstalling things -- -- that I mean you could seriously affected the the stability of those systems and we don't even really necessarily know what those systems -- -- Think what of their air traffic control computers -- thing and I don't like it makes me really nervous. -- -- in a follow up to a story yesterday where we talked about YouTube locking down deals to get access to content as it comes out -- same window dvd release. Fox Paramount and Disney Paramount and Disney are still -- -- out on the YouTube deal and when the main reasons is the fact that YouTube still. Has and authorize all those semi fair use. Some very it's not fair use videos of their content on their site and that's whether refuse -- at the moment to be strike it did strike a deal with them. Once they get over -- over and over it get over you know what people -- lots of legitimate content on YouTube legitimate content. You know what they might watch less -- Illegitimate content you can still go every company can go on -- claim content as their -- it's just so it's a ludicrous that they're still using this as like there. There whipping boy you know -- and -- pirated -- and. You know maybe the idea that if there is cool fast. -- -- clips on YouTube that I happen to watch it gets -- -- about watching your actual new movie fast five that I'm gonna go to the state to theater and watched. That actually is a benefit of you to. -- you just keep that train Roland. The -- that it isn't missing it is getting an -- -- weirdly. Music industry finally did realize that if you give people high quality and and reasonably priced options that consumers will in fact. Purchase those things -- -- ports. L watts legitimate content on -- and keeping it off of there is not actually going to help the problem is not gonna make -- thing -- -- the night away. How is still we still haven't -- conversation for I think people. It's okay you once they realize that people still will actually pay and you know pump money into these services and -- -- like. Okay now it's ready just like all this he is now saint. Now we're gonna work at Netflix it's such a chicken and egg situation -- recently when. Who do we pay hundreds of I want to pay and they don't believe that I'll pay because even though I want -- they -- we'll take my money. Adrenaline you though apparently it does then he added and will you give me -- the plants and we give me the end that you do parent them. DirecTV is apparently -- very interested in Netflix though and that kind of a potential business model and at least. Judging from carefully parsing a -- that they have sent out to their consumers they may be contemplating launching competitor. -- look how the service pretty much describes Netflix impervious to the -- -- They even say and that for a streaming only Netflix like service that it. -- -- you like it if we did that. This service a little -- stream thousands of movies and television shows over broadband Internet connection to your television computer tablet. The content available would be likely be past seasons of current shows as well as older TV series and older movies released. Released more than five years ago there -- things. Really you could watch as many programs as you want for one flat monthly fee similar to what Netflix streaming you know pay -- the sounds like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Netflix like service that actually has new stuff handle our and it's this is a guests. It's more of subscription service via -- -- and but it would appear as a line at a monument -- actually pattern I think there is something we said for the unified billing. But not -- the service isn't as good. Yeah how are they gonna have as much content that Netflix has now they're behind on their behind there and people already have Netflix access access on -- -- other devices -- What what's the what's the reasoning go to DirecTV -- to tend to try to give people a reason -- State is subscribed to are they gonna bundle it into their current subscription then maybe I might answer that -- -- the. Thing and yet the idea -- -- likes them is just be part of the price -- I think that's kinda what they're getting out but it's a little -- poorly worded and it's not gonna kill Netflix or compete with Netflix very well it's not like recent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah not Jennifer yeah hey -- that I didn't kind of said that -- idea DirecTV good idea that idea. And -- it -- let's get to the quick. I can't wait for this -- I am in brick cited in the in need another press release from our friends at the -- game. The white iPhone will -- so yeah -- We had that I. Didn't it here -- immigrant engineers data actually -- they actually put out. -- not -- earliest. To let us all know that it will for real the youth. Be available tomorrow to get -- that still did not distract us. As that was intended to you from the other story but Phil -- drives the life -- says the white iPhone is finally arrived. And it's beautiful. Beautiful of course -- the knowledge that they -- they've used it like it's badly they've -- an -- there's like a is here and if you'd. And is day ago deadline now -- How little I am I am an ominous I might -- -- the first person my friends at the -- I've found. You -- he was reeling I didn't do -- partners and. Angry Birds has hit 140 million downloads and that the Rovio CEO Peter restaurant -- Said that the iPhone has changed everything for his company. -- -- -- No it's Sherlock hundred -- authority of million downloads. -- -- -- -- And they're also. One of the things they mention is that -- -- about China its. -- alongside Disney and hello kitty Angry Birds is one of the most copied -- copy brands out in China. They are working on doing an eighty birds specific to China's -- -- you know a special version so. Then they can -- that version off later as pretty out of -- that's why you know your ticket may -- in that when China's all of kind of dollar and a when you're in the same sentence is Disney and hello kitty asked. And that's huge. And we had dangling from the ceiling -- my office and -- the Newton was gonna benefit. I -- praying it who he means and -- are not at night because anything can we look that. So I got like a little confusing randomly into allocating U telecommuting -- LO. I'm not really -- I was able is only worry if you lead to selling -- -- amazingly it's out of I just think whenever you use the word dangling it scattered as weird. I get those from praying at the you know the big group messaging thing is all the rage and Nicholas testing -- beluga and your bottom row now though bringing. Is apparently are launching a limited beta of free mobile group video calls. This is sweet so if you guys take out on the friend's blog at blogs -- blog offering dot com you can sign up for the limited beta form and it asks you. To enter in the phone numbers of your four friends and also that I MEI identifier number and I don't think it's the end of the world if you get if you wanna try this but. At least. I'm gonna trying it for my body's stress I mean. Who knows about the call Davis. Multi person coolant flow has pretty cool it's that is definitely it's just really public -- -- -- -- people at the limited -- it looks like the iPhone only the right now. And beliefs I don't know now I think Android also. It and yet Android and I -- wouldn't sweep the schools. -- A day call back. YouTube but this is pretty fascinating the YouTube -- -- have purchased. Delicious. Off of Yahoo! you know Yahoo!'s -- -- -- -- not doing anything with excellence and I know it sound like. Chad Hurley and Steve Chen who started a company called a -- went ahead and bought -- Or is almost like they had a sentimental value sentimental attachment to it I think they -- they said they're gonna continue to run the site as it is yet. So it's not like they're integrating all been mentioned how -- you might try to integrate some feature functionality into YouTube there's like. We look delicious and really keep it alive and we have enough money to do it -- totally and it's not as I initially it's not YouTube didn't buy it the co founders and their new company in bath body. Pattern even know what that company does. But -- -- -- -- -- may be -- of his judgment nine I had badminton with their mistake and a bottom of the -- I was gonna say delicious but then it doesn't work now amendment's equal though it -- licences not. As part of the transition Yahoo! says that user's public and private bookmarks will still be preserved. There you go there you also on our last quake hit. Baidu the Chinese search engine with pretty much is the place to go on over in China. 80% of Android phones will have its default set search set to -- do. Whoa that's a lot -- a lot they -- president Google will allow that. Will Google can't control -- and O Lowell -- he has on the Android with their new standard crackdown -- I think that's pretty into this. If China has a different flavor of Android. It's you know specific to them because it can be kind of customize and tweaked my -- lobbying search. When you ask for a device that. There were rumors that that was one of the things that now Andy Rubin and his team and Andrew and we're not allow tracking down and a and hands -- I I think the real question here for me is is. What that does Google. Are they not doing the -- had a cracked and -- they are doing here. But it even sell. It it's just gonna make -- -- much -- for -- that you gathered their search market is already. Think they what does it. They only have nineteen point 6% of the search market their at all by and I human -- even mighty dominates they're like 75% of the market search market over in China Canada. -- and array that is it for our -- today that kind of interesting little dentistry is. Just saying I kind of an awesome little story from -- -- Europe. About how apparently inventor -- -- gray Elijah. -- Linda and I show you I think -- ventilation. -- just just to be clear in July of 1888 -- -- actually patented. The iPad well I'm probably more accurately the Newton yet out -- in eighteen mediate. He received a US patent -- an electrical stylish device but captured handwriting. According to the -- original application this. Tell -- low autograph. To lot of Prada grafts a lot of -- -- -- a -- the level out of say that it leveraged telegraphed technology to send handwritten message between the sending and receiving station. Now that that's certainly new and pom if only he was alive today to. File that patent lawsuit that everyone's -- Melbourne on an -- it is it's unfortunate you really missed out -- patent didn't last that long back and now they probably last long after you have covered it retrospective retroactively. They -- pretty like. Do think if you're wondering every idea has thirty -- -- On -- and an elite 808888. That's a way that's. It's like talking about teleport to hasten my and I then I might as well have been I mean it's pretty an insane. -- the Rand tablet. Was believed -- produced in 1964 was believed to be the first electronic -- and handwriting recognition tablet that was actually produced. But the first the first patent for shadowing their entire industry that way. With 1988. Cool very cool love it. -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- want so and so I click there -- little -- I've but I do remember. While eleven Elena baca that is in time -- that -- -- Hello all I -- I let alone hammers at the end. Because. The search for alien life. At least for now. If China on hold a little -- on a little hiatus came said he has. Temporarily pause -- -- -- aliens seeking telescope array function -- -- based their putting it on hold because they can't afford to run them. That's a -- and now they're gonna be silenced there's 42 radio dishes named the alien telescope are now cited Alan and I have -- -- -- it makes sense. Did you that you get its message with people and now they've been -- until someone can come up cash to keep them on and scanning for otherworldly -- they -- there's a huge irony of it into a time when we've discovered so many planets to look at. The leader of the operating funds. The list and then there's the search for -- -- -- -- Google could do anything just didn't on the -- they they immediately life yeah Richard who come out some cool search algorithms to find life in space. Of course this news has caused many in -- -- many across the web including in or contact him to speculate that in fact what really happened. Is that said he got. -- -- It's useless deserted Jodie Foster I got a surprise. That's actually planning to the blogger wrote the companies are confident they should -- rural. We all think -- like -- This meant that makes perfect sense of the kind of thing that Google would or should find money has got it we -- -- -- Project get off this rock. I -- -- -- science news that just makes my skin crawl with terror. This is the headline from one of my favorite lines. One that's awesome. It's. It's they -- -- the laser the fourth laser in Europe's extreme light infrastructure project. -- combine ten -- into a single pulse measuring 200. Had a lots -- had a lot to significantly more powerful than our entire race it generates at any given moment. In fact more total power that earth receives from the sun but this is a powerful laser. And then the the thing about this laser is you know it's a it's a quick finisher in alas only one point five. And about one point five times -- that tend to the. Into the fort quarantine section of a second of a second a. Though -- about the same amount that it takes for light to travel from one side of a human hair to the other if you shave the hair down by 90%. -- and outline because pretty awesome -- didn't got that -- But that the only way that they can ever generate and or -- that much power more than the entire human relay races producing at any given moment. Is to only turn it on for that -- like less than an -- because we might explode what they're hoping there in fact. Hope it. That the laser is powerful enough to -- -- the vacuum of space time itself because they hope that it will reveal the matter and anti matter. -- -- The fabric. Of tie it isn't a -- don't they see the problem in that sentence alone and let them. You want it they want to destroy. The universe can feel and then you might -- designed -- -- art. With the ability wanted to eliminate humanity this is -- really smart instantly on its moderate parallels is highly positive such -- science stop. So the -- -- -- little part of the universe involving moderate apart. But Derek there I don't know if there's any benefit for us as humans to rip. Space apart. I don't see the benefit of that. Sorry. -- to -- due to tap into African shark. No I've been pathetic at. -- -- -- -- should attach a -- -- -- to shark if -- what got laser that can rip apart the fabric of the universe on African shark now would be fit. It is scheduled the port -- -- -- there is scheduled to start repeat of the fabric of the universe in 2017. Got a though just prepare yourself -- for the hills my friends have you silos he thought to any twelve that -- 2017 duplicate real bad. Only -- you know my bunkers spam. While -- forever -- -- like okay quantum mechanics and quantum science is just so. Raise the and fascinating and it will definitely be the end of -- unless. The robot get to us for. Because the other error. Thing that I wish weren't happening that's happening and science right now is that the reason is that researchers from the University of Southern California have created. If functioning artificial synapse circuit using carbon nano tubes that they think. Could someday become a component of a synthetic brain -- now. And -- Locally to a better idea than -- laser. It actually. If they used it to you know repair part of people's brains if they've been you know injured. The not a good idea -- all the way if it's -- build terminator is that's a bad idea. -- no work via I think. Now easily summed up once sky net takes over of this manufacturing process we're all -- yet. It's pretty I mean it is a remarkable. Feat. Of engineering it's fascinating and apparently professors Alice parker in and -- -- you have been looking into the feasibility of creating a synthetic brain for the past five years. And they are getting closer and closer the fact that they're able to create -- Artificial -- is it like a functioning and amp circuit is a huge step in that direction. -- -- -- -- the the circuit could someday be one component -- And let me and the very tiny step toward autonomous self aware and breadth wandering among -- beautiful I'm just saying. I hope that the future doesn't kill us because the feature is going to be pretty awesome. Super interesting among that the link which is probably and let's turn our attention to more mundane things -- -- -- no duty to having it -- Today it today it better today is a very special day if needed note today. Is -- professionals day and to celebrated our friends at Microsoft are giving away calendar analytics applications for. For all you adamant -- that worth your grass off. You get a calendar application from Microsoft. Happy. Not like -- -- administrator for like a no leg gift certificate for like a -- -- or something with station added. But -- you know and three calendar and who doesn't want software on that special -- it for them. Also national just another sign that it's national primary day today and -- a really. I did. -- -- -- All could have had we -- -- on the company's noble we could still go and make like a welcomed a welcome lunch dinner for -- -- like welcome to the family. Man we -- you. We actually on us that we need to do something like that noon on name dagger as we have we haven't announced that because I don't know you really realized about paying -- early burst tired stevens' attempt to an amendment or via the green value very nerve racking it was very time -- hate -- because you know what. This jobs heart we can't have anybody -- -- and mark my Nat. But it turns out. He made the cut. -- Today. Alfredo and beer like a month in the -- on -- Lebanon and no way I hear there's a reason why when you coming through we put a little lock and chain on your ankle yeah -- on our -- turned out how you. -- yes that he -- an official is officially crossed over as there's a battle I don't think I played at -- the bad all orange bad orange. Even horns badger green before now -- means he's too legit to -- Good to these. Way to make the -- but I think you'll be. With that. Your brain will run -- -- -- -- need -- implants and that it's in implanted into our officials were -- -- mean that I'm telling you my son -- Spore Wright -- -- totally up to eight hours or department that a lot. It's a very normally ask questions about it you know the many -- didn't kind of that currently. Don't ever -- -- public signal any nobody really wants to -- they put. I really do you know -- -- -- You know by the time your grown up you might be able to become part robot and then you'd be able to look at -- And a whole bunch of my predators like. Including possibly even think. What you say your kids don't like it. Turned out totally true. I'm not a bad through that. I craving -- from deep -- today what do you think. Popcorn is everyone what emits more carbon dioxide. Pollutants is it for guys running one mile or four guys driving one mile -- -- hybrid car the answers depending on what they had for dinner the night before. And and his senate according to -- -- ideology of the congress. And oddly demanding that -- But. It -- -- we've come we went there -- -- about -- edit that out later don't know you yet -- as it turns out they do. Actual research from a preventative to the LG. And -- hybrid car carrying four -- -- is slightly less. CO2 per mile. Then as would be breathed out by the port needs running. -- -- -- -- everything. Just say it. That's four guys with the runs tonight card that lets both eyes and. -- -- By the way the same study would not work if it was for women running. Where women running because of their lower average body -- pollute lastly we breathe out fewer pollutants but -- hybrids are. I mean I've met some toxic women in my life it's pretty -- -- -- a undergone its pretty and it's a little bit specious because like the car obviously as you point out the preacher has a lot of other ecological impacts attached to it with the manufacturing and shipping and all -- -- -- -- -- the part of my building the guard at. Idea of building the car but when it comes student literally just that that the covering the -- Like the running -- pollute more crazy and I Alltel. All that news for the world every -- the Latin is the best headline now the last typewriter factory in the world. Shut the door only match. -- Are officially. Extinct. Wondered who still uses -- -- -- are there any famous writers that still can't like the old school. I think so yeah -- the united it really feels little to them I think there probably are. Hampshire -- let's see also living in a log cabin without any electricity. Cameron Crowe -- -- Smith corona galaxy deluxe payments or payments in almost payments and -- of them -- that he actually uses it to write that down the they nobody is nobody's actually making them anymore and they are apparently only 200 machines left in the plant at all while most of those are in Arabic languages. And so -- -- and boys shut down the plant in Mumbai India today while. I remember lots CI -- with the computer generation of my sister used to have a typewriter and yet did you do like the little arrays or tape and all that stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At -- that it's another thing that -- and battled out -- areas they when was the last minute even touched a typewritten and any in Ireland minister and what our way. It's Sharon as saying that there might be that might be a little bit of of a -- are sorry that the death of the typewriter has been greatly. He exaggerated saturated and NBC retracted the story they're still -- -- headlines has relaxed they are still making. -- -- That H. At solitaire on staples you can buy them the typewriter is far from dead than the general manager of sales that might not -- New Jersey based swing tech. We have many factors making -- operators -- in China Japan Indonesia. Are -- a contract that only can the military prison -- than a lot of the electric typewriters is -- a non electric typewriter we Allen president and understand. Room. Well long but if NBC actually attracted to it and get the -- -- Our idea is that. -- bids we're gonna go check out our feedback from. So about a week ago we are -- about how the tablet market is. In a potentially exploding with some of those crazy estimation the growth numbers. And we are also like will disappoint word not everyone wants to get a tablet realizes what they're gonna do with it Adam gets the call to. -- support -- evidence a little bit. They've -- -- -- -- -- Leo -- approach -- review found the idea that not everyone needs the tablet sometimes you don't know either gonna use it. I know someone who actually three. -- -- -- And -- Grasping at straws to figure out. How other -- it and just sent me a message saying do you think it would be good as my digital photo frame and Olympic arts. Which -- access that's what you know you don't need a tablet from Apple when that's your best you can solve I checked. I hope that -- like the guy who want to zoom from -- up I thought what should have thought. Italy. And even the got elements Abbott also is -- the friend that came of the guy who really rule was like that article or listener. Yeah I remember is that you buy buddy and Brazil it was pretty badly -- They school yet know that's. Like we've said many times nobody actually. Need the tablet and it's interesting that there are people -- -- -- that in my plateau there are people out there who can't find use for. Once again and -- I let's let's keep rolling and we got another call from anonymous a ballot we mentioned as both orbit the law that congress passed. Regarding this exact topic. -- -- -- All -- made the mobile communications. -- track. Pack oh. Thing. Partners actually respect the fact they wrote a bill up and 1990. Opt me in. Six. Where they actually demanded itself -- -- allow. Users to track. And now bill as written and back out -- -- -- Change. Actor. Something like that let you know all of -- that's popping out like. Never but -- Actually congress wrote it up. An -- is so all they're all law. Know it and it just trying to let. It -- I mean that's pretty inching up one of those that the examiner can stick -- McCullough on -- -- our internal research pound. Because I do wonder how Apple's statement actually jobs open than that we -- a lot emails and other public -- -- to Mac it's not law. I guess we better wrap up the -- on -- we have an -- that will be in the senate or -- and -- -- -- combination of news and technical issues and re -- company and for rescue. So we're gonna clear out below that is our blog where you can read all of the email that we just mentioned it in read 106 on fixed. Music creators are on amber buzz at Is our email address and we'll try and -- you know what tomorrow is right. There's I'll -- -- sinister computer look less -- -- work Friday. I want this week to go and -- actually but. Doesn't.
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