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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1419: iPad 1 plus iPad 2 does not equal iPad 3

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1419: iPad 1 plus iPad 2 does not equal iPad 3

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On today's show, we're joined by Eric Franklin of the Crave podcast and Wilson Tang from the 404 for what turns out to be a much more reasonable and serious discussion than you might expect. Short version: what's going to happen to the Android tablets now that iPad 2 is out, and will there be an iPad 3? Also, Verizon ends iPhone unlimited data plan and security woes strike the Android platform. Plus: UFOs! --Molly

Today is Thursday -- there's plenty of them. -- I'm Wilson tang I am Molly -- welcome a buzz out loud in a podcast to indiscriminately at -- episode 14100 in nineteen. And I know you might be feeling like either you just one video lottery complete. For a port -- via -- -- on on. -- You've got a little bit with -- that read time mysteriously appeared today. He got called -- suddenly to go and do an interview in LA actually with one of our south by southwest -- -- live show guests. Which I think we're now prepared to reveal because. Like a week away -- So yes CBS's premiering we did mention is that they're gonna be premiering or at least announcing the premiere of their new show chaos. That the buzz out -- -- -- live -- that we're gonna have. Talk -- style you know -- -- Talked about -- -- catch more on stage. We now can officially announced the of the -- -- people on the Internet I think I show -- you catch more and Eric Franklin Eric. And police today go ahead. And that time I'm so excited factor about the guild and the Dragon Age spaying and doctor horrible and -- -- about one annual baby -- -- back and the that is super awesome exciting we're gonna have musical department by dual core. Also our buzz out loud at random from way back -- difference. -- agreed to come on and perform her -- on the Internet and live ID you know her like. Hits on and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that apparently -- -- yet -- -- still around is that he he's doing some movies now and then Brett Ratner Baghdad seeing that guy. The -- Brett Ratner is the director. Of the show and an alpha obviously enactment movies though Brian Tong is going interviewed him for some sort of pre roll promotional video. But those three European entrant on. -- and lives in Vancouver actually -- When. Yet to meet progress there and intact adding -- there now I haven't you and other -- That is it that's pretty good this show lineup for the month how loud. Epic. Epic -- police that your Okaloosa. At south by southwest. Out of the -- but they are. You're about if it becomes sent in and take them -- and yet none of that and that's the plan right now. Other -- -- it up like a really long explanation or rational. Is that like -- That -- show you -- I was like this the most secret and ever. -- Brian -- well here's our awesome to explain why it's well done but I am excited because we have -- thing in an airplane and burst ever that I dealt with immediately -- -- out of here and they'll let them add data at home -- -- -- -- Think how you didn't know I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm. Well welcome back. To the show and -- and thanks for joining us. And nonetheless Amazon -- -- we did it from New York I think we had to take over -- on Friday and that was. But some big shoes to fill -- data. And who evidently well I it's -- A potential New York extra extra. Who's that sitting -- -- have to read so much you have to know these and that -- lot of work. The -- that the lot of work. Well actually this -- they show it really easy because the whole first block and now we have not management at UT at the time you know what what what happened. They completely got about net neutrality have been -- deep commitment and it's pretty. And hired. You Eric has recently it like started taking over them to work in and tablet coming out of Apple -- and O'Donnell with that stuff lately -- now you like being in house expert. -- -- -- -- -- Yet it still learning a lot. The what's your big tape from yesterday you know into the room what are the -- -- an iPad you. I feel like. I feel -- -- And I feel like what they've done -- -- told the other. Tablet vendors. Look we -- here to compete we're here to win and we're not -- -- go anywhere and and pretty. CEO of any kind of Motorola or LG or any of the -- tablet HP whoever in the big tablet vendors coming -- some. If if any of them are surprised. Apple Neil came out with two dual cameras can pass a process that came out -- the inner form -- I think he stepped out. Really because there's about how could be spotlighted is how can you be taken aback by -- had to know this was coming. I feel like -- is saying look we're here to win and we're not given and a and look we're going to be mainstream you guys gonna they're gonna get to -- over the scripts. That's that's my take away. And I I agree. For the most but I also think that it was really telling that they brought Steve Jobs out who's supposedly on medical leave. Now like being on stage. In doing a giant presentation like that. Does takes quite a bit of energy you know and I think that that for then they did the calculation net. It right now is really important in -- tablet market. If they -- if they can win the tablet market for the next year to they've got it locked down for a good while they will have -- -- IPod win slash windows monopoly that Microsoft and -- Apple -- before. Like this is the moment now if enjoy can't really compete in the next year to I don't think -- -- knocking -- I don't think they're gonna compete. -- -- This is just made their -- and lock it up in just gonna take too much for people to want to switch or have an app developers -- answers yes. I agree. Yeah -- -- -- okay -- -- is no well yes and now I mean I do think in a long term we will see of -- you know monopolies never. -- -- -- -- the short -- the short response to that is. That you know that bigger they are the heart of -- no monopoly ever lasts forever there is always. Competitive landscape somehow. And I do think you know we've seen that in the phone market it look like the iPhone would be the absolute runaways mark on it in with it. The Apple OS was terrifying days you know terrifying. Rim terrifying Nokia and -- came Android -- it is now that the dominant Smartphone OS. And and I think it -- competitive market is continuing in an Android for tablets date is the same rate they can still work. On that developer base there's still that potential out there. But I agree with you that in the short term Android tablets are in a lot of trouble unless they get a lot cheaper. Mary very fast and frankly honeycomb does have to get easier -- It does it is gonna go numb. ID using -- come out a lot of I handle you know is looking forward -- -- -- on the thought it was going to be like. Much more simpler. And they don't think I don't feel like they really did that -- B. It made it premiered in May from the navigation is more streamlined. But at the end of the day I feel like it's still too complex for for -- Joe six pack two you know. Yeah I feel like for the mainstream user it's still a little too. Just too complex and you know that's that's what I mean by Apple's gonna be mainstream these other vendors for using. You know Android honeycomb or whatever. They don't have that kind of I must say they don't have -- kind of appeal to the mainstream that Apple it's. I think the analogy between tablets and Smartphones. Is not as an appropriate as. Windows. Operating systems vs Mac operating system the young people love. Mac OS. But a lot of people have to use windows for work and in this net because the applications themselves -- Were originally built for windows and it just cost too much money to change that sort of infrastructure. -- and it can work for better or work I mean I'm sorry like eBay it's not like you're reinforce these windows and -- -- -- sucking down fish oil if it works better or were sure that and my opinion it does like there are actually people who prefer windows to the Mac operating system I am one of them. I don't find that OS particularly easier to use I agree I do find IOS easier to use than -- com and -- -- as soon as -- you know it's not as far along. But I think it certainly can be and I think people will. Eventually start to make it sort of competitive decisions when all of the competition exists and is relatively equal right now you've got one who is so I mean. You know -- iPad two is a mature. Run in a landscape where nobody else has really -- gone off the ground. And yeah that's what they're really doing here with the device and think that they're just extending their lead Berkshire. Now -- accurate there's something -- -- but if they if they locked in the ecosystem. I think -- become that the incentives are all wrong if I'm a software developer. We are you know yesterday one of the big pieces of news I think was the two billion dollars that they paid out to developers. Vs the I think the last figure -- for -- marketplace is about a hundred million. Last year. It you wanna you know it as a developer you're making money and you're taking -- money -- part of the year putting your by the other party should be reinvesting your business. And it -- it doesn't make much business sense to invest in a platform where you're not gonna make any money. I think that's the biggest part of the momentum that they have it's that's -- much of devices it's the entire ecosystem behind it and it becomes even more difficult. -- is a phone because you're actually whining. Applications business is. Actually run their business with -- OS on the iPad. Doctors are using the iPad in the in the surgery room and -- that's gonna be something huge. And the biggest this point with Android is that they really haven't come down. Or given the consumer reason. To not buy an iPad that's the biggest thing they haven't giving consumers a reason not to buy an iPad. The price is certainly not it is certainly too high I think especially with the iPad -- still being on film I think they're gonna keep it on sale. -- a long time I think that it's gonna be. The similar -- IPhone 3GS. -- iPhone four. And a 400 dollar tablet that works almost as well as the iPad too I think is a huge selling point. Am -- at. It so one of the announcements that came out as a result of yesterday was that there is indeed the iPad priced at the original iPad is now -- sell for as low as 349. It's actually 350 -- is that he may -- -- rightly get an iPad for three empathy but if you don't care about -- time I mean it really has to mediate the biggest differentiator like my a lot of consumers are not gonna notice the -- difference if -- or care about it as if they're just using delicate but camera announces it if you don't care about facetime. And that's -- the screen minister deal in the tech world right now like every bit deeper reaper or even 399 will officially how many people can actually use video comes -- like mainstream people like me she uses would actually. Care about video conferencing or have. Notes have a partner with another iPad to be really use it -- And any other thing and Apple's doing is that they're actually refunding the difference. If you just lie if he'd just bought -- -- patent. Only to find out that the iPad is now available and it's down -- 399 Apple will actually refund the difference what does that I just Allegheny timeframe with the windows and usually it's about thirty days. Something so he bought it maybe within the last thirty days and aren't there aren't a ton of details about it's like coming out of the UK right now but. Yet that that to me is -- Hughes. -- -- -- and I don't like. You know how how well like garageband and editing -- movie works on original. If that it performs well and that it is the performance. Yeah I think not got -- regulars and that if you wanna do that I really think if you wanna do those things he got an iPad I don't think iPad can or. Just in I mean again I don't know -- statement -- if you're gonna use some kind of do you really -- -- -- -- The -- editor. Will be one -- Full fledged computers. -- -- -- Mean totally but -- you know any intensive application the united going to be doing 3-D modeling with it. I yet he is on not yet I think in the next year to most people -- we'll have the I think the thinking is keeping their. IPad in their. Backpack and then you know they have a jam session on what -- -- -- -- you don't have to worry about carrying your laptop around yeah yeah yeah and the united there's. If people's I have the impression was that -- -- -- that college campuses only music. All do that and let the chat -- of fourteen. I that -- -- run windows fourteen days that print kiddies or educational and a small number of people that they're gonna have to -- -- -- but sentiment. -- well I don't yet know about gazelle dot com it's a site that does. Technology buybacks and recycling -- you have old gadgets they don't -- any day. You go to -- you type in what you had to really equal actually like and how to get them a little secret they don't want them to get overwhelmed right button and because the more of a certain device they have the lower the prices are which -- get -- in a minute. But so you go there and you tell them what you have and what condition and is maybe if they make you an offer if you accept it you get a shipping label and you just -- -- your thing Nathan knew the money in an interview of the -- selling something. You know it's -- insulin insulin in the Apple. So that they resell that stuff on eBay or if it's not re -- they recycle -- So they have put out there -- in the data business that they basically came out yesterday and then. Yet turned out a lot of people are trying to sell us their original iPad so that they can have pinch media view is that in the -- After the new -- he was announced yesterday get help on -- 2000. -- while. In an hour that's amazing it compares to the 12100 -- phones that they bought during the entire earth today after the -- on -- was announced last summer. -- the beginning of the day. Like before the gold rush you could get three -- they get really good prices -- The more than gold restaurant for the new announcement you can get 375 bucks for your sixteen gig with Wi-Fi. -- 95 for your 64 gig with Wi-Fi plus three G. Now those prices are down tune you'll get 300 dollars for years fifteen Gateway but not bad. They're really pretty decent return like considering that you know the usual resell value for gadget. And 510 for the 64 gig like that authorities. Amazing how these days I think Apple's -- some people that they need this you know what you know Molly I referred to as early as -- a luxury item in those like. It's it's not something you'd need and if you have left a phone that does most of what the iPad doesn't have a smart phone. Why do you need this other thing to carry around with expression get a Smartphone and a laptop yeah yeah how they convince silly people that look you fifteen million million of you actually meet this. -- really interesting like I. I think the more you the -- you -- -- the more you you either -- use or are you really don't need are very -- -- indicated totally needs. And maybe you wanna take your kid on an airplane you need to adapt iPad okay so yeah that you -- yeah like it -- -- it. You valuable experiences you have a kid and he uses that iPad right in on the user do you think they've grown up now do you think that that's going to replace. Personal computers for him you think that this generation. You know when they when he plays with iPad he pleasing gamers don't like that things happen on screen he touches it right yeah so then later when you put a controller in his hand. If -- what does this -- a screen. -- -- -- and his growing up on the iPad and connect. I mean you look at my laptop now like when -- you know on the laptop -- -- he -- on the screen right and that mouse thing is like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- old person thing that I'm using. I think for children anyway of the biggest it being that the iPad does is when you touch something on screen it reacts instantly via whereas -- -- the malice or even a keyboard or some sort of controller. They have to learn the idea that -- Affecting one thing. That affects something else -- and that's -- that's a cognitive leap that. You action be quite a bit older nor understand slick little kids and babies love touching because it reacts immediately have on screen immediately understand that grant. Although I still right -- I think the same reason it. I feel -- the iPad ultimately as well as the -- I won't grow up on it completely which is like you can't get a lot of -- that might eventually is gonna water at a month. His way to clear I'll share analysts voice recognition and maybe -- in Google -- damn good voice recognition and unless -- all the way there the input. -- it still is not sure it might you know film. In final point that this is going to evolve over the next few years and we've we've come a long ways since 07 when you -- -- iphones and it has become. Like we have a giant iPhone that does even more than -- original iPhone. In just four years. Yeah and as you know it's only gonna evolve continually collect -- ice hit -- replacing the television and computer. Am I -- I think -- television replacement they're gonna watch your -- on merit. The -- -- is indeed books though I I just imagine twenty years from now. We're gonna think that it's but it's cruelty to get children -- around 2030 pounds of books yeah I mean it. So let's hope for its -- I mean there's story about kids getting you know back having back problems -- joint problems. Now I mean absolutely -- -- yet it didn't visit. It get you know -- -- larger -- and this is. Unquestionably. We are in the evolution phase the post PC paid -- Steve Jobs and document that was our next big big topic at CES was after the computer teacher edit it where we're definitely in that pays and some things are still shaking out I mean we may find. I think long term we're gonna find that apps are a stopgap. -- and that -- that developer support you know it that the idea of tying content -- specifically to devices hitting an improved economically feasible he shouldn't have to have an army of developers behind you a lot -- fair and so I I suspect that we those issues will shake out html -- terrible lot of the app the developer army problem. And that we are solving -- what is the right form factor is it in fact keyboard lets device with -- Who -- -- -- I I I think the iPad and other tablets like this not necessary being an evolution. The PC I don't think of it being as post PC. I think of it as paper 2.0. Like everywhere that you have paper. That's where your tablet is really gonna come into play in -- can replace that. I think that's where. The cognitive -- that were all that we all need to make as we when we talked about the iPad although it only has one gigahertz and only has 256 megabytes of ram. That doesn't matter. On because it's not meant to replace -- computer computer is a very powerful machine that can do a lot of great things. But you don't necessarily need all that just like you don't need -- a pickup truck with. 300 horsepower. Sometimes academies -- on top of. Right now I agree on that particular point -- it that it. Is more easily a replacement for paper of what media still -- like we said beginning there's still pushing these. How IA. I processing apps to the iPad is still putting I -- its opening garageband is so blatant. You infinity blade these these really awesome looking gains on my idea and it infinity blade production by and the -- that it actually comes at the time. -- I'm not gonna fire them with me and -- Guess what I feel like yes it. I think it Wilson makes a really good point but I also think that there they are at least hedging their bets. By putting this. By putting more robust apps on -- machine. In other iPad you related news that Apple is and this is good news for those of you -- were not excited about standing in line outside the Apple Store. They're continuing their new trend of like selling all I devices -- the -- -- -- in everywhere else. It will be available at best buy. Sam's Club and Wal-Mart at watch that's crazy so I don't edit any line at the Apple story fifth and final Wal-Mart that you don't need these moves -- Zune and some better. It's and -- also interesting story business insider was speculating as was Apple insider dot com. That Apple may have killed off all of the ball iPad three rumors without one -- -- Saying -- 2011 with a year of. -- -- I don't -- And I think Elliott talked up the Internet right over the -- yeah exam before yesterday's announcement I was very much in in line with the idea that they're gonna release -- third -- in the fall. But I think that they're really it all really depends on how well -- cells in the next couple months. They don't -- they have a real reason to release an iPad three if there's still have 95% of the market -- I think that they're prepping an iPad three I think they're anticipating. That all this competition is gonna come out in the spring fall and summer and if the Motorola -- is any indication of where it. And what's gonna be over the next year they may not need to do until next year human I need to release one but I think that the whole reason -- they might even do it is because. You know for a lot of people the iPad three may replace their computer they don't need all that processing power. And it might follow -- more. Traditional. Apple PC update schedule where they have like a big release in the fall. And then a minor update in the spring that's sort of makes more sense from. Long term perspective. But if they are still 95% of the market by September. I think there might be a good I think there's a 50% chance -- iPad three might not happen. And that is decent -- -- -- I can happen I actually think like. You really thinks and what does that rumor this very short release wind up with them even shorter than usual for occasionally deal with September release is that what we can. Yet and these are not very hard upgrades to accomplish -- -- like we talked about how there was already kind of a slot for a camera built into the iPad. It's a it is basically a redesign a faster processor and a camera at its heart there's not a lot going on machines -- that not a revolutionary leap. And I think that they are working on more I almost feel like if anything. They may have. Pushed this out earlier than anticipated. To counter the threat of all of the upcoming iPad tablet there Android tablet because. There was so much -- about him there's been so much buzz about all of the new tablet and honestly I still think that HP slate. Could prove to be the one to the -- touchpad the other touch pad. I think that webos is gonna be is going to be the one that -- -- I know -- never got Alitalia and that the one where I hope that -- -- -- updates via they're just brightened check to developers you know I don't know so much about the tab. With but I think that their biggest competitive advantage is that each -- is the biggest OEM in the in the world. Yeah and if they can throw webos on top of all the computers that they sell. That's where they -- really have a chance to break into the market. Like the whole idea of on the -- by an HP computer. By default they are you have one out of every five. Computer sales at least in the US -- actually a. Another -- -- -- -- -- than if they do it you know people are comfortable with them to fill -- -- the laughter but I think. I do think that this was Apple's -- iPad and that there's a chance for I've read actually in our -- -- that are notorious tipster was saying that they might do an iPad pro. -- around September that it could potentially be like in different kind of a -- Still agreement for you know it's to do more and more like okay well that's features -- it's like what what would. The iPad three look like how the different compared to what would it too. That the iPad team doesn't. Home made energy unicorn -- -- The biggest thing everybody's been threatened display that's what they really very little -- any higher res display right like okay. Engineering and no it seems like enemy the you know they get it they can re engineer me thinner and lighter I would appreciate it but -- that's not like that they gonna change and yet but they put a retina display on indeed they put a different from the camera -- -- like mat on this thing in the back what only takes video or something different gallery that EA has -- And -- what could happen there yeah -- right. There -- -- they would -- -- -- because to be honest if you going to be using a device like that you're really you're not gonna be holding not to take high quality pictures of anybody right you I'm radio -- -- -- to yourself in the best. -- but even though like no matter how you wanna do it a camera things we're also vulnerable. -- the -- if you surprised I hadn't really thought system and I think they wanna do that intimately that's true. -- -- about that and the whole SD card game with in camera -- pages on your own camera. And beanie but it really easily get and put them to the iPad and that goes a -- there's -- SD card reader. I don't think that the bird had never gonna happen that they are some kind of partner Steve -- I agree but idea hire them. Then the last -- -- -- before we go to our break is that Verizon is ending. The iPhone unlimited data plan as soon as this summer that. Verizon Wireless CEO friend channel island to -- ranch. The head. Her face and that idea now is indeed. What I changes they -- Pennsylvania. -- doesn't. They said to be a thirty dollar unlimited data service is not a long term solution and that they will stop they had -- -- -- offering planned brand now I think it will be probably around summer with. Conveniently is about the time we're expecting iPhone pocket. Though yeah it's sorry if he -- got a new Verizon contract if you're so excited right there you know and the content and knife. -- and they're gonna let out people who already maybe they have money to burn. Upgrade to the iPhone five and maybe be grandfathered into their existing data plan that's a that's a question but the whole. Getting rid of unlimited data plans that's everybody's gonna do that nobody's gonna offer unlimited data. Unless you're -- no lower tier. Has the major carriers have to figure out a way to. Put an incentive for people to not download and BitTorrent on their networks and that's. The easiest way to do that is with tiered pricing. And -- I think sprint and T-Mobile might be the only people left who will continue to do that. But if people realize you know if it hackers are people who are more on. Leading edge of tech realizing hey I can bit -- on sprint that may and very quickly via. We'll see him and certainly that has been there has been their argument which is that they don't have the network to support it although I. Maintain that that is still such a small number of users that. I don't -- -- -- -- I would much rather see. I mean I I think metered bandwidth on the wireless network -- is -- kind of an animation killer because wireless broadband is. Is the next. Battleground in terms of development so it it unfortunately we're seeing the data availability move and on the opposite curve as the user. User you know we're wanting to consume video on devices just in time and there when they're trying to limit the amount because I don't of the spectrum -- -- My I would disagree and in as much that like spectrum it is limited to limited resource and economics says that the best way. To. I guess the split up limited resources to put a price onto it where is like going to someone's house you can run another cable. Essentially you can get a limited bandwidth as long as you're willing to pay for someone to run the cable -- the end of the day there's only so many. Frequencies in megahertz and -- that we can use at this moment and I think that pricing it you know pricing yet per megabyte is a good thing for the industry at least when it comes to wireless because it. It's -- it's a limited resource. I Hollywood has exploded they -- -- a lot I AM an artificially limited resources they are not investing in infrastructure to the extent that they could be I agree that it is limited but I don't think -- limited -- -- making an out to be and I think that. The only reason we have the robust and unbelievable like Internet infrastructure that we have now is because the demand for. The ability to create. Innovative applications that website -- -- used. The used drove the investment. And are trying to shut down the use before it even has a chance to start influencing the investment. I totally agree when it comes to land base but it. I don't know you could somebody can do the math and figure out what is the maximum number of bits you can transmit. And that at -- -- -- and -- physics. And there's probably more people in a given area who can use that. And then there is better there are better ways to invest in technology there's there's there's two G vs three G like they've started throttling. Back when they had you know two G or whatever to G was called three G may have never been developed like you can always come up with a way to. To make more and make more -- make more space. There are ways there are ways to improve that infrastructure their own and to make that transmission faster and it Wii's and if we let him say -- -- like. He's good -- were not able to consume that much more -- doubled and so much for mobile streaming video like they're a lot of people right now. Who are streaming our show live on their Android devices -- their iPhone. And I've been if we -- like -- haven't -- for that then there's no reason to ever developed. IG or really even roll out significant amounts of what I mean -- you know it becomes this cat and mouse game where eventually we don't innovate. I would I mean anywhere in here -- -- yet. Well I I don't know I don't know what the limits of the actual physical amount of spectrum is available. I think that competition does take care of a lot of that in the wireless market. But I also think that what I knew it depends on the range now. -- you know I think a lot of municipalities. Should and a lot of copy should get into the idea of setting up hot spots on buses. In businesses that in any place where people might actually realistically be consuming. That kind of thing but if you're if you're talking about ranges. -- hundred meters of 200 meters. I think there's a physical amount. Of bandwidth that can they can pass through. Now you -- you're monitoring right now -- New -- when you're right we may not be close to the maximum amount of data that can be shoved. Through the air in a reliable way. I and I think we can reach -- definitely continue to invest in and I don't think that that we should. We -- we should be investing in policies. Right now anyway dep will prevent users from. Using more more bandwidth but in the near future I'm talking in the next two or three years. If five people were ten people or twenty people start using Hulu and I can't make a phone call that's really gonna bother me. The same streams now the -- data delivery verses boy I mean I think they're there are ways to. Prioritize voice packets you know I mean that's with the network management problem that's not that's not a band with infrastructure issue. They're -- then granted we talk about this mini I know exactly -- given -- You couldn't you know that at -- -- -- let's take a quick break. And who didn't. When we come out we're gonna talk about more waves that Microsoft is -- that can -- Hello and Blackberry messenger going places you never would've thought that if welcome back to buzz out loud and Hollywood joined by Eric Franklin -- the great podcast and -- newest tablet reviewer here at CNET. -- and in the plural or -- and -- Rate for October show and and in. Like Superman Spiderman. And -- the American Batman had told Iraqis get myself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you need to the united Japanese twins earlier -- would be but I thought a black. And I can't -- And is definitely wrong. I've been done in a technology news that men OK the get a big amazing tablet saying yeah it really means Android tablet adamant he has. Yet -- and and -- weren't the only one and then. The -- that you have might not gonna demo windows eight tablet in June. After the iPad username and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You have news that Microsoft has announced general availability of the final version of its windows embedded compact seven operating system code named it's a lot and. Something amber Apple. And that is apparent the bird. Bullet. But although. Cars. And radar guns and Ridder. -- other things is watching death yes though we note that land line. -- -- tablet and there instantly lightweight what now. Important and as a great way in the chapter and put -- dear Microsoft states are making. Love Apple. Her. You know like I actually think that this is where like Angelina really can keep -- The and -- but. Is it. Using enjoy it all these other devices that Microsoft is trying. To get them they can now you have to pay Microsoft for that for that -- privileged yet why does he get it for free from my Google. At a hearing these that is I picked I'm -- at the time I heard good looks right now. I think that it's still not enough so -- the. Especially that I don't like my finger -- an abstract yeah I mean there hasn't announced that all my Gaza giving my card. There is actually from the Android world you know Android Google has pulled 21 app from the Android market apparently because there -- -- -- malware care. According to Google apps are in -- malware aimed at getting root access to your device. Gathering a wide range of available data and downloading more code dead -- now. And then and we talked a lot about security can be -- -- and -- battleground on mobile devices. Images. -- that ever happened on the App Store the Apple App Store and -- hold. I think they've pulled out then they pull that iPhone security terrorist security and -- The -- acting yet there was one. Apple just if it does a much better job of policing their store than Google does it and it's for philosophical reasons but I think this one of the big things. That having a closed marketplace might actually be a good thing for the consumer. The the other thing that sort of bothers me about this is that there's still investigating. Google still investigating. The company in the software but they haven't killed the app on people's phones they've removed from the market place them. But if you download if you want an unfortunate he -- download this it's still on your phone and it's still. Taking all your personal information and whatever stuff and it's it it's doing. -- remote killing apps -- is a big deal I mean people don't like it it makes some people. We aired on in I'd like you gotta be really share of the men in the contact Emily wasn't violent it. It is suspected they're not bigger right. They suspect it but that's the whole idea of its -- If you went into a Wal-Mart -- you bought something from there that I don't know if you've bought chicken that Salmonella you would get angry. Wal-Mart dot com -- -- and take it away and you would never expect them I would hope that they would. You know I would hope that -- -- one really what you what Wal-Mart coming to -- and taken -- not take it from you but I mean at least message you know I mean if you know that what they're doing yet message. In a news release now I'm sure that their messaging users I don't -- we have that many emails -- I don't know specifically but I think it. But there's a big difference between them sending an email that like if you download the -- You wanna uninstall it and them knocking on your door and coming in thinking for you -- in -- a and a pretty pretty -- I just in my fridge from any -- recorded -- actress if they want to remove it from the store and they banned the publisher are ready. Why not kick it off people's phones. In the -- if someone -- to make a purchase on Amazon.com. And now that they're their credit card number. Is didn't -- to hackers or criminals -- -- -- who's fault is is that Google's is that the users. President expressed an interest that -- those tech. In fact that they handled it let's let's move onto that -- -- Do that. -- who apparently an -- AM right now is there's apparently Blackberry messenger will launch -- line. Android and Iowa that the game news that -- and if they but it isn't pretty big deal -- -- of people who use Blackberry messenger. Correcting loved it is that was a big deal because everyone is like whose uses evangelists -- so much it's real time messaging that you don't have to -- text messaging fees on boat like texting back and it comes to -- don't -- you can use like -- -- Yahoo! on your content -- -- out there pretty -- a lot of time my mind. -- sign you out a year period. In another session on your PC on something else on though. Exactly so the idea of just like you'd be real time messaging and apparently Blackberry messenger is an instant notification blanket -- How people get retired and now all -- Android and iPhone users and again with partners he. The aura compatible although it solves a computer -- question. Like they're -- weeks -- somebody. Is likely to be -- long time and -- -- on an island and what to do. -- I thought I mean I think the great thing by. Isn't that one and Blackberry sort of competitive advantage white and blue what wolves what was the thinking behind. -- -- -- -- to get more money when I mean is it free. While it makes the Blackberry. Platform that much more relevant for the people who have it if everybody can communicate with Blackberry -- -- I get it against their ideas -- we don't wanna be an island that no one else can talk to -- we -- news -- and it's like if your business is getting a Blackberry world and everyone in the world -- -- premise is that much more reason to -- Blackberry and the real question is like people that use Blackberry messenger -- gonna -- slum it with Android wireless users -- how to stop it -- -- -- -- the quick -- -- -- the -- and figure that. Word press that -- suffers -- the largest is apparently undergoing right now its largest ever denial of service attack. That you have a word press log -- it's not working. That is apparently why they're being targeted by an extremely large media attack. Which is affecting basic multiple digging -- Gigabit per second and ten million packet of -- bird -- -- -- didn't -- like black. Yet not yet and probably -- -- Mallon -- magnet than those those that is in May have been politically motivated against one of our non English blogs. And the largest in their six year history. A movement and -- -- The Blackberry Playbook is gonna launch on April 10 finally official at. It's less beneficial it wasn't released it knowing about the we've been told -- -- -- report. But that's -- we hear. So far -- -- the pain and -- Blackberry though it is throwing. Some stones over -- -- and saying that the year ago. HP is saying and the Blackberry Playbook imitates webos. Right and -- thing that's really do they -- and blend them they get paid for doing that day. It kinda like actually when we looked at it onstage at the Catholic Emily staying from -- -- my house. Button and then the media and in -- thing and have them uncanny similarity -- I would say India from the -- Late at night helping anybody. And finally Microsoft finally has resumed. Windows phone seven update to Samsung bounds when it Atlantic. I was -- This is from like two weeks ago that the windows phone seven update roll -- was breaking a small number of -- It's gotten all these problems in the -- -- suspended the active we're gonna get it -- -- -- -- in the update and I kind of can't believe that it took. -- only to -- -- inherits its reflection when you put the on the whole with windows on an island so bad. Yet as -- them. -- let's do them I actually originally habits and plant is but then -- -- in that the units of dubious scientific. -- -- have been excellent and they have. I'm declassified. And classified about 8000. Pages almost 9000 pages of previously classified reports the document citing. Of US clothes. By the military and members of the public dating back to in 1950 now this topic -- here in drugs from you know don't include commitments in this topic near and dear to my heart and -- idea from Canada. If your -- are totally thought the whole conservatives apnea partners in meeting with totally it was so weird airport -- -- -- -- camera guys start rolling it was like the idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- And at Canon we need to all lots of but it's together and feed it and it certainly worthy of them via -- show. Which to the public at light movie like a hummingbird and it -- round and there were two other -- and hovering around like sentinel. It was all pocket -- come and -- -- well and pocket and we'll put up with -- -- have put -- about an anti -- in China but it's pretty funny they talk about all of the different things that -- -- at one point. The royal air -- in 1967 with. Inundated with calls about what was -- the people at that it -- thick small -- you -- lying in a perfect line. And that they went -- and -- and appealed a bomb disposal unit went out and blew up one of them. Another was airlifted to a nearby village and then -- the army and depend -- ministry intelligent unit. Intelligence units were mobilized for what was considered a -- -- alien invasion. Until they later found out that it -- engineering students through contracted with an open Internet and military while. Though none of this other -- and -- to support reports the power. Or point two. Definitive proof of your post world aliens that these -- you know they only declassified that it. You they call me when you have that you know win in the president's gonna press conference and -- -- now. That's that's what -- -- -- and otherwise I don't really care. I do I've been waiting for definitive proof for 37 years and I'm tired of being from. -- union. Also apparently -- more blade runner. Is in our future. They -- there are -- the -- -- entertainment is in final discussions to secure film TV in franchise right and talking about. Following up any reasonably -- with sequels and prequel. Yeah really Scott noble than -- Be. So yeah. If they're not sure yeah. Okay yeah look there's -- lot of you telling -- -- the good life for it now. What is that the fact I haven't done it yet that it's on that that what was going to be an alien prequel and turns appeals -- it's I don't know all getting it yet super tasker. The I'm not I'm excited about this and even then -- -- the movie original movie came out. I think -- -- of the terminator. Whatever whatever whatever wasn't it it but yeah I think it's gonna be a -- -- -- yes salvation. It was awful -- is there is awful in that'll be -- that it. It's fine there is okay who is -- -- -- -- got to be involved in this is not not good in the movie itself when -- we came out with a box office tank. It was what if the chemical -- the -- thirty years I think any adding new ones if they have the right. -- and at least now when prop would be more like re union here's there's been a lot of Philip K. Dick -- Then so now if it there doesn't seem to be a lot of excitement about this. The -- that -- ever appeared skeptical you know it's things like it was a moment. But -- -- had your moment -- I yes. It led to move move on to your calls and email and. -- -- First up we get it Leo at call back from remember a single writers silver lining called a guy called that they -- -- he attempted to -- good news. And we're like you just leave your wife to go through the single -- mining giants are well turns adjacent. Mary director. A touch screens -- just a quick. One is a cult at each show and now suggests that writer's -- -- -- -- Well I -- art like the back story out in a player or now pay a marble and abetting a first thing -- -- -- single -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There and keep it like saying to each other pictures from that -- writer -- -- -- Are -- next up at the problem. With gesture locked security. Those consumers extolling virtues of -- -- pattern unlock. -- genes are some -- music. But I don't want any like registry -- into the smudge marks on the screen. My pattern was clearly visible to anyone who wanted hold up but -- the light. Aren't answered that crisscross pattern this kind -- Your ability is the same dot. More than one at least not on on might be stroll inventory and I'm wondering what has good tips for security measures on the pattern of bank. -- it microfiber. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I'll be one of the -- afterward that he rubbed the agrees on -- oh yeah exactly. As -- -- that -- -- really that the maker assured. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of people have emailed us over the week that little -- you can view is note flake. All you acted you to back at your Gmail is just pop into an email client once every couple weeks and into outlook email -- keep it which -- they're all dying from high asked for a button. And then they gave me will just how hard is it can pop it into your thunder bird -- you know just how -- couple weeks to download.com. Web mail webmail. Anyway. For had a really thank you for -- suggests that leverage and I appreciate Catholic group that is one way to do it in popularity again many infant and now it but it won't -- -- -- immediately and to plan. However frank actually called -- what I with a -- easier way back in -- time. -- to train yard nostril are you or talk though -- -- popular part of my genial and act out every public and -- I got a Gmail sculptor. Actors turned up into every -- True or Yahoo! mail and -- -- Under I have. You twit or church and it re open in particular. -- logo -- -- That you. And his treatment ever I actually -- a friend who does that because he has like nine email addresses known -- never remember which one is due to beat them all into her Gmail. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Alec and never really thought about using an up using it for backup so they would take and then. If that that the filter -- one time. I have no reason have a Hotmail account. He doesn't -- -- and and I like that -- and if you do want to do that back up and you can always use IMAP. Did it the year meat in your email into -- -- and that means you'll -- think all ways but it doesn't necessarily work in the global back at -- Humana and delete and I understand the reason -- -- -- -- -- a lot more work that's all you do via or of course back up by. Of the tyrant I think back -- -- really. That's about it let's move on to the email and can -- a couple of these here. He copied from Ghana rode into today Brent on your job. About -- decay heat loss ever loving mind and I thought about it snap on case I don't like them. He's got to know you love iPad you'd never gonna have to point out that mammoth five year old black -- magnet at the back which allows posters and cases to affected device behavior he automatically -- and -- profile data out specific apps behave when that might indicate. Like email -- two times Twitter -- and Spain BT upstream and it old school. As Apple had no idea that I have a Blackberry and I use the load that the fact that -- to holster and automatically would lock via. Those you know when I saw -- yesterday I didn't happily BT -- -- all I -- -- -- ripped out about it. Thank you black hood -- your Blackberry case turn into a tropical that'll stand yeah. I'm gonna be and. -- actually. Well actually Andrew on that it made Gmail back and -- that humans like to know that Google staff -- but the -- site dubbed of that dot data liberation dot org. Which has the express purpose helping users access their data and Google products. The data liberation front is an engineering team at Google and their mission statement that users should be able to control the data they store. In any of Google's products are team's goal to make it easier to move data in and out. That heartened that the ads aren't you get out of an had a Gmail I mean let's hear what you know pop -- that doesn't help you get your own act now cancers in them. Maybe or maybe Google Munich -- good idea Google employees and then well then hit the fact that Google employees that they glories and they note that they haven't an informant and the weird. I and -- Eduardo forwarded that email that he got from our good friends over at break up at a fire. -- that FaceBook app that lets you get an email and coming year curious about the relationship status -- how many people are using them. Well that one point three million people signed up for it and entries but will via -- -- keeper you -- -- I'm not an available online all who really get -- face get red I don't know what's. And we're totally talking you could use it not that deeply interested -- but the people who engineered like Kerio and I'm. But let's open your key advantage that a bad. And apparently. If according to break -- fire has decided to reinstate -- higher. Gay and they've sent that email to all the one point three million people who -- at the unit and that it back. The -- out and it now -- well there is a reason for getting rid of it -- -- -- -- -- people like to write anything honestly think the money yet Lebanon out of spam. -- I think it with a monthly kind of an accident. Anyway. That is our show for it today that of a good show -- -- of meaty topics there -- I kind of forgot about you know my. Wouldn't be viewed here we don't have to -- that. About how this show has changed some minds. But they never put an entry in -- -- -- If you have feedback on the show or you just want to click the link to the story that we talked about they please visit our blog VOL dot cnet.com where you'll also went on back episodes of the show. And links to useful things like -- Wiki. What ended it on thick -- -- -- our. What he got that phone number phone number and you think so they earlier this placement and buzz at cnet.com or -- -- or it. Everything from. If I want to.
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