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The 404: Ep. 1440: Where we channel surf with Sadie Gennis
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The 404: Ep. 1440: Where we channel surf with Sadie Gennis

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Our guest today is Sadie Gennis, professional couch potato and staff editor for TV Guide online. She'll update us on all the new shows making the rounds this season and gives a little insight into her obsession with "Veronica Mars," "Supernatural," and "Scandal." More TV talk plus the day's tech headlines including a profile on people that who hate music and a social network called Livr that turns your binge drinking into a game!

-What's up, everybody? It's Friday, March 7th, 2014. This is The 404 Show on CNET. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -Ariel is back there. Wave hi, Ariel. Hi. He doesn't have a microphone, but that's okay because today, joining us for the first time ever, it's a very big deal, Saddie Gennis from TV Guide is in the studio. Around of applause for Saddie Gennis. Please let's give her a nice, warm 404 welcome. What's up, Saddie? -Not a lot. -Yeah. -Yeah. -How's it going? -Well, a little nervous. -So, I feel terrible because Saddie claimed she's nervous and I don't know, everytime we've interacted you seem pretty laid back and calm and collected. So, why the nerves? -Have you ever seen that 30 Rock episode where Jack films a commercial? -Yes. -That is why. I don't know what to do with my hands. -That is all like is this how you walk? Yeah. -Yeah, it's like give me two mugs-- -Right, right, right. -Totally fine. -Right on. Well, don't be nervous. This is the show that's designed to make people feel comfortable when they're on. So, you promise from here on now. -I'm feeling pretty good. -Yeah. -I'm surprised that you've never done a media appearance before because you're the staff editor at TV Guide but you've never been on TV before. Is this your first time? -Yes. -You've been on like, you've done junkets, right? -No. -I don't know. -What's junket? -You know what a junket is. -No. I have no idea. I've heard that before but I don't know what it is. -Junket is like when they do like movie tours and they bring like journalist into this room and keep interviewing like that. -Oh, yeah, they have like some movie poster behind, -Yeah. -it's kinda like what we do on the Last FM's stage. -Right, right. Exactly. -Yeah that makes sense. -Yeah, junkets. All right. Well, thank you for being here. The pleasure is all ours. Tell us what you do over TV Guide and why it's the best show in the world. -Well, I watch a lot of TV. So, number one reason it's the best job ever. -Right. -And then I do a lot of features where I get on soap boxes and rant about things and shows that upset me or that I like love, but mainly things that make me angry. -So, a lot of things make you angry. -Yeah. -You're a very opinionated. I've read some of your stuff. You're also very strangely obsessed with weird things that I can't quite wrap my head around. Perhaps it's a generational gap. I don't know what it is. But there's a lot of stuff like for instance-- and so you're obsessed with TV, we know this. You have a lot of very rigid and radical opinion, sure we'll call them radical opinions. -All right. -But you're also like kind of obsessed with like train wreck celebrities. -Yeah. -Can you kind of give us a little background on that? Because I myself love watching the demise of famous people. I think there's a certain like rubbernecking, like you know, satisfaction I get from that. But what's your story? -I don't like it for the whole like schadenfreude aspect. -Yeah. -I don't know if that's pronounced right. -I think you're in the Ballpark. -Something like that. -Yeah. -It's-- I don't-- I can't stand Beyonce. -Really? -That's what-- -Wow. -That-- I think this is where it comes from. Beyonce is so perfect. -Yeah. -I can't relate to her at all. -Sure. -Whereas people like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears they mess up so much that it's like, -Yeah. -I know they're not doing that on purpose. -They're more human. -Not like a fa

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