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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1418: Buzz Out Loud covers Apple iPad 2 announcement

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1418: Buzz Out Loud covers Apple iPad 2 announcement

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In case you missed the big event and like to get your news recaps as though they're happening in real-time, here's a replay of our live coverage of Apple's iPad 2 announcement! Upshot: Brian Tong really IS NostraTongus, and every other tablet maker on earth better start slashing prices, stat. --Molly

More about this iPad. Or potentially know more about the iPad from a hardware stuff -- that we've seen. Are people gonna like they've talked to they're like app it'll be a one point fibre they're expected to be like Fuller today. I thought -- -- beginning -- -- and you know. Well you'd be a lot about it and -- belief that it -- It does feel like at this point may in -- somebody asked me yesterday in a media -- to -- Apple have to deliver a home run with iPad view and I I basically said. Absolutely not I think all they have to do is deliver like. A new iPad right. Great I matched the -- people -- speak -- about -- when -- hear about it. -- they created the market. Yup now the other speculation has then. Whether there will be whether Steve Jobs will make an appearance there was an article and Wall Street Journal. Currents which -- saying that Steve was definitely mulling an appear -- Do you have any with unexpected -- any thoughts on the visual confirmation Donald visual government often. No visual content may not yet been they have a politically the company that Egypt and yeah let out I don't think that it it it it is the kind did. About -- -- Not all you know federation of I don't think we're -- dot. Right. I agree that politically that would be weird. And yet I think to shareholders that would indicate maybe some. Slate lack of competence I don't know or what it does show the commitment to the whole iPad experience. I mean. Now. Yeah I. Now let's that are about and -- Iliad and -- -- -- -- -- a live blog that people have spotted already. Tim Cook. Where -- wears -- -- like in 2000 and that that template and Jonathan I have. O Tim Cook and Phil Schiller are they are sitting in the front row as well as as VP of Mac engineering Bob Mansfield and Jonathan -- I wouldn't be surprised if -- showed as the product -- -- yeah because he doesn't get. More than. God won't prevent you know one of the things that. We think we might see or you know we've been talking about is that the fact that it's already been you know the -- has been out for years there was imovie. On the -- phone. I kind of expect to see some software stuff here on the iPad where you could use the -- like apps on it. And if so you might get and I -- demo Donald just when you dreamed about you lucky double. And the all new I work on -- -- exactly. So yeah among that makes changes we're expecting are of course the new iPad. And then changes to UIOS four point three to me that's where the meat is gonna be -- what they show that can counter honeycomb. I -- the the other thing is that all indications of what IOS four point three has -- there's nothing really. Earth shaking or ground shaking with -- really yeah I mean I've been using a new wanna learn a device I -- home make -- burn them out here. Half -- -- it look funny -- -- -- the -- this thing the big breakthrough IOS five. And to meanwhile there was the Arab port where an Apple staffer was saying that iPad three was the one to get all excited about like that does sound like this really could be -- iPad one point five. And let's -- let's also remember that a staffer. Could be -- -- in the warehouse of the retail store we have. Who announced that -- -- uno also are expecting to possibly get another look at mobile me. Then changes to mobile me and -- news small business tech support services the big. With mobile me though as -- act you know they've been working with they've been building up their server firms over NN North Carolina bowl me -- Then was recently taken off the Apple retails for you can no longer buy a boxed version of it at all. So. There past -- if they really wanna do something different and build even a different ecosystem -- ecosystem with this next gen iPad this could be the moment to do it it's been whereabouts since they've done anything with that and so we could see something like that -- -- That's what -- be pretty sweet I don't. I don't know if they'll actually announce the -- up but they could. Here's -- dish from -- I've read he says in the that the big event today will be thunderbolt and activity. In and I have one point five he says yeah and he said he got a look at the engineering mockup with the analog -- this -- the -- Yeah -- -- -- a look at the engineering mockup that we know other -- red doesn't get these look that engineering might have is as a legitimate source. And -- thunderbolt was in it. So it may appear today or that might have -- you know a preview for iPad. To Netscape I've had three down but wealthy valid ballot be Adobe could -- rob. Stupidity about. I okay. And will slowly get back to work done to than any acted like doing stuff and I like the lights are not nearly live blog that -- -- Yes they'll conduct yet Donald thanks for payment doesn't let you go do your thing. -- -- -- -- The no other things that people hear the -- that are listening to our life she right now two things that on you guys should be aware of the Apple Store is down right now and typically they do that during announcements that also means there'll be some sort of product refreshes -- so whether that's an iPad whether that something else the store is down. -- is a good sign. That's a good -- that you will at least be able to you and I am predicting that you'll be able to pre order as of today after that that does seem to -- Pretty much confirm that. And then there's a report over at cult of Mac saying the iPad you won't be available for sale for two to four weeks -- actually that. Seems like. Pretty much exactly the time and we've been and -- march early April up in their pre orders now. I would assume as of today and then iPad deliveries starting Q4 week that is actually very soon. Thin -- of the iPad three may be an iPad pro. Coming later than may be nodding her replacement for the iPad iPad pro and let let usually you know I'm I'm the bug that data now. -- -- a good point -- -- somebody -- asked me yesterday. And you know we did those fluently -- -- -- -- -- and who is the buyer -- -- you know -- stuff and I think a lot of people did like -- just that -- iPad I'm. They don't want -- effort not only the first generation of a product. But the first generation of a product category. You know people are waiting to see is the are real idea. Having iPad you actually there's probably some pent up demand. An -- we -- I mean we saw with the iPhone model the first iPhone came out you know there is a strong group that person but. Once the next the three G came out it was gangbusters. And that we know the tablet market is still very immature. I mean there's waiting for waiting for the next things though. -- -- Like you got like we said -- decided not screw this up yet and and and will be fine I think that's exactly and this is disliked come on it's satellite -- the playoff. This you know he -- just don't don't let your quarterback get hurt. And action. -- -- -- -- some cool free can bones with like software on select the device and I'll be I'll be good to go. Yet either -- become our people -- are reporting that literally the only thing on stage -- -- chair and a side table which fits with previous I've had announcements. They are speculating about whether they would do thunderbolt that is new ever rumor in -- not just kicking matter Carrie -- to get around. The M the live like YouTube -- Strickland had a good point there is that he doesn't necessarily think about the killer. The -- right now because like we said you're gonna need so many vulnerable yes you idiot thought of than any other compatible devices and computers but it'll it'll become something -- The best thing it'll be -- will be just for video out. More than any violence -- -- know people want people wanted video out on their iPad so. At the moment -- has potential for a lot more but at the very least if it's just a video out to AT in my onto your TV yeah that's good enough. Yeah so and there's also Apple proprietary -- -- connector. Sure. That'll be fun agony in that Catholic -- -- on the iPad is all about the -- to dock connector because there that there is you know. In a bunch of these markets there has been a slot on the upper left hand side. Like right here. And if that's gonna -- -- just run a wire right directly to your TV set yet. So because it would -- and I -- I mean you know who knows we're not engineers but I I doubt they're gonna be able to incorporate within that docking charger USB port on the bottom. Rate that they're not going to right now at least it's at Sony and -- now. Hilton -- -- other wireless thinking and -- I agree I mean what it really is is just about. In -- only alienate -- like in another reason for -- -- by -- that. MacBook or MacBook Pro you know it's like all about creating -- entire thunderbolt compatible with system. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- doing thing insert it into. Okay actually doing are you guys finding that you're able to turn off the keyboard found on the cover it live live -- underneath -- Page. I -- and I just don't look familiar with number plan. While this little iconic -- I think they have an hour via. It -- all we're doing this chat room I mean you guys are here. What are you guys wanna see specifically that'll make you guys happy. And waiting applicant for an -- view the lights -- lowering. Who -- -- post -- -- -- Steve Jobs going to affluence and Kelly. Okay color me officially shot. Steve Jobs is apparently on stage. Now. Who is and getting a standing ovation from the room I would imagine -- -- that's awesome good morning jobs says. Italy say they've monetized they certainly didn't it didn't know if you told us think that he doesn't show up -- I thought I thought I did -- -- now come on I'm -- this idea I that I would be absolutely -- that happen. I I think that'd save you did not that's gonna make that makes a good at horizon that -- and I. I'm dead I'm gonna get a map and the Soviet right now. I am very surprised. To hear that and I do think -- can cut and like -- mind -- Steve Jobs and -- said we've been working on this product for awhile and I didn't want to miss today now you know about iPad if Steve Jobs here right now there's gonna be something. -- -- And it could be just that awesome cloud service integration I don't care on the project is gonna happen I think is there just to make it feel less like iPad one point five stop -- and bananas are well. Politically when -- when the story came out that he may or may not show up via stock actually dipped yesterday. -- -- it to like or another Brit that he wouldn't that's one thing exactly. Now I'm gonna I I think like if you're gonna have. Something killer it doesn't matter who announces them but if you're gonna have iPad and revive -- them he got -- that -- -- my camera and anyway he's starting off talking about iBooks. That users have downloaded more than a hundred million but the year and -- -- -- is that random house. While the story about -- later in their kind of real show is bringing 171000 books to the -- store as of this morning. He says that -- 2500. Publishers distributing. Our. Ya -- things as random house kind of held out of -- -- On our actual live blog on if you guys that are watching or listening -- -- listening to us talk you can go to news.com and directly in the top links is access to a live blogs he concede that images. And see some -- the postings from our editors that are on site at the event there's a picture Steve Jobs right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And in case you're wondering the -- is starting to wonder about video. There Apple is not live streaming this -- actually they have -- -- the last couple of events in the past in the past they would not let us live stream -- and and so this is this is all the video you get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All game right now known you don't understand speculated that yes -- -- Now led jobs is kind of breaking down the very store is iTunes the apps are not iBooks he's talking upheld memories in the counties -- -- -- this point 200. Million accounts are now an -- system and that's likely the most accounts on any on -- store. That's but -- -- trip through midnight in an -- line I think that's from -- I wonder what Amazon they're at now. And now -- -- the App Store he says -- -- we paid out more than two billion dollars to developers cumulatively and total. He says and this isn't -- an -- and -- -- quotes a lot of people try to copy yet. But I think we're way ahead. You know what I'm -- We we didn't we don't have bingo. We don't. Oh -- it -- keynote bingo. We billion literally not prepared next time guarantee you know being -- -- time. Did you know I mean I know we definitely we get that rely have a better I think -- going to -- -- just beautiful yeah yeah that's -- drawn prominent hill. Is that next time of course necked semi bingo and he dug them up. Is that a hundred million iphones have been so this is the if you haven't experienced that Steve Jobs keynote they go in pretty predictable -- There's the part where they recap all the awesome news. Then there's the part where they announced the product then there's the long demo section in the middle and then sometimes but not much lately there's one thing. -- jobs says -- here to hear about Apple's other device that is going through a rundown of their past products like. The regional iPhone in 2001 that we created the most revolutionary device you've ever seen -- is probably fired it up iPhone in 2007. Then. And iPad in 2010 every one of these has been a blockbuster Steve says. Reverence and I predict he will thing it's just beautiful today. He's gonna -- more magical than ever before. The added mark my words you're just -- more magical than ever before at intently. More magical. -- -- -- Apple is Apple Stock is up point 5%. Basically as a result of the block into the room people -- -- -- went up four dollars right after Steve came and how to -- -- so we just talked about. Jobs say that jobs is how about the fact that people are laughing at the company for using the word magical. But it turned out to be featured at the same thing went for the price delta is making it a crack at -- -- tablets. The magical would have been on keynote being a fair price and I totally would -- at love. He says it turned out to be true we -- What do you mean you don't -- it was magical thing to think I'm leaning candidate turned out to be true understates as the grammar thing for me now. Ala that you're -- Apple -- everything -- really. The people up there are literally and I'm gonna turn out to be true like it didn't turn out to be the Harry Potter tablet -- out magic power that it did cast a spell. It turned out to be a powerful. Device with a body -- even. Whatever I'm gonna I'm gonna -- island and say it was LA as Charlie -- Tina Fey Steve Jobs cannot be processed -- -- -- -- Steve Jobs winning. Winning winning here in the -- there has been everywhere couldn't be here by -- pound winner. Jobs also says that Apple has sold fifteen million ipads in 2010 for -- December. Making up for nine point five billion dollars in revenue more and this is the quote more than every tablet PC ever sold. Wow the company -- windows out when all the funny thing is there -- a lot of them yeah yeah windows tablet coming out in June demo. Demo and I mean there have been tablet PCs of -- only ten years -- double -- appended to the that is the only doctors and read them and then. Pound winning they're claiming over 90% market -- now for the iPad which I'm certain it through considering there was basically the only one that and the tablet came out like let. -- -- The plan by month then it's there hasn't been a long literally iPad came out and an open that the Galaxy Tab on. -- -- -- -- yet months depth and or by months of on jobs is to dole out jobs now knocking Samsung. Saying that allow other companies tablets. State on -- so this is classic journey -- I don't like that no idling at a like attacking from a position of strength yeah jobs is also giving an update on iPad development he's now saying there are. 65000. Apps that work with the iPad. Natively. Meaning they're not blown up iPhone -- and that's one of those things that we've costly talked about the talents of those apps that are native to the form factor that actually -- so that it's definitely -- touting this. As is the representative at top our apps talked about how cool it is a bit like scuba -- defense markets every event Samsung -- it -- -- It -- and that's that's for the investors. I'd say that if I think it's alters the shape the the mentality of like the Apple loyal like some of these bullet points Apple talks about. You hear the Apple fan boys talk about it attitude like that you know it's breads that mindset and -- cult like them like what. We own -- percent of the market here since and tablet through on the films to be able did you hear that for -- -- to say is we own 90% of market. -- I can live and -- continues to karma. That's why Parma a jobs continues to bring the noise now comparing the tablet app lineup to competitors like Google its jobs says is closer to look at -- you're. Because it's brand new -- just karma that the watch nobody is on top forever. -- It's that it is easy as he came out to me picture is that literally he's gonna run out and -- I mean he would. Even on this competitors are like you know if -- -- to Kobe Bryant if -- doctor Michael Jordan like it is not enough to win. I want to grind my opponent into death I want it be like he never existed before. They can't get that that is that -- only busted -- the basketball reference. That's -- hot -- -- -- sports but -- bus that old guy like you mentioned again and again tonight and we didn't like magic -- Kobe who. An app that I did feel like -- -- from the championship voltage -- of so it's rotten in -- -- and it may not you don't -- -- needed them like yeah. So com. There are so what is it okay another tonight and a little bit or health stores. Without these stores I don't think we would then we would have been as successful either this is according to -- jobs speaking. And he says they're gonna show like little demo about Apple retail stores but I guess there's a -- up that they weren't able play itself but we talked about yesterday. Would -- when we're kind of going -- Back and forth about the potential chance of an iPad even being cheaper. Because of the fact that they own the distribution channels they don't have to rely on that's why people are going to Mac Apple thirdly. They pulled out of MacWorld partially because they're getting so much traffic from Apple stores but they really didn't need -- That MacWorld anymore to sell their brand -- extend their -- -- and that this is gonna play into. He even mentioned before -- we hit Wii hit everything right on the price point earlier this keynote. Yet he did and even -- and are -- I think of academia tonight -- you're -- they may go cheaper with the one and that would be pretty. I mean on a -- you can -- that you could do that -- indicative iPad one that I'm no matter what but at eighty iPad one point 53 that is cheaper -- -- treatment in 99 starting for iPad. That particular I'm I'm going to run in the streets of my pants off. -- You heard it right back. You heard of that we like bats of so -- them. We can work unlike actual -- -- -- -- next time when we're not also planning -- supplements and how the reading out sell it in and -- and it's now than I can retain. C'mon Steve -- 'cause I'm glad that we have the bingo hey -- I let's see if somebody's probably gonna get fired for the packet that radio wouldn't play but hopefully it'll make the whole thing a little bit shorter. He's talking they're talking about the retail stores in general apparently they targeted to -- like lots of happy people and wrapping iPad three countered. They elementary -- it comes to Election Day they did that at the -- at the last -- they were showing photos previously little children like. Smiling being into the camera -- in iPad in the store I'm like wait you're six. Your dad bought you an iPad -- my what is this world coming to him. Like an environment at dinner I loved her as he claimed -- -- It's a difference though you I was like. Opening the shrink -- in the store now account accidentally -- ticket shopping through the eyes the house has to go get his iPad Heather of people who. Want -- turns out -- them. The chat room it. How many of you are I mean we're just playing around it -- -- view. Without even knowing what is on the iPad two. I'm willing to pre order rates at which there's the other sometime in the chatroom -- tavern a live blog commentaries like my card is ready no matter -- -- I'm curious no matter what there's a video that they're showing now. Showcasing Getty's of the iPad -- for you in the chat room. How many airlines okay no no no no -- OK it's like wow 5% -- it's possible that I may have trained. And specific kind of audience to coming -- getting up. -- -- -- -- -- -- The thing I asked them without knowing acts and not knowing anything yet -- al-Qaeda. -- -- there really in this chat in a live blog right now we're just like no matter what it is -- -- -- I'm reading. You can call out of the people access you can call -- a -- but before we want in the studio I said I'm going to buy -- he did he -- whatever avionics all about it but I do things like no matter what it down by -- now. Don't buy another because there's so much competition -- the wild west -- -- -- -- you know you could just say it like I'm gonna iPad that the tried and true in the apps out there and that's it. People you care about options and competition like it does not -- you know bull -- would you -- I went online today. If you are interested in competition right you're not just like -- about Apple email. That I would get -- -- India on an original iPad and then wait for the -- you really really want. But but it's true that if -- 399 that is practically. For the people who have the money to kind of to spend on something like that that that pound winning. It's like don't wait for and I don't -- -- could get that the if you think is that -- just that I got you know what does it -- to -- -- I'm thinking like -- -- -- yeah I eventually and it's not stop elderly but yeah that's like it instead of -- and original iPad at 399 which would -- that's been healing gesture by it now also like it if it is through nine and that would force all the other tablets out there probably drop the price and in some of the hard part about endless. You know depending on the expects obviously we don't know -- world speculate here. They other companies may not be able to drop it wrinkles of the hardware that -- put inside of it you know that's the -- the different you know. Apple gets cut from the App Store Apple of the retail distribution channel they deal. At Barnes and they'll look at the new collaborative. But I mean it's it's in the terror data staying on those screens different it's I -- I think the wave I think. Okay okay I've come to my official prediction. I think you're absolutely right that it's going to be three -- I -- I'm -- -- one. And the reason entry level and in between and united beacons can be the same -- there or like a one bigger profits are not dual core it's gonna be what you might consider. Disappointing -- maybe it'll only have a front facing camera right. But and not a camera on the back. But that and it will be -- but 399 it is the entry level tablet. And that's what -- so you're saying that if you're on the level of notre -- And let's not get a great. I don't -- I mean so I'm right now there's yeah. Selling video the -- -- and then okay we're gonna iPad. It because it's magical so on the had a cameo by -- Then been life -- of sales force the company asked the Benny off sorry about that I can't pronounce names when it -- -- time. Also they're showing off how the iPad as helping a child with autism how are you not gonna -- warm people over at that. Seriously. It's a shame on the -- perhaps if this is something in my son to do according to -- he doesn't need me I don't want to have -- meet me all the time. The iPad. The -- It's like one into the face family feel like the pregnant. I told her it's shaver and -- warrior like. OK arm now hopefully why -- -- just post a picture of Steve Jobs and like Darth Vader the. Look at the -- back there he -- I am very many watts is the -- that needed to and he did I finally back on they've stopped emotionally manipulating us in their back on -- now. Saying -- 2010 was the year of the iPad but what about twenty and they -- now now he says everybody's got a tablet. But most of those aren't even catching up with the -- and that's why they're doing iPad. Two it's been officially called official name I iPad two. Photo coming shortly. Donald bell I got -- just now I don't know why you thought it I'm just a really -- mile line guys iPad. Here's comes the Apple -- is still down he says it's an all new design it is not be a tweak. Of the earlier design it is in fact on the it's dramatically faster you that it comes in the form of an 85. Dual core -- on the that it had to have a dual core to navigate with the others while okay already a day already better than expected that you get -- -- Fans. Who. -- And -- did them. That comet -- are going crazy yeah please let -- apply data. When I got the ultimate logo HP'S_M. and Blackberry Motorola logos and there's 2011 year of a copy. A mother -- you know -- I told you how. -- -- Is the real speed comes in graphics even though that the prices -- CPU performance the graphics are nine times faster -- he says while using the same power as the processor -- the birth wow wow the battery life that the test that one of the -- pronto. -- the battery life is the killer feature also -- mean that the video cameras for both a rear camera and a front facing camera. I am already. I'm. Get around unless they still do the entry level product related understanding -- it -- still good enough. Apple's -- gyroscope to use him learning. This is so it's either -- and other outlets like a campaign and what I do and initiatives like use it as a coaster in ages -- -- that ran out the window here and amp. There was there. It's that are -- and -- in particular that can happen. Adding if you did well I can get more -- -- -- -- platelet and needs battery 399. Here you can get out here because tong you're gonna need a new ones they don't have that much money. All this and says jobs it is no surprise here is the big a word dramatically thinner. In fact is that it's 33%. Thinner. -- -- -- About this is we've shown images of some of the mock ups that look about. 66% the thickness of the original iPad -- And which means the leaks explicitly -- from China are getting there been so much more aggressive of like they really are because if it is the form factor that we've seen which. Indicates the point that you know it has an idea Basil edges -- one not. I'm so excited about the specs but -- -- it must be pressured for Apple that now everyone's wants to expose whatever they're doing. That it's not in anyway I know better at -- bully other better at it but there's so many people that are rabid about getting digital leaks out now. Just like I don't think it cost them anything now and it's and possibly this is the body. And of the days of being nick being excited by something you've never seen before are kind of -- rate like handsomely for the very first time it is that you're -- I don't know I was I know -- but I'm not talking about just that Apple would be -- just. We see we see the fourth factor we've seen it -- he's edited down from thirteen point four millimeters eight -- eight point eight millimeters and thing. Powell -- -- on the iPhone four on Donald now I'll have my allow allow dam that stand. That should than competitors back to the drawing board and here the first look at anything it's a lighter. Because from a pound and a -- to one point three pass phrase the John -- then -- that there's almost no metal part in the bezel around this. Green ended. And a -- 83. No as long as the all right again at no light iPad two is a -- -- -- being. From day one -- -- that I don't see that. -- -- -- just a little of -- it is shipping in all white from day one. Not read the shock you. -- yeah and it weighed. We're getting some of the pictures of the design now it it looks like the iPhone four design has that -- -- Band basically all around the middle and -- don't almost no metal on the bezel on the front of you don't really -- of problems like glass and edge. It also looks from the that early pictures like there are -- reports. -- -- Models work with both AT&T and Verizon. -- Julian fact that they're probably using that Qualcomm chip that was both the TDMA and GSM chip inside -- So. Then why pay. I that we can we weren't gonna put a white board and just check off things absolutely you go -- -- and I'm just you know I'll have been elderly should Alan -- and getting it's like -- -- -- anything -- that there. Honestly though when I watch videos I don't wanna -- ally I don't know what -- arable yeah. -- it's honestly like. I -- black bezel when I'm watching movies the white is purely. For the UH huh but the black like really the classic -- -- movies via the -- that's what that's what you want. The actual. Jobs is saying that had few will feature team. Battery life of the existing iPad about ten hours of use and a month of stand by. That's awesome that's one -- I mean. We've talked and I Apple really tries to put the battery -- out of the fact that it's a top priority and that are elected to keep let me a usable -- instant on and the battery life. Someone -- a live -- is asking what about ram I'm assuming there's an -- by public when -- -- -- oh here we go pricing. Yeah I knew that -- -- pricing structure -- That really with a -- -- with those they have yet they are never gonna pull that off when they are the dual card they were. -- -- getting an underdog here but that thing is that it -- I mean this is the reason they always do that same pricing structures -- that it becomes a better value over time guys like you get Miami they act like the better value retirement -- Moore's law. However them. I mean this is that's no surprise me at all and 49. You know you're sixteen gig dual core -- -- for 99 analogies makes residuals movement look ridiculous. It might as well be that an idea of the three -- -- tablet in the carrier compatible. And like Mike and now it's not just Wi-Fi -- He says direct. Directly addressing competitor tablet prices that we only have one model that's more expensive and 799 cents -- the three G in the data model and. Via the 64 games that -- eight point nine model. Shipping march 11 wow obese that's a relief bird like god. Shipping march 11 bit. -- -- all remember remember always Wii shop at -- shocker. That's in the US that is shipping in 26 more countries on March 25. I just them to nineteenth. -- -- -- If having it delivered to -- and this is -- When you're doing on that clinic now that's amazing got -- what is the author of there's -- tell -- there's an Austin Apple Store assurance not on others when it's in this like shopping center that even on an Apple Store during south by southwest Ohio. Is not going to be accessible. And can -- about it I hit. Let me is put it out. -- Donald bell says. Thank god I have a -- after prepare -- -- denying that -- -- -- that they were gonna handed to him today. Well we did talk about com on our show how when Apple had every so mean and they talked -- a joint venture that. If they were signing and DA's and the timing of it. Typically they have meetings like that about a week or so before product releases amp actually kind of -- the fact that we we've said it might be coming sooner rather than later than -- -- -- -- -- these reports I mean we're all speculating so. It's fun when -- speculating -- right when you don't really really know. But Omnia while march 11. -- and other chat room a little -- like hasn't -- to show me this the -- -- there's HDMI video out. When in fact they're all saying. Hey that's just a quote. Rumors that they want into and I'm gonna ring added -- -- -- -- -- -- -- month instead of. Paused -- -- that out -- now it's the so the first he says they're going to -- really cool accessories the first ones HDMI video out. Because -- -- was a big request from teachers and it gives you metered video output he can see everything on the screen not just display out from specific apps that the big win for million users to. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a big deal to because I'm in the past the video out only worked on. Functions like just watching movies it was -- a one -- one screen ratio like you couldn't navigate apps and things like that. -- -- -- Via there's also a spare port for -- power through the iPad. That will be 39 dollars I don't know what will be the airport. -- -- Down -- of that is also taking a big selling point away from competitors right now I think that to selling points that are already gone right from the zoom. Our HDMI out demanding -- in the camera he'd and a dual core and SP and I'll battery life. Pretty -- right now. -- -- tablet that we have seen has any more advantage Emilia we've got this is gonna happen but like. -- an -- on all coming down to -- price and now it's coming at a price and what type the use you are now based on OS that you wanna deal with the -- and Hewitt kind of like about -- in the OS through. Yet that's what I don't know I think copper ounces but HDMI as a dongle that HDMI out is an extra accessory is not import. That thank you goes -- it's done through -- -- to the docking port on the bottom area that makes it okay. Thank you got for clarifying -- wonder he's gonna throw us one more thing here. -- -- Wives that I I'm suspecting that -- pretty soon we're gonna get IOS update -- my whatever it is -- now. I'm that the person I mean we might OK there's the dongle is the patent on that supports rotation. And then it charges your iPad while you're using now I can't -- -- -- and is mentioning that the other accessories on the called smart covers. I used some other original cases need but Apple and all this -- -- design that hadn't covered it up and made accessories -- access though the answer is smart cover her. Which is a bountiful flap that sticks onto the sides of the device. Those in -- it does that mean its magnetic. -- -- -- Probably it is a look at it it does click magnetic gap what does it do -- it looks -- a magnetic skin around -- edge essentially and it folds over the top. Interest in one game I don't like the pattern -- but interest -- Someone in the lab like -- And that they were disappointed that there's nothing major here -- implement like mapping meter. The battery life -- to continue form factor and retained price exactly what you want a unique -- seriously. The I. Black -- thank you look like a bios -- And independent of the things like a book cover much of what color I'm not however if -- -- -- with peace that it uses magnets. Yes it does evening -- -- -- -- -- and -- that you can add an ethnic indie music and remove it in effect. That's basically just like a screen -- yeah -- I am signal that it flops to the -- says that and that. Means be. And I mean really okay. I hope they tells other cool stuff we don't have -- that you -- case. I'm like a flash case is not the most interesting thing I've seen it what cases not a case that you indirectly -- this case -- -- Right we're ready for the yes we are ready for endless -- -- magical line. Well now we're -- -- video thank god of how this accessory works and not know really. There's like a video for everything it's a magical magnetic -- It goes on top of the -- -- -- -- that magic it's -- net okay okay hold on -- hold on this is what's cool when you want you know when it wakes up -- it wakes up iPad from sleep when you open it. The case -- flat. It puts it to sleep when you closes that's -- I mean I hate -- kind of analytic it's -- -- -- over apparent age of. If that's however I think that that is I mean I don't like the design I'm not gonna use it but I think that's cool. Donald bell best case commercial ever -- seriously. I didn't really get them down the part this happens every keynote track me mechanism against a -- my 130 ninth Steve Jobs note at least -- That there's always a time when it's like. A little tiny. Little tiny bit. Though the changes as we haven't heard them so far are. Graphic improvements in graphics processing and HDMI out dongle. It is thinner -- option a black or white. Yet the dual core processor which to -- that the only -- major change and then of course the dual camera. That's I would say that. The public about their totally into McCain -- -- it just snaps them in a statement. It's men are critical when I started pumping fuel dozens of that -- again yet -- of what happens when you get in. Room the gallery actually put that cases like an immediate hit -- cables are clot like -- Let -- just can't hold its own ad dollars it comes in five colors five for the leather appalled polyurethane is 39 the leather seats -- -- -- We really still talking about the case Apple's not really -- case I mean after it conducted -- nine minutes it's. What happened is the iPad like let's -- -- Back -- the -- on March 11 I think is the most significant news because that is like competitors not because. I've had denied anyway leak frog any of the competition at this point right now like it used -- it's not like they made it. -- actually put in the port there you know eight. It is now in full parity. At a slightly better price point and every other tablet. Well actually it's in popularity at a better price point that -- you -- other tablets aside from the Galaxy Tab seven and or even out up. It does -- is gonna come I don't know I know it's gonna come on a last and -- that's the you know you don't have -- argument anything else via Netflix that the iPad. The fact that it's. Comparable -- It announced that and then if it's cheaper and you mean really for most buyers -- It's like a -- Apps price. A less yeah absolutely have to decide -- is definitely. Obviously this does though mean you know that they should send some -- than competitors. Like Donald fed back to the drawing board in terms of that -- if that's red leather. Among have to do that you you're totally -- you of his Redlands are. I yell shut up or showed up. -- so they're talking about -- safari performance bump with the new nitro JavaScript engine which runs JavaScript twice as fast as before. Anti violence anti in my life now -- home sharing and some airplay improvements -- they. The airplay improvements now allow apps third party apps -- the airplay feature. So currently airplay is only done -- Apple apps and now other people of access an APIs so that's cool for things like. I think -- act pandora and a and than those -- maps yeah definitely. -- the charms of the case does -- and you can turn into stand. The flopped over to the back and it sleeps and wakes the iPad -- -- magical. Like that's that's you noted that an essay should they unicorn of iPad cases that's amazing -- are -- -- Hilarious. -- -- of the iPad you'll be out three months before windows even demo that's tablet. True yeah no I mean there are already this is kind of what we've been talking about they were already ahead of the competition now they're just as good as the competition and it comes isn't -- Yet for God's sake -- Trade and let's -- -- were still talking element about I -- less -- this is the improvements -- now include photo slide shows and video and audio from maps to other devices. Like anything. It is true that the original the first Apple iPad case was as black or put it cheap rubbish. Although I mean nice the work in the case -- the business leaders like the only reason why they're selling boatloads of them is that it had an Apple logo on -- like. -- now it was a terrible and I don't like I I mean it got -- -- -- wasting R&D. Now with terrible. Wireless he would really gonna hear -- screen shots -- action. -- Slow who. Blackburn -- now at Microsoft -- and a dark room now playing Joni Mitchell song I think probably. The body apparently the app also like -- told you before -- the software has the preferences which. On the right of the iPad between -- -- -- the it's actually right here on this thing -- south this was a popular request. -- -- You'd think it was a popular -- here. -- -- here and -- necks -- something. Thank you vegetable it has been. Right there that's the -- the chat. This is something we heard from customers some customers that that they want to use the switch on the device to quickly in the device others have asked for a switch to change the orientation lot. Yet sweet -- here are some nails are noticing. New update finally is the personal Wi-Fi hot spot which is been on the iPhone for the same on the Verizon iPhone four that -- -- since released. They haven't said at the moment if it's gonna be available on both the AT&T version and Verizon version. Of this iPad two. But there are rumblings that you know obviously AT&T was gonna bring that Wi-Fi hot spot later on -- I'm sure they will eventually be at least now but if they can use the -- he can use the iPad and the -- -- by -- -- Once does I'm should zoom as built in the software and -- -- of that I can't remember off the top my head and honestly I'm not an odd I think we haven't heard -- on Verizon avenue to talk -- had -- I've read like let's recap white -- -- ugly. Hey is it is really about. And a screen orientation option yes and from Chicago is now she's winning and a splash. IOS four point three new app photo no. -- noon. Apple's iPhoto application that's been on Mac us -- it -- you like the cool photo glued it does these cool things we like everything people play at Apple stores. Just on photo -- Knowing all the time take -- of the time he's the only different effects due now -- the iPad it's bowl over. There letting it there -- thank god -- out. Booths where I can make my -- pick -- on how to make it public blank for a while since they if you come over to my office you know you should try and use voted with on a Mac but there and I -- -- it is amazing -- clearly any -- -- -- it's over he will get older like he does like to play -- with the webcam in the UK -- it under the Indian river app in the new -- are a chat -- yes they know now we're gonna happen Hampton there's gonna be like a seven minute demo -- Known to make this better. -- Hero not. Sure hope not sure nobody Terrell plus arrow left there -- -- They were really fast and -- really -- and -- -- the terabyte. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now. It's -- month. I'm sorry and sorry guys in to be because existed. But I think that this is that if we had -- -- robot and a dual core processor we'd be by winning movie that you leaning over here and we millennium rendered already -- -- outlet we apply those. -- -- was only able to talk about that I I don't know I haven't heard back. Now I wanted to aspect -- to be -- in now yeah yeah -- Okay our soldiers posted the I can't create new post this is the let Molly no Holland and porn this -- the the future now. This is one of the you know it well show off the mobile hot spot feature they shut up photo blew my mind as -- -- -- that this program it. My mind's blown. Next up the -- the latest -- like. -- you're right and from -- -- iPad -- -- flash then it would be -- X 94 to totally true. Sure robot is this thing that basically we have -- wrote are -- knew we haven't explained via -- people. Are just a bit limited solely at south by so -- we have this awesome party going down on Sunday the thirteenth. We have -- sure -- Like Stan -- but we thought the dream would be -- -- that dispensed for roads and it became this crazy thing. And whenever we get crazy we just picture it it has become kind of mean only -- I think usually everyone else hates that means it detected except I don't know there's a few people that like but we can't I think it is like the idea amateur robot yet. They don't like the actual hearing part down like -- part we cheer for that your arm there also -- now the -- -- the iPad is just ideal for videoconferencing unit. -- -- -- -- -- IPad -- time that's that's killer the quality of it that's sick that's -- that's. I'm not I'm sorry I don't wanna buy and the word magical but it is a pretty intimate don't like me that it's like good it. Therapy and in the -- is that honestly and objectively the Motorola zoom has a chance or not. Not. Wolf run it at from a consumer's standpoint mainstream consumer know them I got -- MacWorld absolutely. -- and I think it has a market. And I -- I think what you know I think -- the market I think that people are going to still quiet but they're gonna -- -- for the reasons that they violate. A fancier -- your you know it -- -- like the Boxee box. You buy it because you willing to spend more to do more even though you know it's a little bit harder to use. You will still be able to do more with it but the -- needs to get cheaper. Now exactly that's the only thing that the only problem and I riot act it would be competition yet that the visit was born and -- diner started -- -- -- nine. Then it's fine then as it was fine because it's still freaking gorgeous yeah it still has amazing specs again -- home is awesome and identify exactly. And you have a two or -- for sure there's nothing wrong with -- zoom except the -- yet. Right now there -- introducing two new IOS application imovie the first is imovie for iPad. I know gave little check mark up there we -- -- I under. Saying no one was talking about it in any of dike no it was talking about in a new blogs alike they're gonna bring -- bats. And they did you know I mean it's gotta pop that -- -- beta. All wow you know -- -- is now the caller is -- 316. I'm this is -- people and I should slow to come down -- -- -- -- I'm serious. -- -- turning on a lot of people are turning off the lines connected via nobody else knows they weren't pattern of well -- they were here. Bland movie -- and know where you import deal like bordered on -- -- -- your predictive powers are a little creepy they're good decision. -- -- I need -- -- and -- is also not the only tablet town like to my home in my mind if HP's slate comes out of for an attorney Natalie webos. Then that is sick idea you know there are some very cool tablet visit its gonna be a competitive market. But everybody else has to get to that price point. Otherwise iPad runs away with it for at least the foreseeable future you know them. -- -- look like Brian seriously a turn off. Yesterday gloating over exploding I wasn't I'm celebrating -- -- and so I was insane. All I'm better than you guys in power your predictions and -- -- an active development and blogs but I was predicting -- relatively that you guys my if my peers and friends and had a pre vision editor in imovie. Audio recording -- -- new -- -- you know -- vision and vision. Airplay to Apple TV can share your videos in HD and then -- universal app and other having a demo at demo time yeah this is this guy ran to. You you blows or a -- it's amazing and it is hard -- Pronounced when you don't mobiles. Really anyways -- Leo he's been on he's the chief architect of the video apps but. -- made him on interest in and that leaves the Apple side as he was brought in a completely revamp -- he's behind the whole revamping a final cut pro. So I'm very curious to see if what kind of cool little bells and whistles that don't incidents for the iPad version it's. Has he he's really try to clean up the interface and make it as simple as possible lease the consumer products so I'm uncomfortably what happened when hadn't responded -- found -- -- -- -- -- candidates. And that pre vision of what Brian Tong has to predict -- social network and everything -- -- -- in the event that -- think -- precision but now with a typo in my. Vision editor of these three the only reason I just read pilot told me and I'll and they got -- -- -- -- -- -- is completely up their -- to -- like absolute reuse these. It will I don't really think about what I would call. There like suggested editor at and I think that's an -- and -- every so all of it looked like this here's your pre vision mode and now -- re edit it for you. Actually -- to totally that's been done now be option. Suggested that it -- as it. Right now they're looking at the iPad version. The app you can browse through your projects like movie posters outside a theater. He looks a cross between imovie on the Mac and the iPhone app but at the same timeline scrubbing -- -- being. The whole app uses gestures to you can tap on parts of that Adams the timeline and then use things like the pinch to adjusting. One instinct thing about this it will you be able to import videos from your computer. -- you take in. Throw them on the iPad it you know when you put -- in disk mode and then added it on the iPad because. Let's be honest I don't see many movies -- -- we -- -- made a joke about it on the Apple might show where we -- a photo -- with the iPad. And it looks you know it's -- -- corny to be like yes yes like. More more -- -- marble are more bottom. So if you can bring in your videos from your computer and then added on the go. Now the huge coup for that Hughes the -- I am anxious to try just try and he tried out imovie on the iPhone happen. It's from it's not going to be a obviously a pro editor. But it's definitely more than good enough. -- it's it's it's pretty phenomenal for just like. You know and on the go movie editor without a doubt. So here's the -- from the bullet points precision the pre vision editor. -- -- have no idea -- multi track audio recording iPhone. -- are able to track are you recording not editing by that. So there's multi track audio recording new themes on the -- airplay to Apple TV so -- -- video and -- instantly brought up on your TV at home. That's kinda funny he did like a family trip. -- -- I'm curious about why we haven't heard more about the cameras because he's talking about how you can now. Do you share your videos in HD. Does that mean that the camera can take HD video though. It doesn't sound like it doesn't sound like you're bringing video from your Mac and then sharing your videos and HDI I have a feeling that they're not doing. Like. -- 720. 101 request that they -- -- of its intimate -- management that you know one big request they said it has been with audio so imovie has an audio editor where you just the WAV audio wave forms if he saw their latest arm. And a similar updates to. Time movie you just -- -- to smooth the way forms really easily also they have fifty sound effects included this is freaky and imovie on a tablet. This is ridiculous I'm sorry Leo -- I know you don't and video added but seriously and now I feel like imovie. Seriously let me when it's this slightly on it and then again at a really do I don't really yeah -- -- announcement I'm not the market not yet. I mean when you bit. The united you know whether high and -- lowlands have something like a tool like this this pretty pretty ridiculous that I like it I kind of like garageband and into the garage band will think. They said I have today the agency just -- right -- -- has a few apps and we're still imovie. I mean -- -- Rihanna and -- like fifteen Mara iPhoto would be the easy one because you know that I don't I don't I hope it's not iPhoto out of the brush and -- and obviously. Seems pretty obvious for iPad actually yeah but I mean at the same time iPhoto and imovie were -- the originals and other early.
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