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Ep. 1448: Where rich or poor, it's nice to have money: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 1448: Where rich or poor, it's nice to have money

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Aunt Jill Schlesinger's back on the show for her annual tax advice episode! We'll chat with her about how to pick the right CPA, why you shouldn't ever cancel a credit card, and why WhatsApp really is worth 19 billion.

Hey what's up everyone it's Wednesday march 19 2014. This the 404 show on CNET thank you for tuning in on Jeff Bakalar. Meet next on -- depend on just a new welcome to you the program. Chills lesson here is back today. In front of the camera now in -- in front of the -- when were you gonna -- great Josh was here when doctor Josh king was here you were our audience of one -- an app are -- about. Of course but yeah it was it was fun to watch it from back there and we all overcame. Our addictions in one session it was since so. I had no idea was -- Let us -- -- fantastic thank you for being here once again it's so awesome to be with you so kickass is what it is is is you know -- and celebrating the kick -- nature of this show was that because I am wearing my new favorite sneakers Somali job I only wish I had to wait through the whole winter. Well this known to be -- -- these ready -- there are here. Hello can you see that's or not. I think we can create there it is there is on our sites out there. Last you rocking like these odd green -- Yahoo! indeed is that you somehow pull off nickel costs so that CL. -- it would look like what model or that's -- expect CL. Down and and that isn't my first purchase ever -- -- years. E-commerce -- -- -- an international does happen never on species at closer topless and -- it's I was trying to say it like they vanish for shoes -- I'd -- almost I think it's topless policy. Anyway I -- -- dot com. By the way the first thing I did was brought by the wrong size image and then I had to return mine -- got three -- -- -- yeah yeah that was awesome and I love these and IE and I had -- -- -- for you guys this is my favorite purchase and it -- -- six and you look at a feel good at current -- be able to Wear -- now so -- -- it didn't want to platform yeah just a different -- these past you know -- thanks to nine months -- online -- what is your -- is -- anyway. Oh yeah and and saying that you know I'm being honest I love that -- you know smoke here wait a second let's put this on an endless loop -- my wedding night. It can it -- be your ringtone do you feel -- that I don't dress up for you now like a little bit on the days when I'm on television in the morning and then I come here yeah dress up. At first I took it as an insult of yes I was like although she doesn't give shouldn't write this -- -- -- just on conventional Jill right. -- line up but now that after I've come to know casualty. It's different right I would much rather hang out -- -- I would think so. So. I I would like to contrast this -- -- the look that I'm sporting on CBS network news this is big deal well. You know that I'm in love with that I was previously. I shouldn't say this to -- but I you know I had a little thing for Katie currently she's only got away. Indeed changes the Y -- like is that you know she -- that. The other you know you caught the fish and you like look -- in the eyes you know like on man I really wanna hold on this which got a little free yeah when I'm looking right and -- got married. Is she yeah to -- yeah and I announce right you -- -- at a pet that you've got -- -- and their -- in January the so I had done a few appearances with Katie and on but had not. -- Scott Kelly because a lot of the financing is kind of was dying down since he took over -- got Anthony Mason -- awesome who's the chief business and economics correspondent he's pal of mine. But lo and behold why do I get an evening news for my first time ever with Scott Kelly yeah they're ready for it could get -- I -- believe it when I heard how about. A technology story yes ladies and gentlemen meet heroes -- passenger prepared for said category I -- I scrambled I seriously scrambled and that it was what's that. So would agencies scrambled to Wii U here's what happened did you just wing it look at how light -- I'm looking very. Profession can we get a shot and -- on this -- need to see jewels -- you're looking Yale. I mean -- and that down mustard yeah a -- -- look at the graphics -- -- -- -- -- next our half. So would it I was so -- hear this but what will I telling you. Not you know you can add goal on my website it's on there but look at that they can't first of all look at the graphics that these -- you -- -- -- -- he alleging awesome I love that. You could tell them to do anything and they can put it together like five seconds -- anyway. I'm so what happened was that the night before the deal gets announced CBS radio calls me up -- like -- we need you to do like a talk back and got and I take. Well I know what -- is I have the app but. You screw the guys CNET this is really a technology story and really -- we -- here they just -- get up. I'm not active immune to see -- in that I never know but they're literally like you're there and and let's talk about it so I I quickly scramble unlike read everything you know quickly and -- a lot like. Sound right. I love Scott Kelly's voice he's awesome so nice -- was so awesome. And so was -- thing is so IE I. Next morning I have to talk about it all morning on the radio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Whose term. Pardon me. And so anyway IE crunched together. Enough information -- selected send reasonable for two Newcastle on network news beautiful and -- knowing you are an extraordinarily popular podcasts. Which and the model that we show numbers and -- exact -- analogue and this was sort of fascinating because it you know you forget how many people watch the evening news -- say oh it's a -- -- great veritable boatload -- like five million people like. So I got a few tweaks from for a -- fans -- like. And is -- that's more president that there was an overlap of LA or corporate network people that the F 44 I don't like. But that's a sample size means 4000 in reality good point now he's multiply that by one found that was it that was my claim to fame since -- -- -- that's pretty I almost killed myself so cold medicine also got to that if I wanna hear about that I wanna hear why there's a gash on your arm as well. And number two need act very -- handling. You get a little bit about -- and an HD scarring here it is so -- would did you say -- what was she asking what it really was asking like. The financial implications and I don't why is this worth some -- and what is the what did you just say I wanna hear you were writer and -- -- night -- put -- gives you this. I mean the the basics are that you know it's we're not sure it's worth that much right -- a pretty good bet by FaceBook because they're going on buying international users in reading some. -- basically buying mobile right it it was a preemptive exactly -- like let's not have them go somewhere else. And you know you the numbers which I was sort of intrigued by differences only -- -- literally spent 10% of the worth of facetime on this deal right. And I don't. Put it to you another way FaceBook stock is gone up so much in the land of the billionaires. Being used mostly stock to finance this on and so with house money exactly set that is exactly it so let's do it let's take our time line -- you think about. A dollar a year. If in two years they said let's make it two dollars a year and are let's make it ad dollars a year for premium service and no they're gonna make money but this thing. And you know that they just gonna be able to capture the some of these people to do other stuff. In FaceBook products and so what -- deal for the two guys who found that the company. Anyway yeah I just think it's so unbelievable polling is the grand -- -- for billions and it runs like oh my god that's such a ridiculous price again and and it's just like you know it's cool like nineteen -- the grams that's. Only when -- -- -- and is only 55 people who work -- so yeah so they're all porn yet well exactly so if they need some tax planning and obviously. And clearly we're gonna get -- is at some point in the show which it's the one time you're on each year that we like we love to hate you because. -- like obviously not us but our you know no one likes to do that I know it's it's a huge thorn in everyone's right look at that cold medicine when it would happen. Well I get a little sick I came back early -- and from a week in a way I go to 90 sometimes you Sunday evening music come back early go on the set you know I'm like. -- feel right. Little bit weird I -- had taken and feel cold and sinus daytime no that's how many words let me just say it's the one the if you go behind the counter here -- meth dealer one -- one it's under locking yeah and so I went and got to guerrillas killed -- not. -- sending them like. You feel good in that stuff C took some you know nighttime cold medicine and share middle of the night wake up. Coughing and coughing coughing and I know that you guys I was a little stash -- the magic Kaufman SN like if you ever have -- bad -- your doctor will prescribe to. Some awesome cough -- code -- -- right things. Just take a big -- in the middle of the night. Wake up on Monday morning. Bruce -- no way literally think I cannot -- -- like you're I -- because I was I was like I can go on the radio if there's a bucket next all my little. Why I was so freaked out who'll -- know my girlfriend so rich it brings me cold cloth streaks of water coming for data are really looking out wow so I I was on -- -- for like five hours on my account and on you know hallucinating. Who knows what dad and and got to get that tape is exactly -- -- -- and you know. And a 12:30 am done -- -- for hours and I think it was like a bad drug trip. I really I don't even think I was so sick is it was like a bad combination of stuff there was a lot of stuff in your body young young men and young ladies be careful about the drugs. The combination right course or -- even I mean and that's over the counter stuff. It's into the coding coding decoding -- it -- that was that your but you really don't eat when you're coughing in the middle and I when he yearly outlook and as you words you just -- -- -- exactly that and so I -- been a little bit under the weather but feeling better sound and beam them on the -- never run -- different ads and that and and I'm contending with this. Tremendous injury that I. Yeah so it's Jill comes in here and she's got about a two inch gash on her forearm near her wrist. We -- have been and did you get arrested for what you did -- the other person well he should see the other guy which is also known as my computer. What's. You pick up my MacBook Air yes I am not an air but -- a MacBook what's so what happened was I was a way -- traveling. And I was kind of flight to San Francisco via. And you know it's very cramped quarters -- -- even in the big -- yeah and that's where you fly I try that and that. -- does that buried Stewart and flight attendants -- and stewardess says -- right that's old school right so in light. -- -- for the eastern airlines. The flight attendants coming through and I'm trying to get them back at computers on my lap and adapt it and I'm trying to put it down and then I pick it up. Her go. By the screens which is how you're supposed to pick -- right about business. So we're right back the other three fingers just floating in the current -- of bands on -- -- You're -- -- -- -- -- The computer drops out of my hand I was -- I don't have quite -- good grip yeah I quickly. Put my arm underneath that involve IC and -- -- and this but not before the a slight -- It's crazy how sharp those MacBook okay you could -- that you can cut and I remember when the MacBook is cannot there's a video someone slicing a Baghdad he. The idea. As well I don't of them that of the MacBook area that -- even -- -- this is a regular MacBook yes and dust and you know you're in -- -- -- really -- -- did anyone see me it's like falling into the -- like I'll go okay -- our lady's hair -- there's a serious data NASCAR there's -- you probably -- real nice for a little island for awhile. I first look at it I think I was just like hold firmly you know ha ha ha and that you know -- here's a lesson to you kids. Don't mix your medicines and don't get your MacBook by your two fingers that it. Very strong hands completely hands I -- little bit of a man you're a man and a little bit but it's okay now people in Japan piano. Yeah usually guitar and has -- -- -- that's -- so if if all you learned today yet. Are those two things you're good I think we even even -- they have yet I mean. -- mean this or anything you can't teach us I mean that's just crazy that's just increase East Africa that's that are so. That's what I can tell you that you. It's got Kelly's mixing medication. -- and jump lists injuries and to beat up the computer afterwards yeah I would just have to day I decided to come around on the Sansa. -- should happen and and then you know. -- future doctors -- -- on the flight is that we have payment via the -- -- -- he's -- don't have -- look at me. I -- I can't sleep. -- -- So anyway. Now here we are in taxis I know I hate it I'm so -- although on donor had it done I did it yesterday did you oh where you -- I was -- Couple hundred books has yet which is good I think her again my opinion -- correct me if I'm wrong here because those trying to rationalize this to my wife. The great she wants like you know three grand bang you know lady now you don't want that because that's -- to be your money all that's right you know one you don't -- big refund because it means you've given a interest free -- to say hey -- here and that bastard doesn't need anymore money. Well I mean. Uncle needs the money but on you know he -- -- hours -- our American money yet so that's -- -- an idea so I'm I had the opportunity to change to a new CP -- this year -- use the same CPA which is the same financial -- my parents and my -- -- -- love that -- -- get passed -- -- -- yeah yeah I -- they -- trickiest thing you know -- stuff but in the past few years of sort of broken even talk about a small are returned -- Usually -- -- the state. And in my federal returns really really small so -- that combined with the cost of the CPU to do my taxes and even out right. So this year up friend of mine who makes about the same money as mean as telling me to go 400 -- -- CPA. -- and they're making a pretty good return every year -- -- having or you have a complicated. Yet experts. I need -- explain this because. You have to -- Be careful yes okay let me tell you my friend -- my friend told not so she looks like I went to the CPA and he asked me a bunch of questions. And he was like hey did you by any magazines or make any charitable donations. And she's like now I'm -- -- view magazines and she and he was like. Lol how much like. Okay and issues like maybe like a hundred dollars worth he's like 0500 and wrote that down how -- easily -- more. Flexible -- -- just like that and number -- like how is how -- magazines a deduction well. Well it's a business expense theoretically that issuers in fashion right so I'll appears immediately Picasso for use that -- You're a W two employee he do you make any other income outside of -- -- have some investments in mutual funds I have yet spin -- some income but there's no. You don't go do consulting for Jill on money download. Now I could use it yet and -- have though 110 and outpace even 1099 it comes and are so. You don't have a mortgage so you don't want -- -- deductions so. So here's the thing charitable deductions business expenses and art itemized deductions you don't itemize -- is standard deduction right so there's nothing treated. -- -- and you have to deduct a certain and is -- rational and address 3500. It's like you just can't it's telling you. You can write that stuff -- nothing hidden so if you bought a place and you had a more -- and now all this and you got mortgage interest deduction now maybe you should be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I. Everybody out there if you make less than 58 we had -- and a higher S has pretty good software -- free better than Turbotax right. No I -- guy is I stopped using through attacks like four years ago so I mean. An accountant is is a convenient straighten so if you think. That you really wanna do with three Turbotax who went -- yourself it's easy you can do that or you might say it -- for the cost of this guy his family friend were never -- to the family. Then you know it might be easier he's fixing your stuff off and be done -- right I what he did CPA is also hard to find -- a good hair stylist. And when you head one you stick with that and I drag and go shop that I. -- this and maybe if you're sick if your circumstance changes you might find that this old CPA the family item is gonna be. It will help you find your deductions but you can only find that stuff if your -- to stand by house. Saying that for could have been married first Leo -- I -- just send us lists are talking about it I isolate you gotta look out but that that sounds kind of weird right. I mean look at an accountant should not be encouraging you to take more deductions then you have the rest you know what the path is not that big. Taking 500 vs a hundred is not that didn't difference -- attacks lecture and -- heat to have a silly. Audit flag that's out there. So if you legitimize expenses and you are -- and then yeah that's when you've got back up and mean it it it would stink to get audited but at least if you had been hacked up you can defend yourself I'd say here's everything I -- them you know and and so. I I would encourage people to say. Try to get the stuff done. And don't kind of freak out about you know save. Claiming an extra hundred dollars into -- that's not really where you're the biggest bang for your buckets. The biggest bang for your -- is contributing to your retirement account and the more money you put away pre tax the lower your tax bill Bakalar and and what happens is you know so the front page your tax return it's as here's all your -- -- -- right next aren't you know there's. Wage is -- 1099. And is a bottom number right and -- that's -- adjusted gross -- bottom right number. What do increases that number most significantly is a contribution to your for a link because it real easy you can in -- the right it is taken -- work. Everything you do after that. Is not worth as much to you so every deduction that you take its -- Quite as good as putting more money in your price went right so there Max value for -- -- -- out of the question for you about cleaning. And how many you should claim if you're just a single person. Well if -- on my friends have a constitutes a 10 totaling more -- what happened during the past tax here so if you're basically breaking even don't change affect you. If you got 5000 dollars back then you might want -- changer withhold. But I will say this if you got three or 5000 dollars back. Put more money into your for a when the idea and then you don't have to changer with -- -- much is that you're -- at doing exactly. On -- mean I think for me I think the goal is to kind of just -- even. I need and want the best -- you don't wanna -- anything I'll Elaine does and I -- idea crazy guy hit yeah with that little camera though. That upset you know my accounts like I've got bad news and -- -- is a bad news not you know and I think the -- you need to pay good news is not. Good news right April they're different priests in so you know he says okay here's the numbers as it -- big number and but it happened because I had more income than I had anticipated last year so is that really a terrible problem -- -- gets it right so. Like a you know -- I did some speaking gigs and -- some money do that and I didn't factor that in -- I get the 1099 and then you gotta products right isn't the worst thing in the world can handle that totally right on farm. Okay I wanna get you us some questions -- are calling this one does tweak there was a funny tweak. Okay you wanna do -- and -- just said that Steve wants to know. Homeowners association avoid like the plague absolutely or depends. You know -- -- and talk to I couldn't speak so let's talk a little bit about that. Co ops and homeowners associations. We usually have the most annoying people. Yet the terror -- -- them there's just -- I find that they are the people who have been. Who have real power trip issues. And they want to kind of extract. Something from you to prove how powerful convey. All yes I mean I've had experiences on both sides for sure -- -- association. There's one little guy who clearly got picked less than -- and just never you know. Had any fine and now he's just taking out on the world and to -- the world. 32 apartment building Hoboken and there's a guy who's on the board who's a really laid back -- in and once -- -- happy. Schools so you know it's become -- -- the -- it's a little bit yes that. That and I think it -- anything like when you go if you're going into a place you're buying something like if he said -- -- should I buy a coop or condoning. And in New York we have a lot of collapsed -- And there's a you know this if you find -- of her you really like -- -- -- just say no because it's a co -- and their pain in the -- probably not. But just know that every time you wanna do something it's a little bit more cumbersome you wanna do -- renovation in your building. -- -- you know I think with co ops it's more rigid and a Condo and associate or homeownership corporation where. You know I can basically do whatever I want thanks -- let anyone know yet. Where's a co -- -- -- would Catholic vote monitors its reentry when merely re doing a bathroom it was agonizing into the six months to get it approved through the co operate -- car is like the engineer has to come in handy so. -- -- -- in your yeah I can't tell you what to do within your own evidently yes -- even if they're never gonna see this thing is also interesting about collapse in New York is they often will require a larger down pain yeah -- a condom because they'll say. We don't want to have any financial risk right because. If for some reason you lose your job wherever it is we don't want this thing to get blown out bill would line up of falling on and more than that they just don't want the apartment to turn over quickly identify yourself -- exactly which will devalue -- -- -- our next now. All well I I've and I -- I think it's not all bad though there's good there's advantages as well you know -- -- there's advantages to be in a homeowner association because. Sometimes instead of owning a home like if I think about my mom -- delay you know in her seventies manage this house by herself now. Now I -- I would prefer she at a homeowners association. Clearing the snow off and taking -- -- -- is great benefits there's that that you can have is that they aren't that can and there are people who are gonna be you know hopefully looking now for -- there's. It's an association -- and it's a sensibly community right there is a. -- people who are handled and who work keeping you know the best interest of nothing in my. And that's it and you know -- comfort I was on my co -- board for exactly I think three and a half months -- that lets someone fell -- -- -- you can see that -- can't tell you I never would it was a purely edits their would you narrowing of the -- so but the in the -- thing. Someone moved and the left the board and they said would you mind filling in and I settle I don't wanna go through a whole voter do that whole thank. And that as it ends up and I. They were we were refinancing. The underlying -- of the building and -- is built -- -- fifty million dollars you're gonna mortgage and -- million dollars and so they wanna neon for the refinancing process -- stayed on for that three months goodbye to -- perfect all right it was -- them. Not an easy thing to for the people who do it you hope that they. Are genuinely -- it. An enthusiast and about it right but it's it's and a lot of them don't mean you know they they wanna get out so bad that night they kind of our aggressive in like they'll move. -- and that happen like when I got there there was this guy David who just I can tell the first meeting each hazy Nike hated being there. And -- like man would why are you IDC agreed to this and then -- -- a little later and they go all are here is a question from a gentleman that. To. Losses name I think anyway and Jill I'm in my late twenties. And for the past two years have been looking to buy -- home in New York City who recently gave up due to lack of funds and so I decided to rent during that time only -- one credit card. Missile banks like to see you have at least two or three -- credit in order to give you mortgage. I've thus gotten another credit card and I always have a 100% of the balance -- both cards my dilemma is that after a year urge you. A -- hand at buying a home again after I -- -- more money but I want to cancel my initial credit -- no thanks. Due to my dissatisfaction. With H is PC now is there any way to preserve your credit now you've built up down do it before you moved to another excuse. And do that you cannot. -- the car the account -- that would count against you in your credit just can't or don't charge anything exactly just -- -- don't worry that it was quite enough. -- etc. -- -- -- -- but you don't need a lot of credit cards and presumably you know two's fine. If you wanna open up another one that's fine don't go crazy Payer bills on time on my guess though is that. And on the and why would you wanna buy something and you gotta spend a lot of money to buy something new your nearly twenty played on a -- you -- that's a good -- -- does now it at least at least -- I mean it's like there's these not a lot out there. I guess you -- get a 400000 dollars an argument queens or maybe you know but it it's hard. It's really hard in the New York an and is hardened -- Cisco by the -- everywhere housing affordability is worse much worse yeah New York it really makes. Puts us to change man I just hate. You know not -- I know were kind and -- -- -- relate. I hate this is -- watches all those shows were people buy houses like their -- house. And mobile like suburban Atlanta area and -- I'd better take a 5000 square took place for a 190000. -- as long as my commitment like an acre and a half -- -- is up under site. Man so anyway if you're going to buy a house he got to keep and I get your credit report annual credit report dot com annual -- report dot com check it out. Make sure there's no errors on and if -- errors start working your butt off because it is hard to correct those terrorists out and the credit scoring and reporting agencies. Are in just a total hassle so. Work on that and if you are really in the market for a house or Condo or collapse. Make sure yet -- -- -- percent down I know summons -- you money you put 3% and for an FHA -- don't do it. Just on to its its its asking for trouble -- -- you don't 20% and should be buying interest that you cannot Batman. The rules of the road the road -- on any rules due out you have another questioner cannot bring you don't ask is that if this is it really question is something we talked about yesterday and I want to know more insight from -- -- so we've been talking about Nintendo alive and -- -- We handle the big conversation is that like Nintendo's in trouble younger and you know. Someone sent us this article odd saying that like Nintendo actually has so much money in the bank it's absurd. Yet and I knew this. I didn't know the exact number. But I think I'm I'm curious to hear would you think on the financial side of things so. Intel has been losing a lot of money at last couple years they've really just hemorrhaging money right they haven't really found their way -- sell the week came out in 2006. And then a couple years that followed. But Nintendo has ten point five billion dollars. In the tech geek -- -- let me do that. I don't know -- -- -- Damien fat dividend dude or do some -- great minds sometimes if you do the math. They could lose 287 million dollars every year. Until 2052. Yet still be but just remember what -- livestock. Providing advice he buys -- -- accompany you think the company's gonna make money in the future right -- Well first -- -- would you buy this new plunk down on earth today not knowing how much money they had in the bank. If you found that this was a company is losing money every year you wanna buy it no exactly so I don't care much when -- have in the bank -- I put it in ten years to go broke but like. Unless they deploy that -- do something with a what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in their bank -- -- you have six billion dollars in addition to the ten point five. Just held up being in investments and -- equipment and -- search and index and your pace of. But still. Fundamentally what this is business doing to make money and wanna buy you want to invest -- national. Volatile sort of company where Sony and Microsoft. Tend to be more in the black when it comes to invent you know putting -- councils and stuff it took Xbox through long time to start making money but. But hasn't been around for a long time hurt in that. -- the -- years -- so scary that so like something's -- happen so you're losing money every year is not a good game plan and so they -- figure out a way to do something with that cash by a company. In vast give a dividend to the investors and say hey thanks for waiting -- -- -- to get our -- together but here's a little money along the way because we have money now and but there's no reason that so why would I buy a company that's losing money every year -- as an and I think it's not like Amazon losing money every -- -- -- but they're gaining marketshare they're getting into the right businesses. I mean although it's hard to -- think about a -- for me old school. Analysis of a stock now. It's hard to get excited about buying Amazon if you can't -- if they don't finally figured handedly turn the switch and actually make a lot of money. -- I mean they invest a lot. The invest a lot and there are they're really they're turning into more of almost look at Google's -- a company where they are just experimenting. -- sort of like seeing what sticks right. But in buying trends -- -- you hat and then they go ahead in the increase the cost the prime and their membership what did you think about that that twenty dollar bump you can easily assign a good idea keeping your picture well just because you haven't wireline data. Will -- as I get shared. You can just get. Good I -- -- pleaded indicating that it's true but. I I thought the eighty dollars a year was -- steel as it was -- -- so. I I would pay up to a 120 dollars a year so forth that I about it ten bucks a month is what I like -- -- just let's think about this so -- ten dollars a month that's the most I would pay right now it's a hundred okay and so presumably you get. For 92 day free shipping on limited unlimited. You get to download streaming stuff there -- -- key stream that you don't really do that to you I do not use it I don't get some Kindle stuff. And don't think so the only reason you have it is easy for -- -- yet. How much stuff you buy from Amazon -- -- -- to purchases a month okay. And and -- alternatively to get to the -- to get free shipping would you just have to wait five days and other -- Yeah so really this is all about if you could have delayed gratification you could save a hundred bucks a year -- and you're right because the stuff that we're ordering isn't. Now that we could just plan a yes -- no see that's not the case the IE. Had half a dozen instances in the last year where it's like I need this this week I need -- -- work. For work -- -- that's using but here's or it may just a little sign and type attacks saying -- so. Then I would then I would say that your Amazon prime membership is a business that it's probably. Where did you -- is -- -- -- mortgage right it's probably worth it but again we're so much we're examining the dissenting you know. 709 dollar and eighty foot -- what I put. You know I mean yes the Amazon video thing isn't nice sort of bonus -- and maybe one day I'll look into and see with the hills actually on that thing. But it's all that the -- me etc. but with the -- there's value there if it as far as I'm concerned like when -- -- you know when it's Sunday and now -- -- -- Saturday with the -- delivery also. When I need something right away it is very comforting knowing I'll have been forty you know -- -- I feel the same way I met and to me that's worth eighty bucks here -- -- -- that's good and never you know I remember when. Someone at CNET told -- -- you should really do Amazon prime normally don't get that why -- because like all -- Window -- mostly order from Amazon is around holidays share picture you have enough time position. But like -- -- like grocery shop and -- yeah. There -- some weird it's not. I I do fresh I snarl you I thought I did you -- this thing face -- I IG fresh direct for my groceries every week as it is I -- and -- not going in my local. Place so -- that -- really does nothing to feel bad about when you're saving money. City well is it's saving -- and convenience conveniences like I like timing convenience like I gotta go to -- today but that's gonna be kind of a drag -- but. Notes right when I -- -- when he my people I understand that and -- You have to be part of the culture I get a -- but when IA. -- of food shopping. Especially in -- and urban environment that would be like three -- three hour excursion. -- crazy to me is even reality any shortages loom I never do trade ages because the New York treated as experience -- Harry never seen anything. Like -- before I go only at these weird times because you -- eight I essentially have a split ship straight it wake up at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning and work until the King County as and they work until about noon and then I don't get backed sort of behind the microphone until say three they're -- okay. So I'm I love to go to treated as -- these odd hours nineteen trying to figure out like when is the right time. There is no rhyme or reason because the other day it was -- -- 2 o'clock. No line center and what's not in a line here is why he's here and now we're very stray yeah and yet. You know -- at the time -- at 1 o'clock. And that's like a line out the -- -- Twelve to three is generally good time got to go before the kids get out of school it's like the Lincoln Tunnel like for whatever yeah before and in -- -- exactly Africa's -- -- -- you know who -- the same exact -- by the -- -- -- -- -- today on Jill -- money dot com. It's really heard TV segment that I'm doing tomorrow and I would love ever want to pay attention to it because it's one of my favorite topics which is. What to. Keep and what to shred it's under the blog section on the front -- that's interest and I forward Bob -- bird is -- you know what's what's fine is that you start to realize how much that he really you have to keeps it just getting back to taxes for second. Guys you cannot throw out -- old tax stuff. You know that digital versions of -- that's brilliant and so if you so one thing about your old time CP AE. State and hate by the way can you give me to -- desk. A lie because it is such a drag you gotta keep your tax stuff for sale at any hair this. And that's a big deal so I went through this as they always get these questions -- tax will have it's like to keep to set busy. Could different stopped keeping their ATM receipts yeah absolutely what people. It's a big waste the patent -- -- -- paper just look at it on the screen you don't need to get the receipt relax you know. If you really wanna see featured check was deposited take the receipt we go online seated is reflected in your mouth and -- that they. And invest in a shredder please god I mean -- -- our place. Or fireplace did you know that's environmentally bad. Burning -- yes you know that our president really that -- someone like and I still an eco cops came and smoked me out. And they say they're like oh you know by the way it's really when you burn regular wood and paper is what comes up has -- -- environment. Even buyer -- I guess I don't know I -- are now doing -- flames and yet lately I have chemicals that I'm talking to enter it in real stuff and they charge a mobile lets you. I would look for that's what I figured well it necessarily has to grow but. I felt so bad -- and there was like they're -- they get because it's like just it and -- going to write a book right. But you know I felt that I know if anyone knows about this I felt bad about it but I kept doing it yeah I mean I'm not gonna stop Apple doing that I need not be there and don't forget man shredding is not a 100%. Foolproof. True I mean yeah if you if you abuse -- yet but I will if you have a business and has one of those Major League shredder is very which does like you know -- I'll cross -- -- and -- that's. Awesome it's got so there's stuff you really should be shredding their stuff he should not be keeping around it's a great time to -- -- -- -- literal is nonsense so. Keep an -- and that because -- I love the idea of cleaning out. -- -- -- -- reasoning here you know it's a little obsessive component -- got some problems them. It's just crazy idea to me about the navy because it's so crazy others is so much cheaper it's -- -- right in this seems to be way more than where we should be -- at this point in our technological Alley they get people like our parents who are like not excited about having anything online in my. Not you know -- let's just pay your bills online. She looked at me like I had three minutes -- because the gremlins that hanging out in the Internet. Are just as eating -- a transaction right and that's like it was like to say don't forget of -- give your credit cards is someone who is the same way CNET. I think that's a telephone pocket his dream is that is that what that is actually the first time that has happened on this set do you think that that's not populated and is yes if that's your fonts I think that's my -- that's the only person that doesn't know of doing his children really need it -- well justice fathers' -- everyone's who's a little nervous yeah -- -- shown in the -- you know he may actually come here to see this -- -- -- I knew -- I can -- I hollering -- -- yeah I totally. Different kind of really analyze everything differently different -- and a different octave on. So anyway what to shred what to keep taxes get them done it sucks but whenever you know what come -- guys it's not that yeah I think anyone listening to me like screw this I'm not doing -- it's like it's like it's ahead -- do you make yourself crazy don't dusted -- exactly -- And don't forget if you do not have the money. Okay you can't make your payment. You have to file -- -- and some money and you figure it out I do not just blow off the IRS very bad to do. I'm back and maybe do a little. It's good advice. I need 101000 followers and at your most scenario you're you're about seven idea a hundred I need 750 people follow me today let's help -- out his -- how many more than seven are gonna be released this server -- I how many. Like 30000 or something a lot of thousands are still multiple thousands and -- -- -- -- -- -- Twitter popular in the car -- people just well they don't plane like huge in the -- Candidate and blame them there's things about -- would might -- you would not know that about me for sure there they don't need to have -- guy didn't know you're in that capacity. These kinds of just. And you choose sunny evening news send a deed is on the for a -- that is like a full blended kind of down. Look if -- volume more than once they would really and we -- Jill on money you go to twitter.com slash Jill on money followed she'll get her up to ten K. I kind of don't like the fact they replaced the thousands with the K onto -- -- Indiana something about it I'm I'm I'm very exact numbers person yeah I get upset that they. But this is a problem I don't yet have exact armed with you that's assuming it's the millions here -- offer to -- things and they go to jail on my dot com and read about the shredding. Issue that's happening. And all the -- -- listened to the radio show and just have far have only make money fun. ID is correct and why is fun -- -- let you know -- -- -- says she's richer ports nice to have money I yeah there. That's gonna do for us citizen email -- 44 at cnet.com. I -- gone there -- -- week I'll be back on Monday. Do you and then while I'm gone and never want everyone to participate in the -- you -- is that -- -- -- -- -- spot. Are dealing. And I just this just came across my desk and -- have to reiterated before I leave gamespot dot com slash PS four giveaway. Our boys to games are giving away -- PlayStation four infamous second son we're bringing gaming comes out Friday. And a twelve month membership of PlayStation plus this is a great deal because it's free to go to gamespot dot com slash PS four giveaway. Enter the contest. Go check out -- stuff. We'll -- you guys very soon. That's going to Europe for us today on Jeff Bakalar command -- and I'm Justin new thanks again to -- messenger you see you guys tomorrow have -- -- -- --

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