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Ep. 1416: Think before you Like: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1416: Think before you Like

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Facebook now shares the stories you "like" on third-party sites with your News Feed. It's actually kind of cool, but please: use this feature responsibly, won't you? Also, Gmail goes down and we're all rushing to back up, I call "Unicorn" on rumors of a white iPad 2, and the Tolkien estate takes the Culture of Ownership to a whole other level. --Molly

Today it's Monday February 20 formula. A video Gonzales on -- on time Hollywood -- -- buzz out loud yes I got an indeterminate length. It is episode 1416. Or having a little bit -- -- here on Monday. A lighter note that our our chatroom mama genie is that the -- and to keep it family friendliness. It and then put a little water after it because even she knows that here basically it's pretty impossible we're already. Our -- if you if you have a chance to listen to -- out take from this morning from our pre show. -- -- -- You might wanna turn the volume death or maybe Leo we're gonna put them I don't know but let me desolate view that as yet another reason then if you've never -- watched the show live. Via you'd definitely want it -- taking app -- college that does one time joined the chat in the chat room is the the reason for being. It you know you can do -- miracle and now you can do an instrument -- -- live -- trying to you can do it -- -- -- just. Now that's a little bit fuel we do before the show -- in the show because like we always say we love to chat rooms so much you guys are our fourth brain. You know more than all of us combined I mean if you guys are amazing so finally we love you and we want everyone -- listen to tracks give -- a chance to see what it's about. Yeah that yeah it's it's great because we read it during the show -- you know you've you've you've heard the -- -- you know that we're watching your chat and we're -- listening to your directions and also. The pre show and -- thing. Either to be -- mr. not to be missed depending on how much a fourteen year old boy had him there. Depends on what they had for breakfast. So bumper before it -- -- -- we did also want a -- in our area and update. Q are south by southwest party will be sunny night. At south by -- -- you do not need a badge or -- -- become its open bar. Great food will be doing a live version of buzz out loud with some special -- You can sign up at CNET dot event bright dot com I don't even though the Wii is little ice build. I think at this point -- -- and you'll now be placed on a waiting list and we have like I think well over a thousand aren't BP -- that the plane yet the party and the well is is like. Let's just say more and allow it more than that I mean it's where we're kind of emissions -- Korea. But it's gonna be great I mean where you know like you that we're gonna -- that I want you -- know if you've been listening. That your rose Argo the chair roads without really like it's party time. Peak hour from massive ball is gonna be on stage with us. Dual core is getting in performing on -- couple little at minimum an intermission maybe a couple little mini -- America. And CBS is getting in on the action there actually gonna use it as little bit of it a premier launch -- -- -- a -- -- The music and -- part that you film premieres and there gonna be premiering a new CBS show called -- pattern -- they're gonna -- the whole episode but we're gonna happen stars of the show. On our show they're using our show as a -- out -- show. And since CBS I like to put it that way -- we're gonna we're gonna be friendly about it and they're paying for that your yet though it be cool. And a miniature -- are now you have every right to raise hell yet. No deal. They're veteran valley come I didn't really thousand elect. So -- what we know now -- the other -- tiny possibility that the chain's ninety proposed Antonia that in and out but they're not Freddy Rodriguez. Who was in grind house actually stood in line for grind house because in the record and -- get me. And -- within Six Feet Under. Will be unseated as an author Tim Blake Nelson who is like a classic that die annually if you really don't I -- he's best known for oh brother where yet definitely -- -- like the skinny guy yeah sometimes kind of resembles a frog and I'm not you know. -- -- -- live -- being will be at 6:30 PM. Central time often time. So you and we will be streaming ally if there will be able sign -- Sunday night but I'm hoping you're not -- -- any other TV and we're working on deterring some other special -- as well also. That is subject to change and and -- now. We're excited about Evernote -- and that there anyway in pretty funny also and now to determine -- -- The Brad -- of the Internet there's a reason why it wasn't now. There's a reason why isn't it though we're trying to get them were trying to get them eye candy for BTQ. That's true. That's true path. I actually okay Fata area there are not don't worry yet -- though a lot of -- -- in movies and he gave her doctors were on last -- what did you -- -- -- And man. I like that I like that girl. Which -- you know the Arctic and have an Apple -- of -- She gave her all -- budget -- and charming lecture I've I've indicated. At the handling -- I didn't I know I watched occasionally -- -- because honestly. The Miami Heat knicks game was going on but I still had -- -- some -- like it'll be real about the I mean there are lots of -- people -- in -- in spring to look like he was sleeping all I'm heated up he. Not even try either equipment that if that's what that's -- like only was readying while I was. Watching in China and intentionally haven't and I got I wanted to watch the -- twenty. Forty Q anyway you know that it and then at the end that's when you could really tell that James Franco as -- can I record -- repeatedly let. Founded in -- look totally I could barely be bothered filling up anything and there and that the of -- wonderful inspiring children in the world like. Did. You well. -- -- and a lot in late night. Anyway it wouldn't rate it wouldn't let -- -- -- ever from the tech side of things. Apparently the tech media -- it could have been a better night for the network but again practically could've been. But it won three -- Line. Yet the social network we all know on the movie kind of loosely based about Mark Zuckerberg -- -- rise with FaceBook on it didn't. It did not secure you know some of the top awards like. Best director now -- the -- speech. Com best picture overall the biggest title went to the king's speech as well idea and a 11 indicator that people -- -- might have a chance yet best pictures that. It won for best film editing and typically that movie has ended up becoming the best picture now in more cases than not. Yeah tell the truth this picture's gonna -- on editing. I think that that would heat it also humble won for best original score for music written by trigger -- the Vatican grossing. And best screenplay adaptation for Aaron Sorkin -- -- Which I gotta say yes yeah definitely other superstars of that movie what. I and I you know I think. I mean I I shouldn't even admit -- but I haven't seen. -- really good that like really in that field of best picture comes on like it's on islets the Q how can we do with you can rent on voodoo it's on PS3 let Amazon are have a Tivo focused on Amazon on demand magnetic yet. Guess you did you death no idea I do -- -- need to -- -- -- routed again in the numbers and we've got tired and I feel like actually. I thought to of the big one infection and the king's speech in and I honestly -- has NT one movie all year. I'm glad it was the -- I see that's the one did not -- to see. That's what the few movie thinking of everything in my life for -- really felt like it was not over hyped that -- it was. Everything it's cracked up to Munich and is currently -- The -- Social network. Disappoint. I finally got imovie and our bait bucket in one's career academy -- that was nominated and was nominated for all the top awards yet. Let's be reeled out that's awesome and let's get you the rest of the tech news for the day Google Gmail users over the weekend work. When they attempted to log in to their Gmail accounts and couldn't find any of their emails folders or contact the they. -- a lot of stuff disappeared on. It was this you know kind of a little boo -- in their -- -- -- Google has reported that it affected less than point. 08% of users but that's still approximately around 120000 people. So it there -- the folders -- everything was gone. On school said they're still working on it some people on the so they have -- -- -- -- still having acts difficulty with accessing their Gmail accounts the -- like you and emails but. For those according to reports thus far it doesn't look -- anyone has completely lost everything. Which is which Linux which was that actually -- -- an assault. But hopefully it is also. A wake up call in terms of backup I frankly Catholic hearing this -- can't believe that Gmail doesn't offer an easy way to export. Your contact -- or. Emails just as a -- -- like it's not. I mean I understand that there in the business the customer attention but it would not necessarily make people leave Gmail if they announced and I hope that Google will catch the snap kind of and he. Announced. An easy. They're not an easy backup mechanism. After this in the meantime back up -- -- Which is totally down from the crush of traffic after announcing -- offer has announced a year of free -- with the promo codes they've Gmail effect I think in an. That's a clever though there aren't very many wait like I can't I was -- it this morning that it. And there aren't very many ways to -- -- there's like one windows app. That lets you do it yet to do it you yet -- -- command line I think on Linux and analysts tend to do it. And then back up by well but now back up but greed there of the -- -- -- their native -- ticketing and almost all morning -- -- getting and other back. There -- -- backup of five back up. Anyway I'm totally and in that I'm getting my every year Mecca -- -- -- now's the time. Google also as we know. Announced some changes to its algorithm last week to. Try to get rid of some content and apparently. I think it's working no matter what it is having an impact on -- -- -- happy about it. Apparently some companies. Have -- email Google and -- killing her businesses can and this was definitely what's gonna happen you know. People are saying you're telling your business is because why is it thinks that every time one comment is that why is it that every single time -- search engine results page starts to stabilize and sales return. Google have to throw a monkey wrench in the system and does not fun anymore you're telling her that. Yes still a lot of these sites because it now seems to be. On the -- that changed you know affecting what it was like 12% of her -- the searches showed up. -- it was incorporating more like social aspects and -- so web sites that have that built in are -- to rise hired of the top. But now you have sites that are still legitimate they're not content farms they're not -- sites but they've now dropped lower -- -- that's everything for business for sites like that. It is and I think if you're a small I mean. This is an interesting question -- -- you know because Google it's like how much of how much meddling should Google do here. Google created these businesses in the first place the business of content farms. I. -- over reliance on SCO. Now is what causes companies apparently Google penalized Overstock.Com and JC penny because. They had set up fake web site that linked to their owners -- causing Google's algorithm to rank them higher like every -- trying to game Google because Google so important. How is that Google's job to gain back or just elect let the market and let it well and out. The also an early look -- they didn't touch it if they just left it alone. And may -- -- the ranking system where users could say this is not relevant site would that be better then the company but I live and learn about game to your -- like by mobs. Yeah -- -- -- get along and the whole thing can be gained in some way. It with the game -- it will began that it always gonna be a cat and mouse game but it's literally like it's gonna put people on business. And I -- if you know because of your tiny little website and you are legitimate business appeared not. That is how they're making their living you know I mean this one yet they have plus 40% of my traffic from Google makes 40%. Can imagine -- that -- CNET. But that's been an it could happen lit up all of a sudden CNET does -- from Google. I then send them it's like -- -- -- we have needed to diversify. I think businesses. Targeted -- trying to buy into -- and diversify. In the search gaveled you know because -- time about how it it's you know it's linking to sites and its social aspects of -- -- -- And it's you know how it's like -- posts or -- not I mean there's always going to be once people are gonna have to catch on. To the new algorithm but those same site so we're up to no good are going to catch on the new algorithm but then some of these legitimate -- -- they don't have the resources to. Aren't necessarily -- all the -- like at all these different aspects that can help their ranking because it's. You know the -- came out a long time ago they were doing quite well now like a cable I need to hire people to socialize to improve this. Just the changes -- -- and then let Google might reaching younger than again on the road race it is again a cap mouse and you're either on the gazette editor of the -- and other. And it's just a dangerous -- companies are just as out of this and Google because you can't ignore Google it is basically in some way the only way to launch your business. Most people at the only way it is the exactly idea but it that it's terrifying it limits like the -- -- -- -- -- -- Way you on -- you don't know something that's pretty -- Really -- Get this guy is the latest Israeli air iPad -- Also comes in -- lights. No way -- -- Drag. It is a obligatory iPad view rumored. And I barely it is -- -- the line and then -- what would -- iPad conversation be at this point load anything up early to be without some kind of tech unicorn discussion about whether in yen and buy a Mac does. That -- to get their hands apart in this could be a third party group -- because over Angel literally. You you can really it's pretty easy to acquire these things because they're leaked from the factories this could be someone's concept like oh I'm gonna make a light -- but if if Apple has tracked the -- Still haven't seen the iPhone -- light. -- heads and this it's. White -- you know -- -- slide does point out in -- -- do you bamboo. -- -- and then call news delightful cloth. Of the light innocently does it can be like kind of a whole areas you know if they if they stand on the go and I'm serious here at all like I'll like checked out of the guest on hand. It comes in just one more thing I hope that there is at minimum. Up -- it's laughter -- -- and there's going to be up Rory it's -- been from all the employees that they place in the event and now like. -- you guys -- -- -- -- -- Half the audience our employees from Apple even at MacWorld my friends that work at headquarters. Would be that did the you know the demos they would be put in the audience to clap. And now but then you've made an ambulance and then you hear that you can so called media -- -- -- it's. -- I remember when they announced that I've had Molly -- like boom boom boom. -- -- -- -- It's an -- and its Arab you know the -- predict in the way that actually. If you believe men. Them that -- tech unicorn news for today. Don't forget the announcements day hey we told you first airline iPad. -- -- -- The shipment I'm Collins street I don't know I don't know -- I'm not gonna say you know card now I'm not really out I am I was throughout read -- -- to tell if I could totally see I could totally see it now. It's because you like Apple's gonna be covered how could they not release the -- products after they showcase at this point how Katrina they're gonna be summer that will. I think if he could bring them -- but we'd like to hear your votes that email of by the -- dot Amazon. You corner -- when we come back we're going to talk about them FaceBook shenanigans that we're actually not that mad about. Some who told you shenanigans that we are mad about. And how to get somebody to break up -- the -- funding from. Welcome back to plaza allowed everybody -- we're back after the break and it. We're talking -- but he is FaceBook has kind of had a little twist. To -- like buns on third party sites to now be previously when you would like something you'd still like kind of a little quick text message. -- description of what you're looking at but to make this a little more -- generally -- addicts and how they're going to put something -- plea in now says that in your -- the only is -- the title of the article Canada image. From the article and a little mini description which. When we saw this it makes it more engaging like I'm going to click on something like this -- much more. When my friend puts -- on their site now that that friend that only post things I -- -- already yet but. If this is you know like an article by you Gator -- days and I'm like -- I would it's way more engaging than what is what was there before. I agree amending -- -- -- shuttle it should make people possibly. Think before they like. They would like every like it. But -- mean it's everywhere in this rolled out united allegedly tweets over the weekend that if -- get it. UN mine and you click eat these look like button on a third party -- they obviously liked it enough. That you don't you want people to know about it that previously just but it payments and so and so likes this thing. And it is within the attacked usually in -- -- -- -- now it just gives the preview of the story preview. And that headline and a link to it and it doesn't like that it makes it a lot more likable and I do think that if you. I particularly does not advocate -- actually I'm out there act like a little bit but thing I like it enough to share yeah. Dynamic look better without having to do in a perfect ruled that flanked by at least or isn't that yet but a lot of times when they're giving always thought -- half the -- you know in the community the problem hasn't anyone I'd get into a video or whatever the -- it. That is that is -- think of -- you like part. -- -- -- -- -- And that a lot more you guys like articles like this on -- I -- I don't I don't because I don't want contract. I never have judges -- externally yeah again I'd like an article three. Multi like the link but I won't actually use the like button again. Picture and I just post it myself when I go satellite building -- and put it on that thing myself is roles like that this. This doesn't really old school this does make liking a little easier for certain people -- don't wanna do what we do like. I like the old the -- -- I don't wanna be all linked in with all of Facebook's. You know checking all you know everything that I do but -- same time it doesn't make it easy. It actually because it when you manually paste it does -- like a little image in a preview a lot of times -- -- -- What are we gonna -- home. It -- that -- kind of money you can never really it it -- actually I don't know that it. That attracted me anyway. To -- way I couldn't think about -- in -- Era it would definitely. Potentially it could get very spamming because you right now every -- noted -- on Twitter like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Likely third if you app to view it it would literally just like. Take your picture and upload your intended to thirty friends and liked it it -- yeah. Like we are worked at he's and -- really -- your friend now. Scanner that you know yet -- aren't gonna fit my money. Now we've also been -- up to death with its -- Impossible to read understand in plain English and privacy policy but they're actually doing some critical things where -- I'm showing off. Kind of the redesign of the privacy poly. -- -- -- privacy -- what did I just say a policy to make it easier to understand -- Dish there's I don't know what linked that we have up but theirs is a bunch of jargon. Okay that is literally no human in their right mind. Would possibly want to look at it at all. But they're kind of cleaning it up on -- you know let me give you the link rate here the the -- the -- to dig -- a federally -- -- via. But it looks. Pretty it's actually it it isn't it is not what we -- they would it is not it is not a redesign of your privacy settings again if yours. Yet here's there's the original you can keeps going this is all. I tell -- I -- I can I'll -- credit and they resulting about how it had more words in it than that constitution or something like that. -- the men -- but the new thing is to make it potentially way more readable -- they break it up into the -- and the sections that your actually interested in. As you can see your information and how it used your information and input your information on other web sites and applications. How the advertising -- you can watch videos. It -- and one of those links. I mean I have to admit. It's actually. Kinda it's all it's cleaner I mean we're because we're doing a screen shot and trust us Bonita house a lot of things going on his computer. -- it's it's a lot cleaner it's something that you could actually if someone really cared. They would at least be able to figure out what's going to talk about how the user information you know how advertisers use your information. Whether they do -- that the right way or the wrong way but it's one of those things are we complain about it so much right. That we have to at least you know. Give a little credit -- -- -- try to make it easier -- have to do this and let the kids Adam -- and word had given him credit out of -- like it now that they've done a good job. I mean it actually looks like a good way to present a privacy policies -- that like is that if you care to dig into it you can. And you can -- without that are -- -- it. You know. But it -- -- It's kind of double at Kennedy via steam because the IR input and like let you have no excuse not to read -- that's pretty simple the economies and that you didn't know that they keep your rights your photos in perpetuity throughout the universe but they -- -- -- -- -- him. -- -- Oh yeah and and Ian -- Honestly they're still alive there's still no matter what a lot three but it is a lot easier tree -- And you -- -- -- -- more in a bank bank webcast -- privacy policies that look like that idea good job if good job Apple -- years without -- on the big screen. No surprise here apparently according to brand channel -- to the website of global brand -- -- in their brand whatever that means. Colonel William Gibson novel because it appears that big the big and company -- that -- -- region. According to -- -- Apple was the top of the product placement charts that got computers ipads iPods and other items featured in. Thirty fully 30% of the top movie at the US but not that in 2000. But the single and then so does that those amazing and roles in movies ranging from -- to the other -- -- -- Toy -- three. Beating out Chevy Ford ninety. But the single movie with the most brand placement. And I noticed it. I thought I was Iron Man to you which featured fix the or identifiable. Product. 64. And as long as one of them was Audi. Having you guys seen even on TV shows like I remember 24 little the first show that was like they have Apple the good guys have Apple's. The bad guys have PCs in the first few seasons there it was now. It was that a blatant you know. And -- did mean they've always -- the whole product placement thing and I mean why not when you have like these techie cool features because I mean that's gonna look the best -- I think also it when you select computers and things -- -- on TV shows and it's not an Apple usually fit it's not even windows it's something outside. -- -- -- There is though that there's on the applicant seeking -- -- someone they've already done the opposite where. They're like the unit -- for -- for teaching tools relations someone on an iMac but the -- super impose the screen shots of like windows on it -- and everyone's like. He asks him. And a night or they cover an Apple to look like a solar battery that you and sad maybe that'll -- wide. Idea to steal little CD to make it look this a clean its own -- when it's a sticker. What's so interesting about the sticker thing -- that would suggest that you have to pay. They're just trying to be editorially -- that -- I I get that area but it just looks really Zheng Yan that the logic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think we need a new segment on our show called at grant date can't I do not know what the audio at that. For that would be some sort of -- date. Alive -- anagram like why aren't I I don't know but it there ever was the -- -- out there. This is it. V Tolkien estate which has already attempted to -- work of historical fiction that contain Tolkien as the character. Has now issued a takedown notice to someone who's making buttons that say while you were reading Tolkien I was watching -- Elian. Which I mean note that it Japanese. And you -- certain. -- that that that. They are claiming. Intellectual property right infringement actually we really need of the culture of ownership sound effect. -- believable. The fact that did I mean this is honestly pretty its year. Did you know what they are well it honestly pretty unheard of for someone to attempt to censor the use of someone's name. It and don't ever heard. Know you know what they're -- the monster cable. How. Of the and Tolkien is monster cable. But DRI -- Late there even -- because someone's in the name of an author it's like you weren't allowed you Shakespeare. You know where you -- -- you think you're probably too old to be a trademark mobile me but and -- It's pretty -- the idea that you would trademarking the name of a humane. Some people have way too much time on this you don't want to look if -- referenced in movies anymore and -- like that right now we're trying to do. -- And also do you really. I guess I sort of authenticate documents state the user isn't it this is your handset but you really wanna turn the geek -- against you you -- -- I mean that's just. That's like the worst idea I ever heard setting aside all of the issues of culture of ownership although I would -- in this case they are extremely -- trademarking the name of an author so that it cannot be used to -- Clinton. I mean it's you know like they're saying it can't be used in a commercial way. But that if it. To meet seems beyond the pale but secondary to that do it -- these -- your people. That's culture ownership crap factory. And -- -- in the hobby movie remake because I protest. -- -- Predictably if that's not note a new store has a. You -- really you really you have to feel like you own. The name like what do you think is gonna happen -- in the steal the name and open up a Vegas show. Its brick and buttons that they were gonna felt like 300 merit -- -- what they needed it and often. They need to make a shirt that's says -- -- -- -- it spelled TO LL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Edit like paying me a little nine mean and and pregnant and it's not that funny there this. Click the medium and its moderate but there's now unused or offering censored version. Of the name Tolkien. So like picking up -- or -- partly been no sign around to make them look like a good gift bags and there and being visibly taken up even more. Well exactly and -- environment and is -- -- -- Shame on you a Tolkien estate. What we've been doing. The middle -- that -- -- -- other every night. Granting of that balloon that can't tell you -- -- things like that -- -- It. After all what fun of -- a threat they came out on Friday just because it's still important of Verizon as outright come -- that that the short iPhone lines were actually due to their strong. Online sales and they're staggered roll out. In there were reports about how well they weren't -- and -- and they may not be selling you know as many as they expected -- you know -- they may still be disappointed with the number that they. Had Verizon did out right come -- and say that this is the best launch or. The you know they have the most units sold in that first day when they announced the iPad iPhone on line but -- they're not releasing the actual numbers. It was a conscious decision to spread the launch over three phases there's -- said and so. Obviously that no one wants the -- in the line. But it looks good when you have once. It does it dives. IPhone or it's like it's a brand new power IE nine than they would be all about like -- -- in the line but it's not -- -- if they had crazy lines would you like while there's a lot of people in that iPhone four. Against them or ambulance and mean I knew my usual thing which -- Luton new hit him now that we're elbow room and yes but I imagine I mean I -- -- at -- -- -- -- they're -- plenty. You know I wonder though I doubt they sold a million and three days which is the production. I don't think it really understand if they didn't give numbers -- -- they're gonna they're literally they're numbers at their next earnings report the other next earnings report. Sobel will see how they actually now. If you are on if I think at this point if your Leet hacker at all and -- -- -- those like you know them in. For. Time with windows the new cool being used to try to -- a Trojan in the Mac -- Yet there's a new backdoor in Mac OS-X so the labs they've obviously got a sample that this is known as the remote access -- so they named it. Black hole rats. And there's actually an Apple on the Mac platform called black hole that used to increase the security. But what this app does it basically gives the hacker who installs it and the ability to. Do such things as placed text files on the desktop sending -- restart shutdown sleep command. Even -- you like a little fifteen the pop up for your administrator password window -- Honestly. People off that I know word Apple really hard people fall for that. You have to do that every time you do anything yeah now it's very clever. And then there's an exit from the default fact that displayed on the full screen window with the reboot button. I am a Trojan horse so I have infected your Mac computer. I know most people -- Mac can be infected but let you are infected -- some Catholic of course semi literate ample control with Tivo. You got nothing to prevent it. I'm a very new virus and under development there will be much more functions when I'm finished -- the little -- -- It's getting better and impart part of the whole thing where people sell Macs that have viruses because -- they're not targeted as much as -- how the market share. But as things have started to shift. I mean they're going to be the bigger target. But currently and -- -- and it's like a little more elite you know these -- billion -- it would have actually gotten very secure -- -- there's this perception like for your own back windows of. Apple Mac -- there is an elegant. -- labeling -- Molly office. And it's it's. Didn't -- gonna go ahead and move onto the -- Disney fans price cut. Now -- one's 49. And -- -- -- -- a long time ago vote with their new up platforms like victory -- play and the the next generation portable and GP they say. The PSP is now once -- -- nine. I still love my. This is when your kids been nagging you for -- you know I'm not ready to notice it has -- three and about them it. They three like that on the I mean I can't I can't do that right now and -- independent -- that that's a good deal for via -- into the perfectly good system did halo then let the portable media player Hammond and about it and now spoilage and I love my -- -- nine line. The Motorola zoom has already bent over clocked to one point five gigahertz -- -- -- -- you know. The dual core ready -- -- gigahertz but now it has -- easily apparently. Over -- That's the society -- DN. Look what's cool about this is that Motorola confirmed that disease specifically. Would give you give users that they wanted access to the boot loader so that. It gives you access to system settings they have instructions on -- Motorola developer sites you have to sign up. To get access to this but ultimately if you wanted it to work out your zoom. And bump -- up to one point five gigahertz dual core. We'll see -- battery is but that's awesome yeah it's pretty nice and mayor thing and it -- -- a boon for developers to who's who have the -- made it open enough. That developers will be interest in buying it in and really messed around and also. You know imitation the best form of flattery Apple -- test scene. But potentially. And Andrew like yesterday's locked in for Iowa so on a certain Android phones is on every hundred phony notes on the sense you -- In a few others but you have the actually no it is an option. You have the ability to kind of draw this pattern -- these nine dots you know whether to an old Lauren Ansar Al whatever but I feel like this -- in a lot better like -- -- Because you don't have then type in a code if you have a unique enough pattern and now it's like -- like we needed amending animate at -- yeah actually I hope they bring this I do without looking out. Anything it's probably it's is in -- another thing for them through to other government maybe maybe this is the date on features like they get to roll this out and -- that cancels some of the other multi touch -- in patent infringement law they will there there's -- everything up. I think Apple actually has a pad to use. Gestures on a lock screen not now you -- meaning -- you know I doubt. That Android patented this specific layout rate the notes if they announced Apple patent went on -- -- then they can -- Any any any any now -- elegant there's claim of patent breathing on it. AT&T will start selling the Kindle next month apparently able last -- -- up in the 2200 AT&T stores. -- -- Nation -- aiming to boost revenue by luring more users to it answered it yet they aren't Indianapolis. News that. The first civilian to rocket into space aboard the virgin galactic spaceship two privates a portable -- suborbital space probable. The orbital bubble. Will be scientists. Actually. It is inked a landmark deal to -- scientists into space or research to ticket apparently Q -- Southwest Research Institute in Colorado. And then six more -- Are on reserved for the institute. I think it's a good thing that we're sending scientists and smart people that -- like directors usually -- like that I know of Duluth news and you know thing that's really cool like analog -- the scientists will be able to use that as applying laboratory for experiments in weightlessness biology astronomy climate research. And -- an equivalent for like scientists who you know maybe. Wouldn't otherwise aggregate view that's for the fact that -- gonna go up and figure out how we're gonna hang out there the rest of it and how remembered that we have that's very -- -- babies and how -- be like a totally different raised and donated it can do -- President Obama but that action as you know -- than play a pop it -- -- always. Have found. And it shall we yes. Just days after the break up -- fire appeared and then business and -- it. The what's the -- its guiding as the previous -- A law or the most amazing -- thing. Most humans it's called waiting room and it once -- offer you as -- put that an upgrade and stocky and efficient. Way you indicated interest in -- unavailable patent for and that person -- an email notification that there's someone in his or her waiting room. That now that we'll be blacked -- happens. It says this person need not have oh they don't even have to -- don't they just get like a message that -- alert -- -- -- don't have the option. And it basically says someone wishes he were single and you don't know who it is so than the care -- sticker on this is that. You know maybe things aren't going solo with your significant and Buchanan mean you need something to push you to break up -- that person. Once you change your relationship status. It you have to wait 48 hours but then the identity of the people or persons who puts you in -- waiting room are revealed. And entries you're waiting room -- unlocked is once you break out the following brands have been waiting on -- -- And that public OK with -- panel and there's nothing that showed you how long they've been yeah. The the saddened by the sad thing is that -- who is this guy and Jane. You've got grammar and there -- amber. That that there's a player that's his mom who is like when you get a break up with. Six. Elaborately. Wow that's you know it but this this kind of branches off -- -- -- time on Friday. Not list -- you set it all elated that it stated -- -- -- horrible place in the week. I mean I I -- we are glad there are those people out there who need to be about it impotence. To get out let your say that I need to be a man but he go to be mad at -- yeah I know Indiana he needs met at the break up. The geniuses. Doing this through this app -- and. I agree I think it. They have to be across the board demanding that began piano and gas in the line yeah you're right here it and -- one area and not -- here. You're right that -- and sometimes you don't know. -- the grass is greener. And here's the of Graham and that if the woman battled with that mean that that's attitude and her mom that son of a -- and that's a Saber -- -- moms he doesn't like the -- -- -- like -- girl again. That's all. Cool story actually isn't that cool story that is not. -- that -- -- unfortunately down the computer love line. And there's -- that. Ongoing campaign to save a collection of Alan turing most important -- -- basically the father of modern computing in a lot of ways you know the famed code breaker all of that. They -- they if they campaign has succeeded they were able to raise enough money to purchase. Some of his most important works and and preserve them Apple actually park contains -- -- But fifteen of his eighteen published papers. That were assembled by his friend colleague it includes his first published paper as well as his initial plans for computing and artificial intelligence. So we're who are they if they -- were not able to secure -- who were -- in a potentially go to I think there is gonna have. Be discarded. In some way -- making or maybe go Q -- am private -- yes some rights are not an option where some rent -- what they could at least share our view that are act yet. -- -- -- be thrown away but I think we're gonna be like yeah probably sold off you know to privately and -- this is good because that they were able to raise. With the how much money. How much but this computer -- started the campaign. They Google had pledged a 100000 dollars. Private donor player -- face significant fund the national heritage memorial fund that made -- -- Aimed at 213 thousand pound. Donation offers apparently for the entire thing when -- 540000. -- And you guys don't really know much about Alan turing. We had we talked about -- before but check out seriously taken as Wikipedia -- just read. He had not only amazing life from what he did you know with his mind but also why he went to some -- that with that with the government and you know. -- you know. Does he was being in prison or avoiding being imprisoned meaning even imprisoned and persecuted persecuted for being de -- and he was one of the most brilliant computer scientists probably overtime many committed -- the idea and the horrible story yeah you -- that he is -- the inventor of the turing test which is the test for artificial intelligence he's the guy. Who is 38 is so if someone of the characters that do you think that Watson broke -- during tests. The turing test this thing is whether a computer has is is smarter than him whether it can literally can in Connecticut better than him if -- -- -- and -- human dignity is becoming exactly. The like in communication -- it. Appear you know as humans human yeah let -- the you know the British government did have a public apology. On behalf of what happened -- -- in the past. So they they may have Iliad in India data publicly public statement for that. This honor and so I mean doctors just check it out is I mean I -- actually camera and if he committed this letter -- -- dying around but I think. Anyway he ever was -- A lot of his knowledge was basically lost because he didn't. Pursue human night with it anyway at least this knowledge with -- and some regulars are up for auction what happened and then they were able to purchase. Panic attack groundless the airlines to keep high -- -- yeah yeah everything that that that as far as I'm concerned -- true. It there's -- and -- let's move on to the voice mail. You -- absolutely -- The Disneyland very happy -- I mean it's ten yeah I don't know the Disneyland of breaking -- medium it just goes on and on and on and I wanna I wanna thank. Our first caller for coming up with basically. The only silver lining you can think of -- he -- -- -- -- Industrial. -- at what -- about the winner -- breakup story actually. I know really up the stuck dispute -- world market in my -- wherever life. And having broken up -- -- you got on the right that but I don't want it -- Single rider line but I love my wife -- -- -- to do let me grab the black curtain. Whenever we go to an amusement park we always like I wouldn't -- what Apple really because people write it like it on the right light backward and everybody else. Pretty opt out. Maybe you could extract that that would -- -- -- -- they -- JavaScript. So -- basically go to Disneyland but don't talk to life and on line. -- visit hey that's awesome. That's totally works like I don't know you don't talk to me yeah yeah I can complain that your. And it's it's a good fragile island -- if you do you get jobs then that if you get done -- -- -- -- -- it -- -- -- -- -- -- added. At the finger at -- like you know what thank you thank you I would also try to find out only EU from the top of that. Yeah I'm also terra all of her pass -- -- that you guys sent out to scheduling your events that that would really -- the president. The fast -- is awesome but it's it's it's the latest. But I've been there and provide a public at a relatively fast pass -- -- it's amazing and -- -- -- -- men -- -- caller today on that -- now. -- and Friday show there -- a -- I thought about -- -- predicted and apparently we've. Gardner. Great misfortune -- play after that we -- story. -- -- -- -- Now I -- -- to work and social network Apple we all I'm gonna help but think about is -- -- original Wii -- around on its. -- guys hope you'll -- that we -- David idea -- -- we've got -- if only he was able to see the video he would be much more scarred but trust me. Later pal and it would totally mean can we -- what we did -- we've listened apparently we've. It hired. We're detected minute okay okay we're sorry but -- -- again. The rule out that intro as totally totally everything's fine okay you know France right -- and -- that cnet.com and for those with the in the conversation about the new. Thunderbolt port on the new MacBook pros. There is -- big chance that the iPad -- in any future new iphones and iPods will support the -- -- port. Which would definitely put Apple in the lead I would also not be surprised if Apple ditch USB completely for their mobile products. Which would put pressure on the other mobile companies to do so the throughout the pressure hardware companies to include -- on their computers -- that there iPod iPhone iPad compatible. But Apple do -- -- -- -- -- they could also sell a thirty dollar USB dependable converter you know they want to. It would obviously be terrible but if anybody -- -- -- to make a move like this. -- -- -- If convicted they could do it I think that if you look out the night that is currently -- you look at the thickness of a vulnerable poor right now. Unless they read the sign the port yeah right away it you'll see an iPad -- Or iPad. It probably -- iPad. But I -- but certainly immediate another year the route that they have gone firewire in the past you know I doubt I would be shocked if anybody area you'll be completely but that's nine down the road -- down the road. -- this -- coming in from grant of the ship per month for a -- trail clinic. This is -- does the regarding -- at 1414 here's my solution that children buying in app purchases in IOS I -- my children play with my gen one iPod Touch with a broken Wi-Fi chip. If they cannot connect the -- occupy. You should also have the wireless device forget the -- settings and be unable to connect hopefully pass for protected Wi-Fi. Also -- the -- and the kids are usually with me so they also listen to it downside. My oldest eat in six years old -- telling me that he'll get my iPhone four when I get the iPhone five. Yeah -- -- more like when I get the iPhone eight and my other son Carter for a chance I -- five. Five. Hold her and old -- and overlord you've been patched and they -- -- my daughter and a two. Just -- -- head to the music. Who loves this you know. And -- have ever and I have money it -- absolutely getting it out. Now -- that I don't let my -- listening. It is not having -- Yet as you minutes you think you've -- up something happened when it came. Now. -- at cnet.com is our blog when he entered the for the -- victory gave -- our phone number and buzz at cnet.com or email all of those -- the way -- -- keep the feedback -- opal yeah this -- things you please -- -- emails your voicemails and -- yet keep pumping muscle with more computer -- -- that's coming up on Friday it is coming up Friday though things. And a high -- We'll be that I have a good sales -- five.
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