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VTech hack exposes 5 million accounts, including kids' photos, chats
2:56 November 30, 2015
The toymaker stores personal data and photos in a way that may be easy for hackers to access. Also, Amazon shows off its latest design...
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iPad Pro after one week: Can it replace your laptop?
2:49 November 30, 2015
CNET Senior Editor Andrew Hoyle has been using Apple's gigantic tablet as his main computer for a week. Luke Westaway asks how it stacks...
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Top tech toys for kids reinvent the classics
1:52 November 30, 2015
What's old is new again for toys with classics like Lego, Crayola and Barbie getting high-tech twists. Here are some of the top tech...
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Top 5 ways to reuse an Android device
2:38 November 30, 2015
Got an old Android device not doing anything? Find out what else it can do other than collect dust.
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Xbox One Elite Controller -- Is it worth $150?
6:19 November 29, 2015
The Xbox One Elite Controller boasts some premium features, but are they cool enough to warrant the $150 (‎£120 in UK, AU$200 in Australia)...
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Common battery myths that need to die
1:09 November 29, 2015
Sharon Profis busts a few overplayed battery myths on "You're Doing it All Wrong."
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Walmart's five buck LED is one of the brightest we've tested
2:03 November 27, 2015
For basic lighting needs, this bulb looks like a solid pick, but its dimming performance leaves a lot to be desired.
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'Tech Tats' are temporary biosensors with cyborg style (Tomorrow Daily 278)
6:48 November 25, 2015
Ashley discusses one company's vision of temporary tattoos topped with tech, improving NASA's Robonaut 5 by challenging university...
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