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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1422: Gamer-cising is good for you!

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1422: Gamer-cising is good for you!

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Facebook is going to start showing movies (and making you buy credits), Microsoft is staking Nokia $1 billion to distribute Windows Phone 7/Nokia love children, and Sprint may buy T-Mobile USA and create a massive mobile carrier third head. Plus, in data porn, Android tops the U.S. smart phone market, AT&T dominates on downloads, and the iPad 2's dual-core processor is apparently not all that. But iOS 4.3 is! Also: vote for Asian Usher! --Molly

Today's music -- -- formula. Even -- I'm -- I. I am not good luck and above -- a podcast of indeterminate length and indeterminate start time where I just told the -- -- I'm sorry weren't thankfully -- -- different -- now one time yesterday that only time that -- -- time we may do that again later if if you don't come to our recent weeks at a hug some things out they can find out if that leads me -- had -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sorry I'm Molly like -- but we're back on -- are like what we like we did like a little you know good -- elect selects those languages totally -- -- -- -- -- immunity -- -- highlighting and yes we're connected via apps are. If you are. -- -- -- -- perfectly about the apartment and I'm -- -- that now we're gonna advocate to friends and. Saying. Okay and Alec and advocates now possible way in it Marty. Today the days that you think that's yeah they -- -- How -- -- ivory like -- I was at Maggie out of all the days I didn't wear my bead -- -- But to them and -- I -- has ever -- -- that I. Well okay if we don't get enough anyway you will understand what we're talking about by the end of the Celestine now that we -- And we -- pretty I just couldn't get they'll -- -- A passionate stories -- that. Or -- -- it out album we've got plenty of deals deals deals for all the news stories today on leading -- our block first up. Warner Bros. if you guys are wondering you know when are we gonna see movies on FaceBook well its common Warners is planning -- movies digitally. On FaceBook starting with the Dark -- it's gonna be three dollars for the movie basically. Thirty FaceBook credits for those you that are locked into their economy system for your games and whatnot. But -- this is crazy it's gonna be obviously a test pilot and -- people react but there are so many people -- basement. -- We -- you watch a movie on it but now that's the only thing that I'm a little bit like. I like -- about this and movies everywhere they should work is -- People who have a long distance relationships or friends and -- lazy and -- the same time and and -- the same time they lashed together basic. Alamo to Apple Computer love right there and you know the album is a hot day or -- it and think that the culture and a tablet kind of cool classic movies -- -- can watch together like on -- maker -- -- time -- and from that required right now you know I don't think they're looking for this to be a overwhelming success I think they just wanna see if they get any traction from doing something like this in a Dark Knight is a killer -- to do people still love watching that movie casually. This is just more of the models you like with all let me hundreds of millions of people like go visit their everyday that was what percentage like the end of the struck with another attempt. At keeping everybody in FaceBook yet I mean it's just you believe -- -- Netflix watch a movie or whatever but now that if -- FaceBook. Like I like this site so because a lot -- -- people like -- all whatever you're trying this I like it when companies try different things just to see that sticks -- because you never know. -- and someone just and the -- and you know. And I think someone can have it like an -- -- -- certificate -- But said that FaceBook should have screening and I think that would be really cool potential use of this of -- take off and people are interested in the idea. They could definitely do sneak peek. And screenings because you know it's not -- and keep -- from going to the theater necessarily if it's something that you watch and computer screen -- also did it wasn't YouTube that. With in the past year did like -- -- -- screening of an independent film before yes where I mean obviously these are gonna be blockbuster films and but if you have the studio backing that they really believe the product and have all those eyeballs on it even if they did. A fifteen minute screening of a high profile movie that was kind of a sure thing on FaceBook and -- the millions of people. I would take it out to be here now and I get out and I have to admit that this does make sense because -- A lot of you know I think -- like I wanna watch -- computers but I have to admit -- people live now mean my brother has spent all the time with his laptop. And all of his media's consume that way or tablets or whatever -- -- you can actually. It imagine even though it's not optimal way to want to move -- a lot of people do it with pretty especially like with in flight Wi-Fi has been a way to do is get out to get a lot -- Yet now other viewers are gonna have -- 48 hour window to purchase to watch the movie they do not save -- don't mention anything like you have thirty days until you watch it so this is kind of a very. Quake hit one time viewing Korea -- window where you can at least pause replay and resume within that period. So you have 48 hours to watch it as many times -- -- of them as you want but. Which is actually better than the 24 hours that you get on my Tivo with Amazon video on demand and -- I don't says hello love that window but you know I at least that the longer window -- you gave an especially considering that people might be watching out work. I've done that on Hulu -- watched a few minutes of a movie every -- on my lunch hour. I tried it with that when he is literally literally -- I'm really be taken at bottom left area and let them have an idea it was not less scary but I thought I -- about that even with the lights on I didn't even do dim the lights on the blue screen and it is still there that's. So Warner Bros. is gonna be trying this for additional titles on book -- boat rentals and purchases are gonna be rolling that out over the next few months but. I like that's how I like -- up like like it I would potentially units mark for Facebook's Gary for other serving you know I don't like the -- I don't -- have to by the credit in advance and give them money to hang on to earn interest on it or whatever and I hope and I'm gonna watch it might be able -- -- -- -- And FaceBook having a credit card information. I'm okay c'mon we've got Israelis fired an idea that they can yet they've already figured that out based charity event amber address our mailing location. Alia as lithium that it but they're human like they have my DNA pattern on -- but -- -- Other deal news today -- Telecom is reportedly. In talks with Sprint's. To sell T-Mobile US AT Sprint Nextel. Which would mean obviously and massive consolidation of the two lower tier carriers in the US. Less competition. But. One big carrier. Yeah T-Mobile in the last quarter they had a drop in profit in -- to -- this comes down to. So self preservation as well you how -- you know and so if Deutsche Telekom AG has to do this in -- they have obviously their carriers and other countries and whatnot but -- -- for their USA division to pair with sprint. It could be a good thing I mean no one's what it -- India period of like. The iPhone or whatnot based dimension something like about 56000. Subscribers have actually -- T-Mobile and they've gone to other carriers. Via they have been really -- lose it may even losing customers at a pretty high clip mainly because T-Mobile doesn't have that what they like -- a hero phone they don't have -- -- you know big. Leader phoned an even though they were -- the first carriers to start getting -- they just haven't kept up with those being. Big name devices they also lost happen Zeta-Jones which is a big loss that -- that her that it hernia I'm not gonna like I I. Sprint and T-Mobile -- sprint T-Mobile merger would be pretty powerful sprint has the best arguably the best forgy roll out right now four G network. T-Mobile actually does have really good service in areas where it has full coverage. And that would be and very powerful third alternate which is good because I don't think we need to have. You don't feel like it's turning into -- to erase sometimes between Verizon and AT&T -- we are really strong third competitor and then. There still is a -- a competition and that kind of prepaid space. But then I think things could start to get an interesting. Yeah when they when they talk about throwing the numbers around com. They're looking at evaluation of T -- to be worth anywhere between fifteen -- when he. Billion dollars that this -- this to be huge scale acquisitions it definitely would be but they're also thing into two Telecom might be disappointed in the price that they get out of it because they're selling from that and weakness yeah but -- -- -- -- -- unlike. Like we get a good deal now -- that this is gonna be one -- -- In other deal other other other -- is another -- bill deals according to people with knowledge of the deal between Microsoft and Nokia. Microsoft will pay Nokia more than alignment billion dollars. You promote and develop windows based handsets as part of their -- proper agreement. Yeah this is some going to happen over the course of five years that's one billion dollars. It's kind -- it thinks it's a large upfront at least you know investment by Microsoft now the flip side Nokia will be paying Microsoft for each copy of Windows 7 it throws onto those phones right. The -- like. Here's some chatter. -- -- for you know push our -- Onto our devices and one of the main reasons behind this was basically. Microsoft. They would they didn't want to lose to Google's Android operating system. It's of the agreement for the more than billion dollar payment is part of a campaign to keep them from -- -- Nokia from choosing Android and alls in itself. And what's also interesting is that they say that Microsoft would still make a profit on the deal because of the royal mail payment payments just in the long -- -- -- what they're saying is you know what they're really doing is they're investing that they're putting like a venture capital stake in Nokia. The thing that we're gonna take you a billion but because you need it right now. And you. Pay as -- royalty -- week it's just an investment they're gonna they plan three compact cost. The question is whether they're gonna and losing them money would that's the thing what would you put a billion dollars in the Nokia right now. I mean they need they need each other when they merged you know when this whole announcement happened they need they need each other to survive. And so -- act at the end of the day whether -- you would or wouldn't. They're kind of both depending on each -- to make something happen if anything yeah I mean they're gonna both go down together right or -- both rights together. I mean the real question is whether they may have the right -- -- Microsoft is done as we know in the past -- -- English -- -- when on the -- and they did it with Apple. They did a similar thing with at stake Apple and had to keep that company a lot of and that you know that investment has paid off in spades. But. But I guess you know I had to accuse the pilot drowned. The marketplace that someone -- but it is possible that -- through sixteenth of paying Nokia billion dollars is losing to Google earth and -- -- it. Occasionally they choose rights that they have purchased ram instead. In Allen and gone with something that is as at least well established in the US market. Now the -- with the outward up. -- they also mentioned in the article that Nokia -- because. And makers -- -- when the phones haven't really isn't have a flagship phone. May help tally jumping on Android wouldn't be able to -- can have established a new identity for them that Andrew it's pretty much solidified how it is. How -- those feature phones that are like. The -- tips but windows phone seven is really have -- yet. -- -- they can -- that as well. Yeah that's true and and Nokia still does make pretty good hardware and I -- alien plant actually doesn't it make amazing hardware. It's just -- -- -- the question he tells us that really huge internationally. -- Yes amendment formative mark and I don't know -- the Smartphone market is definitely doable I mean years their numbers are really more from those like in a more basic -- that they they don't have that if I love that name recognition for -- they do it via. And he will -- -- -- in -- It's easy to bag and laminate made the missteps or whatever but there's still a really they're not -- that they are pretty a company and maybe -- -- -- merely an amendment would note that the long game. Long tail. YouTube trying to become more and still and and -- trying to become more of an original content company they acquired next new networks. Four or what it less than fifty million dollars. Next new networks produces original programming and also they help video creators like distribute their films and -- rev share deals to make money. They're basically -- like game I don't want to call them. The cable provider but they have a lot of different shows from different content creator that then they help to distribute as well room like they they were. I don't think at the end of the day ultimately on -- if you have a hot video that's when people are gonna go to -- no matter who distributes it. And pushes it board. I -- they played a part in the Gregory brothers' video bomb in -- from a production standpoint but. The main thing about -- so they talk about is that a cable we're gonna acquire next new networks. -- wants to create more quality content. Some of that is more like a long tail content but I think one of the things -- see here with YouTube is even though they wanna go with this model and I want -- that he's more quality content because we see. On -- I feel like half the stuff we see is just. You know stuff from TV that's rip off that thrown on YouTube but the reason why we also don't see quality content is because all the way that there system is made to monetize videos it's all on the UC have a lot of these people that -- web bloggers are bloggers. -- in three years three minute videos -- minute videos. But nothing long tail of high quality because the system doesn't reward people for doing -- -- if they created a monetize system that. Rewarded longer. Videos that people actually watch then I think you would see more people try to create that content but -- the way the model is it it's not -- now. And that's where YouTube is trying to change things a little bit not only by acquiring them -- by creating this YouTube next program. That will help. The video makers with whom -- shares ad revenue produce more professional content they're gonna give them grants. And training and kind of try to try to raise the level overall with. Interesting way for YouTube to go -- like on the one hand they created and have benefited from a market. Of Lichen drive by it -- -- now but now they're really trying to. Get right in there and do more content creation -- mean now setting -- the whole question of Google. That umbrella company being in the content creation business Apple uncomfortable anyway but it's sort of adds it to YouTube trying to reinvent itself a little bit -- In kind of unexpected fashion although I will say that that the -- is best known for the grant for producing the Gregory Brothers from videos and otter continues people. I think is buying -- it in the news never had any idea. An -- often. Yeah apparently. Thank god they finally got around to trilogy. This product in India is return oh they did they did Charlie -- audited death impact the amount of finance and happy ending daily work and -- during the break because. Yeah everybody and everybody hands so I yesterday. We reported in line at the claims -- published in the journal of cosmology. That. Now it's gonna take a cosmetology -- -- alive. But I do. Although according to some -- it might as well so that's after today. The gauntlet thrown -- when NASA -- a biologist Richard who urged that but he thought he would -- sound awful alien bacteria. The journal of cosmetology. Very wisely. If -- report along with a request for comment. And they got. They got -- commentary in -- the -- party -- according to wired set up an Internet temp test. Of commentaries -- added -- -- relatively -- usual announcement venue which is true the journal of cosmology apparently is not considered. In -- complete that you would make -- earth and earth shattering announcement about alien life will the other smartest thing to do is obviously like make the source. Less credible so they they consider the journal of cosmology. A community of colorful life -- biologists. Sometimes zealously evangelical. About galactic -- sperm and suburbia and for via. Oh yeah I don't I don't I don't ever read our apartment perfectly that's been is that that that's called me that lack even went on them was seated by lifer -- -- arrived reading from so they're like bodies -- until Apple. Those. That's what they're that they recognize that they have -- beyond the venue however critiqued -- -- than substantive. Said he institute after biologist rock elements in highly rodents and as a micro biologist who looked through. Who looked at thousands of microbes through a microscope and have done some of my own electron micro op. I see no convincing evidence that these particles -- of biological origin. And so on and so forth. -- dimensional -- criticized -- sterilization techniques which monopoly described in the paper. One that no one NASA that surrounds its -- practices although continued they like were not sure yet. They're saying -- -- could be random there's a really interesting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Says that the biggest problem is that the research -- and -- the real story anymore the biggest problem is that everyone then. Did these breathless reports didn't use science reporters to report any of this news. It's kind of threw it out there like we are not alone alien life form -- have a lot more -- every headline we saw on the Internet I think we Ehrlich law. That's the stunning conclusion one NASA scientists have come do you really aliens are -- -- -- breaking revelations and a new study in -- And the toilet which and you have a veteran -- I mean. It has been really interesting. Commentary on the reporting of the story at this at the same time you know even though we've talked about how -- says. You know with some of these claims of lost credibility with in the community when you have a general -- that says oh fine means by NASA researcher and -- a jump on. -- -- -- This person at and -- Adam frank does note that impact the role of bloggers and -- -- hype in the journal of cosmology paneling was noteworthy not least there are -- You can't stop the Internet owners and Internet the Internet it's Saturday keeps you accountable what they gathered thing and it ended way better than CBS Reuters -- particularly Fox News Fox News. A news in new goodies visit -- there -- about excused it. Though. The upshot seems to be that there is still disagreement in the extreme. -- about whether were alone in the unit or whether this is an intemperate. So it could or couldn't -- though we're not alone -- that -- part in this room I'm not alone. They were too beautiful individuals -- always where you. Wherever you god has -- -- that's what we're anything -- -- when we come back Android winning the Smartphone wars eighteen. -- winning team. Welcome back -- buzz -- everybody I would get a jump -- use Smartphones that -- targeting Android. Android has topped the US Smartphone market now obviously. Android is everywhere around the biggest thing about this though is that in the recent reports that markets -- -- more than seven. Percentage points the 31 point 2% between October and January putting it ahead of research emotions platform and Apple's iPhone. And if he also talked about some the breakdown of just the phone on many factors themselves a Samsung held its top -- -- four point 9% LG ranks second Motorola. Third rim with -- -- -- -- eight point 6% Apple. With that with 7% but notably Nokia knocked out of the top five spots and -- was a big BM Nokia knocked out -- there. Also -- -- was that the iphone's market share was nearly flat. During the last three months and 2010 probably because of rooms waiting for the Verizon version or the next one -- but still really interesting that they gained just 110 of a percentage point while Lander and obviously you know quadrupled over the past year. Those bridge the numbers also. The register pointing out that Microsoft Smartphone share although it remained at about 8%. It fell. Despite windows and haven't though they have so far witnessed on them and has failed to kind of -- -- you -- many little bump in any real numbers to that dropped one point seven percentage points. Yikes so I thought -- flat against -- and that's actually like a win. So Steve I was a Nokia and Microsoft need each other these numbers prove it right there yeah -- dropped out -- the top I've in the US Microsoft lost percentage points. Its market share with with the windows -- of -- introduction. The need to get all landlords and -- have everything to mean have you ever seen to market losers like that get together and -- -- Well you know I'm never done on a never say never -- the united as a wise man once told me either. -- -- and I don't one missing the song up. And I didn't know. But also and finally got Indian treaty to -- -- companies that have been making bad decisions early on time like what I think they're gonna get together -- good and again that's the big question you know competitive world of like Britain's UW and in the -- just smaller. The -- is as long as they can leverage what their strong narrate in me we see plenty of companies that have specific strengths yeah. If they can leverage those strengths with each other in eight synergistic relationship thin -- -- can. Then the. I -- maybe I mean I guess you're taking like pretty good you're taking good software and impacting with good hardware that's -- thing about it -- -- it. Yeah I know of any carrier support and -- temperature marketing and then -- one and and developer app support -- There aren't that sounds very donkey all of -- challenges. -- -- To the synergy will -- the relationship. In other data -- today a new study finds that we've heard this one before but that AT&T the AT&T iPhone -- -- buy and download that we keep seeing. Kind of conflicting report that when we get our head to head. The Verizon -- until a better data speeds in -- discovery area with slight it was like a slight edge was around the same for the most part nothing like twice as much though right. Now this study covered with a study -- -- a mobile performance -- valuation firm called metric go wireless -- cover the Baltimore Washington Chicago Dallas new York and Seattle areas. And they found that eighteenth he. Kinda killed when -- to the now. When it came specifically the downloads are made it essentially show that eighteenth he was about. Twice as fast now when you're talking about average web page loading. The time was about the same for the iPhone for a both networks but they said you'd really notice the main difference when you're loading heavy data files like you know -- email attachments and large applications over the network and things of that nature. Ray. And an article and -- GigaOM notes that the victory in this regard may end up being more of a marketing win the one or make a huge difference are really users because it's really. Again always all of our -- Yeah I'm -- that to make sure that it wasn't just like 56 pole attachments here. They get thousands of individual field tests there's an average web page load time -- performances -- -- -- And when stationary and comparative call quality with other devices they said. That when a person was like in a moving vehicle AT&T'S network was 10% more successful -- if he downloads. While Verizon's -- 10% better when these with standing still. I don't cut -- the the -- music -- -- -- they did I listen to their credit they did use New York as a benchmark now I don't know what areas in Europe dated but. They did -- you know one of the city that is one by the ministry AT&T. The definitely look for that. The -- -- in the commercials produced. I really have enough to go wireless this war is all about -- and data network in America. Really interesting data porn from the CNET UK actually which ransom JavaScript benchmarks on the iPad two. And found that CPS performance on the iPad two appears. To be mostly unchanged. From iPad one that had dual core processor. Not making these different. They were you know in the article -- -- -- amusing that if it was indeed using Apple's next generation. Processor that you really would realistically see like a two times the speed gain now but they they feel that they might be still using. Q -- four processors inside of they're really almost -- -- that's that's what they use with this -- because of it was really drop power and it ended indeed like. A nine court cortex A nine processors and records that you would see that significant job right they still think they're using -- eight's. Staying Oakland I think that's tests also said that I'm OS four point that he was a big DO I did it improve their original iPad two's I'm pro performance by 2.5. Times the original iPad and July and yes so there -- things and they retain the original iPad through web for the web stuff. There's no difference -- -- and that it's good news for you because you upgrades IOS four point three you still get enough of a benefit from the optimization built into that operating system that you're not gonna feel so. -- that you're lagging behind in speed -- -- they said that an original iPad. Not running. IOS four point three compared to that the iPad to only performed one and a half times faster than the original iPad running the gold master build a bios for point three. -- as an original iPad two. Running IOS four point two ran two and a half times slower. There's a lot of number -- there. I mean I was kind of listening but -- So I -- a new way faster. New iPad stock that much faster yes excellent the don't feel about you don't wanna buy one thing that people all the time out of the graphics -- you know Apple outright stated though that there the graphics performance -- get a nine and times performance boost so that -- -- -- -- that obviously the graphics hardware is. Is significantly increase our improved in their but you'd only see these numbers and everything. And people are -- I don't even I still hoping an iPad three is coming this year and that's just me based on whatever I've heard and stuff from some people -- -- -- -- But at the same time that the whole -- rumblings that iPad two is really iPad one point five. Like the Ross -- the -- speed of it makes it feel even more than that because everyone is saying okay fine. It doesn't cover and the display it does have better cameras but it's a dual core processor now you know -- now it's like it's -- of the Atlantic dual cores it does not load until our patents. -- -- And I gotta say to me the iPad here I just I mean I guess I personally I do not care what people of -- that are you can upgrade to -- -- -- while annihilate and you know. And and we're so it's such a moving target -- practice today. Like boy genius report had a review of the 599 viewsonic and ten inch keypad and their -- -- mapping disparate and often -- -- there are amazing tablets an unexpected sources and even more coming so to me if you. If your discriminating. Inner tablet -- to accelerate again you're kind of -- and you want the best features -- -- coming -- -- -- -- any. Unless it's a 350 dollar original packet that's the African screaming deal. I mean and oh yes we get hammered about this all the time I understand like. Features they'll make -- mean just because the processors not as fast it doesn't mean that you're not getting the same like snappy experience because everyone -- like though the features are better the hardware is just better. But that's still there at the end of the day well won't make it tablet better or worse bird and individuals can be harder to pick. Like the current iPad and records of eaten your fingers under an edge to -- it's still cheaper though that is -- flat it's still it's more like lay myTouch yes it's a housing predominantly like flat -- that it's not it's not iPhone why iPad -- iPhone platinum and that's in -- That's really random -- him -- I mean this there are subtleties that make a difference cool news for those to be on iPad data you're moving that Fuller who are frustrated I've got a problem. We're frustrated with the lack of flash. Adobe. Is. Showing off an experimental. Flashed -- HTML five can -- -- notices are calling wallaby. Awesome so -- guys on there's a little video clip that's included in the article for those you back and check in are not percent to they're showing a full on flash animation. And the person giving the presentation this is gonna be called a wall of the again it is experimental. Thoughts on how they're trying to incorporate as many of the animations you may not get all the filters. On and some of the effects that you have but once he runs the conversion every one of the crowd literally like -- Has like a -- -- them because they can't believe that while it actually worked it does tell you what features are supported but for the most part. It's a pretty dang good looking port from flash already channel -- had pretty impressive and this was that this was that thing we -- my -- that. At the time Apple's like note you can -- any conversion tools to. Turn flash and HMO five. I god forbid that they would allow your product to work but I'm particularly allow -- anything on that device that would actually make -- a better consumer experience. At that like. Don't even -- -- -- -- -- -- all about the experience that we want the experience to be perfectly you know what they only wanted to be perfect implying that didn't interfere with their little controlling autocracy. Yes. While you hit that table -- city -- -- Edit out the full you know we we actually double check this because that we know we're -- -- -- all the time but. And there were round balloons like yeah you might wanna check out allowing a tough guy while -- talk like Busan stretch this. -- god. To put aboard his aboard the rumblings that IOS four point three would potentially be released today. Instead of on Friday at the same time of the iPad to Molly's nodding her head that says. No potentially not 11 kind of debatable issue is will be hot spot feature that they did announce will be working on them AT&T service will support -- connections. -- only three. Basically it's it's down to the trader decided that but at the moment but your listening to this in -- site and is not out. -- and originally it had to -- there were speculations that it would be at 10 AM Pacific time I -- today. And then now the latest -- is may be an -- Tuesday -- do okay. Whenever that -- Launching this this is only happening because you know it all that happened is that Apple released the gold. Official gold master like two days ago and someone decided to put an article that said it's coming earlier because the gold master is exactly what the industry yet. I'm going to start and and where the data -- they're like. They say -- out -- -- come out today reported. -- vital -- quick it could also in the question. Cisco wisely. Cutting the price of its consumer video conferencing product called -- me. If you haven't heard of it it just came out in October. And -- cost. 599 dollars at the time knowing about it but it is basically like it in home version of the Cisco TelePresence which if you have ever -- -- -- is all amazing idea. But art but you gotta wonder why consumers need something that. That that wrote us exactly thinks -- bison and -- -- in the group. I've had that they -- forgive -- apartment on the and well and hit you better be they're voice data like -- speak yes I another ten minutes on a hopeless anyway now they know it there will be no poking at that power. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The original product -- transmit video 1080. 99 and that a 599 and that that -- would still cares for the company. Will operate three -- Amber's an opera symphony -- -- the resolution also yeah or you get does violate. I complainer to just use a computer in her neck or face time high -- go and do it for pre. On the service also just for you money savers or your -- from 25 dollars a month. -- To from a nine unit are strengthening -- -- the 25 dollars a month to 99 dollars a year or 99. 1995 a month -- this is why people want that I don't you -- -- the whole. The -- at home at work you know it -- it is and this thing -- the whole idea of the web camera at home on your TV. Was cool like five years ago when it didn't exist but now all these devices do video commenting that it's not as. They but the and Skype is being built into TV and you know that when Apple -- the dvd which they're totally gonna do you're absolutely right Apple TV is gonna -- face time on it -- -- -- -- you're going to be able to face time from your TV enough. Adding that that this whole concept is totally weird. But anyway right out cheaper now. Another quick hit opera. Is -- -- their own mobile apps storefront now what's cool about this is not only will you be able to purchase mobile apps it'll be catered. On to the different type of a lecture on several offer apps for Android Symbian Blackberry and job the number of apps will vary according to the device that you're actually launching it from. And also get a tailored experience on the including your local language and currency support. Pretty -- And up into into a good time there's an App Store the App Store front yet we -- -- money now and Linear thing. Jobs. -- Apple's iPad may soon replace paper charts in airline -- which I think there. There is apparently an iPad app called mobile PC that delivers electronic charts. Now it currently only covers airport -- -- but some airlines are looking into they're testing it for navigational purposes. I mean it would save a lot of paper paperback. -- -- the -- it'll have -- -- up in the file drawer somewhere and office -- god doesn't get updated anymore and that's exactly what it. Exactly -- -- I've met again and them. Also -- low pay until it actually happens we continue to talk about spot I had. I want -- -- that we can shut up about parity but spot by has reached one million subscribers obviously this is. The service overseas we had talked about a few weeks ago about a month how they had at least. According to sources lock -- down to of the major four music labels in the US. And it's just a matter of time until they get those agreements so that we potentially see -- -- a congratulations one million subscribers at -- subscribers with an important. For in her -- and incoming denied. I'm mad at wait and wait and wait boy -- -- Good -- is in the happy ending according to a study coming out of Brigham young university in Provo Utah. The exercise game that you play on the Wii or even Dance Dance Revolution or whatever they are they do in fact. Qualifies. As exercise that that's all you can get your kid to do -- Wii Sports. Then I definitely think it counts. Edison according to our researchers at Brigham and university -- they studied the packs of six forms of -- are gaining. Now others brands and I don't know how. There -- I can get its day and night and save and email and that's horrible you are right so a lot -- three miles per hour. If you're -- and -- the tablet metabolic equivalent the tablet with my problem. -- value was four point nine now we Boxee team and a four point two. Dance Dance Revolution five point four work -- I'm sure many of you played side -- -- there is the holy rollers was five point nine light space bug invasion six point four. Spore wallet seven point one any -- all yeah I married her that I I feel like dance central though. The sparkle without a central button -- and -- -- nine. Now -- it's in -- the regular old mechanic and innovators and inventors led NUM -- and -- imam dinner tonight. That's thing one -- -- -- get kids to do it think it might my four year old nieces to year old nephew they're like doing the Lady Gaga poker face dance. They simply because like size and like and to that it -- that to -- on no no no -- -- none of it its its fun. Other cool -- isn't -- any today apparently. The it was like have they were -- -- a Guinness book of the world of world records attempt and -- -- big. Attached 2000. How 2000 pound house to 300 weather balloons and they floated it just like in the movie up it was a replica of -- up house. -- -- -- And it and they actually look at as -- In the clunky way to get in through but the video is just amazing -- -- yeah they're. Can you imagine if you were actually -- CNET house or -- -- up via our weather balloon didn't know what's happening you like live in the area. Atlanta -- flooding -- -- -- without letting while that from top to bottom the entire aircraft that -- that is measured ten story high. And it reached an altitude of 101000. -- So -- -- -- eight -- eat the whole weather balloons. And -- -- 300 of them they'd totally -- -- is the dramatic. Flying in a frame I love -- -- the differences like that I street cinematographer here and there looks at that shape right there Elena but it did in fact that a world record for the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted. And and it was filmed with the National Geographic channel as part of the new theories that I want to -- from now line. Called how hard can it be. Hot stuff console how hard -- -- a house wouldn't. That's pretty awesome now. There were actually people aboard the house on -- the ones that -- -- up the legality assessment here. Though although it flew for about an hour at -- The current host of this -- a lot given that the temporary host until I tried out for the and I know that -- like give me this job. Said if you're wondering how hard it can be dependable and -- house blocked while -- It's pretty hard. It is very difficult and -- at the coolest in even happier news -- -- dog lovers out there. Call. -- -- has a -- that page this is the the four -- -- friend. Companion of Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend residing in Palo Alto -- -- is. Interest include -- Levine an eating. As of the time of this article published. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These being marked the Wii fitness Mark Zuckerberg and yeah yeah hey game that you read the chat room ambience -- Sometimes I I realized sometimes the nice -- the museum -- after if you read the charitable but I don't tell you that because. I realize that now -- -- but I'm likely to heat through and that's what exactly is that healthier things if you're thinking outside the grammar -- -- -- the same thing you just elderly like live but -- don't do anything about it. But not that your grammar I swear you're not -- -- -- all -- You're gonna -- not dude seriously. Again it -- how does not raise an answer now. I'll ever love is not -- -- -- that -- whatever okay every line. We need your support and your votes we -- to deprive -- Prime time event yesterday and we totally. Tolerated and now you might follow Britain's upper body like a -- up. Over at the Asian American journalist associates and I am. There athletic contest. The men of broadcast. Calendar -- -- And there are a giant -- Though for one dollar per -- would go to charity. And you can vote for the men of broadcast calendar winners -- right there -- Loan -- -- -- it seriously Centre square is our own. Brian topsy right now -- lose the -- shoot camera Kim and killing all of you know. There's also on the list of former CNET TV alignment of high street about -- and who I can attest when I first started here Heidi Hart street about the was. The hot he heat from CNET TV and the ports that the need for little -- We don't need that he did I'd never seen it Indian deal with reports that no it's quite amazing alive and -- out -- it but he is like gathered relics that. Because BT here. Why just started promoting it because I felt bad. Not -- the director of -- is that you need to get on that a semester in the the reason why we say -- -- a scenario is because they do this performance hardly -- to China at the conference. Where involves singing and dancing and removal of clothes and water on my body and sit in on ladies -- and everybody is like. Oh and brands like oh I don't wanna Oprah moment that humans but then everyone would like all you -- -- do -- because I hope that is the -- Anyway we need heroes because BP. We could hear it does not -- the BP in the calendar. Out of a -- how about this if you guys tell us that you voted okay. We're gonna do two things on the show one among I'll be able to pull up a clip of the proponents that is going in the -- and Saturn moon hanging in the noble we have here on the show as well as. -- do this I have a flip video in my office. And we'll give it lacked the knowledge and we'll give away that -- that outlook and and I'm -- and don't like I have a flip video it's the new with a slide with a full screen on the back yeah 200 dollars and company. It's though because in honor and I support the cause we will give it a way to send us an email saying that you voted. And arm will make it happen and we think it's only a dollar if you wanna donate -- if -- you know an argument that charity yet if you like Asian persuasion you got yellow fever. -- -- -- -- -- Let's hear from you don't let their commute -- -- -- and we -- would you do the feedback loop now. And this -- Gates is in a footnote to de man when -- start like. It's an aim it never it does not Disneyland break up though it's more guitar mod suggested. In an era color guard. Are. I -- but let. It. IPhone MacBook and threat Brad Allen has traditionally and David. It's time it's time to think it's the next thing a little money in -- iPod Touch with. They go they are just save money and just say that you already made an awesome guitar and screw the rest of you -- him. Because he he did make an awesome power he didn't Virginia and there. I let's move on to the next -- now are true color you know what was in edwards' funeral -- -- -- -- when any moment to moment. Baseball -- Trevor from Connecticut -- I'm just looking on your web site on my Motorola and Apple. That was -- I've -- Anyway I don't think coupon has a new ad campaign and what about aunt because of global commercial Oracle. But that -- -- -- only one received a missed opportunity here. I don't think triumph in total comic dog is working days and it just yet -- -- the group on. -- -- -- -- -- Our legal group are hundreds you know group -- who -- but it's clear. That it is intensely. -- I love it you love. I love you -- -- in and out news you can easily. When we heard it we like died last night in my -- because like an audience displayed yeah there is no doubt certain legal -- -- -- that -- big. And -- we had not thought that -- mode and limited durable. Door and all. -- -- -- Her own little oh my goodness our -- on to the emails and isn't only the we have one email today we have when he amounted to spare you -- And I added today as it broke my heart wide open up a day Anthony Wright then. Anthony says -- sixteen years old and I usually get four hours of sleep a night. And so do many of my friends everybody at schools incredibly tired today in my AP statistics that there -- half the kids are asleep. While -- -- give a lecture he went. My school also gonna copy shop last year and the lines before school at the shop are incredibly long they sell coffee cappuccinos -- it's like a mini star about. A bunch of the -- also -- some sort of energy drink throughout the day to be able to stay up during class. Since we get loads and loads of homework each night -- the 1 AM now and I think I'm gonna go to sleep at night -- allow. Anthony RU. Hitting me America. We need to -- this. And -- not acceptable our kids are given their they're gonna die young like you cannot have them -- energy drink in the middle of an athlete in four hours four hours when your sixteen I develop housing college. That is horrible. That's -- can immediately seriously there are not able to learn. Anthony I want you to take a nice deep sleep I want you to turn off your electronics and I want -- to stop it in AP classes and bottom -- confidant during energy drinks and -- that can -- short. I never on the similar to what I'd be like with an energy drink should I have one on my dad at the lake may be -- -- -- before the show and see what happens. There's only one -- -- the Atlanta. Just -- -- and if you think that is a good idea or a bad idea or it likely pellet that you voted for -- in the Asian American journalism in front of counter asked calendar apparently killed the flight by the way. -- author and yeah well not do -- but the -- -- no idea well that cnet.com is our blog lending standards six Olympic. Music -- of their phone number and buzz at cnet.com. Is our email address the -- that -- minutes are taken away that data taken away to the south by southwest party and no I guess now that we have. A pretty awesome plan for -- Monday showed no right. Who enter accurately while -- -- Alan that's enables its little yes smart gorilla but trust me there's gonna be an author of why -- -- -- -- audience. We believe we should leave little exclusively get out or relieve flight Thursday we'll leave it out there's there -- -- leaving that location of the Monday show on my skin but Atlantic it's -- You might get sauce on -- now that's -- I did -- I have -- on by. -- like from way back.
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