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The 404: Ep. 1429: Where it's good enough to snoop through

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The 404: Ep. 1429: Where it's good enough to snoop through

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A Austrian film festival that exclusively screens vertical videos, an iPhone app that invites strangers to eavesdrop on your conversations, a Tinder flaw that pinpoints your exact location, and a e-cigarette that doubles as a bluetooth speaker. This is real!

Hey what's up everyone it's Thursday February 20. 2014 this is the 404 show on CNET I'm Jeff Bakalar I'm Justin -- I'm -- -- hi everyone hope -- agreed Thursday. I'm excited. There's a lot of awesome we haven't talked about like. The Olympic hockey stuff and you really care yeah like the USA women are playing today and not care for the gold -- care is -- is the U -- -- -- -- they -- they're -- Canada tomorrow. To the first shot at the -- now. The girls though the ladies the women's. Claimed today for gold -- I just started some accent there's no way that the winner of the gold medal isn't gonna be either Canada or the United States right I mean did anybody else even for -- women. Either or women it will be decades -- they're playing right now -- For men it is the him -- I -- -- -- -- other avenues just meaningless unveiling Russia had a chance and Finland has a chance they're -- -- it yet so Asian countries and hockey. No I think Japan. I think Japan was in eight for the girls. Cruelly and they lost like eighteen to three years and I think that -- yeah. An average and what I mean look at least they have a team -- -- you know yeah you know. I don't know about China on on the -- to have -- eaten. Now have in the washing he of the Winter -- I have been it's really yeah it's good -- how -- the Jamaican bobsled team got it and that's it hasn't yet I was the only thing because that's been really exciting because I just like winters is so much better than summer in my opinion just more exciting. It's just faster. Yeah everything's fast. You know your delight downhill skiing and I loved the skiing -- like -- skiing more time to snowboarding Medina. What's the one way to do the cross country -- -- the Nielsen should target by -- -- and all of them it's just very weird how that came together again. -- whose idea was that -- just feel like. Our man you guys been -- -- really long time now shoot at these five. It isn't just movement will mix that it has -- James Bond is for weirder and I understand but nevertheless it's -- -- sport what I wanna know -- I hadn't realized like that's what you can do. How do you league you grow up somewhere where there -- zero. -- like man I am an excellent cross country skier and I did shoot with my head with one hand there. Just to kind of go hand in hand. I get -- it's -- -- in my -- how do you realize you can do you like the skeleton. The -- lose skeletons like headfirst. Eighty miles -- our down -- -- and ice. You know track uneven -- I was sporting a unit even -- -- is that -- -- lots of pressure -- the skeleton in look at up its luge. But it's like psychotic. So it luge is people lowered her -- -- that the in his head first. The -- sport is that if they wrote I think -- -- this year not this year but it's like it's definitely. -- and it was in Vancouver for sure look at that is -- -- theory here. -- is there is real is people are real. And -- the wearing helmets. You know I think the women. On a -- a metal the bobsled women want -- metal nu well that's crazy it's also. I don't think there anywhere we do have a good show today than -- -- we're going to be talking about. Vertical video syndrome and how might not always be the worst thing in the world. That we're also gonna talk about a new iPhone app that sort of invites strangers around you and at home to eavesdrop on your conversations Soka. And then. We're gonna -- you guys about -- -- flaw in tenders security. So if you you know fine people line through tender all your information may be exposed and we'll tell you more about that. And finally we have another contender for our. Worst tech average session -- I think this would be be a little -- -- -- -- beams this one's gonna be really tough to to dethrone yet it's. -- really should be too. And then we have a bunch of blow to rather -- so we'll get to in regards to our talk about the little town that the Internet forgot. But first let's jump right into the top story of the day. Again. So I was browsing to the -- this morning. -- I noticed this article -- by anyone that. Why can't tell people I mean I just feel like Rouge's councils to do that all -- there's room on the Internet for more than one -- sent -- -- where you live. No one podcasts it was. Parade and US I stop speaking of an article written by a former -- -- Josh lowlands and our lady there that's crazy and there's actually really interesting of the article he wrote about vertical videos and we've talked about that before right you want and just -- you would refresher on what not to do with their phone. -- vertical video syndrome is. For the people who -- -- think it's okay to record video in -- portrait mode. Of their phone when in fact it is super awkward. And just. Unappealing to the human set of eyes yet and it also cuts off a huge part is. Mean you're viewing great little bar and keep our eyes were on top of one another like bunk beds that be cool yeah they're not work. If you're watching it on your phone only you ever only plan to watch it on your phone you don't uploaded it is similar to be seen on desktop. And yet I guess avert a great -- that the only situation where it's okay but every time you see someone on a news broadcast playing. I really like we have an eyewitness account it's always has some jag officers didn't really -- that phone. On its side yet because that would take in the you know minute. Some -- up a little of that hated is brits really really despised by anyone that watches video and the Internet course and of regardless. But -- contrary -- over in Australia Austria that are calling themselves filmmakers. There -- embracing vertical video to the point where. -- -- taking its super seriously. And they're making an art form out of it so this is kind of interesting they're using vertical video as a new medium of art. And there actually throwing a film festival. That will be are coming around for the second time. In the last two years in a few months. And to develop -- film festival for movies that are shot solely vertical style in vertical mode. -- his or I'm not going what this is film -- -- -- -- would we shall -- explain in and you let me know where it and you wanna go and we can go through some of these photos to does it look really cool it's architectural but yes yes so. -- -- -- thing is the festivals held inside of this massive nineteenth century church. Right in Rotterdam Netherlands -- And they built this screen specifically for it. And they you know they intentionally -- and -- really long narrow hallways of a church. Sort of to give that experience of watching a screen only vertical -- you have this giant vertical slab in front of -- -- that's much taller than your normal movie -- it's like an. I'm excited structure you know this is a much hero and you can and there's like a focus on like -- -- is there yet. And it fits perfectly for that yeah yeah -- -- -- does monolithic screen blasphemous you'll link that still I mean I think it's a really nice piece of you know that's so cool -- architecture. But you know I I I think I -- -- read a little this story and or it's going but I want you to couldn't complete the story before we really start -- okay analyzes. -- mobile really upset you is that on you know although a lot of these videos are unintentionally shot by people that don't know better. Some of the videos. Including one in particular called pyramid -- and I wanna show clip from the movie pyramid flame this is one notional last year at the film festival -- -- some of the movies are actually shot intentionally. In vertical mode. And at using cameras that are intentionally turn side. So this movie period flair to sort of -- you know this really turns the industry on its head this. -- -- movements you put that on its ear and it is at. That this movie it sort of breeze viewers on a tour of a popular music call in -- over there. -- film that you -- -- 35 millimeter camera and analog camera but they put it on its side and this is it looks like we're watch the video right now. I mean. Yeah I get -- it's not as effective when you're watching it on a widescreen need to be monitor yet if you watch in this you know with the appropriate sound. Like I said it's all can textual you know the late. When you go to certain. Restaurants that menus are presented this way they use this type of displayed you know aesthetic in like hotels and stuff read or you know when information needs to be displayed in that kind of fashion and there's nothing on the side you look at. The focus is right there and above exactly like that tiny little pieces of paper -- holding our portrait -- -- the theaters like. You know information is presented that way books are -- yeah I think I'm magazines are torture -- but it that. It's is not. I get it I get what they're doing yeah it's just -- and Steve -- I think it's cool idea you call for like a museum and it's cool for like a one off right and don't give anyone ideas. The problem is I wanna encourage anyone who's -- -- today. Right it's it's only when there are really hyper artistic pieces like that are shown in -- yet or world start videos were people just can't even be bothered to put it on -- site there are like running away won't touch that. My conscience of those -- the only two times -- I think it's. Slightly -- -- -- except acceptable tolerable not okay. It's tolerable -- even funny is that some of the movies that are shot with the regular camera weren't shot on their side there's -- normally. He's just so softly everything close so in order to show them vertically and actually take the projector they use. To show it. And put that on its side and here's a picture that sideways project I hate these people -- So that's going to just days don't like them they actually had to take this projector parts they can rotate things like the shutter housing did better break conventional movie without leaking onto itself -- that this would work yes it's gonna bring you good for you guys Austrians I think I have a little bit Austrian in my blood line. I'm now ashamed yeah they'll never go back to the button. Not at all CD -- sorry vertical -- -- -- You -- today is I -- a -- pack on the Internet and way if you take a toaster. And put it on it's -- -- You could actually make a grilled cheese sandwich by putting the bread with the cheese on top of the directly into the side of the tourist oh my god that's does that make sense so dangerous yet. Well first of all pro tip number one make sure you empty the free can read comments and -- -- before you'll have a smoke incident on your hands rest that's just come on that's not a life hack it in New York you can't. You don't have the space from the minister -- -- don't have to do these that you can grill one group on a -- This presuppose that the stone and you have is you have the stove hot played fine. Mike come on yeah I guess I could do that -- -- -- -- edited the panties everything you can -- basin through the cheese it's fine I just like I like doing things that I read on the Internet. It's just. I don't know -- I don't know one toaster that's like. You know that works horizontally and vertically feel -- -- -- -- are always one direction yeah Yahoo!. Are you suggesting we had we make like a transformer toaster no I'm not -- -- you have a toaster and a toaster oven break. No it's -- don't know know again you of your what's wrong people like you get the wrong idea from simple ideas. We'll do it to -- -- yeah indicative in that it could do that now don't do down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Promise me you won't do this again. How does that she's staying inside the bread why wouldn't it just come out the sides and then light on fire -- -- we -- grilled cheese cheese -- out the sides of the bread. Of way to know who this is news yeah the thing is you know how to get rid of that is you don't put the entire -- the cheese on top of that you cut it into like a black flag style bought a system Baghdad and then you could put that on there and and it again with that and they're only gonna choose for I had. Have not in a toaster and a lot of Neanderthal dorm kids will love this -- -- kids have a hot plates now that's. I that was -- tools is a -- read. -- -- Of -- -- I can't run a hot amendment really he's gonna fry daddy gadget -- -- -- what I what did you like what kind of tools you have in your in your college dorm had a -- a meaning microwave a bridge. -- a little hot -- And that was it -- -- -- good to go -- I didn't have to live in the dorms and lives in that tiny apartment with pretty much the same -- and had a hot water maker for -- Is -- just like -- thing you plug -- it keeps water it was a you're seeing too as like the left side of noted her -- of his pocket and that it was like near boiling okay. On -- and I had to fry daddy. Yeah super dangerous to have burning hot oil and here fires -- work hazard yeah on and that I had George Foreman girl. -- a CD press oh you mean the perfect tool for me -- group -- -- If you can -- -- and it -- just can't anymore man I just can't anymore. Well speaking of bad idea is. I just can't -- just can't. Cologne he is an existing apps -- feel like all week we've been talking about really bad app idea returning -- an app podcasts via. On and -- talking about. The -- -- -- cell. Let's time out did you know what's -- was okay I didn't RLG note it was I had some messaging so it's basically vibrant. Yep pretty much effort if revive her yet. And you know what what's Apple's never heard -- grandpa never heard -- -- that you old -- is that like the -- alternative. I don't have it's gonna notice all it -- it's like a messaging app that lets you do a little bit more is -- Graphics and yes like by relatively McDoogle. -- and -- stickers yet just free text messaging. Basically like fibers called through its new. And people -- -- call musical survivor of drivers it's already worth more than that yeah according to me. -- that but there are a ton of kids there on 400 million users using why FaceBook bought. Anyway so -- that. This app does far less than happen it's a little bit more compelling which is why we're talking about right. Well you know there's a lot of really bad ideas out there but over sharing it's definitely one of them that's -- the biggest problem that we -- and time on the show right is usually -- But. You know. Last week an app called crowd pilot hit the iOS App Store and that's over talking about today. Crowd pilot is -- sync is it basically lets you open up your conversation you're having a person with another. With another person. And then did it lets you listened -- broadcast your conversation to people online through your phone. So it basically turns the microphone on lets people. Eavesdrop into what you're talking about -- saying actually it's like you're you're text -- yes so. You know a manageable explaining ability set up the scenario I know I get it is yet still XE you're at a bar -- and you seeker you -- -- -- -- across the -- He -- doctor but you're feeling kind of awkward -- you'd like. You know I don't water and you know like how -- time what to bring up -- -- but you got -- friends that are really good -- it right you have to think you're clever friend you're insisting friend you can loop -- into sort of like a three way chat. And have them listen to your conversations -- to give you advice. And they can chat with you through this application and send you messages on what they think you should say and how you're dealing. As an -- on a live audio stream yet on live audience -- crazy red -- Thought it was something where you can have people watch your texting. Why it's nice to invent the new -- wait. Like alive. Like let's say your text like you and I are chatting on you know on SMS -- -- can invite other like Ariel to watch our conversation and and now you not know about it. It's creepy but that's creepy. Though this is creepy audio stream is super -- yet same thing it's worse this thing and the texting thing is kind of interest I think we've ended in that you have an idea we want text -- -- -- -- -- Consider wiretapping your text happening right right ray -- it's -- -- -- -- -- don't know -- that is basically the new version of a boosted three -- -- went right you're young and you might put someone -- writer -- Exactly like they sneeze or something good what was that yes that -- -- -- review right this would be you know. Totally -- you evil men and got them evil bones -- thinking more of like a -- man style app and that's what this would be used for that this is your house and I -- it's like hold on the Google Android phone here while we checked -- Could you speak into -- -- -- -- -- -- excusing yourself into the bathroom every two seconds it's updated it's all right it's like that old you know cop where a young guy wearing a wire -- yeah I am saying can you speak into my -- please. -- the thing is you can't I apparently they know that some people are gonna use it surreptitiously so. You can't leave it open in the background it has to be running on your phone and you also -- power off for phone when you're using it. Doesn't doesn't really mean you can't just put it in your shirt pocket and then check -- every once -- for me it's like I wanna just broadcast. Thoughts. And yet I can I can use it in that way -- -- to only be like surveillance life casting. Yet can is that is that a finger and that you'd be able -- thing is when you first open up the app I downloaded it's it's really weird -- you open the app. And right off the bat to ask you what -- -- conversation you're engaging in the options are like. To have you -- -- is she -- argument -- one of them is actually an argument you're having with someone a date for example or family gathering a meeting business meaning. And then from there you can doesn't really matter -- you choose but you can either broadcasted for any strangers to listen -- to on the website -- Or you can. Up broadcasted only to a certain group of friends that you choose. The third option is to pay people on Amazon's mechanical Turk web -- Which is basically to crowd source work -- -- sounds like he's made that a yes yeah. And it's called catapult their data and you just pay people to listen -- -- give you free advice. Man I used to think like only of the good ideas would get made. But now it seems like it's just anything -- whatever you come up with any usually have an app now -- -- a little -- -- -- with. And there you go -- -- -- and your on the App Store for before we'll talk about it. Very little we're just giving attention to -- five days a week it could be good for a job in your view. Or something like that I don't know most people don't like being recorded when the -- and whether or not they know about eye contact I think is also -- to engage in an inactive per share. There are a lot of surveillance apps on the App Store -- you know when you plug in a headphone. Into your phone and now you have like a microphone built into that you but share. There are apps that turn on that microphone CU -- -- amplify people's conversations around you that's -- and that's kind of how it's like sort of the equivalent of that peak satellite hand held satellite thing that he only people holding -- but it's a. It seems you know that's become like an acceptable except the way it's like walk around town yet is that with the thing thing and -- you're pride drag and now you're just being recorded yet it's like making field recordings of people -- that skaters are. Really thinking about what I say in public yes ammonia feel like I'm just nervous I'm always being recorded now. All right. Fair enough thanks for scaring unless you farm this next story. Is about an app. That I guess it's an infamous -- People are using -- To find. Short term and long term love yet. You have friends and have found a meaningful relationship intended they've grown up and connect them well you know they were together for like four months. That's longer that's for months longer than the average and I think so -- and yet they just you know they broke up because. Impose their entire -- of their relationship was surrounding on new you know just materialistic you know now -- -- Separate from -- -- -- The fact that him now don't it doesn't mean I know people meaning that renders fine but it's essentially just like judging books by their covers rather easily blowing the -- awful using only -- for hook -- which is fun is more than just it will -- up when they're not. Totally cool I mean I I have no problem -- -- yet. It just makes a little bit easier nevertheless though estimates generally there's a little bit there's I just wanted to -- like experience and you know I mean and I told my wife that I said look you know we missed out on this is again. It's kind of sucks -- is joined but none meet up with any -- that's sort of the -- agave and she laughed at first and then realized I was kind of serious. And I slept on the couch tonight but nevertheless. Tinder has had a -- did was exposed -- -- there is exposed exactly so. If you get on tender. It at pretty much any point during the last -- in 2013. Your private information is now available online. On Wednesday a group called include security they reported that -- at. Had a vulnerability exposed for pretty much most of 2013 that allowed any -- user with a little bit -- programming knowledge to access API. And download the exact latitude and longitude locations for another user. Oh man Andy do this by an app that's own built -- mine it's really easy to access and post an -- Show blog today. Basically lets you trained -- -- user's specific information. Location information using other. People on the app around. That's -- yeah for sure and we especially like you know the whole pieces of Tinder is like -- were are you. I get together it's still as well as I was reading this does -- -- with the problem here kind of thought that was the whole point -- yet figured don't you have to you you were the one that discloses the geographical location you don't and you're the one -- gives other people access to -- -- -- where you look pretty I mean I think it a workspace of GPS where you'll vote on the local people. We're gonna put that it's not gonna be like she's at 7-Eleven computer again yeah it doesn't work like that I -- does give year exact that's terrible and it. And look behind -- dad -- you're a better idea. Nevertheless it's scary not just because it's a -- flaw but it's pretty much a flaw in any app that you give access. Fewer locations re write it I mean the fact that they did this is scary but -- Pretty much every app -- you to pinpoint your location from Google Maps to yell anything right. And it's possible for hackers to get your exact location and that may -- your house. You know if you're -- -- anyway. That's really scary I also really don't think I mean if people are sort of up in arms about this but I don't think he was a huge. You know compromising of security. For the most part you just yeah you really needed to do a lot of work to find out well -- scary thing is as I was researching this story. On a kind of you know it's fell down the radical there were reports from hackers. As early as a year ago yeah that we're saying that you can do this through the problem is that include security only reported on it in October 2013 -- -- -- how long is a vulnerability has I mean I have no idea was no mention like someone. You'd like -- exploited this exploit and there like in a long term relationship now. With someone that they like you deliver the new where they Wear. -- had nothing nefarious in in mind but just like. Really wanted to meet this person would that -- -- that -- necessarily be deal breaker for me then again. When it depends hey you ever find that out yet MP if you do you find out like wind in the -- -- -- -- -- yet and I'm sure would -- would be a lot -- creeped -- ideas -- way it goes both -- -- be the -- -- -- the -- the female -- -- side of the relationship -- -- If it is it worked out and I like their T it and discouraged is willing to work for which she wants analysts talk to me in foundation I was hanging out that that guy that hacked OK cupid in musically found his perfect match starts. Lame is that those hundred got a little screwed up via you know I don't know. And so we're dealing with -- it's the future it's all digital now plenty people hack. There relationships and hack online dating sites but one of my buddy's he's a programmer and he developed this he wrote a script basically. To like everybody on his. Match list -- -- So that you know the way tender works rate if they pop someone up on your screen you swipe left if you dislike them so recollect right if -- like that right. And he wrote a script to where you would actually have to -- at all it just automatically like everybody. Obviously not just like casting a -- -- -- yes -- -- -- -- the into the pond -- a guy who I -- many -- I go full of errors on my god Smart -- -- anybody that -- him back he automatically get to -- guys come over an awesome name for that and a you know. Yeah I like that. It's Gosling Tinder bombing yeah -- -- -- -- -- here's an outlet for that implements its creepy and that. I thank everybody. You wish you sing on it as like what's your what's your prerequisite female and can you really -- to get along and did in the edit button. I can do is open come on name economist at what -- and a -- -- it's just so much work. Now it is like we you know we trivialize the whole relationship. You know it's another job and like I talked some my single friends I don't really have them any single friends anymore. But the ones that I do that you know they're not. -- -- when I show the least bit of sort of -- business tourism not that I'm an unhappy but just like oh you're playing the game -- -- -- like. And there's six ship at the instance -- he -- I don't like are really it sounds fun you can just sort of like. You know swipe at people and be like wood -- -- in good good good really you know like and -- -- now yeah daddy here. I would diver would you have -- like jeez is RIA I'm sorry I've felt you know some mug jealousy and a. But in this -- thing -- is that you know. It's kind of a bummer to have to go online and print work like that if there's a work around for six months or -- -- to finding a job man but then even after the date is over and it if it -- -- work out now you're still under threat of this girl or guy gets going on to a site like Lulu. And and reading you for other people to see in the future -- -- you gotta be good person and actually got a friend of mine actually found himself on the loop. So he was hanging out with a girl on and just for -- He's he had her sign into Lucas you have to be a girl decided to you have to have a -- -- p.'s FaceBook profile okay and that's not hard to just change the gender you could you could but in -- and it's friends sign in for an. And he was looking up a bunch of different people like his friends and things like that. -- that don't know. -- basically. A social network for women -- lets you rate guys you've dated in the passed right whether it's one date or a full it's Yelp for human beings for many hours -- yeah. Anyway so he looked of his own name and he was all there but the thing about -- anything new screenshot -- -- it was -- -- -- but it has been something in society that. It's all hash tags so I don't think they can actually write anything it's not like Yelp where they can free form comet has take a little guy it's -- -- today. It's all have to -- one of the -- tagged with a point educated. Linkedin has negative I don't know that's the thing is all he's all I know what that means I think you need I mean during sex he was making portable yes yes that's what it means. -- not say what those point you know like he was basically trying to emulate something he had seen -- important yeah yeah head toward educated. I don't look you know -- -- all tied up I can't anything -- and when I say tied up I mean in relationship to things depending on -- you talk dude that can be good or bad thing for him not to be in the negative skull missing by African hash tag list that only Stacey did another one and its contents lose twenty. Shades of if -- like you whispered that -- product -- is different. 120 shades again that's this means he's got issues yet yet. It's crazy and then we'll you're telling. Look men and women like we all interpret each other differently Rupert you know -- two different beasts site fifty shades. And that's -- that's more than twice that. He is -- Learn -- other than the other thing else when he is in the pros because you know to lose credit did you -- section for positive that's correct and is just the freaking -- -- yeah it yes well for his of one of the positive said hot friends. But -- in the negatives -- of the hash tags who has except for just do different -- The app and other lie ahead but they end -- at least they're all in agreement yet is insane RS that CD call log was another one of his. -- -- I mean I know I'm not crazy look it's not like Amazon product reviews were like everyone is using it for the same idea you know -- mean. So I it's tough to put any value on the England and I hope I am on earth. Free and figured out. -- so what have we learned about this -- exploit. I think what we've learned is just like products. You shouldn't necessarily be an early doctor fern. It's -- happens okay like tender is owned by the same company as OK -- and sure sure if you're around for a long time her put -- -- relatively. Yeah I guess so we -- and -- may not have the security just saying like you know -- Is it even does not -- though what you know like not use Google Maps no Google Maps I think you're you're you're okay with trusting it's been a thing for a decade if not more -- so -- is relatively new it wants to it's basically think about what information you're giving -- giving Tinder. You're -- who you are a photo and your geographical GPS location button. I mean you know it's not -- not giving it a credit cards and it's not to worry about stuff like that yeah. But you know or if you're either matter if -- used -- always be moving yes always been on the go and wanted to hurt like a shark -- -- die if you stuff uh huh. There you have it okay. I hereby submit the worst product of 2014. To use before for viewing audience. -- -- to you mister U -- and Nunez the super smoker Bluetooth. It's African. We figured out what we should do with these cigarettes put an -- and speaker inside of it because you why. Why is is that thing I don't know but. It's available for the low low price of -- 117. Dollars from a Dutch. So there you go go album by this thing and shove it. Just make any more sense than a pebble watch them. I hate him to make this comparison you don't look away the -- -- the same thing you aren't one your piece of work it -- you are a piece of its combining -- things that don't need to. Be combined know yourself regardless -- okay aren't part of you compare in. To -- -- want to -- to watch our wrist watch yet to watch it with text messages -- maps all right hey you know I'm on I'm gonna get -- -- pebble watch. And African what's this -- -- thing called. It's a super smoker and see which one do you smaller -- -- actually I take it back. I know which -- out how to do this neighborhood. This guide. I can only imagine that this would be like in -- so I just -- you with the 5000 sun CE learning how of this taping and it's actually using it you know it's funny I was hanging out the friend less -- after dinner and he had opposed meal cigarette. And even have a -- on -- so we asked a -- bank. Provider and use like facilities -- -- check. The look exactly like a -- -- is like an entity is inherently. A gate. Can you lie and it's clear that though that still don't know if you go to USB port again I -- -- and -- Amanda ridiculous. See these people they walked industry with like you know music -- and -- their iphones -- that's the thing to do so I guess maybe these people. Overlap in some capacity. I don't honestly know what looks cool smoking and ease finger in the first thing I don't wasn't it cool man and you had a gun had a similar conversation even indoors doesn't look cool I know -- -- -- in a dirty Harry wouldn't of looked cool if you like. But -- -- field punk. -- -- It's my day that she can't do that shouldn't make a super cut of iconic scenes in movies and replace them with. Like there's a reason link -- like Johnny Depp. Smoked cigarettes in -- fear in -- notes awesome. But he will look cool that. She was a year happen not because he smoked cigarette I who brought engineer -- to -- I think dirty Harry is like -- magazine dirty Harry whoever correct. -- people have smoked cigarettes and -- is it is something that the tobacco companies were like super hot on because yes it does make you look cool red and I would. I was the actor in it and -- that you don't give a crap about like your health and I think again some new yet that mastery of -- -- like the moral man this is like on freaking cow boy. He's in the middle of nowhere breath like whole you know in -- -- and cattle wherever the hell these people do. And now has access you know and these data cancer but regardless. That was the thing you now. -- like now what's funny men like cigarette ads are back on TV yeah back. They've got like Jenny McCarthy sucking on a blue cigarette -- they got Debbie Miller so one actor -- that's his name because that particular freedom then go blue. Anyway. Again -- like that -- back on TV and it's like there's still no conclusive evidence that this is safe ride right. You -- it's clearly sleeping and everything in fire this is something lame -- -- The nicotine but without the -- -- we like PCs that I disagree with you make it. I'm I'm not making fun of the fact that people are using. This is something. We tried so hard to get out of the minds of like children and you know like all you can do now again -- means I don't get me wrong I'm not I'm not taking -- away from people that are trying to use it to stop smoking. Guess that kind of makes sense and -- -- like we have guys in the office that just suck com all day riot but. It's it's never gonna -- this and it just doesn't look cool but at least that's isn't as bad as that that should never be like a reason not to do it you shouldn't do either of them cry of course book like you're saying you shouldn't especially as more of the cons of these guys that you definitely true or not. That's the alternative to cigarettes yet know it because only a little too broad like -- -- -- -- you know loser looking to see red. You look less cool than without the thing and this place yeah I don't know maybe it's just it's the same reason for Google earth and at that humans -- use but the thing that I saw a glass -- this morning. In Hoboken -- capitol -- and his forehead. I'm -- in a similar button you see he sees -- -- has a lot. Of it's also just like -- when -- called attention to themselves with the to do she way you know like. I -- you'll just smoking these things only grocery stores to -- there but there -- always have like a plume of clouds and there are like kids. And like mother's explaining to the kids around them like what this guy is doing it's on TV that you would just freak out it's gotta be like the worst part of announcement in these things it's explaining it everybody. I guess so although I believe New York City has. Enacted a rule law that. Says you can't -- And it could still smells a little bit -- -- kind of like a cigar sometimes. That vapor puts on an order but anyway. Don't get this regardless very -- don't by the Bluetooth speakers smoking cigarette thing that's absurd all all right let's get to some. Listener interaction. First is an email from a guy named Michael. Who says. And both these emails -- of revolve around small towns and cranberry we did a story yesterday about a town called cranberry. In Pennsylvania that is upset that Google doesn't really officially recognize -- as -- CD and then they have all these problems with the Internet lack of respect. Michael says hey guys and you're emailing you because I wanted to know more about cranberry. -- causing grew up there. And I have many memories of traveling there to visit him. Picture it to be like an average midwestern town with shopping plazas in superstores. I'm not sure if it's still there there's also a great slushy and ice cream shop that we would always visit them. The neighborhood he grew up -- was on -- -- close to the interstate exit. And actually it was surprisingly not that far north of Pittsburgh which I think is -- super -- heated town. All right there you have it straight from on the horse's mouth about cranberry. Of the -- their rights in -- I feel like I should be saying this in an accident but on my gown. Which talks about. Small towns and cranberry hell if you will they're like twelve K someone's and then you know listen to this Marissa who writes and allow -- appreciate the email. She says. You have no idea with small town life is like okay she grew up in a town her parents still live there. She moved to -- sutures 21 -- hometown. Is a place in Texas population 748. To allow you know it's time saving forty -- that's how many people. There's only one school and it's K through twelve. Her graduating class at fifteen people months imagine emerging green screening are the odds of -- being like head of the class are pretty damned good you had you guided -- you're pretty damn good. She was sell you -- and does everything what does that mean. But only my waist up with in the -- -- percent of our graduate. That's pretty funny. We get a homecoming for basketball and insert choose -- -- -- -- -- that it -- not a joke there is a -- high school elective or home Mac or agriculture. And there are often cows on campus. And many of my classmates. Came to school with crap on their souls. Due to the morning livestock feed lots pretty cool via. I was one -- for midterm in college due to storm is making our roads too muddy to pass through community get good new tires you don't want that. We've got to. We've got to stop signs but no stop light lunch and if you have to and you have to drive to the next town to -- groceries. There is a post office though. But don't figure sending or receiving mail from twelve to one because that's when their own -- and -- -- workers that men are there they've got a guest -- great they've got a gas station in a car wash. And a Tractor Supply store no food in the -- -- what you get your Tractor Supply lately you you -- at all. Right yeah I get alzheimer's she says turns out on the city gal. But her parents will stay there forever. They love it sounds charming I kind of wish you had told us the name of that -- out of town and I like I mean if cranberry in on the map this glaciers those in either -- That's crazy and it's really funny it reminds me of that movie -- -- You know and -- and I and he wanted to set musical except Specter expected Canada. Very -- yeah that's it. There you have it. Thank you the -- -- thank you Michael for sending in those emails if you want to participate in the conversation. Vote for a four at cnet.com. Is how you do it check -- out FaceBook redder and redder read it in -- -- Tinder and now crowd pilot. Where there too that's gonna do for us tomorrow on the show Shannon. Cook. Will be here gracing us for their presence. And that's it have an -- Thursday we'll see you guys tomorrow I'm Jeff Bakalar I'm Justin -- -- illness has been a 404 show high tech low brow. Go team USA. We'll see this tomorrow. --

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