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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1455: Steve Jobs to you: shut up and eat your hummus

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1455: Steve Jobs to you: shut up and eat your hummus

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On today's show, the iPhone is apparently storing your location data even when you've turned off the location tracking services. And law enforcement agencies and a cottage industry of iOS forensics companies have been taking advantage of these logs for years. Nevertheless, Steve Jobs appears to insist in an email to a customer that Apple is not tracking anyone. Really. Hunch shows you why you love both hummus and Macs, even if you don't love Apple. Plus, Sony is rebuilding its PlayStation Network security after its now five-day outage, and an innocent man is accused of child pornography because it's still just too damn hard to put a password on a WiFi network. --Molly

Today is Monday April 45. 2011 my name Steven beach of a rental I am Molly Wood log in a buzz out loud is cnet's podcast of an -- -- link that episode 14155. -- The number keeps getting higher doesn't it now never stops of the net -- -- of 15100 episode we. Not that we need to boot camp ready for 15100. Out of it said after a thousand -- and and a thousand episode -- irrational and time. Let's take about another bright 90000 -- better not be here for 2000 and it's getting. I don't know but -- really hoping -- -- I didn't know I know I hope and tobacco and. But it sounds so insane really like it early due -- -- -- the 8000. It could be one of those legendary things like Dick Clark always did the New Year's parties yet nears the of lives every year it's like your Dick -- tell. But every day for the rest of -- -- -- -- hey if I was better reverb sound -- it didn't think it. Though you'll -- Avenues I like you guys I'm definitely am not -- and uploading the same thing and would like. I know you got. We love all of us -- out of there that's the horrible all well it's not a party for 15100 and a white that we deserve it. What -- easily settled but I think by actually your PowerPoint presentation will be done before -- -- I do you wanna remind you of that. It's only forty average but not that -- but in late into the alliance made. Yup and in two weeks your book report of keynote five slides and now you you did agree to those terms and -- -- you did agree to this term I -- -- -- Wanna remind you. That he argued that. I will be I'll be gone all next week with as a warning to sizzle or not taken the pictures that will popularly -- Booker. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- Cooley Donald and -- we're trying to secure pupil interviews for an exe but you know -- these things but it can be difficult yeah. -- -- -- Lot of good time only tell you know. And now. Enough about what's happening next week what about what's happening. And what about what's happening now be iPhone -- location scandal just continues to grow. The Wall Street Journal connected test over the weekend -- discover that the iPhone is collecting and storing location information. Even when location services are turned off now again. As I recall that's what they said but it it and can pattern -- anyway even if you turn -- -- location services. They still appear to be collecting location data based on cell phone towers and Wi-Fi access points near your phone. They don't appear to transmit that data back to Apple but it's still goes into that -- an encrypted database that no one can explain why the even if used. They said that you can turn location services off -- We're still look like you did that just doesn't make sense now and it doesn't add up not okay it's not okay now it's you know it's just an -- in the slicks and I turned it off for reasons yet. There aren't enough plain and simple what what else you -- explaining Apple I have by the way we're -- -- Now turn it off -- -- serenely -- the journal this disable the location services which are on by default. They immediately recorded the data that had been initially gathered by the phone and then carry the phone to new locations and observe the data. Over the span of several hours continued to collect location data from new places and an included coordinates and time stamps. However the coordinates were not from the exact locations and some of them were several miles away enough to make them think and using triangulation and Wi-Fi access -- which is. More in accurate way to collect your location but stale. Because they'd they did say we mention this last week how they were. Also using this to map out all the Wi-Fi hotspots. All in in -- on a map. In addition to semi tracking where you've been well there is a story over the weekend. That -- for replica penalty and -- and -- in the senate later but it was referring back to a previous testimony that Apple had given about location. Information. Back -- back around the time that they told you that they were gonna let you turn applications based services. And Apple said specifically in as part of their testimony in order to provide world class services we have to collect as mode as much location information of possible. The find my iPhone tool is probably one of those world class services which is actually useful may be mapping added I'm sure that some of -- -- -- but the fact is people had. No idea it isn't even really clear when they introduced this feature into IOS that this feature that has the capability. Let -- -- This feature it's already happening. Out started happening -- IOS four they know that if they. The location logging did exist in a less visible location even before last or if anything active or immunity -- and cover. The logs. But -- McCullough. From here at these CNET news.com did a story over the weekend about -- on Friday. About all of the ways that law enforcement agencies and police. Have obtained the iPhone and iPad tracking logs and how we may not have known or may not -- -- highly publicized is is now but. All -- cops know and in fact there's an entire cottage industry of businesses. Better built up around basically iPhone -- the ability to let you. -- all of this data from devices. -- one of those companies with UKB -- company. Their service called I act axiom products. And it would it have the ability to extract the GPS location fixes from an iPhone 3GS latitude longitude altitude and time. Based on that file. And several other apps they can do that they've known these things for at least a year. You know it was curious about this like -- But I was talking to our our exact degrees or -- And we are bounce around Howell -- police really uses and how -- -- really -- and over the course it would help in some situations could you imagine. If OJ had an iPhone now we would have known it was he there are not right really. Oh -- I'm the type of stuff that now. Can help. In those situations. It can be horribly bad in other situations but if only OJ had an -- To me yet to -- this story about the way that. There's a forensic industry around I mean reading books about iPhone and IOS forensic -- 2008. You know I mean it -- it is very well known you can get. Very valuable data in terms of law enforcement from these devices and frankly to -- this story is like if you -- reason -- -- in there. This is why. Now it because that that -- information is not only unbelievable use believe -- useful when it comes to things like targeted advertising. But at the freaking gold mine for the government I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere that public speaker -- they order. That was that all these manufacturers that would like. Please please include -- logging thank you and love and ethnic. Meanwhile though and it's a totally weird -- Steve Jobs does not know or is it is -- -- this. What they're actually doing -- an unbelievable degree arson. Or this is not a real email under an iMac rumors reader emailed Apple CEO Steve Jobs asking for clarification. On the issue and hinted. That he might -- -- can you please explain the necessity of the practical path of location tracking tool embedded in my iPhone. It's kind of unnerving to know -- -- exact locations being recorded at all times maybe you should shed some light for on this for me before I switched to -- -- they don't track me. And other. Which had -- drifting oil up there yet but the answer from Steve Jobs is oh yes they do we don't track anyone the info circulating around -- -- It is very obscure like what. You're up yourself oh yes they do you're right -- track you we -- attract anyone well we don't attract anyone the way that we think that it. We don't take the info I don't uploaded but they track everyone yet -- the -- circular loops circulate around is false. No might not know if not -- it's verifiable. Repeater bulk. Analysis now totally -- the bullet I can't. I can't understand why Apple hasn't responded to this but if this is in fact a real email from Steve Jobs. -- -- -- Does that classic this is classic though there's no regularly online classic that's it -- well lie. It's -- it is beyond like kind of the cryptic dismissal that he often gives -- don't I can totally see -- thing like. Don't worry about it -- -- you don't care. This is not the problem you have right now or whatever but this is just a lie like a bald faced bull hockey lot. -- -- And I can imagine I'd I'd totally get -- -- -- like. Packet one and we had the information -- -- because -- on a computer we intelligent but the fact is like some of the some of the analysis. From the Wall Street Journal and others have shown that they do transmit them -- this information back to the mother ship and then did just suggest that this information is ball. It's no. -- -- -- -- Apple -- I never did anything wrong Molly we've we've known this for years and iMac marketers don't back and and and Aaron -- -- you get Jarrett Payton got an elephant. Look. You can also go to hell -- -- keynote presentation we don't track anyone -- -- circulating around this fall. It did it take days that haven't gotten out until that okay we don't track anyone in the detailed you think but is the information has shown that studies show that -- things Apple servers once in awhile yet it doesn't upload the file but -- things Apple service with their location and -- server -- and it does it guys sorry -- of that information sorry that's not the definition track because. If track is equal to stock and I'm sorry. It's not the same and -- right Steve you're absolutely right Steve. Edited and if they like we don't track anyone when that information is in fact available in as people pointed out a -- contact it's available with a warrant if somebody get a warrant for your information and in fact. Many law enforcement agencies have have asserted that they don't even need a warrant to get the information off of a -- like -- you can hunt day. That people are not being tracked he just came. And and that much like hold at different. It's not gonna fly like there is in no way that that is going to be allowed to be the last word from Apple on this particular issue. For god thing I -- I told I'm still waiting for the phone ad campaign and permissions. On the lane for its mantra. That's not actually happening that like best. Can't -- mine again is the banality -- Well yes you can't really -- that anywhere near whatever that really funny comedy paying inflated -- Cleveland on their way in and conveniently. Instinct certainly mean you can it would mean even if she catches you -- Eat it right and I can honestly just trustee later ideal Google this particular comedy routine and it's super -- medical lit areas. This is like the -- would mean. India it happened. You present and looked like you present him with -- scientifically. Valid peer reviewed like. Compendium of data currently get seven inch thick piece of paper that -- you know -- -- that like. Here's all the ways that human -- now Google does them. -- -- -- Us don't be -- -- right over it we're gonna we're gonna civic and there's no nicely -- in this story and so we're gonna move onto another situation where you aren't so hot about PS and PlayStation. Now -- -- still offline now it went offline on Wednesday. They have now issued a statement about what had happened but it's still not its release visibly clear. They Vietnam -- Sony's -- -- Put out a public same insane and external intrusion. On our system affected or PlayStation network and curiosity services. In order to connect a thorough investigation of her by the smooth and secure operation. They turn off the PlayStation network on the evening of Wednesday April when it now they did say was going to be down for about two days it still down. -- we are in. And they're talking about basically rebuilding the entire network right in the way that it -- web. And we still don't really know what happened we talked about this on Friday when it with -- -- kind of down and there were -- -- in order to administer whatever but to be down. Under five days are over five days under some kind of malicious attack one is. Astonishing that's really -- yeah they said their efforts to resolve this matter include -- -- involve rebuilding their system to further strengthen our network infrastructure. Yet here's the thing about yes and there are people can get mad. But one thing that actually Sony has going in its favor is the service is absolutely free advocates still have your data kind of made a big you have -- -- and not an unacceptable no that's not accept the -- you know people be like I'm. The number one thing -- services go down in general I -- pain for this service. People are -- -- for PS2. You. -- don't care no I'm not -- I'm I'm I don't find out main administrators like it there is always filled sort of like only fill up in arms you can get out he is a free service but the act is like they. Provide -- this service so that making it malleable stuff back from you and. They and do it. I think I don't have to credit card to our -- because right on though then that chat Sony has been unbelievably -- transparent about it like. We kind of barely reported on Friday because -- was so -- China it was that you're sure what was -- and they're not giving people an ETA they're not saying you need to -- -- credit replicates a malicious attack and a database of customer credit cards has been compromised so to step up and then something about it then. Maybe they should does or they can just take ST -- -- to me like what there's not -- Happening we're just maintaining our servers for five days. Enjoy -- enjoy our bevy of services -- you can access and wonderful ever find out what actually happened is not that that's a pretty bad hack. Well did it. Let's I mean did Amazon out rates -- Amazon is pretty. A little bit forthcoming but not forth coming up to their customers about what happened to the during the attacks. Michael -- you know during their servers -- went down on the Amazon web services -- I actually thought that there was. There -- like a whole stream of information they were its colony and -- explaining what was rob yeah it was wrong -- exactly didn't really say why it happened exactly. I don't know -- I feel like -- give people more information. They don't quiet it was that they all course -- really aren't a lot more -- I just feel like Amazon gave information about how they were going to fix it but not what actually happened -- other customers were affected. -- which is act which is. Honestly more important. Yeah well and it and it is good if Sony is saying we're rebuilding -- system to further strengthen our network infrastructure. That's good but what about the credit card. And is -- Like tonight when my video game coming out my credit card over the weekend I was ozone layer in my studies Sunday night Sunday night as my knights play videogames com I -- -- That's terrible -- liable upset while Madden my pennies and a bundle right now. I didn't say anything really -- in -- like Amazon -- the in the speedometer like. Chicken and. -- and we move on to happier news. Status is this is exciting. -- another -- and other official confirmation. Nintendo. Has officially as spoken out about -- rumors and they have said. That they will be announcing the successor to the -- And it'll be released sometime in 2012. They didn't say -- But it will become -- and guarantee you we will see it at 32012. Thousand -- and -- the -- rain in the see this when your prediction it was I it was and everywhere -- they go whatever I knew this study we said this like in December of last year. Okay. It they had to do that couldn't -- I mean you know usually the life cycle of a console like about ten years but there was no way than in non HD console in this -- -- it from Nintendo with -- and you never but they were still at the time they were still raking in the money so he did you -- surely okay how -- -- -- -- last -- also came along with their earnings. And some evidence of why it might be a good thing for them to do this their profits fell more than 66%. Wouldn't -- -- militant and a recording 76477. Point six billion dollars union for the year ending march income for the company also felt when he nine point 3%. Declining Wii sales were. Attributed to the -- the -- often. And -- -- we right now now and I totally enough to saturated it's got it I wonder has always intended to be a -- via shorter lived on for. -- -- There I think that they they melt the motion controller for awhile -- they definitely and but it was the same time I can't. I can't complain because as one of the coolest things you are seasonal offering -- of the way I'm not gonna pay enlisted I'm gonna -- It just doesn't like. Random update on PlayStation network thing is -- -- know it's not up there but it. It is also affecting all of the media streaming -- -- audacity against gas curiosity else. Curiosity there -- rushing -- service -- out of that one. And I don't use curiosity but -- was one of their you know that's Italy clouds subscriptions or raise. Them. Okay anyway that's enough of that little ones complaining about the medical panel and uses of the 100 of them that they couldn't watch template to the PlayStation network was down but then button -- bypassed the -- -- and and out of Batman that he was actually able to then stream Netflix but it's -- the -- -- Macs until he can bypass like it is the best -- -- now button -- just do it everything. And -- a quick -- Monday and left home when we come back in the extreme apparel of unsecured Wi-Fi. The twelve week old start up that got snapped up by Yahoo! and then -- what else oh dragon is going to Mars. -- -- -- Hey guys on the back to buzz out loud is cnet's podcast of indeterminate length Molly Wood Stephen -- They had -- we're stumble and there are -- very -- Monday Malayan. I hope you guys are hanging with this -- will -- it gets better problem but. It'll force literally get better until a little later for this -- now here's the lesson before we even get -- story. If you have a Wi-Fi network. And you are too lazy or too annoyed or these set up which we know can be a pain in the ass. You still the I don't -- -- easily to put a passer on that thing because you might end up. Like this man from Buffalo, New York he has gone a name for obvious reasons. But what it happened is that he got a little knock on his door by the FBI. And it said found little -- little a little not and they storms through -- house with assault weapons. Taking them down to the floor. Because he was accused. Of downloading industry -- child pornography. Now he said it was a meal was -- -- They hits they said they think we know who you are. And what it and eventually had come out from this three days later after he was interrogating question someone had been using his open Wi-Fi network. And doing all the dirty work themselves and because it shows like it was his own network the key was the one that was targeted that the and one of them. Many problems with things like using IP address tracking that you know like -- -- proposed -- tracking you know potential piracy and child pornography. -- for investigators to figure out that it was in fact that as 25 year old neighbor. Who was. Would -- -- and he this this port got fed. Like he had tried he's that I got this new wireless router and he would he had gotten fed up trying to set a password. And left unsecured and sure enough someone else used his -- -- literally like the worst case scenario right -- to download child pornography. But that it's. It's all -- a wake up calls right because we talk all the time about how you have to secure your -- your -- you active but -- Yeah well you don't understand and I still maintain some of this onus lies on the router makers like the fact that it is that difficult to set up of its. I mean really I haven't yet to figure out other than on. -- and net RG network how to set up just a plain text password as opposed to like what -- -- it. It it is. Way more difficult than it needs to be way more -- on the -- that they com. Unsecured. By default is just unacceptable and I understand why one of these companies -- -- and the idea even if they came with a passer by default in the past third party password. It is -- gas. It I mean if either -- by default or the default password it is -- -- or -- like want you there for five or whatever I mean that's just unacceptable and I can not believe that no one has taken these companies to task and I mean. And there's another -- loss -- your -- about where a lot of people leave their networks open because they feel like. If I am borrowing public is you know it's a public it's for the good of human -- finding each button does leave it open let people -- served on it when they want as long as they're not living outside your house. -- and taken all your bandwidth but. And -- I never leave mine opened now here. You can even have the option to. Kind of set your network to be private but still give people access to the Internet part of it. And here's a crazy at either the and -- it is not worth it now -- -- comes our public good content and upn and you know what get a knock down what's interesting -- and misses again I mean it raises. All kinds of concerns and again you know we talked a lot about. Proposals. That -- to filter out piracy by tracking by IP address and all kinds of sort of like information -- can be harvested by IP address. And that alone is -- -- -- you just don't know whether someone is using someone else's -- -- And then the other thing is that investigators didn't even go into the house first and see if the Wi-Fi network was unsecured before they basically just went in storms and -- -- this. I doubt they -- down the stairs he has like cuts and abrasions from it and India wasn't like -- sir Tom let's talk to you it's we're taking you down. Like as the terminator -- in near total -- just admit it. So it took three days was in jail for the three days that before they figured out -- its neighbor probably. Yeah they they -- to it is desktop computer. Eventually take it with them along with his and his wife's ipads and iphones I'm sure his wife was thrilled about this. It's normally yeah it's in Germany apparently in that country's top criminal court ruled last through the Internet users must secure their wireless connections. To prevent others from illegally downloading data Internet users to -- find a 226 dollars. If a third party take advantage of there and protected line. It did not though -- users responsible for illegal content downloaded by that third party. So that. Yeah I -- I gotta say whatever the earth like company is that comes out with is that you know what is less super here Alec at -- -- with -- interface without it's not like. Opinion -- wouldn't you don't need -- you know. When Dublin and includes used to -- in and did it did today. -- in the first company to make that super simple make a parking killing. It's ludicrous that still that hard when people are getting through an announcer. Gotta -- the thing especially on a Monday. -- Monday to have you -- well. I analyst's report. Actually this is again and that's the -- I'm gonna make an analyst. Analysts are figuring that Netflix is poised to become the largest subscription entertainment business in the United States -- -- is reporting its quarterly earnings today. So we'll have that story tomorrow or I can -- on -- now but it would be too distracting. And also said that they hold their figure in -- -- sold out at around three point seven million subscribers. Bringing its total to round when he three point seven million. Subscribers that would be in comparison Comcast -- current subscription services are around when he two point eight million. Sirius XM radio -- -- -- point two million. That's a big that's a big deal. The serious thing noted that the Netflix thing he had no idea if it's ridiculous at this there's I was a pretty I was a practice -- -- -- I was surprised that serious -- still today had pulled -- that many subscribers via its when he point two million is is quite significant -- for Netflix to do that. I it's it's not it's not super surprising but it's it's huge it's shows the direction -- where people are going it is pretty. Mark will in fact analyst firm NPD suggest that 61% of all movies viewed through the Internet are done so courtesy of Netflix -- eight. Times more than Comcast which is in that number to. Yeah as a purveyor of on my movies like -- tell you going into access Comcast's on demand services it's like. A fun little maze of buttons in yuck now -- now forget -- -- -- -- -- just a quick question yeah quick aside here you know my personal agenda. Invent -- else having trouble streaming Netflix ever -- because I've become documents AT&T is like throttling your traffic shaping -- and then stopped. Netflix from coming to -- every other service on my roku box works fine Amazon video on demand like pandora all the other streaming things but Netflix. Will not work. At all like I cannot get a streaming movie and and I kinda wanna blame eighteenth even -- -- but they sure how to find out and and. But it's specific to the roku box it's pathetic -- Eric about that -- your Xbox and then again I'll try that again I got an Xbox -- gonna -- that to compare. And obviously at Netflix -- having certificate. -- but -- other streaming news everybody is trying to get a piece of the pie because it is as we say totally growing and super lucrative. DISH. Network dish on -- viewers can now watch this is actually remarkable HBO and Cinemax content on streaming. Yeah -- you have to have a subscription to the actual channels to access this like they've done with their other online services but -- -- additional line. Trying to get more content content content there. But yeah original content by HBO I mean I'm really curious to see Netflix original content project that they acquired. Yeah that's that's -- -- project and fear that. Is it that show is as good as it's believed to be -- -- species on the project. And -- features writing the show. That's a game changer. I know and I really want to see somebody else start making. Hi eight super high caliber HBO like content that goes somewhere else because I'm sorry -- I'm not. No matter 1% of hair I don't care how many tweets you send out about breaking game -- -- I am not signing up for a single channel costing twenty dollars a month via. I'm just not and I note that the content. Is that high quality but I am not willing to pay that price. I am now he did a poll we did an informal poll here how many people in this room. Have HBO raise your hands. -- -- For those you are watching the streams and I can't see it I can't see anyone you're right because -- -- -- -- your -- So there is zero and zero it's still -- as we speak and it's not willing to do it. Attempting to edit it gets in the teeth feet and let's have a -- about these new links and he says -- whenever. I'm not gaming -- an -- says and that. Well I've been something that's super plot driven like flash forward they get -- -- -- flash forward. If you get too few seasons and last into your client -- -- like half the season and they killed it happen. I got totally into the lake. Story line. -- -- -- now amber because it's like AB ICI you're like ABC you deliver the goods -- Los. Flash forward all your going to do it I wasn't only Mohamed. -- -- now I never did fine with green. -- YouTube -- minimum before I'm gonna get into your plot driven show register you know. Take it takes time. Facetime now it also may not -- taken too much time. It's for Yahoo! to acquire the TV tagging startup into now for twenty to thirty million dollars -- twelve weeks. Post launch. Yahoo! made the bid for -- to now which is an iPhone app that uses. Like listening to our audio tagging and tags television shows Yahoo!'s Yahoo!'s grabbing them -- They showed off some of this technology -- I think the company was called grace note. Who does some awesome cart installs systems while and they were working on a product like an app that -- your iPad -- can tag shows TV shows by it was in them. One of the features here that made it unique is that also like tagging the show. When they partner with advertisers. It can be a lot more targeted because they know what time to show what general demographic -- that. Not I do I wonder how many other offers -- on the -- because for into not a partner with Yahoo!. We Tennessean how Yahoo!. Does with some of these really cool innovative -- and in his opponent makes me sad and prevent -- -- you know that Yahoo! is the one I got -- like you know why not I don't want Google to be bigger but why not. A company like Google or Netflix or something like. Yeah you know like -- if I'm FaceBook I'm not here to rip on Yahoo! but I am. And I'll let you -- -- is true yeah I feel like they're they're trying Yahoo! is okay attract they're making some smart moves they definitely are. Like this. Think you gotta feel like. Don't screw that don't Kryptonite is resonating that's all -- don't screw up but it's also it's testament to a growing trend -- -- -- -- overshadowed by things like the group on and whatever but social entertainment. Is huge like checking in -- shows. Tagging these shows -- -- you know get glue I think in the one gag -- I -- post that's the one that people -- we -- but I I don't I'm not I'm gonna be honest I don't use igloo but I don't. Doesn't have audio tagging that tag -- shows -- -- -- -- manually doing yeah because people are into telling their friends with the Lockheed but -- manually doing it. Taxicabs to only ran the cameramen who is -- CBS and about this for TV dot com who. Little of the notes. That's -- and -- same. Elegant the next. Those -- -- -- well but Yahoo! did did say that they -- -- the product will remain independent. Or the time being. And the team's next priority will be to push -- an Android applications fast as possible if they leave it alone but not any benign neglect to -- like Flickr. Then it can be okay -- OK let's is divvy up the numbers there are seven person team and they were just acquired in between twenty and thirty million dollars for a good job for not. 212 happy week. After -- twelve week. There's not a category the bubble ruptured near. And then great news for of the Nook Color which we've been waiting and waiting and finally just got. Officially the flash support and secure -- Android market. Yet the so it'll be running for rodeo two point to some cool features also -- gonna get an email client. On the flats like we said -- -- -- store it's not direct access to the Android App Store which has thousands of apps it's some of their own apps that. You know you could say that they approve -- they want to come to the top for their specific -- Store you people have been hacking in reading and -- but for your mainstream consumer that doesn't. Know or care or want to -- do this. This is huge as the graves and asked baying for your buck Android tablet hands by far hands down via backfire and we show -- well let's -- and a -- -- -- -- -- -- I know I can inhibit -- -- get them built in free email app. And unlikely that the proposal does things right where I just set it. He -- I was reading them I think it can sometimes I like to bring it up because it's funny and Monday. Hero is acknowledged as the did you guys in here either also bring unit -- you -- find it on -- the idea is -- flights Nook Color it's got flash and power. And a pedicure rated App -- -- lead curator though it's not like totally. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I okay let's at the moment -- the movement epic. Dear lord. Can't. This is actually. Sad news so bring it down for a second the former president and chairman of Sony who created who is credited at least with developing. The CD and the PlayStation console -- all got. Has died at the age of 81 and I thought a lot of really great -- really great tributes to this guy on the web I mean. True innovator at Sony I think the whole CD thing and PlayStation thing worked pretty yet idea yet. I think about it the staff of us are amazing -- -- Sony sold the world's first CD in 1982 the product that just five years. To a clips LP records as the dominant music format. Boom and went on and presided over the launch of the video game business overall even by the way designed the Sony logo. -- -- -- Now this -- you know -- all what we were all like. More impressed while he does this but they don't -- Forget about CD's that revolutionize storage and delivery methods for her you know approximately ten years or so forget about that. Designed a -- that's crazy. -- -- remain Sony's chairman and held 2000 actually. Well they do we know we don't have to say thank you off -- the tech pioneer contributions. Noted richer. Also in some leaked photos there is a purported Apple iPhone prototype on T-Mobile leaked -- -- boy genius report showing -- -- But ever elusive white iPhone. And back. Showing that it it was connected directly to -- both -- you know are there is no identifiers to say if this is necessarily the current iPhone four or maybe a shell of a prototype but nonetheless. It's out there. T-Mobile merger with AT&T it makes sense for them to be testing this right now anyways the aperture so that's out there. Does -- -- and its docking yeah and also I guess not because when -- problem and if -- might as early to -- about this on but it's okay. That's ahead and -- even just -- it August 30 Wal-Mart for me -- really Odeo. 30 that's perfect no wait yes I budget put in on the -- that's what I've -- -- valley -- think of this story -- -- and. Okay. I have. I have this -- -- you guys. Apple is delaying their iMac orders ahead of next week's refreshed now if -- a call right not to toot our buzz out loud horns. It was on this show now we said based on a very very very close tight -- reliable source. That the new WiMax would be coming out -- at the end of April the first week of may and it looks like. Customers who pre ordered an iMac -- line they're -- Build their shipments are being delayed until the week of may second or third wicket that -- Johnny a lot BT's sources on the money. -- we don't I mean we're not -- this up until we really notices. One of the only ones I've ever done is right on the money so -- gotta be careful you don't -- -- be those. Guy is that just throw everything in -- mystics. It's because there's a lot of low read between -- for now of course not -- -- no I didn't wait for your name name. Like I think I could I I'm not here there is an interesting iPhone by every reject it out that was total bull crap. Now not. -- -- and both -- -- -- that I'm not tracking and -- you consider your purchasing options in the future to sun rim is apparently in talks with Hulu. As you know the playbook. Immediately who blocked. Are rather sorry. Hulu -- to the Blackberry Playbook from having access to their content that you cannot play Hulu on the Blackberry Playbook and it has Hulu is down at her. -- apparently hit the rim is now in talks. To bring -- -- mobile subscription officially to play Hulu plus it be basically it just means you're only gonna get -- -- the confusing service that has shows that aren't available or has yet we're shows -- available that -- free on -- that are available on the subscription your pain for the. Forget about our children I just like Hulu is is -- -- its foot with a shotgun in hand shotgun in hand and it's like not looking -- for the four. Now they have the buzz than -- those scientists it'd be known -- isolated like you don't wanna shoot yourself with a bigger and active they're thinking about it tennis -- exactly learn day Monday. I like I think that's what is threatening me. -- -- While our analyst at -- -- hits. -- I'm -- is they would have a pale because I -- is in the slaughter -- this -- I need to do this slaughter added -- And there's an exclusive on Atlantis and gadget. Yeah you you bail out over -- I'm -- -- -- All right an Apple. Patent would get -- again. About -- then this is my next dot com the worst named engadget replacement ever reports of an exclusive that the Lenovo ThinkPad tablets. With -- -- and an optional -- -- is set to arrive this summer. This is you know this is really sweet because I think it was two years ago -- 2000 -- yes. -- -- -- -- This tablet hybrid laptop called you one do you remember that Dahlia and everyone will -- it -- is crazy so this actually bids really. Well for bodes well for them because. They kind of know what they're doing here app and then -- bundled with will run an account and if you guys take -- from the pictures the laptop set up where it's lies in its really slick. Yeah it's really slick and as much as we like it a tricked. In the way of a -- docked into laptops to -- -- make a lot more sense -- the tablet Catholic and we say you're there typical tablet here's how to make it new work. If anybody is gonna be got to make it -- work it's Lenovo yap. Also engadget is confirming that thinkpad X one which is there Netflix to pertain. Laptop ever been kind of excited -- people -- a little crazy about the thinkpad yet the big thing about this is its slice battery. So it's not user -- -- but it's a battery that album thanks to some things -- the rapid charge will revitalize -- 80% within thirty minutes night. Like that's pretty ridiculous and Lenovo for the last three times as long as a normal battery if the elegantly it's amazing battery life and mineral it will return. Like it's all about and in the an ultra mobile market it kind of enemy the Jews and now it's like you know what you're have to make it thinner prettier anything at this point is make. Make it boot up faster -- -- the battery last -- It's all about speed speed. -- Again science news. Talking about speed and. Story I was totally our -- that I quickly and out of direct cool science. I'm not earns a nine day. -- had a good look -- you all know how Malaysia. Brady is that repeatedly we definitely are even -- like three -- -- -- Wednesday. I love the upstart rocket company SpaceX mainly because they -- named their capsule their space capsule dragon. Which is like you know -- yes. Let's return to cool names for space capsule absolutely but beyond the actual cool name. Elon Musk who is the founder of SpaceX has announced that he believes an impact in a statement must in effect are claiming that dragon. Once fitted with modifications that the company is now developing -- -- NASA contract. Will be able to land on Mars. In -- -- -- your -- into an excellent nature on -- is -- for ingenious. -- -- -- Genius partner they actually said it would be able to land almost anywhere on earth or another planet with pinpoint accuracy overcoming the limitation. Of a winged architecture that works only in Earth's atmosphere so the -- -- -- the -- day. Yet when -- -- ephedra market -- that we all we know it doesn't -- Oh and he's a paper on pal data tavern with winning a -- -- -- -- -- -- the cool thing about the dragon right it's it's loyalists. Yeah it's pointless it's like it's like the Droid pod that C three PO RTD to launch off of the -- -- it to hold the -- you know the video message from breathlessly. And a. They're dollar signing. I ever act of 1999. Net about a hundred people -- -- I've got it yeah I know I know -- except the guy who's like thirteen years old listeners an elegant and ornaments are was as -- -- he may not know what it's like. -- -- -- -- Just as just like that actually and you know what computing how geeky alignment is that probably -- the probably is. Meanwhile in news from the past though are our esteemed representatives in congress are are hoping to go back to the moon. Get private and I'm just saying -- and private industry is building -- -- asked Star Wars is reminiscent. Dragon capsule -- can land on any African planet that they want to get off this rock and move us to Mars. And representative bill -- Florida has introduced the back to the moon bill. Reasserting American leadership in space. Yeah I I don't I haven't heard of any country. Outside the US really actively doing moment thing either sell reestablish that. Your your space muscle. He's from Florida just to be there for that all -- well all love this bit -- yeah -- like it was all about all about literally just saying. You can't take those jobs out of Florida which you know I believe me I'm sympathetic to those kinds of things but this is that is -- like ludicrous -- does what it is because the active. What the space program is about to morph into you is a program that. Specifically studies. Then next generation of space travel like. Can we colonize other planet and we land on Mars can we explore outside of our own galaxy and we could test the bounds of what is possible in terms of space exploration and then it -- like. Well I -- I'm I don't know. I think we actually does need to keep things exactly how they have been for the past sixty years. And only as far as we need to go as the moon. Really pretty. When we even have an America if our colonizing ancestors had not thought beyond the places they had already visited. In their of them plus the -- -- -- and warp drive thank you Junebug. You go you on my if you get -- thought -- through. A case -- from president. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All -- -- this is this brought a smile on my face you know you've made it land blank. You know you've made it when the bed and shooter Internet star was arrested in Alabama. Lawyer. For marijuana it just. You know I was looking at my Twitter and then also Mike wise -- -- Hudson a trending topic again delay what is this guy do lead. You know and you -- you've made it a Landon. Yeah yeah yeah yeah -- and also. -- -- -- But not that much with rising utility uses smart guys -- -- branding right after he got out he said let me give -- -- that sell it. You are so doubt Mario are real you are really down I was so adult -- -- -- really. He does anybody here know -- aren't. Into -- let me be the -- the tablet that's. -- that run Intel back only I don't know either fed it but -- I don't I had a I was just trying to partly an infantile behavior you okay. But that -- for real. -- you ask them down for real. Brown that it and didn't okay and headlines are talking about semi elicit an illicit substances that. -- now I do love the story and really it's just the headline Kentucky man builds Bergen powered car. Not bad with fuel present -- like crazy man from detecting came up to a solution to high -- -- president courses from Kentucky where they suburban -- run through the streets. You -- the -- of the old and he actually he got the idea and this is off them from the movie city chitty bang bang. And people are really inspired in the passing got a -- to go back to the -- kitty kitty -- -- is cool again. -- -- -- I gotta -- I get your credit to dance -- an entire month and a -- -- that when he it will have Ben Franklin who said I don't now I -- now we start another country might -- philadelphians lose jobs. I don't know if we expand westward Newton. The and urban powered car and then this story with all of analysts -- as having a blast with this. Hunch which is a site that makes recommendations based on detailed user preferences. Conducted an on site into an admittedly unscientific survey of the -- kind -- is the best kind. A Mac users vs PC users. And basically found that those commercials until it. The recent. -- -- see -- Mac users overall tend to be younger more liberal more fashion conscious and more likely to live in cities and people who prefer. He's the it is my favorite. Favorite favorite favorite paragraph from Nina does the from the -- and answering PC users' tastes tend toward casual clothes tuna fish -- of white lie in Hollywood movies -- USA today and Pepsi Mac either is. You'd yet again Mac users preferred designer or vintage -- comments. Hot red wine indie films the New York Times and San Pellegrino -- And San Pellegrino and not a obviously -- I think that's of the tariff so I can -- -- -- teenage -- -- time. Well naturally you haven't because we've seen the -- happened right before our -- -- home is being. 69%. Of PT people would rather ride a Harley and then a best -- If -- 80% of Mac people would go for the best but. But the PC people most prefer McDonald's Fries. Followed by steak Fries yeah Mac people -- -- or type prize followed then by McDonald's. The one thing we can only hand. The -- -- -- in the -- on Mac people prefer B stroke type prize. That is crap. The gift that is wrapped the food and drink they got in ho let's go and check this out of you guys there's a link within the story of that has. The break Dennis of this info graphics up let's go let's go to cocktails. I know I. PC people strawberry -- Irish copy and screen orgasm. I know I'm gonna tell that cocktail -- with the ability okay Mac Mac people the hot citing. They dim lit. And the Moscow mule. That damages -- -- -- yet to hate the Mac people that commitment and Edith can't help it right. Understand which -- PC people -- tuna fish hero or Patti -- -- Mac users prefer promise. -- me -- at a Vietnamese now instead of -- enemies are so good news that we got there's a place on marketing Gurney and there's a place right off of second. Really got this little -- lit the little hole long enough to lock in and they may. Q of their barbecue or communities who don't take into believing their we're gonna have a follow up report them an idea and also -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There apparently -- not comment which again not that this is okay we we have you look this is -- -- and -- -- TV shows PCs Smallville. The Tonight Show -- Jay Leno go way. That's ridiculous law and order SVU. TV shows -- the Mac side parks and recreation in the bored to death. And Friday night at its fat and then finally you can frequencies in the final mile of the magazines again and again -- didn't like to make you hate the Mac people. Or -- depending arrow magazines. PC people TV guide -- red -- and us weekly. Mac. Doing -- ready made magazine. And of course. Narrow world of DD -- you like here's the unit I mean -- that the earth I'll. -- -- you got that. I'm ready for you but. Like to hold the whole I -- we are elegantly Gilmore discuss what are one Marlins like soft drinks is like the PCs or Pepsi -- -- orange crash soft drinks we didn't mention sentinel and newly not a and -- through -- this -- Specific. It's really hired here. Software costs -- you call it was soft drinks. With a fine I -- and -- but I really blown Mac people 7% more likely than PC people to snack on salty chips. -- the only thing ever -- on upon -- and PC people more 10% likely that the Mac it was that console needs sleep. Does get Mac people like Thomas Mac people are 80% more likely to that -- to be able to be vegetarian. Usually don't hear vegetarian hot mess. I just -- that promise solely a face like a -- And finally. It's -- aesthetics and they say how this war has amassed an updated and 0992. They -- on -- -- -- -- Mac people legal Hamas -- Hamas. Again I sort of the time we -- the. I am certain that there will be many of you who right into question in the technique -- in this admittedly unscientific survey. However our caller today at wants to point out some other its survey shenanigans from a survey that was -- As far as I know. Specifically identified as -- -- it is true this is from Columbus. I dislike the call for star Sheryl. I was listening to it -- -- and you're talking out. Report. -- users will buy iphones because they quote in Apple. Pitched a culture editor on the story goes well the people who had the opportunity to take their -- Question has to consider purchasing a future -- options -- yes. -- -- -- -- -- Those are like that -- -- -- or just -- know Apple. And a middle ground there. Century and -- considered her interest -- -- -- -- -- -- As well as the story. And so on not as though is that -- Oh my god I -- -- remember a time when when journalistic integrity did call for. Getting the survey questions when you reported that the results of the survey apparently -- is no longer common. Because otherwise no one would have reported anything that came out of -- survey. So obviously hilariously implied. Thank you for that important piece of content as well thank you that are right on the emails a -- to Molly I was listening -- about how you're having to copy photos out of I have photos to upload. And decode the Kodak gallery it enough to be that hard. If you scroll down the source list up the upload file dialog you have an option. -- -- photos under media mean they'll actually give you a little iPhoto browser with access to all of your band's -- spaces center. The way you don't have to export my belly and an expert on your computer -- and that's pretty -- them. I got I got to say they now think agreement to get some other tips about panties so do apparently there are plenty -- -- -- she induce their name I'm wondering if they're -- seconds. How many do you fuel coming up and then we'll know if you're -- remembers her -- Development. Conference. I chip from Boston red and that I wanna share my Saturday night streaming fail with -- -- I was out of my local best -- Saturday and that looking at some movies make impressed movie date night. I knew I wanted to see it but it was injured as good enough to buy -- -- industry figured it's a new movie must be available somewhere. Economic buyers and media center and went to Netflix only find out it wasn't available for streaming went plan -- which -- from Apple TV -- iTunes for rental no luck there wasn't even available to buy. As a last ditch effort I searched Hulu again no luck no surprise there. At this point I thought it would want to my local blockbuster with an Arab that it closed six months ago and is now an auto parts store I'm at the client I was determined to -- movie. I ended up making the twenty minute drive back to best buy and buying the copy that inspire -- -- -- -- -- -- in summary streaming failed rentals failed and movie studios. One overall a great Saturday night PS the -- is pretty good. How it's. Suddenly there's always win quick -- I don't hopefully -- -- your -- it'll be there but hoped that I find that Amazon video on demand -- -- really conflict via. And also quick -- try -- supermarket red box yeah that thread on its totally and Blu-ray and dvd formats actually when he said Dana Michael that's -- went to red box and and -- -- -- -- and a little while ago. -- -- -- And doesn't do that they went girls Tina -- ranked where they like dean and liked it taste down home spies or -- like that I want to the first half on an apparently real threat Boxee can also. You can reserve it online at a time like not to go there and panel and -- -- -- -- turtle -- statement at the red box yes when they see the thing you can actually reserving -- -- -- go to the RI taken -- -- that I guess they run out quickly. Did not know that's awesome and -- pretty cool. I know I'm on their inbox and also in a follow up it was there is an episode I think it was one -- -- Cooley where Molly was gone had a lot of emails and and a few voice mails about people saying that we spelled it. Judgment Iran and in our head in deck of the shelf we spelled it. JUDG. And ENT. Well you know let buzz town. That's actually the English way to spell judgment are actually we sped it we spoke at the other way away already yeah. Why are you here -- -- And it. Same thing at the -- off. I completely made me look at an ass -- English spelling of the let -- open the prayers go out into grant registers that yet. Unity with. Webster decreed the -- he is superfluous Americans -- have amended it. Well you no way I spelled it right okay -- -- both ways. And spell check didn't catch -- the pretty colors it's a word the producers of terminator two judgment day chose the traditional American -- with no he. They say if you right judgment with an EU should also rent them with the -- In the same sentence. I love those that judgment I've totally -- one of those words that people -- all up in arms about -- to be spelled the British ran up and some left over kind of you know colonization anger or whatever but if you -- -- with. Regular like I don't era sorry I'm old school. Sorry he's an -- file kind of like Tom. -- -- wants. In any way you know he has no he really India and if I say I love our feedback loop and thank you guys for -- what -- on the rise of a Superman image of. No thank you to that hunt study. Would absolutely mini arsenal. -- -- valuable -- Plymouth. I'm solve -- of people all about comments. If you'd like to -- your love for comment the -- on the -- or blog below that cnet.com are you -- calls at AAA not -- 1806166. Or eight. That's a hot -- to. Sinister voice -- somewhere around thirty seconds -- a bad -- in we'd like that. And buzz at cnet.com of course. -- our email address. -- remind everyone happy Monday ROC --

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