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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1448: How the FBI might kill Elvis (again)

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1448: How the FBI might kill Elvis (again)

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On today's show, Donald Bell gives us his in-person BlackBerry PlayBook review, why Twitter is like your freeloading, couch-surfing bum of a brother, and how the FBI's command and control server could end up taking Elvis off life support. What, you didn't know Elvis was still alive? The things you learn on BOL. Plus: the white iPhone is coming! No, really! And your comments on throttling, for good or for ill. --Molly

-- is Thursday's. April 14 2011 my name is -- -- I'm Donald bell. I am Hollywood welcome to the show every one of cnet's podcast of indeterminate length episode 14148. And as usual are so good with the Donald bell on the show when there's big tablet news completely planet which we don't. -- -- -- -- And an -- All -- -- good NASA story erroneously being Allen is that it's based or it can now that -- -- -- -- I looked like I looked everywhere forgotten the drug for good expert but I actually think we got a pretty arrogant government in an. Elegant and it did you bring. That the playbook with you did it say here let its -- but I mean. -- year -- accurately and yes apparently the biggest complaint with the B -- complaint. Or blanket on -- review aside from that inside is that you have to shave your finger. Not because it's a seven inch tablet as Steve Jobs and possibly -- because the damn power -- so arteries which apparently they're dressing and will be fixing them. At the actual shipping model I don't know happened -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Interesting. You can get past and -- build the little fingered among new will be happy and the need to be be fingered I think there. Yeah I got my full review -- a got a decent reviews actually of the highest rated seven inch tablet. On CNET right now and it about it what lol I do well so I've I've read you know in the round -- people are saying. Everything from like it's just not quite done -- -- aren't quite final -- like all it's all closed to. Who it was widely panned with that Alec and vendors like if people want to like it yeah I like at that what -- there there is true. The fact that. -- with rolling out updates to the tablet seemed like -- databases. And now up until the the end the non disclosure agreement the lifted that could do our -- -- I think that's kind of you could spend most of -- positive thing that in the field action rollout updates of quick yeah actually that the fact that. The rim is now moving to this over the update model is a new thing for them -- in my meeting with them last week. That was when there like that this is a big deal that we're doing a device that can. Do -- really fast over the air updates and we can roll out -- quickly. That's something that. They happen -- -- been doing. We had date it is not this device is enhanced on with the same. Concert -- -- affected certificate rim. Blackberry. Security necessary that built into their sponsors -- it can actually just get my vote something not quite working but. Yeah so do you agree with some of their viewers is that it's not -- confidence inspiring though that -- nine. Done that they're just like at no we're gonna have that power button fixed and ensure an on tech thing there raise at -- point eight millimeters that it easily you know I mean that's manipulate. -- what are people really gonna -- Yeah I mean I hear is that since that they're they're rushing I think that's that's good that shows that -- motivated incorrect yes. -- and I think there's there's a -- wrong things that are already up and running with this product that they can brag about them the first one this is my hammered. Over Hillary -- in my view is that the browser is really cool yeah. I wish it wasn't. On a seven scream -- me that's just more personal thing for me at you like of the devices in them in my pocket. Then make you -- enough to really give me a full count. Web browser experience -- larger screen but. While some hearing patent and pupils and we really want seven inch tablets I don't know who these people are. You'll I'm totally -- -- -- and a but I don't let it be all I've been consistently the only one on the show anabolic -- but I love that form factor because. I don't want to duplicate my laptop experience if I'm gonna have a tablet and I want to be. In between between you know I why I didn't -- -- out of my way to -- it is because it's a seven. I really tried to take on. You know face value for what it is a good reason that it to say though that that's -- -- -- been happening in -- for that multimedia experience like that is what the tablet. Is best that. And it's not -- I want at seven inch tablet now the wanted to be an. Warm is that it does making them easier to type without kind of like. Lusting after need to China lake. Prop it up in type with two hands you can actually coming get a good grip on making it comes to meet over the screen to type with an optical. But. Yet so you -- -- flash ten point -- support in the browser and the fact that the browser is. It's new and so -- sites that. Would normally see an Android browser and and default to a mobile -- -- the website analyst -- and -- to mobile view. It doesn't do that with this media -- down the road if this trickles out to. Blackberry phones that seems to be with that -- Blackberry or what rim saying it's. At this OS is -- -- the future fair. Blackberry Smartphone. They and that's my other question is how I mean actually this is the question that has not been answered -- ram do you have to have a Blackberry to have this tablet. And or. Even if he donated to steal away better experience he do you have a Blackberry like how tethered in this to the Blackberry experience the -- V the way that is pitched to me is that. You absolutely don't have to have a Blackberry in have been enjoyed this tablet there are advantages if you do you want is that. You can. If you if you -- -- over this system called Blackberry bridge which is like a menu. Function on the playbook and separate app -- the download for your Blackberry Smartphone. You can bring along. When their actions physically lake near a tether over Bluetooth they'll communicate they'll kind -- do little handshake and then. You get your your Blackberry messenger in your email contacts or tasks. Your notes all that stuff that's on your phone -- here on the playbook and -- this in a separate -- -- can access them and deal with them. By as a security measure none of that information is actually stored on the tablet. So. If you really -- so if anything it communicates over to this device that none of this none of the information. As a security measure is actually stored locally on the tablet that's totally like cloud -- Enterprise its support. There on its and we deal that's yeah they're they're really. Championing that feature because it means that the enterprise people react he people who use -- systems -- In theory roll this tablet out -- users. Without any of my pilot programming and it is in there and there's no security risk in using it with your existing. Chemical -- cool and the other cool thing and something I don't know -- -- a lot of the reasons that are touched on it. But they confirmed with me that if you tethered. The playbook to a Blackberry phone. You can use that Blackberry. The way that they actually kind -- -- each other and -- with each -- that the tethering. The -- of the of the Internet tethering actually doesn't count against like a tablet tethering plan unit -- simply here. So you can -- -- to any phone it's just a Blackberry owners I've paying body acting -- with the Blackberry phone you don't incur any extra charges so you kind of save money. Over having separate VG data plan for. When you put all that way -- then a new one in a light on tennis -- I didn't give that I'm I'm imagining using that I'm thinking -- pretty cool add on. That is equal add on for the Blackberry eight thought about the -- I mean that's clearly that is well thought out but then you're right I do you want it to be. Big enough to be very very separate from the Smartphone to -- -- I mean blackberries -- -- Smartphone that I can do you like you would want a tablet -- -- you know rich media browsing you're -- it does start to beg the question. Why isn't it big enough to be like -- super useful. Almost like netbook replacement. -- -- what I've heard from them they haven't ruled that out that that might be coming right but right now it's tennis isn't quite. So really. You you wanna have a Blackberry but -- me the most not to make. It sounds to me like I can't imagine somebody buying and -- has -- Blackberry the the only thing that -- get -- that other tablets. Aren't doing right now. With with some exception of Motorola's and is it that the browser is so. So much like -- laptop browser that's really in fact they can that's it didn't. I -- the mobile browsing thing. It's just knowing I like the fact that those all the tablets in the site into defaulted mobile browsing mode as well. It's just not -- it and it isn't isn't the big issue with the tablet at the browser but just the way that the certificate is on the other and say exactly when the -- when the sites recognize him lecture with your browser. And as with the program around that but. Now -- just like math teacher who explained that worry about -- -- this thing where it's like the death about it and how about price or 99 yet. Wearing a sixteen image like iPad Wi-Fi only when -- -- About. The all electric arc within the county and taking it has -- Blackberry OS five point aura. So that's most most users. I'm curious about this on I'm curious about in India and the market I didn't tho Thai -- climate panel's review because it was and Peter. Let's -- -- that I don't have a lot of other opportunities to deal with a new tablet. -- I do think that that OS to me at certainly at least when I thought at the FOS was like one of the nicest I've seen in terms. With various sort of webos like you know I like that kind of I think they're actually being sued right now restored there to -- other -- worth an epic. I'm vaguely -- artist leg exactly but the -- Yeah and at least -- there are apps as an app world and apps out there and HP doesn't quite have yet yet. Blackberry does have. And okay app ecosystem. Do -- moon. Will see a little Blackberry Playbook and we'll see how you do out there. Good luck out in the world that comes out next week ranked yes with the probably the better power button that day in May be like when I would saying they're violent I way to keep a few weeks until that first could be an accessory market with a dispute the little adhesive. Top that goes onto the power button to make it work better yet it. And it is slightly small -- seems pretty good first at first blush. Like that. If you but it through that I might find a redundant with management and. And -- -- public have to send them an inch tablet that. I think the ladies love seven inch tablet -- -- elements that rumors thing like that that's in and out now they believe me that's our -- had that -- About how actually ladies prefer -- That they rent them rent -- -- him to read past that. -- Obviously did not mention that I met him. They call him the channel the -- -- did -- -- Let's move on to Twitter news there's kind of an interesting story in fortune today about trouble at Twitter. Who in fact I think you get almost character residents troubled -- -- that are. There was apparently an interview with. Genetic diversity. In March where he -- talking about some of the problems they -- you know there is a little bit of a revolving door going on at Twitter there's like no shortage of drama. And one of the things they came out of this story. Is that Twitter apparently turned down a ten. Billion dollar offer. From Google. -- -- They turned on and two billion dollar offer from -- but this was just last fall by the way maybe they got in an email -- -- of the spam I and that's it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Google or is that Nigerian I -- I don't know and I you know what I don't moderate tip of the let's just go back -- Yes that last fall just at the time whenever is like when you can make money to begin to do. They turned on two billion dollars from FaceBook and ten billion dollars from Google. That ten million dollars by the way is almost double the company's current value valuation. So if true one have to wonder who that -- I needed that he noted but also -- How would Google offered ten billion dollars for Twitter they've had too much money in I think that both high. How -- how does that. Now they don't you don't have a Brit terror tactic in its plan that -- that may be used -- all big lake you know publicity stunt and what number can we think of this just high enough to make people go crazy but not so high -- people don't believe that's the you know. Hey I don't know it's a it's a very if it really interesting article link. I was on a panel at ad tech this week and now I'm the guy who is moderating -- panel that -- anyone to -- the panel masking hoot about the power the new power brokers FaceBook Google Twitter. Apple. And he was saying. If you could compare any of these companies to a country what country would -- And I said the iPad that Twitter it was like the Bahamas and rightly be funeral on island time. And then when when he did a presentation he said he changed and that he thought it was sort of like the Bahamas. If Iran ran the Bahamas late they they hooked immediately and have their own agenda. We don't know what it is exactly. But we can't afford for them to fail. -- -- oddly -- and a bit but they're totally -- Today. Never mind like make money -- we feel like it. Accept what the hell with the Wii and another big -- about the population lives the amount of people using the serious. I mean it's it's a pretty big country I mean this is left is not the Bahamas in the sense of -- all the people that are involved. In China made Twitter a popular. Destination in service. And but. I mean the other part of the story is how much. Twitter still has yet to really capitalize. On popular editing would invest ten billion dollars in the service. Still can't really quite figure out. I'm a money back and do anything with all of the data that electing a mean Twitter is an unbelievably useful trove of data that they're not even bothering to -- -- -- Like they don't archive more than three days' worth of every tweet stream and then I think the dirty little secret about Twitter actually has been a lot of his bots. A lot of people are are not active and in fact US users aren't are spending less and less time on the -- -- in March 2010. Users spent an average of fourteen minutes and six seconds on the site march 2011 I was down to twelve minutes and 37 -- and and 47%. Of people with Twitter accounts are no longer active -- -- -- 70% of the counts outside of the -- lasted. Wreck all the people the -- and care about Ashton Kutcher those have to be bots adding a lot of -- about answer yeah I mean -- and now it is very it's. I think if if indeed it's true that Twitter turned down a ten million dollar offer from Google and -- that was the last when they're gonna get in now. It was funny money to be in that wasn't real it. -- just don't think that -- it. -- apparently among other things they came out and a fortune article. It probably has less than twenty million active users out of the 200 million user -- Registered user -- revenues are only in the tens of millions of dollars the board is in disarray and it has to total part timers leading that product team. It though there's yet like my note to haters them then like they have rotating studios with I'm I'm -- other public territory they had -- -- they had as. And they had -- and have which you know I feel McCarthy -- And then Dick Costello came in for a little while. That was like CEO for two years -- to customer came -- And then he left. I think he left -- -- -- -- is not now I'm sorry injected. It -- -- -- -- element. That I right -- I feel about it in general everything one. -- -- -- We're gonna be the best -- if you really were like. Working for the company knows I waited ten billion dollars and only did these kinds going to work eat brownies and I think that's how the over there and then the thing is almost like Twitter is gonna become -- of -- -- case. Like -- bit the venture capital arms rotate whose turn it is to throw better than any packet you get nobody want to live in a world without Twitter like it is really important. It's how we get our news now. You know. I recently. He's the government in the U another year and other they're like your -- -- like your bomb brother you know. Traffic flow and all brown this. Number other Twitter -- a good time. Let's move on to security talk shall we okay the FBI and Department of Justice have apparently fed up -- sort of command and control centers. To take control. Of a giant botnet. And and this is crazy. Remotely kill it. The first time that they have ever used such a method to take control of criminals servers and and remotely kill botnet. That they haven't been able to do this yet -- they haven't -- it goes so far listed to pretty much forced the computer without a remote computer. To kill off the -- not -- the much beyond. They have not been able to in the past and they're like about -- now if they they have they have this. A federal judge authorized this Internet systems consortium working in conjunction with the FBI. -- -- Command and control servers. Its own command central servers and and that they are currently in fact sending. Killed a botnet malware like they killed against -- -- -- only gives them signals. But they currently are that I know Eric I like is like the FBI has its own malware anti malware malware -- -- yet the I'm malware the malware it's kind of cool and then they kill command stops short of removing them our altogether each time an infected PC is re booted it will try to restart the botnet software so they're not like. Reaching into your compete with potentially -- any of you could have as I'm probably your parents. Considering her audience but could have a zombie computer. It it won't -- -- short of actually reaching into your home and removing software from your computer but. Every time that PT -- streets at the botnets offer the new command and control servers with -- offer to shut down preventing it from causing -- -- Wrecked that when someone -- the government command and control -- Then orderly -- as it is this ball and without it department of like what could go wrong or whatever that -- -- -- what could possibly go around. -- well and good I -- Though the motivation here the justification is that this particular botnet is so nasty that's actually going out and it. It's stealing bank records and -- -- sensitive information in this kind of hunkering down on your computer waiting -- for a switch to be flipped -- -- -- -- eventually. Report. In Auckland that the personal information by computer investment actually pretty nasty red it was bad at all that -- -- By the way core fly or glide -- -- -- let's show you some kind of body building. Supplement -- -- back if it. That -- muscle milk its core -- Malaria. -- music. -- -- I don't know. -- not every right not the person would know like a. But get married frank on on the show you another -- -- or Tom core. The aggressively -- -- is likely to be effective in combating cord blood and other -- but not everyone is convinced that it's an appropriate path. Hurt somewhat obvious reasons like it's very sketchy to be operating and giant -- command and control center that is sending. Kill signals to computers because you don't know what machines are infected. Like that's the biggest problem and you could be an impact electronic frontier foundation points out. That you don't know what's gonna happen for -- might blow up a really important machine or like what if elvis' life support system is actually on the computer them have a botnet. You can be responsible for killing with exactly now it's alive you know one. Element -- you want to see. The command and control their excitement they can tell -- it. -- -- -- -- They -- if it. -- think about it. Williams that will attend William and yet but maybe -- could be a commanding control server that I'm Jimmy Hoffa. The other thing. Quest is like of course they'll start with the one that's really nasty bright and then pretty soon you'll have a command and control -- I'll bet that worked pretty well I do that with some other -- that and that it will cut it will then become like the biggest botnet in the universe. On its own -- they can be sending signals to any machine that it I mean really it's potentially care. Botanical. I guess it's good but now they. -- There is no news is that yes there is news from the land of the tech -- remind. Big news impact. I -- I -- that aren't we need. Please at least about it like the sound of galloping whose because. I -- -- -- had a. -- that sounds like the tech unicorn is galloping ever closer. People with knowledge of the plan. With the. Say that Apple will start selling the white iPhone -- -- didn't just it. -- But only to look for the -- -- -- But it will originally be available from eighteen -- -- AT&T and Verizon Wireless by the end of April than one of the people who asked not to be identified this has been deep vein that prevented me from buying an iPhone. Now actually -- not uploading it out and not and I not even remotely I had no idea why anyone cares about this anymore I think it back the only BO the best commentary about comes into and out an email that synthetic tech -- in this morning at first thought. First it was MSNBC reporting -- I felt obliged by the end of the month. Furiously. -- and he says fool me once shame on you will be 347. -- shame -- -- You are there really that many people have been holding out for -- white iPhone four. The white iPhone or even -- that this point and -- -- shot on Friday. Would apply to think if you're wondering why we haven't the -- is -- it's because they've cracked the. The other does as tired as I am of hearing about this I never get tired of hearing that tech unicorn and a bank. Hey. And meaning that the -- Meanwhile -- problems that Apple wishes are that windows which is that had break into Microsoft tuition at worst problem -- -- that was like. Whether the white -- in -- Microsoft is showing up the developer platform for the next version of windows phone hoping to convince you that we -- on -- we're gonna. Were almost look good at Iowa. -- we almost have. Multitask. He's -- a are. Being retrieved avenue we got rid of it is -- gonna -- Not they yes they say that you Catholic application apartment multitasking for -- and -- broke ground. Matt bowler bark -- processing. Audio and file transfer and fast app switching now deeper integration of apps and the OS allowing programs to -- live tiles -- little -- Not thank -- cards thing. And then -- access to the cameras and sensors in -- -- library letting apps controlled device hardware which would be -- which would seem like a pretty basic things from Apple but developers write widgets again I think something that they use to have and got rid of yeah more importantly though. The most important thing involve. Angry Birds will be coming to windows. On May 25 it's -- all it did now it is a -- is a legitimate. Contender if it had them in that. Their ego -- -- windows phone OS. That that's how you get you in five years be the second. They get mobile operating system in the world behind Arctic -- to an analyst. At -- audio sources according to one but analysts I mean. Let's take a quick break when we come back it looks like -- my L tranquility dollars after all Apple is adding do not track to safari and hand. The end of the -- -- -- Welcome back to -- -- -- -- bottom and there are -- you. I'm here at Donald bell in Stephen beat him -- -- control. And yesterday and I've -- -- -- bet Brian Cooley -- two dollar bill. That Apple would not launch a TV -- can -- -- TV. I -- -- that bad right at -- a very straightforward yet and now. That -- Panama went and -- are rumored to Apple insider. That they are right elected HDTV this year chance to win a two dollar bet portion and now. Seeing him posing as an anonymous source pretending to be analyst Brian white. Not -- likely -- story of the thinkpad type kinder if security is no really not making -- Said in a note to investors that he picked up data points that points -- -- martini lunch by Apple possibly by the end of the those. Pesky data points. -- says Brian white. Personally. -- Our research says Brian. Cooley -- this thing does that -- -- TV can go well beyond the miniature and 99 dollars second generation Apple TV that the company released -- on provide a full blown and he product for consumers. I have and that although Apple had been long projected -- company -- -- -- -- CTV might. Mark market the Mac maker now appears to be moving down this path at a faster pace than the market expected there and it's not -- Date I -- -- them. Bath and enough of that rapid pace that testify Apple going to actually meet in the hardware and out of -- than they were probably have to impacted we have an email about that you. It. Elephant it will get that in a minute -- will -- The biggest pusher is to be -- just have put some water on the fire protection. Brian Cooley -- light. The biggest pusher of a prospective Internet connected HD TB from Apple has been analyst gene Munster of Piper Jaffray. Of the always on point -- -- their -- yes. Munster has repeatedly forecast that Apple will introduce such a product in the coming years with a starting price of around 2000 dollars. So I'm just AA -- and -- -- -- dollars yet Brian Cooley -- In other Apple -- Apple has added apparently do not track privacy feature in safari only in test version of OS-X line. There you go to eight that would mean Google Chrome is the last browser without a specific -- -- feature although they haven't. An add on. That frankly is a little bit more effective -- contract it is a pretty useless considering that they require advertisers to change their header code right to comply with the do not -- -- general -- always. Maybe we will -- not -- -- money. Totally in our interest is absolutely -- -- we are all. A -- -- and around the world a new app may be coming from researchers at the North Carolina State state university that would solve. Android privacy and data security problems if they plug the -- I suppose. It gives you different options for. Opting out of location tracking your phone's identity. Access to contacts seeking. While I let this feature the most you can actually be extended to saying like. Don't like don't look -- my -- -- blocking access apps looking attorney -- you can provide them the bogus identity via and -- is that a specific apps I'm Brian white if you well. So that -- that absolute -- that you're somebody else. I want to give that up and make it customizable and -- -- -- the bright light option. So pretty well I wish snow over the course is that Google would do is -- to do this on their own -- -- -- that aren't some university having to spend their money. Developing it for them yet but. It then got someone's on you do what area why isn't that built into the chorus maybe these guys are hoping that they'll build. This like really cool system. And released it as a third party app and then -- will be -- -- here's ten billion dollars which is at a -- out of tutors and then. Or maybe someone some student in north Carolina state university at least hoping for a job at Google I think that the next thing that's highly like probably that the system -- -- obtaining information stealing Smartphone applications. Or to -- And it would in -- -- the customizable -- settings for the level every level of information in the settings can be sort of tweak. -- which I really like and missed -- this article actually went up I OS the -- code includes. And has had a for a while in fact even a visual alerts. That reminds you when an app is asking for personal information like location even though you can choose to share that data on a per -- That. Does need to be built and it probably. Do it a snap to it now or for -- Good Microsoft news -- right yet. It's bigger. And now browse your vast Netflix library by dancing -- moving around your home. -- Kinda I love the idea watching someone -- A -- right. Okay so the cool part is in fact the Netflix app now support the X axis motion control center -- can launch. The Kinect interface and look for new movies with voice commands and hand gestures you can play a path. Play it fast forward pause and rewind -- with your -- or hand. -- all of that is super cool except that I assume that you deceptive spam. I if it if connect -- advance the Catholic minority report. Where you were depending on who who who who now would be cool right now -- youth connect that you actually stand there are handling this spring like force -- Wait for it. Okay I'll get worked hard at work like I did it could be a little it's S that the time -- -- -- I don't like you knock on this this is a step towards the future. Of waving your hands that your TV and barking at it. I felt this is how the future's gonna be unhealthy you have that way I think it will freaking out though to -- like. My three year old standing in front of the TV and calling up like Dora the Explorer. You know with his hands for hate it's gonna get that little -- my was the VW commercials that secret powers -- They'll turn off your movie queue right Lion in Winter now and now Diego and -- -- the -- that -- -- And I you know I know already that -- We're having been a perennial parenting -- if that is pretty -- now an Xbox interestingly. -- by 360 is I think the number one way. That people consume streaming Netflix media net and -- that I don't have access -- -- -- huge. I I am excited about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- via for it yet. Can think you've -- good thinking like it. Sources say that Amazon is meeting with music label executives today possibly right now. To hash out deals for its cloud based media locker service in my opinion if I'm and the bottom like no. And meeting -- now in dynastic man legal -- here but. It probably is get them to build bridges with the club drive has the labels are furious as you may -- -- That Amazon did not paper licensing rights to stream music to consumers Amazon doesn't. Argues that it doesn't need them and mostly the labels and it's really -- that. This is this is bad this is a I think such a sign that the music industry isn't what it once was you know right that. Amazon and -- terrified -- that anyone know there be a day where before like the day after the locker would have launched. -- would have been broken yet right fingers would have been taken off with cigar toppers all entire divisions within Amazon would have been disappeared and say yeah technical. But now click. -- like could get some money and that's about it again meeting and amp -- Evans and hopefully I really confusing hoped. But they come into the meeting and they're just like. New equipment. A -- -- is -- to smooth things over as we don't wanna add that to be so ugly between asthma and. No. But I'll vote totals about no that's why I'm not interpretive. Label relations and Amazon. Well I think that to be serious though it's interesting whether or not. Labels are it can be going along with this -- that it probably more money to be made in the long run meant playing nice with Amazon instead of you know where that the real needs it not which is probably -- -- with Apple you know. At least Amazon -- -- it's -- ballot and -- them in and be nice to them. If they -- and both need each other via bank. I think -- -- you -- I think it's smart of -- him to play nice but I hope that they're not gonna try to get an you know and that the labels should realize that this is how they continue to make money people buy music. And continue to buy digital music in the record numbers that they have been. Because it's easy an increasingly easier but right what the labels are fighting for right now in -- -- time is like these walker writes. Ranked where they'd be -- separate license or -- be paid for like a locker storage of like music that -- Some of -- -- purchase have locally stored mainly they're spending for every damn penny they can get. And we can only assume in fact that the same thing has caused modify -- Just ahead of its US lines and now. Another tech unicorn moment here -- lot of buzz coming to the last. Big. If if and when it does derived -- -- -- Album. -- it will you'll only get ten hours of free listening. As opposed to the twenty hours that UK users and -- now and in fact. For users can play -- track up to five times only. -- new -- taken after six months for new free users for existing for users -- during the last. November the new track limit will take effect from this -- first I don't think US users are gonna. I think they don't know any -- alerting users that listen to all those like Tammany bureau -- songs. You know it makes sense to have like -- edited after ten hours of time there that'll those. There's little that's all there really ought to gather flicks they're dumb buildups in the minute little let -- like two minutes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think ten hours. At this get here modifying and that it'll feel like those in the Kensington and they're trying to make to make him hotly. Hair anymore but that's the -- if -- -- and -- and the momentum in the interest in that you care to all dissipated. -- a little deep cleaning balloon. Although that night -- made pandemic and that means. That the difference. New Zealand is. In a -- -- -- -- because we edit on -- number demonstrate how easy it didn't -- in India and we'll -- it now though terrible they passed a three strikes appear on at the worst case scenario for accurate which you know because that might. But we've had conversations that many times that -- standard. Let's move onto the cricket. Apple has finally released IOS four point 3.2 it is available for download in the iTunes and it. They have also released IOS four point two point seven. For the Verizon iPhone you're almost there. -- -- right and FCC is kicking off. -- review finally for eighteen T and T-Mobile to see if this is legit. This is going provide new thrust for pilot the next month I'm pretty adamant that -- And and all they did really is set out the rules for how the review will go forward because AT&T and T-Mobile haven't even filed their formal applications yet. Finally finally Comcast is rolling out 100 megabit per second. Internet service everywhere in all of its markets. And if you it has signed up for the higher -- the faster tier service you can now get that Comcast is I will -- And -- passed by the standalone price for if you don't have the bundled those 199. Dollars. A lie yeah if you sign up for the triple play plan. It's a 105 dollars a month but the other services that. Now at the butt -- of money but it's nice afternoon and creating a public commitments -- -- Ide Adobe. Is going to deal to stream live video to the iPad. Kinda and -- of -- and edit that's the love that that only but yet. I think -- that's a stronger that's a strong relieved -- by far and so there there are re doing some of the code for their Adobe Flash format so that it can support. Apple's live streaming HLS protocol. Inside inside the existing flash format so this should in theory. Allow some as it can be I don't know -- is just me for live video streaming or not yet mainly for their their lives. -- and so. This could help video get -- the -- -- that -- be perfect clarity predict that there's -- -- -- some way that Steve Jobs this is but data makes it. -- like broken them out somehow Hilda -- -- -- will be -- but at least Adobe is getting on -- live video is the new black and -- so good for them that. In what is believed to -- -- largest chip robbery in Bay Area history. -- high tech crime task force arrested five men and recovered 37 million dollars worth of chips that were stolen at -- point. From a Fremont semiconductor company -- pretty -- -- -- because one -- prima I'm happy for months and also compound they added that crime has gotten to the point our. We will hold up semiconductor company and I have cited the Catholic kind of crazy. Let it takes an intelligent you know -- It actually pit now we want that ship went over there that now that outfit tips that's -- -- of the month with 37 million dollars. Some -- and 24 caliber -- -- and apparently. The chips were. Going to be delivered to. Google and which is kind interest I was certain that -- -- -- -- -- -- put into a circuit board. That was set to be delivered to Google and apparently a small percentage of the stolen chips were already taken out of the country and ended up in Asia. And then then -- international trade secret here's the. And point -- robbery. Crazy town ten suspects -- -- Help -- got a high school and iPad causes US market to dive. Into PC market. Of a bit when the thing -- market on market. US market stock market -- the US market. The PC market in the US is diving but Apple and Toshiba are -- -- they were like the only winners they were one of the few manufacturers whose traditional PC business managed to grow last quarter. Arresting him and it only the iPad it would it's probably also laptop yet with -- -- -- -- -- up on Monday. I moving and let it gadgets and of strain on line news sharing. Steve read my mind -- -- seamlessly and you were given that this. The Wall Street -- on the really interesting story about how mankind is nearing the edge of the -- -- of the agents speed. And as the space shuttle nears retirement that's pretty much the last. High speed transport vehicle. That we have public -- in on the concorde all -- like -- -- -- really high speed. Planes have kind of on pollen by the wayside we're still we're slowing down as -- -- the. It's it's -- that's the slow. Slowing down of the entire humankind -- I mean literally we here we are dying as a culture while the people why -- right. This is what I'm saying I would -- why are we inspired to go faster anymore I was gonna. If they were maturing. No in the way that you know like a teenage boy is compelled to drive so fast that he nearly killed himself repeatedly in his insurance insurance richter. Through group from. Forecasting mind young men and and downward spiral -- -- and -- we're maturing as a nation into you know slightly lower. Why is and. Judicious. Out we -- he's forgotten about space we've forgotten about you know pioneering new ways to travel faster we're twittering authority -- broke that we can't -- cars and now. To be another -- -- you think that I need to go faster we need to go better now. Now -- about in -- letter X. Better now where -- now -- people of substance away as opposed to dislike blunt. Speed machines we are weird the only way were flying now is like a bunch of cattle -- like to the -- up. Packet of peanuts in the golden arrow will take -- about actually flying in like high speed planes and getting my first class service all of that. And ended and now the space -- is over the speed ages over. Oh well at that stage now speed aged over but -- -- -- is just beginning idol -- then yes -- in the diamond that but I I can't quality of the where I don't understand why this happened right like we we now communicate so fast over Internet connections and and teleconferencing and all that -- that is -- excuses to like. Get on -- concorde plane. -- the Intercontinental. High speed flight it is it's like it interest in kind of different type of speed though as you point out like we may not be building machines that take -- really fast right but we are. -- it dramatically increasing the speed of technological innovations the speed of information delivery like we have a whole different. That Wall Street -- -- Apollo or I should as -- rotary bottle minimum in all my spare time. About how we are entering a whole different. Age of speed it's an intellectually to speed while I think we've also figured out that if we are gonna like travel to distant planets. It's not just about getting their fast there's like a whole other host of problems relate. How to keep you keep alive for a long time we keep. How do we make power sources that are gonna last spring like long range space -- all that become big corporate commitment to -- -- -- around -- -- Like it's good news I just hope it's not that we're in the Twitter age -- we no longer do equal stuff like it matters they no way. Now it now -- -- more mature and about our -- Ira let's move on -- -- them happy and. Just the obvious -- today thank you Tom Merritt from Oxford the Tom Merritt -- Gainer. Women from -- -- we haven't had some -- remote and I apologize but he's been -- the often story from CNN about how China. Big government is cracking down. On the use of time to -- global war it's. -- it no I don't really I love the -- a threat like to think that as the plot device called the amendment is. -- state administration of radio film and television in China. Is not interested. They say they -- discouraging plot lines they contain elements of fantasy time travel random compilations of mythical stories. Bizarre plots of desert techniques or -- propagating feudal superstitions fatalism in reincarnation ambiguous -- and and a lack of positive thinking Catholic every cool movie I don't -- don't. That's basically my genre I can record -- -- -- in a nutshell. -- all of those things and the government says TV dramas shouldn't have characters that travel back in time and rewrite history they say this goes against Chinese heritage. It -- it. And if -- those. A channel my zoom and a giant on the other idiotic I would think that's right unlike. But also exactly. No no brains no X -- The moral ambiguous -- used moral lessons who knows how many said that -- I think they're missing the point like if you if you really are -- -- to get young the young generation interested in history in your heritage and you need to take someone from the present day of the -- -- like a plot device and put -- -- any right yes I agree. But I -- points out in three so easily rewritten by the government anyway why don't you -- to salute the that -- and now I've been really have been kind of wanting to go visit China but now -- now have -- -- TV now I just really want like it did Chinese -- the bill and has excellent adventure I wanna see that happen. -- that. Assures them and let it out there I am certain that that there. A load China -- goof balls I threw it onto the emails. Well I know voice -- today. There was no we asked earlier probably feedback -- it -- -- -- read salon you'll differently well. To email emails yet but the first emails all about the the Apple TV there. And that's undeniable now do it to get it yet you wanna you wanna share. Take it again I got it this coyotes. I'll -- Kyle to hiccups as I don't think of the Apple TV -- -- TV but a large interconnected IOS device. In addition to all the audio video streaming -- -- both specifically that he be form factor matching is not iPad and iPod Touch iphones remote controller always apps imagine playing Angry Birds on your TV. Via your iPad online against your friends and sharing -- movie while video chatting via facetime with the -- integrated camera. -- -- devices -- now the center of your home and a way that no single company has been to do. The Wii is not dead -- had met in offer what and both PlayStation Xbox or -- new hue that. That no one is paying fifty to sixty dollars per console game for console games anymore. And when you can download the same thing for nine N 999 from the App Store. Apple won't license any of this -- are wont license any of this hardware and anyone as they want to be in full control everything like usual -- -- imagine if they can come out with the new. Apple TV every two to three years and how many folks with -- -- it. Plus that the iPad three doesn't work with the new ITV so you'll need to upgrade data off. While facing an -- -- compatibility if you want. IPad three to work -- Apple TV you get a Big Apple TV -- work which they would totally do that -- scenario that says Apple Nirvana or Apple -- depends on which side of the -- here. Homeless man well said well played although I would take issue with your assertions that the Wii is dead the roku has nothing to offer. And the PlayStation and Xbox -- -- that they are paying a threat from game prices -- there's a record impressive but -- amazing media streaming console. Now also via but -- a good argument that you make I mean it's -- date that would. That would cement the Apple ecosystem that TV -- -- could Apple do it I think Apple could totally do it. I think in the TV industry is one of those industries where there's nothing like. A company like Apple -- making -- the -- the super -- -- -- like Apple. Like. -- I mean. DD TV to have that same kind of like audience that built an audience that Apple fan people that would be that same kind of -- phantom for a TV. I think they'll be -- mistake I think they should stick with the services. Yeah now I -- how don't think they'll do it then I and a I think and I think they're Apple found with -- -- -- -- on my Italian built on it would just work in the tents ready they are totally. Tyler at tens of I have team is -- -- now on to the throttling responses I have T-Mobile and I have been throttled. It happens that I went home. I would ever -- by the gigabyte cap by downloading -- at podcast daily over the network to answer -- question you are slow down across all data services the slowdown was so substantial that it took me fifteen minutes to find a restaurant using Google Maps as for streaming music it will not work you'll get a few seconds of playback while battling -- by offering -- However my take on throttling is that it's -- necessary people I can see the position of the service providers but it was there was an option to buy more bytes. There's -- to -- the -- there's no going back. Interesting lesson learned now I only download podcasts over Wi-Fi and haven't come close to my -- and I must feel violated -- problems are bad. Chris -- that I understand that I AFP is have to do a certain amount of traffic shaping in order to use the levels -- provide -- the levels of service that we demand. For certain online activities. However Internet access is now in my opinion as much a household utility is gas water and electricity. And I certainly wouldn't allow my electricity company to tell me that I can only use my microwave at half power. His that I if you should not ever under any circumstances be allowed to deliberately deliberately and significantly reduce our access speeds for specific services. And definitely not in a way that discriminates based on the content provider. The maps and get to I would allow my electricity company to tell me that I can only use my microwave at half power the my toaster will only work at certain hours of the day. So -- in my eyes. And I want my Internet -- to. They specifically countering that -- proposition from I -- here thinks that everything should be. Totally government hands he says I think companies should be free to throttle for whatever reasons they deem appropriate oh so long as the government is not preventing new competitors which is not always the case I think the government should not interfere in any way. Even when the government is limiting competition. The thing to promote is an -- to the government -- not more interference. Target at some new aspect of market. Having the government coming in try to crack the problems is created. By adding even more lives to the bad ones -- start out with the battle with the start out with. And is how we ended up with stuff but the DM CA and face exceptions to that law. The government should get out of the IP business altogether that private companies protect ideas with private contracts. If they cannot get a private contract protects something then they're not actually protecting property the are gaining a government monopoly. The libertarian viewpoint. And then finally -- erect and with I think my favorite email. From buzz out loud I mean don't remember dim slot time one times -- -- -- them at the lake every month. It is and he I think directors that he says this may be BOL's first sartorial. Well actually. But I don't want the -- be -- to -- led -- you've set a timer to once in reference to Bruno Mars something about wing tips and skinny ties and recently in reference to John McCain. That skinny ties are kind of back. -- -- -- the world demand silos and ever changing thing that skinny ties are in fact like a losing Project Runway contestant out. The sixties look at skinny ties and then -- -- being overtaken by big -- held and wider tires think more Cary Grant -- Don Draper. Thankfully the fully -- Fuller lapel anti is more classic look that's probably best to avoid the skinny ties and in a -- you'll look like you're desperate mad -- party. All the time which is definitely not cool. This Esquire blog post from two -- -- -- in men's Fashion Week in Italy. Exemplifies the post Draper look -- hand. Monogram like a big bushy mustache to -- That being -- from the big tank African. One that that is likely -- That is the most eloquent well actually I think we have ever received -- and or it. I just like that I really learned something act in a -- in my life now is not to go out by the -- -- on paperless thank you go -- -- anything either over why the Powell's report that's coming around to doing that are probably via. I feel so Washington. Classic shape the distinctive shift toward plastic -- you can clearly see the -- the -- on the classic camel coat. Right here. If the -- -- designed to give -- -- fine tailoring shopping and man elegant dandy as them. At its finest it's it's an active cool and ask got -- -- But that and yet you are and that's got away for me and Andy and I thought it could. Thank you -- in the -- And thank you everyone for all of the emails that you wrote about throttling and other topics we got so much feedback and that particular topic and is really great to hear from on the keep it coming but at cnet.com is our email address 10616. To -- 38. Is are a number that both CNET the only after members on the -- now it. You can net re read those thoughtful emails -- our blog BO while dot cnet.com and add your own comments there as well. And we will be back tomorrow. Who lives on the show tomorrow -- -- on its still gonna be somewhere which -- -- believe I'm Wilson tang Williams -- tomorrow. And I. Know my computer a computer I think the -- analyst. The send -- your computer -- questions as well why not. Good idea -- -- I'll -- it.
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