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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1441: In: Living Social. Out: Groupon. So five minutes ago: Your privacy

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1441: In: Living Social. Out: Groupon. So five minutes ago: Your privacy

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In the news today, Google is coming under the antitrust microsope, your privacy is breached left, right, and center by everyone from Pandora's mobile apps to the growing Epsilon email breach scandal. The MPAA files the least shocking lawsuit ever (sorry, Zediva), two venerable tech names become one, and the leaky ship of the NY Times paywall gets yet another loophole. --Molly

Today is Tuesday April 5 2011 -- -- -- that loud my name Steven -- of. I am Brian's song and I am I let -- -- buzz out loud -- podcast of indeterminate -- -- -- episode 14141. But that's a palindrome. No you're right that goes both -- in Portland goes well play it back and Mozilla does that -- And -- I am. I had an excellent name a confession aerial has to -- that's because they I think that I have a problem okay now before you get this problem before the -- started -- Without any knowledge whatsoever I have here my phone and I said I'm gonna write what I think her problem it is. And I typed it here -- not gonna show it but Molly these -- but I hope I'm right I hope I'm right what's your problem my problem. Is I have -- human -- And in fact. The real problem is that most of them increasing -- recounting I'd I'd I'd get it. Ought to look at this look at that's what I what did I write I wrote Apple fever. Apple. Fever polar ice they wrote that no means somehow it was gonna have to deal with you have an issue not only OY Idaho genius. Not only that but you're at it but it is like that totally related Catholic part two of my ability. Why is eyes and dynamic Nat significantly. And let them Atlanta in on the -- restraints on an update the -- the grand accounts. On -- -- I have next -- mean Kindle MacBook Air an iPad. An iPod ads -- -- -- actually yeah and I'm watching TV yet but I have used all of those gadgets of -- in the last hour. Generally united -- so that's -- that is of African problem. Right click I have a problem and then I I go to read all Alec Alec it was implemented and now Iran about the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think now having that problem -- These -- -- gadget. I hate you need to look yourself -- real close reevaluate I know where you've you've lost you might have larger -- or you're just evolving into a beautiful butterfly. Just like a liar Randy Owen is -- immediately chancellery that is not I have humans grappling that was leaked and how -- could they all. But and then -- will be all. They all obviously overlap. There's clearly some gigantic redundancy here but each one has its own specific purpose for what it's like the MacBook -- is great and all the -- yet but the iPad is is probably its problem different -- and then the iPod -- I was believing that for the Charles -- up to the added deposits and technique can take the picture but then that -- is not out yet and then enter it -- is where I do everything that's where everything -- and in the -- I was like. -- -- -- for me that's wow that's not an issue while that is. That's that's a lake I'm a glorious it's a glorious Selena live and that applause they're not too much of -- distraction and a lot better posits and -- I might latest island and apparently two girls and the reason why live the two girls really quickly before we had to get to the show. Is -- fact and every time I've had and -- -- -- I the the reason why would with Google -- every time had a -- roommate. He takes over all of my -- and all my toys me. Now probably sitting in front of the couch watch -- -- a nice flat screen play and only PS3 -- my Xbox. Ipads -- around I'm like I mean I'm an. -- I might recognize but then when they become they no longer become -- It pisses me. So I Edwards is destined to remain alone because they know we -- okay there's no -- on my couch. And beat them to magnet is -- even a minute. I can't I know it seems like I don't because I have five its distinct consumer electronics devices and Unix named and I'm using that in my house I'm -- -- -- offering. Didn't mean -- -- them. I know I'll bet this is -- -- okay so anyways. Dessert is they're gonna get like a plus points residents like seriously if you do you wrote -- and even get -- he would have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After a confession until I -- only virtual dates yet. I -- date online -- leg of that that real everything else gets in the line at a time that I am moving on to the news. Let's see Microsoft was trying to point the EU in the direction of Google like Google and tank. It look -- look at this Google guide to antitrust probe them and whatnot but now according to to compete to people familiar to the people to -- people familiar with the matter. The US Federal Trade Commission is also considering. A broad antitrust investigation into gambling can if we had a little master -- as white board -- but I heavy -- Universal are but I still get a and we -- you know what we need up we need actually get a white port for this for our predictions totally gonna wipe or editing all right we're gonna make it all fancy for you guys now. We talked about the EU probe and they're examining whether Google discriminate other services in their search results and stop web sites from accepting rival ads but they're. Gonna do the same thing here in the US as well so as they've put the microscope on them -- This is -- with this I can't see how this is not -- -- actually be pushed for. Yeah it's pretty interesting in fact and one antitrust lawyer at -- and for -- LLP in Menlo Park says that this is quote. Long overdue that an investigation is long overdue he says every day. -- companies are being heard by Google's anticompetitive behavior. And we still have arm wrestling going on Washington which of course we do of course they do because Google is huge and in a giant injection of capital into the economy which badly needs it. But the fact is there are unquestionably we talked about there's a million times -- their search dominance. Unquestionably drives anybody out of business when Google get into the same business like the travel results. But that's one of the things that they're looking at so that's DC is waiting for the decision by the Justice Department. To see if it's going to challenged. The planned acquisition of IT eight ITA software that is how a bunch of the current travel sites are all linked together with -- software. And Google's looking to acquire them so if that goes through. That it would. Have even a stronger case for the FTC -- to look even deeper at Google's relationships and how that all -- -- with all of their other. Like we -- tentacles right -- they that they have their that they have their hands on now. Because it's legal to have it is perfectly legal to have a monopoly in the sense that you have and control the vast majority of consumers in your specific business and everything and that in that like. Vertical right. A -- not allowed to do is use unfair or deceptive practices to. Engage in anticompetitive behavior like -- you can't squeeze people other -- out of the market violent bullying suppliers and things like that. And so that that's the investigation right is whether Google has taken its monopoly in search widget has because -- control -- and -- majority of the market. And use it unfairly to drive people out in other areas of the and it's. You know if their whole formula get them in search in all these different arena's travel. Food wherever you're talking about. And then driving towards Google labs and all the money ends up -- -- directly in -- Google's wallets right now one thing at one quote that I loved. In this story is a Google spokesman. And Coke -- -- savitch said. If consumers don't like what the company is doing it -- can switch to another search engine. You don't -- -- -- do you know who that sounds like. Honda Fit. -- is holding her own. -- -- -- got it I went up when I read that I just died nine -- -- ridiculous there's absolutely and it's gonna be a very interesting investigation complain that it's not like our government right now has any -- And is doing anything to people when they engage in anticompetitive behavior or attempting to stop monopolies from being built contacted -- And it's -- you can't gave him. But -- It is notable that there at least talking about investigating and I think if they did. Really truly conduct elegant and old Microsoft style investigation. There would be some -- -- fishy -- -- So we'll see if this actually happens but the -- pushing for with it it's just in the US they're looking at it. They're they're just paying a lot more attention to it that and they might do an anti trust but that's the problem themselves via we'll -- Speaking of investigations federal prosecutor prosecutors in New Jersey. Are investigating whether a bunch of smart phone apps illegally obtained or transmitted information about their users without -- proper disclosures. And at one of the apps that has received a subpoena. Apparently is pandora. I'll tell you the answer is probably yeah they do I'm thinking yes play any of them do so the examination is looking at whether they -- People who -- apps fully aware of what types of data is being collected and sent out such as the user's location. Unique identifier even things your age your sex. And you know I don't know if your phone number was included but. Obviously you really personal information up pandora is one of the folks on the -- received the subpoena. Other apps have as well -- the Wall Street Journal did a little informal study are tested out 101 apps they found that 56 of those apps. Transmitted unique device identifier to other companies with out the use awareness -- 47 apps transmitted the phone's location in some way. And five cent a user's age gender and other personal details to outsiders without any. Without notifying the user at all either on their web page or with in the app or within the iTunes or Android marketplace subscription. So. Bad. In pandora's case bulky Android and iPhone versions of -- -- eaters have with. Transmitted information about age gender and location of as well as -- unique and -- apparently did you cannot. About pandora that typically. Yeah all dependent -- yeah totally implemented or I guess what it -- it ended -- pandora advocates -- that's surprising me about pandora and though unlike. Why would -- light -- though the other thing about. Is we talked about how the Internet generation. Less -- less. Cares or pay attendance -- seat but it's still important make. You you don't you don't put -- these -- -- these how many times have every what that everyone has -- had just bought it out because a friend told this app is cool -- you don't care about it and so. Now that. You know -- this -- are looking at maybe. Penalizing these apps for. The fact that given up some -- when the people better use them just don't really care as much. Now although some people didn't care -- technologies like when the journal posted an article put -- that article and that a 101 mobile apps you know most them were sending this information to marketers. There have been a bunch of class action -- since filed against Apple and some other companies including pandora which you mentioned paper -- Paper costs was giving private information write a marketer like really. The weather channel dictionary dot. Yelled NPR and web MD. The WebMD one of the part that really ends -- does not okay. So anyway that is an ongoing investigation and then on top of that -- lawsuits -- that Apple and other defendants have violated the computer fraud and abuse act. I tell you when you start to read when you install an app on handwriting -- to read all the things that it wants you know I want access to your address a -- paper they're dying. It in yet still -- adding Andy's still press. And I eat in right exactly in Islam -- she threw everyone's -- -- one can. Play it with two of them yeah hopefully this kind of thing will get app maker at the back in line because I think that all of them. Everybody's been building an app has been thinking like I got little side business here on in on -- data collection. And that -- cannot continue -- become status quo for app and and and program development and it's just like program that old were never what. Program. They're developing programs that -- pupils but it's just not at. That that cannot continue to be kind of the side business of every single app developers. Now that it's all about the data in Google's making an all about the communities and now they transform that it really is I mean it is all that the data and and it's time for us to rise up. Right people -- and up and get control of your own data that data. Take control. Take control your data by not using FaceBook I'm -- kidnapped two Americans and you haven't you avenue landed and dump -- -- over the business idea. -- but I can't yet. Are at -- we can tell you is our next story is about Google but this is a -- to yesterday's story about how they made their bid initial bid for 900 million dollars. For nortel's collection of 6000 patents and in a follow Google is planning to if they are -- In the agreement there they're able to get 25 million dollars it's it's like a break -- -- a -- -- a rival. I'll be exempt for the Nortel patents then the -- is that. If someone help -- -- -- the competitor must. They have to offer at least when he nine million dollars more than Google's initial offer and then after that each bid by other companies is five million dollars -- It's it's really like a push -- But if Google loses out then. They get -- five million dollars back. Well that yeah they haven't actually paid any -- yet and then also related in a related story to this is when we talked about these patents. Then articles came about -- who really owns this these -- because Microsoft already has the rights. To these Norton Norton patents that Google is wants to Nortel. Norton Norton on -- and trust me out the north has 6000 miles ago. That north -- and -- that Google wants from Nortel. But yet this is an interesting because ballot question that came out and I -- at at the same thing -- wouldn't if anybody with had a vested interest in stopping Google from getting these patents. It would seem TB Apple Microsoft or Verizon central -- and cover forgy. Microsoft -- for its -- it's. Purpose already evidently has according to and from a 2006 agreement with Nortel. Microsoft -- owns the rights to all of those patents and will continue to hold onto them even if Google buys them. And they released a statement saying Microsoft has a worldwide perpetual. Royalty free license to all of nortel's patents that covers all Microsoft products and services resulting from the patent cross license signed with Nortel. In 2006 -- so even if the ownership changes hands. Google could never charged Microsoft licensing fees or royalty. Now we don't know when this agreement expires. It I don't know if it's indefinite or not it's a perpetual so and -- and a so also -- says Nokia as well. Nokia is also in these so again and more than anything if that is the case. Google's doing this to keep themselves competitive and -- -- even clean -- with these other manufactures instead of using it as. It's it's part defense but these guys won't be up to sue each other of the same things and more of Google gets in on this games certainly magnet and and Google wouldn't give -- the -- otherwise they wouldn't have a revenue stream coming from my tablet it would get pretty interesting with Apple and -- -- -- on the -- outside for this. And then that's where it becomes testing to see how this all planned out. Yeah -- I would love to see a book I would read a book about Microsoft's. The way that Microsoft has played the patent licensing and because when you get into all of that likes -- and all the Linux patents and licenses that they. Been embroiled in -- and the fact that they just. At -- -- -- on foresight the signing an agreement in 2000 think that as we have -- worldwide perpetual royalty free license to. All of these patents when you consider that they cover so much wireless and orgy and -- like. Microsoft has. Played some things very badly but I suspect that they have played the the property and intellectual property game extremely well. That's is that -- -- -- -- right but. Blah blah I know you think you can be leaving on account that's. -- less than -- -- the -- -- and the. I'm diner and -- -- -- an album -- constantly beat opera. I had movie not in the news yesterday was Larry page's -- today. On the job as Google's new CEO and things obviously started happening right away like the 900 million dollar and although I suspect that they'll probably -- lower priority. But what other thing that happened immediately on Monday is that Jonathan Rosenberg. Who was basically the BP. All product management and product development he he had been headed the team that. That -- the Chrome browser Android -- -- ecosystem -- -- those things and he was like a mentor to the company's senior managers. Is -- Is out the door -- -- a huge executive departure. Yet they were trying to lock him in long term to stick around with Larry Page -- -- but he wanted to leave to see is. His -- sleeper called and you wanna spend more -- that and we can say he also though he also. Bill wants to follow that up during his departure and he's working on writing a book. With the party CEO. Eric Schmidt about the values rules and creation of Google's management culture. Her but here's a thing it here's and -- terrorist is another angle to all of this. A lot of these managers that are at Google -- made so much money in cash and what is the incentive. To stay -- just. Pursued there's a point where I have never experienced it. But there has the point where you have a console -- things in the business world you have so much money that it just doesn't matter what -- incentives -- -- you to stay. -- meaning and I you know and and this is an entrepreneur I mean -- -- -- he's been around Silicon Valley for a long time he's got I'm sure a million different opportunities he wants to -- Any basically said look I don't wanna -- along without -- wanna commit to more than two years. -- it sounds like Larry Page wanted a longer commitment and Jonathan in -- -- even across is that you can. Even across the board inside the culture of Google. You have a lot of managers or people are very talented that where under the tutelage veterans -- that have left to do their own did you their old thing yet. So all of that DNA is -- it's -- -- -- not take this in the wrong direction is being spread across the Internet yet yet. Men apparently has his exit -- Rosenberg thing that was a big surprise to everybody who heard it so far and it also it does go. Hand in hand with a lot of changes that are happening immediately with Larry Page taking over infect -- -- that one of the things he's doing it and his restructuring. Very quickly getting rid of Google's more centralized functional structure and putting engineers in charge much more than managers. And really just kind of the east try to make Google more innovative in nimble back to its -- basically which I think it's gonna be interesting because. You could argue that would Google -- -- focus in some ways I always you know we've so -- -- -- yelling into Bing -- And employers -- and you have to land in the -- indeed does the number eleven have a lot follow through. And so I am hoping that -- things he's doing with trying to restructure and make you more engineered -- is. -- accomplish some of that policy like this a little bit there'll ABB right -- Any and that's that's and that's fun want to watch -- like it when them action happens that quickly with the leadership change. Make it once when someone comes and -- instantly oath. Oh are you referring to its own something you know that mean I just like that okay and nothing not not internally -- chemical. The -- hack. That is the data firm that has all of your email addresses from Tivo and -- and it turns out as many as fifty company is. Keeps growing like a fallout just grows and grows and now like we said. In encompasses at least fifty company JPMorgan chase Kroger Tivo best buy Walgreens target of malware target one and -- Pretty it's pretty bad it's gone pretty bad Yahoo! in -- we just -- uphold the evidence or anecdotal evidence from people that it insane -- have you heard about this now its a bigger story than we -- dot. And it also -- -- Leads to wonder when you. Sign these agreements or you get on mailing lists of these companies -- become a member or -- They say that we're here to protect you know your email or your information will be not use in any of the way. But it did data is being stored. Outside of their walls with another company. And now these companies are -- become the targets of hackers who realize that it's best buy they -- target -- the companies like apps on their story and storing this information yet and when you look at. That database that Epsilon contains its suggest gold mine for for monsters for people who -- what you're probably in ST from this is an increase a sharp increase. In so called spear Phishing attack where it's very very targeted email pitches. Designed to get to treat you right to look like it's from your bank to look like it's from Tivo to look like -- from target with the deal. You click through an anti credit card number and then bask in your credit for -- -- And when they and when you think about the customers. Of all of these companies it's -- -- Aggregating these are immense level in these these are -- the journalist shot -- -- general consumers not Internet savvy and in my parents would easily fault they've already done that where they clicked on -- And it is probable -- -- -- and a now it's it's gonna it's pretty. It's pretty golden people are reporting that they've gotten emails from. -- -- and it's like if your customers have it what they are active shoppers but Clinton didn't hit just -- data and but people are getting emails from like all of these different companies which is basically how people were able to piece together. That it was so many companies and not that's line right now is saying that it. Det Noe personally identifying information other than your name and email -- was revealed -- Social Security numbers no financial information and no passwords. But we had at least one caller say that his credit card had been canceled -- like his company I guess where the the company -- was going so far the reaction to cancel the card. -- would not be surprised. There's more if there's more we've seen this before even in that Google's situation where they first -- -- tell you that well only -- some animal data was. Was collected. And then it becomes a lot bigger than that then and it might be the same -- Yeah -- -- write this I they're going to did these people that -- that's on our going to dig deep. They weren't there just for our names and email address when -- put a flat I'd put a fiber on the fact that then within a few days we'll start seeing reports that -- being just that tiny bit more in -- in -- and security firms say that it is a widely understood and prevalent risk people are constantly trying to break into these data repositories. But they liability is of interest to me like you're gonna see someone ultimately rests with the company that directly interacts with the consumers and not excellent but target. But I don't care I don't care about the liability part I care about like the new secured database is aimed at. -- I -- -- -- -- -- deal on that when we come back the least surprising copyright lawsuit ever. And I'm -- a brief reprieve a foreign net neutrality. Welcome back to the buzz out loud. Podcast and a -- link to where we all have Apple -- today but Bollywood included and -- I do not like -- On it in Russia Italy and -- -- -- blog post that in -- -- finally have a Mac but -- -- on. It's true that that's how we all feel all right -- the news. The next story here MPAA the MPA filed a copyright suit against -- Eva. Or is -- Tivo we don't know exactly how to pronounce -- -- -- but this is the group. That set up their service where they would hold. You you would lease a dvd player with a dvd inside of it. And then from that service you would be able to stream from your computer movies plane off. That dvd player -- has rented a dvd player -- happen to be stored remotely anywhere else and then your movie was delivered via that. Dvd player. So a trade group president in six major Hollywood films piled surprisingly. A copyright suit against. City that there's Eva as a diva today -- -- a -- Via the studios have asked for 150000. Dollars for each infringed work. Let's let's see if that Ottawa that's really about and they also want the service shut out. -- -- I mean I think we all knew that that was a clever loophole -- and that was likely to be. Closed quickly remember we heard our like while this is -- could this really work. -- The most of the MPAA -- in a statement the dvd rental label is a sham. In reality is -- -- is a video on demand service that transmits movies over the Internet using streaming technologies in violation. Of -- studios copy. Which is correct and they will -- I'm in agreement without ads actually Internet -- and also that it misses the it has started the process that almost certainly you'll end of the -- demise haven't that you want to rent movies from isn't even doing now but don't commute at a card. You'd like it is a throw it had a card and that. Now where is that it nice no matter how hard companies try to do these cool things. And -- only. It's not going to happen now that -- No -- movie industry doesn't actually want you to have -- -- -- fun toys they don't want you to watch it actually ideally they really want you don't watch their movie in any instance that they -- -- specific category -- money for. They would like to charge you I think ideally they would even prefer in the future they do not own a dvd. They would really like to find a way to be able to charge you for every time. And every place that you watch -- movie. I feel though that dvds you actually pay more than what you're actually do with those dvds because. We're paying twenty dollars for those dvds how often do you really want you to dvd that you have purchased for fifteen to twenty dollars and a W once or twice now yeah they never recap their value I don't think probably not let that you know the best the one that you -- -- sometimes that I'm -- if they could go back in time and to say this is how we want it. They would've loved the dvd -- to stay alive forever answer because they were -- -- -- raking in the Google books during that time. -- definitely more mentally troops not sanitary of the great how many is that the MP is insistent on opting out of the future. -- -- -- -- And other legal news today an appeals court threw out lawsuits that were filed by Verizon Wireless and MetroPCS challenging the FCC's new net neutrality rules. The court judgment though isn't based on a technicality and they said that the lawsuits were filed too soon. -- -- -- They said that the premature AT. Of the lawsuits. Rendered them invalid because they were published before the net neutrality. Rules that those appeals were filed a for the net neutrality rules were actually been published in the federal register -- basically read the press three's release and a leg up with Leo yeah. -- we know area Verizon has pledged to you read publish. -- are sorry to -- soup. Because after this little stipulations oh yeah MetroPCS had no comment it's it's a very very short reprieve for in the attack. It's like a breather an attack coming net neutrality rules. -- Now -- some really cool stuff coming out a -- -- Don't read the article because it's worse than any English I've ever seen in my life knows and it's not comprehensible. Comprehensible. -- -- -- and -- this this is some cool screen shots but what's going -- the next version of them Android. Marketplace. You'll see there's like some content -- -- -- -- juicy about this. Was the fact that there is a cool music app. For Android. Everyone's been talking about their service but at the moment this is not their media player this to be a music app. So -- is potentially leaked through the release of this. You know you previewed Android marketplace. Interesting pristine ones not and now hopefully it'll be a little bit more organized they -- have a revamp makes the music player that. Does look a little sexier than their current archaic 1985. Music player all its horrible it -- Winamp. Or Winamp is on the real -- the commander in my opinion north. In Mac always humble enough. Pilots a gun to the crickets -- -- And pretty big -- go wrong -- switch and a little -- can. So I would and a battered town -- beyond that LA -- -- right -- -- -- TI -- semiconductor and if TI not the rapper -- abuse at the rapper never texas' from Texas Instruments announced Monday that it will acquire National Semiconductor for six point five. Billion -- Dollars. In an all cash transaction that's how much money is being Maine on low powered chips by the way -- it -- -- -- -- makes national and semiconductor. Does some chip making and they make analog integrated circuits and actually say that there's not going to be a -- of crossover they're going to be able to basically build. Big big company that essentially supplies the -- for every single Smartphone and mobile devices in the war. That's pretty amazing. You don't you don't think necessarily nothing gets as much until you realize that. That Texas Instruments for example of the calculator people were sitting on six point five billion dollars in cash. They're doing all right again. And those I deserve big names from the history of just components -- -- -- -- really -- some of them grandfathers. And that daddies of the entire industries that's that's a notable that there really would and I have not seen that ten years ago and now I was totally think intimately because of the computer history museum an -- to write. -- and and we gotta do we got a whole new exhibit coming down on I never thought national -- -- that's crazy T -- and national only -- well you've got. Well. You guys can also believe that the I -- four point 31 jailbreak is out. It works on all devices this is the untethered jailbreak C one -- the connected to your computer to. This make this all -- seamlessly it'd doesn't support the iPad to the Verizon iPhone so if you're hoping for that. It's not there yet -- long. Indeed we talked last week about how they can hope kindled New York Times subscribers would be able to access in your times -- conflict for pre Barnes & Noble -- subscribers will now get. The same park so if you sign up for the -- times. -- with Internet or your Kindle you can bypass the pay all roof and -- -- news on the Internet what a concept. Data hold New York Times model thing is all over the place nightly -- left and -- There's no I don't even know how anyone would understand what they're trying to do now with the little -- -- decorate the S forty already known -- -- -- -- But that programmer hack that the other day in the you know that's great that's. The adorable also VMware is taking over EMC's moxie cloud storage service Mozy -- is -- -- -- on who. -- no -- aren't good -- there you go. As so there they're gonna be managing unit and it's I don't. Know they're owned by the same parent company or not they -- -- Mozy Odyssey lost a lot of a little steam. Once they got rid of their unlimited stored service. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Windows environments on Macs yet and now they're looking at that they think in some ways as. A -- Enterprise level solution providers. I'm glad you're able to sick that -- know where your own enterprise leader indictment and -- prevalent -- now. Big news reliving social bad news for group I'm you know that are currently has an economic if you're -- -- -- that's okay here's what this adds up to you. Apparently a billion by the way. Those of you are listening -- hand going -- and coming and going down and amp going up is this is is that analysts this shall be upward rise. Think and equals about potentially a billion dollars in revenue in 2011. Yeah yeah that's what they think they're going to come amendment. And the appointment comes on the heels of living -- latest fundraising efforts apparently they were able to raise. A little I heard it was about 460. Million dollars roughly 500 million in additional -- 500 million dollars. On valuations of three billion dollars. They're doing -- being that mean the I guess these smaller name of the T right now is still -- huge dividends -- you know. And I hope Amazon investment -- about -- -- -- and -- like an investment because. At that time for the -- coupon deal I think there was something -- -- -- -- 80% of the market at. -- social -- with another guy can remember they were very very small significant chunk. And I've seen more more living social stuff all over the place. And their -- I'm sorry -- dealer yeah and Ireland in my opinion -- -- more relevant to more relevant. Because I don't wanna go finally the group landing because it's just like some and a restaurant in ever heard of it to an epidemic in and it's not like I wanted to throw it or control freak out on it. But I don't wanna just roll into some restaurant or Spock or pedicure platelet yeah be careful -- -- pedicure place. Believe -- public wine weekend -- -- 80% offer an earth like. Do that also our former president. The CBS interactive former president Neil -- was just named to the board of living social thing he landed okay he I think he's doing -- -- -- And that they end up in nice places street -- them 33. You -- -- to get some gadgets that there. Okay speaking -- -- computer history museum I am loving this. Commodore. USA. Maker of The -- thinks people are. Just released -- -- of sneak -- images of -- prototype of a brand new. Commodore sixty. -- well known as one of the most beloved home computers. Of all time and every unit back not only -- -- unit back to -- bringing it back with the potential Blu-ray option. Take iMac that you -- talk -- -- line. -- you know that I know your desktop -- is gonna be aiding enemy in Apple devices the commodore sixty learners to roll back with the Blu-ray. -- releasing a new version of the computer complete with a new version of the commodore -- -- that hasn't been updated for the modern day and includes a web browser and a Microsoft Office compatible suite of productivity tool I -- I'm gonna say I really wanna see that OS before -- Would be like -- seriously considers -- -- -- we're -- hoping it came out right around April -- so we are all are you serious and well it hasn't I mean we're running it as -- -- which is that that's always the caveat with it like a weaker to. We're hoping it's not actually now they said that -- totally. You make it look like renders look like Photoshop that have concerns. Have so we're gonna disclaimer that if they pulled -- little formally. Then Nam -- then they also would have told that -- will ever again. Not just -- But it does very excited to -- I don't know I'm a little concerned that -- -- because I want it. What disabled persons on make her veto it even if it is an April sheltered delicate time on sleeping bag like big economic gap and that -- -- -- that means beautiful island does that smell like contestants and I thought it I'm I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They were it was hanging out. On time -- you -- And -- -- -- go to think -- dot com look for this month on Stevie Mac it's awesome that can be. All right also and other gadgets told B releases their -- -- controlled mouse system this is. This is like. No need for mouse it response your eye movement and what not this is what is it Toby says the PCI works with the screen sizes range of fifteen to 22 inches. Optimal operational distance of nineteen point 731 by inches and -- that sensor on the bottom. Advance Altman's high resolution cameras are claiming to track around 95%. Of the users eye movement night irrespective of eye color lighting conditions and head movement that is so crazy guy it's like oh this is just the crazy future -- here so on users will be able to control various islands connected by looking -- blinking at. -- -- -- -- -- on an object. And the retail price way you think it's something pretty affordable and yet when I'm. And everything in its tests sudden 101000 dollars not -- now and I can silently on human brain animator. Later on hold it's a windows PC now. I can get it now around they -- -- canceled -- -- That's -- it's just. -- addicts and then finally my favorite happy ending of the at least the last month. Now you -- normally I don't like they Coulter ridership but sometimes the filter ridership is breaking cracked me. Charlie Sheen on man you certain you said that -- -- -- conjunction with Hydro lift a company with ties to the actor has filed a. Tuned trademark. His name his signature. And 22. -- raises. -- says are unique to him for example. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Winning -- -- -- at stake of that leaving only winning is remarkable because people do any is that where it again I'm winning -- and winning poker. Body once winning. The Vatican assassin. -- -- -- one ballot is to me is poorly were trademark team don't actually will block game forever so I think that. -- up a miner get now and I didn't I didn't tiger blood that now let's get those genius rocks are from Mars NASA. Now the company's sixty trademarks -- name -- -- -- that also is nicknames for his home. -- valley lodge. And for his girlfriend machines got if you keep Alan -- -- care about that. If granted any potential uses of the trademarks will be determined later. Well pirate look is the company -- filed trademark applications they won a -- protect the very thing from. Bras drinks electronic games candy and even gambling machines in -- to operate in over -- a total natural did they just want insulin like. I would get enforce rules. So ridiculous but I will give -- tiger bullets on -- out of you know Allegheny tiger by you -- -- -- balance so worthy. There's no one's gonna say -- it and people are saying that anymore even. Does it actually Charlie it's -- and it's over. Can't let's not talking about exit Charlie Sheen says and hear what you. We are not lawyers on the show. I just wanna get that out there with the right away but we do talk a lot about legal terms such as monopoly and anticompetitive and things like that. And that led to what our caller here it'd fit have a title of course is equipped. It's true story Florida can't -- 1440 -- -- TT mobile urging him happily. -- -- love your show but monopoly model want. There's no three competitors and market even -- doubt get bought by. Also T-Mobile just muddy the waters there's. Why not let it get bought quite yet by AT&T and -- or competition -- out. Okay the legal definition of a monopoly in terms of -- company. Is an economic advantage held by one or more persons or companies deriving from the exclusive power to carry on a particular business or trade. -- to manufacture and sell a particular item. Thereby suppressing competition and allowing such persons or companies to raise the price -- product or service substantially above the price that would be established by. A free market. In a monopoly one or more persons or companies totally dominates. An economic -- Not not just as one -- I'm not only one company only exit threat so Latin derivative notwithstanding. In this case it means that one company holds an undue amount of sway and power in the marketplace. Now the reason that we've said that we think AT&T T-Mobile would be a monopoly is because they would be -- it now granted. Between Verizon and AT&T they control seventy to 80% duopoly that is a duopoly however AT&T and T-Mobile would be would it. Established a complete monopoly. On GSM technology in the United States -- would be the only national GSM carrier in the United States which means that they could control every single. Exclusive. When it comes to GSM based technology they can completely control pricing and they could totally. Bully GSM manufacturers into basic phone manufacturers into doing whatever they -- they else. -- -- -- -- And what Jason in Novato JC Nevada said -- ultimately became a monopoly misrepresented the definition of monopoly. Review our rights it screwed it up for every -- YouTube -- with a lot of people when you did that. Yet -- old man and actually -- Gillis deeply that it doesn't even really matter if there was another national GSM carrier if the largest competitor was controlling the market which would definitely be the case. In AT&T and T-Mobile. Some also no one wants that to happen. -- -- that can that we're not here to beat you up on the that was -- they were really nice gadget slated to be clear that Natalie -- about monopoly argument that legal -- that legal definition of the term monopoly and applies to businesses. In the United States. Mostly -- now -- that the -- through the prison if you -- calls to my east Alton. Public Gillespie said -- author editor. When it. Yup and -- -- email yes. To the emails some comfort Jack W -- -- to in in a related post to our name that Dave did we say we're gonna given stickers or something. And -- now. The you know the name Damien that was Al -- analogy to the winner yet -- until the area that maybe now we have one. Well maybe there we go this one says from Jack -- I wish to propose. Although -- your best for this. Watch Brian -- do it has -- on a spinning chair while Molly -- -- as we -- rose from robots along with -- -- did not -- efforts -- as we -- in the computer -- on in the pre show and go off the -- plain angry bird's -- mark -- -- tried very hard to -- -- directorate in -- quality. -- Dallas there's not a -- -- -- -- Alice were actually able speak it lags a little -- there's a little and control their self. -- I did that that is held a day yeah I'm I'm. -- and -- the sticker. That I get the -- -- -- -- I -- is a cliff sides in yet I think the funeral of date past that happened that she loved it. Genius really -- it look okay -- so our official recommendation for today is computer Atlantic. However -- W totally getting -- and have an amateur dictating and I almost knight's name him -- Mountains of that that was big. I core and core or Korean from -- -- wants to comment on the idea whether netbooks are gonna go away and make room for tablets and says. I -- -- whenever it's no longer exists due to accessories where tablets. So we heard it look keyboards they can roll into two rippled into a box how difficult would -- be to make a fold up roll -- keyboard that attaches from the tablet whenever you want. In the next -- the speed of the tablet will be a contest of pride rather than use and at that point is semi hybrid tablet will be coming out. It would have to be used what -- a tablet today is it would have to be used as a tablet is today for 90% of the time. But when you need to type out a long email or -- notes for working get -- -- hand carrying case which also includes a keyboard and -- amount instant. Kind of like actually the matrix with its little laptop and -- -- that's important -- like that and -- -- I did see. At CES a lot of those accessory type thing that orbits that like here's our awesome tablet -- tablets -- rat he's keyboard when you need. The -- tricks talent. It's just from my dad's. Whats it up against on the Simpson galaxy S four -- so we'll see. That and looking -- -- it's very close. Also any emails Kyle -- -- that I heard Friday's show. And they description of this smart fart app and I thought. Doesn't mean Batman -- but -- -- -- Salina but rather sober -- -- glaring we shot out any of April fools' day is I just thought wow that was weird. And on Sunday after completing my reconnaissance support -- -- I noticed they be allowed. L episode had downloaded two -- Leo with the missing Thursday -- to answer about an hour than I settled out of from a decade computer downloaded the episode and listened. Suddenly I felt my eyebrows -- and my eyes narrow as I thought I had been asked to look into the sun smart -- what. -- -- That's really doesn't Freddie could not be serious and they started here in some cases verbatim detailed outline their brilliant app I'd been surging -- for the past today. I hate you -- I hate you all. We got a one -- -- got I'm fat diet and figured it out. Which means I approvals to have is I don't think that and we we actually reveal they approvals -- on the show yesterday that. Our -- -- -- to analyze stream -- how many of you in the chat room really got laid because I know. -- -- a lot of you did trust them of the dead submitted a letter was like well it was such an obvious LOL that -- played it right in public. -- until last -- hey guys thousands -- of Friday's podcast a wanted to comment about the premium video on demand. That's like -- are planning on rolling out I dis agree with Brian -- Donald that the price is appalling but life and I love movies but we have three kids at the ages of four. Three and a three month old whatever you wanna go see movie for -- -- we're looking at opening over a hundred bucks. Borealis restaurant dinner when he got from movie tickets -- -- -- popcorn drinks and twenty dollars plus -- baby sitter plus fassel scheduling the baby Saturday at. Fighting for restaurant reservations and dealing with sticky theater dollars. If we have the prospect -- -- a relatively new movie at home after the kids go to bed for thirty dollars. And may be ordering in for fifteen dollars. This is far better than the alternative. Granted there is still the allure of going out and we would still do that every once a while but at least that the -- options we can keep up on new movies without breaking the bank. Love the show -- midi. Should be you are actually right and if you listen I was in the support of the price. For thirty dollars the N double and I were actually -- -- seen each other's views. I think you're right on the money that's -- on your -- me. Every time it funny that every time we talked about the thirty dollar it kicks off this like tape tempest of feedback wherever you know where all of the -- it's always like all apparently people are just like no about the awesome because that's how much it would cost in a more than that to think and -- in and minimize like. -- -- -- getting ripped -- engine allowed entered the off and then it goes on trust me sweetie I even had to try to convince Donald you have a family. Isn't this a good deal for you I remember explicitly saying that in an -- -- -- I'm sure you did I essentially. So that. If you wanna back -- up in the comments on today's episode you can find the show notes. And all the past episodes and all the way to contact -- that are blog -- -- that cnet.com. In -- wondering -- if you re gain at 100 -- -- -- 2638. And email us as far as them. We. -- -- -- I don't have the head of -- -- you guys.
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