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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1430: T-Mobile gets super-mooned

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1430: T-Mobile gets super-mooned

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AT&T gets bigger, a whole lot bigger with its purchase of T-Mobile. Trust us, mobile plans won't be getting any cheaper. Sprint gets a few consolation prizes, Twitter is 5 years old and we feature the "Morning-After" App.

Today is Monday march 21. This buzz out loud my name is even be just primary field and I am Bryant's all of the buzz -- cnet's podcast in terms -- -- today is. March -- It is -- episodes on a maturity I I had to look down again even though I was a little hard to measure may yes it -- well -- -- -- get validation for me. It's up to 1430. Also known as episode 143. -- I love hearing rates in the house is coming back did not want it I want I -- that -- I can't stay away from -- You can't quit me and I didn't say that is that it and it's -- anyways guys I'm not sure if anyone out there or -- in the chat was able to see this super moved to assume. Pool would we have talked about did you get did you -- it it was raining like. It was. Man raining like it was that movie with the rain in the Harrison Ford and there droids rain Harrison Ford in the -- -- And I -- blade runner I got my great joke -- and I couldn't remember the title almost. I was almost like we are eaten up later and that's a pretty reckon I was the reality that -- I think it got that evening and felt like -- and blade runner pulmonary with -- incessant miserable in the did you see anything. If you any movie any super moon no packet that anything with few rainy but in -- -- -- -- the -- right now you can get sucked into the moon's work effects. Now counted in I couldn't see 80000 census dice with -- similar instances I don't really that's all late at night when everything clear because does late tonight and equipment. Yeah so according to sources the super moon was a really big bright one. Jack -- chat -- on -- it was really itself. Anyway is going from one -- and -- or they basically the death star that's no moon that is in the -- double in the -- That -- guys in here over the weekend pretty big stuff I think at the think it was announced yesterday AT&T. Is planning. To acquire T-Mobile USA for 39. Billion dollars the acquisition would make ladies and gentlemen AT&T the dominant wireless player it would give them the more than 33 million subscribers. From T-Mobile in addition to its 95 and a half million -- making it the number one subscriber based on users. And it put -- push it past Verizon. And let's talk about this this I mean. This is great this is great news for everybody greatest -- and they'll actually -- it's actually the worst possible thing -- That could happen to the US cellphone industry to take. The worst cell carrier there is. And having -- gobble up some known consumer reports obliterate -- -- there is. And you're just making this stuff probably army units Obama I think -- customer some areas it's not the worst I've been in areas where it's not the lower overall they mathematically speaking okay it's the worst and I've been a customer and I that give my money actually don't don't dislike it that much. But to take the this carrier and combine it with one that is generally well liked. And say. And -- it it can't possibly be good for consumers or for prices. For competition can't possibly AT&T is saying well this is great this patriotic this is good for consumers it'll lower prices the prices go down -- parts prices go down. And you'll be great for unions -- level -- of but it's there's there's no way that eighteen T-Mobile and -- in absorbing it. Is going to be good for consumers yet there I mean obviously it's gonna hurt consumers wanting -- that T-Mobile has been known. As one of the carriers that has really tried to push down the pricing on cell -- plants not only see mobile push down pricing cellphone plans but in technologically innovative well yet they were the first carrier that -- launched to Google's Android personal rights is now and they supported Wi-Fi and them in the home and and care and a voice over Wi-Fi and when you that when you think about that at least from a technology standpoint. You know there -- a reason why Google couldn't make the agreements with the big machines like Verizon and AT&T initially. The launch and right now we all know that Verizon and Android are great partners now but when you talk about those seeds -- -- planted. When you lose something someone like a T-Mobile that was able to negotiate and push those things Ford that's what that's part of what we lose from a technology side of having one less care that's able to kind of trying to do different things to -- -- the market. Right nineteenth he of course says that. It in a perverse. -- logical maneuver eighteenth he has to. Somehow make the case this is a good thing and they're they're making the case already -- a very political way because the DOJ is gonna be looking at this thing -- very carefully to see if it's legit if it's not anti competitive and they're saying that actually it is. Good for America because it combines. Everybody's moving to LTE and T-Mobile can't possibly get there by itself through gonna -- -- -- that are. And that are coverage. Isn't as good as the needs to be but T-Mobile will make it better so instead of spending 39 billion now I'm going off the real status -- spending 39 billion dollars. To build out our own infrastructure will buy somebody else with and taken out competitive Blyth so we don't have to. One of things that you know -- if you're tired and out is the LTE plans and up to this point T-Mobile. Has never really had an official roadmap we also know AT&T is lagging behind on bringing LTE Omnia out of all the carriers. -- -- the major carriers right sprint is rolling out -- WiMax. Verizon rolling out their LT but -- he has been behind when when they say that. Okay -- this will help us. With our LT network -- might help you from getting more bandwidth but at the -- and they AT&T whether they're not they acquire. T-Mobile or not and whether this does go through which it probably will because. At the end of the day the government might say okay -- to give up you know certain things for -- to happen but back to the point I don't. It's not going to at least. In the right now really change or advance their LTE plants they're not gonna tell equipment faster and they're not gonna be able to roll out quicker I think more than anything it might help. The overall coverage of AT&T right when you acquire -- -- and -- not not that it's going to be a game changer and the -- -- might it when it might. But this is a gigantic merger and gigantic -- always take time so. It's. -- and -- it's not a sure thing that this will just naturally make everybody's coverage better it's gonna be harder because also. T-Mobile in in the GS you know from a GSM standpoint they have two bands. And it -- AT&T coverage to other bands right so at the moment it's not like they're. Idol it's not gonna be is easy just a software updated and up to gradually roll out and you know transition. But those T-Mobile users' handsets to be compatible with AT&T'S handsets out -- that's gonna take time the question that everybody is asking. Is from T-Mobile guys -- T-Mobile customers. Get the iPhone. And T-Mobile says four year no we're gonna be wholly owned but separate. So for a year no iPhone for UT mobile -- -- so. Might be easier to transition over to the other carrier I mean taking anti -- but -- that's not gonna happen that's kind of a bummer because you know he mobile me. Like -- that he mobile users have advanced and interesting products but they still get the iPhone. In and I will say one thing now with my experience when east. The involved T-Mobile I felt that they had really good customers. Newton actually -- every time I had issued they were right on top of -- so on. You know we don't know necessarily. If officially this is gonna take a while for the FCC actually proves its need to take up to twelve months before -- it is. You know a -- officially happens -- but at the moment. Com AT&T. -- to be -- AT&T. AT and AT&T -- if you -- that -- -- AT&T is sorry. But all you know -- and as the rumors were that sprint was gonna acquired and when at first you know one of our viewers to send us an email saying -- they will be imagine a GSM CDMA. Now work on one here's the here's the bad thing about this also would that we have meant it it will be the only GSM carrier in the United States when this happens you won't. Have any real clinical viable options it's not like. Okay US cellular is a GSM care how many of you listening here are using US -- -- I love the argument that -- keep. It out there about this is that. This is actually not anticompetitive because there -- so much choice. There's so much competition the cellular market there is Verizon sprint eighteen PUS cellular cricket. Com great you boost mobile twinkle tell I don't know whatever every single mom and pop cellular carry out there who think this is competition and this is not -- anticompetitive. I don't know -- this that a -- patriotic argument is what really gets me here I mean it it. I keep its cool for a big company to acquire a little -- one. That that's will -- Business works. But that's just call what it -- its its a its a land grab it's we were big and we wanna get bigger it's because we can't it's not this thing where they're saying. It gives the entrepreneur or down the street the exact same -- this is and I'm quoting from the eighteenth -- announcement here. The exact same tools of the largest corporations to put towns and states on a level playing field to compete for investment. And jobs that it's changing the delivery model for education and health care patriotic. No I'm not so sure about that so you know -- is essentially you know some of eighteenth -- points of why this merger works is right. The patriots and angle of how you know it's going to help the union workforce via champion. Of the United States wireless schools you know what this lets us together this creates a business that it's too big to fail and and those are the English most dangerous businesses in the country it's it is -- -- we've been here before. Absolutely so -- You know we'll be following this closely just one of there's so many angles. That the story can cover but. We will you know I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more and is that a flight -- economic -- for those watching live okay. Anyways yeah please though we'd love to hear what you guys are thinking about this whole AT&T -- there's some customers are like. I went to T-Mobile because I didn't want to be on AT&T and now. With GSM phones you're going to be forced to be on AT&T for the you know for the near future and I can go to Bobble comers something whatever -- Both of mobile volatile so yeah please you know send us your emails to buzz at cnet.com. And -- we able we will read them and it's gonna throw up your post and comments of -- you'll feel about this okay. The transition a little bit obvious the big news. Continue to be in the forefront the crisis in Japan and -- of some updates of what's happening in there and how it's affecting the technology sector. At the moment com as -- I guess a leader yesterday. Two of the six -- reactors at the Fukushima Diana Diana -- plan. -- have been essentially stabilize and are under Ctrl+Alt. One of the methods they did to help this is by essentially. -- -- A one mile power cable. Over 21 of the unit -- there to help to aid in you know keep in its nuclear fuel cool so that doesn't leak out apparently -- environment. Yeah apparently these. Water pumping stations take a boat -- of electricity. Or other cable load and they were getting technical people to string -- cable by hand from I don't know where it's you know the funny things about this I don't know who we discuss this and up before. Japan. Has two different electrical grids. There's a sixty Hertz -- which was mostly built by the US GE -- this this is a GE plant that took -- a plan. And on the other side of the island a fifty Hertz -- now the fifty -- side of the island actually has plenty of excess power. But the fifty to sixty hurt converter plant that they have in the middle of these secrets can only handle -- -- and they're like 24 Q what's down right now. So this old non standard Japan Japanese problem of these incompatible -- is one of the problems that they can't get power over to. The each side of the island because the westside is on a different structure. While this little thing technical science and Arabia's so maybe that's why -- -- -- -- -- this is why you have standards and then there's also probably why all those little AC adaptors that you get from Japanese electronics are really good at going between 56 the areas of app. They -- they've been there are so. You know operators at the Tokyo -- electric power company declared units five and six are safe. And number two units used -- stabilize that is kind of one of the most the one that has the most concern around it because. Of the leakage of the un nuclear materials now in how this affects the overall tech world. On Sony -- kind of some updates as Japan is slowly change -- You know getting back on their feet ever -- -- slowly but surely. Sony's plan to restart one of their battery plants six others will still be out. On the planned restart their lithium ion battery plant that close following -- earthquake and tsunamis. On the it's located in the to -- to a cheeky her picture tomorrow also. Hopefully those six others will open up but this is going to -- a lot of -- that are still closed. A -- like the Blu-ray lasers that are producing inside their players. You know that's always gonna -- Blu-ray disc production and other. Things but -- -- support and it should be a little lithium ion batteries in the nuclear plants -- -- reactors. I don't think I'll that the epic four -- daily to -- stacked them up quite high. Anyway a little -- here on Friday to the reporters' roundtable on designing infrastructure for earthquake safety so you can see you know like -- -- excellent source -- bulletin. -- -- also other companies are the only ones that are separate from this Sanyo sharp Mitsubishi Panasonic. Also forced shut down from any tacky we talked about this in the past so. Clearly you know we're gonna see some of -- stuff affect. The next quarter in you know maybe availability of goods but across the board you know companies are feeling the pain of that but not it's gonna -- -- of people. It's gonna be a while -- -- -- be -- obviously this is legal has. Giant global ripple effects not just the humanitarian issues but the financial and supply chain as users a lot of stories coming out right now -- what that's that's the global supply and -- electronics. And what impact this will have on manufacturing elsewhere need and how that slack is gonna get taken up. And no one think you guys wanna see that some pretty amazing -- quake map animation of what had happened what is happening. A moment there's a map -- on the link that shows off the seismic activity. That occurred in Japan starting from march a lot was an eleven to march 11 ports. Where the earthquake started and fired off up to this point there's -- totaled 663. Earthquakes. Ranging obviously the magnitude the big 19. Nine on the richter scale but we're -- -- aftershocks in the seven's in the six's. Plenty of -- yet still continuing aftershocks that we will consider major quakes and they're still going on -- And they're gonna be going on for probably for years because that's the right but nobody knows that that's where the earth works as its fifteen and -- -- -- so it just kind of a fascinating thing to see in this you know how dates. And the Internet brings things like this remains yet it's not scary to watch okay I'll what do you think a little ad break but we'll -- back talking about. A lot of privacy lawsuit has -- -- a little privacy lawsuit segment about -- out today but fascinating but very fast gain trust them. Welcome back every bit of buzz out loud brands on here brave. -- -- Engineering work in it right arm just give you guys will update people might be when and where -- world we have a thing called south by southwest where everything that he worked for two weeks straight. Molly is home due to the south by southwest -- but she will return tomorrow all things -- hang over a week in the making. -- -- she was pretty beat down a picture to from and she I think you can watch the Superman actually that would that it yeah let us she'll be coming back today so -- Admirably more more than ample -- -- known for making its return. People are saying I'm not ranting and ethnic or chat room -- it's not violate any -- I mean you just you don't just because you don't have during anomaly. You are no I mean. -- -- aren't there can -- only one there today can only be one. -- right arm back to the news that Google it -- accusing China medley with their Gmail product overseas though we know that Google and China have. A long history now with you know China. Going after their servers and going. The potentially you know stealing some of their -- intellectual property along with other companies. When they made attempts over here this is obviously part like the Internet. Where -- happening but recently -- -- customers in China have complained in the past month that. They've had problems with the email service. Indian descent emails marking them as -- red and Gmail has says there's no there's not been going on on our side. Yet we -- we are services up and running this they feel they're saying this is the government blockage designed to look like the promise -- -- And the blockages Cree is creative and sneaky so customers are saying Gmail users are saying things like. Things that we Kemp mark things as unread. We can't move things around and the problem it yet so it looks like. It doesn't look like they -- if if this is the way the great firewall of China works it doesn't just block you off with I caught -- blocked that'd be something else it's like. It throttles you back it slows you down to make things work just a little bit wrong. So you blame the software are you blame where you're connecting to and that's what people are doing their they're looking at this thing and they're calling -- Google. If they can't -- a saying hey you know this feature of Gmail isn't working right what's wrong with you guys. And Google -- like wow that's not us. It's a very creative way to make genial feel. Unreliable. So the people use another email system probably or they're just -- with Google because McCain. If I don't know why because they want to in the -- put them. The economic anyways so stuff going on over there on in -- in The Who and it's like the never ending battle or. Maybe they're just you know reading all the stuff the spying on on on their citizens email traffic and they're doing such a ham handed way. That is leaving as -- footprints behind in Gmail. It's more likely the -- than that because China has never shown they've been clumsy when it comes to how they manipulate the Internet. It -- that is -- some highly targeted apparently political motivated attacks against the users and that they believe. Some activists may have -- the specific tarred Norton so there you go. -- in other ten. Privacy fun stuff Netflix. Has been recently battered with approximately you know five several lawsuits in the past two months. On the their complaints are that Netflix is holding on a customer information such as credit card numbers and rental histories long after subscribers cancel the membership. And they claim this video violates the video privacy protection -- now I can tell you -- When I read this. -- kind of chuckle to myself because. I signed up for Netflix you know I canceled my account -- it was suspended. And then. Maybe six to seven months later I just had to my username and passer and everything was there right I didn't have to -- -- in my credit card information and I'm like only got site. Yeah they're absolutely doing this -- Yet they are -- I I left Netflix for six years. Now seriously. And I came back and excellent every I think they still at a normal let you know this can be good this -- be -- the problem people have visited there there's. It's special what video. Watching data. His very private -- -- some people from people don't care. Personal frankly I don't care you see my Netflix -- -- get up and I I got other places they don't want you to go but might -- no clear way browser history is plain Vanilla -- But people do -- this -- all came from a case of a woman who was gay but not out. And in in when Netflix that this contest where they were gonna -- million dollars people who welcomed the better viewing outward from. Date semi anonymous this that they Anonymizer -- and they gave it out to developers apparently wasn't on -- enough so you could figure out some if they Kennedy from the data -- -- -- remember and that's where this case came from than there all the old cases that are similar to compile on -- -- Where people are complaining about the same thing. Now the funny thing is sometimes that's what they do here where they keep data. Is actually -- when I I moved the way to Massachusetts for a couple years. When it came back and -- the get a helping driver's license again I gave my name like the same license the same number they had all my data. It was actually -- was useful. The video privacy data totally get. -- totally different beast gets a different world and sign up for FaceBook you mean like you have all information yet to different -- so -- all the all the plays out but Netflix between a little bit heat now. Also on in privacy in fines. France. Has decided take the bold bold move a finding cool 100000. -- -- Over street views of your member the cars that were it's you know taking Google street view and then Google had ended up admitting that. They stored on the data that had been sniffed out from their cameras in -- -- set ups. -- -- here's the thing 100000 euros. Is equivalent to ready for -- 142. 100000. 14201132000. Dollars -- him under revenue 242000. Dollars that's not a whole lot it is it is however a record fine. For the whatever -- -- was. They got the power to impose financial sanctions in 2004. And now all finally 2011 -- getting around to putting a record -- of -- 100000 dollars -- Google and Google says. Church we're sorry hear it but it doesn't go away -- sorry that's one engineer for one year you have exactly accidents -- engineer for when you're considering all that all the food -- -- -- -- these guys that manhunt table rentals. That that's not a fine you know what the fine let them tell me what the buying IBM settling with the SEC paying ten million dollars. On accusations of bribery. To get various government eager as we get various contracts and stuff like that -- them around the world -- this those -- really doesn't even that. Or copy the size by VMware Google drop and if that -- yes -- this was obviously -- line. Accusations that they paid 207000. Dollars in cash prize to South Korean representatives. Between 1988. And 2003 you gotta win over the government officials them. Yeah well that's one way. Other ways to hold their Netflix viewing queue over their head on I don't know if you -- get out of the world so. IBM ten million dollars. That's a live has a low if you work he actually has a tooth. Will get a hundred a 100000 -- a 101000. Euro fine that is what we call technically toothless. Technically speaking. Also you know like the -- article says that. No Watson was not implicated -- These happens though Watson the neatly he would put his -- would have been you know 3000419. South. Dollars and -- -- -- area who couldn't. -- -- -- -- The review also followed with the question I think you're here to get conceivable we -- -- you were glad -- and and we talked about Howell. I was appalled -- just annoyed at the group on ads. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wow okay -- group funds -- CEO. -- as it is an -- Andrew mason is now Blaine means the ad firm. That created the ads and himself for -- -- -- ad partner he basically said the ad firm turned off part of its brain when -- or they've turned off part of their brain. We're working with them to 3-D. -- advertisements that -- controversial. This is the in in department of a good mechanic blaming his tools. Group I'm flying high everything going well gives lot of money to an ad that that an ad agency to create this as he had. They get the edge and they say yeah okay and then they blame them for course Crispin -- -- lucky. The ad firm just because you pay somebody. Millions of dollars doesn't mean the -- absolve yourself or responsibility. Yet the the agency those kind of a little -- because. Group wants kind of pain unit oh you know we we don't crews -- let you guys go -- sensitive terms contractors and -- for that advertising campaign and its -- I feel like group on my -- it's might be timely. But to make them look a little better to throw the agency under the -- right when security bulletins that sits at -- -- that doesn't help. -- and they actually I wonder if the agency man. And file an action against group on four. Like and what -- -- motive or not it's not libel and defamation via Kenya. Interest and -- on the court that'll be fun to watch will be back again in a week -- two when the thing that's backed court the other way. Also in a cool fun things a lot check this if you guys have the ability to see this video arm. Sony could be a little afraid of innovations on their platform that's not done by them. A young gentleman. Johnson Google has obviously hacked and used the APIs for Xbox -- to map -- to use width. The PS there. -- so I can connect the PS3. You can connect yes connect controller interconnect control -- -- -- -- -- -- because that the MP if the controller has at their fond of saying it has buttons it doesn't have buttons but here you you know I always navigated interface is very early but he's -- -- -- in Canada and eclipses and board to make the selection to it to jump into the specific app -- game. On the PS3 -- the room. It's the size of -- hangar nobody has living -- the size this is the college dorm of the college dorm living room that's. I today it's not gonna ever know the -- -- have -- -- -- that the case. Cricket cell ES which it. They've got a quick about that theoretically gets around the -- it -- put it. I just heard some. Of the -- -- about how credit could cut the line Eric. They all right we'd like to say happy birthday to Twitter five years old. Change the world just time for kindergarten -- -- -- that your patent and it just learning to -- color. You know once upon a time I was one of the top 100 Twitter is -- number followers. And once upon a time though before actually -- took over here yet before they had the suggested user list which I never got on that I don't know who lamps that I never got on that list. And then own mallet overtook me a number of followers who I just can't believe it -- that make you cry a little. -- -- we realize that the world's without justice. Although -- level. We didn't want as they have -- in a Twitter because obviously it's just changed everything -- for the prevent or polar -- -- input and a few on that not at the Burton. -- you use you wanted to -- that about it so you'll because you're -- you won't admit that they've changed things. I love Twitter. Area after an actor actually the truth is I love Twitter that tutors means and it's been a phenomenal force on the Internet and in global politics and -- -- Actually for freedom in the world so. I think back -- -- any particular. I don't announcer I was -- actually gonna get you around -- that I was in the -- gets -- -- that. All right also another quick -- Apple IOS four point three point one an update potentially -- -- With in the next one to two weeks -- the going to boy genius report a lot of people are also experience seen. Some battery issues with their previous devices with the latest -- -- update -- that date. Which is kind of common and it's not before sold one. Solution that's been thrown out there that might be able to help people and is -- By. Hate it you remember that thing called pain and remember you you were you are feeling it offers no you're right there are things I did remember we listen I'm not -- that I just remember that you -- it. World it's smart it -- it is -- into and executed the right way the idea was right right but the -- product. Executions. -- -- complaining about you know Apple being asleep at switch and accused the department yet yeah exactly so. On the in your settings essentially to go to settings in your general in your restrictions you can actually. Turn off paying. On. It is funny that. It's potentially affecting the power and -- don't -- use that thing. Now what. -- yet really and turn it off save power yet. Boy genius report also saying that 431. Will fix an iPad to jailbreak a vulnerability that mean it'll make jailbreak not work against the in the another ten minutes for the guys tax credit. Take another wanted to stop it'll take another weaker Q effort to beat you over yet and that's also on -- wanna -- all we were talking on Netflix earlier. -- deal for them to lock down exclusive content. The house of cards our house of cards that show written or directed its written directed by David Fincher and Kevin Spacey will be featured it. That deal has gone down. That's great I am so excited about Netflix getting into the taking on HBO showtime all the again and -- -- one of those. On -- show to show times -- friend whatever are not so happy rats I'm so happy that we're going to have an alternative content network. At what I hope will be a reasonable price and with new. Content on -- I'm tired of paying a hundred million dollars a month for cable. Yes absolutely. Okay let's transition over to the gadgets. Lots of news for sprint other -- the fact that they didn't get T-Mobile. We have some consolation prizes and what does the public. Tell us what they win but I am the ideal are -- -- sprint -- sprint will be introducing the nexus S. Four G on their there will be the first phone to run Android 2.3 gingerbread mons region very nice what what -- will -- be getting -- -- -- -- -- -- Sprint also wins the wonderful Google Voice fully integrated into their phones -- you can take your number imported those sprint -- use of Google his service actually gonna -- -- can be baked into the new phones so if you want Google Voice if you wanna get. Google Voice mail with a transcript of her personal stuff. You just. -- it's all integrated you have to go through the -- -- -- oral. That's -- and behind curtain number three sprint will also -- -- the Blackberry forgy playbook. Live on the sprint website now it'll be launching later this summer more -- -- partner. That's that's the tablet that's the fourth running tablet. I don't even though its -- mean yeah. -- -- looks like actually an interesting product but it it ain't no iPad main mantra it's the -- to figure out what's going on there all right also in other gadget use you guys are wanting. If anything else you need to be coming out -- -- Sony is reported to be -- a laptop one of their bios with an herbal -- included in. Yet this is kind of -- product it'll be a super slim. Air competitor in the form factor wise. With the dock in the dock will have. A Blu-ray player and outboard graphics co processor which -- interest thing and kind of weird in the standard machine will have that yet. This is sandy -- -- it's -- be. And ethernet and stuff like that -- it's gonna be a dock or fiction that probably have right now. Only super -- products means -- on the air the through the ports are -- Thick ethernet ports don't think when your machine is this then -- -- mean if this has ethernet -- not you know Apple that the holding we have to play in the USB -- have residency minutes though. Maybe they might be something similar like that. -- -- -- -- The thinnest readable up or down and -- and -- I wonder who's working on that right at the have to race someone is doing now. -- They they -- they need -- saying RJ 45 will never die. Asked if it had to go it has to go away it's -- is too fat. It is -- that it's time to slim downing a modernize -- different laptops thinner than the freaking connection I could write a story about. RJ 45 must buy -- to the store in the world to get a gazillion hits. I guarantee it do it. Anything you -- it -- I think about it the united you have enough time to do that okay. Also in gadgets -- I'll let you talk about this as you like flying things -- Boeing 747. Yet so I -- actually -- guys went up Daniel and can't went up to Everett to I think with Everett. -- ever watched this Washington to see that some 478 Intercontinental. On its and one of its main -- not its maiden test voyage this is the largest passenger plane that Boeing makes. Which makes -- the second -- in the world after Airbus obviously. It's got new engine technology new wings and who 50 and -- -- firewire -- electronic flight deck. And if you're an airplane -- just check out the story in the videos it's them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One at one of the other. When the other main advantages of this new design is its its efficiency. For on the you know gas or power usage and you know it's it's trying -- really promote itself as more of a green -- yet it still runs on jet fuel. There are people who are working and bio fuel airplanes including. Either the navy or the airport is experimenting with that but this -- not -- a hybrid airplane those aren't here yet yeah -- uses 16% less fuel per seat. Than those on the 74711%. Less than the herbalist. You half. Feel USA economy fuel economy Leo with -- school. Our -- and a guide in other avionics error sort of like into -- -- -- -- -- okay so the messenger spacecraft is now orbiting Mercury the -- planet. And this is the Mercury of course being planet closest to -- on the hottest planet. It took awhile for the spacecraft to get there but it's going to check out what is happening on the rocky planet. And since it's cool especially when you think about how spacecraft get the planets and -- themselves in orbit -- -- -- -- -- slingshot around the other plants. And at this -- did like. A whole bunch of elliptical orbits the stuff to get their in the park there it has less than 10% with fuel -- -- is gonna be hanging out insane -- cool pictures right and trying to the debate I mean. Overheated and started -- I heard it was channeling -- faster than the speed of global. Trade winds yeah yeah that's what that's that's where. -- it's only got a hundred miles an hour. It -- out there at. I'm not that bad guys all relevant -- that supposedly okay guys let's check out our happy happy -- That's longer there it -- guys this. Coming to you for the department of -- have. Last night never happen this is the morning after Apple okay this was actually found -- loneliness -- -- sent to -- -- This app allows you to basically. On the set a time of how far you wanna clean up some of your social network -- faux paws or. Take backs that he could set the Allard back an old removed. If FaceBook photos -- -- comments tweets and Twitter messages this is brilliant. Obama at heart and I think of this -- -- -- it it's kind of -- that like a lot of people's tweet Twitter clients keep -- -- put up there. -- -- better than nothing though I mean but this will go and so its. And it will. Undo -- all. It's the Omega thirteen. If you make a twelve hours -- I love this I had sued an exploration well is only thirteen everybody does -- make everyone knows known advocate of galaxy quest consequence -- it though that the thing that they don't know that the hit the button to go back thirteen seconds and time yeah this is the aiming at the king now now we can open. But line and meeting you know I mean I -- -- -- yet and I forgot about that so it's like one. You forgot about -- a thirteen -- The job here. Okay a -- a little more -- a poll every went here in the opposite right now tomorrow we will post the results. And it's gonna stay on May get their team and see what happens he -- -- aren't you do that. I could be -- be wrong 740. Man okay let's go unchecked outlets opener feedback loop. And -- ever. -- -- -- -- Okay we're gonna first hit up -- with -- division at the end. And I guess that -- partners -- other day notes all right listen okay. Are right we're gonna go to the voice -- first of this one is from our friend but sign we talked about the social media spies the last week. This is how maybe those spies might hurt him. This -- out from under the this is regarded -- you militarily -- and to be. Not American single thing about US. -- an actual album art can -- -- of army and risky. And do the pro American perspective but now I won't FaceBook and extra special it's organized -- are they are on -- -- So -- basically being marginalized or not. And back accepts. -- in -- we do to try to improve our standing abroad seems to backfire. So we need to be better. -- -- -- -- The problem no one wants to be a sock puppet -- the hookah. That's that's interest and so every time you say something good about America because they think you might part of that cy ops mission. I think most people don't know about yet -- when mounted diplomat and now they -- I'm wondering though RUI have you actually. You know the sanity can write back if he's actually received any backlash from its current posts -- those -- -- people letters -- so there is this this. This project. Let's one. Operative. Take on the -- fake identity of like nine or ten different the -- when how many of those are out there yet. But don't know yet I -- use just revealed though it obviously other countries you know they may not even have a -- -- thing is it in different. Schilling as its technically called -- is an age old. Way to get people to change their mind whether it's -- government doing it either above board or not or. The CEO whole foods doing it -- -- available as -- big mistake what what do you do in Ireland he wanted to message boards and in Jolo ahead with being named an otherwise you know very interesting very -- innovative company that was a big. Big mistake but everything and this happens all the time -- -- on Amazon I mean -- -- -- absolutely -- Yelp reviews via. The one it's all there are right also and exploits mail -- This -- stop by ray about oh why John bond is having issues from last week. -- -- is -- content from Vancouver Canucks to convert term. Banjul because griping about his pay. -- -- and producers of the labeled. As they are probably telling him his current -- due to the fact that iTunes is crank him down -- -- They're probably going I -- and so you -- I can publicly. -- -- -- He think he is in the pocket of the music labels. Or not. It. All I did a whole economics of music have a fundamentally shifted -- the year and part of that is is because of the fact the people don't buy albums anymore they buy tracks that was that was gonna happen anyway with artificial. The whole problem. Economy. And once that happened then they have to make up the money elsewhere and they're doing that by touring. So everything's shifted around a little bit and yet every time something -- people get upset that change change is part. Changes higher you know we're gonna -- -- -- -- -- because let's have you read the Jon Bon Jovi you know that follow that this is maybe you know. John Baughman realized where his -- that -- still coming this remarked Larsen Salt Lake that -- couple days later drama of his comments were funny to me. I'm a product of the late seventies and 80s though I am a contemporary take him. He laments the change in the way music is purchased the you know what I -- Fifteen dollar concert tickets by first concert ticket was in the eight early eighties with for fourteen dollars -- and saw the same band this year. For a 140 dollars excuse me but the economy has not increased in cost by ten times and my take it wasn't the most expensive mini conference growth over 200 dollars per ticket. That'll give -- crap. -- how the Internet. And digital music has damaged or earning power when you're making ten times the money entering that used to tell you what start charging 25 dollars for concert tickets and I will gladly go back to the day. Where had to go to the records or -- music. In you know mark they still diesel 25 dollar concert ticket they're just all go openly in the back -- I think it is. -- musicians have figured out and north instead that the industry's changing musicians have figured out that they can make a lot of money on an ongoing basis -- -- and touring now it's harder work. To go and play. You know. Five conference a week than it is just record in the studio and be done with it but that's the way things have changed. Alright here we go this email comes to our friends of don't have -- name but giving up a bus to. -- just catching up on shown on episode 1427 you -- a story about Obama's plan. For streaming video and how America's copyright laws are anti consumer. Then this then reminded me of what happened a couple years back -- live in Canada -- copyright laws are a lot more pro consumer for example there's a lot of explicitly says. It is done for an educational purpose so such that might. It's anti priority that is done for educational -- sucks that my school distribute the entire Adobe CS five for free without legal problems and with for the story makes DM CA -- Border Patrol you've got problems we were crossing over to the Troy. And I got chosen for a random car inspection where you leave everything but your passport in your car including iPods. While you wait a little room while they check your car awhile after we were in the room they found my friend's iPod with pirated music. And they told us either go back to Canada or past the border and leave the iPad. IPod because it had a legal content -- going back home in cross the next day without any problem by guys like story. -- love the show and if you're wondering how they knew the music with pirated. It was because the album names of some songs were of a website for free. Okay first of all. They're so much about the story that is terrifying. Or fall you're gonna pirate music changed names that have bachelors -- -- the story actually. -- interest thing that I've seen this happen actually -- an airport in Israel where they were checking the content of somebody's laptop to -- see what. And then questioning about the Treo actually owned it. But wow I mean that -- at at our borders they're checking iPod for pirated music. I'd I think the I think the -- -- listening to the music because he won a fuel does you've played matter update I don't know about I don't know well and then that. We saw security work like all right we notes pirated you can take it back gonna come back the next thing you'll get through. He's just lucky. I guess that that's a bone to -- that support causes like look we're looking for terrorists and drug runners. You look pirated music we have to slap on the wrist but not too hard medium acidity to the same cards that you guys drive up with mustaches or something you had to change the look a little bit. We went over to different times different shift different different gate and we probably don't have the be in for the in technology of the information infrastructures they remember these guys check their iPods again. Alright guys. On that check your iPods. Please thanks for coming out -- out -- in the chat room you can -- -- show notes and everything that happened here at below that cnet.com you can call us at 806162638. CNET. Buzz at cnet.com is our email address also -- -- -- we still have Molly's. -- iPad two up for auction. I don't know where -- -- right now but it was the last time we checked it was over 2000 dollars all proceeds going to a charity as well as we start up -- CNET. On dot gazelle dot com. I'll wait for you to return -- used electronics and all of those proceeds will go directly to the Japan as well that is -- service -- -- so relating to dump your electronic connection -- from -- -- the world exactly -- on. Great thanks for coming out always a pleasure Brian -- to -- -- 1430. Oh yeah. -- got to see you tomorrow I.
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