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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1427: Why Yahoo can't have nice things

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1427: Why Yahoo can't have nice things

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We're back in the bunker, everyone, talking the Japan crisis and its effect on tech supply chains. Plus, bid on the SXSW iPad 2, or if you don't have that kind of cheddar, buy Street Fightr and Sonic for iPhone and the proceeds go to charity. Obama's IP czar wants to make unauthorized streaming a felony, and Netflix throws down in a big way for original content. Plus, Microsoft hits it out of the park with IE9. I know, right? Who'da thunk? --Molly

Today's Wednesday march 16 when he -- And either Gonzales I'm Brian's song Hollywood -- about that about CNET podcasts and terminally that the episode 1447. We're back in the bunker fresh data Austin has the little announcement a little bit mean -- -- I immediately flew in yesterday yeah we had to deliver shall be guys because you've stuck with as he watched our. Live shows up myself lets you never let us down the wire we'll -- you guys now actually the show must go on that don't expect -- had to be particularly. Coherent. Articulate or accurate. Planet idea I care rural like the Molly said -- I didn't have -- -- last night after -- landed. I play the role of good uncle good brother good friend and delivered a variety of technological. Items that I picked up in Austin. He'd say yeah that they down to be south -- I got home -- 8 o'clock drove down visit my nieces visit my friend drop of a MacBook that I purchased an organ with no tax and education discount drop -- an iPad -- to my brother to. Clearly had no idea what I went through to get that for him. And was like banks. Make. -- Your diet in and I'm pretty tired but I'm awake I'm glad to be here that I try to give mama -- -- -- -- and -- Vulnerable to multiple -- sleepless and -- I could honestly last -- and so were wire we're to reduce ready to go -- we're ready to go in fact let's get right index. Obviously. That Japan are -- and -- continues to dominate the news and now the stories are starting to come out about kind of the -- supply issues that will probably -- are rising already. -- hats off some stories earlier in the week about Flash Memory chips in particular prices have already jumped. So now this speculation is starting about whether it's going to affect iPad two production and other technology supply -- the consensus seems to be. Yes but -- down the road. Yeah I mean in the immediate quarter and they pretty much ramp that up but as things trickle down he'll probably and -- QQQ. Three that's were gonna see the constriction on -- -- a lot of LCD touch panels for both not only just. Ipads TVs other tablets everything with a screen is manufactured out there so on. They're you know -- make sure that these supplies are gonna be. Restricted because of that but at the same time like I don't careless that depend upon defeat -- yeah I know you know -- -- -- -- -- But the fact is they get also affecting the global economy and so as if companies suffer as a result in I mean there's just there that it's basically like. Don't get a throng by talking about attack were not being insensitive to -- in a loss of human life and and infrastructure and but this is definitely a big part of it. So we're looking at potentially. It looks like problems in the mobile chip department. I don't know why specifically like Qualcomm. Chip to be affected but not computer -- -- and then likely that much memory and has been in they also mention -- I am I don't you want -- Pronounce it mispronounce it but there's an epoxy resin that's used in a lot of chip packages that. Is gonna be in a swords they they called BT for short dudes you put it tried as an. Dismal I am -- -- -- mail might try and let the united the inroads business that word of that word of formatting business million mile -- as male mind in the mail client is mail my bias there you go mail my trays tray Xena resident -- That's the one that can affect. Qualcomm -- -- and the links via. So now he won't keep banana Apple also said that it would delay the launch of the iPad two in Japan. Not because of shortage concerns but obviously because. They're just turning -- compete right now yeah absolutely and -- that the country and our teams are broke -- to -- the blog post actually from a Kevin Rose it was on Kevin rose's blog and it was from an Apple employee. In Tokyo -- talked about how all the things at the Apple stores had done in terms of staying open late and letting people fleet there -- -- mostly using -- corporate office. And Scott and like immediately going out and stocking up on food and supplies and apparently I didn't -- -- about Tokyo but. There's not a lot of public Wi-Fi. And one of the few places that people can get public Wi-Fi is the Apple stores that people had like flocked to the stores with all their different devices Apple or otherwise and you know they were -- beefing up their. Tech support to do to get in contact -- -- each other with pretty it was an amazing story. Yeah I would also assume that there may not be as much public Wi-Fi because their actual now works as a whole. Are already really good but then once disaster happens in the phone networks are shut down -- where a lot of the data stream through Wi-Fi just isn't as prevalent out there. Yeah it if -- really interesting. It's -- are at it and in -- payment. It now Apple and in depth and -- It stores and make corporation went the extra -- -- absolutely. We mentioned I mentioned we mentioned earlier and earlier shows. -- I liked although one of them okay though these that's the -- by public -- view which we think -- maybe one of the last -- in North America. Is that -- -- is now officially up for auction you can find it on -- And so far items that size is amazing so this is the iPad -- I I bought it with -- at the pop ups -- like an hour before our big show on Sunday at south by public because we -- we needed something for my that you notes the notes on yeah exactly. But I didn't play like what I -- and let -- public. We damning to this way because they don't -- it and it's definitely not in on public but valid identification to buy it -- -- -- -- I admit we. -- lines first and then we walked the -- left behind. And then Molly said you know -- -- get and then as we were talking it was like you what we're gonna uses the donated app and then I was able to get that one for my brother he doesn't care it and think. And -- but definitely -- area. Autographed by everyone who is on the show like I was the most used -- are also got police today about a crappy catch more. It has Freddy Rodriguez -- -- Nelson Brett Ratner a few of us dual core and a friend. Ever -- on and then my favorite -- got my little -- -- than. That you'll you'll -- -- -- it's totally like. Oh yeah I'm rather -- and repeat -- it up for auction on on eBay now I got to our talking about it and it's gone up the price authority yet so -- posted it last night all 100% of the proceeds are gonna go to the Red Cross it already up to 16100 and point five dollars that all love you the tech community that's awesome I didn't exactly what I was hoping I know that in our community in particular -- We're very lucky to work in the industry that we do -- the tech industry as high paying jobs and you know if he can importantly let's do Netflix. Let's do it that I could have donated that amount or we can definitely double or triple that amount. Through this that's how from the Chicago at the cash mark it on to it I national. Icon in our. -- -- didn't he didn't get lives are well -- -- police today signed it on the agency would like. At -- -- -- that but now like they repeated the payout. -- of the pan out. Now -- you guys can't necessarily afford it and I've had -- now we have there's other ways -- you guys can donate arm. Obviously talk about Red Cross tech C -- -- 999 -- but also Capcom is doing some cool things also other video gamer IOS gamers if you. Purchase Street Fighter IV for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Sega is also doing -- involved sonic had talked for 99 cents and one in united. And sonic hedgehog two for 299 and others I'm all these proceeds are -- go directly to Japan. Essentially Street Fighter IV and sonic games all the proceeds go to Japan so that's you know it. That's a killer way to do it to them now -- you know that's. Play little game and all the money goes to Japan so that and everyone is coming up with -- of different ways of how we can contribute because really we're helpless out here to help them. And this this is if this is the west that's the -- into the let's don't -- -- And someone treated me an amazing story that of course once again I forgot -- -- the letter but it was a long list of how much Japan contributed to the US. When Katrina hit. And and Japan and Korea especially but there was like one guy in Japan. Who sent a million dollar to the Red Cross has personally because he saw story about a woman being separated from her. Child in New Orleans which is exactly the -- this is why I can't like. I will tear up thank you document much longer but he would like it touched my heart and I and milling about and so it's just like it detector. Definitely. Looking remove lots of other tech news the first or -- she was there will still it thinks her beauty who has been thought -- get under -- -- The Obama administration's IP czar has put out the long awaited wish list. Of intellectually intellectual property. God -- -- intellectually property law changes I can't get average -- selling property intellectual property launching -- thank you that. -- the Victoria has been out the first ever intellectual property enforcement coordinator some of the highlights. Of -- death wish list. Encourage the possibility of implementing felony charges for. Illegals streaming. A video -- not just -- producing and distributing copyrighted works -- party felony charges. But instituting felony charges for streaming and he does note that there are some questions. About that but they want to clarify that. Infringement by streaming or by means of other similar new technology is a felony inappropriate circumstances. They want to expand the ability to do wiretapping. -- -- see they're proposing that if Homeland Security seizes -- convention devices. That it be permitted to inform right holder's provide samples of such devices and an assist them in bringing civil actions that the federal government would just become like. Even more of tool for private companies use to users -- funeral I think their computers for example to circumvent. -- copyright technology may -- even for security purposes you have be floral. Before Tyler Moore also on the -- talk about using like streaming radio as a public performance so that. Stations obviously are paying the actual -- record -- money a revenues go to the -- -- on the there is no public performance right for. Music or streamed. Radio on the Internet but the moment so that's something they're looking to change as well. Right now -- actually that would be helpful I think that's a good change in some idea I mean it's not all evil necessarily. But it. A lot of it. I can't I'm sorry but -- -- -- outside. Let it further on that side because the fact is like a lot of copyright law right now is broken including anti dimension bought in the DM CA which is what leads to secure you know -- chilling effect for security researchers and many others. And so the fact that they would then take what is already extremely flawed and -- the command line and and increase the penalties or and make it brighter and then. I mean really like if you c.'s George -- -- computer. Like let's say they that the federal government in and and seized or type of computer because he used it to recommend the tools that prevent you from jail breaking your history. Then they could take -- computer. The Sony. And be like hey here's how George did it and so then if you -- -- a big -- -- out of him until he is nothing but a smoking bankrupt crater. We're gonna go and help you that the government's job. I can't -- -- kind of what they're doing right now with them already actually. -- of the government and the like actively helping it's not like the and the government has banned at this point. At this point they're more of us subtle tool for private industry in this case they would become like direct employees here and they are about writes. Though they have an early clue leads of at least from what I've been reading it clearly defined what level. Of three mean are they going to really look into like we had different you know matches -- like -- that means you can't share Netflix account I don't know if that's necessarily true because. You cancer Netflix account right now now it's you -- going through peer to peer file sharing networks and military streaming a movie that you don't have the rights deal obviously they're gonna try and set that down I do you feel like with the changes in this streaming. I'm outlaws what they're trying to do it's -- more of a waits for them to then. Get into someone's computer to then look at of their things. -- like it like it's like it's -- -- it's like a Gateway for them to actually do more. It's treated -- busted -- and you can't exactly not exactly exactly and you know let's hope we don't or maybe you want it that. The problem is though that it it's much if -- like being able to pull you over I mean they're saying look we should be able to snoop. Into your life we should be able to implement widespread wiretapping and spying on private citizens because we think that there's a possibility that your -- And -- and the fact is there a lot of web sites out there that people go to to stream. Shows or NFL games or whatever that are. At -- not clearly labeled as BitTorrent flash illegal -- right and and -- you face felony charges because you Google like where the hell can I find that and a failed in that blacked out in my town for some inexplicable reason and got a website and he starts -- it and you're being totally monitored by your ISP which is also a tool of the government thugs like. Suddenly you're gonna go to -- I mean it's as -- simply doesn't have. We're not of the law point yet -- that this is just that this is a proposal a potential life changes one would hope that the law would be carefully written. Enough that it wouldn't have you know widespread unintended consequences like that yeah but the fact is like if you look at the way the DM CA it was written. It has led to -- consequences and I just don't have a lot of faith that they're gonna be that exit. That's exactly -- I've seen -- site. From history how they have implemented things like this before. It hasn't worked in our favor you know against the laws has not worked in the consumer's favor. You look at this you like -- it depends on how aggressive they're going to go after oral once we hear a trivial case about them. Tracking someone streaming nature teaching activities and -- just cracking down on them. -- it -- extreme degree then we're like this doesn't work right but because of how they activate the DM CA laws we don't we don't have faith that they're gonna actually operate this properly well known out of all. Because of -- late -- they guys with all the influence are the big companies and the business over consumers like that -- -- -- -- his story the term fair use. Does not appear. Anywhere. In this report -- like those of us who feel like we're consumer advocates when it comes to technology have been calling for explicit. Exceptions in the DM CA for fair use and per limited personal sharing. Nothing like that and in fact if anything that takes water currently -- crimes because you have to admit it's not like these are the worst crimes against humanity like I went and -- in NFL game can that was at brick block. Blacked out in my area. That they would become -- Yeah that the whole punishment -- in the crime doesn't early mat chair -- head and I moral and presented be that. Harsh about it if they're trying to scare us that's fine how batter the and implement it will see. But it clearly the punishment does not fit the crime at all now -- not even close like it's so far out of whack in -- continues -- like bizarre obsession. That we have with -- intellectual property law property line I don't get me wrong I don't. I don't think there shouldn't be laws to protect intellectual property -- you have to admit the protection at this point is. Eight out of whack and out of proportion to the danger then I mean it's just insane and his administration has been extremely. Bad. On this and ultimately -- and camera I get the. Fact that they're trying to throw this out there because as the media model has changed and they see. And we -- see how it all the content is starting to move toward streaming primarily many people are -- -- mean all the time they're going to have to react to it so. Are they reacting to it in the right way we don't know yet we don't think so. But this is something that -- -- -- have to factor because of how they're Friday the apart of that. Beyond top detained before it's too late rank much like how the -- -- -- -- annoyed fuel is gonna happen with that. I mean that -- of -- line to walk but I have that they think they're treading very heavily on the anti consumer -- and just to be clear. Any of these though laws that were implemented related to streaming bad the end of the pre -- such -- thing and cash at that. At the end of that and -- not that happens I'll be leaving the show. I think why am I even hear that iPhoto or even why even bring the monkey organic. Let's move on tallying yes and -- buzz kill you but good news for Microsoft. We've got a problem make your -- and -- everybody's -- them props for Internet Explorer nine. Which was -- which was released at south by southwest. The reviews are coming in and the consensus is that I. Of all browsers. Is now basically the most modern browser in the world isn't -- is significantly. Raising the bar for Chrome and Firefox when it comes to protecting user privacy. -- this this comes across the board were even tell -- from. Performance. You know that even though. Everyone kind -- -- the whole sun spider Java web script like test to see how fast this thing is it has more to do with also the fact that this is the first. Mainstream browser that's truly using GPU hardware acceleration. To assist in the speed a performance. You have a stripped down cleaner look you have all of the security like we've talked about the do not tracking protection lists attitude that are built into there. On -- to help out with getting you know having your cookies -- in. I having sites really get a fix on what activity you're -- So across the board it's getting that reviews also compatibility. And -- on its. It's a good thing if -- get integrate also get this an -- -- -- -- to blow your mind. Standards compliant. Them. -- -- At school Mozilla has that do not track HTTP -- to use them to me they got email -- mean but people are saying that they are only human and now I really don't really know. Though they do haven't also but Microsoft is taking that plus some other things a little either although I admit. It's very interesting -- that you've switched away from IE nine after many years because -- him. Canada -- can -- from about it -- -- do you think this is all totally get them. Did you leave Firefox it has promised -- faster and cleaner gap and so that if it -- that language that -- currently cleaner which and -- although according to its identity as. -- yeah exactly if it is indeed faster and cleaner. -- obsolete the trick is now though. Is some kind of just some of its compatibility it is going to be able to run on windows -- -- Windows 7 but not on XP which is primarily still. Although people have been upgraded with Windows 7. Still there's a lot of machines running XP so it's one of those things where if even wanna be able to take -- browser you do you have to use. -- up. And say though I am finally to the point where. I think you should and a seven is really good and hotel window Microsoft did it right with windows you really get out a doubt I mean I know your your company -- Like ours are probably still -- me. But if you get it from column I I would highly -- -- yet -- company is still on windows. We -- we upgraded from millennium edition. -- The good I'm just start now I did take a quick break when we come back Netflix taken over the world of FaceBook is in fact launching bad deal thing. And men do we have had time Diana's home phone and tablet news -- the dead Z. Dead at the loan to. Welcome back to buzz -- -- everybody -- -- here with -- Molly Wood. And -- The site about how all our shows you know -- the kind of this -- year end it's our energy levels are low light. You kind of annoyed by you are good -- -- think you know what I catalytic go to their Ireland data into and out of it like a theory is they're gonna clear headed no demagoguery that there could read my green Hulk hands and all that the rather ran flying today -- my guess now I am really -- Justice is not going soft is is that we've had a long. Five days. And that -- and -- all that I am super matter. All right -- the news stories that we've -- about Netflix -- getting into their original content and this is. This is fascinating to me but what they've done is they're basically obviously we know there's a lot of shows that are you know how to -- -- that studios bid for. Netflix is rumored to be between 100 million -- 100 million dollars for an upcoming show. This is the remake of the house of cards that dot adaptation of successful nine. Will be written by David Fincher. Kevin Spacey acting in it this is some legit stuff this is not this is just not a remake these are some big Hollywood names that are going to be involved in this project. And Netflix is looking to potentially as a rumor says secure the series -- -- stream exclusively on Netflix and if you want to make your service even. More compelling. Oh my gosh your own original content -- -- the waited I mean content is king content is content is I -- if he can't get people Cuba. Yeah I mean the only problem they would be they don't have ads on -- yet how people go to Netflix because they wanna watch in the article about. And I mean what I wanna go -- office that's popular the interesting -- would be a tribute -- how they do they'll have to do a whole different level American version of. Thing about is that if it's the type of show that at least the Internet community initially can. Rally around than it just trickles down from there and so this is the show that does everyone who uses Netflix all right there's. Between the higher end user and the general consumer if that kind of geek -- you know like super freak about you know its usage. Hears about this and there's enough -- the show the show itself will speak for so we'll be -- it. More and more a lot of cable boxes and DVRs are starting to search not just TV listings -- online listings as well so like my Tivo definitely does. Search Netflix -- you know in addition to other things and if they start placing ads if they can make deals to place ads within the cable boxes and with and the DVRs. Then it it'll just show up on people you know anybody out the Netflix subscription integrated with their device will be able to -- it can show up on TV as part of another listening -- really. Any immediate -- -- like -- this new David -- show starring Kevin Spacey. I'm okay -- that's the that's the my alerts I don't have my number one issue like I just recently suspended my Netflix account because I wasn't -- enough because there isn't. I mean -- -- for my usage there's -- enough new content when you're timeout new quality on sent the industry mean. -- I mean that makes it. Automatically interest in again if it's the content you like to watch -- partly feels like Netflix -- I mean they're having trouble making the deal that they need to make to keep those streaming. Content up as -- that is a huge problem. Though this seems to be there there little bit of -- and around. And evidently they they outbid at least according to these reports HBO and AMC. And it really does feel like they're taking and HBO models that they really start getting into premium content in mind -- right. You -- it's very interest in premium content Internet Netflix also arm. People that are either investing Netflix -- using Netflix quite happy possibly -- this Netflix is control -- at the moment approximately 61%. Of all movie streaming -- and it's not it's not even close when you talk about -- near other other services. Comcast video on demand. 8%. And that is their nearest competitor it's better that it -- guy. This is the Apple of video streaming -- -- Apple in fact is in a three way tie for third place. Or percent of the market -- DirecTV Time Warner Cable. You know if there isn't -- mr. that -- the spokeswoman for Kevin Spacey confirmed that talks are underway with Netflix near you acquire that. Content yet Netflix stock was like. One -- news so remember that whole FaceBook thing -- network. Everyone freaked out about Netflix and FaceBook taking over the world and -- stock drop like by -- 6%. -- and went back up after this news via a little bit that -- you know what we love Netflix now. -- As Netflix -- human. A good read if you're interested you'll find -- in our show notes over at web strategist dot com about kind of wrap up at south by southwest -- -- eleven we have a -- and they about it because there wasn't a time news. Coming out of it. And I'm actually coming glad that the act that -- delinquent -- into randomly. Lot of people from eight -- -- -- -- duplicated. -- that really cool our game. The that the word is basically that it was bigger than ever in a nationally. He talked about constantly we -- to fight it Hewlett it was a massive -- it was brutal. I I didn't go to some of the panels and you don't necessarily. You know. Unless the cream -- atop the panels don't actually tell the whole story what -- -- south by southwest we did have the yell bongos CEO founder. On our show -- we are trying to get some of the other group messaging guys because really. Even though it's not pursue a revolutionary which it is not the whole group messaging phenomenon as the next you know one of those next social thing that's taking off and gaining a lot more momentum. But there was nothing like earth shattering or ground -- like the foursquare are like Twitter button and it you know what sometimes when you like. Bursts I feel like there's so many developers now throw in all these different. Things into the pot that actually is a lot noisier so sometimes it's harder for something like that's it to rise now. Yet it's very interesting in -- -- for some points out that. One of the reasons is that Nike said there's an over saturation of products because their low barriers -- -- it's not that hard. To build a beta iPhone app and I'm not saying it's easy I know that I know that you know it cost anywhere from 270000. Dollars to build a decent app. But the fact is -- get a little bit of funding. That is not much money in so everybody is doing every talked about there's just him. Even though like. I love beluga for the group messaging thing I'm like I know I'm kind of -- and have been -- but group -- the best. You when you talk about how how who is. Standing outer trying to get their name out there the most group need to this thing where they just basically sponsored a -- if you loaded their app it was. A free grilled cheese salad and a drink them and it's like but it was near the command center so every time you walked around you always sought and you always saw line there. Yeah because when you say out group messages -- of like Iverson -- in a different yourself. Well the branding is such an interesting the branding question alone it's interesting part of felt bad because now they're like okay everybody is an influence there. -- you tablet you know Samsung have their being. Blogger lounge in their their giant. Interactive display and jedi was like how many years and are -- -- -- drive yeah but you get by gamble now I don't need you got me around -- unless -- need to get. I don't mind do you all he had no business enabled drives are not many people really realize that they were giving free rides if you at a south by south was bad I didn't know esprit rights that took places -- bottom line after arrived at. I think an annulment not that I'm trying to -- anything but the best thing about the Chevy demo was that 360 picture right now and the outcome I'll I'll on the throat in the ultimate in their right now habitat will blow -- out there -- -- -- out to admit I definitely felt like. I was totally overwhelm -- -- and people were -- -- last year. It needs to get -- -- at this -- yet it's hard to figure out what it's for. It's harder -- hello to figure out what you do I -- I went to the panel is now lighthouse conflict and and make them and get bracket and that. Styling wigs don't think that it's gonna prove that useful and that can be easy for people to continue to justify the amount it costs to go there yup and less -- you can really take away something. If I don't -- have to have a conversation my bath later at Lakewood it's not family -- You know yes -- but I. That's look at that Amazon you wanna tell you why south by southwest. -- because I made trinity look like a full right now. My -- honestly and vertical -- you guys. -- -- -- I got the black like Jack in action on -- -- Canada I'm honestly and -- that way to legislate area look at Amazon like that was the. -- -- And cellular really does not do is you can rank these you can -- it upload it to say it right and there's like a ranking of top money. And I was number one in some fool I know she'll voted -- -- -- voting 111 so they -- get the top. An average of like a four point nine with thirty votes and -- and 35 votes later -- I can afford the career or four -- June this. You know I'm -- when you vote for it like people are deliberately voting that awesome picture down that horrible. The humanity. Even if they can record pad and paper -- as he is an issue. Oh the humanity. They surrounding me on -- then you -- that I -- I needed that if I was so awhile that -- and there really a picture that's difficult theoretically to the music. On the Monday show we talked about it but possibly and likely -- some sort of -- deals thing and now it appears that that. The new subscription page for -- is showing up in the -- but -- speed. And they seem to be have promote -- promoting it basically I like the basement deals honestly -- I've used a few times via. And if they got better -- -- -- prizes and honor them I -- -- never. -- that deal you know location stuff but when it feels good enough I'm gonna do it and a -- At nine elevenths and also on FaceBook a looking -- show off more of their potential streaming prowess. Major League baseball's streaming pre season game they did -- yesterday I don't have to be doing -- more. But they feed it directly into their page you can pop and -- full screen but again FaceBook is you can tell more more they are trying to trickle -- play with. -- video streaming plays into the model -- -- they did a bunch -- we -- a partnership with them a bunch of video streams -- yes. On they have those kind of one on one interviews that FaceBook has done. And from that you can see -- definitely starting to gain more traction of using that as a platform experiment it's gonna -- -- -- like is that this is blank at that this is the project from the face but -- department that allowed them everything and Armenia and absolutely executive. T-Mobile has unveiled a new data plan against mobile broadband users up to ten gigs ten gig -- -- data eighth month. And no over its cost and out of the 85 but for months with. Which ouch. But at least it is. And better data cap then your gonna get really. Yeah but yeah that's that's that's nice we like that at that and also -- the iPhone -- -- -- curious how well the Verizon iPhone did according. Two analytics by. She decaf and never heard of them -- Verizon is -- has grabbed approximately 12% of US iPhone marketed -- -- one month so for every. One of them is now a Verizon iPhone. They go Boomtown has a 100%. Fresh -- -- -- If it hadn't come over uses the word exclusive daily news it is starting to lose a little bit of impact -- we get it any way is there exclusive today as Netflix during rotten tomatoes. Are apparently in acquisition talks with Yahoo!. And others -- may be bidding war. I don't want Yahoo! to buy anyone anymore because they. Totally cola they kill it and now they're gonna get it by -- it saying when Yahoo! was the you know the big machine. It was town like a cable we've seen what they've done with these cool properties are now Flickr into one that is really heartbreaking and is being neglected and left to die industry and people are like walking away from and it -- I'm kind of and I love -- certainly don't want them to buy like a dirt running what -- -- to please -- earth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I if you are extremely awesome passel of gadget news. -- From -- usually used for a not -- it. -- -- -- This though throughout this gadget so we announced the death of the sidekick Andy was shutting down their servers but -- T-Mobile has revealed a Ford -- This is that I can get back the hardware made by Samsung let's clean it's also a touch screen it's -- four -- phone. It's got the iconic sidekick keyboard layout -- I saw other pictures the back look like white with -- not so sure that's. And have no different kinds of it is not in my mind okay so then there's the -- question is does that make that sound and that it better and now I don't think about -- are not danger. Here are the hardware data software Android and a sharp made the original sidekick hand hardware -- so this -- -- change yes although Samsung has Sunday that are -- lets you know. They really do and then gallegly said -- it will ship running Android 2.2 for audio. So you'll actually get the Android operating system and that'll be if it. It's not -- it's not your Brian Tong sidekick if it is new the new next gen but I love that they add that to clever marketing ploy to me like psychic -- -- -- -- -- My whole here's the cool thing right back we are on we're on T-Mobile for our company. Cellphone plan right now. -- -- -- -- oh yeah that's -- they never offer the -- us. So we're still if you trustworthy and loyal three year old black man down the curve the curve 8300 is still hot phone for are T-Mobile play plan and they really can't if you buy an. The hardware yourself -- -- -- and a really. Okay I have been seeing tweets per month from people who are saying like can you please investigate the scandal that is where in the eight Tuesday -- Yeah I -- Good news is -- letting their antennas -- you can now back and it is it coming to Verizon. March 17 for 24999. With a two year contract awesome wonderful that is heard as of this is Verizon's first LTE bonuses like the first test of how their LT four G network. Is going to perform it was one of ten the Verizon and -- But at the first went through one of the hottest phones that we thought about it CS we would love this on the thunderbolt is of these. Authorities four point three inch display HD video recording wireless -- -- capability of the one -- -- epic in dragon processor. HC cents 2.0 and an eight megapixel. Rear facing camera plus one point three megapixel I know it's not crazy about this thing I didn't even realize it sure has a Wi-Fi hotspots but it can support up to. I five was deliberately enable Nokia -- I guess not to think of power like -- Frat house you can bring -- down. But I don't know I don't even know and I can I don't know either I liked it definitely looking forward to use some of the other LT -- the dramatic but the thunderbolt is hot. And also. Sure enough here we go PC mag points out hopefully the -- that became his of Intel's under molding in Canada militants were tampered. Even then these guys let's. Everyone here cares about that except for means -- -- You understand PC mag vacuuming up our I'd go with it also -- other hot gadget news the touch pad according to a -- cellphone -- release date of potential pricing looks like it could be sets. Have the for 99. And that is the -- days watch our show religiously. Because. They need to compete with what Apple's got 49 for the ten inch. Webos touch -- sixteen Gateway offers an exact thing and end I think 599 yen up exact same pricing model of iPad also another -- also another and I get us there analyst adults has a seven inch. Potentially -- -- sometime in September. -- seven inch. Webos that's bad. If they get that touch -- out of the exact same iPad pricing we're gonna wear banana -- -- and the -- though it sounds like Motorola glistening as well. Because reports now say at least in my teens report that the Wi-Fi zoom is coming to the -- march 27 for. 5999. Exactly the top of the limit that we that a kick -- that's their thirty obviously -- zoom. 32 gig model that's exactly in line with the iPad 32. TV commercials cast the look at that -- be like. The -- -- the value on that machine is ridiculous code that an hour on that thing but now for -- -- -- William. I'm just sorry when you put that -- side by side the cameras. With against an iPad two. And if you're an Android lover like you don't go anywhere else I mean -- don't -- well -- -- many and the -- is definitely a must -- it the best bang for the buck. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's also the screen that ratio is sixteen by nine rednecks that -- now that we've seen some pricing is it a good. Is a potentially a better time to buy a tablet in the next few months is getting better delegate said the next few months because I have the energy got a latency with -- going to be all about. But now it now I think you're gonna have HP -- -- the iPod Touch with us back yet the touchpad I've had and zoom are going to be. That I mean you could literally look at all three of them -- store -- -- right. That's the thing I thought yep they've from the point they -- I'm I'm I'm sorry unless honestly out there and with the playbook shocks and -- meet. A Marty -- on that thing. I just they gotta figure out how to market that thing again really do because it's true you're right but I keep forgetting about exactly that you know what it is it like the Palm Pre finally came out. And I didn't dispute at all that the Palm Pre was like cool and that the software was wonderful and whatever. But when I was ever -- ever talked about shopping for on it would be like what about -- Victoria. That's the problem that -- in a big thing -- -- they got to overcome. You know this -- for one thing market the damn thing. I don't know what how to market it don't know about how to target market. Yes -- -- it heard there's gonna be an Office Depot that's all we know whenever I hear -- now it's -- -- -- now nauert into the good time than a tablet wars. Strategy awesome exciting gadget news and -- -- Exciting yeah -- his news. News. Apparently. And I think we've heard this before the growing cloud of space junk surrounding the -- Is a hazard to spaceflight -- only getting worse as these big pieces of debris start to run into each other and -- break off and of the disaster. So NASA space scientists and also I only can only -- like avid video gamers can. -- it on a new way to manage the -- according to wired dot com. -- mid powered lasers to just -- based on top of increases pushed nudge. -- thing and I have like a little anywhere -- in those little light you know turret. Set -- With in the space ship. -- really want. This may be for like a day I wanna -- -- job. -- look at that aren't that job in the crowd sourced that job okay if this isn't accurate shot avoid the debris really -- enough an artist's impression. Okay because -- like a damn how you get anything -- Right now that we don't need delays early need of -- life. Sonic but home it's just like Enders game like they get it -- -- at -- game like he does get a bunch of marriage and -- like little bonkers. And haven't -- -- -- that stuff and I and then they might find out later -- immediately -- -- -- whatever it. The really big trash bag or some -- love the laser plan. I just one damn does beg -- Nina and -- -- from one -- to visit a tank because that that sounds like a stress reliever. You know -- also might be able to help with this and come up with a real smart solution. California. Bay area's own damn bills. At an authority wins the Intel science talent search in your -- what is that -- -- okay let me tell you about this guy -- seventeen years old. He's -- the national spelling -- A gold medal at the international math olympiad it's. And he's okay and he's claimed the trouble Triple Crown the coveted Intel science talent -- is one -- -- 100000 dollar top prize. Oh my goodness that is basically. He's smart this is why he's the Watson of the -- of the humane nerd camp. The Triple Crown. Wow as -- for -- humans have. His home -- You should -- is there are serious yeah and his dad and mom let's be real smarty is also black belt in Taekwondo for him under achiever. -- worded essay that -- hit -- -- -- he in order to heat in 2007 he correctly spelled. -- -- -- -- Lack ER and therapy -- to win the Scripps national spelling -- when he met his burst president George W. Bush. Many -- Obama at the Intel competition in the -- about this guys like we can even read those words and he was able to spell them right he also. In addition to his academic prizes. He studies piano performance and composition at -- Cisco consuming music and has raised and -- on musical representation of the number of high. He wasn't the guy the guy with the -- young -- is not the guy and opera and piano concert though if you think I'm maybe that's -- maybe it's like being done. And -- -- -- I don't know alternately we're gonna try and we're gonna I guess guys -- -- local. He's smarter than all everyone in this building combined. Via is made -- so I didn't seem to make every -- what do -- of my life. A little -- Well so anyways and added and if you there were throughout the feelers -- mostly wanna attract the we're gonna work on getting you -- but yeah. It might enact it and make it with laughter -- maybe you're going to be the future. -- Diet I feel like a loser and in -- and I get as the people that they geniuses behind this Steve Jobs figurines. There they're now down means they know that the best way to get -- press for your product is to get your product banned again. So they made a Mark Zuckerberg. Big year here figuring here. And not surprisingly -- like. Sent them as the season this isn't this thing you can't use the -- the Mark Zuckerberg because people think that it's related but it wasn't because of his indeed as sandals but it wasn't because it. The hair and this letter was exactly the way that mark looks it was pretty meaning -- -- -- -- you really get work like I'm just on you on kind of -- with them. And they're supposed to be sending me one so we will be able to show off how it looks. That's awesome equally you know I'm gonna add to my collected excellent Steve Jobs that -- up if that. Way to fall or I've made a -- I. -- so we met on the road -- you know for allowing time we got a little bit of email overload we do -- have a little bit when it comes here called letters in. And -- -- audibly. This is a minute left so hard we Levy we know what I love and enthusiastic you can nationally. O I like it ain't gonna cut you guys are. Probably caught. -- -- -- And car. Audio -- -- -- -- free -- are happening here. So Microsoft think in the Ford sync for four dollars and the -- card. They do you think is really amazingly diverse and you realize and now I know a lot of cards can download your phone -- yes there -- the person you think it is fully voice Alec. Call buzz out loud. And it doesn't and he it is not. As -- to collect methane not unlike -- not sufficiently indistinguishable from magic but he was he was so happy I felt like you either won the lottery -- just picked up an iPad but instead he was -- -- we appreciate that and yes for all you haters you can do that with a Bluetooth headset set up. That's -- your car label ever but it's on its Microsoft think. And -- welcome welcome. Welcome to think anonymous -- -- as -- wonder -- this you know if you can rise Nina who the second person you called. That lets you -- your mom a girl that you like and can often mean another car. -- it on to the emails. Aaron in -- that one email today is a -- -- that you're talking about roommates and data caps. He's basically giving -- examples of why -- doubtful in particular. Is pretty much screwed but again the data cap it at my roommate. As an independent video health program at -- health report -- -- works with editors and pressing companies through the Internet. I'm -- photographers after an editing photos all day while I'm watching Netflix I upload high Def print quality files to -- online store before playing wow. I've thought about using carbon paper on my iPod like back -- spent two terabyte drives forget it again so much more than -- -- that would even -- gonna -- massive. Let you guys might be an extreme case. -- -- -- And -- also like it -- reading from Spain with malaria upland Heath and yet they've been it's over it's been does that mean -- headache kitty cat. -- -- Below while you have -- immediate business line. That -- use a consumer packaged anymore you know that's not related editorial of. I -- back though you can totally mounting calls per normal but that cnet.com is our email address -- and -- take don't think the NET is our phone number. All the links to the stories we talked about including a pop -- will be -- -- between -- asking -- those games -- that they can buy for Japan -- you'll find those in the show -- -- LL dot cnet.com. And links to everything else we talked about today. Suites. Right and if you wanna keep updated on like how the eBay after it's going to. Now follow me on Twitter twitter.com plus Molly -- The right time will tell you all about how -- is -- via. The picture voting have a right editors -- I'm not that I'm just saying it's not fair don't don't do that lets me. Still my dad and I can't download and.
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