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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1444: A line to the sky!

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1444: A line to the sky!

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We all want to stream video on our devices but the big companies are saying "NO"! Bring on the parade of lawyers! and the Department of Justice approves Googles dream to help us plan our vacations so that we can travel freely about the world connected to our clouds & Google social media of course, while Facebook is engineering green open sourced servers that will require no air conditioning. What does this all mean?

Today it's Friday April 8 2011 that's the buzz out loud my name -- Stephen -- jumped. I am Brian's song and I am Hollywood blogger buzz out loud to that podcast of indeterminate length is episode 1440s. Or -- It it -- age -- But -- displayed the best version of Friday ever which I think it actually. Probably. Either -- the mean does not funny anymore doesn't cost them or that elevated it -- and that you haven't ever seen it go. On Hulu and watched. Even cold -- thing Friday line. -- young talent with the roots and and some surprises -- that -- to Ben and Jerry's and a semi and related comment that's technical merit and Jimmy found have their own Ben and Jerry's -- now. The I didn't -- Intel has on its cult like late nights. Yet -- -- that after Oracle -- -- American dream is there gonna. Really and then do it and -- come as the late nights -- the color on them right yes. Try it does have -- -- -- Hastings -- the -- And tech news through -- -- -- -- including -- -- we -- Bloody Sunday we have the pure love coming on we -- already bottlenecks weakening tropical location. But that's -- to say the men live the life out that's all the same. Yes that prepare yourself they're prime won't be computer -- next week. Because -- -- movie looks like on from a whole life. As a -- all dying uncle. And in a manner that. I'll get you back and you get me back and -- -- exciting to you will have Eric Franklin next week Brian Cooley is coming Safeco and us dailies in the -- slowly than. Natalie it's gonna make it's special or are really now it gets -- that's an excellent we'll have. We don't need you I -- you guys don't need me trust me we. They'll be. Mean you'll be doing in there it. And it out now we need the Newton is nearly -- other and make our mutual love fest is over the -- -- is over let's get to the stories and area. All right we've we've talked about the Time Warner stream mean content directly your iPad in your home. -- L Time Warner Viacom. Are taking this the original articles as their filing lawsuits against another but Time Warner describes it is not a -- -- lawsuit. But -- -- with -- declaratory judgment though there at -- yet declaratory -- -- the putting a mediator between the two companies to find out who's right. -- Time Warner stream this content. Based on the -- -- definitions of the licensing agreements that they've had in place with Viacom or is Viacom in the rate to tell them that you cannot do this and that's why -- the station's from. Exactly Time Warner for its part put up a blog post and that -- have a pretty funny elect not able to -- up. Remains behind the first last week -- plans were at that last week we polled a number of channels from our iPad app. The Internet not exactly a haven for -- discourse or patients or complex idea. He has let out with verbiage more commonly found in war movies and interviews with professional -- at that -- They said though that ultimately they're very confident in their rights to distribute programmers speeds over their cable distribution infrastructure -- any digital device with any customer's home. They said however some of our programming partners have taken a position that our interpretation is -- But they do want it to this to be seen as more like arbitration you know that they're going to court just asking the court they're basically saying look we needed disinterested third party. Who can just say yes -- now. Because otherwise we're just in reality to I mean -- you know within the what is there to yelling at each other now about -- right. And everyone I mean consumers already mad enough about it they. Once Viacom -- dollar channel's time -- start adding some I think someone wrote in that. Oxygen and lifetime Raddatz of that I would be happy about that would definitely impact my view that much that I appreciate that email. Whoever sent clarity and party is out. Buttons buttons. In the week and I'm sorry as it does it really there is really -- in but I'll be curious to see how this all shakes out. I would be surprised if it didn't turn into a hostile lawsuit under you know yet. It's -- that there are at least plain nice early -- Because you would -- thought that. Viacom might have been right c.s and s.'s stop you're not gonna do this right well they are trying to come to some sort of middle ground at the moment. I do like that that at least is sort of pro consumer at valley icons they were gonna find we're gonna Lawler constantly -- in a -- in -- because we can't reach an agreement so hopefully this will be resolved. In some sort of peaceful manner but you know that whatever the court decides -- the declaratory judgment is. Somebody's gonna disagree and and that's when it it either is or -- ya gonna -- -- -- and we'll find out. Time early happy new rules and their favored by -- -- -- and -- exactly it'll it'll be like you know not for losers yet let -- all -- -- -- -- and in another story that's related to how some of these streaming and licensing content agreements can be difficult. ESPN -- very exciting is now streaming live their live broadcasts on the iPad -- the iPhone. But as usual there's a catch so the mobile application you can watch content from ESPN -- paean to ESP NU. And ESPN three dot com which is some of -- online stream content you can watch -- laptops. That it is gaining the middle. Well yeah it's all right an apparent now as there eyes glow -- all the light is the video in thirty -- -- but nothing but a little show. So if you're right now though watch ESP in the app is -- -- -- the feature in the app. -- accessible at Time Warner Cable bright house networks and Verizon -- TV subscribers if you're on Comcast cops -- -- Cablevision. -- to be able to watch it and than what's also kind of tricky is ESPN three dot com which was a service that allowed to watch some live content on your laptop. Comcast is supported by that I know that for a fact. But then it with the iPad app and you can't you can't watch the -- on its sole. Barley. It's so ludicrous -- and it's literally like you look at this needs try to figure out and this needs to be in in photographic you know like. If yes then go to this little line and then this goes down here in and I have this one and -- iPad -- -- -- -- the box and there there -- earn it I mean this is you know again if the early days of this kind of distribution content distribution I guess so obviously it's still gonna be wild west for awhile but man is it gonna be a Peta. And telling some of the stuff gets sorted out I mean it's just like you can only I don't know. Also old -- with all these arguments of whose content gets to be played where and it does show that the tablet form factor weather tonight pattern other device. Is a success now because it's actually disrupting. Some of the business model for the consumer its assessment is disrupting a lot of business models -- replace. It's interesting too because it seems to be disruptive to businesses are and beyond its actual market in the now when you get the number of people who actually have iPad -- kind of wanna go. Why are you making that much of a big deal about streaming iPad because really it still is a very tiny percentage you know I mean I get that they don't want that president ends -- at public. At the disruption seems to be in extreme access compared to the market share. But but it's true that digital devices in general whether there tablets or Smartphones or you know. Or probably mean that you know to me the best use of the tablet is as sort of a secondary TV I think people definitely -- of potential there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll keep bringing -- the -- -- -- -- And we will attempt to clear up occasionally who can watch what -- but frankly we're gonna -- when you just are building our own and we're gonna build our own graphics three -- -- -- edit it but rather than the big light board I think that we're gonna bring him like a flip chart. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then we can do that Nostradamus predictions of an exhibit try to draw a little it's gonna look like a game of tic -- so basically is -- -- down to lift the okay it's been roughly twenties. Or and a half hours since we talked about Google for nearly -- times I think -- -- get back we don't get back on track. The Justice Department at the instinct has approved Google's deal to acquire the flight information provider ITA about is basically the acquisition attempt that kicked off. Dust storm of anti trust complaints that we've seen now because people -- you're only gonna ever -- travel information from IKEA. The Justice Department being our Justice Department then go ahead and buy them but it's. They did put up some blockade -- that Google have to sign -- consent decree. That would require them to license ITA's information to competitors like being in -- They have to create firewall that protects data about ITA clients from viewing by other parts of Google also sixteen point and that's a really good -- Google cannot collect. You know personal demographic information about people these -- is travel service. And then use it to deliver targeted ads in Gmail. And populated through all their properties. And so that they have all their behavioral -- -- you know. They're transit information and use them and all the different algorithms and services that they offer gap though that's interest in that's. Probably good because that means you know that if you are using. I T is software you're not giving over your entire travel profile and all the information -- friends family or whatever over to Google in -- -- I'm not. Contributing to that data -- a morning at this licensing agreement with they agreed with -- and kayak. If they have to pay to get access to that are not -- it'll be an open license agreement. I doubt it I'm sure it would be and I think all of those are are having those licensing agreements for the most part are paid I would think. Google would also be prohibited from entering into agreements with airlines that would inappropriately restrict the airlines right to share -- And booking class information with Google's competitors so they couldn't you know -- and information was Google only. Basically I mean it sounds like in essence what the DOJ is forcing them to do is sign -- consent decree that says they would operate it. Just like. A business that was not owned by Google in a lot of -- The DOJ is basically forcing Google to sign it has filed an antitrust lawsuit to block the acquisition unless Google friend fat content so. They're staying that is the only way. That this can happen. -- whether Google or. Approves or moves forward with these terms that are set I still think that. There will be an antitrust case against them here in the US oh yeah because a lot of observers were looking at this ruling. To see whether or not they should move forward with this and whether Google goes says yes or not even with the conditions that they have some place there's still going to be an entry test antitrust case. Oh for sure and interestingly this could. The DOJ approval could actually make it worse for Google because even if they sign that consent -- what they own. This company it makes them even more powerful in the marketplace that will probably even you know kind of make the antitrust probe a little bit broader it's almost like a double edged sword because -- -- if they don't go for them in a move into that market -- they consider to be competitive but if they do go for it then they looked like that much more. Of a kind of -- -- monopoly him anyway. We'll say we'll see if they sign. -- -- -- -- -- Google also as we now getting -- at least attempting to get serious in their kind of -- Google way about social network starting with their plus one button the third of the -- like button still hasn't officially rolled out everywhere -- I don't think I haven't seen -- -- I haven't -- anywhere. But apparently they're so serious about their social strategy that new Google CEO Larry Page -- out a memo to the entire company saying. All. Google employees could -- -- 2011 but it does go up or down as much as 25%. Based solely. On Google's. Social strategy success. -- he really wants to push if -- I was an employee and I heard that. I would be like war it's now because he wants their employees when he really good -- war. Because when and where -- -- record that make edits and product whenever anything it's shocking ever. This is power -- a -- I couldn't get -- to -- -- -- by the part of a push is that. If Google comes a new social initiatives he wants the place to tell their friends at -- -- how annoying is it if you work for the company and you. Pretty -- feel obligated. To say mom dad sent -- for the service ready -- brother uncle -- you gotta do this because my bonuses tied to it and that's that's really part of it -- Put any benchmarks or Apple you know mark. You know marks for them to set to hit he said he did he didn't -- like a we have to grow by this X amount -- -- to -- X amount. I'm sure there might be something like that but at the end of the day if you are basically relying on your bonus. Based on this function sure it puts -- the whole company Minnelli but. What's really while -- and Seattle. What's really interesting about it too is that it doesn't like you said there's no metric. And think about how many people work at Google on on how many different things and I mean if you working on some and you know you work. -- some product they couldn't have less to do with social and and I -- -- mapping the human body map data. -- ago or or maybe against Google Earth I mean everything that they do maybe could have some kind of social element that really like. HR. Yeah net HR people have to be like that give them their only leverage to push like that it's constantly pimping the -- exactly -- little. It's a little crazy to make everybody in the company reliance. On this strategy but it also shows. How -- theory I -- they are about it like they must be. Deeply concerned about FaceBook. They've been try to -- trying -- it's only different ways and and -- flat on the -- -- to get any type of social aspect running with in the Google world would. I at the of the data the need to make products. That are compelling enough that are me -- products and that really take it -- just trying to. Right kind of on what FaceBook is that it's not gonna work again it never works out -- Now and no matter how hard you push to -- They're not gonna Travis sort of thing just that you told -- -- -- because they like the product you're absolutely right it's not ever going to be enough to think differently you've got what you have one button and independently. And mom dad -- plus one plus one. -- an agreement that is plus -- by the way we need. The room. Both at the -- -- wondering what this means. And medium. I love it. Also I wanna know what it means when you look at they're there -- that memo that they sent -- this screen shot of an update you for Google plays about the social bonus for their bonus multiplier and general. Mean I've seen are collier bonuses calculated seats internally -- -- -- CBS and they are definitely baffling but this is like. You look at Google's we have little chart here and you can kinda understand why not. Taken IQ test for -- -- -- It. As I do not understand yet and all the room and that. Means. That. Atlanta there -- eleven every single employee in the voted -- the -- immediately. -- There's breast around these two boxes -- -- and the -- the -- with -- and Q&A big Q3 individual. Anyways if -- -- keyword through Google you're gonna have you have to puts up plus one really hard to view on that plus 45%. Out. And then yesterday we speculated about Larry Page reorganizing. In Google and like Wii -- like we've noted several times a week. That -- moves fast. Is it which is good yeah I mean now it's Friday -- by Thursday he had already completed a major -- got it entire. Executive team. Done done and done they say he put key executives in charge of their individual product groups that will report directly to him. That his goal is to try to restore the sense of urgency and animation that was what the company's calling card. And there are various promotions across the board including Andy Rubin. Who becomes senior vice president of mobile victim notre who's now senior -- president social and -- -- giant. Who is now as VP of Chrome and so on and so are -- a lot of them are names that we've heard of more you know they they really are the innovators. But it sounds like the re -- let them act more autonomously. And they want have to go to the sort of centralized operating committee for every decision to connect their empowered to just go -- stuff. And you've seen note with. Within Google some of the more successful products are the ones are kind of left alone -- YouTube they did acquire them -- -- to this kind of an operating on their own -- I don't know how profitable they are for the company but their growth is still pretty close yeah yeah they still have to learn how to you know build revenue around that -- But so but let lady -- that innovation happened. With in the department I think that's a good thing as long as they can streamline. The process of what's important to their company. Yeah but I am a fan I really I like how fast he's moving because. You don't you don't wanna let these you know let things faster -- -- meaning it's not as though Google has intense weaknesses it's not like they're tanking. But Larry Page is saying. You know what we could link -- -- I wanna peek and just get comfortable and I really like the fact that he's just being so bold and saying their teams I wanna make -- I'm doing I'm the first week. Standard plus one plus plus one for you Larry but. I worry and take a quick break when we come back a little tiny bit more Google news how FaceBook wants to design its own servers and Beaulieu. Computer loves it coming up oh don't go well -- Welcome back to buzz out loud cnet's but doesn't determine link there's a Friday everybody Molly -- here. Bobbing their head if -- -- and now. Stephen -- -- rocking the sounds. Yet they BM then at the show for allow you may know that out bonito is moving downstairs to gamespot he's taken like dream job -- again you know new video game. About podcasting content development we've got Steve over here on board. It's not like your first full week right to own in the folder pane -- and dementia and still so much they have posted notes everywhere. -- -- -- -- Like the host -- sometimes hear and sometimes not to really treat it. Cohesive experience for you to active -- -- -- it has sometimes we don't show and many and a different people lions xmas morning I with a little laid out like maybe if you -- -- email. You know -- -- repair I keep -- -- to -- TV and Internet ally Camelot the whole audience now. That we're super excited having it utility and thank you very much I'm really care. And we will get him that he will speak more -- either -- right now has to figure out how to. I'm him finally got the switch is not theaters it's a job that requires -- brains and I'm not yet when it is an -- little what does that mean sound effects on the fly into serious production quality below wall. All right so yeah we do welcomes you with open arms and we wish -- but that's the Tulsa yet -- -- -- receive amber on the building is still the building -- -- got. Him you know best chip. I -- I take a little vacation duplicate packet says Andy do you many question. Many question -- a lot of people have a lot of questions for Andy Rubin. He did recently respond to all the criticism and backlash from the media that's been -- of about Android control and a crackdown where they've been doing lately. And the Android chief Andy Rubin he finally issued a statement in response -- some of the reports and he said that the media has been -- has been information and that heat. Speaking in the spirit of transparency. Whenever someone says that you have no it's always a spit -- okay no matter what you say and in order to. Set the record -- And so he talks about. Google's anti fragmentation strategy he talked about how the source code will be available. When it's ready. But the last time I checked it was already released on Motorola zoom and it's coming out on an Acer tablet and and -- -- and -- permissive formation if he says that it's the media that's created. That's actually inaccurate as well because it's the developers it's the vendors is the company that brought this -- -- Yet and it people who are coming to the media and saying for example on Google have been using its exclusive -- -- -- -- to as leverage to block lenders from making customization that don't align with Google didn't interest. This is a complaint brought to business week or whenever right business week report that men and he's like oh of the media but does not. Address. That complaint did not in any way sort of clear up. That criticism. Though it seems like in some way and it's making it a little -- -- -- get a little worse because he looks really defensive but he's not answering the questions which is basically like a -- you got busted. In it in the spirit of transparency. You should answer the question that people are throwing it pretty transparent and that the F you know it's all you know what that followed almost immediately I bet by an Obama -- to look. -- -- -- -- -- Like that and just like. -- -- -- -- -- Look -- let me be perfectly clear that -- you look. At a fact but fact is okay -- applicant be a -- here comes. Anyway you thirtieth talked a lot about setting the record straight but so far -- people are still having the same complaints. He also have an example -- arm of Motorola. Reportedly ended their deal with sky -- sky -- was the wireless service I used but local Wi-Fi spots to help. Map out where you are based on the location of those Wi-Fi spots -- -- like strangulation of those Wi-Fi spots because Google at the time it insisted that. Their own geo location service had to be used for compatibility with Android -- it's things like that. And you're gonna not get the developers and vendors -- Yeah they're frustrated and her and I still think they Google needs to make you do they're making -- you know one of -- one -- a business week reports that. Was that Google attempted to block Verizon from shipping an Android device with -- -- -- -- You express that to my hello did not get a block which was a fascinating look at that and I -- I'm sure that -- that. That's exactly. Right click if I do think Google hacks to get control of Android and they probably do need to impose some of these standard Apple style even if it makes them look like hypocrites. Because it means a better user experience and ultimately success for the hundred platform. But then don't come out and say -- in the spirit of transparency AM trying to look set the record -- alien Macs are like you know what does do -- it. Own it you don't and don't get all like riled up and attentive to that does make them look bad. The whole the whole. He should just -- and come out and say. The days of open in -- unfortunately are -- right can we couldn't run a successful business -- has been entirely open and if he said that everyone to be like. Okay I get it and there's gonna be people are gonna say are you to be the next Apple no we're not gonna be the next Apple but we can't be as open as we used to have done Andy I just data -- -- -- -- -- pago dragging it wanna transcribe that -- right now right -- multiple languages use your voice search translator. Sprint at the -- exactly their ego. I've been an interesting story about -- but this week I -- they had an event. Yesterday at one of their -- listeners and mayor they're kind of attempting to open source. Their server architecture they're basically saying hey we have some design ideas. For -- servers should should look in and work and then we have implemented some changes in our own data centers to make them more green. And we kind of line server builders manufacturers to build servers to -- specifications and for everybody to adopt them. Because it's it's more energy efficient. And and more useful. No one at one of the pretty interest -- crazy things about these servers. From the green perspective. The was -- the servers there -- 30% more power efficient than older models and they cost 2.4 percent -- a -- in addition to that. In the article says they do not. Use any air conditioning is my which -- Which is a key part of that cool of the power -- it uses natural air to cool the servers with the -- was evaporating cooling system. To help -- the servers without the need for dedicated air conditioning and now I can tell you. -- -- Or again is a colder area had a -- and that will probably aid in that cooling system as well. That really though that is remarkable the fact that they're not using it condition his temperature control is by far one of the biggest power hog. It's just really interesting there's a lot of technical details about the servers themselves. But they say that their power supplies -- more than 93% efficient and that does so they it was like a joint presentation -- Dell and HP. And both of them said -- -- it would invest a billion dollars to deliver solutions including cloud services and build multiple data centers over the next 24 months. For private and public technologies. And then I think it's being said I asked you mean on the ability to build a server from these designs will increase. The pace of innovation. Had a fascinating to see these companies like FaceBook which are you know not hardware companies getting the idea of of building their own specifications. Or kind of the server farms that they need and then saying here you go industry here's some animation on our dime that -- -- with -- Now I'm not exactly an expert in this area but I wonder if part of this also. Is that Google has their own servers rate I don't know what FiOS is what the design level is on those will -- part of this part of this could be. A sly. FaceBook and Google are always I sometimes feel they're always in competition against. And in this situation this could be FaceBook we like okay here we build our own server. Here you county here's how we can do with the -- we're gonna be actually more open about it and then all of you other companies to jump on board with us. And use these designs where you. I don't -- of Google's release the -- of their sort out Google that they build their own servers and in the keep and super secret yes yes so this is another interest steam. Inside baseball angle of how these companies. Just and heats up there and want to get ready to -- anyway possible definitely areas its its mark from a technology side but there's always more to. They say that the open compute designs that -- but is is putting out into the world unlike other open source licenses designers are not required to contribute backed me up and compete designs that incorporate them and then later on there and expertise. Base but is encouraging people to contribute back into the -- -- -- -- it and bolstering up the right it's -- I know that. Some press -- -- gonna have a little thing like unlike in the which uses 24 more we want what a world unlike you go -- like I'm using probably half a world energy or whatever other kids their authorised by refiners that they don't wanna think -- like -- -- really green realignment and went to work with them. -- -- -- -- I could press releases coming out a -- -- -- BT FaceBook by all the time and then you can be like angry Google Voice than double byte -- byte at it eight site. Okay. Now I'm very. You upright in particular for member only first introduced -- and an anything goes on the show but at -- post publicly can -- It lets slip through the -- -- and crickets you. I'll come back and it feels that it -- hear the gong. Feels like I'm back in the motherland -- -- -- -- -- Digital textbook entitled maker no -- no. Announced that Intel's -- the arm invested twenty million dollars in their -- -- funding will be be used to develop software. For the note tablet the duels which is that dual screen definitely the pen based tablet yeah we've we've shown -- Images and videos of it it actually. Is the first -- that looked specifically geared towards education yeah definitely and -- all the digital textbooks that these that tooth and out -- talent is putting a pretty significant investment that. You're -- market. They've raised somewhere around I believe they -- 65 million dollars the startup has. Before Intel jumped in and in recent Horowitz also invested and that's what we drop -- rate so they have sold a few but they said they recently stopped. Selling the devices. I'm not sure if that's because they're bringing -- back the table room with this new fusion of casting unit look to -- it harder beginning in the education market now the good thing yeah definitely. I never -- I was those -- the next on the -- I and I dropped the ball now now I'm picking up right now. Our right. This tripod that's why we would like I gotta love and -- -- -- gets -- -- All right here's our next weekend because of those -- the quick section numbers show yeah we do that there's an awesome chart. About what the music -- she would look like. If Napster never existed so this was proposed. By the major labels in a case against Lime Wire Sony -- -- Arista Records Warner -- group's core and Atlantic records sorry Warner Music group's Atlantic records. Look at it. This is the predicted sales based on their her story growth during let's draw the boast the best probable -- between there and pretend that life is get it. And that nothing will stop the machine. It's it's fascinating it's part of their attempt to show they say the evidence will demonstrate that there's any 55 billion dollar decline and record industry revenue over the last decade which is. Probably true we have an email -- -- a -- later on. But there it's part of their attempt to get 75 trillion dollars and -- -- -- would make it -- -- -- -- -- NN five trillion and I love the half a million -- it was like a good million dollars and knows them. But the interesting thing about is that the line that may draw. The album sales plan it doesn't even like -- write ups and downs as you always do you like in 1981 need to there was a big dip beneath the -- possibly cause. By Motley -- I but then there are projected -- -- growth. Chart from like 97 when Napster yen if it hadn't been -- -- after this they would -- Absolutely unchecked direct optic. Not denounced -- -- sales non African stuff. Even assuming that everybody had replaced all of their tapes with CD -- and then and the purchasing model will turn on its head as it always is when a market become saturated they still believed. It just -- have been unchecked upward growth to the tune of we can only assume -- -- five trillion dollars. Who's who's ever rule in this case could not help but chuckle themselves and easy to turn. Our early music industry it turns off a perfect lives this guy -- -- for life -- -- that once -- to -- it. -- also and a quick hits. -- United States senate subcommittee has announced that it will hold a hearing next month. -- review AT&T is proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA send them the government now starting to get involved. And it will be -- senate judiciary antitrust subcommittee -- meeting on May eleventh. The will be Kellogg will be -- that one's not gonna happen the -- But it happened was giving -- barrel for everyone. I like W spirit when he's gonna have it's that's at. -- selling go to gigs you get to get disasters that are -- We talked about earlier the and we talked about how a tablet -- seen in previous shows needs to go down going. I -- if there's an answer this this is the answer Acer's I Colonia tab 500. A Wi-Fi only tablet with -- the same specs as a Motorola's ill. Retail price for it. -- if you bought big blue. All look -- locked up if that it could be done and then it wouldn't that. -- half or fifty. If you knew that I -- you're armed enemies -- Hey I have. -- in -- and actually kicked up Friday -- a little man with McCain. And boom. This hot. Honeycomb three point oh tablet and him. Out of one of special partners of Android and pretty slick and pretty in -- are rumored to have yet to be available what -- they say. Okay April 24 planned for April 24 to be available on best buy and online retail for fifty dollars -- -- a contract. Dual core one gigahertz tegra processor ten point one inch display LCD screen one gig of ram sixteen gigs flash storage five megapixel camera two megapixel camera the front -- -- -- out. This is. And they say eight hours of battery life while playing a total move it out -- it's not -- -- or smallest tablet in the world but it's. That is this seriously -- that device like to meet. This is kind of a little test. You know that it does look really good the -- -- -- -- any of that thing now I don't I -- -- -- up and run with the -- looks great especially if it's your little extra TV you now. I didn't know him but I was you know -- -- -- to -- -- -- then -- I think I'm getting U verse because the hell with the Tivo. Sorry but how it -- guy needs -- complaints in the email but yeah I know I thought about a lot of it Tivo has really stopped. And I just -- gonna stop supporting Tivo. But anyways -- I was like collecting and get another TV because -- and never have had he -- room. But -- -- ban on multi room viewing with the U worse yet but admiral maybe it's just the tablet. They're like and not really their new stuff in there. We are furiously. They're just not it's -- -- and also to T dear -- -- though. DirecTV Tivo -- think it is not talking about it anymore I don't like their company that's given up. And they're certainly not on the pad save on their patents they have stopped carrying -- have exactly the -- of -- So we are excited about the Acer -- Colonia calm but AT&T is getting a new phone. It's a like a white phone and it's not it's not. Ali does not -- where I had I like the L five. At that this that this is AT&T will be getting the white nexus S. Compatible with their three G network -- featuring gingerbread. Featuring a white phone. -- the front of the wipe out any TV it. -- like any PD that is not. That other one but Israel. As -- had some hands on time with the next that the bulk rate this past weekend and -- like that nice. -- It -- So and it's the only when you're gonna get it looks like because earth. The adult tech unicorn is rearing. -- -- and -- had again -- religion. It's Friday it's -- -- five -- reported that the Apple Store went down on April thinks the night of April thanks. Little had changed and -- online but sources claim that the slightly down because Apple -- Real -- the white iPhone -- from its retail -- and it. Just seeing like I've or the biggest tech -- about time has been delayed again. If not outright cancel. Just kill that -- Does. PL -- beat that horse to death the unicorn over the broken leg -- -- -- to put out of its misery. Complete and that you unicorn and -- did not she'd admit that I haven't ruined my karma forever you know accords can die. -- -- The conference partly. So entered orbit forever that the node manager as -- don't shoot the color of the world of magic to turned back and me. David Copperfield. Terms away from the public is -- what. -- -- -- -- -- -- There is no way not to let your imagination run amok when you hear that story. I throw hammers are poring over data from what they say is one of the most puzzling cosmic blasts. Ever observed. Totally baffling they said they have never seen such a bright very able high energy long lasting burst before it's not like -- normal gamma ray -- That would mark the destruction of the star there -- some ongoing flaring emission they had -- dominant. Room. Exactly they would act there'd just -- -- -- they think they think it a gamma ray -- 110328. -- that they've labeled it -- but they just cannot figure out. What happened. They said intense tidal forces. Potentially -- or the star apart and then following gas continues to stream towards the whole. Q some Bernie you've summer and in. And then they know it's crazy when they're not even surely -- and -- lot of -- like it's sitting on around a long time ago they -- That. It's and -- and -- And. They all -- and I think -- it with crypt on exploding. Oh now. Treatment and the way people. Partners it could be a hollow is on as -- is there anything crazy the astronomers initial theory maybe that'd arose when a star wandered too close to central black hole the that there were already. A star employers in the cause a black element start up close -- and -- -- -- I think they follow the rivals probably only yeah -- really mean. -- and we added them. That's we we need you we need to keep pets not a happy happy rather happy -- right kind of a happy ending. Love only you guys knew how we petition together to -- sciences Samantha -- -- through -- and millions of. I -- a cool story coming out of it a group of UC San Diego academic that put together some traffic some numbers. On just how much data is consumed. By we humans on the Internet every year how much could that be well. They say that our annual data consumption is estimated at nine point 57 data bytes. Or that number that you see any -- that -- little jittery and not name. By five cent and 0000000. 000000000000. Bytes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We don't that is effective we can we thought maybe a sixty million -- it. It's but then they just said that -- bytes. Over at engadget. But that's -- A -- they -- on a per worker basis all this data consumption amounts to twelve gigabytes daily or around three terabytes per year. Using the idea that there -- three point 18 billion human. Workforce numbers. That's like ridiculous that's also where tagging the data -- -- -- charted -- it tech -- And then we have been in time ignoring the -- I'm going. Twitter tax breaks stories ever discuss story this kind of local I would like you don't have to start trying to get -- to say hereby given them corporate tax rate never think of a vote whatever and we just ignored it. And tell. Thank goodness. Taiwanese news animation people broke down more than now makes perfect sense actually. -- top -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is so good like he's made is looking back I think is Google -- that -- in an outage yet there's always Twitter birds flying around him. He's taken a Sony thank you can't think what payroll taxes often would be east of San Francisco. And then it got there -- goes on to show how they have to. How the mayor at the yeah yeah the idea how he if that you -- -- temperatures go -- its huge payroll tax break -- got to move to the. Tenderloin that is the really realistic depiction of the time -- got things. I go into the new office might get mine between. The living over severe editor in the tenderloin in dictated to that from the tenderloin district between religion accurate and they way they go higher fees -- like a a variety learning interesting characters that'll be around you. And then it points out that -- a -- will save 22 million dollars a year opponents fear that the tax cuts. That about precedent for other companies would definitely does Zynga and Yelp -- like where's the loves SF and then FF -- like where's the revenue oh crap yet. Yes instead there's a good write up actually about how Twitter extorted and a desperate city but with temperatures. But then Taiwanese news organization genius -- points out that that maybe not paying taxes -- that you made in corporate America. Like literally di -- up in the clouds. And the birds -- -- you gotta watch it a little Twitter birds and their activities holders are. Answer yet you guys if you go to YouTube of the search for it and and ATV. Ever. Tons of videos they did the whole Steve Jobs Darth Vader thing that the security they've done everything that -- -- absolutely Gene Taylor. Our eyes are on -- -- your calls and emails. And crew. -- -- -- You're still getting about -- and you then you are getting welcome to the -- and -- and -- all actually uphold moral authority. Oh well the human you have to if you listen well and clearly understand I hope you guys are yesterday's service -- now legally. Home out of Dallas -- became an early. -- -- 580 and I'd I'd I'd buy. Right now and -- why -- so anyway I. We talked yesterday about Google in the group -- from the Android market. There's our -- caller today has a -- workarounds. Hey guys. I hadn't realized that through shark was removed from the Android market -- news you -- -- ups. Looked and it's -- -- Google hadn't pulled it off my phone just them. So -- content on over to -- -- -- web sites banned demented or from the air and the update function is now built into the case. So. And it for the -- Night I definitely advantages of so many volatile graphics and good and I'll hop. Shop exclusively in their store right you can go these other web sites that offer the app so. It's it's and I think also I did read that the Sony guy that is not taken now is also do the same thing things -- available through a third party site there you go down so. I like it there's ways to go around it. Also in the feedback -- the IP lawyer -- and says dad are always love you but I'm drug cult -- today. An episode 1443 basically said that the music industry's piracy crusade is a big lie because it's still raking in money. But you should remember that EMI is now owned by its bank Warner does put itself on the -- -- often blocked thousands of lost their jobs I know many of those apps personally. And the size of the industry has -- in a decade. You can argue that if the industry's own fault we're dinosaurs we didn't embrace digital fast enough -- lot -- -- -- That's a good debate to have. But please don't tell your listeners that the industry is humming along just fine in this case the cake is not a lot Aniston is broadband really picks up steam the movie people. Our neck. Done done done -- point -- point. The that your we have based we have had a bunch -- together -- -- and together we've been we've been basing those statements on movie revenues specifically. And you're absolutely -- we have. That's why a lot of music -- are just going through what is it the live nation tour. Yeah there'll lighting with a company because that's where they can get more money and revenue that and more the money is involved in light performance isn't right. And I think -- tragedy complained that it's hard to tie it in pure lead to piracy about those losses. But you're -- it to get debate have we shouldn't keep we should keep and and we want thank you. -- -- There's an email comes from Travis in Orlando he -- do you guys gave it gives a hard time growers use snorted. You guys gave the gives a hard time for working on a tablet version of paralyzed but it may be a stroke of genius it could lead to enemy easy netbook tablet hybrid. A low cost device like this -- EPE pad transformer which is a tablet that -- new -- that would run honeycomb when not docked. When -- to get the tablet optimize -- seeking get the full web Chrome OS. Allows -- but added some fun touch stuff. Since -- -- only takes like fifteen seconds to boot up on a CR 48 that was developmental opting in out in it would be a quick transition love the show. -- innovative and Travis and that's a good point. We we commend you I don't know how many people will buy that but that's seriously about it is -- it is the way in zoos say U dash. I know exactly how they. I know he's and that's kind of like Alec sometimes we get so like about why would you do that and then some genius technical mind others like while this would be sweet. And he's probably fifteen years good -- the sometimes. We read your feedback and we're like -- comedy is hard sometimes you -- it. For example Stephen -- attendance and hey great hey buzz grew just created a new pandora station tonight based on the -- I always feel like somebody's blood. And name news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't -- -- to Yangon to -- city Kansas says. Folks don't worry about the pandora debt data they only -- to look -- -- Well it agreed to the pandora you'll attracting when they listen to the police song. Every Britain. Used thing. Rat -- we need like it does the rooms operating and gave me medicine more like real time -- you. We'll find the tablet with a care plan is -- akin to rent to own furniture. The -- tablet waterproof non skid -- serves as an anti bacterial coating AL. I'm here all week said Avi does leak caused the -- -- let's hear every week. Everywhere we're here for every week that one of us that here and then it's on Friday you know what time it is yet at that -- It's -- You mania. Ready for personal. He uses that so we'll tell you a salary from here to read and says those -- I decided to read and -- let the thing -- boys know that there are girls who only want containers and yes. They need to step up their game. I am on plenty -- -- -- in my handing it says looking for a -- owners -- Maynard is contacted me out of the twenty or so contacts and starting last month. One. Well someone who has the same tech and gadget passion and -- like for example I was. What is that. WT app epic fail next. I need a nerd who would be excited about getting new tech -- understanding of net neutrality and who think gamer I mean the -- -- -- Somalia near your singles. An -- -- -- her little brother Leonard I don't know about that -- that could have been actually I read it differently Somali I hear -- single exactly. Are dynamic planet moderately matter -- -- heard ever created with content to Mali Doolittle and an empire that Eminem -- melts enough not your hands. Let's see now. -- as true I don't think you rid of the way nowadays it seemed like maybe there's an -- keep. -- -- do you often hear from geeks looking for love but. I have a bit of a different problem I -- with the girl my -- for about four years we are engaged in a few months will be getting a first apartment together. Answer my fear. She knows I'm a huge gadget -- But I don't think she truly appreciate the depth of Mikey theory is we don't live together yet. Well we'll come in handy percent of the living room and being in home tech support I like ridiculous things while she supports having USB ports in our power outlets. She probably won't support the financial aspects of buying a bunch of gadgets or -- grassy -- cord organizer from thing. Any advice for a techie living with someone who -- -- love the show Andy digress -- Carter and everything is -- could put. I think -- Travis. In order for you to get your lady kind of into the tech. You buy her something that's kind of semi techie enough. You guys can start building that base and start time nothing about tell you to -- her iPad or anything like that that's a little ridiculous he added. I mean vault for 99 -- I mean if you love the girl I would say yeah but -- what has a Davie Florida now let's talk. -- buyers that actually make her. You have to make her to be like -- that's the most important thing -- like you guys are allowed to have your own interests. And you just have to show her the benefit of protecting -- happily -- funny guys have together with the stack or whatever and and frankly you might have to get romantic. You just might but it's okay because -- healthy relationship allows all the differences lord yes. And you could also introduce her to somebody several advancements and -- -- technology as well. There's lots of things that. Anonymous -- and then says dear computer -- I met this guy through an online dating site -- That transit -- Reinvested back and forth a few times and decided to meet in person we had a great time -- work has kept us from going on another date. We get to that by text each other best thing I feel like ice and too many -- Hammond -- running out of things to say. How dangerous going to really like -- -- but I'm really just tired of texting small -- What should I do. You wanna you wanna heat things up a -- -- need to start sexting. You get -- you send a picture are all like I will start talking you for sure you know what though. I have to say. It -- issued a red flag to me that work has kept you from going on another day in an -- during infect the other is that afraid inside or your saying I agree that the yeah yeah. I think I'm not -- that the commitment is there -- may be on either side to actually make -- up. All this seems like they just kind of met once they don't really get divide money tether but. Is I'm curious -- size -- because of it's from her side that she's too busy. Well then you and you really wanna know this -- and you need to make time for him threat upheaval at a time for you -- obvious because it goes both ways. But if that's what's in the way. Okay -- do some about but if not then you guys. Ads tech behavior that it the only like maintaining of their that inspected after revealing that only maintaining of their relationship -- infecting -- -- I have an early. But not enough. And if you really you know I believe me I I understand that you get -- permitting and it's really hard to find time but if you really like when you find time. And or -- I wasn't super serious but it can I hear advantages. In -- while I'm here to. At -- talk on the phone only to be really wanted -- this is not a personal relationship together. On their communication is key right Steven Wright communications he enough yet that's that. I'm. Not. And then the. -- for computer love and for our show today BT is off to the tropic of undisclosed tropical location. Not to be named -- -- next week. But and will miss him. But we will have a I'm excited for the rotating cast of I know he does miss some of the regulars now because -- -- -- -- set up a little bit and be alright but if you if you want -- wish him well. And and or give your own love advice -- just get all the latest episodes of our show visit our blog below -- cnet.com. -- and I almost forgot all the indeed not that -- tentative but the -- -- -- broadcast. -- AG -- -- in journalism associations calendar. But that's wrapping up this weekend so I haven't been talking about a lot because I'd rather people don't -- their money towards Japan. The guys go to AJ dot org. You can still vote it's a dollar per -- and -- like third place right now I'm gonna be on the calendar. And what I'm going to do we are doing to -- -- if you do -- send us an email to buzz out loud at cnet.com. So we know your voting. We're giving away a -- 82. Flip HD camera with a -- screen on it. The problem that the people that. Have contributed and also if any -- vote any additional dollars -- going to mats that from today and -- donate that money -- Japan so that you feel like. You're the money somehow is somehow there's some bugs but I think that's what's really more in -- -- -- anything. That's absolutely awesome and by the way it really is a travesty that Brian -- is currently in fourth place amid fourth. Because whoever -- George Cary I'm a person is he is obviously mounting some sort of bought campaign and they cannot stand. It's OK I'm tweeting. It's okay I was -- -- I I gathered for -- see that's why I feel like are they are promoting it like crazy and I'm -- but Japan. You know -- -- and I'm just saying you -- -- -- -- all you domino you could -- arguable how farmland now with the number he's -- like 600 -- -- Easy you -- rent -- only have 50% of the votes. Of that that -- cure him. Not acceptable let's change that lets be honest you -- -- George geometry calculus in Munich -- That go that's a -- down let's don't automatic on -- -- to implement again. -- -- -- A -- the battle I had enough that away -- Up -- action. To them again. I guess what did they think they think -- is -- -- numbers but that cnet.com is our email address a AJ dot org is the it. You are -- where you can go refinement of broadcast and about another minute you hear and he is a break out at the news and serves as you know you -- -- leaves all. Oh that's not -- but a -- were dead -- Edward island are done yet. How to get the. Like. And. Apparently okay I'm okay now -- as. And.
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