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The 404: Ep. 1437: Where we get a scorching case of HTML

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The 404: Ep. 1437: Where we get a scorching case of HTML

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On today's 404: a totally fake hoverboard commercial; 11 percent of Americans thinks HTML is an STD; a tour of Seinfeld's apartment using Oculus Rift; and a sit-down chat with comedian Andy Daly of Comedy Central's upcoming show "Review."

Hey what's -- everyone it's march. Fifth Wednesday. Hope -- have an awesome day. -- the 44 show thanks for tuning in my name's Jeff Bakalar I'm Justin new I'm Mario -- hope everyone's having a great little day we sure as hell are. I think so far. -- to begin to appear these stories and then we'll change our attitudes right around cast today we've got talk about this back to the future thing that everyone seems to be. Losing their minds over initially -- -- that Americans and what they think html is and then will be able to explore Jerry Seinfeld's apartment using innocuous -- with. And then very special guest will join us leader in the program -- comedy central's new show review which airs tomorrow Thursday at 10 PM on Comedy Central. A mister Andy daily is gonna be here we I'm very psyched about. And now I sit down with him a little later in the show put first. Our newsman. Well -- hacking -- That's -- I don't think we got it can get hard so exciting energizing -- -- And our -- -- you do. Anything yeah. This time -- on god there's a future for you in television I have assignments I would smile if these. These stories were making me happy but they're super frustrating. Agreed and the first one is the worst -- -- -- -- -- the -- who are you people I'll tell you because we know who it is behind this this stupid video. And -- and usually not as negative as you about some things but this one. Can't hear the dark side myself and there's room for all so yesterday it is video came out on the Internet and it was about a four minute video and it caught everyone's attention because they were basically advertising a prototype for real hover boards just like the one that you saw -- if you -- view. Then you know and based on our disappointment with Mattel's replica that we -- public on two years ago -- -- really hoping this would be real which if you go back and watch now. It's just you and I just -- -- this girl playing face the whole time yeah this is stupid right look at there's a piece of plastic. With an air hockey technology underneath that would basically blow air -- to the ground bright and the week. The best I was -- -- demonstrated issues like it'll flow over every surface and it should just like put you did this the is pushed and look at that it does with a plastic across the that -- -- -- -- so bad it's a bad thing so you ready to be disappointed again. And I guess we should maybe start with just plain. The video. Because it's pretty long and in at this sort of introduce the hover board technology though they never really get into how it works. Supposedly a company called hover EQVR. They start a project that began in 2010 and apparently this is all. You know based on an NIT. Graduate program. Class that they were all involved and that's -- they met now and then they invented this world class technology that you're about to see right now as a team of people with no personality whatsoever. That's the thing I mean break two we show you the -- -- is definitely use the video. -- off. You know what else looks cool all the wire work. -- clearly was going on during this there's a shot. Where you can actually see. The shadow. Of the wired route and yes I did that but I agree I think it's with Tony Hall. Tell writes about specially mentioned few people who don't want video they actually have cameos from a bunch of different celebrities. Including you can sell off of stuff -- written back you can. The boys and it also you get a bunch of different random celebrities I don't know how they -- -- these guys but there's exclude. Where do you go to if you go back you can actually see. It's like 328. Or so in the video then please do me a favour go back and you can actually see. The wire shadow on the tollbooth even in the parking lot turn it on so let's let's like kind of take a step back here. I just don't appreciate having. This company yeah whatever whatever they are really promoted what the hell is. Well what it will like what are they really promoting is what I want. Right there's a lot speculation that people are right on it's definitely been expected to future movie. Cool I think what makes it really unbelievable is the fact that they're all doing crazy tricks on this and also claiming to have jumped on -- for the first time today. Like they shouldn't have had all these mini ramps and things break. This Sudeikis and the other affinity to kind of snow is painfully obviously Faye -- -- -- -- to. -- yet he is a cool guy we've had a Marshall a few times he's a cool guy and I would have taken the money also. Now ideas Jonathan yeah I'm sure he got a decent -- and share his sales aren't capable to a guy what I don't like and I don't appreciate. Is there -- their exploiting my childhood they're crawling up into my brain. And finding -- 1989. Jeff yes and and dangling this amazing. You know things from the movie in front of my face. They they may Christopher Lloyd cried that -- fourth today -- -- cry on camera about something that and it's just such -- stupid. Attempt at being viral and the worst part about it is that you. Whoever's listening. Are the reason it's popular. Well cause you can't stop sharing and you think it's so great clip and I had HR fortunately tracked on those people out -- sort of part of that it or not. Lots of people that haven't watched it before it definitely help wanted now it's fine why regardless don't -- -- not believing that it's a real. It's definitely not clearly not really a trust me if I hover boards were invented it be a lot bigger deal than what movie could produce -- the you know movie would be the first person that would be invited to ride the first cover -- I am pretty sure these Barack Obama or like you know the Nobel Peace Prize for science people read -- yet like that would be an an amazing achievement. So clearly you know these the first thing I thought when I -- others like all right well this is clearly not real yet but there are people. Who like. Spray on your FaceBook -- -- -- -- similar sharing you know like -- I want one yet. And that's exactly what these guys were looking for -- -- the share -- quality and that the look if you go to Hubbard tech dot com if you VR tech dot com. They did a really good jobs building out you know the entire web site which probably wasn't that difficult to do media data programming. But here's the team of MIT graduates that supposedly created the the -- board. Offended that they figured people would buy into it more if they had -- -- guys and horn rimmed glasses I'll stop it I could say there's three white people there and that's offensive but did you know that when you watch the videos you like oh wow. It's -- -- radiation -- that's promoting you know he was behind the technology it must be real right into the first thing you think of is like really they couldn't get five better actors threat because they are not selling. And I'm not buying it had its funny because they have FaceBook page two and the whole page it's plastered with people that. That are basically. You know someone actually posted a link to this guy -- Asian guys I -- DB page is definitely an actor. Right and then somebody else actually looked up an online portfolio site for one of the costume designers that was behind this. And her employer was listed as. -- -- Funny or Die is definitely behind this accused death definitely the -- -- we got that she's death and you know. But you -- I mean you share that frustration with me right -- where where where you're just like this is why we can't have nice things like this is regulate your literally. Finding. 1989 -- -- and kicking him in the -- ZV yeah I really see if it shows -- and underhanded throw a mean. 80s90s -- don't is super easy to it's super easy it's very low hanging fruit. But everyone in our generation has such as soft spot for it -- and I don't like when people just take advantage. It's well how -- I can -- too much on these guys it is working. Like they already have 111000. Followers -- there after a day yeah they got all these celebrities I don't know how much they paid for all this stuff but it's. Not necessarily a genius idea but it's a good one. I mean like it -- that equate to success. Like -- they got 121000 followers on Twitter did they get paid now does that equals some sort of like win for them yet know. In fact. Whatever the hell it is that they are selling in power boycott. Not even knowing what it really is right even if it's -- to be rigid and don't anticipate that it wasn't Funny or Die and it was like Jimmy Fallon or is somebody else behind the full there's one I think if -- supple. Understand what you mean you know like it does and how is it because it's Funny or -- or is now anybody alive when you're done a lot of stuff they do this is not a Funny or Die thing ago. This is not like this is in a work of comedy yeah yeah this is a work of tragedy since ha -- Is what -- really it is acres. I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They weren't and found all Billy's anywhere value -- -- isn't it that's right of fob -- oddly hairless -- in phantom he's never grown -- he's always been and I you know I don't get it. -- -- would you actually buy overboard. Both V does I mean it if it were real and they were available markets a four. God -- 500 bucks. Communities look is like -- 31 year old but I bought yeah would you -- -- probably is it more like buying a Razor Scooters and cache. Stuff on and you know definitely try it out yet I would for sure one's China I can't even stand on the skateboard soprano and a -- Thank you break your -- you can't -- -- worked my did you tell your boss won't go overboard you have to have the deployment overboard -- -- Tony Hawk ride on like of vert ramp with it yet no -- if they don't feel like -- Andrew Watson director telling Tony -- and it okay I know -- uses this is pretty stupid. But you just have to work with us here and pretend this is happening again pretend you're having fun. Here's an -- make you feel a bit better about back -- -- something real from that movie is actually coming out next year in 2015. Which is actually the year in the movie -- go back to the future October or any yet and so 201590. Announced that. -- -- -- -- Sneakers will actually make an appearance but ones that light up and actually well I don't know if they're gonna light up but they're definitely gonna -- themselves well that's all that really -- I mean believe me thinking and police themselves again you light up yet and -- -- is a few years ago the -- that supposedly we're gonna have that. But didn't via they had the neon stuff so -- will not sports will guest slot. You seen the movie you scene back to future too yeah all right power laces. Those things are super ugly man yeah he's gonna -- I want and hold every 800 dollars to yes definitely no thanks so that's happening no word yet on whether or not the look exactly like the ones the movie if they're gonna design a whole new one. But regardless. I don't think any of those would be lining up -- for the ninety sorting it does he didn't know. Anything they can deal with that they did it now they killed back to future for food and even a Delorean in this in this they did it. So well go watch it or not they finally did it they killed them back to the future -- -- they did it. On tells about the study that's equally. Head shaking I'm actually really. Shocked at the statistics in this study if you got voted the way hire -- to be honest. Apparently our -- trip are Chris -- reports. That 11%. Of Americans and. Think html. Is an ST VP and like oh I'm giving you -- call yeah we went out in the eighties. I just want you know I've got html. You can maybe -- -- -- checked that and today. It's not fatal don't worry. It's strange one in ten Americans truly believe that html as -- sexually transmitted disease. I'm not really sure. How this was -- search but it came together by people. That voucher cloud dot net via an LA times and the LA times. Let's see -- and it basically does LA times article and the other cigarettes and he was conducted by doctor dot -- I think that's a coupon website anyway so they basically did a bunch of -- -- with people over the age of eighteen. To see if they knew what popular acronyms in technology actually stood for. And html with one of them. But that was an STD what -- -- what was that comes in four. Html yeah -- like if it weren't ST UD. That's a tough for -- -- -- -- -- that one -- -- now they think about now I would really love for someone to just like. Tweet us that we have some freaking interaction sky and then -- can someone anybody to do my -- for someone do that just. It's humorous even if it's the worst outcome we'll read it tomorrow I promise html what's it stand for through -- TV damages do that. You can't be mad at people for -- company they have got -- already -- it just popped up I -- you'll do it all use some other stats in the meantime 77% of the respondents of the survey. Dot that SEO meant something else that in know that an -- -- -- -- I'm not surprised about that yet I think each of those away more mainstream. Term then SE. -- and Jay walking -- dead within this 27%. Thought that gigabyte. Was an insect commonly found in South America -- I just send abuse. -- either something like you have a better screen that's so -- and suddenly you've been bay Cuba and take. Hope this could insert a pillow works against you go but I. 42%. Said it not that motherboard was quote the deck of a cruise ship it. I would -- of the -- to. -- Bad this is great where were these us studies done where were these surveys conducted hit insane asylum I mean. Some of the stuff was. If I mean it's just too easy 12% -- USB was an acronym for some foreign country -- a couple of you know they don't have these problems over -- the USB. And it could hurt them. -- got it weed is legal in the USB yeah. -- gotta go and they're doing fine you could get a look at -- tax revenues that even hotter. What do you think what more than mistaken a Fuller and you know like that you you you know like the united emirates -- some on me. I guess I guess I don't know -- defense -- that's the only -- -- slightly more believable than 23%. Of people who thought that MP3 with the Star Wars robot the now all you have sees the good thing is -- -- IP there. They -- moms everywhere yesterday when they came -- right -- creator of you and your 63 year old and yet about all this stuff. Yeah I mean like that is okay and beat their features -- For almost twenty years -- If you don't know MP3 actually stands for but I got I mean that's -- I would be opened his present no one knows that that is what holy god. Well there's like AT ETC three PO and CP three -- C three PO. And MP3 and then of cores and a few little -- -- it and Syrian. Who always me the cutting room floor in the trilogy. But. Yeah I don't know I don't know obviously like there were multiple choices -- yeah but there's no place all these people -- That's that's the unheard of Droid from star -- -- -- you know on ET percent thought Blu-ray it was a marine animal. Opener want to go okay well Blu-ray is like -- Tampa Blu-ray I'll really got a lot of -- got there is double read yeah yeah like men -- a of the unit bluebird day while they're via blue and say okay -- You know -- -- benefited the freaking doubt. -- that won't cancels out will wash your hands clean and out yet. But this is a it's a really funny story highly recommended my goodness some people. God -- might be you know as long as they're paying taxes on -- -- -- just. Whatever just go home at night and don't bother anyone who live your life thinking what you think -- -- -- ask probably treatment that seem like an obvious thing. Until I'm sure a lot of people still -- -- -- do you know where Bluetooth came from -- called -- -- -- -- It's because there -- a tenth century Danish -- who's obsessed with eating blueberries to the point that his teeth were permanently stained blue. And that's why they called him Bluetooth but he was responsible for unifying a bunch of Danish countries. And all getting into real on the same wireless signals yeah exactly which makes it to the same -- -- unified a bunch of different countries. Now you don't like your wireless I think that entomology at there are sworn that up. That's fine 0% of people would know the entomology of blue to -- how what's the percentage of people that would actually know what it is that's another story via. I don't know man this scares the living daylights out thing and I -- read this -- HTTP to. I don't even know -- I note that I mean it as it's like hypertext. Type mark -- language moment to -- for the people that's html is hypertext markup language. I enter key text -- hyper text markup language of html I think. HTTP. OP is protocol for share yet. Human. -- congress look we don't necessarily need to know what those things stand for -- for going on jeopardy again. But at least you know what it is very. Yeah. We'll see that you're gonna make wanna think that this can happen unless story before we get to your interview with mister -- So this is really cool -- -- to talk about at all -- -- noted is that VR headset that you put on your head and normally it's used for gaming it's. On 3-D mock ups of on a different places that you can tour around it. It's a pretty sweet in -- latest one that we're seeing totally useless and not the first place and out picked to go explored -- pretty cool nonetheless. Is Jerry Seinfeld's classic Manhattan apartment that's pretty cool yet. We're aware of the -- apartment looking at again was in like upper -- Including west shore it's a fictional apartment you'll know it's it's actually add and location. You mean like that the view location the fictitious apartment resides that yes yet but also -- resource -- -- building -- it's a breeze. Yet and it I don't Easter west doesn't matter from the lack. Minorities on the site I would say may -- west. You think. It can go either way but there's no episode Hunter College announcement right if you go either way look at this looks like one of the Isa -- at the at the outside area so that's pretty cool on. As a -- -- spent two years are Greg Miller. Sort of build in this project -- -- this time most you have a great job Greg -- -- the Grand Canyon may be you know I had I don't know. Like the surface of Mars anyway you can go in tour this using Yahoo! through tents and -- walked through the entire apartment that is completely. And a 100% replicated. In this thirty mock up. You never really saw the bedroom though so how -- -- pop. You did -- adventure really once or twice yet they're a well injuries to bang on he had is that they're like F twenty minute love scene with and they didn't have like hardcore you know -- -- on the show but. I do a call like times where they were in the in the shows infancy and ran their relationship was like doing a Gilles how are you are right yeah they do it only gives -- the boom and the upper arm and -- -- it right. Now -- I -- there's a point there's got to be assign -- -- Kennedy. -- -- I'm -- gonna go down that -- palm I'm pretty sure you wanna deal -- human soldiers bedroom was. Think it was in one of the episodes where him and now we're Jerry -- actually switch apartments. Do you still like when. You know obviously the the iconic shot is looking at the living room and kitchen right what happens when they looked at the fourth wall. A -- lights and cameras and general -- -- crazy. That's that's pretty neat but what's really cool as -- on the video -- -- watching it right now for the audit listeners. Uncle what's the video because you get a really cool view of the computer desk sort of by the window that they're always looking out of that is normally a wide shots you never get a -- -- rest on the desk. Except in certain scenes and of the creator this guy Greg he actually -- through the entire. You know -- -- -- there are -- ticket markups so you get succeed angle that you don't normally get to see like for example. On one of and you get to see done shot from the right side of the couch sort of looking at the left side of the apartment -- is really cool you just don't normally get to see that -- that we're in mind. -- totally -- this very cool thanks for that story sir -- not innocuous threat to do it ourselves right now. I would love to do you behind -- we can begin wanted -- them but well what we will have soon is gonna. You know. -- -- I think we're gonna have once and actually in the office yeah. I don't really think so and so can you just download this like it's an application yes -- running yeah that's pretty sick. All right well thanks for that story certain of right now it's time for my interview with Andy daily. Again. The new show review airs Thursday nights on Comedy Central. At ten PN. Here it is my little talk with and immediately. Everyone out thanks for tuning into our special interview portion of the 44 show today. Our guest is a very funny man yes will wait and see if that comes true I don't know it's been it's been -- and -- -- on Wikipedia so professional. I you know him from all his roles on eastbound and down and a little show -- -- really got a nice sweet spot in my heart the life and times of. Ten on love that though are we now hope nobody mentioned that to me love it I was on -- -- -- on analog and I love that you man oh man -- so thank you for doing that thank you are you welcome it's show mom taught and mister Andrew -- thank you for being here we you have a new show on Comedy Central it starts. Thursday march 6 yeah on Comedy Central at 10 o'clock 10 PM it's called review that's -- so tell me about review it's not a conventional review show. No it's not it's it's is scripted show I think character -- forest McNeil who -- -- review food books or movies he reviews life experiences or is he believes that he has said that. He's uniquely qualified to. Experienced. Life and -- life experiences on a scale of one to five stars to let people know is this something you should do -- something you shouldn't do. It's amazing and I've seen a few of the episodes it's very funny idea it's a very funny show. He seemed to be employed by this faceless corporation here. That just has this. Mike unending budget well -- sends you off to review life activities out. -- -- forest suspending his own money it does seem to compromise his own mobile and fortunately I can see he has a he has a very serious sort of scientific -- or what he believes to be an item but a serious scientific ethic to exploring these -- not. Things or something if he's asked to go into space. You know he gets a ride in one of these commercial -- space programs like SpaceX or whatever it costs -- an incredible amount of money just spends his own money to do because that's part of the experience. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't afford get a bricks and legs as you gotta have a nonstick pan up of course test and if if if -- -- absolutely got to be probably one of Sprint's recent -- on there that's got to be just and -- -- -- an -- all the things you -- -- If you wanna get them that was bachelor like little rubber specials is perfect right get a bus makes it -- a whole process theater for your data until you're ready to use -- And what you're -- a lubricant of choice. I -- a spray on like just -- olive oil or something like I don't want -- what -- you go old school -- -- fine yeah you're right but it's gonna pull it nothing should come out of a -- like that really doesn't belong coming out -- a standard controversial and well look nothing -- command I'm sure we're gonna get the emails and all direct them to your attention served up. I want to talk about the history. Of review because I did not know this one of our listeners are treated us a few days ago when we said you're gonna be on. But at scrappy sculptor. Does that scrappy sculptor she's always go to -- as you leave me awhile of the script is copper smelter there you go he says hey make sure you don't let Andy leave before. Telling us about the shows Australian routes this is of. Here's the there was an Australian show called revue with miles Barlow -- and the guys who created that sold the format to -- and like an international format company that they end up brought -- to Comedy Central. County central Saud said let's do an American adaptation of this and asked me to do it and we contacted the Australians. And -- what what do you think about us doing is and they said -- -- -- test -- -- right and they came out to Los Angeles and they said the writers' room where there's a little bit make him out visited us onset. It's not a rip off -- it's an adaptation and their version is. Austin area dark it's disturbing it's very very real. You don't know who is an actor and who's just a real person they stumbled upon camera they did an amazing job of that so it's a different sort -- for the westernized version it is a little bit of a different -- we we we did a few things differently first -- -- the character recreated it you know we went we leaned -- to my strengths to make it different -- different guy that I can play. And we also sort of surrounded him -- more. Regular regular people in his life. -- we see more frequently sheer force meal has an intern in an assistant in a producer and of course his wife is is that a big. Force -- his life or life has more support life -- for -- off we get to know his son a little bit better than we forgot to know miles -- assigned. That was the characters from. See that's good the problem with reading Internet comments. Via people you know us and I would imagine Australians are very you know loyal to what. The export I'm estuary -- this show was a big culled it down and a yet. So you know have -- ago they they literally think you went to Australia murdered the entire crew of that. Yeah sure lo and and that's did you feel that's what we would have done if they had said -- -- I -- -- yes we would absolutely done and I have a whole plan which is -- reasonable yes of course totally totally would have been poisoned if you wondered if but so the scrappy sculptor you can rest assured I'm not trying to get away with anything -- I was being hostile. I think he was just saying -- want to get. There until he admitted suspect that this was an Australian show and we created it exactly. I don't even know these Australian well we know that he scrappy he's certainly a -- that are gonna be he's got to the this certificate -- at it. We're gonna find you -- I wanna talk about your background a little bit arm or so so what's your story income and how did you get your start. Where. You know where did you -- you -- -- well honey I came to New York who grew up in New Jersey you know it's -- -- the good people from the -- right there. Yeah you from -- absolutely everybody's Rogers and what is that what is it about Jersey. There's something about growing up in a punch line. Right it's always the punch line and it wasn't the seven these it was like -- issues like New Jersey was the Detroit of the seventies you know and -- mean. It was the armpit of America in the -- government which is just a geographical sort of phenomenon if you personified the East Coast as a human right. You can do that and then -- in his life doesn't -- -- -- doesn't mean -- only parts of New Jersey smell like an actual harm and no you know what it is and true tell me it's because it's Newark airport's fault you have. Because you're flying in your you're you're on your descent into the New York City area you don't have it is excited to look at death and destruction. Software for what it's also one it's also once you. That that turnpike is of the term -- through the meadowlands area. Nothing smells quite as bad as that well that's that's the smell of death and decay -- Because all of the bodies that had been thrown out there that's all it is. And where do you think it's our Q&A copy. Look at it anyway so kudos at the New Jersey thank you mean we you know not what county -- from Monmouth county very Pannemon all right all right good world accounting -- friends there. So and that I came to New York right after college or -- -- new York and start doing a little -- a stand up and a little bit of a sketch and improbably named WCB came to town. Three years after I got to New York in just changed the comedy landscape altogether. And I took the very first workshop they ever taught in New York Matt -- -- -- and in the first. Full class that they Todd almost out of for four weeks and Amy Poehler -- for four weeks and I was in that and just. Got the whole -- into their thing like I had to know. How they were doing what they were doing on -- it's right than just hung around there for years so what was the what was the immediate sort of thing you learned that what what sort of -- is like -- if I want and I have to do this blog I remember watching the first of my son and improvise yeah I did not understand how being and how they were able to get on the same page so quickly and how they would they've all they knew like two people it's about to do is seen and immediately know what the scene was about it within one or two minds. And then both know exactly where to bring it together. And did there is a method -- -- do learn it now and its its super impressive if you if you're -- uninitiated like he can't. Can't believe that the scene is being written on the fly. But there's there's a method you know like who wouldn't do you receive is the first funny or -- usual thing happens. Both people know -- okay that's what this scene is about. And I think I know how to escalate on this -- funny things just pay attention listen and help each other out -- silent sort of dance their own sort of figures out the moves -- as you go there and then all and soon you you know your your podcasters well which I was delighted to hear them too many podcasts now anything I think there's too few -- Yeah I -- ever since. Okay there are people laying it all over the world you don't have a podcasts are aware of this I am little. Lights there have to be at least a billion people on the planet who don't have a podcast at least as it is. It's -- we have to do something about that I think so yeah I know my podcast. This was you know idea I'm a guest on lots of podcasts here and over -- wolf and note that most -- And I do characters. On comedy bang bang. And so the thought was to do that they just -- did you wanna do your own podcast will make it easy for you -- if anybody tells me that about anything I'll do it chair and it doesn't matter W make it easy Birmingham tomorrow -- send me. So. Eyes again and hides the -- -- to do podcast. Where each one of my characters gets its own episode right so that's what it is and I just sort of did it during the downtime between. Review being edited and review coming out -- -- -- certain recorded them for groups men people -- it right. -- -- -- is the network that you are very much involved with. Arm and I want to talk a little bit about the that the Andy daily podcast project -- with meg courtly yes. Courier Corley Corley Corley yeah that's yeah that's the one that's what I'm talking about Matt -- rule yes -- I'm sorry a a because it's the idea of that. Like the concept in that -- I find very entry -- -- bit can you tell us a little bit about that it was just as I was saying I was trying to come up with some way of using all my characters in a podcast now. And this this one appealed to me -- To give each character his own just run of the studio for ninety minutes to two hours. Seem like an appealing idea to me and and the this just this premise that we came up with that each of them is making a pilot for a podcast so. So basically this is who's sort of like to steer the -- sort of thing where it's all right we're gonna decide. Which character has the best sort of you know chops to make it on here wolf essentially yeah I mean we're not literally like auditioning glories to -- -- Actual podcast -- I don't know that I wanna commit to weekly commit podcast -- In character like I don't know maybe it might be fun but. I'm not just I've -- well we're not saying at the out said. Vote on which one of these -- -- regular podcasters. It's more like a this is just a smattering of the movies hit the -- -- That -- -- receives unsolicited pilot podcasts. Podcast pilots all the time. And we just picked out some of the best ones we're giving him a public here. And just letting the public decide public here written you know democratic system yeah absolutely yeah pretty -- -- here appreciated fantastic. All right this it was a pleasure meeting you sir thank you. So much for being here again the show is review. Are on Comedy Central Thursdays at 10 PM the premieres tomorrow night so you're seeing this at a time -- been warned you know what to do. Make sure you turn Comedy Central and tomorrow night. At 10 PM. For review and India I think -- much for -- union -- you alright back to more for a four right activists. All right there you have it thank you to mr. Andy daily that was a lot of fun and -- will be back here tomorrow with a brand new show. You can send -- email that be nice and seriously. Play around with us humor us html best TV anything Twitter -- that on Twitter okay. We're desperate and you can do html HTTP whatever Cochran and you wanna used to speak creative -- -- Active here -- kind illness for much or you could put on our sub read it. That's -- -- dot com slash or slash 2404 you can join the 15100. Other 404 subscribers right there as well. Until then you know the deal Twitter FaceBook and through them all that good stuff. We're back here tomorrow with a brand new show until then thanks for tuning in on Jeff Bakalar and Justin knew how Mario on the this bit of for a -- -- high tech. Low brow have an awesome day we'll see you guys to.

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Mercedes F 015: Car of the future (CNET On Cars, Episode 62)
20:50 March 27, 2015
Mercedes asks what shall we do when driving ends, the new safety tech that must be on your new-car shopping list, and the Top 5 affordable...
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Imagine a 10TB Solid State Drive
2:58 March 27, 2015
Could a 10TB Solid State Drive be in our near future? Amazon fluffs up their cloud service, Lyft goes social and Tim Cook gives ba...
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It shoots. It scores.
2:53 March 27, 2015
Mirrorless Samsung NX1 takes on dSLRs for action photography.
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