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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1434: Fare thee well, Benito, the cake is not a lie

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1434: Fare thee well, Benito, the cake is not a lie

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On today's show, Benito announces that he's leaving us for his one true love, Gamespot--the good news is, he's still in the family, and more importantly, in the building, to help out the new guy, Steve Beacham. Be nice, everyone. Also, Google plays Honeycomb close to the vest, Groupon might be on a downward slide, and laser bongs and douche telecoms. Friday! --Molly

-- that allows it is Friday. March 25 2011. My name is Steven Vito I'm Donald bell the -- of Gonzales I'm Darren Kitchen I -- Hollywood -- a buzz out -- in a podcast of intermittently at episode 1430 or otherwise known as the one of the most coat everything old. Colleague and more than that something might happen right now if we really had not -- -- -- room now are probably suspended people from the -- that some -- haven't -- -- -- At the roof yet they were like -- are aired at the Republican AM McAllen and I'm I assuming you're they -- the one on -- -- the spectacle for us live episode via that and -- that only with compelling technical artist than it's a the real cheese eating ketchup is you -- RSS -- and and is gone again. -- Maybe it will reap about the most talkative bunch though now bill alive look at their minds together like the Blue Man Group -- -- and a hard. Are in case you're wondering I've -- dynamite and hasn't been all we can we have the news announced Bonita avenue. Announced yet so yeah I would be leaving the show that the bad news on this will be my last on the show but I am not leaving the few that timely ongoing downstairs to gamespot and -- be producing games. It's -- and it's an industry injunction. -- -- -- -- -- Yet that. -- yeah. And very exciting -- especially you'll probably filthy him though don't panic yet into gear and this you know -- these are doing a lot of black production on gamespot. I mean that can be -- -- That keep your eye out for the -- on the -- them talking games that is -- -- her rights protected thing to talk about anyway. And then you also this week in seeing Steven. Behind behind the board there allowed. It's gonna be glad I'm David variable. -- that you have ninth the heavy net content as Aberdeen as you perhaps -- -- over the years. -- -- -- -- That we can do it was on anybody but didn't seem like you want the anatomy that -- I think -- you know for being the gracious and teaching me -- ways this week he's been amazing he's great. Users around the -- and it. It's not gonna in the -- in -- and they've taken -- is actually read up a map -- -- going to be entering an -- -- after the so where once we decided that. -- in -- in the studio we're breaking tradition a tiny bit. It's hard to air out the studio after they've taken -- in Italy said in which some complained that this government that they believe me -- -- -- revenue -- nine that it does not and a lamb in a press new yellow -- attack of ethnic. And there. Currently -- Different ethnic and talk about how the stories on and rate for. That and now it's going to be a lot shorter show and -- the data and look at it and you don't like. -- -- That the I. An anonymous source news today an anonymous at these sorts apparently -- street journal that there is quotes. No way the FTC would rubber stamp the eighteenth UT mobile deal. Let's hope one would hope yet -- badly. But eighteenth he is so confident that's gonna go through that -- guarantee -- yet he -- parent company d.s Telecom. And that's not going -- it's Deutsche Telekom not the -- Telecom -- totally different. Read billion dollars and it doesn't relative they gonna pay the break up money and some spectrum -- and the spectrum via Nokia it will definitely a lot which light can as the and that in fact if you will be rubber stamped. But only after a lot. To run out agonizing posturing. And Saber rattling which walk and not. That and then -- Telecom picked up and it AT&T T-Mobile and will impact human. AT&T just trying to get -- back now we have a show title. But the best bet. -- Negative thing. A little -- -- audience that. It. Also underneath -- Linux hippies are up in arms because Google is not releasing honeycomb the Android tablets -- And the open source community right now to regulate parent -- -- -- who is -- Motorola and and Samsung and all the cool people already have it because they had. Agreements with Google already Andy Rubin is all like a Wii and think that you know we would -- -- -- Alone and I hate to improve them and -- the -- thing is that it -- it's not a -- And -- and -- -- because I could eat it right now now that's a really a guess on the stories that just proves that existing outlook being the real. Room -- who. If the unit it's burnished with every thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- water appeared. That the. So talking about honeycomb Andy Rubin vice president. Engineering and -- together basically heads up by Android at Google says that we didn't want to talk about what it would take. Where the same software to run on the phones and that it would have required a lot of additional resources couldn't turn to get it out in time for the iPad. And that extending the schedule beyond what it thought would be reasonable so they basically took a shortcut meaning. -- to get the source code anytime soon. -- I think we all knew that that Google rushed honeycomb out. To get I mean -- kind of misnomer to because it seemed to me that -- -- every single tablet manufacturer with thing. Subtly and off the record -- Or inflating her and her -- -- -- -- -- Veronica -- not done yet though it's not of the honeycomb was. Not already taken its sweet time but right but but then when it came out on tablet people did -- suggest that it wasn't quite ready for prime time. Well this is also the the reason everyone with probably sitting on buying and the soon to -- it -- wait until we see. You now all the other. Lesser tablet manufacturers come out and through the combination of maybe. You know less fantastic hardware but a really great you know. Honeycomb operating system -- that come with the magic 11 Q combo that wolves will. -- Android tablets often down there might be waiting a while executives at Google have been telling companies that the next open source version of the Android software might. The ice cream the next one. After you -- it end and how Google has every right to be scared them. Right I don't I don't blame them because all I remember at the -- of the honeycomb launch event that they made the analogy of of being like shepherds of Android and having seen all the devices that were running Android -- -- the ads. And without saying -- active active feeling in the back of his mind saying and we were horrified. That he managed devices and the way that you guys have totally Frankenstein. Android -- all these different things. Yeah I don't think they want it was a relief that's an open source community and have them bastard as it further for phones. When they designed that the tablet operating system like you said we have no idea that even -- and and that you know I mean. They're if they're taking kind of Apple approach here I think we wanna protect the user experience and I actually think that's completely -- absolutely. Google can't afford another deluge of a pads that can't that are running Android one point six that can't even get to the marketplace right and they and they specifically made that an -- that -- what happened with it with Android for phones of people started putting in on tablets and Android started to get a little bit of a bad rap. And there -- enough of fragile position right -- they're just starting to creep ahead in the Smartphone marketshare -- just starting to get -- legitimacy on tablets. And I think it is a very wise decision although I know that open source community will disagree. The -- -- very wise decision to say we're gonna protect our gaming culprit right philosophically it's kind of sad to see them have to you know closed down for this version but they are saying that they're not actually changing their strategy. Just got a rope it back in -- -- No regained a little control and it's and it has never been truly open source like they're not living in units and you know Android was open but not all the way -- In -- and their open eventually. Releases them open it cash -- a finished. He had the F as far as Dan being a competitor against Apple -- I mean this is a smart move yeah but. I mean I got to see that the problem with how they created this problem about having every one rely on them. They're operating system yet I instead of investing money in developing operating -- -- platform. Lets just take schools. Ripping off the shelf but the -- and our product and suspected that. Routine updating of of the operating systems and then we can depend on. Yeah I mean -- -- -- they created sort of the stream you're saying emanate they cut it off for example now yeah I mean I I can see that Cuba I think. I'm not at someone commentary and a public school apologists and that's right I mean I think -- the smart business decision but I don't think they've necessarily -- Very far thinking and how they have deployed and heard to date which is why they find themselves -- position right now think that they. Anticipated the fragmentation issues that they were gonna run into I don't think they anticipated the fact that people we're gonna. They seem to have this idea that they can put it out sort of open -- edition that it would all be fine not that people would put one point six on crappy iPad now and then there were like wait what we're working on crumble a sliding -- -- play. It's the same fragmentation issues that other open source projects have had to deal with I mean most notably Linux you've got. You know -- Q -- -- Debian Goobuntu puppy Linux you could go on and on and on. And that the difference there though is that's not coupled with a hardware product that is trying to compete with Apple now. Yeah well the other problem is any that -- can be with Apple you know a little bit of Apple. In -- -- gonna see a lot of Android 2.3 tablets public and because the codes out there. Ray and it and other -- manufactures the -- lower tier 13 party cramming that aren't everything via 220 tablets. So. It's -- -- -- -- -- -- me thinking while an ad buy that when honeycomb is the thing that should be trying to buy this year on Android. You know two point -- tablet. Yet I mean. What I get a big question for Google is like and I -- understand why are not heard the -- why are not giving open source developers with basically half baked operating system significantly ruin it by putting in a month. My real question for Google -- -- is still half baked. I know you saw the comment I know you have resources and money to throw -- the thing why -- you still think it around with Chrome OS and not just doubling down on and dreading getting it done. Like why isn't -- And I'm looking out for -- -- -- why is not done. Well I think -- just -- -- -- playing Apple's game you know and how well because you know there. Briefing to catch up. I actually saying is that had they just like gotten on the ball earlier that they would have to be playing catch up. I think Google -- tablet coming. As -- and as long ago as Apple did and and unfortunately their approach with to go from a right they like we have Android phone operating system -- and we're gonna work on problems that into the tablet -- and and obviously and garlic I mean I think that they. Baby to have the foresight that they played around in mountain I don't know that they they are now trying to play catch up an Apple but they didn't have to. Again yet another thing in Apple and and so -- to hate the player to hit the game I think it will lead to better devices ultimately. Yes I'm actually glad that knock at the review up on -- pretty crappy honeycomb tablets this year an Alley -- -- review being -- well conceived honeycomb tablets. -- be expensive. And I mean I know at the tablets are but I have been urging Google can certainly get control of Android helpful at all. And I don't know I think that it can lead to bury its extensive experiences I agree. And other Google news there apparently testing Google music internally. The Google has not confirmed this but our own great animal has sources all over the Google. And says. That there there are done including it right now -- feed it to the Google employees in and seeing how it goes. And that apparently. The music industry is pretty excited about the news that there might be some actual -- competition coming. Hopefully -- I mean and I do you feel like. Between Google and Apple right now because there's always the rumors that Apple's gonna be revamping there mobile mean. Service into subscription music locker -- That. -- soon if this comes out. That Apple's gonna just drop -- drop the bombs that well we've got this due and cooler and cheaper or something or -- it is at the Apple iTunes brand really all depends on the outside and get a licensing the music and -- It's not that they're fighting about right now. The Google and that -- and -- -- If I did was the locker I -- -- it at the re the only reason it sounds like Apple have announced that already happened is that they don't have the licensing agreement and they weren't able to transfer them over -- a lot of protests. And then I think the labels are kinda done plain and Apple and -- you know they might be and that's what this -- this article speculates that -- like DD. About the idea of being able to partner with somebody else -- -- right not like spot but Google -- -- Well I think the other part of this article two -- to -- that there isn't really a perfect license for this kind of music -- -- year. It falls under that that weird territory where you're uploading your own music -- -- back down to you but. This I -- music industry in general trying to wrap their heads around what to be called out license weary years years if you're its music is sitting in a locker. -- problem may be missing founding is not the same bombing of the fingerprinting collectively haven't peoples being that 11 music file back multiple users -- so it's. And it trying to figure out the loudly until the music industry gets there trillions of dollars of public -- -- -- how to make them a nickel and dime off of this. Gaming music and they -- delay until they -- not having -- trillion dollar lawsuit against Lime -- which I am -- they -- and and -- and then they're like -- we can afford experimental little experiment with this -- cloud thing. They were able he's just sent off speculated that the -- may be inmate at the company is I O conference possibly it and timing with incoming CEO Larry Page. You deal that you -- contingent of your problem there's also that don't be upping your problem now. Rim is opening up the Blackberry Playbook that the price support Android apps has been long rumored that's right listen up Nokia. And then check its got -- hot Android apps that run CC plus plus it's still five flash -- -- all. -- -- -- and other relating primarily to help IE in in -- -- I -- enough people to buy that you know with somebody else's money to to say yes this is the direction as you -- I could think about this right this is what Nokia needs is what everyone's -- of digital into an optional -- -- -- it's pretty Android virtual environment and then just run the middle sand box on top of our own OS. -- it's like Java does you know the the -- M. What I did it. Android is open -- for. -- -- also feel little bits for them. That they can they have the kind of if you borrow and borrow Google's magic may emulator -- -- combine the rim CEO basically -- -- one headline where they is that -- in the of if they admitted that it was about like checking out the box that includes lots and a minute. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To include them in them in the App Store to download India in the virtual. Android player. That's the one part about this press release that I don't like it says that the Blackberry Java and Android apps -- the Blackberry app world. Once up but -- Bruce -- basically have to submit it to ram and wait for their approval to add to the Blackberry app world and then have to work at Lincoln emulator. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Playbook I think technically there's a -- that could make Android apps not suck on this device. And have I definitely need that yeah I got the Hannity I I hope that. If if this is the way to go to LeapFrog in the app app world and -- to get quickly. -- back catalog filled up I hope HP does the same thing you know I had -- anyone. Trying to pull off their own operating system and not try to build that up from scratch and -- the leverage that the apps that are out there and that's probably a good week ago. It is yes it is that it's a potential third way for circles right now we've seen everybody's talking about building their -- he talked about Motorola mobility trying to build an an -- alternative yesterday and it's true if you could figure out a way to launch devices without having to have -- army of developers for a whole new platform behind you. -- that's great. And it starts to chip away at the kind of like device specific app and content whether we're creating right now this is that nightmare. That's what apartment they think that Nokia has only computers like I don't know what we're did we Nokia into the -- we enter public. Did check it out -- whatever direction you want and then just put Android. In a virtual player in their or whatever and then you got at all. I just hope that Android virtual players smart enough to go to distinguish you know -- functionality. You know camera modes and all that yeah yeah apps that might. -- easily break in an emulator. In my my Android app developer friends telling me that the Android apps actually run pretty well on the playbook. -- So far this news -- by -- parent. And I mean it does like it does raise some hopes for the -- afternoon at all -- affect -- more than after. Rim guidance for the upcoming quarters they -- not. It down sharply because nobody really actually believe they -- up the place. It. Now all. That just you and up to skyrocket and then -- them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- -- -- -- -- right now. The. It'd take a quick break when we come back potentially bad news for -- line. FaceBook is getting all questioning and technology that creates 3-D images projected in the -- Welcome maximum allowed everywhere and Donald they need -- Darren -- all on the -- today of what -- -- Epic Friday show twenty gigs on how much -- well. That -- that was the alternate title for the the show that there's still time if at. You can cast your votes I mean we do have these Telecom and make -- -- -- but it. I. Hard to live that down to test Friday bully can't let -- just take a little titles I didn't write it wouldn't just. Put you guys growth. We just put all the titles on FaceBook and let people like you know vote on the -- will -- Look -- earth. There's more as Caroline McCarthy and -- that come with it more or less than awesome revenue -- for group line. And -- like and that the -- we could explain this whole thing -- -- or we can just show you this chart. Hear from you a bit which is OK orange line is tomorrow playing the bunny -- -- And where they collide is where there's a big yield sign -- yes so this would appear to suggest. That despite group on having turned down -- six billion dollar acquisition offer and set -- -- instead. On 825. Billion dollar initial public offering -- like -- for the record we hear -- -- of extreme. Skepticism about. All along. That even with all of that and play it appears to be that their content -- Wrong. And what it what. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it easily replicated by company that then -- a gigantic investment in Amazon's decision that was ballot that was totally it and that one single from -- different -- dollar -- on the that -- at at and electronic media Amazon made her -- and why it went into any enemy that's a public meeting at the. And your -- -- by the -- strategy. Exactly. It's not the first red flag that something might be gone a little bit wrong group on because obviously earlier this week the president and chief operating out there rob Solomon. Stepped down. Not the sort of thing you usually expect from an early executive with a lot of options. At a company that supposedly had apparently -- billion -- you know like. I wouldn't -- even -- -- -- there was any chance that really happening. We know you're okay -- but we got it will be my sack of money now left before the second. You think the -- of money unlike the case. In the lives and be ready in South America. And -- it -- that America on. May fifth. When we love jello shots -- act will assign a plan this month. I paid vacation and I didn't wanna lose my -- You -- -- -- -- And -- well and there are group I'm sorry sometimes the -- on iron and an iron and six billion dollars UK if you take it. And rightly which is a billion dollars is probably the -- -- for everybody in the room. A billion dollars that they are not and I need a trillion billion with cooler than a billion dollars. True DeLeon gives you a million dollars I thought they felt like I've been brilliant yet bookmark that for -- But I don't -- I'm appalled though -- but has re launched it -- questions being perfect and didn't really realize that they were even. Still doing things -- like Google and -- lot of product that you totally don't know but for about. -- -- that human product -- questions last July. That I believe techcrunch if they're admitting that it that is -- -- and vigilant that nobody knows that the environment computing. But that was going to be like you -- ask questions to the entire state but community -- all let's solve world hunger everyone chip in advance and they like. It is something. -- It it really took off though because. No one knew it existed. Now though they're re launching it and it's less ambitious in -- directing questions the entire if the community -- -- -- -- -- you can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- -- as he re launching what I see is hey we lot of source code that would put them are Indian way -- just implement that yeah I think Iraq later. -- the features because that the public ness of -- like Metallica needed a question worthy of the world's input to use that region McClellan the final -- and -- it couldn't -- Which is relentless -- 90% I'm excited for the data mining -- -- -- -- what the questions that Hitler. -- -- -- Now be public but I do like the fact that every marking another apparently think that it has the potential for a lot -- -- actually can you can make a pre formatted -- yet another thing if you're gonna be ridiculous with that you get in line to be publicly with it yeah that's the gold mine for FaceBook -- they're gonna have on this social -- thing and he. The but they can still harvested. -- -- I mean really the data mining potential here is -- Hughes is actually. Because it will be it pre format -- look at any time that people choose that option as opposed to typing in some sort of pre forms that. Though it is indeed now it's gone it's like -- evolved into hot or not in like -- guy. And. Okay -- that well. You're you're simply. -- did I -- on it now. Imagine the FaceBook saying. -- you know in and out murdered wouldn't you like to know all of the other poll options that you know everybody put in -- poll of liquids and it you know. -- hinted that it during a possible questions -- Do you consider extreme -- -- eat it -- is this -- to the. -- -- Actually that's our. -- it -- I think that I agree that come with spider actually after. And another little faith that snippet for -- -- of -- but apparently trying to squash 21 squatted domain names that all have some sort of version of the word book in them. They -- it but -- but and it but fifty dot com. But -- crack me up about the story mainly it that the domain names are all currently owned by a company called domain asset holdings. Which is simply a domain squatting company that I would like to direct anonymous the detention. A day call lady got back hello -- ha -- -- By means -- apps that holding the and while state and -- couldn't find on here if there's and there isn't there it is okay of the 21 to -- -- -- -- FaceBook sucks dot com. It turns -- the app that's there and it's a blog full of -- -- at some -- Laura. But that that -- -- public Comcast dot com site where is the blog about the bad -- look at this FaceBook -- -- -- they're -- thing is right here complain now and it's like a blog except all of their blog posts aren't it some more room now -- any web developer -- that don't let the -- with older stuff gap. In. -- and not Greek and Latin 120 smoldered language -- -- Greek music and applying that label black stuff that -- stuff or -- Clark. A -- the -- up on the committee. The full of Swedish death to me. Do you -- yeah. Other thank you -- Let's do the -- -- The iPad you -- -- internationally. And according to early reports ridiculous life -- formed in 25 countries it's only the biggest clients are in Australia. There you go they aren't they love it they love and -- monster yet. Picnic -- cal did excellent thousands App Store has surpassed the 100. 1000000. Downloads. At thirteen -- Thirty to gain power we both would call it. -- -- Samsung is baking thirty nanometer four gigabyte -- PD DR two chips don't know what that means it means that basically. We have faster ram -- more capacity. Smaller and 25% better on your battery. Forget the 1066 megabit the second says the old 800 stuff off of it -- -- Yes sleet to -- -- -- eight ram chips for mobile phones yes that's more than your iPod Shuffle had like five years ago they have the funds needed any brand. It's Rambus ram to be faster that's what our departments need which -- -- -- -- -- that points to exactly -- -- -- iPad two. Pat speed test -- they got old core chip was not significantly faster because it's still limited by editor but don't get don't Maryland who doesn't want a dual core chip but I just wanna sit there are -- responses scanning new media. Now at a firm that often it's hard to tell though when we will be seeing them in the consumer and what I wanna see if I wanna see modular phones already right to upgrade them myself only yet. -- -- -- how they -- -- -- social whenever that might have thought of a lot of -- this is from -- Here proprietary a screwdriver earn a -- dryer and can take that glue off you can body -- do that yourself right now Q1 25 really good thought and yeah. You -- I'm glad im pretty sure that things can happen any visible -- has been -- That is the one thing that Steve Jobs has brought on the consumer electronics world war -- interpreted that he's got it was like time we close this -- -- real site. What anything. -- -- -- -- -- -- Thinking about -- 72 dollar screwdriver you wanna open a -- and -- get -- -- that lets you can get. The Barnes & Noble Nook Color is continuing its quest to become like top secret -- -- tablet that you have to have. It's slow it's still pretty slow means that -- here and they need to get that chip in here way it before we buzz -- -- -- here's the thing. So far -- had to read it that he could get the Android market but Barnes & Noble has announced that the Android App Store TM is coming in April. Along with flash support the so then it has become. -- -- We get to -- -- one dollar noble Nook Color with the -- Android market. It's very well I mean at that bees haven't come up with an entirely new piece of hardware -- them and say hey it's the same old thing but now we've got -- -- Let's -- it not only -- -- -- -- but it will have built in email. So they can stay connected via built in email just like you do on other tablets and high end Smartphones -- need to go through Internet browser. But it's good that you've got to -- -- a -- your future and I are -- And you have -- little client -- from now but right now but that does seem to suggest that it's not an -- browser within a little bit of luck. Meeting with in the making analogous thing and the rest they were saying -- that there is a lot of lot of these features that could have been done. Then out of the box that they decided to do it everything they could to take a -- -- experience but really just focus on making -- an e-book reader. And -- I think there may be gone for broke a little bit saying. It yet not enough let's make this -- a lot of demand for this to be a more full featured Android tablet let's give people what they want. And hopefully do you fill in the meantime it's still -- with -- -- that -- the prize winner through fifty for. Pretty much fully capable tablet -- I think they still have that faith that it's gonna reach people store. And they have a -- when you're in the story and can lead to code editor available effective. If they believe -- hard enough until. Wishing makes it so -- bugging you bathroom break and at -- -- That's you actually IDs and know that man I worked at Barnes & Noble hoopla and apparently went him that the the library -- -- the books directly to blitzer they got rid of it -- and have -- In. I'll admit that one in Berkeley with -- -- littered with them with people like it with pretty. It did yen. -- -- -- -- -- actually get -- convince students that there aren't. Torture tests show that although they -- in the iPad two is 27%. Thinner and in the iPad display any original iPad display is apparently much stronger. And him through a video from I think fear what -- it I think -- something I picture I. The company revealed equal -- -- -- I couldn't get it if I -- really excited about entered into them that and music. That oh so flexible and stronger. -- -- -- But it just gonna be it Vietnam -- -- Black and until its ethical thing and apparently out of this thing whenever about it mainly am. That link instantly collect any my iPad I -- Gallagher Gruber for our answering -- and -- -- support it like that machine that they use at the at IKEA. The advantage is hairdressers hear tester do that is actually the same way that it has glass for hurricanes. That's what the timber for the purpose but to well I'm -- and in English that the Cuban port it if you live midwest keynote time for. Oliver bell and gadget news today coolest video actually -- this is like burying the lead it to return to build. Those strong ending this is awesome new technology. Group of students. At Japan's Osaka university and I guarantee did not -- -- devised a way to use midst. As the backdrop for a 3-D hologram that floats in -- and because -- Japanese students. They're demo image if they keep -- of a look at it there's really into the rumor and poking it. It is as applicable to failure off thinking extreme tech it that if the bunny is ready to plea for help from a B one at any moment all. It looks so cool about this is they they take video of whatever it is that they're going to render which he read -- -- cameras and then just basically project that back with three Pico projectors you know -- -- and dude this is like the going to be the next Austin graffiti. You know -- fog then. -- -- -- -- Pick it up bunny rabbit. They're terrified body revenue doesn't want to go and get three projectors that are projecting crazy stuff. In San Francisco fought -- anything other than I ought to get the price of Pico projectors now -- -- boy you know lady got would have saved fourth of July did not appear that Hollywood thing. -- -- Have like a glowing cloud above -- get golden gate three. Not just last year -- and every area -- only if -- out on Tommy that -- history too -- and other direct hog again and pretending. Adding audio. That it's also a step further and that would connect and now you can interact that the and one day rule. Connect to make everything better I definitely think differently about click and -- I think we're gonna take it and it connects. You know what it's about. I decide to go here but I think if you get protection finally pot smoke you could get the next generation. Quality laser belongs wow laser com as that they -- is one more reason not to me get off the couch and I could have a -- projected bunny rabbits right studio. The licensing deals right there just -- it announced a new -- if you're listening umi call will get like marketing -- together. I'll -- I'll I'll I'll totally get on board yet I think dvds on them lots of laser -- by means he didn't. You're keeping gagged and -- down compassion -- Well okay and finally. -- Illinois science news the really neat -- News. Just a little update to the implanted with -- their there's that. Computer lake brain interface -- and gates brain gate that lets paralyzed people in or used computer interfaces to and control -- computer cursor. And apparently the woman with terror leader who's been using the initial kind of -- -- -- system. It is still working. 1000 days later Newton and a wealth -- on thousand more days until you find on. It basically but it's pretty remarkable -- -- -- concept but after a thousand is a woman who has no functionally similar limbs. And is unable to speak and reliably control a cursor on a computer screen using only the intended movement -- hand through the Allentown. It's really heart warming -- is spent. It's phenomenal this is why we have technology. Yeah. And iPods -- cool and all the c'mon people and now this is where optimism about technology comes from like the things that are wrong. We can't we have the technology means it makes them pink bunnies and its people -- All -- -- -- just a fourth of July. Maybe Colin Bennett all you care with a couple my -- projector and try and yeah look. And then that was the real happy ending that -- like a mixed happy ending. Self publishing superstar Amanda hawking who we talked about as being basically the last great model for her self publishing before they got Internet and a half million dollar -- -- the novel. Has now landed. A huge -- -- -- at saint Martin's press. Which is -- curtain and apparently of the bidding at one point rose beyond two million dollars -- world English rights. Thereby becoming a self publishing sensations she was able to then make the leap into. Serious cash money. By going back to the system that -- and his. And now for the the teenage vampire. Novel -- you know thing blows over it's gonna be. Is if it -- already is gonna get -- People it's gonna move on rain I mean there are out there are relatively. Yeah. -- means -- love it or not is not high and about like old school which is. And how rude it's something else get -- that holographic bunnies and back again. Okay everybody analysis at G and -- the next -- holographic. So in case you're wondering and added that everything you filled out you mean she asked -- Let it would it the death and said. I mean that's structures still exists and at least she didn't get screen -- she put herself into of this where she was able to negotiate a major payday. And safer than what you said -- -- asked people when people ask you know in responses question about what she -- at the national publishers. She's that I wanna be a writer I don't wanna spend forty hours we can link emails format and covers mining editors at that are right now being me is a full time incorporated. That you'd -- As congress deals can be said about rankings and kind of you know punk rock manifest those she's -- It and I actually meet the really great points as well I do not think it will be the only -- to do this. Others will be as successful I've -- them even more -- I don't think it will happen that often. Which I think it's totally enters the got to give her credit for understanding that he. She's a good writers to -- and -- he was in the right place at the right time and she's not only group on -- -- -- on -- more. She opened the door for a lot of people in via -- also I am looking forward to -- at the team of professionals representing her. Valentine card you get and you had shot at -- like he -- and get an app that's. I into the audience that. -- -- -- Coal mine I'm not gonna go with that. Me feel an elevator grown out. -- startlingly considering that hit its -- and I know let's get your calls and emails telling. Now off -- on the show I make what some might consider to be fairly strong assertions. And then someone who actually does the job that I make -- -- my mandate calls up and would like to take exception and that's why we have the feedback -- it. -- -- A patent patent not -- -- -- -- -- you know after working my reader and up until the morning I was for the most part in doing with your podcast. Until Molly -- referred to the rubber stamp monkeys that -- my office now I understand the frustration with some of the bad patent and trademark if you. But a lot of people don't understand that the either the diameter of the -- they're public knowledge of the entire world. You know all of the million applications -- every year that -- passed out complicate this with the crap. Yes and -- the only diameter but sometimes because the public documents or obscure republic or poorly dated but. Prior art after that if we'd been crowd sourced by the drama surrounding it. A horrible manager of amateur -- I you know what -- think about -- but the notion that we group everything is a third others not to -- to keep up network. He's announcement on he sounds like the temperament is it is -- kinda had been waiting for her apology and he's waiting for your politics well I love hate you for calling him out the very Cogent phone call and it really appreciate it that we easy don't they went the long political. Now when they're good they're good yeah exactly -- -- -- -- -- Right I. -- maintain there are serious problems with that system that clearly need to get back to -- even though you know. I you're saying some faulted the crack that my opinion -- more than are even remotely necessary falter and and you a ridiculous amount of -- that you ads shown by the charts that show the like ten year backlog you have. In terms of dealings with dealing with these applications -- -- there's no way that the system is working as designed or efficiently. -- -- -- I'm sorry if they're they're Hitler could -- -- but I am really sorry that -- -- -- rubber stamping patents. Natalie that I don't have. And D'Alema called it's not you -- friends that I apologize -- it may you know that other. How old I am sorry. Right. This was coming from -- -- you know yet again. Located ideas with 100 saint I don't know if -- been covered but the best thing about Amazon app stores that there is no restriction to the Android devices he compared to one account. -- a family of Android users keep -- on them all at the Amazon App Store. And one you can buy apps from multiple devices flat out without having to worry about and is having access your email or your Google account. This is confirmed by Amazon I got a response -- from -- customer service. Not -- think that. App Store and PM absurd GM and I like that. Also Tyler road and and that this is hilarious to say that I double a.'s request into perspective the citizenry is actually not they are -- as an entity its thirteen record companies that were -- Lime Wire. For the 75 trillion dollars but he says. To put that request into perspective. The summit they're asking for a judgment any recently discussed lawsuit against Lime -- is approximately equal to the amount of money spent by the US government. Ever in the whole history of the country. Alternatively it's a little under the total sum of all money it made by the entire US economy during Lime Wire short life. While it's not in certain cases unheard -- to -- for damages of more money than your company has ever made as the judge noted. It is in fact patently absurd to ask for more money than every one else has ever made. The are -- is request is essentially -- more precise way of asking for quotes a gazillion dollar and -- I'll take to the well written and other well written that the I love them and as -- -- today I know you're wondering. Where computer love is the prime time -- not here -- -- computer labs is not the same time they need to bank on reading it frankly my -- and it does not helpful and that usually comes down to connect. And nobody seems that the tablet the -- -- doesn't at all and he did all right. What -- get through your rectum can access. Yeah there it. And -- them. I but it edu what is happening at your computer -- lessons for next week. But that he did not comment or email address our blog is located at the -- that cnet.com in case -- wondered where to find these episodes and all the show notes. 100 -- -- do you think they're -- here is our phone number. And let me remind you one more time everyone. Can then -- ten. -- everybody. Has.
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