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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1450: Lick my 9Volt

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1450: Lick my 9Volt

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Can you tell Brian Tong is back on the show? Actually, we're legitimately wondering whether a home-brew electroshock like battery licking could produce video game skill improvements like DARPA is seeing with their electroshock research. No, really. Also, Google shuts down Google Video, President Obama wants a universal login that's not Facebook Connect, and Match.com just got a whole lot more trustworthy. --Molly

Today is Monday April 18 2011 my name is Steven beach of aloha I am -- -- -- -- -- Welcome to our podcast of indeterminate length episode 14150. -- -- -- it backs earning a little I could tell you that day if. For those you lots -- the video stream that don't adjust your -- don't adjust your sets or your video Eric Franklin on the studio and it's just me you know I played really -- And added -- is rather than but. But it a -- cleaner do what -- Endlessly you know it's funny when you're on vacation you don't really pay attention other than -- keeps you in the -- because you don't wanna gives -- the stuff but. Like all these things happen you know I know we -- the -- -- and dynamite. -- -- -- strikes again. You know. Let us keep it up on things that matter and -- you're keeping all our body I was also you. And in the hole if whatever the whole Apple TV thing hasn't come out yet I'm not gonna sit on the points until they actually announces this year. There was there were there is already but there had to -- a river because there is there is -- use the -- gonna bring up something and now. No idea -- equally committed -- dollar bet on it. -- -- and that that was adamant they would not use a TV that they would not been united in active now and flips dead pets and -- does that so it was a big week yeah so the follow up for all those people that did vote for that men of broadcast calendar. We are giving you I have to we have to pick a name for the people that said that -- emails home but will give them a slightly to view it as I guess now. Kind of -- an exhibit at the collectible. It is a collectible literally is regrettable act out -- last on the ever produced. Of the last -- you've ever made. If there is a little -- -- now and I actually didn't like email umbrella for real so we did that and then it does them well not mean some people went bonkers when -- -- -- like 900 dollars. For money. Why again. At the in the day acting ended up -- like the fitness exposition but does the follow up with my promises. I am gonna match all the votes -- people gave analyses so I'm donating 233 -- Red Cross Japan. So it'll just to make. Yeah we we gotta do that embryo that for everybody that the part that's also I think we've got a sustained campaign and other posted distracting ourselves with now that Japan fundraising -- and -- -- -- I know you could -- tablet so we're back. The show man -- this is all Colin Powell. It so and had enough outlets in the news that they got that right here because and now we can just -- you know about what have we Alec it and it's in the kind of ridiculous -- -- -- the -- line that's even more impressive it's not that it's not like a -- before. And even want to look better than what it takes yeah. That's -- that's -- we -- noted the tenacity that they can't review. Council and the let's just say later -- I could I could -- the jungle fever logo right on my waistline. And I asked him of being -- a day we're gonna do so now I'm well I'm here and particularly the an -- and now a dollar and among -- elements and -- spreading over to romance but that is and. Opera eight than boring old news. -- -- that Google Video. Not surprising at all but the right thing to me was that they are if they -- Your videos up there is word delete them -- at least they're making an option where you can download all your -- as you have stored on Google video and then they're sane. Send them over to that site that we acquired in 2006 that pretty much kill Google video -- that site you might have heard of called YouTube called the -- -- called the YouTube. There is of course already -- petition. It was created on Sunday asking them to. Rethink that decision or what they're hoping that automatically move all the content to you -- them you don't have to do it but in or preserve the archives and some other way because -- -- get all these bad links Holler at Aladdin and the problem at any kind of free online storage you know. I mean the trick is even though Google owns YouTube and how maintains Google Video is the fact is I'm sure their systems are made to migrate that same user -- rate -- -- -- -- -- completely separate counts they could do it. But at the moment it's not so Google Video. Yet you can tell that it -- it didn't have much of the user base because that petition has -- -- -- say. I already have and think it's seven. -- that you might yeah you you and you that's assigned to shut it down yet in fact I think you do well nailed it they'd put up a little many things like -- -- and the. -- private provider that. We are happy now about a new feature that Google introduced they -- now are offering new privacy controls for mobile consumers including. The ability to opt out of targeted advertising without -- and this is gonna be directly in the settings I'm on Android phones right. So this is that stuff yet stated in this is obviously all related to the things that we talked about last week with them that lawsuit and -- -- it's not it's not quite email but I was hoping. Four from pandora. Allowing me to specifically opt out -- -- sharing going -- it's not news and earth and and you still not your -- your pandora -- I am until I actually hear from that company about why they felt the need to do that without asking me. Or some sort of specific app -- -- -- done. And I will tell you pandora was my friend on the -- it's I was like man I love and -- you know I don't share by broadcast of them that I'm on a beach right now -- You pandora. -- -- take it around like Egypt and the low. -- -- doing right now all how you like me now at the warm here and it's -- that. Back to some of Google's privacy plans on and how other you know improving this some of this involves -- double anonymous nation of the device identifier so it. It's in -- in I guess into as you just can't be figured out. Where that -- is -- the mapping to anonymous ID on -- specific device also there's an easy opt out it's not. Super hidden or buried just go into the Android market settings to get access to it. And there's an in app notice through the ads that are running across absence of a mob that users will see as well. I think that's critical to NASA's a lot more similar that you I think what I'll authority has built -- -- it think it -- it to get thing for Google to do and it's also a good hedge. Against any sort of feature privacy -- at least now they can kind of thing. That we have the controls -- a little overdue but we're glad they're there now I think it it's one of things their -- even -- browsers that it's just. A feature that everyone is going to have to have some sort of user privacy setting whether -- the do not track list -- some like this everyone is -- or because it's at. It's a product differentiator but if you don't have it you look. It's four yeah and it's interesting because Google is still holding out -- the do not track list -- last. Week one of the things the announcement of the entries in contract -- -- nine and then the follow up stories that left him out of line up. I hear they are good. Is that Google also attended Catholic and now I mean they have that out on that lets you preserve your opt outs as opposed to like a specific do not acting. Not on board because. It. Mostly -- investing -- doesn't do anything. Maybe maybe but they they should they should bake it -- -- indefinitely. -- a -- you know it didn't do -- Google. Unless -- whether of course you should do -- -- last but it sounds like infant. It's not like the -- launch may be mere they think they're ready for a may launch there's a stable developer channel already for -- -- which was launched last week. They're fueling speculation that devices -- the software would be announced in May at the Google I -- conference. And then possibly shipping by summer the interesting thing though is that netbooks are pretty much. Gone in the market the market is changed so quickly. And we were even talking about before level where where is the home for -- Chrome OS yeah and you you -- one big thing. Any cases when you have. New software -- new OS you need manufacture and hardware support. And the problem here is. There have been no major announcements for the most part. For some the big names renouncing any products that will be launching with Chrome OS within the next three months then you don't. HP Lenovo Toshiba original partners for Chrome -- they haven't announced anything. And now and that is really weird is the only what we've heard about his media suits which has been rumored to want to sub 200 dollar from -- but. And lastly there were rumors -- life may be retooled for -- the little which. No -- we were not bandwidth holy nightmare scenario rightly we have these -- tablet operating system 98. Yeah way. I mean if wealthy and may -- that Google has -- and leisure and. And at the same time and I'd just lost because the whole time England and it really a bit when they -- -- -- -- netbooks would still have that. Huge lifeline they would still be selling and in bundles but the iPad is -- -- -- the market. I'm very curious tablet market this. Way is gonna happen with this and especially now with Larry Page back -- -- like this be one of the things he. Take the act -- -- make some changes -- I mean. I personally as you know I'm not -- of the -- -- strategy that people have made compelling argument sport but the main. Compelling argument is that is very different form factor melodies and form factors with. It's still around but it's it's -- it's it's not -- dynamic as much of the -- and -- -- cancer Everly and execute. It just -- -- distilled things to it adding a lot of companies now. You know they're afraid of when they -- continent pushed so hard they're like well we just have to get this out. But would have known uses that -- if no one cares about their all the momentum when people like oh my gosh -- -- on the developmental laptops they're giving them away. After that may be two weeks -- you heard nothing about it now is people use it got to play with it like yourself like. And it makes. It would make sense of it was more of a full fledged -- that it wasn't meant to be in netbook like I can understand Google thing. We want to have a platform and for years I was thing. They should build some sort of really cloud oriented sort of thin client operating system. But now they have and they're targeting it at hardware that is. On its way out and that's the biggest problem like it if you gonna create a platform for the next generation of of kind of like post PC devices you've gotta be specific about what the devices although maybe you'll -- and in his -- meant that when asked why they were gonna do two of them. He said we think the market is -- figure out. Which I guess they often do you know and sometimes the market -- figured out that it doesn't need chromeless. -- actually honest that's. How the modular now there is looking like an average -- at -- didn't line up behind a single port -- -- -- But -- -- doesn't aside this week. On the 22 which if there's anything. Oh I'm gonna be interviewing -- Levy who just wrote in the plaques which is a book where he was basically imbedded in Google for like two years and -- the whole history and Google that day. That it is the reason that I was still America -- and starving at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon because -- just. That animals like movement on reading that -- -- and -- look at their culture and kind of government -- how they think and operate right yeah I mean it's really insiders and fascinating an end to get into panorama decently Google in the world. But we're gonna be live streaming that interview on Thursday night analyzed he now lives it's Wednesday. I think -- -- the whatever the 22 -- Whatever that warning that that is the Wednesday today's scene -- twenty twenty I better hurry up and -- earth. It's an Earth Day. I was all airport when he moment models that aren't. Or failure to do just that -- -- -- until about the end it's totally agree that it's now I remember this thought and -- and ended up getting me on Wednesday at its gonna be live streamed on the attack -- live and on use streaming live stream -- election partners. Dealt with it because it can be -- because oh my god is that -- -- using its colored light. Every whenever we have a -- or exams like. Much more interesting from cute. Back to back to companies though they do now when -- time setting about the flag. Yahoo! -- to kill. A product that you might know of but not love or have ever used. Yahoo!'s buzz which is kind of their Digg like rankings story products they also have a buzz videos -- they still have a buzz podcast show economic with the latest and Yahoo! News now look at the hyper -- the public mission that they think they -- the show and then once the thing. Let's just make declaring -- didn't go anywhere there's only room for one buzz. -- is making clear history here -- over there. Now the home. -- Yellow -- it'll be distribute data -- -- they said they were gonna sunset this just like some of their -- product other products importantly delicious was one of those victims. Alter Vista my blog -- Yahoo! bookmarks Yahoo! picks. Arm all the web and then buzz buzz good balance. Nobody is that. I mean and Portland they lasted at a time when every was also stopping using gained nearly an you know what you -- -- to Digg competitor after date Saturday lost on -- I don't you have a whole the whole big company do in the -- look we can do this to after it's already been done it doesn't work when. One -- and a very general sense by it and I can't -- of the time ahead when it's actually worked where a large -- -- let's say like a Microsoft or Yahoo!. Has stolen an original idea that had enough for the Internet community momentum but they were able to actually take my -- from -- Yeah definitely and and Yahoo! at least is -- recognizing now that they -- did not put enough. Effort into it or that people weren't that -- as if it makes sense for the odd for the audience you know and I -- -- kudos -- -- they're doing and they're doing. What they're making some hard decision kind of battle that that is hard for company duplicate for them like they really do need to slash and burn a little bit you know and they -- and now. You go Yahoo! -- -- Also you know who goes the you know Lou well there's a lot uses on this service. -- dot com. Is now going to check users in the sex offender registry. And how how this came about is one of their customers I used the match dot com web site. And then she claimed in I don't know fits. It has been ruled in her favor or not but there is a lawsuit saying she was. Allegedly sexually assaulted while on a second date. That was facilitated. Through match dot com yet and if they had some sort of tracker like this to tell people because we know the dark. Seedy world that is the only that can meet online dating scene that she would have been able to at least at some circle of -- -- -- -- go out with this guy and surprisingly enough match. Has never used any sort of tracking. -- of this met of this nature at all I'm not sure if places like OK cupid which match dot com did acquire. What are some of the other ones like. Plenty of fish and. -- And I think that's actually very -- and and frankly with a surprise it's they weren't very and in my initial response was like whoa they weren't doing -- -- I mean they what mass spectrum apparently is that I heard about -- on the radio this morning was that they were concerned that they would get false positives that they started doing that. Although frankly. I would say that these small percentage of false positive probability -- outweighs the possibility of a man would that be if your name was the same name as a guy that China lived near your area yet is that really the the potential false positive happening now -- and aspirin and Social Security number on match dot com. I don't know I actually don't know what they asked for a -- -- maybe they should mean maybe you know if it's sort of if it's that serious you pay for it you know it's sort of like it if it's a site where your that serious about -- like. I think it is -- and it seems like it's a very complete profile. So you might as well do some -- some -- the thing is. People only just got comfortable online dating right -- just within this year became super comfortable now I would say oh yeah mister became very non avenue room. Like a normal thing alive the last couple years it's been creeping up but now it's just like yeah that's -- everybody I know meet everybody -- you know it's just the thing to do. But it only takes. A couple of stories like this to torpedo the entire momentum and they they really should. All of them should be making it clear that they're trying to be -- -- content as possible I understand that that opens up a whole other liability can of worms. But am matter how good formats for doing that again. They said they were considering doing it but this case kind of accelerated that process -- and actually retirement thing you don't need -- Social Security number detect them and criminal history. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- match I we're gonna take a quick break when we come back Obama wants to make logging into the web a little bit easier because he never can remember his damn New York Times that account password that Apple is suggesting that way apps are ranked. And -- I know you read you his yet does he get it on his eyes and his until I can never a little balls and David -- registered -- -- And -- how alignment of random FaceBook user got four million -- On her little Paul. -- that that -- sounds so official it does Nevada it's now a completely different zone completely different zone. -- right everybody listen up Obama is -- for secure online identity system to this -- system we. All know how much of a pain in the -- is to remember. Every single password. On at least. I think regularly used fifteen it's when he web -- that we check -- now these days yet so Obama is calling for. A strategy in the national strategy for trusted identities in cyberspace now the thing that makes this. Kind of funny -- laughable of the fact that he's calling on the private sector to develop the methods to treat this new ID so. It's the government sane guys we need this we're not going to offer any funding but can the private sector do this or us -- and then make it all work. Because. That'll help us out. Well yes. Yes the government is a lighting though there at least saying that their lot in five years for the standard -- of policy and technology to come together because they do understand that it's eight. It's a non trivial have great degree -- a unified login. Mainly because. It wouldn't need a whole new identity identity infrastructure on -- and then you would need wait to verify the trusted. Nature of the credentials and then of course he would mean like a bunch of redundant security systems to make sure that they don't compromise. And -- same time iPad might I d.'s compromised because of certainly that's website set up how to check or if you premier concert. Blade is there really miss it more secure if you have one ID that -- is every access is everything. Or twenty different IDs -- access different web sites that are different from each other now it's hard to remember. -- -- have to be different from a -- can't just be like a single -- unified username and password. It has to be a maps and why they're saying -- we were gonna take five years to develop the right it's based it would be a new kind of a law a whole log in system -- scanner sort idol Skinner media about and I both scanner I can get my and a retina scanner -- you can't take my eyeball. At the -- into -- more. I've seen floating far but you can't get out and the at the end and I meant it to your album and -- and yet they did -- eyeball -- -- -- the get access to my Gmail -- eyeball if you really care about it that much. That's where -- for very fine. Anyway the idea is that it would be a single set of identity credentials and it would use you'd be able to gain access on multiple sites and the -- might be obtained from your eyes he. Your bank you're university and many could kind of FaceBook connect with all of that lets -- that it isn't gonna staffers already FaceBook connect they connect and -- though it OpenId. They know they're really -- -- but that never caught on that was I remember when OpenId when their first -- -- would be a great idea but. Yet because it's really it's hard and adopted a -- -- every. If adopted across everything like that the implementation -- our artists are from an infrastructure perspective and then. The security and privacy concerns are massive I mean yes everybody -- crappy -- right we totally we all understand that. But at least it is a couple different passwords so that it -- that this one thing goes down. You know you don't lose everything. Now I like the idea for I love -- yet I am definitely over the 59 Katherine -- you know. I hear that there's really get -- -- there's something to get up to one password does things like that. There's -- -- there's one where it's like it generates -- effort yet many can store that key in your drop box or whatever and and you have it on every night. -- is one passer for public sometimes I just yet. It instantly but girls remember this past -- and yeah it makes me almost feel like. The fact that I'm type in a different pass through the console I am actually a little more secure I definitely I levels by -- -- the banking one partner in Allen and have been wounded they can be like. Website one. I use -- same pastor for most. Of them in changed I I I did on I don't feel like not a walk through it until I got a rock -- products with the movement up because they needed something and I want them. I think that's reasonable and it I think you're allowed to -- a I was there and you're suffering from them back all my gosh. It was not pretty -- it. Apple is working to change that thing where like and new podcast alliances and then all of a sudden it's number one and nineteen there -- isn't worth that helical line. Because there with the way that -- ranking works is basically on the number of downloads. How many times get a ring tones podcasts really take our -- and I guess it does still it. I guess it does. But what that what they're doing is with the ranking system is instead of just being pure downloads they're gonna also going to also calculated based on user engagement. How often they're actually using the app -- which which is a big deal because when they did this revamp of the algorithm. FaceBook also jump to the top of the top free apps free paid apps which makes sense Angry Birds of words with friends -- pandora were up there as well. But it it's a more reliable system instead of for awhile you see I always check the top ten just to see what's going on. And you see a lot of random apps that might -- on the top ten for a week just because they're getting a -- and it downloads but also potentially be calculated based on review Android does this. The Android App Store has their own algorithm that isn't based specifically on downloads so. And at the same time they try and hide this stuff from developers because everyone can game a rating system. -- I mean there's. It's a hit and miss situation and think it makes sense I think it makes sense have a stable ranking system so that it's not just all over the place but I think they were also. Arguing in the past that it was -- kind of -- -- -- to discover new thinks that something was like trending right now I'm coming out like that they can just create an up and coming. Section would be good now and -- -- column. Like a little -- -- discovery be like hot on the charts right now as opposed to always hot in the charts like its gonna I mean if they keep this ranking system based on reviews and downloads and user engagement. FaceBook has brought -- to be number one for analogue XI four -- ever people -- lever. At some point they're manufacturing and announce it happening -- -- -- via -- coolest story -- -- techcrunch about how the iPhone four is about to become the number one camera. That is used on Flickr -- to take the photos that are uploaded to Flickr has you know Flickr one cool thing that it doesn't tells you like what camera people used to take pictures. And let's -- it right now the Nikon. Yet but if you -- look at that -- for a moment. That yellow line which is trendy and very high in an accelerating -- -- crazy rate isn't going to it that little yellow line you might see there -- million at a forty degree angle. 35 -- game it's it's going to take it. It's going to -- -- what you'll see this also happened they mention I remember that stories. A couple years back where. They showed the types of devices our uploading photos and at the time they had. A chunk or lumped together the iPhone as ones but that include the iPhone the iPhone three G in the 3GS and at that time it was being number one. Camera use doppler device is upload photos but now this is we're talking about the iPhone four specifically. Just the iPhone four alone. Hanging with all these DS LRs. And if they -- I know that's the that's crazy and they say within a year it is going to be the number one camera on Flickr and yet it's company. Is the EF ID mark to -- And ever rebel T one -- That's -- can and for -- Yeah -- back but what it were two interesting things one they say it speaks to how badly Flickr. Blew the mobile. Development -- like they they could have. Built -- to Graham. They could have -- and bit them the mobile uploading to Flickr alone has been the reason I don't use it anymore I just don't his base but in by the way when -- but -- video uploading. -- -- -- -- -- Work on it. And then the other interesting thing about it is that they -- when they make corresponding chart of down to -- Is all point and shoot cameras. Which is set -- is sad because. The thing about is the iPhone four's camera and cameras in general phones are getting sold much better. By you that point issued. You don't really need -- either now. Going to pretty much have your mobile phone camera which is by megapixels or higher and -- -- -- or a DS LR yeah and to this evidence. I'm -- my -- -- did get me at poignancy camera for -- -- what I did you use of the but I thought I don't like him and some. Well it seems to me that the reason to get one in my opinion the only reason I want appointed as the Internet I want one -- rugged like a waterproof shock proof. But that is but that. And this is the problem with -- camera industry right that is the EC the only innovation that these guys have managed to come up with in the last ten years. That would make them even remotely more appealing than a Smartphone and let's be honest that's I'm pretty marginal -- -- like. Why is a point and shoot camera still the only dumb device in my house and why is it not connected are you serious they have not what and then every time we talked about putting Wi-Fi and a camera -- like. And that it would be bigger and better than -- -- used it yet you know what it would be in the modern age as opposed US -- device. Even you know you have. Companies like -- five -- made their cards with a GPS and Wi-Fi chip in them. To put in the cameras because the manufacturers are doing that -- C haven't outside. Company building it into the SD card because you guys wanted a Sony and that's does have Wi-Fi uploading and you know they have a browser went up -- -- There -- that -- -- you're obsolete -- now and there hasn't really been much innovation other than. They were -- -- the consumer more megapixels and now the consumers are smart enough -- megapixels doesn't really matters much anymore and I were so VI ROX. Yeah we're way past that and if you care about quality that much the DS LR prices are the ones that are coming down. While the -- prices are still staying three or 400 dollars -- I truly. If you get what that does Sony Alpha I think the SLR for. 600 bucks why in the hell would you ever debt like a little elf for 450 it just doesn't make sense and I just don't understand -- the -- Have missed the boat so badly now and I -- this can't be the only solution and people say that it's buggy and and night and it was -- every service and it does in it's it's ludicrous that these things. Are just an island had a dumb little disconnected -- social island. Yeah I've vice -- -- but when it we're exits its butter it's pretty it's pretty sick and it's cool and I am after violent but I shouldn't -- -- I don't adaptive for my DS LR and -- -- -- stupid points. Now if you wanna talk about other may be stupid news. Here's the kind of latest rumblings which is Anna -- get -- re eager to taste of what we've heard the iPhone five -- -- -- -- -- To have -- potential eight megapixel camera improved antenna same -- design. They won't -- in -- -- this is coming out of Ming chi Kuo of Concord securities -- pretty much bundled all the latest news and put it together is one thing they megapixel camera. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or in in in an Apple product yet the only reason this is has gone out now because -- this is little. Concord securities. It's an enterprise -- I -- it probably should will and I'm just saying that that that was the inspiration for this article but it's -- that we hear me. I had an impact on cameras really into the iPhone camera at all they call -- eight megapixel -- analysts. That's the one thing. There's only one thing it makes me really. And it even the five meg graphics and I'm not even been -- -- -- now now the camera is immediately and live with the natural lighting flash forget it that's the thing. -- cellphone cameras watchers are crap yeah analysts -- an area that's -- meet the contaminant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wake up we're dragging it out and -- -- -- and -- a lot and I'll let. Total throughput on the system for an answer for like I'm in pretty adamant appointee for -- I think it's embarrassing seen guys go out like that. Losing until all and it. High ISO with the world a convergence devices but still taken out time. Out -- is winning and will drop but are you allowed to say that. And I still have that built they have really -- human needed -- it's not officially trademark idea. And actually you can say when he needs stance they develop winning against that guy -- -- done that media weaning. Within these it just like that and that parent or better wired or parody -- to. Update to the -- -- Okay drop box -- hitting point about a million users. And 200 million file shares heard or files per day drop box to gig service absolutely free works cross platform. I love it. Does more than anything because it's universal to work on windows and Macs easily. -- it's amazing easily I'm surprised that nothing like that existed before but I'm not the president's doing this while. V I'm also not surprised that it is apparently really hard to find the iPad two at Toys 'R' Us it is now for sale. Supposedly at Toys 'R' Us but they did some spot testing in -- Los Angeles area only select. Stores that got a shipment of the iPad it is and then a couple of region area stores had sold out by 10 -- after the store opened at nine. Well I can tell you that they've probably won't they probably get five to ten -- yeah because also at Apple stores I was there yesterday returning. Some product that I asked the guy with iPad lines were he still says. Around 8200 people still show up every morning waiting again an iPad in hopes that they have some from the shipman at -- and still. They want to stop that fell off the top attract strategy then and just like consolidate all the supplies in the stores -- -- people might feel like thinking goes to rename where they get one. I believe they can even get him at the Apple Store they can't get him anywhere else has now and it's not it's. It's not as -- shortage is actually -- -- and -- we don't know that there's a little bit also Samsung rumored to potentially be selling off their hard drive business. This is for these spinning disk based hard drives. More than anything because of the momentum of the iPad and Apple's the mobile devices. Increasing the demand for solid state drives those Samsung has been losing money on this division and they're looking to potentially -- com. For a target price of one point five billion dollar charge. -- -- better at. Very smart attempting to try to get rid of it at that price now because I mean I've definitely -- I will not buy another machine. Ever that I have two solid state laptop to my life now on never gone back. Well that's yeah it's it's an it is it is the little still a little more of -- luxury have a -- drive area you know from price point but underlined yeah -- -- Time Warner put back. Channels from fox and discovery on it I had Apatow is -- the story but the biggest ad ever came up by the hot. Here and it got way more knowing that how often you actually click this story and have anything but a splash it's killer show it is an online at the -- though it hasn't yet been hottest right. Got a deal not filling turning up that. The death and now we're all gonna the other ad block plus add on -- Do -- don't don't -- just there but with but we might. But -- this is. We've been talking about this story for all this is kudos to -- and discovery being like wow. You know -- maybe we should -- stuff go back on this device because it's yes it's in the house they are gonna take it anywhere else. And you know what people and enjoy our content on another device. And it's super cool cell they want photos and -- I like that app -- -- I would -- -- -- Didn't we actually have -- to get a video this. All right the HP beer the mobile phone potentially rumored are scheduled for launch on May seconds. Mean the beer is really cool I was I wish sperm different statement and they're think that it -- coming to sprint but apparently it's not. They think -- guidance conclusion from the invitation they came up online from -- Did -- knows those probably related production -- -- pretty smart. -- -- -- -- -- -- deductions seem like a different thing I haven't argument that we can get them -- -- -- -- he had that's in our friends and it and yet. Because of it during taxes. It could go both ways -- But analysts think that Sony not that -- Now they can't help it but that's. It privately held -- distributed through -- -- -- -- -- get it. Yeah. -- We're out of promising a dual core two gigahertz smart to -- next to your liking can't -- -- their relentless march 2 supercomputers Smartphone. Was slowing down that. -- you have. Dual core one gigahertz -- now that -- Malick. Dual two gigahertz or each core so whose chip are they saying they're gonna be use in this. They're saying right arms okay right now yeah arm has a dual core cortex A nine design. Capable of scaling such speeds that they're building at least that on that design model but it's unclear whether. They're gonna build themselves and the thing with the phone world is just like we saw on desktop computers there's a point where you don't need it anymore horsepower. And I'm wondering if you know. I've seen dual core one gigahertz phones even phones are and they're still pretty darn snappy we'll just gonna interface side and -- faster than the network. That thing right there faster than the network that can handle them and so everybody's gonna be so constrained by the speed. The data delivery. And -- -- coming sometime this is hot adamant horsepower. -- manual a dual two gigahertz. Think -- acting -- what I'm just gonna go ahead and wait. And not even a -- manager -- act and -- and to a dual core figured I'm gonna go I don't know about that I -- -- any year I guarantee you there's going to be a phone. That's fuel lines in a year in Lima and a -- Let's say yes to me or diet and LAN there's no way and now there's mama mama and -- -- and. Okay -- and news press islander. Please inland knew the story analysts give Amazon it -- -- this story is -- -- attend nature. Nature dot com and it's just it's kind of a crazy story about. Some testing that needed about a year ago where they're -- -- trying to revive. The idea of electroshock treatment. As a way to boost your brains behavior -- they're bringing it back -- like decades -- saying that it might be able to boost learning. And they did some testing where they shocked. Volunteers. With two -- camps to the -- about one and one at 500 the amount drawn by -- 100 watt lightbulbs that basically like. A nine volt battery right to the -- the methods called trans cranial direct current stimulation. Or electrician could -- the -- -- or battery to that and by the way at DARPA. The defense advanced research project agency and the one -- the three -- because they want to know if they can use. These techniques to sharpen soldiers' minds on the battle building -- However the crazy thing is that they found that it actually seem to work. And they did it with volunteers who were playing video games -- look. They were playing Star Wars ambush that our lord's praises that's probably military and defense. And they -- jolted them -- the little tiny bit and then they found that they were actually better. Ending at it. Dark lords is probably stands for defense advanced research towards -- right back I'm -- while I totally came up with nice guys do. Amazing Greg good did you smell like -- I thought I don't oxygen. What I had -- -- to connect. -- -- I this story excitedly -- it -- because it. -- -- don't know I'm a huge Mortal Kombat -- the game is coming out tomorrow but there's a midnight release. In the sounds -- -- I was debating not going to the minute release because we have this -- that we do hear that and thinks I adamantly denied any early morning to prep work. I don't share on -- -- I'm gonna go out -- -- of the game privately for just an hour and then. Put a little battered in my head. You think you need -- that what do you think. You think you can get them into things -- you just -- your town and a battery. Well that adults are not layer it and I want only you know it in the -- and it made them twice as good as the game. -- -- -- Are you know -- dissimilar really did that tonight that's a that's a national summit on a candidate if he made data and that -- impact on your god yeah. It'll I am not the only. Ever doing a lot right and I that I think that we have to have. But we have to have some batteries here on her show are like totally out of it media and it. Is that a shot it's like Muehlegg we gotta come -- the term for battery to the tongued republic Italy and other intimate split it and split and low blow. But I'm doing I need that he would pay raise and try it because they based that they -- twice as much improvement in the game. After a short amount of training as those receiving 120. The amount of current will -- -- yourself playing Mortal Kombat and shock here's the handling -- behind -- -- you know. Beats out in another show. -- elegantly. Okay. -- -- game is violent and crazy and finally. -- Expect. We're gonna need about expects only allows -- honest and admit I'm gonna play a game running opera 99 volt batteries and economic penalties should get that we -- -- -- do a test. We could do it's necessary that belting out tomorrow seriously I'm not even afraid to bring in nine -- I'll do it I'm doing it. Also so while unbelievable appliances today actually this is really amazing. A team of scientists from Australia and Japan have six that's only. Tree like achieved the first ever polite way of quantum teleport patient. They man well you and now. -- -- is ridiculous they managed to successfully transfer a complex set of quantum data in light form. It was they had all transmission integrity that is the blocks of cubic -- basically destroyed in one place. And -- instantaneously. Resurrected in another with out affecting their super position. Which days they put a gigantic step closer to secure high speed quantum communication which frankly. All we need to -- his load of the universe. And then of course -- Albert I had and yeah. I was gonna say -- though because that already set up like wait don't say it again because just don't say it. Crazy this is and -- -- if it's. I mean this is really like we are so on the threshold. Of the -- feature that we've been talking about is I mean just imagine Jeff Goldblum can really live out his dream. Just make sure there are no fly and -- houses -- -- it a while yet. And quantum computing alone -- even like forget about that big getting to the teleport in which we totally -- the quantum computing alone is. That is gonna take our ability to third -- do computing horsepower. To an unbelievable Apple. Pretty creepy wildlife officer and covering the parallel universe is than it. Many -- -- -- nmap -- can happen at all get out that everyone is going. Look -- that in the. They -- -- agreed but now questions feature that they they now you can put up a little all right people do this thing out and knowing where the party or whatever. Have -- and user named Heather Marie Hollingsworth posted your FaceBook friends on April 2 and cleaning out my friends within the next few days do you want to stay with the options yes keep me. Don't care and no not really. And then somehow. -- it just because of the way that FaceBook where it basically became accidentally viral -- -- -- like people would go and answer and they would vote pretty and then the blurred about the votes. Would get posted to their friends' news -- and that I think all of those ends with big -- -- That person is claiming. Sea ya and they all -- a buddy another voting -- the tube or a million vote. It -- this this is possible is it just the question or the user she has a 159 alleys. Looking at is bigger than 50001000. Callers because that's a big. This -- for -- and read a profile is public. The I think -- I asked him in public in order for it to. Spread. Four. Million yen. And that -- same. Keep medium and people have comments like after all these -- book review unit even boxers or briefs would get The -- I don't think that now isn't that actually said that it was not the most popular is a question ever. Polls for brands like Starbucks have gotten more votes in the path. Maybe it yet you could get something free out of it 4000003 point 98 million votes by the way -- -- keep me I definitely are -- -- -- -- Madison. Don't leave me. And then also if you're concerned about the decline of American education -- use should be because Armenia. Is poised to kick the entire world asked when it comes to you well. -- -- Tests will become an -- -- -- will become a required subject in primary school in Armenia. Where children in the -- distinct -- test as a separate subject on the curriculum for two hours a week. While they say that the lessons will -- school children -- intellectual -- ballot agree with that and teach them to think flexibly and wisely. But also well. The president of Armenia. -- teaching chest and schools that will create a solid basis for the country to become a chest superpower. I would like that was his quote we are got to have a thing at a everyone's got a dream and now and. I do think it will make their their kids a lot a lot smarter I completion without a doubt where like -- checkers country and we need to become a test -- like SQ what they're saying. But it's -- it's pretty adorable they do not forget to Bobby Fischer. You don't forget never forget -- never forget. -- for you tear in -- All over the place dragging it out loud enough I get it out he has -- any witness and amnesty -- -- in this is now. Call us up when 806162638. We got we got out of very differently -- highly produced with -- today about the date. Of the movie industry. Gave us crew -- on the movie director here just calling with a counterpoint to that sleazy as far capitalism thing. It isn't really an artificial scarcity sort of situation will sell as many movie tickets and dvds as people want -- buy them more the merrier. As explained yourself during computer love law -- yes. Social value in seeing new movies while they're still -- -- like so many products. The price start tire and comes down if you don't wanna pay 149 for an iPod nano just final -- if you don't wanna pay twenty bucks or movie just wait thirty days that's what I do. I mean there's no doubt the movie business is changing the given the timing this is part of the value of our product expect pricing windows to be around for a long while -- -- love. The show. And quiet one of the cleanest of clean motel properties please note you received an -- and allow a pre written yeah definitely was scripted it does produce nice saffron and record any sensitive -- -- MP3. And there's some movies -- movie directory and also yes. We -- the point kind of Q where it's a busy listening to adopt that tone. At the point you're probably right about the -- Lenovo. Now he -- right all right here we go this one's coming -- us from Joe this is the emails from Joe in Maryland. -- a -- show but I think you are way off on the dvd Blu-ray or any other media dying because of streaming. The quality consistency and availability isn't there yet are likely to be in the next five years at least I use Netflix streaming mostly to catch -- TV shows. -- haven't disappointed by the quality of -- of the image quality of it. It also pauses and -- buffers often. I'm on Comcast and using a heart connection not wireless the quality varies and is best before eight and so I presume it's the network traffic slowing down on that you -- be seen 8 PM. As Arabia has 68 is the peak traffic time. For Netflix -- and wanna anyways there. Based on my experience with TV shows there's no way I'm going to try and watch a movie with special effects there -- no announced plans for files or other high quality networks in my area Maryland. In DC Verizon sizzle to at least five years -- files out there. Then there's all the carriers -- How much you're allowed to download -- reducing -- -- after too much data. The more people stream the more the carriers will scream about their networks being overtaxed and I want to limit downloads increased prices. I don't see a resolution to these conflicting goals -- -- -- icy Blu-ray or other hard media for at least ten years and there'll always be folks who want to own their own favorite movies and in that respect and so leased from the dvd Blu-ray perspective -- -- that. Some stats just because. I know I felt like do a little research yeah -- you all know how well Blu-ray is doing -- -- because. Whether streaming or not I like. I am fine with buying -- forming nine HD movie in my services material percentage of revenue between Blu-ray and dvd right now. Eighteen point 69% is Blu-ray and 81%. Is dvds being consumed at the moment. Total sales spending as of the week ending in March 26 2000 -- the 25 point 33 million. Dollars are Blu-ray and 110 million are for dvd -- there were some projections that were saying that at. Blu-ray by like that and -- 2011 would hit over 200 million dollars. Harper. On the rulers which I mean -- dude it's definitely know a lot of people are buying Blu-ray. Yeah for sure I buy if you -- in -- that I really really now and isn't. I think it's probably a parallel track. Streaming -- and they get the -- -- having similar numbers -- are getting numbers -- notes it's a little parallel but only Blu-ray has the -- acceleration and streaming. And Alia you know -- acting now it won't I don't think that they'll ever be what dvd let Kazaa people replacing entire collections and I suspect. Most people want and replacing their entire collections with I'm not. Now and the idea known yet -- pretty serious about it Monday that. Kevin writes in and -- that with listening to 1449 have two words to describe dvd when doing price discrimination. Does Molly hate happy hour at bars. Absolutely. No way -- Now I love that and does like -- -- bars early bird special the restaurant's door buster deals that big box stores and daily deal website. All of these including dvd -- -- allow producers to charge consumers different prices based on how much the consumer values the product. And how sensitive to prices read cheap consumer sure I'd rather roll into the bar -- in -- -- -- but -- cheap enough that I'm willing to go early or late to get and it -- Rather than looking at happy hour as anti consumer I think I get cheaper drinks -- -- -- -- because the bars able to charge different prices to different people. I look at Netflix as the happy hour of the movie business if you care that much about the cost it is worth it to go a little bit later. I think that's a good point -- think it. The only thing that I would say that might be a little different -- the fact that when you're talking about the release of a brand new movie at least in a bar. It's that drink you'll always be there -- so that demand for that movie which. And -- plays off the windows system. Yeah. But I like how much -- I like -- and college yeah I do yanish his analogy which I like the analogy -- I mean I think you could argue that those are just failed. Now -- that they're not deliberately with while actually happier there are deliberately withholding certain -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- -- get. Wow this analogy works play -- Good one -- are right okay where their code in two point 71. -- plus plus one think it. -- -- Okay next -- -- -- -- from -- in regards to Apple making a TV a few people pointed out that Apple's never licensed their supper before. Does anyone remember Motorola's moto rocker it was the first phone -- -- -- using iTunes. And it was marketed as the -- ROKR with iTunes I remembered well. It also wasn't very successful. Now I'm not saying that it was a win for Apple. The licensing their software out to other companies is an unheard of nor unimaginable. In might be likely but never say never and Kayla -- and others wrote in with similar emails about this -- you guys right in other instances if people to remember. Apple licensed out -- OS for the Mac clones like in the early mid ninety's. Before Steve Jobs came back and said we're not doing. -- -- -- for a few years haven't from Regina -- question. Yes yes. But -- they've done it before. Yeah I that we had -- -- a reader read our listener and in that it was that that united is not Apple's where adolescents up -- but I mainly the president how many people did mention Iraq. -- -- to remember that -- everything apparently our audience with the only demographic of -- -- -- -- -- or in the know yeah in the -- of the -- percent Italy. -- -- I think once they learned about the whole licensing thing and how they were better off just keep in an in house does decide to do that yet because who controls are brand more than anyone else that we know. Apple. And iMac and to hold now is it him into the -- -- -- uniquely to a weird. Weird. Multi -- I think. As long as the image that for them to be able you primary talked about this they hear it for them to be able to. Unseat either LG Samsung or Panasonic will be and even Sony for that matter will be very difficult to rise to those that group -- -- players. I'd like -- that happen. About I don't know now I'm. I don't know what -- placement. And okay where everybody now conversation but tell it what you're able to revive it if you guys still one of our guys did what and -- excellent -- -- 38 is -- phone number of titles that are on the and to -- -- -- followed it for me happy hour toxicity but that cnet.com is our email address and you can comment. And our outer blog below that he had dot com and get all the link to this -- that we -- -- -- -- the customer we've listened to my.
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