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The 404: Ep. 1445: Where we beat up on Bluetooth

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The 404: Ep. 1445: Where we beat up on Bluetooth

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Steve Guttenberg's back on the show! Today he'll tell us about his disturbing dreams about Bluetooth headphones, the results of poll on the worst audio format, why you shouldn't give any money to Neil Young's Pono music player, and more!

Hey everyone it's Friday march 14 2014. Welcome to four -- four show on CNET on Jeff Bakalar I'm Justin Yu. Ladies and gentlemen today we're joined for his 38. Appearance on the show -- is not made that number of us are there and I thought there. Steve -- Gothenburg welcome back I -- around hey thank you trust -- trustees. -- RLs back glad he's feeling well. Good how -- are you feeling okay and girth -- good okay good enough. You know you killing whispers stuff for it really microphones and for a new here yeah okay okay just lining -- So everyone knows every time -- us he's here he brings along his chicken scratch set list. Which -- about thirty -- it's just -- like it's about a dozen or so. Items that he wishes to comment on. Just wanna point out today that he actually wrote it on the back of is a recipe for common touch. Which is a Jewish. Dessert. Delicacy -- -- in time she does -- you recorded how active critics you know bright nothing to do with the revolutionary war. We don't absentees are way older I would imagine reaches -- -- like poor and -- -- eight. Well thanks for doing that and thanks for being green men. I appreciate you place your recycling and all right usually on the program Wii -- let you have the floor -- there's a lot of stuff you wanna talk okay. I would love I love that it's also not alt text or audio related to you I'm just glancing at this -- -- Jay Leno yet. You wanna -- that's -- but that's my eyes is right next to sex app. -- -- Very little -- and -- what I see the word hot keys yet hockey get that out and that's still there and yeah. -- I'm thinking -- I junior -- don't have maps on my phone -- Which is -- Hana. Smartphone race is stupid phone has no -- get -- -- -- I got a stimulus for the far right. Kids are into that you're there man but anyway so I'm thinking there's a billion apps right now -- after just half that so it is there an app for sex like why you're having sex. -- counts your breath there are. Wait what are you want it to computer -- maybe maybe be the sex act this out isn't interesting enough for exciting if you need something to do while -- having -- com you should have an app for that right and I know that there are definitely adds. That I've seen that you -- should you positions and stuff but -- I mean in the act. But you need to like count your calories that you yeah yeah -- -- towers are burning is there -- don't you think that would interfere with -- the actual I think that's the point. You so noted bowl -- and interfere with it it's like how much -- a TV show when it's as if you enjoy blah blah blah -- -- when my favorite shows. You can you know why you're watching look at the homeland Apple TV show isn't well enough to hold your interest so we'll give you an app to keep you -- right I get the cookie baking yourself now also here is banging my idea yet as -- equivalents -- -- banging his way more interactive -- watching homeland -- You need like your audio -- there -- something that would require you to look at the problem is that probably Britain may even be -- -- Google -- -- or -- -- you know why -- from -- -- that's all -- but I don't know about. I'm interacting with but I'm thinking your hockey guys -- not -- Presenting the Lehigh -- person I'm a hockey person behind yeah so you know they're playing the danger I mean the players not the fans share your fans -- In -- you know this stands in there actually -- -- a little bit and a hockey players there there you know but they're not constantly bang in the pocket around Bryant knows only in their spare time on the ice on the -- rather on the they're checking their app is in Africa that -- It's an eighty when you're when you're open heart surgery here you know the heart surgeon is a little par with the nurses -- stitching or pump being read cleaning sounds they hear Andy Rooney movie isn't it. -- -- -- -- Global advocacy -- though your -- way -- so cities to -- apps for all news -- everything in its apps -- we do that you know -- -- -- so that's your commentary is that people what to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Guy that you know well I'll tell I won't make funny you. I'm just saying Roxio I was about you know -- -- because I realize that you feel the same way that people listening to music where well yes that people shouldn't. The Zune music whilst doing other things this is some of that time -- not all the wherever they should just enjoy music as a as a and isolated and you make it sound like says that I know I'm not I understand it looked like come on -- there's a lot of things going on in this over stimulated life and I'm pointing out that that's it in order to. I'm gonna hack anomaly -- Steve it's like people that run but and they also have to have 8000 things leaning on them and telling them so much. -- so much a necessary step bust your body rather -- of course it's cool to have that information but. You really -- heart attack all you really need is how far have you run. That's the only piece of adding -- -- and I really had to do -- you could tell by how far you've run you could sit and just like. A -- running in the desert. The but the beauty of it and -- and -- -- -- -- in some capacity -- I think we're just to most everything -- -- crazy yet. Think it's done something very strange to. What we as a culture of think is important. Yeah you know I'm really we just have gone so nutty with like everything's a joke and everything's just silly and regardless but you know it's opt in only -- thank you don't have to be as involved as you. Some missing many pressures to do I guess you know people make fun of me for not having a Smartphone Michael like you you. I don't really make phony like I think monster ball -- everybody and everything exactly so there's that there isn't I think you're like my -- -- Very similar. And certainly it's good. Again he's he he's just not into any of that so -- that same with him like that the school. Can it -- -- new -- it cannot because well this is not as -- you you know off topic here this is actually on topic button on -- that usually bring an iPod in here as your music out there I think but today you have an iPod like device I -- an -- -- -- an Apple. Well well this is this is. Power -- for real. So there's all this stuff this week and made this element talking about on regular -- Hana Hana and you're that episode -- an additional -- you know I sometimes I didn't say that but anyway I assume that you would have. But anyway. It's like it's like Columbus discovering America. -- -- Indians are already here -- -- -- -- It's here it's not for you to take -- just moving your mouse movements so it's like. They were already are high resolution audio player yet it's not like Kapono invented the idea yet ended -- -- -- don't use it like -- column. Yes just. The editing everything discovered high resolution audio but for the worst I don't know where you didn't notice there was such a thing now -- won't do -- -- created a -- of fun and it nearly a good you know that app. For and I'm and I'm also annoyed because I'm easily annoyed. That. That he did this is a kick start. As I experts 65 new Hyundai says exact artists and really for start up -- struggling artist begin on and -- -- for rich. Basically as a publicity stunt if you're rich you don't need anything kick started he sixty but he is worth 65 million about two -- let's back up here can you tell us what component music players for dual led didn't -- and and that -- -- -- I'm sure there were little -- -- that. -- -- the power player and this player you can play basically any file type MP3 is Apple lossless file turn thing but it can play them in much higher resolution and -- up to. 192. Sampling rate 24 bit files and which -- you know -- the -- -- what he's a quality much much better better than directories -- and yet the very best file. And that's what this player to these two concurrently by for 300 dollars which is a hundred dollars less than Apollo fire and with Canada we can be -- 600 block north. And this is three really you it's a hundred dollars on -- 300. So this is 300 breasts so -- and they make it cheaper when that I have read I'm gonna review this this is the fire go. IX five and which I will review but I a couple of months ago our review the fireworks three which is 200 dollars which I thought was to -- which also does functionally the exact things that your supplies and -- and -- -- -- what's the difference between -- that active -- -- the five. This was more -- More better camera more storage amount has yet it has this can have up to 256 because when -- talking about FLAC files we we spoke about this earlier in the episode and the -- files -- -- lot bigger than MP3 yeah huge. At seventy megabytes is sometimes -- man that's everything here so he's an aerospace really quickly but -- -- -- -- slots for SD cards and it's gonna this I don't think the polo player has external storage I think it does it does the -- -- received the other way I'm looking at the kick starter -- -- -- the back story isn't -- -- -- music player -- he -- a kick -- crowd -- website to ask. Basically beg people for money to brush here and it's and right but one at 800000 dollars when we talked about it it was a little over 16 I think yes. Now let's announce a three million dollar in tunnels at 31 that's crazy which is created and the thing is if you click on the thing to watch the video don't -- you'll see. -- see Bruce pre. Is -- lots of -- guy's ass thank almighty god I have never and read well like. Coming all of that is they don't. It's better man this should know better recording engineers and producers now know they just it's just -- will be at this Jesus because you'll know the answer I think it's -- they got paid for it and it -- -- they doing in a mile -- I think you know nearly on the SUVs on the library learn Linux you're gonna I'm just saying -- I I sold high end audio. For sixteen years I did demos that people people don't react the way those people are reacting -- -- -- -- -- -- that the ratio how much better it is it's not like an almighty god I never heard anything like that without that kind of difference you know. And that's what sort of selling it that's why it's like right at the top of that page is like those HD sunglasses. Gathers -- you know -- -- it. I've never seen anything like that works like Apple -- take something that we've had around for years open market it really well there's gonna get a celebrity do indoors and and then all of a sudden they intended to take them into living is he part -- was too is two parts at least there's the player itself now. Which is much bigger and bolt here than this thing yeah. And then there's the music story's gonna be selling these high resolution file to read. And the thing is the is this there is a site that's existed for five years quote HD tracts. Which in the interest of full disclosure I sometimes work for and write stuff copy for their for their website Eden and it second -- it already exists to them the press the mainstream press that's that's covering -- making it sound like this is amazing we can't wait to hear this -- But everything that -- always has already exists at HD -- is basically like an iTunes Rican by. It right now lossless for its size like this or any other store that you can buy -- high club hi there is music and then. You mean other than -- to track -- computer era of how much does an album of FLAC files cost. The the price on HT track is an opt in high rents and news. I think twelve dollars will know its its its 121000 like CD resolution to 441. But it was the one and two but for one -- to its 25 bucks for 9640 ports twenty bucks at the same prices that they will be on the opponent's site. Because those prices as far as I know I could be wrong or set by the record companies -- -- right I guess -- make sense for why. Consumers and wind -- more money well you and me I'm honestly if there's literally in the only thing that's more cost cost -- The overhead. Is the only thing they go right more space needed to certainly do have to create that master to you I guess you're right they don't have to compress web don't have. Have to create them vastly different and they make all the shooting your versions from the master so then what. Well you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well you know a fire. So anyway I looked at things in Chinese -- rather have that my pocket than that freaking pyramid red you know at school that has external and not a sports and everything is -- can you hear what this is -- really really act this token beard and a great product. I mean I I love their 200 dollar one -- this is Mexico lot of stuff that the 200 dollar want to -- But it is that you still have your iPod on you White House team MP3 players is that -- does right now you're in the woman using visual is literally I still open the -- on -- -- so now can we expect a full range from you on the audio quality if you click blog about how Neil Young is like. You know he's a -- well here's the thing. I'm not gonna actually officially rant about it they -- like to get one. Like his publicist contacted me like do you wanna talk to neo G1 took to the president -- -- and I said you know nearly I think I called him I said I will. But I first -- they have fifty prototype players as and I want one of those fifty pliers. To you know listen to in my own buttons from within and was -- in my house and -- -- backed me wish I hope Munich in black I don't care. How we gonna get your hands on it after I donate Arthur Penn yeah what are they fear I -- I talked to Neil Young well not only -- and I -- Have you. Heard anything about what kind of headphones is gonna come with Kapono player. I don't think any elected to make any difference in -- plan can't wait to see somebody with those white iPod headphones and listen to the moment that they didn't. Ridiculous I've really -- want to listen to like what I think he's. You know. -- of the -- into right now wanna listen to like what I find is the best recorded albums. And I wanna listen to it in 320s. Killed this percent and as an MP3 and then I wanna listen to it. As you know flack or however I want I can predict what you are here I know I -- -- got a nice note I would hear it -- like this is good years has been through this before right put on nada. Here's -- thing you know a couple of years ago I wrote and wrote a blog about this and I said we need to Nixon's. We need -- crap mix that they sell as iTunes and MP threes. And then we need. Better mix for the high res version because right now it's like everyone's talking about the the new back record. Yeah and and the buzz I hear is is that it's the same thing just in high rants and so because they've already screw it up and then just make a -- -- Burson. It's like who cares now -- really need to do eight to version turret or more but. Two would be the minimum number I would think is required he -- like the one. This music is compress for a reason of course so it's not like I'm saying they shouldn't compress it but they should give the buyer this choice of having it one way or the other right by both the whenever photos and music compression sort of made sense back in the -- and we only had 32 megabits that's about magnetic impression I'm talking about dynamic -- -- -- so you know they need to make. Two versions -- now one and sometimes it's sort of happens that happened recently with some big record where they sold to -- occupants and they're really almost the same thing. So the final word with this is. Would Neil Young is trying to do -- and anything new -- does have the biggest platform to stand on any real and and he could potentially. Bring this. Revolution of -- -- music into the mainstream right but hold your horses -- this is all stuff that's been done before. -- so you're just gonna go beyond our greater on the pissed off you could still making it sound like I'm. Creating this on -- -- music from those -- record companies antivirus way I don't like taking credit for yeah I think he is our but it eventually more people are aware that better quality music exist yet and the over local is that she is another. Potential really be a lie you horror. Misunderstanding about what he's doing because a lot of what he says is that we're gonna -- the masters that we're gonna use to make the the files that we sell. Our artist approved and -- and sound banner -- to to mix things. And again in theory that's a really nice thing -- but. It's not gonna eight. In -- -- -- -- loses it's gonna happen you know you can have hundreds or thousands of albums on the going to be solved on the pond on site that are that are done that way you know does -- have a -- -- right into -- not gonna happens alumni work. You know. So he soon to take what they give you the -- -- whenever the record company gives and that's what he's gonna do things are gonna say I don't like this -- do it again right you know that's conscience necessarily gonna make a lot of money off this them. I don't know man I mean he's gonna and he beat me up to manufacture this first but if you solely at the -- he's -- -- -- now run yeah he's just he's rich. You know -- rich if it here's the thing if -- exceeds it -- and that's good it's good because and can't the players to augment well not that -- Could -- that we're does anyone putting that. You -- that -- that's just that's like an old school iPod. -- ever in your pocket. -- -- put an opponent of what a theme that I don't know in your pocket he does happen exactly exactly so it's just for that one. All right so that's on that it was the end I had been having dreams about celebrities like -- see famous people like -- Obama. I had to I had of them have long do you have sometimes you have dreams go on for a long time I'm sitting with Obama in the Oval Office if he is a big audio feel that -- He's happy to meet me Zion to me has ceased. This elite posting I am really -- -- like a great relationship you develop the president I have a fly like asking me questions like which once and I I you know -- upon only good you know maybe it's just get the -- -- yeah yeah I put right there and like. Mister president and I'm here to help you write anything you'd have to somehow make the call -- so who critics out errors that he reached -- -- you or your eye surgery is I just. But it is I'm just tell -- and the Oval Office I'm teleport and the -- off -- the president has summoned me and very fair to surf mine since I was -- a huge busy day and I think you know I'm gonna take a smaller law still got here with the audio feeling. Pray that the do not just -- thing on the office and YouTube chat and it -- -- you know you know font that's pretty cool. And it was it was one of the you know how some user very Rio gives very real like you can -- the -- leaning across the -- and from the president of the United States. Did you -- is in awe of me did you ask him any questions or was it and you don't know if parents -- client might -- president. Right so that was and so that's it -- So many really wanted to like he was saying like could put these speakers over here Israel. Would feed -- -- -- that he. -- -- your dream is to outfit the oval yeah yeah on advisors think is you know. We we we're kind of you know men mesmerized by dreams and I remember like a whole what do they -- where they come from. And the consensus usually sees do you think the last thing you think about will likely enter your entry. And I remember thinking -- so so do you have any sort of like self explanation as to why perhaps you're dreaming about the president. No now it's just from just look at the drugs like that well liked it and then yesterday. I had another celebrity tree okay and it was jailer. Jay Leno can -- Way lot of that's cooler and it after the hook up more time on his share via so he's also -- big audio affiliate friend you know. But we're in his garage -- -- his cars there -- collecting car his. This is so strange Diego and he's asking me or your questions there but for some reason. I have brought a violin. To present to. Mikey ask me to get him violent. See his readers -- give him this file and they're gonna. You get in this violin -- you like are you wearing a tuxedo and you are an example I'm not gonna play it well I'm sure he asked me to get a little violent and it's gonna look at some hit innocent case violent incidents and you go. -- -- -- that he now using like a priest from attempting to correct you know vegetarian options remain very pissed about that -- anyway. So I given the thing and here is net -- markets we year. Oh now it gets weekend. Because up until now things were like yeah it's pretty -- pretty normal day in do little -- -- him. TJ I just when it realized that that violent cost me 12100 dollars and I bought by working. My minimum wage jobs. Which is under each fruit. This very -- with Sony I -- -- university is dreaming that words are coming out of my staff. But I'm trying to make him feel guilty it's not like I want to give me the money that's not my motivation I -- I was bus in my home. You know as a waders and it's even know yet. You worked real hard to keep his violin you know he's not he's not he's just chomping away NS analysts is that we is strange -- -- -- you know I really work hard for this to give to you -- and you know -- my buddy my pal so so where did this go it didn't go anywhere and that was an annual via network. And I'm not a dream analyzer but that some strange random crap right there but I don't know that we all at least Gunn -- Jay Leno impression and that's doing it well you want to make sure of the history. Adhesive that's the last words that I is English OS that I -- does that mean if I said it I I'll I'll make it very -- -- there's. What is that as remembered that I had this dream. -- I am on top of very tall building -- man. Tenant in this dream I have I have normal this. So you can see -- in the dream. Yes I'll tell you want to know where I'll tell you why it's your minds -- -- well that's my dream right. Some on top of this -- how would you know what twins were on the in his audio okay here it. I'm sorry it is interesting to me now things -- getting weird -- like it. Come on top of the belt here. And I go over yet and that any real life beyond that scene that well I'm really afraid of heights but I'm -- -- -- -- -- never do and realized -- does is. And peering over the -- that -- thing. And I'm looking at people walking on the street and -- like forty or 54 and you see them perfectly even. Perfectly -- because on -- neat to see them perfectly well because. On the sign I have up like a shopping back. And and reach into the shopping bag and -- take out a pair of Bluetooth headphones. -- -- Then. I look over the side. And and drop it so that lands on someone's head and kills that its its its like the whole idea. Steve why -- you know this idea that if you dropped -- -- Grab a building you because -- accelerated with kill -- which is unsure which submitting. It's a dream -- so one -- You -- if you -- Bluetooth headphones. He was to -- And therefore digital must die when you when he fell down today dislikes like punk somebody out there or did it's -- they could have like a penny ahead like kind of exploit that's what I like it has like a watermelon like a watermelon right. And empire that as I left out some I'll run through this and -- people at random account -- just picking up people wearing beats headphones now I'm picking people who are listening to Bluetooth that. Because. I can't get there looking at their devices. If you know. I didn't know I know we're gonna go this way today put your -- and you're pumping your reduce episodes ago and -- usually -- started with that's a yeah sorry if I had known that you have Tanzania so I don't really tell that murdered -- yeah that's so wacky -- know you know you have none ever told us the story I'm gonna. But now I know that you fans are gonna murder -- -- so it is and it and it's one of those really long dreams. In it's like it's like I'm a superhero what has like a bad superhero there super -- super -- on the superior so by day on the -- really matter W audio C you can hear viewed -- up -- up and from the pay a meek. What are your review our media you know hides in his apartment -- like. Writing staff writer -- -- night I go out cause I keep getting these emails from readers and what about this Bluetooth had -- what about -- happen to have -- don't bother me. So anyway so at night I go out. You can hear what they're much -- super villain and more a serial killer is yeah yeah yeah I guess Theres -- music consumer village isolate take over the world it or not or you're just dumps you calculated. Edmund I'll go this -- your deliberately murdering people yes there's an MO design methods you're ahead and and and I feel really bad every time I kill someone. -- -- it bothers me hello -- have a content I have a conscience but I can't it's like I can't help myself that is catheters deep. Do we know it yet your -- got a scratch that it can scratch that incorrect -- -- -- I had heard Steve Guttenberg. High end audio revered by day right in scene. Nine NightCall psychopath. Psychopathic serial killer only -- -- -- -- -- -- get to the -- of this and had no idea you -- so passionate about Bluetooth headphones how do you really believe these -- should -- I think -- why you -- Hard you can have so much as he's getting nobody I wanna know why you hate me too that's the that's tricky so I hear it yeah so -- the number of the big things I'm treasury sound bad they cost more -- -- -- -- it'll get the regional cities you have to read our your my mind so I just wanna car and it has a Bluetooth audio receiver in our yen and does it sound like course crayons they. But it's different for you because when you listen with headphone that's a court on it you're not moving around a lot right now. On a peculiar more like a stationary focused on the -- nothing -- happen and -- and I you know in the subway -- that doesn't get it just makes brings have a very painful for people that are act is saying you know like exercising more than one time music. The headphone -- can really -- and I think that if you've ever had that feeling of getting -- pulled out your -- aren't really -- -- are killing people know if anyone in your dreams kill as many -- you want in -- -- stick to the whole -- non -- thing but it's been doing and this -- rearrange -- I don't know that the dream was was one of those really -- -- you know and I forgot a lot of and that's what happened category -- -- -- was -- there heads would explode. And you just like smiling up there will -- I don't know if I biology as soon as they they died yes and I so they had crack growth but I felt that. Law isn't -- -- -- but I can't say it but they knock and every list and then put it completely and not see. The ends justify the -- well. All works out this is totally this decision resolutions is probably the -- story you've told yet but I love that you know I love. So I have this friend of mine who's who's that who's an artist and -- you know. And -- cartoons with the -- -- comics parts through the musical artists and totally -- I gotta do this is come Jess you know. And I said but I don't know we're an -- trying to sell it to magazines and -- -- been done you no no no it's like I can't find -- but everybody every editor that I've told about it Mike is like. Kinda -- Apple here's what you do you in because of the Internet you don't have to get it published he just put it online yourself -- wanna pay. Hate him he's cents -- -- -- write it. So pay him. Or have them do it for free and -- -- -- not easy really is a struggling -- -- don't -- -- you know it's funny this you don't wanna put him further into debt you know. Fair enough man -- some wacky since crazy shipman here. You are a true icon. Thank you just truly have a dark side of I think we just -- tasted it. Com all right well we've got some time for some more -- love it more yeah I mean I you've got a lot. To go so I did a -- you know a couple weeks ago about the worst format. What's you know the label of test the worst form worst audio form for -- apartment Brian. Cooley -- what that would be gas wave. Now now we know ways wave -- that -- OGG whatever that is -- on his bad. -- or how to are a real player and ethical -- school. All do that I mean we were talking my digital it'll it well -- the history of audio. I'll -- the end IBH they got to the end so I put up -- you know it's a major outbreak you know what's amazing about folds -- that. Is this is the only line and look at them all the time to -- Is that. Even when is like fifty people who have -- who -- -- -- that the proportions the ratios of all the things are the same and almost never too. What is so -- 809000. People who have who have. Who voted vote on the -- now and the proportions are almost exactly what they wore when -- start. When you that -- -- this people able it is funny for some reason I achieve how to that I. I like an artist who did it looks like you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A little bit they did this viewer does passive viewer writing aren't the only view. Is attempting in his car recommend if you don't the problem is it's an elevator and you put your name and -- head -- -- -- it's not like anything it was on the front door of CNET. So many clicking page views and -- -- -- -- and -- comments or -- the I think you're eating I cut your your your mind is in the gutter -- -- one comment on all 205 -- thirty. -- right now I mean I'm I just did a quick search for CO CKN. 93. Comments. Talk about the fact that looks like you know -- you know that's awful -- I'm not -- first thing I saw -- because the art doesn't look like. -- -- -- to know -- this -- like this have like it's heated in in what's the first of Woody Allen movie that for all I'll take the money -- right -- goes into the bag with a note that it wouldn't go back if he sits guns -- -- -- right exactly. That's the battery that it has got -- easiest. I didn't do it last week worst audio format of all time why the eight track cartridge is obviously Jeff and I weren't around for the popular -- -- Is it was like how you had to jammed it into the yeah exactly they they they were all -- on the -- -- You couldn't you couldn't fast query -- -- because they just ran -- -- couldn't find it soon you just put it in wherever it is it is okay and you know it's basically. Four tracks that are on a continuous loop and so sometimes the song doesn't -- it's just goes to the next. Track right now since it was a million things and must be kept -- is dimming cars where -- get hot. In you know in the summertime -- 130 degrees in your car and in the wintertime it's freezing and they would you know they weren't dealing with the weather too well so -- with everything was want and they didn't -- -- connect it right. It's amazing a certain formats just everyone's like it but with popular it was very prominent Atrix did you keep in your car these things that are huge pig you know everybody just -- -- the of them almost like the size of the its -- -- you hold them. -- -- -- -- -- -- between your. You know they look very similar to use the tracks the use in radio CNN CNN like that when they were similar take our hearts turn to occur so ridiculous so this weekend and -- to do the follow up what's the best audio format. And now I say about me best sound and just mean like overall what's your favorite -- as much much to your chagrin I would imagine people vote the MP3 -- Really I really do because DV three has now been around for almost twenty years to -- it's been around for -- years I was really surprised. Popularity. It is. Pretty it's not -- popularity contest -- the kind of kind of does the fast what are you know what it means that -- best -- I always forget me not surprisingly the best would be -- Right right. But there could be it could be -- you know it you know I'm expecting plaque actually to win means they've turned. Where else can you play flack on a portable device you can click on an iPhone which have to download software for it there's -- to get inverted it plan or yeah I guess I said there's an app for that they're finished so it's still in -- I need -- -- I'm curious enough -- I don't really know much about. Other formats beyond MP3 okay and so for flak hidden. What would be the MP3 equivalent or could you not have that -- would there be a bit rate of MP3 they would match that of -- It's not a bit. -- -- are now just a long its its glossy it's right losing a lot of information I know and he's amazed -- small are compressed -- part of their missing from the data compressed majority smaller files and they could have like a tenth the space drama -- flack okay. Interest of -- is a lawsuit is a lossless -- meaning it doesn't happen all the information doesn't the wave hat okay but he can reconstruct. All the infamous gotcha and Tuesday. So it has about half it's half the file size of a wave file. That's big right it's half the size way interest and -- in the waves have everything the way -- have the fold it that's it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Too much. Musical information. But. Thrust -- into -- killed late. MP3. Sounds pretty great even all you feel the -- even I would. And fast so so if that's an -- found out tomorrow that from here on out all the world's music. That's them. That's the that's the -- we'll have just 320s he'd be the best that -- -- -- -- -- we -- -- you can look at and that there is bigger mystified faring better that all right wonder if they think but the thing is is that. It's not people mix up the format. Ultimately with the quality sure so a crappy recording as an MP3 twenty MB three. Is still gonna be -- Right and it and the crappy recording as a WAV files -- or an LP it's it publicly sorting itself this makes it good or not that I'm always amazed when I listen to streaming stuff on the Internet I can tell if it's a good recording. -- Steve years. He wouldn't be a 44 -- appearance if you didn't spend a little time making fun of beats. Right be -- -- anyway well so the beats thing I'm going to read that reason be its effects upon is is basically -- Young woke up one day and said. I can only room for it can be ready Dan realized -- -- opponent so he's marketing it and presenting it -- exact. Well I'm sure he's not the Indian people telling him -- the subordinates of mastermind of with someone -- in new you're -- -- be on incidental I want to tell Steve my beats story okay and then this from Richmond -- he says. Hey guys. I heard he's gonna be on the show I want to chime in with my gripes about -- fight your way. About a pair of beats for eighty pounds which is what like a 120 bucks function -- thirty burns roughly. This had a great until the left side stop working after a month. That I -- another repair but then they snapped two weeks after idea -- seems like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was like crap yeah that's every year I also recently ordered it beat box portable phone he keeps going and -- do you think and that quite junior -- like asking for more okay. Com. I also recently ordered AP box portable with the order -- sent in never got through and my -- purpose -- start what. So he's really OB that are out yet my question for Steve is what you think about beats by Dre and their products not just the quality of the sound but also the brand. And do you think it's fair what their brand edit it does to convince consumers to buy their products even though. They're clearly not. A good idea what it bead addict it would of the -- I think he's saying like to -- what do you think it's an evil sort of like corporation sort of thing or do you think there's real musicians behind. And -- -- it -- out of Israel resistance must account. To do with -- there's -- -- because remember that president. Very keep bringing that -- yeah because it was just so horrific that letter was certainly that you would mean is that yeah against the prank you know now -- also -- it and that agreement for the part where Jimmy I've been since the Dr. Dre. You know we would make a -- we tend to drink for his approval is that now. Not good enough yeah I'm gonna have to put my name on it and he went through hundreds of a person has before this. Doctor tray with satisfied. That this was good enough to have -- -- moment this was the first -- this was like down the road this is a few generation it is go to. -- -- and sure go -- but I'm not upset at beats on the set of the people that buy into the marketing idea except that that's really what you should be angry at because you know day. Vitamin water doesn't have vitamins and of the most important to tell you to drink -- regular water it's just colored sugar water that which is -- right I mean. It beats is just the first company to market head phones to young people in this way and and so -- buying it happens so. They're making a lot of money can't -- Dr. Dre firm you know well raking it in. Emitted doctor I would do the same management as yet any of these and you can't -- I mean yeah I love him and I hear that -- sat radio is. On big time -- -- Mexico well you just can't I mean you're not remember and it's the first streaming service has no free option. Right. You have to order them now takes now and I've heard about milk we think -- now since only got milk. We need a music service -- what would you mean its its that's there's -- music service Samsung milk you've heard of yeah. There's always new music service and link milk. It's only gonna be one in the -- -- I mean every. To a certain degree audio is really hard to sell people cause its objective -- and every person hears ahead from differently so how do you market to a bunch of different people get them to buy your product. Like if you're gonna get mad at -- we showed you also -- -- Bose. Because that's it'll have the exact -- -- are definitely minute they're just marketing to a higher. Level of consumer -- their heart marketing Peter and I abnormalities. You have to make that that that's the potential buyer comfortable. Read that this is the right choice you have to remove all down there does seem to be a little bit of it intimidation with -- -- Gas -- it has an aggressive sort of marketing strategy where she -- you know the -- and consumer reports story. I think you medical -- port as well this is like twenty years ago consumer reports gave -- a bad review of the speaker. You -- -- they sued them then he said give you -- our company. Member of consumer reports is not like a regular magazine was stationed CNET lists that support -- its its readers support other thing in NPR's -- not you can't. And anyone in this case there -- always wanted to. Bose -- -- and they gave -- two million now that's messed up and the thing is they won't talk about intimidation factor. That the message was don't you dear -- a bad reviews of well then because we're gonna come after yet. That's kind of weird you know and like the Tony Soprano of order I mean we've -- credit pretty shady stories about big time companies. Doing stuff like that so it's not super glow yet not just in the headphone market not just taken advantage of any market of one company in the most popular market you can think you are dynamic they -- and you know they were really. -- when I did my obituary for MR Bose when he died yeah -- months ago and I wrote this I thought. Very respectful share. Thing -- -- I write this piece and then. I also have to say because I had to be honest I -- you know he created this thing though that a lot of people like its products and but. It's never really been popular with forty files -- -- really pissed look they say that's not receipt just -- had decent but it's China. It's true I don't like 95% of what I -- was my question is legacy change. For no reason. But it makes sense that I mean and Bose headphones are beautiful. You know I -- -- Bing and loops and products are beautiful too but they -- sound -- -- you you can buy it does -- HD 280s but let's be honest -- a really ugly head phones and and on the real time of these and -- all the momentum -- -- my momentum denies the -- to really trying bulky. Is there anything -- that you do think they make anything you the noise canceling headphones and big that they didn't -- dancing is the best noise canceling. Yet it doesn't sound that playing music show in terms of blocking nor is it he'd box guys really well and it's us extremely comfortable -- -- don't forget we were all able to infiltrate the living room in the home theatre room and horrors Carter a huge deal -- but yes I'm finding Harman car and is also big car does Biederman factored into their Bluetooth speaker sounds pretty good -- that's so pleased. Yes I think the soundly so even though it's a lot more expensive than the rest of -- on the market there sounds pretty good too. I can -- things approved Bluetooth yeah it's about but it's not gonna get any better rate is -- and securely is there's better. And it's -- coming it's coming. Before we say we are gonna meet up on -- -- -- forcing your body you have your way with mr. Seth Meyers. I like -- is a very nice man position -- a dream. Now this that you are really eating -- -- I don't understand why he's on television her he has apparently no talent he's not a funny per do you watch a show you don't like it. I forced myself to watch -- talks now. I see this train track yeah I like how could this man because he's doing the same basic stick that he did on -- that -- -- -- years is you're funny people -- -- that -- -- him right here are some very funny people and -- shows. And I think it -- just that. Whatever happened that Lorne Michaels that he was dozing -- -- something for seven years and he let this non funny person will be a lot of people said that about. Com Jimmy found when he first went -- late night. That's -- and now it appears -- I've seen the tonight show with him then and I will be the first to admit. I think he's doing great and -- -- -- -- Jimmy found always had energy Healy said energy any and he's just he's just multi talented and it's not is not like. He's just. Overall like. Fallen in every category and that's what I think he's just a well rounded entertainer and rustling so popular I don't that's enough of playing -- use them in any other -- -- I don't even see his. I know it legs you know I mean like that's how little you -- Seth -- -- during his time on NASA now. And here he's just sitting behind that desk. I think -- was a writer raise user had rendered for so happy that explains we're responsible for our it staff that -- yes it. Look how did you ever sterling Colin Quinn was ignored -- and he or was gritty and you normally. I even like Dennis Miller when Dennis Miller actually let's Jimmy -- definitive -- yeah so. But what have you you'll you should watch -- I like this. So my friends that did not cessation on yesterday's -- yet again it's in the other guys often do you watch the -- home show. Is the late night equivalent after Conan O'Brien on TBS term I think you might like him better and a big fan of Pete Holmes. Just as -- on a positive notes -- just the heating and everything. I like Pete Holmes is a good guess maybe try that out. But -- not give Seth -- to repeat you heard. People is like a gigantic man and he's he's as tall as a conference call it what is like what is up with that you need to be super told the late night TV show -- I'll just it was county mental notes to become the seem to be a little short span. Which promptly yes so -- right away leaving a funny people in the -- being -- act what's his name with -- definitely super ninja that's. Fine alright guys I -- lamp outlet seem funny that's the you're laughing we -- hot hot hot grounds and analyze and -- smile I just like them but I laugh yeah bunch of times -- NBC a lot of those episodes. Well after I saw that I went to bind yeah yeah pretty epic. He's funny he's affinity. You we had a crater -- show we're gonna show. Yeah this document on document -- the one with Bruce Willis it's pretty great now let's look at the -- -- on the net. Pretty excellent. -- -- -- -- I guess -- get -- I've only caught it like twice the Seth Meyers a show person and gets you extra bag and bring myself to you again. Like -- set either but that's another story. How is -- arms and as the band -- and watching that episode and he does he he -- and reader I think it was a -- united Annan on yet he everybody in the ban -- and Canada understands you all know hello I -- like that I like maybe -- become like they have the maybe -- can go play guitar and -- that's yeah. All right well there you have that you -- piece -- Seth -- you -- clearly enjoy the guy. I'm a big fan big big fan to -- get everything from all over the place man -- thing. I don't talk about that -- -- because that's not English. I think it's totally Ares I go to -- thing is that we present to work to -- -- gonna I'm gonna plug -- -- and now I want the whole thing again this little thing I can tell you president of the line care as well -- -- was shot on 35 millimeter felt good for them and another that has an amazing that's very rare. And the director that was one director for all the episodes and said hey this is my last chance to see film -- -- it. Why was it his -- -- because they're not -- and came out of this film is too expensive to Morris County that is amazing -- and the answer is such analyze it seems like our true detective. I don't know what the budget was for it but how many -- -- as -- -- -- 35000008. -- -- six. Month shootings off. That must have been very -- just for the Malone had -- one -- writer. For the entire eight episodes one director -- none of these things happen on the content on networked non series programs that answer tyrannies then entered and it and coarse Woody Harrelson and -- -- -- -- -- Off the charts and I never thought I'd ever hear and see -- -- -- what and that account -- -- email out. Awful movie -- only works of course did you end date teamed up for a movie before -- -- review what does Hillary Ed TV together all the yes that -- powers an ultra cool little thing I thought it was -- -- -- you may know you're in it. No but I was in the mixing -- -- I I did a story about mixing sound Fred TOK and I hung out with Ron Howard -- -- -- way. Yes it -- is a somewhat under appreciated movie. -- and it's not great. Put it's not awful. Okay maybe it's gotten veteran with aids I mean from writers and he has a couple of -- -- -- it it's not terrible. -- -- about it and that's where warm room where will ended or we are you looking up something to talk about it click. Unknown looking up photos of the -- these guys together -- Brothers yet in a TV -- they both had long hair I think this is them Ryan. It's pretty funny enough I look at this he's from that I know of that's from Lima now that's is treated that -- is treated to no that's not from to detect that it's not yet know and and I never got an iPad and -- -- tell him. Let's endure for us thank you for tuning in big thanks -- -- over here. Make sure you follow him on Twitter at the audio -- of the X-Men and -- just audio if you you know what if you like man right act audio feed of the -- -- Follow all of us on Twitter may she do that and join our sub read it. And then check out our new FaceBook a show page you can go to FaceBook dot com slash the 404 NYC. Give it a little like action and done a circuit in our show through FaceBook everyday uses. I guess fun. -- -- And that's it everyone have a free and awesome weekend we're back here on Monday. Until then we'll see very soon I'm Jeff Bakalar and I'm Justin knew this has been the 404 show. Once again big thanks to sphere today always a pleasure and my it and don't make Neil Young any return right please don't do that idea thought given -- -- -- Monday that it.

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