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The 404: Ep. 1436: Where you're never too old to start Tindering

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The 404: Ep. 1436: Where you're never too old to start Tindering

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On today's 404, we'll tell you about Apple bringing the iPhone experience into your next car, a condom that shocks you with electricity to "increase sensation," the story of a 60 year old's scandalous Tinder exploits, and a FitBit hack that pauses your Netflix when you fall asleep!

What's up everybody it's Monday march 3. 2014 hope you guys are doing well does the 404 show on cnet.com. I'm Jeff back alive and just to new mail -- and I hope everyone had a kickass weekend. -- We got a lot of fun stuff talk about on the program today. She -- about you watch the Oscars -- yeah I did watch the Oscars you wanna say Mike mentioned anything about an unknown I really pretty boring. Who what it -- like you. I did I actually did watch the whole thing I've never want to hold a clear need to -- -- the entire -- but not willingly at this this is going out there was like nothing to do it and you know. Any surprises re surprise bank he I'm surprised twittered to isn't cool anymore yeah the Apple doesn't think a few more you -- have a single finally did it last night anyone Hilda I wish -- just had. When it shut down distinctive brought back up yeah well that's into there again there's that lets sleeping dogs lie -- and a but I thought you know none too many surprises and that's really it you know. There is facility at what I miss what happened with -- -- Com -- mechanical. So. -- did I mean tell you the whole thing last night. You know aside from like the winners are natural pretty much. Com you know. As predicted -- and put on certain. -- causes this is the brand integration was definitely the cheesy is part of you know I guess I like Ellen DeGeneres but for the past few years. The show's been sponsored by Samsung. And so they advertise more than anyone on every few seconds it was a new Simpsons -- Easy how much they advertise the when it wasn't an actual commercial for it. Alan would actually hold. A Samsung galaxy S five I -- I don't know lose data -- -- and -- something some of the Samsung phone did you bring up on stage with their China integrated. I shouldn't even -- integration -- it totally wasn't. Subtle -- integration implies some sort of like seem business yet and like this time she actually held a phone up to her face and -- -- -- via. Of her and a bunch of other celebrities so so they -- -- like all let's break the re tweet record on she took one and -- Cooper -- -- -- like you know half a dozen. Like triple -- celebrities or -- And that's we did like -- -- time and again broke the Internet and everyone just kill them so yeah and this kind of sad when you think about. I think it -- Barack Obama as a -- but it just clean Roy when he said that he more more I hear more years yeah it was right after he got three quarters of million retreats there and -- this one. This one -- -- that in less than like half that are there -- So that's what you miss -- man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The outside I'm just geek I'm just glad that I keep -- mom yeah I actually wanna watch a movie now we've pretty good things good and -- -- -- as well. But anyway I'll onto of this show it's already way more exciting than hello -- it is -- more unpredictable that's for sure. -- so today we got a couple stories the first thing we're gonna talk about is an Apple announcement that this sort of made him quietly over the weekend. On and -- -- to talk about. On electric condom. It's on to say about that for now after that we're gonna move on to a story about a sixty year old woman in the UK that's been using -- -- To go on a tech. I'm pretty well good sexual today good for her yeah all right -- to see the photos. And then we're gonna finish up the stories of the day -- talking about a really cool hack that you can use with Netflix and your fit that. Beautiful. Love and it -- I'm loving it as much as I'd love to that McConaughey is acceptance speech has -- -- just six minutes of a crazy person with a microphone and hit -- Com all right let's get into the first story. You've waited our appetite yeah our web all right -- you've whet our appetite. With these trains of goodness season. Laid on us -- for someone to start the story of asking your question you recently. Purchased the car did -- picked it up over the weekend you have political -- thank you car owner I'm a car owner I mean I -- a cargo if you wanna call it and you kinda brand new cars but it's like can easily get a big deal he has his -- which was your grand moons and grandmother you -- the civic before that yes which is another hand the other handed down this time it's your own car which again. We got out Subaru Forester then. And we love that so far. And yet it's rad I'm just like it's super super fan on every and the photos because they have no idea what you're talking about there's a photo of me Stacey and Marty in front of it if you wanna pull okay I don't exits and that. It's on the Internet. Okay. Experience you get -- I think it was species ins are like FaceBook or something you don't got to worry yourself about all of us are able -- I only really in SUVEA it's like an SEV sort of -- really dig it goes so far so good idea. So when you -- the option for the in house navigation did you get that no he didn't know you don't have that. External port like an external audio port yeah I mean I don't need announcing a big thing in you know I I kind of wanted to talk about this when we're going through the process of buying into. That viewers like you don't want navigational like gnome and my phone is gonna be way better than what ever the hell is this car right and I can I created yeah -- -- not gonna notice that the -- system that car is not gonna update when -- -- into. It's not gonna have the Google -- turn by turn envoys that I have fallen in love with so many times over yet and it's not gonna do you what I wanted to do so no. Mr. dealer man you don't rip out that navigation and it's like a thousand bucks a -- on this car was at 11100. Now I can't believe absolutely yeah yeah you're right he's in -- in dash navigation music players are between one and few thousand dollars Dick killers like -- -- you just give. This is just buy you one of those suction thing he had -- taxes that is -- windshield that you put your phone is about them. What I got I got one of those in dash CD player. Now it's yes yes -- its works perfectly going to the -- does Bluetooth audio so I can you know play audio over and over an awful wireless technology and and it's fantastic. See that's the way you should be doing that but for everybody else. That isn't so Smart they're gonna be able to adopt a new system that Apple put out over the weekend at the Geneva international motor show -- it's called car plane. We -- for Apple to put out a technology without making a big announcement about it. -- usually we see them at the developers conference -- sure but at that Geneva. International motor show. They announced car play which is. Basically exactly which you would think it's in dash navigation system that operates on iOS. So it's gonna take -- seven. Can -- embedded in a bunch of different types of vehicles like although. Mercedes Ferrari because everyone has a Ferrari and is wondering where there ID number eight cents. We I mean it doesn't it's more than just those sort of top tier Carl Brett yeah that's -- -- yeah. Number it's actually pretty awesome -- -- the idea that it makes it really easy for you to use your iPhone in the car without actually having to scroll through the -- capture -- -- got things like voice navigation that Syria will read out to you and you can list your messages. And your music Spotify things like that but. It is kind of crazy. I need to see this though like as much as -- -- didn't want a navigational system put into the car via. I really just wanna be able to have like Android in the car or -- -- -- give me the freaking choice. Where I can say okay I want Andrew in the car sinks right up or me who -- can have both. I can have what I want you know spending all these thousands of dollars let me have what -- freaking want. -- -- for everyone has benefiting here Apple's definitely on top because for each person a buys a new Volvo -- the shelf life or are these days of five years I think more it's like that it's a six to ten and yeah okay so it's -- -- -- on the OLAP on the on the higher end of that spectrum. Yup car for ten years you have to be an Apple customer for ten years to great -- to switch over and then. But the thing is there's no word on whether or not these systems will work if you don't have an iPhone connected to an -- hope they have a standalone system -- -- still navigate. -- listen to Laura -- without an iPhone. Or is just the software in the dash. Is that just iOS. I think that's -- -- and you can bring your own Bluetooth device. As you see fit. That's the confusing part of the story and we don't really know all the details got you -- Assuming that you're gonna have to have some kind of either App Store account or an iPhone registered to Apple. In order to work with -- I never thought you'd have to choose one I want to drive a car for the next ten years check go Android or IO -- -- -- -- You know I mean. Either doing either of those is better than dealing with these proprietary software systems at these freaking -- that that aren't terribly nav tech or Tom Tom I think there's a powered by a lot of those -- they're really really bad and just wave there are just light years behind. Google and and now I'm sorry -- Android and iOS is there a way for those systems to update the maps you can so I think the I think the option in this -- -- was like an SD card well I download death because -- the -- to your right and there's like a little slot on the face but I think. It's you know it's kind of ridiculous that. This just like none of these companies had the foresight that you cynic. Men want which is sync up hell out I think Audi has Android in some phones yeah and some cars but. It was it's very shocking to me that it's like 2014. And you know someone like my occurs even have a hard drive space and it red Y I. You can you know I'm spending all the -- it does give me a 120 gigs yeah I'm just dump music on there. And the whole computer -- the whole car runs on -- computer idiots probably read -- -- -- there's definite there's 100%. Computerized crap going on. I think -- -- out of time. I'm really looking forward to -- hopefully in the future if you adopt -- to a car plant kind of wish they'd come out with. A feature where you could. Store all your preferences on the phone yet you know how like right now if you wanna -- -- -- -- something Derek -- preprogrammed slots recognized until it was that's not a recurrence that the -- -- -- -- -- you can just -- -- -- that'll do -- -- or -- just -- -- like -- -- The length of your arms or something like that and -- plug it in an automatic not even an order with the NFC thing talks to the car knows you're sitting in the driver's it and starts moving you're done yeah that would be -- -- -- -- These units -- that and believe me they've thought of this stuff it just hasn't been implement yeah yeah and you know I want that -- -- Let's -- play you can get it on of bunch of different vehicles later on this -- But they're all being announced the fact that shows so. School lunch and later this year its gonna come to Honda Honda a -- jaguar. What's your -- getting run on a Blackberry operating system a few years ago who I'm. I don't remember which manufacturer who -- I don't know I I don't remember that story home man that's what I mean. I know that and -- it and -- he figured cool and Apple going to be around for awhile long enough -- and hopefully out. Write extend the length -- -- -- I have. -- wanna get the green card you have but who knows I don't know what's gonna happen and a few years you're you're you're definitely right so you know that's why we chose to be completely. You know separated from any oh yeah whatever we whatever phone we get the car will -- -- -- agnostic yen -- aren't so that you're awhile back. The gates foundation writers Bob -- bill. They. Issued a challenge to developers and designers. And it was basically to -- ten next gen condom due to this yeah I think we talked about so and we we -- saying about how like grafting should be used. And -- on -- the super thin bright dust translated -- not comfortable yet. Very tight very -- So basically this challenge would you know. Hopefully create the next big content to enhance sexual pleasure and make it easier for men and women to use. In order for you know obviously different sexually transmitted disease the kinda right. And out of that challenge eleven teams were awarded a 100000 dollars in funding so they picked all the winners already. And in the subsequent twelve to eighteen months of the quosal last year that they're developed these designs they've -- in this sort of incubator for creating them where it. And the really cool ideas like one of the condoms up with me from college in out of -- -- Kind of -- continuously thank -- so often not very romantic. This has an on anyway and then there's like another values thermal plastic allow customers. -- new space age materials to it it's sort of built condoms out of so those are the winners. There -- one loser that just keeps fighting for a spot in that circle. And it's an electric condom and since they didn't get that the -- the money from bill and Melinda. They've taken to -- go to -- indeed go go to hopefully fund. They're next gen content. Mom. I just. I just you know I first goes my fears photo we've ever had jazz is the default hunt -- to look -- Johnson and -- -- just take that and remember the audio listeners. It's basically -- cucumber. From wrapped in the gray sock with electrodes running around to. Perhaps it's more of the way the gentleman is holding the -- yeah that really just. Leaves nothing to the imagination is by the fingertips. I -- -- held up by velcro to India which hopefully but just for size that's your -- and they don't want down there velcro. -- or electricity yet. Just keep them as far away from my jug as humanly possible that the immediate reaction to the electric deal aims to actually -- those two. Red and you do it on your -- then let's do that so this -- -- The condom basically has electrodes. That run down the side -- perfect. And they provide additional stimulation. To sort -- counteract the problem that most people have with -- is that it decreases sensation. Shipments and increase that's -- -- they're basically running mild electrical pulses. Basically shock therapy but not quite so severe to compensated for that sensation. He's been through enough. There's so much and now are you gonna do come on -- -- -- -- the finish line has some wedding -- see you -- this and have some decency. -- him better than that. I just. Out of society -- the pull point of this competition was to basically come up with a different material. To build condoms out of not electrocution. -- put the lectures into it and what you're not seeing here in this photo. Is that thankfully you know he had -- thankfully. Is that there is a she. But you have to care of basically a pocket that it comes with me because. I'm sorry it's -- -- me several. That it's that fictional -- end of the religions except I. He had exactly. That houses the micro computer and the battery pack that you'll need to charge. And hopefully the designers say through the -- go to a campaign these people who think they have penises. I think it's created by the -- -- they have acquired. Coming right this gap -- you -- no seems like they are into a different kind. Of cut a category I mean I've heard of dual bring electricity into the -- before this is definitely. The new way of doing it. They're saying that the battery -- charges the elections but it also has to have a micro computer with the idea that it'll attached itself. To your iPhone that way you can control the amount of electricity to make it through hub through the condom. -- -- -- -- -- more sensation than you can boost the electricity but don't go too far so good evening -- via. Yes thank you -- -- you don't want to crash -- you're wearing red that'll strip the mood the embattled take everyone Adam. I I mean. There are a million just remedial course when. Here's a -- in question -- let's see it the felt -- that houses this very sexy maker compute Alia looks comfortable battery pack. So it looks like you wouldn't Joker put onto his column to shock people -- -- -- -- -- is -- not even the horny it's adolescent. Could find a way to love that yeah. Just. Brimming with hormones yet I couldn't finally love that. Hand like Jason Biggs in the original American pie yen they couldn't wrap himself around something like that. This is probably viral marketing for the morning after pillow. I don't know what it says -- and you'll -- -- -- this. Or just take this though right it's there keeping get into an area. My goodness nobody is on board with because it's only reached 950 dollars out of its 101000 dollar goal and this point nine -- -- -- But the funniest thing too is -- the electric eel which is what they're calling it very sexy name yet. You don't -- go go to normally have several tiers of funding not share -- could. Commit five dollars up to like a thousand all right. Well for this campaign the electric -- and accepting 350 dollar donations and that's it. He could only donate -- -- 150 dollars all right. Really there loyal to take you like a dollar that's what I'm seeing here and -- does anyone except -- and keep it now keep it we'd be way more money is or shocking ourselves. No thanks. That's why democracies a beautiful thing is -- Sometimes. Things should not get -- distributed tested -- there's no there's no word on like the the test. Process is your video like a users to Michael you know didn't kill me navy yet -- -- funny is that hairs okay. -- right the buzz beta and every time we -- he -- -- sparsely if there's something. Stupid. All right. Thanks for that silly stories -- -- you know while I'm aroused let's keep it going yeah the song is really gonna get to. -- read the -- it's -- -- headline. I would talk about a sixty year old -- hidden. I'm sixty and irresistible to man of twenty who wants sex with no strings attached. Read -- reporters -- account of how she took fifteen lovers -- wants most of them -- Did most of them under thirty. And two -- one day that was Sunday the lord's resting didn't -- her. This lady is pretty -- of this article on Daily Mail is actually written by. This woman talking about this is true in the Monica Porter wrote this and it's basically a profile of her experience with online dating. Which -- it's gonna end up being. Crazy sexual -- here for her. So her back story is that she is twice divorced once divorced of forty twice divorced again at sixty. In which can -- the second one com she was sort of you know. Feeling like she was out of the dating pool she had no idea what was going on and so -- decided to take itself to an online dating site that was undisclosed shouldn't say. And so she basically after this marriage ended she went online as an experiment. And is started an account. She chose that random site list of itself is fifty fours to she'd lied about her age. And she chose a black and white portrait photo of herself. And it chose a name -- and based on the Edgar Allan Poe. Poem because she was a lot of. Nana came and you can have with -- -- is -- however is used to written resentment but I. And it was different thank you look at the prompted the attack at. I was I have is our old jokes -- to home to she also went along with that whole idea and she wrote. After a lot of disappointments in love I now realize that all men -- -- schools. Some people gonna have a nice time with people but I'd like can't -- -- again which implies that she uses you know looking for something not very serious -- -- her shooting. And yet -- -- a little bit yeah I think it's pretty cool if you just wanna have fine she has grandkids too so. Gonna risk running into those guys on the online dating network to create -- -- be terrifying yeah you know that would really upset me. -- she went out on a date with a couple twenty year -- until she discovered Tinder by reading the newspaper. That's it it is about that there is a profile about the tender out. Sixteen -- look over his editing a 61 is not old now my father's 61. Packet he has -- Dick about the Internet but it's. It's not holds monthly -- billionaires I don't play any of sixty year -- who are very fluent yeah Internet language. This is not bad looking either he's not a bad looking woman that's in words and I've seen thirty year -- -- -- where's the and I girl need to. -- she went on tender and it turned out well let that a lot of younger men. I'm still in this like I'm surprised a lot of younger men have tennis -- about sleeping with an older woman yeah it's -- -- it's pretty popular thing deaths of guys as young as their early twenties were hit Europe. And she hit back and wow yeah. And she when it's -- she could help I think that if the equipment. -- you when a ham. Yeah on these guys -- man of -- and a guy like the headline says she actually take a few to fares as well which he describes. In an upcoming book. Reason the story of the young woman. Not -- young. In love me is that. -- really good site but none iTunes called the -- and my year of dating dangerously by Monica Porter road and if you read this she doesn't have fairly graphic detail. About these guys that she called over to her house -- -- and then she seems pretty cool men. The content -- error if we weren't. And I. Here -- that you can surprised she. She. She said that she lied about her age by only like seven years that seems -- the little unnecessary you think that someone who would I -- fifty or 61 -- -- yeah definitely sister's -- yeah I mean c'mon the old -- are -- better handled there yeah I think all of that. But actually it's funny because the book goes through her dating history and -- she comes out of that by quitting -- After one guy -- one -- and messes it -- for the rest of what happen. So apparently she's started talking this guy named Sam this is through her words on this article. But. Apparently -- -- doubting her identity because he thought that no woman would be this hot and cold and open. I'm online and so he certain doubting her identity and demanded to see the real photos over it's it's a pretty mean things about her agency she ended -- play -- that -- profile aka. Because of that. And I thought it was kind of interesting about you know what she says after going through this -- -- -- chance him. Words about online dating and actually is it recommended to anybody. So she says like -- -- you're looking for some very casual like she was sexually then you shouldn't go on it she says quote. Everything online is built on shifting sand. Nothing is solid or reliable or entirely real the more you want to believe in the emotional value of a particular online collect. Connection the more likely it is to be to summarize. I think that's really that's already -- and I love. Online dating I think it's actually near perfect yet it's a huge I mean you know people on -- -- -- people on tender yet most of the people I know on -- Aren't there because they're looking for mr. -- right. Or the other thing is that even if they are looking for mrs. right there they're willing -- accompanies many people as they can -- -- -- yet to have fun it's a super fortuitous side effect yet -- -- whatever I search for it -- dot com that's cool it's like buying -- got a problem with doing that -- But I think miss Porter. Perfectly summarize. How you know kind of superficial it's all become again. Totally fine -- totally fine. And good for those people who use we're gonna -- -- -- warrior wanted to look at them for her. I mean I would love to just talking to her more about her experience and what she -- yeah would you wanna talk. You would immunize on this edition of our resident young woman is I was out on her profile -- -- that would be super missed -- And so but -- -- was actually shot with film of the misleading for share. All right good story -- I'm digging it let's finish it up with this story done Netflix and most caller today. -- this is by far the silliest story and it's one that's never really gonna happen a product that's never gonna come to light but. Cool a programmer at Netflix is -- internal active and over the weekend. They you know these hacked is -- just come up with different apps and bright and we do a similar thing here -- -- yeah but most of the stuff. Is an actually happens -- proof of concept that -- one hacker came up with a really genius solution to a problem that none of us have. Or it's not a real problem I should say -- this is most certainly not a real problem yeah and it's a problem of falling asleep lawyer binge watching your Netflix shows. And you hate that because it's like winds that falsely PowerPoint during the -- -- go to bed where I have no idea well. A hacker basically a rigged up a fit bit health tracker for dual led don't know what that is it's basically -- wrist band that tracks your heart be -- -- being a lot of different things. But basically he use the -- -- inside to track your sleep and then to know exactly the moment that you fall asleep so you know then pause. -- Netflix movie -- watching with you hook it up. And it'll let you know using a time stamp. Exactly the moment you fell asleep future reference. Think it might be time for these people to get some real ass African problem yes yes that's -- now that I mean but when you really think about it though. This is something that will happen commercially yet. Either it's your connect them -- -- you fall asleep and just stop stealing whenever or something I mean because. Things watch -- -- -- for so this isn't really that far fetched. That's -- and Netflix got hacked. You just haven't -- until we -- together yet does that mean well. I shouldn't even -- hacked yes basically someone just found my password. Now and it they're not using it to extract credit card information -- -- my -- -- is a really -- because there's -- I don't have any money for a and so as a consolation prize that is watching stuff. Interest thing yet but the thing is you can't. Watch two things at the same time on one account -- -- off until I'm booting them off of good and change your password -- like. You don't manager devices to I could. But since they're not doing anything really that damaging. I'm kind of OK -- -- you watch in your time. I want out of my it's like you can see what time they watched you at all during the day to whoever has my account clearly doesn't would you doesn't have a job and -- -- not using a maliciously. And they're not where they -- -- once I kick them off so I'm pirate what do they luncheon there watching like TV shows that there watching because I got that it's hard to paint a profile this person is when they want their overall scattering all of yet like a Big Bang theory and they watched. -- -- It is about a magician or something like the prestige nine as a TV -- motherland. Mercury what's that old TV show Merlin guy yeah and then watch adventure time so it's probably someone fairly young which is to -- here. I've no idea -- -- really give it integration allowed on that yet yeah that's fine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nonchalant about the whole thing can't do it. On her new wanna. Maybe send me a check like five dollars -- something a month to do that I'll share with you and it's fun you're such a nice -- -- nice is victim I've ever met is the weird thing -- is the reasoning because I don't remember ever logging into. My Netflix count and you went public computer and usually really vigilant and right on doing that right I have no idea where this came from on but enjoy it enjoy it now. I think you should I mean is it a password to use for other things as well now. Okay so unique path through unique -- All right there you have it the most humanitarian. Victim I've ever been on my entire -- what's near and good for you stranger. Before we say good -- I wanted to get a relevant timely email and in. About the -- transplant. Some member I was like others -- rabbi who listens to this yeah yeah yeah he wrote -- His name is Monica is really it is you guys wanna know about Hasidic beard extensions. -- up. Well I've never seen anyone that I know with them I suppose it's possible something like this would definitely not be for religious reasons though -- So just like Bob -- people wanna have their hair in -- society where many people have hair and Hasidic community where everyone has a beard. You know you wanna have that you're missing out on that Deirdre hits so someone might want to cover their -- -- For social reasons and -- you know I would imagine like. You know like. Back in the day like you know farmers -- get. You know women based on the on the size of their cows and you're gonna prizewinning -- -- and perhaps not city community -- about the that that. Nick be years down fat -- do you know the -- I don't know the reason why acids have the beard. I'm not look you're the that would -- -- -- not sure about any of those things Mordechai will almost certainly right in now and tell us why. But he said either way I'm glad beards -- back. Just this evening only minutes before listening to your podcast someone walked up to me it's it -- I'm digging the Beers that beard so are there you have it our in house for a four -- house for a for a viable more -- also say that. It's against religious law. And you get -- the right Angeles and -- -- it is. Okay the -- nickel law does allow it concerns I think few business proposition in the future just like Hasidic beard extension cnet.com. Yet. Only the finest -- it's only the finest. All right there you have it the proof is in the putting. That would do it for our show two day. We've got agree weekly shows lined up for you. On Wednesday mr. Andy daily will be here and he's gonna be talking to us about his brand new show on Comedy Central. Called review. So start getting excited about that. Give us an email send it to the 404 at cnet.com. We'll get to as many of those as we can. Throughout the remit the remainder of the week and -- -- tomorrow. -- -- she gets very soon have a great Monday we'll see then I'm Jeff Bakalar I'm Justin -- I'm -- mean this has been the 404 show high tech low -- have an awesome Monday. We'll see right here tomorrow.

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