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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1425: Buzz Out Loud does SXSW

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1425: Buzz Out Loud does SXSW

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From Austin, Molly and Brian interview Pete Cashmore, get caught up on the big group texting trend, and fall in love with Felicia Day. Plus: movie stars!

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- What it is up costs. Dan. -- -- it. Now. -- -- What about that euros. It. -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- and about all right big guys so much for coming out its its. Podcast of indeterminate city. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah so we're gonna do a few things that we're gonna have some special guest coming in we have. IP. Apps he does that and then also we have you'll bungled co-founder. -- adults and it's gonna talk about -- messaging are you guys on this whole group messaging this thing. Not not yet not yet you might via the. Like the sportswear outside of obsolete. And Morgan have. This special musical performance dual -- Got to -- up. Internet. Year. -- -- -- -- I thought it's all right over their when it's at least today like they're like fueled up and down the amount. -- -- Opt out yet so you know let's talk about the first thing that you guys -- now -- -- now. I'll tell you an idea that's -- blue -- in on. It's Friday night and comedy -- with the Apple Store. I thought that we got -- So basically you -- in some my friends are waiting for like six or seven hours in different cities that iPad. I walked up -- I have five minutes like because -- -- that thing. And then that we're getting ready for this show and I'm pigment -- -- some notes. Where all of these important people I don't get any bang on a paper I could either be the paper but you don't really any -- -- -- Remember if you guys for those you Ellis in the Somali did recommend to people that now is not the time to buy a tablet that -- -- that. I did but something changed out. And I know people don't look as I got a damn Sony that I cannot be trusted -- electronic then I'll pick up. So yeah yeah yeah Sony dash owners out there anyway -- Hey dad and asked now is the chummy -- -- -- -- -- is cool line. Though -- popped on -- to get it Apple pop up store -- the actual Apple Store. That they put together and a couple weeks and -- so. The Apple experience they have the exact same -- the exact same shirt that -- people -- even put in Newport I think in place to make it look. -- then BG -- pop down to the Apple Store today. The pop -- store and we got literally. The last geo -- patches of the Apple pop -- starts -- but not let other closing it down. It's so for guys to all of our. And if you wanted to check that out like there's a gold's gym connected to the store so. People from the work out we're coming -- what they were all -- but it wasn't because of their experience at the Apple Store so. It was is disturbing that they make it isn't it doesn't make sense well. I killer -- -- -- that -- is we're going to have an amazing show tonight make sure you get some euros before they run out. Before we start though I do you wanna say we're obviously all thinking about something else a little bit at the show and that is -- is going on in Japan. It's really hard to be partying here and dropping tons of money on iPad -- -- land is all of this destruction is going around so I do you want to ask you first. This is the last time -- don't want you to take out your phones during our show but. But if you haven't already get your phone's and -- Red Cross -- 90999. And -- -- off your bill. Yeah I mean there's a whole lot bigger things going on beyond south by southwest but we just wanna like you -- take a moment is that it has to think about it and understand like this thing here is. 799. And I think it's about -- direct cross though and lots of -- on. And so speaking of that. We're also having everyone -- sign. My new iPad to everyone on the show today and we're gonna auction it off -- and relief after the show's over cellular. That is the 64 gig why buying it -- 64 gig light live -- -- -- -- you have to apologize that it. I decided that at the last minute so I am -- -- case. And we know that many of our viewers of the male community -- let me paces. Your -- -- -- Are really gonna -- it ounces now it gets kicked out of my -- -- exact mechanism yet but does you know. About an outside depart. -- Okay so what we're gonna do right now is up we told -- bachelors here in the house you got the Miller at manageable he is here so you wanna bring down. -- -- -- -- -- It is actually it feels like it that coming -- -- it so dramatic. The answer I'm not out my Mike's going them cool. Welcome step out lots and Prius is really fun it's been a really gets its huge this year now we -- talking about people like. Kind of if you could not tell the audience explain your experiences of how southwest -- list you know maybe he is appropriate now yes -- is my fourth year it's. -- -- that west. As a coming -- to designate now is like. -- like. I didn't really know the spaces when my when my press tech events and it's like each and my site like about this website to take in my blog -- this is like me brightened for it. -- them. It was it's been a fun journey is -- bigger every year we -- like -- breakout like 2007 I guess anything. And then we have the whole like death foursquare years wherever home is checking in this year it's really like. -- also -- group texting apps to be seen these like growing need. Believe you -- bed this vocal bass deciding. Several trying -- these cool new apps for like -- private messaging that's really fun but really site by just getting bigger and bigger and bigger isn't -- -- gonna stop. I I read actually that last year was the first year that interactive registration outnumbered music registration at south by southwest I mean it's almost like this is. Now. The Internet place to be in a lot of ways. It's a really great event to launch your product that it's really is like a critical mass of really influential people like everyone here -- like the -- -- -- inept basement against -- accidental audiences it's not like. You know it's it's really appealing to people who have massive massive reach an instant everyone who comes and goes away in talks -- all the cool stuff they've tried. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now what I suspect -- is hard to explain if you've never been a requirement ask you to bear with us for a few minutes we actually. Brian and I went out and did some shooting around Austin. -- dangerous. Get the flavor of stop -- for the people who haven't been here and so we thought maybe you'll bear with -- -- we could show that it's a little bit of that video. Put together a package -- I've yet to find it later at CNET TV dot com. Do we have it actually looks like water flowing -- we have our art our packets radiating out. -- -- -- It's -- are so people. It will be online later at CNET TV dot com well we really does your life. -- like the Brian -- experienced this man went out and got the bottoms banks via. You guys go to the -- like they are artsy section -- you that's it that's rebar in arcade section right. And it there's a lot of things that you deal itself myself lets you get free stuff -- -- yells. I wanted to get a free T shirt but you had to get paddled by this -- -- -- -- rate this is not a person piling it was a machine without a hydraulics though. Basically I asked them to turn it up on its highest setting because you know the guy that -- -- his booty like it really light and the -- I don't care. I got I don't know that night but when you get your booty spank -- really -- and you can feel it it's well it's a whole different thing. But it's it's an interesting challenge I think herself back up left right up to put together these pitches and -- is kind of crazy booths and spanking machines. To try to talk about what are essentially software and apps and website is it I -- why that's up -- so hard to explain to people. At that point is little more companies like -- -- things efficiency rate increase every year -- them and used to be having a party that it was enough. The company beat them with enough and that is like -- more noise than you really get there. I think what we call it like it's. It's like the spring break from the unit on an absolutely but that's -- -- -- Right after. You guys did it it -- get more alcohol -- police. It's great to exit the lot of fun it's very -- Berry chill and relax -- -- an upbeat speech this month natives. We have to look on the C we have them actionable -- -- at buffalo billiards. A month extra. And switching to you today uses -- the birds -- we've been in the key games today weevils that which like the content and and and we both -- FaceBook light streaming from their sleep at like rainn Wilson's been in Mike Tyson was in this morning. -- Let's look like an editor here at the key players are out there way back -- If you -- that. And we had it's one of people realize than there are -- aids is there now are now out. That we've had a lot of like -- -- people coming through the national licensing and fees on FaceBook -- and what's that stream and on is that. Week old that we're having parties both nights we have the match -- that -- at -- that night. And another one to -- night. Annual continuing. We have you know we have like well I was in the arts BP's but tonight it's hard renal -- now that we -- it. Days. Don't worry a little like that people come to love and enjoy it and spread it out of a couple days that it ever -- it tends to come to school. Exit on venues like gaming people upstairs -- many people know this is eight games at the back. It's like behind pool -- The whole Apple made area on a -- and I I buy the arcade games. Though Obama with. Okay Vietnam. I had ask -- something personally because you know. Your reference and a lot immediately upon Amber's here and and so they use like a lot of head shots like pictures that you rate and so. We feel here that like. You know we have a shot of one of your pictures I've -- -- -- I mean he's doing -- how evil is good it's out of its evil -- that deep gays and that it's not only this one like terrible on the year I think -- you've -- is reliving the Texas. I think -- want that -- -- -- brat Pitt of the Internet. Do you like you like that thing the prettiest it's the it's the words -- now the interest. There's -- culinary styles there's this there's I mean I'm -- advancement there's not a reason why put your -- -- -- iPad like this right. I mean let me assure you I just yet and analysts believe that in the -- would have -- -- wearing them out don't know how. -- -- just matters I'm -- If you opt. Thank -- into the rat entered for joining us happy to be here and as well. Ever coming back. -- I love that lets face it listen to -- -- in Scotland like when it's starting at least let's face every day of a super job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So much and thanks in my. Beat EM up -- -- tonight. And excellent thanks to the region. -- -- -- IRA he is officially done with us forever. Now know as part. Seriously though you have the key would -- not imagine -- -- that I was getting from people so. I want -- atop this this value do you want to stick around for the entire event if you can even -- picture -- because we will be giving away. A Motorola's -- You guys put a card and a little -- you guys came in here. If you did it we're gonna circulated it's -- academy making its way around though. Yes so that's this bullet you have a -- -- your name on a piece of paper and you want and Motorola zoom. We're gonna do a little -- It and it. And it's gonna be a little it's well ever. -- Brian Thompson requirements is that the yes. All of it repaired on seeing as you gonna have to work or if you wanna animal -- Motorola's in just a little a little bit a little else belittled it. Let's keep the show rolling you heard me talk a bit about the big trend at the show being group taxing. And we are very excited because we have up next co-founder and CEO of -- long ago one of the one -- right -- -- by southwest can't about the. -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's go Leo we we just -- -- a few days ago and -- that's been going really well super exciting. So for people that are familiar with it you gonna talk about what you'll -- is and how it. Differentiates itself from other group messaging services gas you bongo is a location based service that lets you communicate with the people who are around you even if you don't know them so. A lot of services are for your very very close friends and -- organizing around a trip to Tahoe or a trip to the airport. And you'll -- is much more about your everyday life and helping create new connections so. That's out why it's like fantastic to you. Make new connections with the people are here and make it less awkward to meet new people right like. You can't go into a Starbucks and to sit down next to someone and be like hi I'm your friend right that's extremely awkward and we could do that if you divisive. -- -- Now we're probably not yet and so what you -- it -- that actually makes a lot easier and simpler to make those connections and so what we've seen is people here -- -- -- our. In the morning -- asking where to go for breakfast and local tonight they're giving them really really good recommendations like right -- places. And then they'll actually go and meet them up there and talk with them and people inside the handles eases back -- -- -- going on and afterwards -- up so it's been really really cool as the police already. Differentiator right between -- -- going -- look at some other ones we've heard about it you can -- private chat right with just Democrat yes the you can start a private conversation with someone once you find someone interesting rights a year talking and you find this guy's really cool. A -- and a message and then anytime you want to get in touch with them. You can send a message as well. Now -- One thing that people we've seen how -- geo location is everywhere right it is here it's in the -- with all these services. As they're concerned though some people although it doesn't tell you specifically where you are some people may be like. Some people wanna meet people near them but some people don't select it for you what's now -- compelling in -- reason why someone would want to get to that. Yes I think the real reason -- location makes sense for something like this is most people's friends are the people they grew up with where they went to school with or they work. Many people don't form new friendships with people thousands of miles away -- something very fundamentally interesting about meeting people in the real world. And so that's why we we think that location is the reason why this is so interesting now that. You could say that that it's like smells outside and in new York -- the garbage hasn't been taken out to the guys are on strike that means a lot more than just saying that randomly on the Internet. That's like a miniature version of the internal mailing list that we haven't -- where everybody is like. What that's -- was building thinking where's there a notary national comes up -- line and everything that more than you would think. So one -- I think -- -- about about it though is that you're taking away some of the fear right because you make people use their real names. Yes that -- Mary Berry. Hardcore now people using their real names and real photos and the reason is when you ask someone who their friend is. They don't think of there but her handle or their aim account or their phone -- they think of there real name and what -- look like. And so there it's very important to. Building a relationship to have that. Way to merge them -- right like when you see them on the street you that you can recognize so. We have moderates and that takes advantage. Real people as well as the user community voting. And you guys do you really get things like right now obviously as you launch it -- active in there in the room like that thing about its its only real time so -- you -- in if your proximity like. The people and not roommate change. Right yet yes -- Kelly's people dropping it out. Yes -- it's completely real time. David my co founders and engineering -- was able to build this new messaging protocol that was so that even on Smartphone. Where they're very aggressive about managing the network. And what's so cool about that is it gives you a sense that someone still paying attention to you and that is so important that you want -- know that someone on the other end it's still listening. We all want a little -- something really do we really do that. Or a lot -- Just kidding when it. I then my last question react to -- -- a little bit on this because. I gotta say the ratio of Android phones iphones. And specifically it lately up but -- that -- is changing -- -- here you are. And all these apps are driving me crazy there. IPhone -- I know I gave me. What time. Don't forget the black fairy -- and that's the Blackberry don't forget through -- -- but don't forget the curve. Well yeah we hear that loud and clear right now to -- you belong to lead the team of two. And that we are working hard to view -- and that means we can build a really good Android experience. Yeah we are much more focused on building a product that people love rather than a product that. Sent by the market but -- -- -- right so we'd much rather people be angry for things we don't have been things that we actually ship. Answer you got. Everything you thank you so much for. Yet now. You could tell -- the people right here at the party and then after this party could figure out where to go and hang with them later so. The -- admit I think you'll like it out by -- -- you know there's -- 90% chance at something in common everybody here right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean I can't think for me that social and local feature cannot upload it another app that is that -- -- and amusing recruitment in Kabul once though it's it it's an iPhone. That's it team accurate okay. Now -- very idea that its -- musical break. I don't know if you've got now -- expert wherever -- definitely an annual activists. Giving it warm welcome to their -- rapper dual color tool. -- -- -- The -- down. -- there's no drama. Think you with some -- -- not let. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Better better. A little money -- eighty reverend a group called move for Macomb rap music is my special guest. Go -- kick it off -- you -- actually before you do that preppy guys for the book. -- your attention dual core -- -- people keep data tied everybody said all right. Just have a good time till the end -- that night everybody said all right. I go yeah what can we could do it. So we're an international hip hop group produces it. I was there. -- -- -- We're looking okay here it's on its -- -- -- -- What else. My real estate that -- interest us. If it gave me the Apple notified -- -- patent is don't know what. -- -- -- I don't want to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The hospitals. Hot -- when you implement these it was -- great. The TV copy -- -- thank you. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not -- a lot that we. Below market volume the -- we -- -- know what you think you know that I picked up so the drums don't. There was no. Today at the time they believe the estimate it let's feed the feed was put. Robot that might get -- -- it tied everybody's at all. You're not the end up. Everybody that all -- Knows best -- for. Without it no different -- -- -- black smoke over them so no. Pretty good -- -- it on -- that we want. I can't -- company get. Why what not -- -- people that the front -- and I'll be. -- -- -- -- -- You don't -- -- up market. You won't let my cell phone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- device you keep it at night everybody -- at all I. But it got there at the end -- denied -- -- it all right but it. Knows that's not -- Different people prefer that -- I know most of them is so photo. -- -- I'll stay right here. So like two weeks it. -- then -- Before you park -- -- -- -- And right now. The Internet. About it is like that huge -- Yeah basically it's people that make music generally tends towards -- pop music but it's about. All things -- rapping about gaming hacking and programming. Everything. How adding that that can legally because never -- -- totally natural crossover that it would start doing hip hop. Actually I'm really excited that it exists because I started programming packing in high school. Shortly before I started listening to hip hop and so I'm so glad that there is unmatched where there's like this intersection of the -- sets. Tea and dual -- so you're kind of wanted to frontman of the group right there's a lot of people behind the scenes actually just one other guy he's my producer he lives in Manchester in the UK. And we do everything online have been the server we'll see -- files up and down this though it's pretty -- or. Like two -- separate. -- Edit now looking also tell us about -- light -- when you do a Google search -- someone searches for dual -- they may be looking for like processors and phone. -- outlet that's not the case you still pretty high -- were actually second in the Google search results spurred dual core. I -- -- that's mad about at the -- optima -- and after the show. You know -- -- were right under Wikipedia and right above the shopping in the news. That it really gets it on -- because he's just back it up on -- -- to delay delay. Isn't always -- run and while you guys. Thank you. We do it that you don't. Want to do it -- The song is about my girlfriend -- I do have a girlfriend doesn't destroy my nerd credibility but there's still. Great feedback about all right guy I never really -- but this one top. -- -- -- -- -- So it's not to feel bad when I walk in the world cup of compensation reduced speed of that as a girl like this sitting in computing science. -- the group was still building having this -- heads of what I had the wrong building my girlfriends and accurate never saw this beautiful funny engineers. And new walkman handsets season plus zero plus -- her had to be about zero but we got. Often couldn't believe she was so down that -- but don't like your dream. He isn't perfect how can it -- -- parents know -- that's a whole band three and I'm gonna save my girlfriends a hacker you guys -- -- Hacker ever ever go. My girlfriends -- Britain going to be that good so what. Whether this season -- brilliant as well who knows what -- fast but -- under the smell like your friends. Picked up a beat and -- don't -- there just isn't accurate growing as well. Who knows what's best but I'm under -- -- -- the next several things though first dynamic -- -- would like to watch gave a crap about cross site scripting for on the way home as he starts -- -- just think it's like the presentation -- that exploits. He understood the concepts of what the -- -- to -- up the night with JavaScript -- Accident that goes from another -- web nation state but ahead. Next thing -- you don't have. -- -- -- -- want to keep -- so I don't have. Then the next day we wanna basketball until she saw -- -- -- about. An account I doubt the best known as soon as sort of human actors don't -- with -- will be no not. Like hackers but we'll just like its body -- and stuff -- they disperse the road let's do -- my girlfriends and actor. -- going to be that there is so cluttered messy spectacular -- brilliant as well who knows what's. But I want them as hell does my girlfriend back backyard. Click on the speed -- -- so much -- yes you spectacularly brilliant as well who knows what's best but don't want them to spell. An amazing we've really moved up. Creative and gentlemen this is too -- the birthday gift from her. There's no made up of every owner must -- down as frightening but I think that you know but oh well. She had been tested and -- herself head -- have already. -- -- -- Day to post above note this. The top of -- tonight RSS reader you went back when -- zero degrees to camp out overnight just to get me. Of them had a great time the next morning came up with one to line up what the way what are you today my girlfriend the hacker what -- -- My girlfriend thing. Click on the beat that -- is so vibrant Jesse the -- was brilliant as well who knows what's. But I'm under the spell my girlfriend to -- their. You're gonna be that important so the event -- spectacularly brilliant as well who knows what's now. -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank -- true story she's a Java developer -- smarter than. I am. I was sick it -- now it's not like that they give them. I. -- after MO. -- break out all. -- -- -- -- -- -- dual core music on Twitter Q and wellness the same time. Paired up. Well that's Matt got it back out. -- -- -- -- mean it's. Sort. -- -- Actually committing go anywhere but the live -- a totally different. We stayed in the same way Apple. And the more. -- look lower odds of high value like. I -- that now I'm glad. -- fired up because we could not be more excited about our next -- although the queen. An audience -- -- can really only color that is beneficial I. Not that -- basic lilies and then let's get believe that could -- its. -- -- You got. Adventure out there and they're good they're -- -- redeeming. -- -- -- every yeah everything American that I absolutely I. Really moving -- -- -- well get -- and released her. -- -- -- -- -- There's -- myself. -- -- -- -- -- But I don't. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- How -- you out here. -- -- -- I'd like project is threatening redemption and it was kind of hard to keep secret networking and almost -- year. So. I was writing it all last summer and and it read we need to deal to -- -- she aggregate the the -- deal with because so excited I mean a pilot called me up there like would you like to work -- definitely. Nice hyperventilating a little bit because I just made love she -- Spain. Including -- and and. Good looking reptilian laid -- the hottest he's the hottest reptiles at the -- out I think did happen it's genius -- -- because he's so I mean and I would see them I hope. I get you ready you NASA's mission did you use did you get through his personal mission Winona Winona yes I did unable to spoil anything yet. -- -- It's -- fact I'm just thrown it out there don't get too attached yeah well. -- I hate here believe they need to -- guys can't. I love public you have to go there. Again saying he won't. In fact I am I loved so much that I made everybody loves me there's definitely -- and I don't know which went to -- and and I betray myself and I -- with the one. I -- -- thing but I would become queen and my ambition. And hard apart. -- -- I was so excited about like writing something for. In the world at that age that I basically examiner at the script like here let's do this. And that they were totally into it and they love what I did and -- wearing elf ears and I am really proud of its it's except those -- -- great editing right now and it looked really really good so I'm really. I believe -- to see what people think about it. Haven't yet given its gonna come out later this summer they don't have a date yet but like look -- that. -- there's a lot of special effects and there's a lot of editing and post -- production process needs to do -- it seems to have major undertaking for web video like you're really raised the bar for -- video and so you know -- anything -- of the real story my have a director -- -- there I just -- him -- produced -- that -- did and we look we bought -- Lovett -- -- and and all these other great fit the authors. And that's with. And -- -- -- together -- it was random that I just that -- do you like Dragon Age and -- like I just finished the game twice as like I have a project again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you're about to shoot tomorrow any of the BDP of lost all sixty. He's. Starting like alright I think you -- Mikey did you pull it off. I guess yeah I -- that I yet exciting and it's I know -- Public and -- study unique values that. You've done you know mainstream television where Buffy the vampire unless you've also done obviously think guilty guys -- that -- come on. It's not -- what are some of like the difference is that you've experienced working in both mediums like positive and negative right you. More creativity maybe less control depending on -- it. Yeah I've never worked as a writer creator in television that beat world. The steel that is there a credible I don't know if you've got to TVs that you don't understand how to pull up like 22 episodes of anything. It's a huge machine with hundreds of people acting on it. And the money to have to go and do -- -- million its millions of dollars that which understandably because it's such a huge machine. So we're -- web development you know -- openly Microsoft and sprint don't give me notes on the guild and BioWare and EA were amazing with working together on the script. They're really got to do what I want -- on those projects get the skills and smaller especially economically. Design a lot of experience that same time we don't. When I have to pay everybody like. You know a lot of money they don't make anything with it make it mainstream so they you know it it can't be like -- a primary occupation permit I'm really lucky that that's my job. But like it's very hard to get to the point where that is the self sustaining having you guys understand -- -- -- -- during your own thing so. I mean I really enjoy it when I get to do because I do get to create -- and be cut at the top of the pyramid in the -- that I get to go back -- eight episodes of eureka that'll be out later this summer. And they wrote that part or be. -- -- It's really get like those guys that run next what have got Amy -- Jaime -- the cost of 300 they're like real that -- -- -- real -- They understand them like they are they really get and they were the -- -- because they like the guild and this is really fun. That's great it seems like I think that's the -- -- back to bite us that you are an inspiration -- smart -- everywhere because. You have this these apps and you're able to translate -- into your actual job like I lost negatives trailer and I would like we're gonna get LC -- -- he does not appear seriously that's not where cost is not that you if you look at. I would say not even think -- -- like the people are extremely that my friend that antibody that's the I'm gonna could be well. -- -- for a small Asian channel. -- always. You don't need his skills -- only. -- think about it right. I do it here and then -- I think I as art because them for three months while extremist or start shooting aspect of working out and then it. I don't know because -- got a lot that. There's a difference between being a gamer and being very very -- I think that it. Tell you I would like it and indeed Ryan joked condition I would like. Doubling the table and and I -- yeah -- I'm good at -- -- classes and she -- -- -- unlike. Don't -- in your told me -- be just like smoking and only. What are you doing just -- -- making off while. And it took weeks to get it anywhere like -- reveal the then like after a month that it started to neatly this crazy -- of our daily lets you let him -- I had to your -- goes from here to -- -- -- -- thing. Early audio bar yeah yeah evil do you that I have no interest it is hard I think I definitely what I thought maybe it still much work. I didn't like -- at night -- -- so they. You know and with the -- that guys. Who are awesome cars and coordinator tumbling and and I get hit the faith and Moline in the head -- the public will not agree here can use real link to the department here elderly actually is -- -- storage which by the way when you're doing a series don't use our. We did have a tablet series -- island in -- -- and it's -- thing -- -- to -- together but not right here. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- wealthy organizing out you want to know about we're guilty and -- -- got picked up for that in years. Well yeah pay. It's gonna be really really I'm having -- enjoying writing the script which is weird and then. A lot of theories that lighting up to go get me -- when it. It does it -- I know I could really easily graduates to be in a -- -- probably. -- I really gonna do is highlight the fact that I -- credit making independent content sort of a reality for other people do. So -- -- and. Gonna keep in -- world and I'm -- -- that's great and wonderful also. My baby brother. One it's received a question for you that's really important he said -- -- you want to know if you ever did get today's -- back his baby Jesus -- It probably today's. Easily and not that now -- never get it back and Everett had off. Me. What we like about her lets you live -- that -- -- if -- better watch out yet he veteran -- tall. But I -- there's a great -- where I am I kicked his butt with a light -- And I was better than him didn't you the well about the dangers -- -- -- day every line. Right actually yeah I'm happier here for the beginning of the show that where I've bought this new iPad pop ups -- -- code name and where. And having everyone on this assignment that option offered to passionately about how -- I -- I. She went -- with. They sometimes make good on the MP -- and -- hammer out if you let it -- about -- wonderful. Not meant -- that really helped counteract the maintenance a little bit prism you lots of guys all the personally I think -- You really advanced stupidity I don't care beautiful -- Katzmaier put his at nationals so it is that he needed a bit taller than the the -- in -- that he needs another caller got. I -- -- How happy are we public -- lovely today. Seriously. -- -- -- The entire Internet -- I think -- is -- really has legs on an idea yeah luncheon at this might not. Dangerous. Genius and it appears -- -- -- -- -- -- IPad -- act as if you had been listening to buzz out loud. For any amount of time you all know about one of our favorite -- -- friends. Longtime fan community and make them -- I -- Internet viral hits all my Internet -- -- Which you can I don't. Clearly that all my Internet friends dot com that you don't understand him here. You want to look them up for the shout out to buzz than it -- it's wonderful to humanity got. Thank you mine -- for having me and I have -- hand. And about for a long time listening to it inspired -- -- this song called all my Internet friends. And you can get -- MP3 for free it on my Internet friends that. -- man. Yeah -- need this man isn't just days. Don't win. June and have. I know. -- -- -- The name. -- we know there. -- -- -- -- Okay. Wednesday night. -- -- -- -- CDT. Still. -- -- -- -- -- -- Playing games. And it says. -- Handed days with today's software engineers. And tell him -- -- -- And then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Meaning. We plan on needing more -- -- meeting. Alone -- -- anonymous is saying. -- -- Thank you need and -- in and then send me. And. And -- it. They know. We. -- And we. You -- -- Here. A. I'm new round of applause from -- a -- Live it up yourself because -- -- And your genius you're brilliant creators -- unbelievable. Mine. And some of you like -- not -- -- -- -- -- take that to me out. And -- studios. Are connected. Old ninja skills. Not too bad my reflexes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- NASA likened it -- -- -- on here there are right -- everyone. It's time we're very excited that I am the executive producer chaos here. Probably. Haven't -- they have yet to hear about you. And before we bring these guys -- wanted to give you little sneak peek at what this new show on April 1 looks like. Yeah. Yeah you. Companies. Here. -- heating oil are common they're government. We'll let you rock in the most houses out of my my guys -- into the future. Treated nicely and I want. Made up the -- -- has earned its home. When -- -- great albums like. Flying. We'll just screen. It's called. -- talked to -- people. The reverend Sullivan and ended -- Right -- to make. Contact a -- yeah -- like. Let it these -- it is. When it and it. -- -- -- -- I -- -- house her song. -- They really need you guys can't job to tell. Today -- regular. -- -- -- -- -- -- I am very excited to have that today this doesn't show Timberlake nothing. Ready. Executive producer -- had to make some -- book. -- -- Watches that -- there you go. -- you -- Unix market right there. I'll look -- hesitated and with the line. It. Will be. I think -- -- coming out here. You needed to children. In the outsourcing. The Internet -- -- to -- that it's cheaper Brett Ratner. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No -- can't -- and out. Of -- only a little bit of those people that in the Earth's history. Although. They studied the way in your house. The guys built it to be happening here now I felt Hitler. Let your experience like so far would you like about this area like anything about -- there. -- ready highest -- I didn't know I lived here for about 34 months a few years back. And got to experience out by telling the movie started like I -- the Robert Rodriguez if they like how. -- Now you I mean it's actually that Batman movie that is the Earth's line I ever stood out as well. And not the they -- It's great thank -- that he knows. We have. It it's definitely one of the most -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it it really feels -- it's driven -- the artists rather than. The studios or corporate America and it really feels like its front by the artist everyone's drunk so it's -- How you feel right now are you -- right -- good. You -- have allergies it's like that maintenance needs in the hope that hood. Austin does it ain't got -- that means it'll act -- we probably probably have -- partying like crazy and -- street. Here. Only. -- Often -- -- went to the top that's act today and there right at 130 in the afternoon when I love that often -- that were only serving breakfast. Only breakfast not those guys. Not -- if there. So we're here to talk about the council to you guys you know collectively just tell us about the show ability and knows about yet -- they -- the -- they -- -- -- that they like -- -- -- -- -- it -- if I wanna talk about human -- because yeah like one of my favorite developing active that the idea of it bluntly mild mannered. But completely. Tell us about the human went nativity. I guess I wouldn't call my character mild mannered although I love that -- for that. I. And handsome. Very -- and human work. Not comfort and I thought it was but. Speaking out by. Being handsome at least to someone in the world. My wife is here and she's from San Antonio. I -- Its board three of his children yes my wife of almost seventy years and she went to John Marshall high -- San Antonio. These have been obvious. Yes I play the human weapon. I'd rather beat people up on this show -- talk to them. So I'm socially -- -- and very good -- beating people up. Freddy is the that this -- out of many languages and our group and the new guy. And it's definitely scorpion eater as well yeah I was nothing real -- it was like really. -- on this story Alex either the scorpion story you don't. Before that there agrees to be in the show he reads the scripts and he knows what he has to do right on the day that we're gonna shoot the -- seen. Two minutes department should become that is -- -- had time to go with the problem because I'm terrified of scorpions. As it will be talking about it was a script in the beginning we just read any -- I'm not I'm -- We. Crazy -- that they also commitments stick it. At all. I'll pick up the scorpion imported about -- -- if you do it birds like no breaking away. That's market and actually -- it but he was shaking so he's doing he's doing it big -- at this guys like game player. You'll be there at the picnic in the -- pieces need not do so many -- I. On the thirteen day. Out of its way to get it grabs escort in this court and the engine and hold -- over all all -- -- A -- -- this thing. -- -- -- -- -- Seeing the expression -- haven't we're gonna put it on the dvd. I. And not the scorpion that poisoned his face it heat on him. Now I -- golden sunshine ended by a scorpion -- it was we're scared of you -- -- yeah it. The law okay not in my view events -- -- can I do his own -- guys give. In my defense and I agreed to do it. These values is the creator. And I say -- -- -- holding a scorpion am -- gonna hold the real scorpion. Any brushed it off. Not gonna be apparently -- -- -- And so I didn't think twice about it I wasn't mentally prepared products -- That's -- -- I'll do it if you do if I'm not doing as good at. He left via the drivers -- at -- and -- -- to get better over time that you just gotta be used to but once it studies sprayed me. I use I wasn't sure what it was -- that it was -- -- -- -- with poisonous you know. Why don't spit it out so you know -- Islam -- is. The time when needed like to put his hands up without a father that we -- away if you notice the not -- right. Now almost the guys that have hurt right I'm looking around but that's hurricane update now it. I'm really glad that I have lingered that I have this -- -- -- Also talk about you guys that writing locations in the pilot is that's not gonna see in the show moving forward. Every episode we'll go to an exotic place and in in the pilot we went to the Sudan. And we went to Thailand. And we go everywhere from -- two anywhere else -- North Korea Serbia grill -- you're able to -- that's impressive yet. It's always not really couldn't tell you can't go into North Korea look that we have special permission. Yeah yeah -- -- non native now they don't all of the sun -- He's gonna be taking over read the paper. -- I'm not -- I am -- thought of it yet you're you're well. Yet your the guys I. And you know that right yeah. I get a bit now -- I I. Amazing because I went -- on the road also you know it's not respect but -- -- what can happen -- -- make smarter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now we do a little bit of that and tonight we torture and might make you read the New York Times every day. -- -- -- -- -- -- training about eight hours a week in. Media. How are you -- numerous. Because that'll this right now the last thing you -- little irony here and -- -- -- -- you -- do this. Well let me make it -- three I thought this is a novel war -- -- up. -- -- But don't -- -- and I know you -- the human -- I feel happier -- later. You will. Now also you're the director of the pilot and they think the producer. You gotta get to -- a lot of things as the director do you have any like war stories about the interactions with these gentlemen here. They all got along pretty good these guys. There was a lot of fun at -- say shooting this we weren't interested in actually we were close -- Nevada -- we were on horses. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Though they were. -- it's. Self styled ATV and -- that I mean. Owner and designer was there. Constantly having fun shooting this pilots when you see the pilot and you're like why is it's so much fun because we were having a blast shooting it -- these guys. They're all they're all just fun cool funny guys in it's hard work. But we're having a great time -- -- doing it were -- that dream that's reassuring. Maybe ready tell -- a little bit does seem like like -- visited that definitely got that brotherhood but tell us a little bit about some other characters and the guys you're working with that it's like. It's like an old school -- show. You know -- is -- mean that. And the rest of the cast are fantastic. Eric Close plays a leader. The other British -- yeah there is -- sorry. Please nearly. Sort of -- armory in and tech guy. We also have. And Christina Cole plays it though we haven't seen yet -- on -- though. Group them -- air and are currently Smith who plays. Please directory it's great gas. And a -- we're gonna go is a guy named time's -- Alley and this all came from his brain. So ready. I learned a few things from the show because as you mentioned on the immediately in -- -- she's a little smaller view which is fine let -- a guy. I'm wondering you know you're able to source and the point that there you give me any tips to dealing with you know the smaller ladies because that can be a challenge. Gotta have games maybe got to work -- If you ain't got no game you ain't making no idea. I have -- -- -- -- trees -- my tablet just united sides wanna -- -- your kids might be. Seems like a good time her up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Michael Leavitt might opt aids. Anything else does want to know about want us to know about the show where we go this. It's full of action I think it's for everyone it's a dramatic show but it's funny as well. But it's got tremendous action sequences and rate and you'll never be bored watching the show it's got a great to pass. And I think it's for everybody's I think in joint April 1 guys -- out -- in April. -- and. You know that you guys. And threats being modest here you know Brett has done some pretty. Great movies -- Ares one of the most successful directors of all time. And so for him to endorse this show and to direct the pilot I think says -- -- -- if you. Are a fan of -- a fan of his movies you're gonna love the show. We are having everybody says I'm new brand new -- -- sixty or lack by the option islands who then. You might then apparently I'm not -- map -- -- you go. -- -- -- -- -- -- make -- noise it makes -- -- NASA chaos. Everybody. April ninth. The -- the -- -- -- -- that -- lots of analyzing that the end of our show but everybody here stick around and make sure that you have your business card in this ball here with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- the room. And would drop the. -- every line. That haven't gotten even started and do that now -- bum rush but. Thanks -- -- I've seen it yet. Again tomorrow from the salt --

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