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Ep. 1420: 'Star Wars': The chalupa of sci-fi: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1420: 'Star Wars': The chalupa of sci-fi

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Today we are joined by Rafe Needleman of Reporters' Roundtable and Wilson Tang from The 404 to break down Microsoft's tablet strategy, what a $539 Xoom means for the iPad 2, and all the dirty things you can do with Opera. Oh, and we found a spot for our moon base!

Friday march 4 when he looks at these -- I regularly and I'm. Hollywood look -- about. I. Think it's episode 1420. And -- really loud today. Come at them with -- absolutely cacophony and yet. Friday. Brian tying is still sort -- on location. Giving it -- -- interview if Lincoln totality when -- To follow him -- companies can. They -- the -- get a whole day that was animate truckers and. Robotics brand time and I and but worth every bit rate -- back I. It will then open your -- yesterday got a Mac and 200. While you arrangement. -- back. To back. -- -- -- -- -- Goodnight and Hungary are currently have it will the women -- and I don't get it so I've never done this to you. No we've never gonna throw together watching -- going to -- down brother. I'll -- in -- way for any airliner blend a line hello. And threatened. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm gonna do that by making -- not able scripts to shuffle. -- and get anything -- primarily -- actually every that yesterday at the Bryant street. Came in and that it only didn't even realize that we for god and now all we blew it -- -- -- here in New York for you now. Need them an email that that that you know thin like October 20 and we had not done nothing to show that didn't involve a Brian. And even going to be in a became like -- -- but most often street definitely. And if badly kept it up by what you renamed diamond. I like Brian de Haber perhaps and if customers. They got it all legal too like he was on the court they're not -- wow. And eerie display totally -- -- the three is -- -- Dad better better than Microsoft tablet plans are gonna -- and Brian. -- I just haven't when it comes out -- like 2019. Ready code named Brian has -- life -- second fiddle at the marine mania. There are the latest report. Yesterday we talked about how they have that embedded weird system that may or may not be for tablets before that we talked about having a windows eight tablet demos and unique. June. Now -- Bloomberg report is saying that they will not have a version of windows specifically tailored for tablet. Until the 2012. Back to school season one from. But we compete yeah -- and a good. Nice -- now. One might be tempted to think that this is a bad thing for Microsoft. When might be -- is general yes think that's the more it would take this one takes the short review. One would say that Microsoft is really really really really. Meet human but you know it is that like -- you know like with long you know it's not to leave -- tablets are still fairly new Microsoft. Me I'm just making -- with the -- what the hell are they -- have a any other part of lake might like to buy the -- game like let out iPad theft and yeah good point oh I thought about giving competitors a head start. I know I -- -- -- the human. The bigger question are they gonna still follow the same model that they can go the Apple route or the underground in a release -- -- for all the OEMs use where they gonna build one themselves. -- -- -- The do you think they're gonna -- windows I think they're gonna or windows eight tailored and it's -- be their own thing and we're gonna have yet a fourth thing right level -- -- or fifth. -- will have the playbook I'll add Android various version them. -- -- Webos laden and then when -- -- on a tablet and then that we'll get out like Q&A half years after everybody and everybody will say it's got a beautiful you why they've learned from all other competitors has been passed that we love it and nobody is really gonna buy it. The for the -- It's great to have to get the I think its Windows 7 phone if I went out some photos of fantastic U I it's a great operating system. It just happens to be four years late and that was there and get it exactly here like they have -- all. But they're just so so so late and I'm sorry but at this point now now that we've seen what's happening when it on them and and what happened with disease in which is a great hardware with great op America. Why are they still pursuing this strategy of electoral areas relate to the -- what -- hair -- and they do I mean they can't give up. And obviously they're not ready to release anything into the market. What -- do your Microsoft for it. And I think they could -- they could. They could they could buy but they can't buy an operating system that would be like admitting defeat in and they could hit enter -- and they can't admit defeat. I would hope to be Steve right now Ballmer that's an area. Question -- is what is management doing its five year is going on now. -- -- -- don't you think these shareholders as somebody up there should at least get punished or is he prodded into moving a little bit faster than they are. Yeah I can't believe the bomber as Remington of the -- -- because like we were saying the other day on the show Microsoft has actually had. Fifteen years to get tablets -- I mean Microsoft has been pushing tablets. Pen based tablet for ten or fifteen years I have -- LA office yes yes Bill Gates was crazy for tablet there is no reason Microsoft couldn't have done the iPad. You know five years ago six years ago. If the biggest reason why is because they have the windows monopoly it's it there they're incentivized to not do we need creative destruction. Innovative dilemma yeah -- the digital equipment of personal computers via its. But -- really an analogy that's exactly what they're stuck delivering. The utility product right and they can't do anything technique -- -- their own way they -- -- -- bit -- of that looks familiar you're right it's it's. Both of that plus the fact that unlike Apple their products are. Designed to be built into other people's products so they've got all these stakeholders they've -- -- make it work with all -- harder -- all the hardware vendors on board -- all the software guys and do things you know that. Old way which worked great for PCs. But as Apple well and everybody -- and -- and Google. This kind of showing doesn't really work anymore for new platforms. You pretty much need to have games you know if you're gonna be like Microsoft and you've gotta have an innovation department. You -- they do to have you know -- I think they got hello people working at Microsoft are indeed doing all sorts of cool enough. The -- gets tucked into corners of windows. You know here's a little thing here you go if you -- right here you'll see -- cool thing but it will then ask yourself maybe they needed throw it out like maybe they you know I mean -- Ballmer lacks the vision to make that happen in a timely fashion and you gotta ask yourself okay what Microsoft. -- strategies do they needed to say this is what we do. And we don't we're on the we're not in the tablet business and why would -- That's -- great onion headline bomber we give up. -- I -- like if we we I said this yesterday felt like HP incorporating webos into their next line of computers over the summer. I think -- a lot about what they're partners think of Microsoft's strategy. An extra weight again. Eight and that -- they're going generator building in house and the funny thing about that -- is that is the that is tragic both for Microsoft and for HP. -- Now I think -- -- and a potential old shirt has potential sodas you know. Tablet 1212 or whatever it is I think. My personal healing and and usually you should -- against whatever I think that's. Like that killed the -- can compete -- content and content. I calculate the Atlantis. -- per billion that level at the wonder why that that is going to be because HP has been very bold and they are you know there -- huge -- document that they're huge OEM -- huge seller of consumer electronics. And webos is a great operating system. And that if their -- writing checks to developers. That they have I think a really good chance to come out with -- super compelling tablet. And then maybe have a pretty good embedded operating system that they can really use the lake. Take consumer electronics to the next level. I agree that all of the on paper HP has everything there from on the product side what HP doesn't have is. Apple's C you'll and coop and single minded focus on design although they do have good design -- have. Great design and they don't have that simple minded consumer focus that Apple just had and in its the NA HP's. Definitely not that company. And when you're going to have a single operating system and this is new initiative with developers you kind of need that. We need Guy Kawasaki from the late eighties I had totally analysts Omnia man -- I -- they probably don't have the leadership that's what. -- -- depending on the island is that. I think that they they do show a lot of leadership in buying palm and -- this strategy. I think they -- -- vandalized which he said they need to. They need to make a bigger deal about how easy it is to create programs on webos the whole idea is that it's pretty much web kit via Apple -- An -- anybody -- page ads you know they were like here's what in developers. Moon -- -- -- and other tablet wrap up from that other you know repercussions of the iPad you announcement Samsung is leaking. Like sitting in an -- a similar considering an inadequate the it. Good morning to you -- -- -- -- been offered me uncomfortable. According to senior official with and them they do in fact the Eastland dining competitive price and the iPad -- -- biggest obstacle. And they need to improve the parts that are inadequate. It is to carry it out -- said that might. And Apple made it very -- Yet I think saying that Samsung is right but kind of I don't think people buy the iPad one or the iPad two because -- them. They by -- entire package. And I. I'm not sure that -- kind of we must do better story here it shows that they understand the what we're talking about before the the the the arrogance the com the -- movement -- the focus and the the innate. Understanding of what consumers. Not what consumers want when he can make them and make them exactly yeah yeah and Simpson does great design. But then you get like eight. Complete package of design and marketing so well that it -- nobody matches them. And it's very easy lessons for -- A lot of other companies to learn from and you just don't see that happening. And if I guess it's the old guard -- the management. Who knows but what they're doing isn't exactly breakthrough at -- it's probably 101 marketing in college. You know it is -- -- it's great man theory personified. Because when -- it is a leadership it is completely leadership. -- you you know and know and it's really hard to have the balls to say. I'm gonna take my company and turn it into a dictatorship and authoritarian. Regime like there's just no question right it's gonna be run with. And iron fist. There will be no stepping out of line tonight we you know I will make every single decision and I will come -- it at the end of your project -- will come in and I will rewrite the entire thing. The -- you know it's an interesting culture to you can't adopt that culture unless you've had it from the beginning and after -- has. The I don't think the other 28 grade it's because they didn't because they let -- they let that culture -- -- Steve Jobs and they have like a normal person in charge to the -- you know he's not a normal person that's right it's not a normal company. -- -- I feel like the other big thing though is that they -- limiting the moves that their competitors can make. -- -- mean they've literally taking a game of checkers into the game of chess by buying up all the supply. Where the displays for the processor is for for everything they need to go inside. They've got a great deal on it they've got the economies of scale and it's true nobody so far has been -- compete on price which. From Apple's point of view -- that's almost unheard of -- nobody knows that Apple usually about 152025%. More -- more and a. And a competitor to second and they couldn't under price a porch via. Yeah exactly -- you -- -- you -- didn't see that company didn't see Apple and in the price war. Although there is -- story today with a photo government gadget that appears to show the Wi-Fi only Motorola's -- -- For 539. Dollars it's really an out just on price alone that to -- says. Now we have a game again. You know like my like Motorola -- scored a couple -- the well now you can get now you'll be able to get an iPad one. For they're gonna start to scanning -- one's idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A Wi-Fi -- zoom considering -- -- of that machine at 539. Is in fact I think it's screaming deal that thing you know I've said but the thing is dead if it's any more than five men and merit and by 39. I think that that super viable tablet what's the lowest price iPad. -- -- -- -- -- -- We're 99 but that you don't entertainment. Specs -- what about these 65000 other reason features of the iPad which is the apps. As right now there's still what sixteen apps for optimize for honeycomb -- I thought we would have seen a bit more of an avalanche of apps come out over the next couple. Google. Is the problem with is him actually Google -- -- Mary line content management company could argue on them not -- -- and it's still a little bit. A -- a little bit and yet but I connecting people are looking -- the expect the high -- screen. It's huge. The cameras are better at base and ability like Ian with a 32 -- built in with expendable memory it has an SD card slot as HDMI out port -- Exactly you're exactly right -- also -- other people who buy products with their brain. This is the product to get that nobody -- product that way in the real world people don't -- around the real world but in the real world -- -- -- tablet via -- and I can. -- All everybody -- writing tablet now is a little bit of Mickey Ehrlich a -- -- -- their parent into you know. Though it so really -- -- -- game anyway and at least now handling game on. -- the right thing I and other. Apple related news Apple apparently negotiating unlimited usage usage of your music downloads which would. And if that's freaking -- Let you -- download your music and other devices identify -- access it until it's almost three I I didn't know that the reason that when you buy something and iTunes and you put it on your computer or your phone ordering and you lose all your equipment you can't get the music back. Yeah -- -- what once the what you know one time -- was not because of Apple with because of the licensing deals with business the studios or something. Probably mean Apple has definitely give any given the studios a lot more in and they needed to especially considering I -- you think you're right device with one computer that you can't even. Share that he can't even put that library take it from your device and put it on to another machine. But -- -- -- at a monstrous pain in the behind totally and they put out is that Apple of this or the labels I think that's the question though it apparently based on this story but since they're negotiating with the labels to allow you to do exactly what you couldn't do before. Then. It's in this relationship at with the label treatment didn't argue they're gonna try to make it possible just like when. You know if you lose your computer use log back into your iTunes can't get your capsule back. You should be able get your musical -- to be a locker. Seriously this is great and fantastic news to share your library and more than one machine back to hopefully though -- I -- your music industry if you're dragging your -- -- at least. He did that because this is what and the reason Apple needs to do this because -- -- threatening -- subscription services because digital. The digital media it's hard to manage and edit so much -- and I am totally -- Contemplating the -- in on ad campaign committee around -- -- It -- this key executives while here in this file there and -- -- -- it's also a -- to also knows its killer app and well I mean is is it a precursor to subscriptions on iTunes ever and we did in prospect of that for years -- from of the decade. And did they did by the -- Government dollars. They -- -- they bought what. The lot will move the island and Delilah and me. Apple also has handed opera I pretty much the biggest gift that anyone ever hope that -- Yeah today. When you go to the apps wrangling when you go to the App Store. On your OS-X machining try to get -- it says. You must be seventeen or older to download this free app. Which ever written that allows -- -- browser click. And that's. -- -- is passive aggressive way of of. Countering all the people with an -- you can import and the iPhone on lunar rover. That they -- thinking today that it. And it's so great because then opera is taking this in -- Believe this fear that they shouldn't and responding but with young -- VP of desktop products proper thing. -- in a statement I am very concerned. Seventeen is Barry -- I am not sure -- at that age people are ready to use such an application. It's very fast you know -- it has a lot of features. I think it down a requirement should be at least state team but will play a game. And. Very very good opera and that. At -- a little break when we come back we're gonna talk about -- of the places that want to give you often deals -- cool thing is that you goodbye. And this. Some cool features dynamic in the house. I hated the ads when they know it's everything the thing about this car at. No -- didn't get out there. Back and it. The New York Times is apparently launching every -- -- daily deal thing the group on and living social -- pure pressuring them. That now the New York Times. Is launching time's limited a group I'd like daily deal service offered through emails that will focus nine. Premium products and luxury goods -- sort of. Gilt -- now the question here is this really a group on. Like thing in that you don't get the deal unless the number of people sign up or. Is it just another way for -- publishing company to send spam excuse me offers to your inbox which has been the model of publishing. -- -- -- -- -- I think it's that I think it's the -- model not agree upon him and I think argue linger like -- hasn't gotten enough credit for watching the daily if he didn't have anything at any you know it came from them. But this is definitely in that vein because it sounds like it -- be you know exclusive product experiences man easily. The anti dresses and land and on and campaigns and even if it is group -- like -- you have to have the critical mass in order to activate the deal. If I look I looked through it in the whole thing feels completely non group on it feels totally like old signing up for your mailing with buy get offers to rent yachts. As opposed to hand it in those cool underground thing even if group on -- -- -- bigger than any day via -- -- cool thing in the my friends will know that collects the this feels like. Expensive advertising that I'm asking people to send him a thank you and -- -- I did it and well thank me on the again when -- -- -- and -- it like that you don't get any time we can -- like them. There's that living rich are born rich web site and depth of talent -- it would -- it would. I really want to do that there monthly payments and -- -- living facility and he -- -- -- 2000 dollars for the penthouse suite -- and night. For two. The Fairmont them recently revealed antibody but now you've got like you got to keeper of the outset of China to keep -- and you've got to drive around hotels. Mother -- -- report for a day that's an expensive taxi you know those names those deals. Our Amazon gold box which is they don't Amazon never expected -- -- actually. By gold box -- it was a former africanized advertising so Amazon users would know what else Amazon sold this is just a way for. The Fairmont to advertise and make it look like a deal. If you offer a deal I mean it you know they offer some sort of package that you can't buy anywhere else I mean I in the living financial -- In general have been like -- group -- okay. They've been amazing and actually I think that I was excited Amazon invested in them yeah and then I think was two days ago when they cut the deal with spending go through -- -- dollar to. I feel -- that every buying dollars for two movies. Everybody got that every -- people people who -- techie who don't follow who aren't on the edge I thought everybody on my FaceBook page and Twitter. Get the ideal VMware I think we're at that moment where. Know everybody thought -- who will missing out of group on the is. A big loss for them but -- social media incredibly easy for me this year and a time -- this. And it could be a way through reinvigorate advertising we think you're actually -- -- -- Advertising but sort of spun differently so who do have an emotional connection to it it's not just. Like Samsung not just Microsoft at its. If it's that much closer to commerce. If so you think we get enough people together we can get Microsoft to give us. Windows. 2012 quicker. How can heat up immediately feels -- every -- -- Well Microsoft is getting into the -- -- the -- Microsoft is at least you know one part of their division of news and another thing they they are now also doing daily -- on dating. They'll be integrating that this is like not and doing their own cut their own deals island -- times they're integrating daily deal. From group on living social and other group coupon website into its search and and so -- kind of aggregating all of offers. Which I -- -- super handy. This looks very handy I wonder what that does to the brand. Impact of things like living social group on and they started to get aggregated totally they -- that they do not limit. Now on the other hand. But it let alone but if you're the one with the better deals like -- living social write your chance rate that we ignored years some other group. Like -- another and I know but I -- I couldn't name another group -- website. Off the top of my -- -- nine and exit the that they start showing up in the search results and have -- it that's actually better but if you -- flower shop and you're doing a deal on of these things and all -- -- -- you're on a major search engine as well. Your -- this yeah yeah. Well what I am what's to stop Google from doing the exact same thing I know they had Froogle for years but nobody nobody really used it for -- Everybody -- and oh yeah and we worry and even when Google sort of missed out on a group an opportunity we were things like it's not as though group -- -- not a replicate able business plan and -- to nearly as hard. It's just -- yet but every you know if you've got the Amazon cloud and your time. Any patent -- it. The refinement but actually I think we -- If the materials are off them and they're getting more intent. And -- -- say -- -- retail prices are for suckers 80. Yeah he never repeat meet ever period all. Pilot season quickest selling. It. AT&T is now offering post paid tablet data plan. -- -- can now opt to pay fifteen dollars a month for 250 megs of monthly data or 25. For two gigs of monthly data which is different from the prepaid plan so -- -- the Arctic that they don't. The payment doesn't actually hit your bill until -- use it once. I think they'll percent of ahead -- that you don't use any data than you don't get charged to use one bit of data and into the proposed pay plan and you can use my door and fumbling the national awesome actually it's not yet and then the main difference is the charge for exceeding data limits on in the post paid plan if you exceed your two gigs. And you'll be charged another ten dollars for another -- of action data. But under the prepaid plan if you exceed two -- and you can buy an extra -- expert pointed out. Whatever the battle I mean that did this big discount -- via which makes me wonder why they have the prepaid plan. And now. And in creep in and maybe it's just implanted into differently by the I think it's great idea I'll oppose it pretty -- Also AT&T confirmed that the iPhone for personal hot spot feature is coming to the act on our. I'm -- and yea I. Evident. Of that happening that it. -- the content but the. As the highlight of my people are gonna be in the stores and no this is great -- -- finally a -- dynamite dynamite. Eight this thing I hope it's gonna cost -- on more yeah when I'm already -- in the middle of. You know they -- announce it because that's when IOS four point three action comes right so -- I mean if they weren't gonna do it like it did last would -- last year with I OS three point oh. I didn't have tethering for what -- nine months or almost food for the next year I that are -- the -- lot of crap for that. But just be clear it does cost more you have to have the data pro -- gained 45 dollar tethering data plan. So what I'm on the grandfathered unlimited plan and -- finally and after bounce off of it or something and I think it's an extra charge. -- 120 dollars on top of whatever data you have twenty dollars. Forget the company gets me overdrive is that it's still and. Does it just approaching applicant your company operative Blackberry and you don't want it as -- -- your own phone and ask them to paper and portable. Really the only -- -- for a. Okay movie got. And how that we'd like totally kill that little deal for ourselves yet know. He didn't think -- think smart thing for companies and JD power. There's them semi annual study of wireless call quality has found that Verizon has the best call quality in many parts of the united. Little surprise that shocker. Netflix app for iPad has been updated with a new custom UI and as predicted. You lose your dvd queuing feature. Law that's kind of a drag when you're -- -- -- -- -- might -- little Netflix -- management and none of the -- that you wanna -- are available on instant -- they tell -- but in the dvd -- but you can't. -- I can't give you guys honestly. -- I got off the twenty dollar -- month Netflix plan went down to the eight dollar month plan because I dust was literally collecting on the dvd yeah so much easier to watch something else online. It is to even get up my ass and. -- -- I think that's and turned it is but they don't have any movies like they're sorry they have not made they've promised us these amazing deals they made agreed to a thirty day weight. On new dvd releases so that they could cut better instant streaming deal. And that library is still a lack of better word pathetic it's lame. But hardly tell yet faced and on the couch with your iPad at TV over there the iPad here and you're like I wanna watch something right now. And you wanna watch on the IE you wanna do the instant streaming -- interest from there. And then if it's something and it really do you wanna watch and I want to at least at and I do get patted my dvd queue and then tie it takes me -- but eventually -- like the median then back. I -- -- way for me. At one dollar difference you know the one -- -- month thing is like 8999 and united and in the offer in the noticed the month thing is a dollar less yeah mom that twelve dollars years' worth. Marketing for 90% of their inventory it is that it's like no way you're making money and needed a product. -- -- these other on them answers users that Amazon. Which is totally on demand among them -- yet awesome and they actually a pretty. Although not aggregate HD select. Operates the voodoo is -- ago I think that's monthly -- that the beauty is built -- news -- is a PS3 version which is killer. -- -- The trick is and I don't -- -- of my big thing that puts me over the ads haven't needed irreparably by apathy on Tivo and it was all about Wal-Mart need to work. The evil anymore -- -- as the world turns out that what a target him at night on an apartment -- It's like rocket MacWorld. -- -- TV channel on recruitment if you don't know about it lament him. Not is apparently gonna bring amber -- -- -- in car entertainment system. Which may stop I think officially like the typical -- in the world right now I was up owner. And the I had bought a solvent 1995 at the tail end of their cool period -- -- waited as. Trough of being GM twenties and uncool and elegant cool and now it's time for me to get -- -- And hundreds of miles on an it consultant and none of the and it can and -- Potentially equal sides of the platform will be able to connect to the card internal computer. And -- developers -- -- that an inner workings of the vehicle forget -- no bad idea and snow and. You could create an app that keeps you informed with something happens like some things going wrong very can keep -- inside and outside temperature and all that but an also heavily email and -- the mapping alone. They just did a cart that video -- -- -- thing in every -- take video which is like. My Android phone is giving me better turn by turn directions and basically any in car system which most of the learning -- -- street -- Yet what he use Android native yeah okay try also. GPS motion GPS which is cool if not -- paid and waves which is crowd -- WE ZE which is free dreary cool really aircraft traffic yes all I'm in both solid as -- Android phone -- just don't know it might -- it evidently her. -- I -- I mean a layer the layer is really polite enough those patents and. It -- every time whenever your Android phone is on the it is acting as a pro what you think Google gets -- traffic data from Android use -- little. Like I am TomTom has or a model that -- you are now that -- -- the whole company that was gonna -- that are really cool GPS maker and I've got -- dash navigation dash navigation via crashed and burned at its duty yet mesh network traffic Google's doing it. Did you guys are doing that that this is premise he tried to reporters' roundtable and important and -- didn't -- mapping. The yeah totally on. As you think this guy think is the -- like a bad move you know like I mentioned somebody's car getting hacked into taken over it's found it yet yes well I. That's gonna close the thing with. Come with George Clooney -- the Mercedes. -- And -- that the name movie -- Michael Clayton Michael oh yeah -- in the -- Have proposed -- -- I -- have -- -- apropos of nothing the creators of fruit ninja avenue game machine gun jet pack. Which may be the coolest name for a game -- -- three or -- gives you group. You you control -- If as they navigate the deepest laboratory about flying up and Margaret -- including -- the mobile lasers and high powered missions missile and many -- These aren't the about it belonged to download. Clinton -- and game ever. And then an inside baseball news we here at CBS interactive have a new president but it is also a Internet company acquisition. Yeah we're buying this really cool little television guide company -- clicker. And I think we're buying anything get it CTO who's now going to be our president of the get -- -- -- not. I gym -- -- -- I love you. -- -- I really happy I think I mean not only to insiders about this but covered clicker I think through smart company and him through its -- It is actually him on on -- and you get big part of a partnership with basically the we talked about their big partnership with it but I think. So that now -- they're becoming one of the many entertainment recommendation services and usually get -- I'm watching it there whatever but it that you have a better aggregation online -- do you love your job. So I don't mind until the island at random -- online video not enough. Loved I did that yeah I love -- online video. And two point do we could search for some easy way and the great thing and when smart meter mountains -- -- -- -- of -- are. Neighbors -- yeah -- didn't most news. But it can be -- science -- of dubious important. But. Scientific events -- -- university have -- my eighth. You actually discriminate between types of liquor and wine and -- the lines that might. -- -- -- -- -- LL line rule out will order a map point amounts -- order better wine and I can pretty much yet I have. I imagine you below -- and snacks and if they're not quite certain yeah. Well and. I just don't imagine the pitch like the graduate student who's gonna I really wanna get a bunch of -- drunk they know the difference between a cabernet and you know somehow -- And I O nine which might be my favorite website -- and -- they -- -- lead is genius they say. And he's not thinking -- they're pretty great we'll be off the meant they were more pretentious. They actually happen in 2008 but the details are only just coming out when they were able to you'd randomized to discriminate. The red -- up from between red -- and other makers including white white line -- they wine -- and one liquor. And then they tried to get stuck experiment that might make it the -- -- -- -- -- The -- and a little Nokia isn't it others ahead of the little nimble. Think ultimately -- Bible are acutely. The. Without my -- in the chat with like the real life relatively. -- and an elite it's the same -- it was that guy but the question is why I don't think I'm the voice of ratatouille was the guy in sideways. Tell -- you're right Paul Giamatti yes. It all comes together it's all coming together why -- -- They did -- -- that they they were unable to get the -- to be able to reliably discriminate between. Fine differences in. In read one that could tell the red wine from the white line for the sake of the room Dayton but -- could -- -- -- the one part of that -- -- good honest Democrats started. -- But there's the style that didn't help that pilot. But it certainly much more important science news now gotten arguably may -- gadget news been hit. -- outline has managed you put together what a combination of and and yes game. And a breath analyzer yet some -- hacked a breath analyzer into any any -- any nets so they can make that the awesome as party game ever. Who's the more broadly written and editing video or -- videogame we've more than. Globe literally into the -- -- it and it up on screen comes the adorable sort of like eight bit. Argue learning -- -- -- and a one -- blow and like him for August 28. Improvements in everything from clothing to ended their blowing on the NES -- -- back in the eighties and we. The and yet you have -- to work. -- -- -- -- Oh by the way -- EDT went with a -- patent on well wait a minute -- -- in my and resident humility in relatively. -- my completely confusing now. Now that the of them wondering to myself although that -- trivia phase alcohol. And also I can't legally miss that story for so many days mechanic at meaning to throw -- in the lineup and forgetting. But then I found it from -- it seems only appropriate that he appeared to join in the discussion of the moon caveman. -- gave the Indian space research organization or is row. Found a an underground cavern on the moon. Which is apparently can easily made airtight and -- temperature stable like minus four degrees Fahrenheit republika. Which is thought of having it wild you know have definitely. So this is where we build the -- This is you really awesome and -- public to communicate with like pac man meets -- probably done though crazy and it's pretty look at everyone's like this the ready made structure for a lunar base. Our habitat. How did they know this like it and yet so we set people up there -- just looking through a telescope and -- saw an opening in the ground. I don't know -- as some radar ping. It is you know maybe -- -- any rover found it. Maybe -- -- violent murderous Ohio area with them and that we know about. Companies -- one point two kilometers long buried and it island collapsed in its popular that argument outpost until -- yelling -- them if the might already be somebody in there that's the from the don't know -- occupied and not a minute the only thing that helix loop or secret base. To me. -- let's move on to our happy ending. Actually -- lenses bomber and easily put it with the reload the actual funny story. Star Wars in 3-D. Common to theaters you just can't stop it in February when -- tomorrow charge. We've seen it enough. We had a lot of labor and -- -- an executive and they're really did that put the stake in the heart of the story what are they starting with. Which one the -- no one wins and then the jar jar yet come on yet. Then you won't even even if you want to see episodes 45 and ethics -- -- You'll -- -- 2015 to even be able to do that. But if you want the whole thing -- and that you'll get the whole -- on Blu-ray on September 27. With thirty hours of special features but I think now countries no -- -- relief that treaty or -- -- seventeen for the 3-D Blu-ray version and then. 20/20 for the smell O vision version. -- -- five -- jacket straight into your cortex has reduced the hologram version. You're right you're right about that right then the hologram cortex militant 3-D version. Do you know it and our -- I came up with it I can't believe that certain genius and -- -- -- -- -- I've just figured out what the Star Wars -- either. -- -- -- -- They argued that -- look at the easy thing -- the -- pick the ingredients and repackaging. Them 101000 ways. Edit the metaphor -- I'm not really because the first three movies their monthly -- that an army or if you know you're right is that -- -- -- -- And or -- that salute. And title. -- and in other news today -- lastly. According to a new reports. Researchers at Cornell have determined that your FaceBook wall. Boosts your self esteem. -- but it's that it's that quick -- it's like it make you feel better that gives you why do it like. It totally addicted to that the quick hit happy yes keep coming back if that doesn't mean it's good for -- though. Now. What is the place where people like heroine dealing if I'm not good for you to make movement and -- believe. I -- but apparently my Cali she felt compelled. WL and a predicted mark my words I think that's -- yes I think Andy and you'll have withdrawal. And then you start spouting crazy tiger put it -- It will happen it will happen if anything that helps to explain to me part of the reason why it's addictive. Because people are getting a little boost right I mean literally a boost from it because for the most part -- people -- The the things that people post publicly on profile tend to be overwhelmingly positive and or its you know I mean you might get. 145. Happy birthday right and it makes you yield to make -- beloved important an important -- -- There's no unlike button that's of I guarantee he goes we go down a lot more ability unlike button. -- played it but how deeply it's too easy and make the world seem better than it is that lulled people into a false sense of security continued elemental repayment and the you know you needed -- unique -- or law. No no I wanna through the -- editor -- my new liquid W bummed out that indeed needed recalled him as your wall. I make you feel better -- these but don't see if there. And let's get to your calls and letters -- No like nothing ever and not appeared to be in a tunnel. Not -- that audio quality health. But Andrew writes in about yesterday's suggestion that you can back up your email by setting -- your Gmail to forward to other counts. He says be very careful about using filters or Hotmail in a couple -- -- go through the hot that Hotmail considers spam they -- blocked email address -- for reading from permanently. -- -- from friends that have happened at Hotmail team is quite hard to deal with. Pretty warning that unites them maybe just -- -- a number that Yahoo!. It's not it's not as redundant -- backup system. Patrick Griffin says display. On the Disneyland break up the beam and -- -- at -- might -- now. With a single writer line you can still wait in line with your spouse or your group of friends you just don't end -- writing together when the -- my wife and I often is the single writer -- -- -- a thirty minute wait together and five minutes part. Is a lot more fun and a three hour wait together -- backed by minute. Good point also you can it's -- to land and water and of that. Look at how is there it. But it is with a spouse can't believe many -- -- the door only to new mandate red. Button. And and then finally I just got that one in -- personal email today and total rim shot moment. Julian Wright and says -- glad everyone I know it -- upgraded to snow leopard blood. Yet what the program Charlie. And good looks nothing like Hamlet right. It even been released and the development authority. That gold to master the -- All right Y you've got them coming that is we get clear out of this. If they can't get you guys out of here I'm doing it going to do -- -- noon Pacific reporters' roundtable with Michael Robertson on his new digital audio recorder the Tivo for radio called dart at a them. My corruption that -- started MP3 dot com which I think we've bought. At one point and he we did bank of Internet windows that -- -- physical stuff and great cent of all our digital media reporter here and reporters' roundtable. -- -- -- -- that's going to be good. And then. Don't forget that if you even if you can't come to Austin and join us -- -- -- but now let's party counting we've made it totally clear that we're going to be live streaming -- meant. So you will at least be able to get your eyeballs on the -- of people in on the Internet he -- -- today. And at a French has agreed to perform all my Internet at the show and then of course the stars of the -- CBS show chaos dual core and dual core. It could be a probably a pretty Iraq and south of that'll -- streaming on Sunday march 13 at 6:30 PM central time. At cnet.com slash live and of course you're -- -- Dear -- to get -- that party Hitler crap as a doctor about. -- Let everything -- -- -- -- I've never that the unit that comment or email address. And I agree we -- I have a computer lab returns next guest computer we'll be back next thing we want and what. Newton Newton and -- and.
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