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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1447: Mirrored boats and 3DTV hate

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1447: Mirrored boats and 3DTV hate

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Brian Cooley joins the show today to talk about the new privacy bill of rights--which apparently does nothing that browser Do Not Track buttons don't do, and exempts the federal government while doing it. "It" being "nothing." Also, T-Mobile tries to win new customers with new unlimited plans, Apple may get into the Netflix-killing game, and whether we should ban the "Twilight" books just to save ourselves from Facebook scams. --Molly

Today is Wednesday April 13 2011 this is buzz out loud my name is Stephen -- I'm Brian good. I'm Molly -- and a buzz out loud cnet's podcast of indeterminate length it's episode 1447. Brian Tong is still in some beach somewhere which would totally finally as usual -- a lot of it. And that it. Doesn't mean he does. I vacation all the time like -- quarter and many don't like how one of those people would just as amended our music does he get six weeks ago -- you've -- line. Can you hear these and think -- something we've talked about that yeah we're fine with it so he has pictures refine their tumors about it. It you've got you've got them on and you think you EU with the audience wins because you get it -- -- rotation of death -- thing achievements. I know from the chat room actually that they -- overjoyed. You're here thank you thank you chat -- have been adequate -- -- and no link in bringing Berman. For crying out loud people stop -- the stereotype -- -- a man come on. Come on we have the -- and -- If you threaten us through the verve and -- -- -- Martin -- folding Martin things -- liberal think you drink all over it and injuring a for the right now out. Hmmm we may be some do it under again after we are you're gonna be different -- -- after you get through this first story. Apparently according to -- -- McCullough master of analyzing. Hundreds of pages of legislative best I wanna say they -- out to decorate indoor project I would understand the Internet now okay. My he's glad it's much less what goes on in 300 page bills that are currently proposed -- John Kerry and John McCain this they've introduced its new privacy legislation this sweeping privacy legislation -- -- all kinds of things let you opt out of online web tracking. Ideally you know -- -- establish a framework to protect the personal information. Of all Americans. From everyone except that -- come from them it's okay. Doesn't apply to health and human services such -- affairs -- SSA. Atlas. -- of course throughout the -- no one's thought of windows are good people there aren't. -- the all of those apparently collect vast amounts of data on American citizens. The Department of Veterans Affairs in fact suffered a massive security breach in 2006 -- in an encrypted laptop with data on millions of veterans was stolen. -- either been multiple reports on security and privacy vulnerabilities at the iris and others. Even the Census Bureau has shared information with line Portman from its supposedly confidential files. And all of those agencies and behaviors are totally exempt in -- privacy I don't see. Rationale -- -- repeatedly the caller not as to why we're doing -- carve out for the feds in this bill. -- -- -- because the needs special national security interest that's your usual argument was because they're so backwards and no one has the -- has the stomach to budget for the kind of improvements they need in their data and structure to comply. I hate to admit that can definitely be the reason there's just that this year budget accurately -- I -- -- I -- think there's no question there's thing -- that the government can trust the government. What -- now what about child pornography. Like the the only chestnut more often used right national corridors seen nothing -- -- heat wave that one to get anything done yet the thing and I don't have as much of a -- that there are. As many creepy people at the government that are going to be violating my privacy as much as there is stupidity. That's -- big concern that the gist of what to do. Now they don't know what they're doing and that has been proven over and over by multiple data breaches until then the double lead. Depressing thing about this bill is that not only does -- exempt federal agencies from -- these privacy. These new privacy changes it does not include any kind of a strict requirement that would force federal agencies to notify American citizen. If there is a massive data rates always there -- data back up their databases which by the way -- -- -- So it's totally cohesive it could totally carves out the government with a complete exemption they don't have to have policy -- -- or notification on the back. End. They have the largest database is out there have to believe combined there can't be a bigger database that these agencies I wouldn't think -- -- -- -- -- -- harvester in the world -- has more data than these agencies basically saying the supplies to the minority. Of operations up and added information on. They're saying do -- that they not -- -- -- have an and that the government is above the law when it comes to can take it to protecting consumer privacy and I will say that although there may be other things. About this blog that are good and might actually protect people all the let's be honest most is probably -- unenforceable as the can spam act. The idea of leaving out the government and leaving the government out of being required to notify you if there's a data breach is just -- -- That's the biggest -- -- notification I mean I don't expect -- -- privacy law no matter how specific it is is gonna be well followed by the government because of the ineptitude what I do wanna know is at least tell me all the times you ineptly expose my information. Absolutely that gives me the ability to do what I know how to do to protect my privacy. It is that the other other groups are saying that the bill is if anything. Week. On other. Front as well when it comes to a specific companies although it would let you had demands that particular website stopped tracking filling your online behavior most of the privacy protections in their require consumers to be proactive you have to specifically opt out of things so the measure does not. Prohibit online companies from producing and selling cyber -- is on consumers that's -- the things that's happening without our knowledge. All those damn cyber -- noble did a harvester is out there and the and you can opt out of that we did a video on this as soon dropped out but doesn't opts you out. In perpetuity they can go create a new dossier on -- dynamically generated. None of these have a way to say take out my identity -- to -- take up this record you formed on me and another one will form again -- -- got to keep knocking these things down. And this bill doesn't do anything about that it basically says -- is not to do that tightly on the web console until emergency request to take their request to date request to take you have to opt out all the time is a long way from European style privacy would. -- an excellent minimum. The ACLU and others like consumer watchdog are all saying basically we don't support development and that Macs -- we -- until you're trying to -- from that it's great. Not do anything our. Then like a Chrome OR IE nine browser button it -- right out of tracking -- simply -- -- It. I don't know what it is our aggregate those went into a photo op I guess that's it and they were an exact same time an appointment. McCain I don't lectured you know -- Narnia paving -- the -- do -- it was worth is tied to long he's one of the shortest guys on the hill but the bad combination. Wanna make them look shorter. -- that the fashion note from -- -- will do that every time. It -- something special. Note to U. John McCain aides ushered out any time at the dominion on modern -- -- -- larger premium. It carries it in theory government -- -- -- At least they're not wearing partisan -- -- likened to repeat that -- -- But they try to make that island Democrat -- -- you guys are really pulling the please stop. Again back at tech news and out of -- -- death -- right now T-Mobile has introduced a new look. Unlimited plans they compete directly with Sprint's unlimited plan. There available for 39 -- -- month they have this the two year contract and it offers unlimited nationwide calling texting. And data you now know over -- charges so everything's in there. Yes every including throttle. Unlimited booted that there's that -- the cap yeah they still have what it with the Borg institute gate and a billing month we'll have access but it reduced speeds and we mean -- actually two gig data that's. -- -- -- -- Mobile to more consumers exiting two gigabytes of in a muffled sought access unlimited data but it reduced speeds into the new billing cycles and across all services so everything will slow down which on the phone matters if you don't have enough -- -- You're on a home connection or business connection you could say look the web even if you've probably 80% the web's development justice for the -- -- to -- But on your early -- -- need every bit of its do you Al actually will notice your web sites loading slower even if you're not downloading video to your phone. They claim that most Smartphone users use about one gig a month that's still a lot of reports that affect them have to believe that. I look at my -- -- on an -- again. And -- -- I'll -- at this point in history it's okay. But it's interesting that T-Mobile is announcing this now because obviously the AT&T merger is looming and you have to wonder if this is a way for them to say. Up yours and all -- of or -- Al Reynolds. -- to try to get some customers because this is kind of like finding out. When you're interested in buying a new phone that the next version is about come out -- I think that they're probably trying to stop people from England would guarantee will but -- is about and why would. Right -- -- keep the flow of customers coming illustrated the great time if this works for you -- get in there and get it because let's say the deal takes till end of year. Which is currently are on oh absolutely us probably longer maybe enter weekly to W of these buying yourself little more than a year -- -- in under a plan that AT&T certainly -- -- So get -- and hit it big. Definitely. There's also like about the subsidized device for 7919 -- -- if you do 59 it's 15195999. For even more plus subscribers yet it is like if you're ready during his silly yet even more and more -- but I think that like just basically if you buy your own phone or you have always felt that it remains to T-Mobile then that finally if you think about them but mostly -- -- -- No good phones there will be no great from they have some decent but yet the atlas of the best network for votes I think they're gonna start to get Margaret I think the flagship phone -- -- out the authority which is perfectly except -- -- and grand Terre -- That in mind and think you'll remember and -- The home. Theory -- Kennedy -- morning to -- that impact now we see the smoke rising around stories -- so the industry players to -- after perfectly and now. Being with crap. -- -- -- -- -- Before that that -- people on Portland and T-Mobile. When we come back at the with the Internet -- -- really -- over final cut pro acts Apple may be preparing Netflix killer and Hulu is killing it. That video -- But not. Welcome back that everyone frankly even -- in the house blu. Twitter was on fire -- thing. On buyer. Pro active you really -- I credit -- okay that the slowest news week at an entity that awesome and it seems to -- some combination involved in fact the chat room. Even just as I did it he's going into the break apparently. And jaw dropping. -- -- -- -- Writes I think maybe not it sounds like it's gonna be available in the Mac App Store in June 1490. This system for final cut wrote it or that's the case it's like a 66%. Price cut is -- yet and it will ship with 64 bit support. It will share a similar look and feel with imovie where it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then the biggest deal is that it can now they will always be rendering instantly in the background -- you can actually edit on the fly which that. Is pretty out. Yet thriller the new core I sevens in there behind that to really have the headroom to do it in this would be. You can kind of forget rendering is the promise it just is always done it's always there without having to go via a pro rig with -- -- 101000 dollar machine. Yet mean it it does seem interestingly even though the price goes way down and teams like final cut pro finally moves beyond being just kind of editing toy. And if you really can edit on the flight -- that -- and make use of the power of a full blown editing ring. Then I think -- at that price some video editing pros are gonna really like that price is correct currently. I noted I'm just going off what would add and I know -- -- ever loving mind over that. Final cut pro available June 209 the final version of pro is OK another packet -- final cut studio -- -- used to be agreement that's actually is probably. Staying in line on price. So not getting sound track motion and color bundled in. It should be thrilled about that seems about right okay just for a final cut itself that's not hard to believe it's a good price. It is a good -- -- it sounds like a pretty decent video editing -- Okay there ego I mean it's between -- -- it's the original argued that it's a smart though and that put on the make -- and talk for Allegheny link there and here's what you think I. I have brown act I'm happy about it I think it's merely -- and make everything go faster with the rendering and all of them via the rendering does seem to be that paying. That is -- is that the times. But they're slow on 64 bit premier said that for at least two or three generations. So CS four has 64 bit there to CS five now maybe CF -- though. I if I read this right final cuts slow to get 64 bit support and -- doing video. Lots of ram is really and yeah absolutely well on the ability to take take advantage of the multiple cores -- huge yeah. This I'm sure it's gonna be amazingly. Fast productive also a big change I think that it's only gonna be available in the Mac App Store. -- yeah which is odd that is where. That's that's very odd -- a huge program. It seems like that's -- that state this seems to be their test it yet their inaugural box -- going rarely exactly weird totally moving all software no matter how big it's what you say it's huge but it's probably com because it's just the actual final -- -- not the -- again that makes it manageable you couldn't download the suite in development time it's an enormous multi gigabyte in the shipment dvds -- after it. Aren't I Wii will Wii wrong that one as much as we could we did we -- automatically try to find the excitement the glory and it. On and that he had succeeded I didn't I don't get some blank search for the -- and treat people like this I mean really -- think that the public to finally make it an actual editing solution in -- or video editors here this is the absolute high -- most people are never gonna -- sister and use imovie they're gonna use. Open source stuff. They're gonna go on eBay and find some shabby old -- this and this yeah I did a few people are very excited about that they get a few of them aren't that until we have now entertained if you Hewlett -- -- -- One analyst as saying Peter -- is saying that Apple is getting ready to -- far reaching video service that will be. Not only and Netflix competitor but. But potentially totally disrupt traditional TV. This is expected idea that they're gonna finally -- eyes iTunes go after Netflix head on because there's just no comparison. And that this could be a big deal because it may be as. He -- the Steve Jobs wants. Via through stepping down from the company's what he's suggesting nothing more -- the map but that this would become the biggest thing possible for Steve to leave on there's no device. -- to invent and -- that -- -- as your final statement. But it's about this kind of video service that is the biggest. Pending change basically in the next who knows how many years any plausible at this from Apple would be a very big. Part of the reason that he thinks this is happening -- that Apple's North Carolina data centers going live -- and they appear to be planning to build a second data center right next to that line. And he says they could be building a few other data centers elsewhere in the US demand in Europe. And that they're super data centers that are -- to being the recycle Wal-Mart super center 3% of the target they also have grocery retarded. Political big target. Originally called the real target mega something that they accurately target target -- big -- at Alec calls already are targets. It's hard about it now he's back it's not also they had super they had to target great -- profile -- land at that there was super Kmart super KK they got that about the whole different thing they have timber target. And they have general Ballmer called -- told -- they had to they had target great and also an affluent Catholic groceries and and -- and handle our product. And plants in gardening yes. But he retired as they I think what they're great and once -- there aren't that many out there -- this model Wal-Mart partnership when it comes for -- data centers just -- done. I am here okay okay on target -- it. Not -- any other things today and I got to -- on netware. Sort of at the -- regarding. Showing my silently -- Omaha -- target. Almost weekly an -- in approximately one of the first ones that are open and -- or she's not like a holy lord but everything here business church I went on Sunday. Okay back to the rails. -- -- data centers appear to be way too big for music -- just -- cute right they have the capacity to deliver for example that's of interest a ton of streaming video inefficiently large for music too much real estate too much power too much cooling zone accidents he thinks it is notable that the content companies citing a lack of domain license have asked Cablevision to remove channels from their iPad -- from. And we believe these same companies are negotiating some sort of deal with Apple. We believe Apple has learned much from having in this is what super interest -- -- as we've talked about. Apple TV and then potentially migrating those chips Apple actually licensing Apple TV technology to make it. And embedded system and -- that would be they must total Google TV tell. Much should they not Apple is about to hit a new Mac scene where they're gonna limit their own business and they're gonna go back to the Mac days of -- -- the elegant wonderful at a bigger scale that in the Mac days -- in the pre 96 era. But they're gonna hit that -- -- -- there all indications point. But they're gonna hit the ceiling again they're gonna -- a natural level well below the aggregate industry when it's tablets phones whatever and will available to their Cingular competitors mobile Android alone. They either need big they need to get into the cloud and content delivery in a much more inclusive way analyzes data firmware of other brands of equipment -- -- tethered devices and iTunes as -- download. And not a software and you know another cable needs to dot rat like -- -- -- -- -- And this -- and so this makes perfect sense actually it's a very big research note these are just the bullet points but it does really. It it brings her. And a television could becoming an actual television not just the box and twenty -- -- 2013 that makes total sense for Apple. I will tell you now I was I was banging the drum for that four years ago they are so behind -- making a television. They could -- the good and great things on TVs for years. Well and now everyone is talking about the we talked about as a bunch on the show but the ecosystem the idea of having your TV and your tablet and your phone and -- all connected all talk to each other similar to reveal an Apple like the only -- and that has almost all of us know there's place. If they flip the switch on the television media and just falls into place you -- nobody use it you order you know what it feeds offer and -- didn't -- to do that TV. If they start doing the embedded model -- -- silent they have Apple TV technology built into the television but the margins on the TV because the parts -- go -- -- -- driven solo on cost and -- that business is the -- all that stuff. On top of the margin they can charge that -- Apple let's read that has to be enormous. The TVs won't be that expensive to make. The -- glory gloriously beautiful -- And they'll get out there that -- the authority for 3000 dollars people by. Really in the -- you buy an Apple TV. The cardinal's branded -- because they'll build in all the stuff we're talking about they can get if they do it quickly they got to move quickly before someone else does this to say I've got all the ecosystem in a television has no one does that. No one has that all figured out -- -- get the pieces yourself. I get Netflix and I -- -- -- have a little bit of stuff on and it'll put on my phone and I got to manage all programs if we can buy 100 dollar -- -- -- sixty dollar roku box. Or you don't Miller Apple TV imminent of that feeling that is a hard sell right to me -- Apple unlike I don't wanna I wanna deal has been out wanna make as big. It's gonna -- way you're ready quite a bit when you're -- buy an XTV the Apple TV's -- -- -- -- market is gonna drive out by TV just because Apple brought wanna. When you go to buy your next TV. I think Apple's got a really strong position if they get into that business and 3000 dollar TV -- too much but they could charge. But it's gonna get the market HR 12100 to be the most expensive -- the market. We can register going but they -- And -- we'll have records will retain a twenty dollar -- -- -- article put embryonic. I'm gonna lose and I when. I -- affected. I thought this through very slowly how it goes. I -- -- early that march 2011 US online video rankings the interesting note coming out of that was that apparently Hulu. Is absolutely. Crushing -- huge when it comes to video ad impressions and -- more than one point two billion. Video ad impressions out of a total of four point three billion -- Not did you not ads on video banners -- these are actual video as I can see on televisions it's an important distinction and or not. Not dominating all ads on video but this is the actual roll in ads that's a huge percentage 29 and a half percent of the entire video ad market in the web video properties that had all the rest are all networks they're not actually MC. All the rest of the competitors are networks of aggregated content and not one single destination to make even more compelling. So then and then you just really do have to ask yourself networks -- here our bosses. YAR we know about why why can Hulu not to -- and you still. And that's the thing -- -- and this is this a guarantee what's happening it is is not good for them this is there -- -- the border now going okay we got a problem we just got to successful. Now we're really hurting our broadcast buttons -- broadcast licensing business. And we're hurting our residual values and all that stuff because this is where they say to him we wanted to test probe we ended up with a successful test -- And they can't keep saying that there isn't an ad model there can I've been saying hey there's no ad model can edit. Yet -- Ritalin and I'm gonna have to bring your content there -- yeah I'm gonna have to. I mean I think you know we've talked a lot about the slow. Adoption of kind of cord cutting. But it's getting more and more realistic yeah and it's a mixture to be a very different -- for court issued confirming that two million households tops of their sank. But Dextre -- be very different story but the -- what I'll Hulu does it does Hulu pull back at this point. Because they're so afraid of the revenue disruption who in this is an executive office makes that call if its sales. They're not gonna double down on the content not rapidly because there's too much disruption to their existing advertising from all those TV networks that are involved I think. Hulu have to keep on full -- actually because Netflix is getting so strongly into the -- and content delivery I mean if they're at the national identity -- a million bucks an episode for every it every episode Triad and. Hulu cannot afford to back off at all they're talking about that they're -- -- streaming TV alone being 800 million dollar business loses heat well this is forcing their hand seriously Netflix is doing and moving out of just being adult wrapper for content very smart move putting the pressure on -- as -- who -- on success yet. As to be very interesting remainder this year at their offices for a figure and as we've always known. That whole consortium of those companies if they can Haiti took the whole time they -- they had -- this thing. They did they despise each other for having their different take -- they wanna take their pieces and go home area PBS's -- were outward nine to use. I scenery again -- he could -- the and it's going to be a year in which apparently no one buys a 3-D TV because because it's stupid that's number one. Oxley number -- according to -- study. The more we will find out about 3-D TV the more -- -- -- that's stupid and it sucks well I hate those glasses that's. Glass says it's the glass and is come on if its all the glass -- And yet the price will take care of itself the glasses until there's a way around him don't take care of them -- to -- that aware of the big issue is looking stupid yes. But we think it's 54% of US adults now watch TV wall. Also working a Smartphone or laptop or netbook or tablet we all multitask on TV could TVs do damn boring -- -- that there is literally to immerse him to have to put those yes and you can't go back and forth look at your tablet yours and -- television the glasses are completely -- -- -- two. It that they don't understand -- doesn't work does it doesn't work for the consumer in their life technology works great. And -- numbers on 3-D TV are literally getting worse they're -- deedrick group did this study and they found that people do know more about 3-D TV now. But as opposed to six months ago. 37%. Of people surveyed said the price was the inhibiting factor in their purchase and 32% said that the problem with the glasses in this -- study now. 45%. Say it's too expensive and 42%. Say it's because the glasses up from thirty to love it literally the more they hear about -- -- -- -- now. Nielsen I think those Nielsen -- did have was part of a focus group -- back in September I read about it much consumers into focus group room and asked him how these questions what's keeping you from buying HDTV and it was fifty. 7% of the glass. To commit to a demo room sat him down in front of one of those stunning demo displays running -- -- on a 65 inch display darkened room. I'm in a special master copy of avatar it's been tweaked and all the gear is the best out there then they cannot -- again and the numbers who didn't want the Google TV went up. They just were wowed by the content but super wowed by the stupidity the glass. I was I believe they came out and they came up with a headache because the conduct Kennedy could make -- a little enough system has the glasses are really they love each other in the -- -- each other is that you look stupid and -- And I have to say that as you know people get their hands on with the Nintendo 3-D S and they they report feeling literally nauseous after playing it for allow. I'm not even sure to be honest that area's hottest areas topic or glasses free 3-D TV -- never fairly I don't think it treaty. Ever takes off as a -- -- Big problem is how much stuff is better in 3-D verses just 3-D and three. Now not very much I don't laugh harder at the office because I concede white coming from 25 feet behind -- -- -- -- -- a funny. That the holding the matters on to -- on -- have -- sports which they have forty figured out. The dependable guys are pretty -- they it is in. It's an not to mention millions and millions dollars in the year imagine some truck upgrades. All this for you -- sports and action which -- great. But the vast majority of stuff and all that catalog stuff in syndication doesn't look any better or come off any funny or -- more dramatic in 3-D yeah. I'm not -- content -- silicon a lot of -- analytic now. -- but I don't know they are the blank all the retailers know its its -- on the -- -- you're gonna see lots of research to show 3-D going up and almost exactly a 45 degree England through of the treaties set -- that's not the same as used. It's gonna be hard to buy TD without 3-D -- later this year -- it's really inexpensive but that doesn't mean you're gonna be using the feature. In a sad thing is that they're gone and how those numbers they're gonna take those numbers and an image around 45% -- Brady can take years ago and they love making 3-D movies because it's an awesome antipiracy -- OK cool. Let me on the green and your parents -- reason for the three -- push. Is that 3-D movies are really hard to shoot -- the screen in part that's true anti counterfeiting. That. And to them again and that's why you will keep. Seeing them -- 3-D. Long after that things had been buried and or -- wondering guy -- the biggest reason that it's. You think that's really big reason -- that they degrees India. For the movie is the biggest reason for the TV guys is -- are seeing a historic drop in sales this year it from. Further growth is still grow because it well that but the market saturated everybody then how about how we talk Audi pre and a half TVs -- and we all have HDTVs that want to -- and happy -- -- and a few more and one in the garage and don't use anymore. That everyone centered on television than of course -- has in the slowdown may have to come up with -- -- but the thing is connected -- connected again but they're gonna keep pushing -- because the studios Libya because they are they like the antipiracy -- a product that apparently -- -- TVs are not -- -- and an update to those sales start to go up because they inevitably have to. Then they'll say things are -- about blustery day. Using it that is -- it there's a difference though they no no no limit and you didn't. -- Chemical or report over into the cricket -- and cool it just like critical. The rim co CEO Michael as hairy -- is. According to -- -- quotes. Cracking up. In an interview the BBC reporter -- greatest shut down the meeting shut down the interview hold a sixty minutes' walk off yet totally like -- does Mike -- and stormed out. After I don't know if it literally into them but it sounds like that seen after being asked about security concerns in India and the Middle East so that -- the ongoing. Content will have about about Blackberry turning over information to that -- don't take it personally yeah he's an attack just a bit of an issue of national security attack. Okay -- pure evil defense just -- Not saying why get so upset about. The irony here feeling right -- -- while they walk like that -- -- we are talking about you in this light that's. He is apparently usually calm cool and collected but he became agitated and then to and -- -- apartment with anymore. And it they say that -- there wondering is -- Korea. -- it could be. Tensions around that I mean -- got a lot of issues right. And they've got to make that tablet which is what -- five days away from the playbook some light at six days before that thing launches that's gonna be a very tense time for them. Because that's gonna be in let's face it they need a home run there. It's a single product it's just it saves them as a media platform they've got to make that thing goes I think tensions -- going to be very high of one. Are they clearly are for sure -- -- says he's been giving all these interviews lately indefinitely sort of sounding. Palpably frustrated thing for example why is it that people don't appreciate -- profits why is that people don't appreciate our growth why is -- -- people don't appreciate Iraq. That we spent the last four years going global I cook I -- -- And all you -- as well all I want your slippers that your hair Ukrainian ledger being there -- serious -- -- don't matter. -- I would also -- defense they have they've been created with a broadly negative brush and they are on fire in so many ways. I mean look at the last year to date. Who thought everybody would be carrying occur per cell like -- even today sure they gave him -- -- Now the international growth of -- -- outstanding. Outstanding international growth but yes it's not in the sexy areas that were all talking about does not media platform. It's just messaging it's Blackberry server talk into a dumb little Blackberry phone in your contacts your calendar your email. But they're there they're international group has been huge and they've got a lot of headroom -- most estimation but they're not playing in the big. Sounds states they're getting it was Albany while port on your iPhone. App and -- not -- and -- repress the Democrat. In light of a better -- yes but why don't you have a hero -- You know hero phone is the drumbeat that -- b.'s beating and they don't have one supplement that can really point to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Co CEO I know now continuing account to -- -- at again thank you on line that's sound effect it into the early one in coming ultimately to -- -- -- the -- also could see nothing you can't have my second hand. Now that's partly the problems we -- have you have -- -- a company like rim is basically it's an engineering company and engineers. -- -- yield it's not about. Okay you're viewpoints -- instinct to in the marketing plan note but look here are the numbers here's the structure here's the thing works and it's an excellent elegantly designed product to do what we laid out today. There's no -- -- there you know compared to accompany its all about kind of selling image and impression like you know that so -- he got. The idea a lot of very sharp engineers in minutes and it -- engineering driven company more than I think -- Indeed and you don't have one guy at yet saying -- the GIG immunized as the girl but never as with a vision with their vision and -- now. I now -- -- simply can't. Microsoft is quickening its browser -- -- it going to do a browser released every year and even though it and -- I don't even know I. -- out two days old yes public that there they have kicked off -- I intend project. Grace by the way only runs on Windows 7 great stuff that's super fun they've already made the preview available for download. They say they do not want to be in the two or even three year three or even -- -- -- -- good middle of that is basically a bunch of web standards compliance so for the -- has been shown to do nothing sexy but for developers but. Although kind of adorable but they're shooting for annual releases when anything -- -- Chrome and Firefox haven't -- haven't -- a month's update every few months they don't see that kind of just like. Opening an adult yeah I just went into I. There's no idea Chrome read my mind I'll never let -- -- was amazing like how I did not TwIT.tv dot -- an overwhelming flock. Browser the first social browser and apparently I'm not the only one because flock will be discontinued at the end of April. Wall. And I countries junior flock a bunch of people and and -- -- -- which one with. In comparison. To those little goofy broken it's like I am now there's Rockwell -- -- another struck out which often on eating right. The only interesting thing about the -- shut down is that Zynga. Bought them yet that's surprise and they can seem to do no wrong -- now. Block says in an -- you about the shutdown shocker its team is now develop focused on developing social games received. Yeah they bought they bought a bunch of programmers go to that's good for them that's worth their money right there yet that browser -- Weytman. Fans of twilight are apparently falling prey to a scam on FaceBook. There are updates circulating -- promotions of a game related to twilight breaking -- And if you click on it then you go to this it looks like a FaceBook page of the play now button and then when you play it it light. The link. Spreads it to your FaceBook account via and then eventually somehow I think turned into like detergent right I'll know it and make do you fill out a survey of -- higher count. And in a scammer makes money -- every survey. You complete mammoth complicated so it's not exceptionally. Malicious and its payload so -- making money off -- Likely in your account that and that seems to be the way with faith but there have been a bunch of these kind of security threats but none of them turn out to -- Really the number of money they're not dropping the payloads -- you know real bloody they're just like to make money off view by getting -- -- like. -- platform. And fill out a survey of those survey or whatever the little camera fulfilling it but sadly we can solve for this though the saddest thing of all of that there's -- in. Britain on the correct. That's really that the one -- that story just getting. Other Brian thanks mainly on -- -- -- as the ban the book is easy. And I'm not the only one. Don't look at me like I'm crazy -- not over this. So American Library Association to -- to their annual list of books that have -- most attempted to be banned by lever whoever tried to ban books Americans and American -- there -- as Americans in yet says Americans and on the list just make it at number ten is twilight we don't know if -- the series or the first book. Which it -- twilight but for religious viewpoint. Guess what that has won it doesn't -- Don't just have really tires it just doesn't it I guess it does not religious viewpoint which is kind of a removes duplicate of total empire and other vampires were considered to -- that the religion -- instinct now and it has violence. Via. -- -- -- them on that list it it's basically compendium of all of them but that -- and various Americans have tried to burn some brave new world it's kind of a constant. Yet constant us. Among the books are tech related right -- -- utopian technology future brave new world -- it's a big fan of a favored among the geeks anymore these here really. -- -- -- Hunger games don't know that one -- and seminary in her -- never heard of I love that when the -- litre diary of a part time Indian -- Sherman Alexi. That could be a call center dial. Nickel and dime on logging by in America and -- it's economics now. In 2009. The color purple catcher in the rye and To Kill a Mockingbird -- on the list. There are often a good they're gonna bring apparently twilight -- their -- current. -- way to cure -- -- It really great. RA let's we need some happiness we need to have him. I love this story a team of hackers that led by a Libyan American Telecom executive. Helped the rebels in Libya hijack. Moammar -- is cellphone network. So that they could reestablish their own connection or communications he had to shut off telephone and Internet service. About a month ago and so the Libyan rebels were literally using flags like -- different colored flags to wave at each other Asian right here -- -- it yet. The data basically which can't that's -- -- if it. They did in exchange is being -- -- to a really risky job one rebel commanders then we went to fight with -- -- meant retreat green meant to advance. Cannot be forced -- back to the stone age. And there was signal jamming literally made me it's gonna take him back to -- Lawrence of Arabia ethnic and that they were getting. Slotted slaughtered -- -- max out their flights aren't at the from far away when people are you. But these guys these engineers they sketched out an idea for it on an airplane napkin. If -- -- the new network -- kind of cobbled together with the help of oil rich Arab nations from and it's -- more than two million -- their first connections to each other and the outside world that not only helping the rebel region on the battlefield but letting. People within Libya get phones and I don't know about everything good -- -- a cocktail -- and everything that airplane napkin -- the cocktail of product and the gamut from the middle that private plane rights. Okay ray. He take it like captain -- and ice off of there and. -- is that -- with a whole Muslim -- but anyway yeah that's her -- with what was up with our partners but he airplane that -- -- is so much safer -- Voters that it's a better movie when they go and to listen to -- -- -- cocktail regular Lavinia academy a private jet. Nicely appointed inside we -- -- eight cores there. Some CD American contractors of one who was on -- who went on named he was -- drinking. It was me -- -- -- men's journal does indeed. While looking into private planes that if they usually not not quite as orthodox. Okay report -- and an effort to get -- that the public unless you go today. Every one know and -- worth an accident that it. Nice. And worked -- David -- at all earth Steve the guy all I love that. Eight. We talked about what it resentment the laser lasers that they American military testing. That ray gun and and letting a boat lighting about vampire from afar which obviously led to the inevitable spin up here about your. A boat's -- with Steve from awesome -- and calling in regards to -- 1445. Regarding the chips now sporting lasers do you think we'll see an -- in the mirrored boat industry just curious. -- -- That's -- man right there there we go there we go outstanding. Yep -- of Leo in love it but I don't get it you don't -- it. -- in the email Darren from Columbus directive that I dislike the term. As it -- scripture for mobile -- but I do understand the need to identify software designed for mobile devices might it suggest mobile where no. This follows the existing standard of the derivation of the word software make webware. Moment where. Terrible word. -- -- it's pretty era. Now app works app is smaller devices it goes it's gonna light as a word -- -- in -- and into an Apple outlined that these that could run because it's found in their name right. Will have a treatment there. Yes it's true now. We think -- -- in the red and that's how they can only that they forced the rest of the world. You referred to as mobile where there by looking -- much less cool than they do -- how they went. I mean hate them but lab that's being. Love how they -- Europe. Part of -- -- okay -- to respond to email the Madrid yesterday about teachers being cut. And yet there's still an influx of technology in the is also spending money on iPad when your firing teachers -- -- -- generally speaking most tech in schools is funded by grants to either private foundations the state or even federal funds. And he's funds can't be used by the school districts to fund teachers any therefore -- of the -- to being cut for teachers the districts can still provide technology to their stated that taking away from teacher salaries. That's just an Ohio. You -- all the time about -- we can be simplified ideas that while wire we as they state federal gonna what are cutting this -- we're not doing this you can't has moved money is not one checking account. For a state for a school district for a federal government whatever it is it's a whole bunch of here and it is move the money around -- -- The good point. And of the implant it in now and and also kind of useful that was -- -- because the kids are definitely gonna need robots to teach -- that teachers who would even do the job who would do it. Anonymous threads in into the thought it was funny -- you -- made the comment that the Boy Scouts were finally catching up with the feature is in regards to their robotics merit -- he -- back when I was in scouts we had merit badges for data processing. Nuclear energy chemistry astronomy ecology and aviation to go along with the ones for camping fishing swimming for statins on by the laid out background 1977. -- called because. Computer science or something in 79 so you know they've been around at least some Silicon Valley he says they -- wiped out have a long history of embracing technology as well as the classic skill they also have one for geo caching. In other words we better hope that we have a few eagle scouts to rebuild society after the zombie apart. But they all need that what we actually think notably how to make a pirate -- stick to them isn't it always comes back to the -- it does show. Always does -- river back to Steve again mr. mirrors. Same guy by the same dude says dear god it's okay he has a rare dual appearance at the student to golf show we don't do this very often. A voice mail in an email. I'm looking and -- -- cemetery at 2352 street okay -- -- he writes do we have a good definition for what data throttling. In quotes means for the end user we heard the term all the time but what does that mean after -- reach my data cap and going to throttled Internet speeds of design -- west -- -- to check email. But not FaceBook. FaceBook went up pandora pandora but not YouTube what I would notice that although -- just -- -- my service is crappy. This is interesting because we hear about throttling -- answer. Is it blanket when you hit -- limit they will either. Reduce your bandwidth for all services or just for the video services that public -- trouble the first. It's well if it's not blanket then that the total violation of net neutrality regulations that's but that's basically the crux of it right I mean they can priority they can do some yeah -- prior activation. But it if they get into tears of delivery and some things are throttled and others -- that's specifically what the FCC -- -- you cannot discriminate. Based on types of traffic. But this is where this becomes troubling to me because I can see -- rationale where if you use a big Jillian gigabytes of video when you exceed the cap with a caps are not don't throttle my email. They'll throw my web don't know anything else that's a different argument there are business case arguments for -- but if we do end up with a throttling. -- well dissing neutrality is to me between providers not between services email and web are generically speaking to an IBD are not competitors. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It it. That sounds like a slippery slope to disaster like it because then you have your ISP in the business of -- the packets mean it just needs funny they don't -- If I have a ten megabit connection and I use too much of a drop me down to five for the rest of the month. But don't drop everything down to. Less than that to do it to a point where it doesn't look and it works well as you -- easy -- campaign and pandora normally do normally reallocate the 66 utilities that we're going to be thirty. They'll bring everything down like a stair step. Just say I've only gotten five mega bits now and anything that works within that is what you definitely yes you have to develop I don't think they should not be in the business of things like traffic and -- this topic and that thing that is exactly how we end up in. Disaster I have considered rightly calls me and I am asking you to be it dumped my -- to -- from ten to five and that's apparently let's just say as our model whatever I can do in five living doing -- But don't penalize services they -- every using its organist load on your web your email whatever through whatever technology can do that. We're gonna catch things will get pushed out as fast we're gonna make your web pages -- isn't gonna proxy server and it's gonna be more efficient for us but slower for you. Just -- -- cap comes down from X mega bits that I pay poured down to something else and my penalty. Just bring it down like that but not -- my services market is all that's what this is going yeah that's -- -- -- make -- -- That's different. Lowering my total available. Bandwidth is not gonna make my email solar casino doesn't use enough of -- well there's two things that -- -- -- there's throttling. So that you are in total -- -- speed up the difference between -- that's against between actually lowering the cap and making you pay more like them right. Some services have a cap and then you just pay more but -- that the -- -- talking speed not like what. What T-Mobile is talking about to most IPs aren't talking about actual speed throttling yet although there are threats that they will do it but if they actually do -- -- data transcends just slowing down everything. Yeah that's totally different from. Yes but did you do differently to different issue but I'm saying don't go after my services I would -- And I know there shouldn't be nobody no -- -- we -- I mean and T-Mobile and sprint mobile doing it as mobile finally got a low amount of data or speed of data throttle -- speed okay. And when they do that I'm saying. I can see where there is a discussion of it is clear yet of are they bringing all this is video high up here here's -- -- it existed for different speed levels of what they need to work well -- -- -- that service you can bring them all down together -- widget gorilla that together -- together or you can just say no video's gonna stop working well because it's -- now need more bandwidth speed camera giving you an email and web -- fit easily under that cap. Now I and that I think is the -- edit with this guy's getting into is are you gonna go through -- all my services equally or just the one that -- a lot of data. Right now I get your thing. I don't that is a very good that -- good very good technical point and from a business perspective I guess -- the slippery Clinton disaster. Is that why wouldn't they always -- -- they don't really want you to use them and let them then why wouldn't it ultimately my contract says I have ten megabytes -- just that simple until I use too much gigabytes genetic to my mega bits comes out and I can't consume any video. I can to thank you don't sign a contract and a and -- -- -- -- new and interesting. The -- and the audience there's a lot there's sufficient competition and another mobile and -- -- saying I won't do that here and I may be back in competition makes that work otherwise he then there's no to tell you think that actually -- -- -- super interesting debate. Buzz at cnet.com or email address 10616638. Is there an amber what do you think should ISPs throttle your speed. Throttle certain services. -- could do it just by service they definitely could -- And then they're not a dumb pipe anymore they -- -- -- -- inspection business big rail yard there are signaling everything. Or should they just charge you over its -- For going over your cap at the same exact -- -- report whatever service you missed poisoned everyone. Pretty bad all of them are bad. Or. -- they -- -- -- about the idea of not I I got this -- gonna you can't vote. You can also comment on that that are ideal that cnet.com which is where you'll find all of the links to the stories that we talked about and all these emails if you wanna read and over again. And you can follow us on Twitter I am Molly Wood Stephen -- is -- guy that you want to follow and or tweet at if there are problems with the PS please tell me of this problem the effects there's a -- boat right there at ninety. Allow -- just reflective. And no bigger than at the -- -- politics to. Yet -- just let me know Arctic air and -- with the gmail.com. I'll -- -- and Brian Cooley if you'd wanna complain about yeah whatever burden. For his -- there's something like the one problem. -- -- -- He he won't be here -- if they don't care -- so. -- -- -- said that could then you could have played it like I got fired it would having great tomorrow. -- -- we will never gonna happen but I will be asked him how we got that Donald bell tomorrow. We'll have mostly and you're very very much. -- -- --
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