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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1435: Oh Symbian.. We hardly got to Nokia

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1435: Oh Symbian.. We hardly got to Nokia

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Apple's WWDC announcement could signal the iPhone 5 is coming later this fall. Facebook's movie model is working, mobile phone payments will be the new black, and Symbian phones will be discontinued in 2010...*tear*. Plus, thanks to the Oxford English Dictionary "muffin top" will live forever.

Today it's Monday march 20 asked -- -- eighth. Welcome to buzz out loud my name is Steve -- I'm just -- and I've -- hey Stephen you said -- and it won it. I play that I I was on Vancouver Canada's -- again I heard a lot -- What -- yelled yeah what it. It was nice you know -- -- is a beautiful city it reminds me a lot of like -- Seattle area but -- cleaner reputedly further north as well. Little bit I realized that yeah I did but -- I went out their -- for a bachelor party. It was actually very in the everyone -- a whole that you wanna go to Vegas for about safari -- mean my buddies even going to Vegas like. The past three times so we wanted to mix up a little and are you -- battered city to go with you from. Or -- activities for activities -- -- debauchery you can get breakfast for less than fifty dollars. You can you can get a team -- -- is like I swear to 99 for breakfast the Fe you can maybe now. Mr. of their faith anyways -- just launched in if you heard. Here at the top to show. Helping the -- in the -- we thank you very much for. Coming in I mean basically what I told you this told you eight can help well yeah yeah -- home she stills on a -- -- catching the -- bug. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was -- not here -- of the use of his goodbyes even -- -- -- -- hold them or how are things -- of our. Autorad transition -- continues to all the bundles which is Symbian more comfortable so. Okay we'll get better -- so now you know all the players in the room today I felt like we -- this out like a personal -- get it does. We we they need to know who your answer yes for those ago and I can grapple for -- that news in line rental on Apple's stuff. That might be and you -- attention several -- -- where you kind of doing com. I know almost not at editor at large result have stuff like you know from that you gain it like publisher -- today. So for about four months before the Tuesday Microsoft can be used in threes went Europe and yeah they're so when you really do whatever you wanted -- like it dot community. Make you like lock you down in a more focused because -- too -- -- -- haven't been like I go to. Let's jump into the show -- the top and -- the -- news for today. Apple officially announce the WW DC. Will be -- -- from June 6 through tenth. On the announcement says essentially that they're going to unveil the future of IO -- And Mac OS now. With cutting -- -- about this is everyone is thinking oh you know we'll see the next iPhone five will see it all here that's what everyone has been anticipating but. When you have a tag line like that sure they might. It leads you to believe that it might be pushed back later in rate. A figure that the other important things -- they've really current and three at that this is going to be bull Mac the -- in violence in before it I'm I'm with last year and -- DC. -- idealists bogus and animal argue like hey what about Mac exactly so -- right year you know a couple months now renewable and time yeah what's also lynch dean is. Historically though Apple. Has previewed it I'll less like an April -- -- and if they aren't going to do that -- April which it pretty much won't be happy now. That led to believe that they're not going to release an iPhone a whole new iPhone necessarily -- with a whole new Iowa separately ray would be in their best interest to. Wants them together because the stronger message and that probably move will mean there will be some sort of delay or push -- when actual iPhone five comes out. And it's worth pointing at that the reason they do that particulate and give developers and like you know if their apps to working kind of work that's in the Kingston and -- -- -- Eizenstat that they add all that stuff. You know isn't a massive whatever new film comes at -- whenever an actual opera gets released the people. So there usually is a couple -- time after that. So basically all all of you that we're hoping for the next iPhone -- commentators like. Where I mean if you had a Sega would you would you say all of my feels a little more -- in -- Monterey California again and there's also the consideration that users they're doing GSM and -- -- now that there's Verizon and AT&T instantly that was a different countries but it's the two competing networks -- and there's more to juggle then definitely. Yeah so -- -- we will see how that all plays out but at that nearly you know. The same time I feel like people still -- the -- or not they're not -- it's not like they're not -- the phone yet and Apple. Everyone's been going -- they're gonna release this to gonna do another iPad by the and -- -- here. It's they don't need to yet they're still selling -- -- -- -- selling to Mallorca for some people like if you get an iPhone or whatever you've got a little bit leader and launch in your on the two year contract and that's coming up you know that's -- Possible upgrade a little bit sooner oh absolutely absolutely so -- we will see how that all falls comes a plane also with it was kind of -- on a side -- is that. WW DC will be happy to exactly the same time as. So mom I know for for myself I actually going to be at. Being their for the official announcement it'll come back on Tuesday or Wednesday demand -- Apple stuff and then you were going. But -- know more. -- that's I mean for -- developers there's there's certainly that much overlap a thinker current WDC do you like game developers to come and -- stuff. And a -- in only 33 Patricio for a console that we we're always into Spain -- we're always hoping or thought that we would see. And dedicated. Like IOS iPhone -- The big boys I'm not that they don't develop on the platform typically for some strikes me -- Internet. Yeah okay also on in use this coming out of Wall Street Journal. We talked about -- FC and mobile payments near field communications built into phones. Google looks like they are set to play -- significant role. In the mobile payments on -- teaming up with this according to Wall Street Journal -- teaming up with MasterCard and -- group to -- -- technology. In their Android mobile devices that would allow them consumers -- -- -- by waving their phones now armed we've talked about this before currently. The only phone that has an NFC chip in it at the moment would be on their latest nexus S phone. Armed but they've said they're gonna be playing a roll out further we know that there's rumblings of Apple putting NFC chips in their phones as well as com. Blackberry but what's kind of -- about this relationship is that Google themselves. Is trying to make this. Easier that they can boost their advertising business now and everything we've seen -- -- Essentially revolved around their ads model and how to pump more advertisements in the services -- on the Android platform. The plan -- system would allow Google to offer retailers more data about their customers by using the system and help them target and help Google target ads and discount offers. Google is an expected to get a single cut of -- these transaction fees. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Google sort of thing and just by taking that data and and finding different ways to sell it eggs. Exactly it's all it's all about the money is in the data and in you you talk about like a big platform like this or -- a mobile payments and -- eating all that information -- Why is it's so appealing for MasterCard and city -- to jump on board they're not going to have to paint thickness. So basically I mean what they're paying for is giving that data to another party right and that idea but then there at the relying on Google actually push that technology get people by the phones today Ian -- -- -- -- The big -- here on you know that they've talked about is the privacy the privacy of you know. Who will again. Storing a lot of your personal data this time financially because if you are using an NFC chip it's it's an automated process that has -- your financial formation. And you -- We we've seen companies time and time again including Google. Have few problems with holding onto private information or sniffing out private information so I think that's -- -- -- one of the biggest concerns that comes -- -- this. It's kind of excited I mean there there's a downside here obviously there's there's little privacy they like I've Y one cool new everything on the -- it. The same time if there's someone actually improved that kind of offer media deals -- discounts on things that I might like Indianapolis to -- you know what's what's a better way to make it. Friction -- and then as a certain words and display. Watching what I'm buying. That is such a that is such a buzzword in adopting like in new technology and kind of changing how people think about like let's make this for two -- experts. Now on just cut us some idea of why everyone is jumping -- mobile payments. Kind of movement it's expected to grow significantly inexorably -- -- -- reaching 618. Billion dollars by 2006. So on this this is where things are reluctant to change data needed Dino a lot of people say -- -- -- have technically and an FC chip in my car there are several. A credit card services that actually have it on a -- so you can. Tap or swipe it against payment like -- is it -- Verisign. Rivera phone I can't remember sorry guys -- Tom had I think erratic and fares -- -- it's one of those two -- -- -- -- the hardware device I think Verisign is actually only transaction with PayPal. But armed with the thing about that right now at least up to pull out your card and -- it mean you know it's still essentially swiping your card where's your phone. On the pullout from pocket yet and 11 less -- let's reach around. And it has not a lot of these machines -- -- -- -- NFC expert last week actually -- said that there's only about 750000. Of these devices are -- when -- -- -- US devices in the US which -- like something like less than 1% of all opponents -- Point of sale retail yup I've always seen them liking grocery stores a few places here and there but that's about it and they don't always work right yeah -- app you like trying to happen like -- -- -- Like forget that so -- -- -- getting into the mobile -- business now American Express also is -- to launch an all new digital payments platform. This one kind of going after you know the article here -- be talking about how it's going after PayPal bread and butter but -- makes this different. Is is gonna be essentially a new business where you can. Take to make your purchases take cash withdrawals from ATMs and person to person payments from your computer or from your phone would also this is arm. I guess back behind American Express. Outlets kind of also -- about this is as a platform you can actually. Link this I guess this service called serve. To account that you currently already have. So they're trying to integrate serve -- to everything that you can do. -- just make it the ultimate platform for and you know all -- eventually we'll probably he had been incorporated into devices -- an app and whatnot. I'll discuss them via the person prison payment. I -- which case the may do that it's like when you he's always -- -- right it's like I eat when I'm bucks I'm not pentagon ATM disconnect and its unique and L. -- -- Yeah it's yeah it's like rent. Who wants the right didn't want to get that processor aren't -- I -- -- there yet it's super easy so I'm just -- some details about it. -- American Express this herbal. Kind of begin fairly in the traditional sense arm but as they launch this with partners they wanna -- obviously. People to use the serve service or try it out in different ways. And get them comfortable with it. On the -- traditionally. Accepted anywhere and American Express -- -- -- sounds like such an is that the line that they. Accepted anywhere American Express. Have the results everywhere you wanna be without their things now. Yeah -- serve some hyperbolic statement. -- -- from an American expresses acquisition of Internet based payment networks -- -- part of American online it was called revolution money. So on really this whole. I definitely I definitely feel comfortable using my phone is a wallet though personally. I was. I've -- people in buzz are told people to show how I was able to travel to Japan in 2000 in. Or was it and they were using their cell phones while -- everywhere karaoke places. Like it and PMs which is like they're seven -- Arcades movie theaters and it's such a natural extension. We get a much greater degree of security with an FC -- do with -- strip you know which has been an industry chain -- and is now. -- -- you can put something like a password on there economic and a phone onto a server you knew all sorts of things he can't necessarily do the credit card. You know just with a -- itself. Yeah I think you know people would Sharon people listen I'm curious you guys. You know how comfortable you guys are with using NFC because no one here is really been able to experience like do you want to do that. Do you like the idea that. If it state friction -- experience them. We hope we'll see about that. You know it let's take a break and will jump into our other stories after the break the cycle speed and a clinical to a particular break guys home. Stay -- we'll be talking about music and movie services. The lower. Welcome back to buzz on everybody as having little problem of an announcement is that might act like -- -- slowly started to like one. And -- I don't need to stress you out and this is inevitably lead engineer for laughs in -- -- for all tolerate it's -- years. All right -- on to the stories guys more stories. Amazon missiles kind of reported over the weekend -- our -- media maverick Greg -- Amazon may soon be launching a film. And music locker service everybody getting into other cloud service and is on spoke with some major companies a Hollywood film studios about -- -- locker service. Now what it's thinking about this is there working on treating the cloud locker service that would enable users to store their exists dean. Music film and book collections but even content not purchased on Amazon. On Amazon's company's servers it's exciting loses this is this is very -- you know I love the idea of it. I wanted to happen. I -- like having -- hard drive it's such a pain and storage services there are just getting better better better. Well the thing that I love about this but I always hate about is back at the labels -- -- screw this up. Yeah and if the music that in the movies that distributing out purely out I mean Dell also the other thing is we've seen -- -- these cloud storage on. Some services like what is it. And -- would I use. They remember -- the -- and this is horrible. Do remember it ignited this morning yellow I just because without clout that would. I know. It's one of the ones -- like kind of legal troubles from the -- -- created MP3 dot com but anyways I'll remember it later and later in the show but when -- issues that they have -- people that are storing their own content in their cloud. Although technically they can do it all the music movie studios and music -- are pissed because they're storing content that has been acquired illegally. And so ultimately although yes. The movies that you buy a through their payment system that can be verified of course you're gonna be able to keep them in the cloud yet but the stuff that maybe I ripped off my own dvd. Because I want to move it around. They're telling me do that there is going to be some restriction that they're gonna. -- -- -- from using this the way we want and they're gonna screw it up but on the positive side you're really. We guy it was -- about this is you don't like -- -- -- hurt for years I a lot of the lot of companies that I get in the storage game initially if they're not. Buying their own hardware of the are leveraging Amazon's storage service which is huge -- -- its chief. And so the fact it ends on spending that same game. I'd be -- scared of the committee -- using them. Yeah I mean there. They're they're a big machine I mean Amazon itself obviously like. At least from the start whether they have content or -- provide customers and you know they're obviously competing against Google Google's been. I think you guys might have talked about this last week because I was -- But Google's been testing internally. Like a music service with in their like kind of a cloud music service within -- company now you know employees are gonna play with it. The -- Google's I mean like many others is locking down the actual labels to get content that. You know they they can bit assure everyone can build this stuff but it's always gonna come of the labels from -- instrument. -- Especially -- downer that's -- -- all right arm and positive news about companies trying things and partner arena. With labels FaceBook is getting five more. -- rentals we talked about the Dark -- rental trial but they're gonna Warner Bros. on. If movie labels or other media delivery content services are a little afraid they might wanna get a little more afraid because Warner Bros. now definitely aggressively trying to -- -- even further arm. Earlier you it was yesterday morning I believe on the 27. The comes nearly spyware films inception. One of my favorite Yogi Bear. I've been waiting what is your own -- with that -- an account and Cavanaugh -- guy and it was -- that show that the bowling Alley. And -- -- had -- wife from that's and then. -- The white water family knows also Adams Taylor's girlfriend in Happy Gilmore interest and now how's that relate -- bacon when you back. You -- the app tell us tell us -- at an -- -- make it also life as we know it. Sounds like -- romance went clearly. You've seen it -- -- I'm now on also Harry Potter and sorcerer's stone and Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets of available to -- you have to. Plug into Facebook's credit system. Accesses its Alex three dollars from -- threat and you do have to watch it. Within 48 hours see if the pretty much watch -- immediately can't hold onto it for months at that time and you -- when these before I have not yet. I'm going to try it out -- that now that. They're pushing lot harder and need to see what it you know how the experiences I mean. On instinct is -- Xbox aren't -- do -- -- your once again Netflix movie with friends. I like three watching -- -- tried alleles -- It's a weird but like bringing that to FaceBook which is easily imagine this if I'm moving towards like that that watching with other people which is really funny because -- the home theater like it's moved away from that because you don't wanna be around other people -- you don't like. Through and now you can do that online yeah home. Actually jot -- is that for anyone using an excellent -- -- aren't familiar with it. Essentially through Netflix you can watch circuits on all the movies right right arm but -- some of the titles you can watch them with like just to be at his -- -- Indian idol. And we could be actively chatting or commenting are being smarty about the movies or watch it within its science -- gap between less money. It's funny the fatigue people in the room exactly -- Indian programs honestly had no that that is fascinate that -- -- -- -- even taking -- TV interactive level I've been waiting for an app for so long sensitive poking your prancing kicked him back it's the virtually. -- -- -- -- I just -- you exactly. I'm also -- tell you if this model is working at all. This is the -- -- -- independent the Harry Potter flick. On top the -- -- for hours after being released on FaceBook. So on the two Harry Potter movies have gained more fans. On FaceBook -- the Dark Knight and all the other movies available. I'm very sad but what's kind of -- about this trend is -- -- talk about the numbers on them the -- article says Eric -- site likely to continue tiger at the rate at the follows the pattern that was set by the dark night so the Dark Knight was released on FaceBook their FaceBook page experienced a growth rate. From 3924000. -- on March 82 -- over 5000500. Thousand fans on March 18 just from delighted to -- you -- -- for treatments. It's. I don't know about how I don't deal with basement. But it's I don't know capitalist experiences but clearly you might have IDB's the violence -- -- people. -- -- did you ever do. Yeah it was a totally never paid for -- You'll just use the pre went it was an easy -- of politics here in this X bodies spree -- -- for you on Valentine's Day it was it was new it was easy Fuller of those flights and little Teddy bear that like all like -- -- -- now -- -- -- secret that totally does not -- I'm also in a multi not -- streaming content Netflix and Miramax's over the weekend. -- nearing a 100 million dollar -- -- deal. On -- huge about mrs. Myself included kind of complaint about Netflix has catalog of the stuff that I don't care about. Like half the time but still vertical. This would be a five year agreement that allow Netflix this at over 700. Meter max films to be streaming -- Not just the rental but two extreme X -- misses its true. Now on its that's -- the deal would be worth upwards of 100 million dollars -- I'm I'm cross my fingers of this it was -- per share the filing wants pulp fiction you know I haven't. I have I have I even owned -- dvd. Have not seen -- -- -- be the first person if you wanna hate me now you can I until it's fully deserve but I have not to them via. -- Munich you know seven of the movies there's nothing exciting math tests because -- this from -- okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- EBay is planned to buy GSI commerce for 2.4. Billion dollars now it's an e-commerce marketing service company. And eBay previously had paid you know more for PayPal -- -- Skype and Skype -- now been you know. Sold back -- it's no longer alone under eBay but was interesting about this is that. GS side has a lot of partnerships with physical brand's -- clients like Ralph Lauren American Eagle now Hewlett-Packard. And so what this partnership. Would really point to is -- fact that eBay is really trying to legitimize itself as being a destination spot to actually. Purchase goods directly -- give you guys go to eBay's site now on the very front -- Indian daily deal site. And instead of it being all about an auction model. They're -- -- transition over to come to our site to also purchase goods. -- -- you've got I mean and it's I think it's working because some of those deals are pretty ridiculous. I'm literally -- another push it during the holiday season -- for them to acquire this company obviously I don't know anything about yes that I've never heard of them before and on the show. But it's showing that the transition of -- eBay is -- moving on you know. Crossing over and changed -- it. There was giant companies that you never hear about it -- you know very important underpinnings and and -- being of people a Molly did her first eBay auction for the iPad two that we auctioned off chief. We sold it for it was autographed by. Also -- ideas and Brett -- in the stars of this -- and other celebrities and police today but it's sold for like over 3000 dollars there's -- 3050 dollars with the final price -- iPad 264. That the money -- -- something -- we went it went all proceeds went to Japan but on the Red Cross -- on that caused but. Yeah -- eBay eBay is -- is. Fine -- also when you talk about bringing on brands group mean which is a messaging client. I don't know if everyone is here into the group messaging thing but I gotta tell you like I am hooked on group messaging -- I use I've played with -- -- it's actually pretty -- I use beluga but -- -- To in order to kind of monetize and trying to find a way to build a business model beyond just people interacting on the -- there -- now doing featured groups. This does not -- -- promoted tweets featured groups so let you know whether you're in is an area oh or at an event or maybe it's an artist or personal wants that. Start a group conversation that you can be a part of they're integrating this now. As one of their kind of titles in the theater -- you're using the lot her out by last just one reader unit used in much. Well first by use -- messaging for myself because I have want to buddies and I wanted -- have a real time conversation. On my phone. And you know I get notifications nonstop. You know FaceBook is a little more -- there's a lot more people there in idle. I just feel like the immediacy. And the -- and it's kind of fun -- ones located in throwing up pictures instantly just on my phone and it's I know it's isolated to this little -- You know I don't do with it but -- and the due primarily to avoid paying text message yes absolutely it's that -- the whole thing is and also like. The email thing you you know you have a limited characters you're not limited characters of these apps in the yeah but it's like not public and is not so. I I think people should even try group messages from a standpoint of saving money it works over Wi-Fi works over three G you don't have to -- -- time that a diminutive views. So on its CNET the -- of brands I wonder how -- -- -- this is going to be them as. If you really have an -- like you could make it so much cleaners get rid of that extra option announcement I'll hear all these cool things. A fund and America's best dance crew concert with you we can talk about it on agreements with other people -- -- -- It's so on the -- that that's going on there and if -- guys didn't think that anyone cares about group messaging because maybe you like like I don't really care Google. Is now launched Disco. -- yeah it's a group text email web and potentially iPhone app. So. This is their latest mobile launch. On that allows one to one or mass messaging of one's friends from your mobile web interface on the it was treated by Google's in house startups slide. Sounds very familiar it you know who get into like some sort of you know groups social service and real time messaging. -- youth need be he. This is waves become not really -- its Frontline truth trip to it would. Not buy the overuse -- -- -- products before. Now. Choice pick up but anyways yeah this is Google getting the group messaging. I'm telling you group messages not. It's still -- right now -- very high now. Also on that this kind of shift gears a little -- we wanted to pay our respects to Paul Barron. And if you're not familiar with them I learned a lot -- you're reading through this article Internet pioneer he passed away at age 84. -- makes him really significant in everything you know a lot of things that we've done online. It's he's one of the engineers and obviously there many people ball but he helped treat some to take a local in -- in underpinnings for -- -- so. What his one of his concepts. -- bold concept was he was outlining fundamentals for packaging data into discrete bundles which he called message blocks and -- the bundles -- -- sent on various paths around the network. And reassembled to their destination Wii which we call now packet switching stuff that happens a lot of people it's completely invisible so when he hates this idea. I'm also another aspect of it was to build distributed communication networks so even if one -- single path to get that information was. Cut off or broken -- now there'd be other ways to get that information across now. In the mid sixties he approached AT&T with the idea to build his proposed network. And -- TBC said it's not gonna work and they didn't want to work with them. So you push it forward and it became part of the -- are gonna which was you know the beginning of what we now know as the Internet. Pretty amazing stuff department. He hit -- pop a -- easily he's won -- he's the pop up of the pack it cell arm. You know what's also kind of -- -- kind of talk about his character and who he was you know everyone kind of claims. I was I created the Internet we have -- -- Al Gore New York you know who slipped and who knows exactly. What politics that really was under but he said I you know I invented the Internet right treated in a minute Internet -- been so many fathers of the Internet but on. But I like about -- you know perspective he just said that. The Internet was really work -- a thousand people he was quoted from in 2001 across the technological developments is like building a cathedral. Over the course of several hundred years new people came along in each lays down a block on top of the old foundations. Each -- I build a cathedral. So mr. -- rest -- -- they keeper. -- Helping treat like what. We do every -- -- the cathedral pretty awesome. -- right on let's go over to the quick hits guys. -- right -- check this out guys iPad two. Was so let's sort -- selling on Friday I believe -- -- make who oversaw huge lines. Obviously internationally in the 25 additional countries at launch and the -- -- has -- -- -- This president know. And Apple when he rounded against Nokia any patent fights the -- -- -- series of patent suits against Apple into -- nine accusing can be of infringing on seventeen patents related to wireless handsets. And out last week a judge with the US international trade commission that's -- that Apple's not a violation of five of them. I like this because they're -- only trade -- going back and forth like every companies in every company about everything that sure okay five reject I wish. You know I'm sure companies are highly -- violating each other yet thought they which they are but I don't I don't like it when everyone -- -- everyone in Ireland game reward for. It doesn't work to keep that intellectual property -- intellectual property also -- no key. In a sad poem sad day for. Symbian fans Nokia has officially said that they will no longer produce any more of Symbian phones after 2012 -- -- this week for their old phones that -- away. There's -- speculation that they might still pretty Symbian phones. But they are moving forward. And only clearly pretty much windows phones -- -- nine. -- -- They they need to be tethered and nobles will see that partnership works out there they both -- it worked out -- -- widget -- And CNET download.com. Has a browser comparison test with Chrome ten IE nine in Firefox or where they put all foreign together and -- a bunch of JavaScript. Kind of just. He's punching against it is on spider craggy and the eight. -- boot time memory all sorts of tests against how how well these browsers run as preaching Shiva to read yet that too long didn't read version of it is that. They're all very fast and some -- better than others but -- -- -- -- Our -- for overall seems to be the fastest of the of the batch -- subtle Chrome is a close second yet and and obviously some of these tests. Our optimize more for their platforms as no surprise. You know and Firefox as well McCracken test and then went. Google kills and on the VR Chrome kills on the V test but then we there are also other things that were tested and overall. How these browsers fair across all test -- tech companies sell on. Very cool now all we also have destroy it like we. Literally beat the crap out of -- because like. We're not big debate is their biggest -- when it comes to their business on a per say but army in at -- we have to give them props. As part of their campaign for Japan earthquake relief Zynga offered ability for people to donate. -- and the patent through their apps in the past two weeks. Zynga players alone have raised more than 2.5 million dollars for save the children's Japan earthquakes and army. On children in emergency -- Also. The lady -- god directly don't needed. 750000. Dollars. Through on the Zynga is fundraising initiative -- process so. You know. I'm gonna I'm gonna stay up the mean street Kensington for a little while you about today and up popped yet gains he has produced music -- thousand dollars and a -- Sale of iPhone gathered there are a lot of apps like haven't jumped on -- I wish. I mean I get it there's still a business I wish they were able to make it like a little bigger window but man two days 200000 dollars alive as fifty -- lot of games that people party by means and means that those are all new people -- -- -- absolutely so. That's on that's really sweet OK guys are gonna go over to -- science news. Pretty hair or -- exists. RI com this is tricky. Tricky article -- some really cool stuff and please forgive me if my pronunciation is a little off but. Com we know. That the 2022. World Cup will be held in the Middle Eastern country Qatar. -- -- -- -- But it's pronounced like a -- -- -- -- -- Are going to be pretty much off the charts if I let me look this up real quickly I think the arm. As somewhere around a hundred to 115 degrees right where people be -- soccer. In a -- so what they have developed our artificial clouds. To provide shade for stadiums and -- down treating -- in 2002 feet a 2022 excuse me. Fake clouds. So what they're armed. With America wraps on -- and -- cloud. The -- and of my umbrella right there they're made from a lightweight carbon structure. Carrying a giant envelope -- material with helium gas now there's four solar powered engines that can move the structure. Via remote control. -- Clouds will be in place -- and ready to roll out. During the com. During the World Cup 2020 you know blows my mind about -- -- it actually happening -- clouds and those that -- -- 500000. Dollars each. Five partly -- to give everybody like an air conditioner -- -- that much money. And -- you know you some would say oh why not build -- -- life but I think even if the heat is that hot it's I'm wondering I'm assuming actually. It might be even more energy efficient and cheaper -- sort of running EC. Consistently for the entire time then. In a facility that large -- building like a few -- And also the line that's awesome what could possibly go wrong. They'll fall down on -- carbon -- -- clients okay also in other on pretty sweet science news. Artificial reefs on which is not really a new concept per say but there is an artificially. That is turn sunlight into electricity. There is now pretty much has a more legitimate lifespan on this is done by MIT -- And on this is. This is like not a picture of the -- relief from what I gather this is akin to leave but essentially on Daniel -- -- -- Nasty it's Massachusetts Institute of Technology and professor of chemistry -- energy -- basically built this on material. Which essentially like a cell. That is connected into. You know a gallon of water in full sun and the cell splits the water and hydrogen into hydrogen oxygen. And then those gases. Are stored in fuel cell which is -- two elements -- electricity. Now the leaf. Or the you know artificial -- is. When makes -- different is that it is -- currently can operate for at least 45 hours without any drops an activity. Previous concepts where a lot shorter news release it's -- materials but this is made of channels including nickel cobalt. And it's -- a lot more cheaper to produce and actually -- to test -- -- So. Photosynthesis. All done some animals can turn heated. -- -- yeah -- under you know I wonder if it'll -- at the first -- -- against -- I hope I hope that animals bull. Island -- -- in OMG all right. What it regulatory happy ending their last period -- -- Right Oxford that. And the Oxford English dictionary always. Adds new words every year new terms new things -- to become part of the a lexicon that we use today so -- wanted to kind of fill you guys and in some of the the popular phrases. You know things like LO LO. MG. FYI. Those were added but on you know that which -- obviously just -- how the Internet -- has completely taken over but one term. That surprise me a lot was on the term muffin top. -- muffin top. You know is a -- -- and there's two types. In English speaking world this is that around you know kind of how the -- they want to rationalize it there's two types of muffins and English speaking world there's a flat -- -- very okay and the traditional American tank so they added. The muffin top which references the figure speech which. As -- now and denotes the top portion of such a month and or sometimes -- often -- to the charlatans of the top part is like -- here without the soggy bottom now the other. -- definition. Is the second since -- -- beard of referring to that. -- she -- of flash above the -- span and a tight pair of trousers. Which may sometimes be attributed excessive appreciation. For muffin tops in the literal sense. There's some pretty meeting where -- -- -- -- -- a little else that we have like dot bombed. Dot Ballmer and -- couch surfing answer. And -- I'm -- of Allen and and -- a realize it was a party pressure yet wrote -- -- singled them. Single number single them forever. -- you know announces for the first time with someone argued with thirty years of renewed but don't launched. Is officially. An adjective though if someone like you know if it's on the -- -- the human -- the audit expunged. The configure to -- -- From the equity if that's -- and that's is -- and I'm assuming that's the only way that word is used straight. Still don't want to -- what else stone washed. Or open now owning and a verb. They could use it later time like whether or distressing buildings so that like it was a more vintage building because it was stone -- by the grains of sand in in the I mean that the film I think -- simple -- that. While there's a lot of words that -- people are like throwing into add to the Oxford English -- -- -- guy's -- you know our. We don't have any voice calls -- emails because our mailbox is -- so we're gonna work on that. The not only do we not have like it's it's completely filled so we need it. If you have sent us stuff don't were able cleared out -- please continue sinister emails we're gonna -- trap of the show now show notes you guys can check it out here below that cnet.com. You can call us with your voice mills which we can still get to. At 806162638. CNET and -- give us a few hours -- evils of buzz at cnet.com. But -- like that's gonna deal for today I'm Molly is expected to come back tomorrow. But Josh thank you for coming up the show thank you so much pleasure it's been friction let's -- Some -- its -- -- we we might have -- you back a little more cut off. Just as long as your -- lets -- -- Yeah yeah all right that'll do -- -- us today. Almost you guys tomorrow they screen -- -- -- -- -- --
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