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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1442: Netflix streams to the top, Xoom zooms to the bottom

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1442: Netflix streams to the top, Xoom zooms to the bottom

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Netflix reportedly will pay about $100 million to stream every episode of Mad Men: chump change, if predictions of an $800 million streaming TV market turn out to be true. Also, it seems that everyone wants to get in on the tablet market, but given reported XOOM sales of only about 100,000, it's possible the only tablet market there is is for iPads. Plus, AT&T iPhones and their dropped calls, and Obama goes to Facebook. -- Molly

Today is Wednesday April 6 2011 club and a buzz out loud my name is even -- -- I am Eric Franklin and I am Molly would look at a buzz out loud is cnet's podcast of indeterminate links that episode 1442. And lower -- on -- yet allergies yesterday and it turns out. I don't think you've ever had allergies before packets and landed back to call for a while -- do hope that their allergies -- incidences sale probable -- maybe has had allergies were a. They -- that I can help Italians know like dude have you read it and now I have you provisionally to -- But I don't want it to be culled anyway you think we're -- aggregate effect -- -- movement on through you like and. -- -- -- -- -- I have not gotten it Inca and am not and would. Eric Franklin Ahmed -- fragmentation of the little most of the microphone that flying has been using everyday that he read I'm sure -- leaves behind you ads you'll be. Yet no directory and cohost of the crave podcast and -- inside the CNET labs and monitor video guide extraordinaire yes. Tablets in. And now doing public Regina. -- A -- that guy now there's only me. -- department and Donald comes running -- -- Right here. -- for YouTube did not. Right but we're at now now -- make it work. I've done this before -- it will open up the and yes you nestled in appears please line. Strong legs over -- a -- apparently hit the. If you get tired and not talking on -- black. -- in the news today top of detect -- DISH Network. Has won the bankrupt the auction and bought all of Blockbuster's. -- as you may remember. That blockbuster did declare bankruptcy went belly up in September 2010. And now all of their assets are being purchased by dish network of all people for what will end up being. Apparently after various accounting thing about 220 million dollars in cash. -- -- It's a little -- not sounds loath to name. Yeah this is -- -- -- -- yeah you know I grew up with blockbusters is kind of weird but same time I. It knew I didn't look back when I start using Netflix right now we can't -- it -- and -- exactly like everybody in our Adrian click O buster all -- An adequate level of the -- but -- all -- -- I hate PayPal. -- -- Our guy into a video store in like ten years on but to answer the question everyone in the chat room and everyone in America basically is asking what is this gonna do with blockbuster yeah exactly it's it's kind of interesting to that sounds like one of the things they plan to do is try to keep it open it. Keep the blockbuster brand afloat. And used that brand and then it stores for some -- -- opportunities like really feed the stores with this. Down -- like -- and strategy to me right. And others that -- have any kind of and awareness -- Julia. I think equity. And brand equity -- share yeah he took up. I think I -- at blockbuster the vary. Recognizable pressure with a lot of -- and a -- -- -- a lot of people know what do people associate with like kind of an antiquated way of doing. Getting video -- via and are now. Dishes hoping I think he's free -- discounted blockbuster rentals as a value add to -- to -- TV subscriptions maybe. But you can get that you can -- the streaming in my view it cheap rental. And then of course. And this is what I think they're really in in it for. Is blockbuster holds streaming rights to a lot of -- title because they they did get to the streaming -- -- -- they did and and it and that would really that would bump up. Dishes. Video on demand. Library a lot which is the biggest problem -- streaming you can't just have one service and stream everything and get everything. Because there's so there's rice -- company has this. I write this movie is Korea's right to this TV show. Government for me well -- it never going to be able to you I mean on its own I think that the the best thing they were going to be able to do is buy right like it you know because there was no it it now it's like the negotiation is a nightmare -- -- don't really wanna be industry mean nobody. No one entity has enough power and maybe Netflix -- through -- -- -- to negotiate. Enough streaming rights to be the one stop shop so everybody's just trying to travel together -- And appealing -- dad hey hey over here we get this. We don't have that we have this maybe Canada we don't have an agency but we do have the it -- nothing. By Apple -- -- Let this in and of doing I mean. Yes that means the agency it's an odd partnership. Atlantis but it also it -- kind Comcast and Wi -- thing it's like another provider of services. Getting into. At least on some level the content game and that seems to be what they -- trying to do it like I I predict. The content is the next battleground in technology it's gonna be all about. Who has the content is making the content and how they distribute content has always been -- In theory but it even more so than ever now that you're starting to feel like device specific content -- -- So like like -- said everybody has their own individual library of hopefully awesome and or they have like. A show and newspaper that's just in the iPad or Asia you know right now it's about like. How you optimize content for specific delivery purposes okay -- -- -- got -- getting into -- -- -- or Google. Apparently -- Hollywood studios about how to create. Their own high quality content for YouTube. -- -- not enough anymore just to be -- Wright is an area well before Adam and there's all. That whole like Google producing shows -- YouTube thing. It's weird to me. I know -- -- -- with -- Kevin -- easily shows directly on the Netflix and at that. I don't know how you can get excited how you can get an actor director producer excited about hate you. -- we gonna have this thing was only gonna be through the Internet. It's it's it's weird. Well it is -- -- the I think a few years ago via losing argument and it definitely was but increasingly it's a better argument because Netflix. In particular in the -- really well -- -- -- are actually. Netflix in particular can say -- We're everywhere right and where and and people have DVRs in their -- now that search not just TV listings but Internet listing. As well and so it's literally like we are in within a year or two we're gonna be in a situation where we just search for -- And the shows may be distributed over cable or they may be distributed via the Internet but your TV is Internet -- and has Netflix built in. You DVR's Internet connected in the searching both TV listings and an Internet -- and so if you're doing high enough quality on Google TV or on Netflix or whatever it is this is all gonna show up in the same place. Yeah which is your TV and that's kind of -- -- -- So adamant that Netflix is obviously doubling down time that that theory and and has laid out what we think. Is about a hundred million dollars total to secure the rights to stream all seven seasons of mad men. Other planets have been planned seasons there -- only it is green it will run a total of seven felt it has -- -- -- rain and the latest was the latest news that'll. -- -- -- interest but there's so though that being where like Netflix only -- An episode here in an app that there into the and that they're now gonna pay about a million dollars per episode of the serious so that they can stream. Every episode. They say that under the deal appears to be able to -- sports -- and around mid July wow. Which. Can it keep a million and that some -- That that -- -- -- -- I -- still eighteen episodes and season two and and nobody I mean. I know it's really popular built relative to relative -- nobody -- that -- yelled at. Producing -- -- -- for the right to put it on that thing out million dollars and that's pretty amazing that is as pretty awesome. We just got into that you actually -- currencies -- three right now via. You watch it and I haven't tablet in the part of -- at -- watched the premiere of -- -- Q&A public manner -- the most lethargic pace of the shuttle ever watched a really I don't know like -- coming -- this is not -- -- -- things don't happen sometimes there's a whole episode does. Them to sit around and talking and well mind but again I'm a huge down the wire but at least -- things happen. It's it's anything happened but it is pretty popular -- it it is. Jason about a sedentary and this is the -- indicates. Is like Netflix paying for streaming streaming right -- -- -- indication. Absolutely and that's a huge deal and it's just part of -- like Netflix is. Not meant that around right now they're just the -- money at content because they want to be the winner and that -- be the winner. And a it. Was -- As Hulu. -- No it needs to kick into gear can they've made -- degree I'm still mad about -- they -- -- that thirty day delay on new releases on dvd so that they can try to secure more streaming right now what they're big. Double bargain that they -- with the studios would like me you'll get new movies on dvd for thirty days after -- -- -- select blockbuster might have that brand new movie and dvd but Netflix won't. Because they mean that deal that they then they can get more streaming or whenever I am block buster -- -- -- campus in Canada based -- you know wait thirty days. Yet and I did not -- The corresponding. -- Can -- And -- in the movie operate well if you maybe you did -- just what movie you want it to watch. You know like you know I got -- -- troll alert -- came out you know came -- and that through a three year -- today. After all there is so bad an -- I think about. I take it back. Convergence consulting advocates are running out like that they can afford all of this is a million dollars that at that -- mad men and then whatever it is a hundred million dollars for that -- -- -- show yeah. Convergence consulting group a Toronto based research firm has a new report saying that in within two years. Streaming television -- -- movies can not forget about movies studios and aggregate number that. We'll be at 800 million dollar at -- conflict and the. What is it now. 800 million dollars right now apparently this year online only subscribers. Accounted for just Netflix revenues -- 172 million -- -- the whole business streaming business and generally. Now loading. They think that that those threatened -- Netflix revenues alone will grow from 172 million dollars with YouTube 570. Million dollars and in 2013. And in Hulu at adding Hulu Hulu plus the command streaming and streaming revenues would be 800 do you -- getting -- on this -- Netflix. -- This should be emblematic I think I mailed back -- gift. They usually get when I am currently on permanent and mailed it back and I realized. -- act like two months ago but I haven't gotten another line. A lot of mail accounts on like they sometimes do -- But I didn't even notice there are packets exactly oh. Idea in theory -- -- this but yet there's no reason that it. That the only way to get equal what the reason there are few things that -- he's. Yeah I'm gonna do sometimes it's streaming apps -- down when this. -- but this is an interesting too because -- also points you the potential. For cord cutting cable cutting you know in the future like that so far that hasn't been a viable option for people but if Netflix meet you -- and deal. If it leads to kind of the dam breaking. And the studios get on board with making deals with Hulu also right now -- cutting the cord and in reading Kindle becomes a -- batter up oh yeah we we cut the -- a month ago you did we agree we haven't looked back. One -- -- -- you only only problem is a daily shall we watched usually every night but you know that's that's into the web so we -- Wi -- a day late but that's yet another. If it daily in nineteen. It's on demand. -- it is. -- -- I think supplemented the cable companies the only way they'll be able to keep that probably on demand better on demand offerings yeah but -- otherwise the OT TOT eight revolution is not. Over the top there a page that we're afraid it like -- -- -- and broker whatever you up again over the year and -- in Tennessee and -- export in here right. And I'm a sports guys so would -- any. The reason I haven't done yeah I -- people -- my friends who haven't done it. Italy's sports injuries from YouTube and I'd like DE ODA and -- and apparently and a -- don't -- -- And antenna. And and that's. And I none of this however will happen. RR streaming video revolution will be dead in its track. If they're Republicans have their old man now we get -- and then -- -- here -- my apartment neutrality got part of and the house has moved to overturn the FCD's latest net neutrality regulations. And by an almost entirely partisan vote of 241 to 107. The -- represented at the -- approved procedures for voting on one page draft resolution that says that basically. The FCC's new net neutrality regulations -- -- no force -- effect. Right -- along I mean this is -- right now now but it's it's kind of the little. -- -- that is happening at -- show -- like for example Comcast does spot -- the and has the biggest. Business the reason ever to throttle Netflix streaming and prioritize and meet the streaming traffic related -- I don't understand how it became partisan issue I mean -- death. That the loosely defined principle of like big government makes it sort of a Republican issue but they have characterized it. As a government takeover of the Internet. And well it's if it's and the movement which currently. But -- surprising that White House actually so what what would happen next that would move -- to use the atom -- it. Ray and then have to be -- -- voted on by a -- but the White House is actually issued a very rare formal veto threat. And -- the president and is presented with a resolution of disapproval that would not safeguard the free and open Internet. His senior advisors would recommend that he vetoed the resolution. Which is a pretty surprising statement of support different for pregnant -- that I got today. I do you understand. That it is scary to think that you know that that government has now with an awesome job of regulating. -- I'll grant you that he. But I think you -- I think you also. To -- that the free and unfettered market has also not done a good job of safeguarding consumer interest. -- -- And the security. I mean come on long friend -- -- now there's a really long list of -- -- when just went unchecked greed yeah works to the extreme disadvantage of the consumer and that -- become basically the norm. In our little neo capitalist society here. And and -- here I'd just when you have consolidation on the level that we have when you have you know documented behaviors in terms of throttling when you have. Threats at increasingly low Internet apps just as Internet use is exploding. And also you have -- fragile economy constantly teetering on the brink of collapse. You need to -- digital economy to be as robust as it possibly can be. Not like. Increasingly consolidated and then like limited -- -- new business ideas can't even sports online. Republicans offered creating jobs of it. And also. -- -- -- -- That's not my old -- and -- and doesn't show we're done we're out -- here. There's no doubt that quickly and I am okay we're actually done -- -- -- -- And depressed when a -- back shocking news about iPhone dropped call. Adam surprising governing is about -- sales and -- spear Phishing. And snared. -- really big way. Plug an -- and a lot of relatives here and Eric Franklin and Stephen B -- at the bar and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I like out on the type -- in the end result is weird we -- enough -- of the game. Benefits yourself buddy. RA interesting story that's been all over that they enter web yesterday and today a new survey from a company called change way of -- surveyed 4000 customers and found. That I AT&T iPhone four owners brace yourself. The shocking discovery alone nature have more dropped calls than Verizon iPhone -- -- Flailing didian with a -- dramatic growth if it. -- -- -- -- -- What OpenId and I -- yeah let's. -- -- Get over it though -- -- area. That little added that -- -- on -- and it remains. -- excited about well nothing up yet AT&T iPhone four owners have more dot com environment inside -- -- -- -- not well Amanda. The stream is just catching up you don't as. And laughing again -- and later. The in terms of overall satisfaction they said the two phones were virtually indistinguishable everybody is very satisfied. With -- iPhone -- being dropped call rates. On AT&T is slightly higher. Than the overall. Be -- phone the dropped call rate with iPhone. Is slightly higher than the overall AT&T dropped phone rate. But overall like AT&T like to be look at this chart the percentage of overall dropped calls over the past ninety days by company is a little further down their own page. The one with the blue red green and yellow line. The -- yellow line is AT&T. There really really long line that's there that's -- got -- they have on that network overall. Regardless of phone and you -- -- they are by far the worst. -- -- Constantly forwards four point 6%. By us that yes did I mean you -- that I've never I've had I don't recall ever having it home phone in the I just. I don't talk on the -- that much mind blowing though I -- I -- -- and everyone talks about dropped calls and complain about it -- just -- phone via. Right now before but before hill elementary -- I mean it's still if you notice that four point 4% of carpet at four point 6% -- IPhone four owners on AT&T dropped four point 8% of their -- was interesting though is that even though. They bowl even though Verizon iPhone -- -- -- lowered the rate of dropped calls with the iPhone. With higher on Verizon than any other -- basically like the iPhone or earning. As more dropped calls regardless of network right but does that -- -- -- -- that's -- 2.2 percent more -- in each case innocent novel a ton more. But he is still -- them in the -- Commuted after -- I say though that placement of that radio and up on has always been problematic but -- at the bottom of the on most people -- Most makers have them that -- radio. At the tops of your hand at -- end in the Catholic colleges regarding an antenna look I'm sure everything we -- And it. -- this -- record right now I am looking deep into your eyes and a few little spinning Apple logo. Tired. And sleeper agent had just been activated. God. Other -- news. Pacific crest analyst at the third thing that the Motorola zoom. And the Motorola a tricked both gadgets that we love particularly eight tricked our complete -- that the -- -- quote. Well below forecasts now I think it -- What that what for the heads and -- thousand. A 100000. Yeah if they -- if that's according to an -- underachieving and Motorola -- -- -- 100000 new ones are way lower than the galaxy in the galaxy gas which so like in over two million this. -- -- So that hurt a lot the matrix they say is suffering from the price point because -- -- the 49 dollars iPhone three -- available and 49 dollar HTT inspire. People aren't that clear on the four G advantage -- and that it might -- -- Cuba. In an -- was -- me break in and when his party even mean it's only one Margie in -- -- and some good yeah. Anyway and that kind of that kind of a downer for Motorola mobility which is the Motorola spinoff company that is now depending on the mobile devices. -- Who -- -- so cool. Patriots is awesome the screen. Yeah its into the phone the zoom. It -- top -- it -- -- -- zoom and weekly tablet I mean if they you know could afford to take it and presenting it. 300 back to treatment or even for 99 of them what what do you. A date they have to have a business model here though -- -- something has been working for them right or why release it a hundred bucks. If you're at it we hear about are you expecting to sell millions -- the Wi-Fi version is 59 yes and. And so -- I mean let's elements -- mean this this this surveys taken account all versions. Yet means -- -- -- -- They must have a plan for this to say you know we're either going to take on the chanted and cut the price. And you know maybe sell more warm and we've eaten -- -- not sell as many acting like he would plan and fitness. If you you would think if you know I don't know I mean that there -- everybody's. Constrained by parts on the one hand I mean as you mean yes eight -- are very expensive parts -- as a really good camera. It has a very high risk despite the display alone I think -- primal lion's share of the cost and -- they do now in other planets like while. Yeah -- lot of money but we actually can't afford. Much more a much smaller margin and still stay in business. But I am gonna have -- Nine yen and I think there are hoping it would be the better product you know I mountain. Well there are probably -- also for a -- stronger. -- mean I'm sorry but -- the tablet market -- now that exists is only for iPad. Like it's not nobody has -- throng of -- used -- tablet. Are in need that they're willing to spend that kind of money on an unproven product you know there is really only one tablet market right now on it's just for iPad and iPad -- -- -- Well that -- I just got ads are about -- ninth when he. Will market its -- -- on -- out like a little tablet that can add them via its interest in the job. Crazy story coming out of Italy Google has -- a case in Italy and auto complete defamation case. They were sued it. By. An unnamed person in Italy who said that when you started to search for this guy's name or girl's name. That -- at the auto complete suggestions included con men and fraud. But you've searched -- know you've got answers like I don't know until you know -- adult song lyrics are -- -- -- as these start typing like a -- filled in. Some -- read write -- that you've all been out completely sometimes it's like. That's exactly what I was wondering net how old is Britney Spears really until they do that just to see how many of the people. Are thinking the same thing and or searching for the -- Ethical thing about I really thought that auto complete was strictly based on like what people were typing in when -- type that person's name right. Which is why it is like astonishing to me that -- Italian court relate that Google. -- Why well what is that how does all the auto complete work and it doesn't it beg the question of how actually works it we're gonna blame Google I bet it works by as part of like. The algorithmic Google algorithm which is based on elevating relevance so I'll gladly Google algorithm. Computational. -- determined yet that -- con man and probably the most relevant results or that the guy exactly. But -- court found that Google that this is considered to be -- tenth. Produced by Google Earth since the I think it yet a total acres and some do that Google has now for help this -- and it would. Italy it's just seems partners and -- affiliate that -- that's the thing and now that brought out. That's -- be thrown -- Google -- by the way it is reviewing it. That should have some far reaching consequences that we were to stand routes. Yesterday we talked about Molina and that they actually -- -- -- -- -- and that it. Yesterday we talked about the Epsilon email breach and how all of your email addresses and names have been revealed if you've ever shop at target that by teeth. Everywhere you've ever shot instantly. And we talked about -- spear Phishing like that really precise targeted Phishing emails we're gonna be on the rise and then. Interestingly the universe delivered with insane story of just how scary that can -- -- -- -- The scammer managed to spear fish -- announcement is the huge magazine publisher and basically tricked them into. Funneling almost eight million dollars. Into the -- bank account. Rates and it was even a Nigerian prince gambling admittedly they've just pretended that they were a company that. On an authority does business with an eight -- they started of bank account under a slightly different name now. Then they emailed the scammer emailed a and an authorization to banking authorization form view you know management sort of social engineer like any -- -- account information -- the mechanic and actually. We're changing urban counties and put over here and that someone in the Conde -- -- -- find it back to back. And then just started -- in the money and another this is what happens in Lima. You're overworked and you try to do a billion things at once and this little thing comes in that you approve it. And it looks totally -- yeah yeah exactly don't think it's time to really invest well -- a lot of money we may Agra -- an analyst look at this -- and I've never seen before it didn't look like this. Like anyone. Anyone can often but luckily the -- service intervened and made shut the account now the party that money if they and a young people. Okay a little passel of Twitter news before we get to the the -- -- Twitter has unveiled a new home -- apparently. That is more that -- a focus on interests so it's supposed Q kind of direct you toward. Because the you can well be -- you can follow that are in line with stuff you're interested in the post does -- -- why do I do you know. That Apple are definitely noticed I think it -- what I do -- what do I tweaked. Knowing what it does is for how do I find people to follow competitors try this in various -- in the past they have Bentley. That really controversial instantly creation on -- and then just random people got a million followers because that would have twittered that they were cool right. But now now they're trying to be like okay well it will help you filters something that the post has been like followed CNN earth Leo -- -- -- -- you know. As -- -- and your profile based on the stuff you search for that that. You know the things -- you already follow -- what does is based on as that's my question as how to how does Twitter figure out. What your interest are acquitted appeared I think you you can you can search for a top. You search for it yet the -- -- anything like image and classic cars. I ON LU a bunch of -- that are actually now that it. But apparently Twitter has also been having some problems with new Twitter which is their new design that it has gradually been rolling out if users had reported that when they logged into Twitter they were seeing someone else with timeline. Not their own -- -- -- all with just as alarming. And I'm Lisa de. Then -- response much like TiVo's response to my ongoing and seventeen problem anyone out there and -- with Tivo that's unacceptable customer service strategy may turn off and turned back on. But that's -- -- with new Twitter. That's what it -- a little bit of an in in in. That sense I -- I admit I'm a little animal indictment of the Tivo. We keep looking connected to the Internet though is -- posted -- And all with an industry and McCain. And then when I called him a reservist and that -- the only thing governor knowledge -- to turn it off and let it try turning that. And Mac only that is the only thing may happen -- think about it in March it will it be tried -- the thing we -- -- banana and for. At another element to -- here. At that we can get -- -- yet. But it is a Twitter turned off new Twitter and then it turned back on -- -- -- and it went fine. Let us now crossing their fingers but if it didn't go fine -- that has launched a web based or is launching a web based alternative to twitter.com okay which three -- -- the very popular Twitter app -- I -- it last week really interest on its installed it people of it. It's fine yeah. But I AM a Chrome -- As -- now and idling act average live only in the cloud and in my browser and I don't use software and the biggest problem with tweet deck of the unit install them. I don't want. I don't thing. And I'll. Move past IA and live in the ground -- anyway now they just have a web based version attempt -- -- -- and for the beta. It'll support Chrome Firefox three point pick our pockets -- and -- -- The -- for opera and Internet Explorer are coming later. Ol houses mighty have fallen snap -- -- well. Very. As has our -- taken over from. And explored by sparsely user's I is still has the the most. Because when marketers with -- the highest threat but it's creep in the conflict -- -- -- with them to an evening with the lightning the you know. Have to have another tweet -- and the Chrome -- I'm pretty well and I X. -- So we do the -- mr. That always expand and there it. Is okay though we we -- -- -- President Barack Obama. It will join up with FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and -- but the LO Sheryl -- to answer questions from users as part of a FaceBook live town hall. At FaceBook headquarters. It'll it'll happen on April 20. -- -- -- -- At 145. Something which. He did it I am after apparently or before when he was running. -- -- that. -- acted exactly. If you -- W bush spoke with Zuckerberg in December when they -- -- me and you like it. -- but it also testing a new system that will instantly. Target ads based on the content of your wall posts and status updates of our. You would see all those permanently create -- Really targeted ads you know you've ever -- -- -- like opening of -- -- -- -- adamantly that band that weird because they've always viewed the content you're -- -- annual output to target ads but in this -- They would be able to all of the immediately. Change the it's a leader post something that you Bethany isn't that -- like -- -- -- -- one -- time. Green lanterns that is up creepy but it's like well that -- samarra incidents. Well yeah but -- but they know you're intimately you'll be ready to buy. -- -- -- Intel announced its new. President content -- tencor is our hope overruns -- That's crazy insane the seven period also incorporate the benefits of the sandy bridge architectures that would more and adds better power management. Mainly leisure. Probably -- need yeah yeah. -- and -- a brain that. Ridiculous and -- and public and now it's that the -- like a part of that -- it didn't matter -- core. That Microsoft international president national people law says that the company will spend nineteen -- percent. Of its nine point six billion dollar R&D budget. On cloud. Strategy research. 90%. Of their argument. Just on the -- That's frightening -- -- do you think would about it but I'm as well as I would about the next try our dogs and that there's going to be a lot of money put into the -- -- now -- -- put -- into -- and the next -- -- nine -- -- deadly cloud -- maybe I don't know maybe now you'll have virtual Xbox and well -- -- and think about that -- kill me. There -- talk about that for the PS3 years ago how elect all the used to -- that you have. Actually combined to give -- more I think it's become like a live thing -- -- -- -- -- But the the new Xbox could indeed be some kind of like alive kind of like. It does little Internet connection and basically who -- to take up -- review petrol at up to -- place. -- CE and I feel better about it by Dell. The horrible outcomes while I drive box in my house I I want better networking enough of -- -- -- is all about I mean it's like they're trying to figure out the cloud. But the cloud really is a strategy for having all of the content that you want wirelessly available and easily and available everywhere. Which to me it seems like a pretty worthy goal and -- a lot of money to put into anybody gotta figure it still leave like. Several billion dollars to invest in all -- the -- in you know hardware or close. That when it comes again with the -- -- a little -- method. There betterment and -- man with a violent commitment to turn off the network -- and have nothing left. Everything. Again there's been enough for now there has been enough derision across the Internet. About the reported forty million dollars of the New York Times allegedly spent to build its digital -- law and there's -- there -- -- of that. But never -- the derision of the actual -- on the pricing scheme. The forty million dollars -- -- gotten so knowing that Arthur Sulzberger junior chairman of the New York Times corporation said in an interview. That is a vastly wrong number. It was much less he said don't use that number is not accurate do we know who started that -- have no idea but -- particular. Like -- no. Delay they have no mean date you know to defend the -- of all -- -- Timothy Lee high pricing right but -- -- -- it to knock at the port. -- is that you know leading direct conflict. -- -- He didn't they didn't by the way -- though they declined to offer any numbers when it comes to subscribers. No -- -- nine gadget news. Tablet make it a tablet the new black. Including eBay in the game companies game retailers games stop. The video game retailer game stop is apparently according to an interview published yesterday considering making a tablet. For gaming is for gaming and then again this great tablet that is enabled with a great gaming experience and coupled with a Bluetooth controller. -- -- And who. I know a little yeah you get. If -- that we can't find the tablet that's great for gaming and we will create our own. -- can't -- speak on this I can't it's. These -- lagging behind -- -- of us out of -- bomb com and edges are -- you want you with your game on a tablet. By an iPad all in -- Came up have been. Buying things though they've been like getting it Steve it's so interesting right now -- -- -- retailer and they -- a streaming technology firm called on laps for an undisclosed amount of money they wanna start offering immediate access to life collection of high Def video games on demand. To any Internet enabled device and then you know there and it. -- interesting -- trying to create of the entire ecosystem yet. Exactly -- -- economic and what everyone's creating their own ecosystem so it's like you still have to choose your equal system he says it's not that equals the twister came to. And that's gonna have its own thing you can't just -- one thing that does everything I can't wait for which will probably. In the chat -- iPad 2.0 ironically the iPad a tablet market -- to customer these delegates elected. I would say yeah programs them right in. I am pretty excited though and you know like you you -- play games and tablet an iPad. -- there's a new shooter game hunting for iPad and iPhone. It's you your face -- you will instead. -- about this. I finally got me okay -- okay so evil -- -- ridiculous doesn't that mean. Are there other shooters on the iPad than I probably -- relic funny. -- It's cute people and -- a -- lab at the same time it's great it can have all the galore and they camped here humor of the cult classic means is that you should -- it manually -- -- it's so funny -- -- hand in my town of lead on the digital rendition of Bruce Campbell well. -- -- I also love it -- news. Hold it and I don't I don't know -- -- -- that jurors. Richard Branson and not content with going to space. Oh now now wants to explore new B volcanoes in after he's done lot of that I'm sure he had actually -- -- Today Richard Branson and his engineering team have built -- unbelievable one man submarine. That can go seven miles deep with a person -- quietly -- drown right. -- -- -- totally trying to come up with technology to explore the deepest ocean trenches where I mean really. There's like incredible stuff potentially downer that is completely undiscovered because not thinking -- now. It's so crazy that dome covering -- pilot -- seat is not not made of glass because glass would just shatter of course at that pressure. In -- -- from anything -- chunk of solid quartz. -- -- -- Who used again he is that it does exist is at least -- heart Howard Hughes. Is yet to argue that -- he'd definitely mean -- definitely a little bit of James Cameron and slight. Helping them turn a machine. -- I mean he's in above -- swimming always scheme would make it -- -- children's. It's pretty it's just it's really amazing it could. -- a maximum speed of three not life support -- capacity of 24 hours on the they're hoping. That they would -- if they dispute by an hour trip. Got it cheap given the Virgin Atlantic. -- logo right now I helped us like an artist's rendering pay -- yeah it's gonna become the virgin Oceanic the first dive will be piloted by Chris Welsh. The second. Branson will then take the controls for later dive to explore the Mariana trench and return to the surface with ample. He'll be going in the water in doing things water. Yeah and then before the dives began remotely -- tangled wires and while he. -- -- -- -- -- -- Before it -- I began its -- And even the -- as a legitimate news sliver of I. Along with them and my child resilient in -- and -- of things that I bought the cubic M of -- due to keep you go. Failure. That in the earth and before the -- -- -- Toro islanders will be sent on -- debate to attract wildlife like. I did or fish called a bad idea and then -- -- them -- -- -- an antenna variant yeah oh yeah and like. Are a okay we are I think we're -- -- time for a happy ending but we'll have -- -- there in as show -- are gonna take them out let's move on quickly to your emails. -- No -- nothing but -- -- Richard read -- -- I am also immediately checked the date on the commodore 64 announcement since I was suspicious of being in April Apple's yet to imagine my surprise. When I found a commodore 64 ad insert in the new Tron Legacy Blu-ray disc acting yesterday. -- -- that much if at the -- -- -- yeah I'm pretty sure it's not it either I'm on board. Here and there yeah here's the public pools -- -- occurs about your -- They on the -- that bills to his igniting the people would know that commoners -- the -- know and I -- -- in time there. -- -- -- -- Noted that I'm -- coupons numbers orchard that on it. Travis -- -- into -- yesterday show -- was discussing her gadget addiction and suddenly you know your -- Malone. Down like that at any given -- There's -- video HDTV which can be found plugged into -- Next deal the two laptops make -- the 45 but twittered a little browsing much more powerful HP laptop -- media playing and -- -- of course there's the trusted BlackBerry Tour in HTC evo. Q -- and -- separate and those phones are subject to change every human. The only thing missing is the Sony dash but only because -- -- it's not alma -- -- at. I didn't do all we get them out I did it -- the gadget that our on the campus. Of about one moment but that's pretty important. Thing. As Apollo as a postscript I kept -- -- -- -- did not return where -- it. It's a matter is that -- at -- about it from -- like them. I'm back to blow and it's kind of -- but I have gotten hooked and a little a little weather app and mobile traffic. In the actually use that the -- Every morning -- at wake up and pilot program. In a press through and look at the top leaders and an email and learned that Japan and the weather and with the traffic. But more than once it's been displaying my inbox and I've seen an email that I needed to know like I need -- if -- -- Yeah well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I that the pressure today if you wanna check out our happy endings like online betting machines start up and the HTC desire they can solve the -- -- -- prime rib X cube. -- on our blog below that cnet.com -- 806162. Victory is our phone number but that cnet.com is our email address. And everything. -- and you have. -- -- -- I -- as the tomorrow.
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