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The 404: Ep. 1411: Where we need to talk about 'Her'

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The 404: Ep. 1411: Where we need to talk about 'Her'

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"Her," by Spike Jonze, is a movie that follows a modern man as he falls in love with his operating system. Naturally, we'll need an entire show to review it, and CNET's Ty Pendlebury and Sarah Tew sub in for Jeff to join the conversation. Warning: This episode contains spoilers!

Wednesday January 22 2014 mutated to the 404 show on CNET. I'm Justin you -- type in -- Answer to. And this is the 404. That Jeff Bakalar. A kind of look like games as a -- to do a little bit apparently looks like my cousin something's bad yeah exactly a little bit yet little -- and not related at all you know I'm -- you know monster. And you are tired and very reviewed televisions. For. Sometimes -- -- and other bits and pieces it yet where the company and its -- is under exposed on the floor before you suddenly. Yes it -- view. Is our photographer. Staff photographers and credited on CNET excellent -- perfectly fine if you have. It's not like you're huge body of work he you know often -- But you're on the show today because when -- talk about a movie I watched yesterday and that -- -- her by Joaquin Phoenix. And Athens -- isn't here today it's also with snow -- at the -- a lot of people. -- probably going to watch movies and -- -- a bunch of of the season Flickr is definitely one of my favorites so I want to start. By telling everyone at home. If you haven't watched -- this can be exported there rich at the thing that we handled the red explorer lets you do here on this strange yeah we should -- warcraft yeah for show. Because this is definitely dealers -- did you just say that you should watch it again. Don't don't watch this this podcast yet acts. Act after. Agreed because we're -- -- be talking a lot about the plot points -- ending. It's a very rich -- so the -- stuff to talk. Com but before we do you know -- the -- seen this movie and up only to know. I want to know what -- -- -- individuals use anecdotal. Otherwise. What you would wouldn't you think. Well. Planning is saying about that. Representation of -- on relationships. In the movie and that's a very rich area but I also -- -- say that I think. My main responsibility. Was that it is about alienation and technology and our relationship to it yet and I think. You know just cause I'm a woman doesn't mean I wasn't focused on. The AI. Not issue. -- -- -- Really what this this and you know it's funny idea I was asking Lori Grunin. She reviews cameras for -- after this morning to when you showed she watched the movie. And she said she had watched it and she's not plan because she felt as woman. This was the ultimate justification of women in movies you know the fact that this guy Joaquin Phoenix chose a female specifically. For -- OS. And and he -- of what they're sort of seem like this and and -- in her perspective. I was gonna be testing and and -- and you know -- it again FEMA perspective and for that reason. Odd. I think largely got hot as yet that's. Definitely the whole tone of the movie right -- -- -- chooses her he. He falls in love with there and I think that. The movie is I read it largely as a comment on from the needs and weaknesses of -- today and the challenges of relating to. Women as -- human beings. -- and this. -- character. Pardon me from getting. Bronchitis. The -- the character to me. She basically is like this perfect combination of a child like. On you know for gen and also this caring mother was like taking care of hiding all -- Computer items and fixing his life and giving him advice about how to get his book publishing on the other stuffs them. She is neither here and -- -- -- it's like being anything -- -- real you know adults cynical. But -- -- and with their own issues and past baggage be right. -- All systems so that it could easily been about a male male relationship to -- -- -- in editing that the fact that she's a woman. Really have much to do it it was about their interaction effects and I disagree that you -- translation. Yet they did but -- -- those and upon them if -- take. I don't think really object -- because there's no physical representation of the only here is have voice and there interact I think it's about their relationship. And so I mean I tried to check if I have I'm making her into into woman and and embodying. And that failed spectacularly so it. Think that she is an object she's she's something he purchased. Yet but but I guess -- and you know talk about that and -- that. At the hands that didn't work because you know he couldn't purchase that he she and -- -- -- and and went beyond that. -- they're -- something of a paradox right she is supposedly knows everything -- knows nothing about human emotion and then he is sort of this character that. You know is very well developed and -- has emotional quotient enough to write these heartfelt letters -- -- job. But yet can't. Sort of interact with every other human in the movie without being this awkward -- character. I think that that was sort of that -- position in the interest. Which is what rang false when you so he has sort of you know. Thoughts of of his wanna fool go for an old river laws yeah he's he's population chip was always happy and was always some Litton you know if -- so all could. You know actually that relationship would have been to be read as well solid along with Rooney Mara -- editor okay so I thought that was -- -- -- I think we should -- its. Handwritten letters that's because I think it's. -- it was very hint yet but. I also -- struck -- he has. Relating to this this idea of having -- mediated. Emotional I've gone and the people who hired. A company you know company -- -- to -- right and send handwritten letters to their loved ones on in the people would read those and I find that -- -- comment on where we're headed society and and this sort of need I think people have to. -- have their lives romanticize back to them through. You know. -- -- it on -- eyelash glue it he in this company do you think that both parties were aware. Or the other party was aware that their significant other had hired a service to write a letter on their behalf. I mean obviously the client is aware but there's one point in the movie where. He is talking about on a -- to customers and use that he'd been writing that letter writing -- or -- or the entire life. Everything changed yet it is gonna implication here that the both of those people in the relationship -- -- -- the other service. Unclear. Yeah but I mean this is kind of an inkjet printer that isn't a made it to quickly -- -- -- yeah that will start his eureka WP. I mean that's the few -- -- act opera thanks in Africa I think. But it didn't have you know you can't promise that the battery to a -- does and they indicated that imprint of the actual pan on the -- He can still tell when something printed -- -- supposed to act. Right. So and I and obviously been handling would look like them as they submitted. And -- samples or something -- That was that was sort of a coupon of the movie but in the realty. I mean it has lots of neat that he's not -- -- should we shall but it didn't really seen. When you voted to -- to that that's my point united like a lot of -- -- -- you know added to the -- technology was of the -- I don't think that too much. For example the rail line. To stop it she knew exactly what he was talking about this in east. -- issues -- on you know on the computer. On that has never happened in my experience you -- you get something and it just doesn't -- youthful. -- a few seconds to process what -- said before it comes with it yet and I mean it was using slang and I mean that's a very well of tomato list of that. -- -- What's your current NATO -- -- say that this had been programmed. By including like. All sorts of personalities of all the developers and thousands of programs like thousands actually human lives and digitized and interpreted by operating system. I mean it's -- -- -- -- in the future yeah. But I mean come on. And his -- -- hadn't officially product that would -- -- he had yet out of things that no -- with struck me as -- was that everybody sort of accepted the concept of fall in love with this operates is that even those the first version yet and I -- dollars and deliberate. -- on behalf -- -- does not show. People questioning is -- that we should have an operating system that can become -- in an. To send emails on our behalf and that could potentially ruin our job prospects the answer right I mean -- that scene where she sent off. A group of his letters -- written professionally to that book publishers. Now that went pretty well for him but could have just as easily gone the other way and maybe she would have been like hey any email there's a little happier if -- yeah. I don't like his company it was intentional and improvements in a couple of -- assortment you know. What she jealousy she got -- she did you know you -- someone yet you know lane. The onion is talking about technology in the -- really quick terrified -- in is something that. It was a bit of a contrast between the smoothness of her voice and -- to -- of Leo sweet she was. But also something that knows so much about you to give all that power up. It's it's on the that we do every did buy it there's this vocal and you just need to register. I think she was relating with 6000. -- -- also others then you know who knows whose information was getting -- the it and yet. Claiming this is a very glossy. Vision of the future I mean it seemed like totaled just -- mean -- But I think it was intended to make us from and a size like -- -- in the future we'll have this great computer that -- all. Actually be -- virtual assistant and you know I I don't resident. Predictive programming and down. In terms of glorifying the the Ray Kurzweil served and humanist yes you know transition -- -- out. Which I think is where corporately positive vision of where something like -- be headed. I think concept that I want to be explored more in the movie and it's just because it's weird on on the two hour film. But I want to see. How the operating system response to me that maybe wasn't as mentally put together. -- mean it was fairly flawed anyway yet he was completely flawed but for you wouldn't sociopath and if you know they didn't have -- you screening measures to see you could -- -- operating system. You -- probably see how the movie could become -- or -- you know if somebody had you know this. -- -- violent tendencies or abuse in their history and answer that's a manifest itself while they're talking to an operating system because what you're putting out earlier this. OS only learns what. -- only learn from what the users. Well selected and then and then in the beginning in the beginning and then it became clear that. She was not just -- operating system like you'd like those of users and putting -- into her and it. I mean that dovetails quite nicely into the ultimate music and I think last year called the -- the -- -- Which is essentially about robots uses on companion by the -- and essentially it's learning everything from him and it has -- similar tactic that. You know excellence and and becomes -- personality. I -- and use it to commit crimes. And saw others. And yeah I think date almost like pending films. Sort of the same my and that that. Those two asteroid and he's -- -- a couple years ago soon. You know they companions to each other side -- join -- to the -- PM hello all Havoc go to advance and that's a good could make it yet -- sources that are -- -- -- thank him. If other parts maintenance and other of movie yet the -- in -- it to anyone with a copy of frank in the -- yes I like that it's sort of all. Isn't this concept of does technology pulls away from human relationships now and is it possible for us to sort of co exist with technology in a way that. Doesn't become unhealthy and co dependent. Because that's sort of what the character of the -- sort of completely represented just -- -- In a relationship -- I wanted to ask you guys is what you guys think about the relationship between the -- and Samantha and all of its points on it changes over the course of time obviously but. Do you consider it something healthy -- -- obviously -- Mars characters due to his ex wife when she finds out. She assumes that he's in this relationship because he's incapable of having relationship but the real human. Do you think that's true or in this movie -- -- -- it's possible for handsets sort of maintain healthy relationship with some. I mean those interaction and it wasn't human interaction necessarily but he was contracting with -- seventeen been Nicholson. So is that human direction is that was going to be in fifty years from the get the singularity. Is that sort of redefined what -- relationship is yeah I mean if she's responding and he's and he was quite sensitive in this relationship he wasn't. A jerk must. -- but -- you know heat he'd -- like to cook. -- demo -- I you have a government some of the specifics the one real. Woman in the movie really goes on the date went with I mean who read you know drinks with -- a good time -- has good conversation and have chemistry. She is about it physical at them and then just expresses like the most -- sort of insecurity and asks them for assurance that link is not just using her and he totally shuts down -- Was -- -- kind of future if if that have been nice to me on the first day she was a bit creepy. Honestly at the end of the day and this is -- bit creepy I mean -- can happen but it's. Saw a -- a bit. To needy. That's ally I'd -- that his -- -- median that's sort of tend to it yet. I think he has that -- he -- both definitely -- and I think for him. There's this selfishness that he brings to every relationship with -- -- right -- that scene where he engages in it could call them thanks. With -- I literally that was Christian -- but I -- strangled. Now does not indicate that's a -- that's presently is voice. But you know he sort of has these relationships that are on his terms specifically and it makes in the base selfish person romantically right I mean even when he's. Talking to semantic it's always on his terms I think that's what kind of makes this not true relationship. Is that in the real relates to you have to do things sometimes that you don't want it -- to make sacrifices. -- -- engage -- conversations that make -- comfortable but for him. When he didn't wanna talk -- -- -- The thing here when you wanted to talk she was always available that's pushed the button says is the slave she -- Piece of his property bright -- and that's -- and but it did she did transcend it -- it. You know she she was with others which he got fairy tales of in -- 6000 others and them you know -- she was meeting with other -- allies. Dan and saw others. Yeah I mean that's I guess it was about the breaking free of those bonds. Maybe it's a comment on relationships that you can't have one site -- to drive right because I had a do you think this is more about. Relationships than it is about technology -- other technologies really Fuzzy and and you know what's -- look at it closely pulls a pop but. You know maybe it's it's a look at talents on relationship is -- -- Yeah it to -- there was that relationship between. Itself and technology that's what came out. In -- -- the more instinct in the movie in my opinion was when she finally shuts down at the end it was sort of this brief departure which uses updating itself. Achievement and know that but you know and so it goes to -- on his phone and she's not there the first movie and he -- that -- in the audience that -- -- -- -- with all freaked out and you'd hear it. From everybody. At the computer shut down is that it goes on this Rampage you know he he -- with computers and the computer hostages this activity. And -- like freaks out starts running port that we should not even sure where he was planning on going at at later I was gonna go straight to steal money grants. There was the most compelling scene. In my opinion where he falls. -- he trips and he falls in immediately. -- people in that the rush to. You know one guy in a minute I -- they're small theme -- -- -- with symbolic of how. Technology will never replace -- in action in such a small team. You know other people helping -- -- to you right he just keeps -- he ignores and it's sort of mean. It symbolic of his whole personality where he is at the self imposed. And that's something that we all -- -- can identify with technology now. It kind of made this movie release had for when I can -- -- thinking. This is set in the future. It is to stop it does to you and it's not out art history. Non user much about her present relationships. -- -- com Smartphones being the most intimate relationship that we. Yet that's release that in fact. During the -- have to lean over and ask the girl next to me deterred offers up a good at -- doing into -- sound like really ironic by lucky -- have a weapon on the net. By you write your right we have this dependency and you mentioned substitutions being reconvenes. In -- totally got that -- -- -- That in everything they need it especially ironic for him. In that scene where he had double -- some body double offered there's sexual moment together. And he just so. Ridiculous I was in Rio her alternate mapping but yet all you need any sense for the movie or verbal what -- gonna dive into the body double didn't make any sense it only only would happen if there was a prostitute thing. -- there there's snow world which I think that would actually happen really. That's also ironic that he was really surprised that a company like this would exist that he couldn't I was surprised because I -- surprise for him. In that and that his setting. He shouldn't be because he works for a company that does the exact same thing -- -- substituting the heart of -- she was supposedly volunteer -- not an employee bright yet that was the other doesn't think it would make sense which is a prostitute but it didn't make sense Brad. It was made more sense if they had -- Japanese sex -- doll which actually. Is a real thing that is they are you know offensive bug. I mean as as far as like in. Being a direct expression of the operating systems feelings yeah you know lovingly -- -- Chip and it made sense I mean what was cement that was supposedly they whispering your -- like. Do this with your face like to have its way and -- -- top -- -- -- Samantha -- relationship with -- -- really trivia. To me with a surrogate -- An experience and it should. You know -- -- shortcut which is basically what the movie's about taking shortcuts to date of real human action. Where's she wanted to feel as if she was part of this meaningful relationship but without -- -- ground worked fine. -- about the relationship to the friends that he supposedly -- -- at the end. OO Eagan -- that I mean that was sort of like you know it is that the relationship he has because he can't have -- -- that that -- that it had felt like me. Because they had a history -- -- -- -- dated briefly ecology mania and scared and he said it just didn't work yet. I think that yeah I mean those sitting I think is the ends comedians for them sitting on the rooftop and maybe yet yet she puts in his head on -- shoulder. So I don't know I mean to -- that meant that that was possibly. A romantic and up in my tried again so the thing that she was sort of like the says the BB -- sort of thing in just -- I felt like it was just empathy I felt like. You know she was giving him something again that's an -- -- provide which is this. This and that that that's a beacon that only human beings gone through something similar can give you. You know that that that sort of connectivity. Where did you get that out of the end we'll see you through that about and the eggs. Seconds I guess I thought that's. That's -- -- character was supposed to be this perfect embodiment of -- because she was there for nothing but the purpose of understanding his every. -- need desire whenever I mean that seem to be her whole. Purpose. In existing for him but. But I guess and yet you -- empathy does have more to do with. Trying on one's own experiences which -- didn't really have any -- yet. It's funny that in the beginning when he first -- -- us one. The only question -- Asked him with what is your relationship with your brother yeah it is such a Freudian thing and how -- you guys -- of that whole experience was that just for comedy or did you think that was. -- -- that was pointing. Pointing to the fact that this is going to be a movie that had things to say about the relationship management and each other now. I mean what they -- and is filled of one of those online dating sort of question -- and I and I 86% match -- is no -- -- role gray eagle -- united -- of the thumbnails among question and then had. One voice yet so maybe that was that was a I think that essentially there is optimum voice. You know there's only one parity can get you can get a mile or -- -- this is when he ran. Any on your relationship with -- -- He had exactly if you haven't been heard enough then you have something that will always listen to you but it's replicating it at the same time -- Didn't -- -- -- fulfilling relation because you disagree with everything he said you know it wasn't until there is a little bit of fighting involved. It was pretty one -- For him now can. Can ask what did you guys think of the video games -- so that was hilarious so it's a couple. -- -- -- I essentially. Yet the interaction between cement the bucking beneath but -- nine and and the little. And a you have like a perfect girlfriend to sit there and -- -- play your best time and and then laugh at the characters well as an employee. I -- it yeah who by the way it was like Johns that was all right -- -- Realized that it. DB I think it was a funny -- and just because that character was slow news. Filthy mouth -- -- too cute little thing. And of those funny. -- -- those those are some of the most disturbing to me I thought it was -- that assessment. And but also really disturbing that in -- scenes like of these when video game or when he's dancing in the apartment by himself when -- -- -- just talking to themselves. On the subway or on the beach -- all these scenes that you know you hear two voices by visually it's just one person and and that means like -- It was some of the -- it seems that at a senators admin yet. -- -- -- I -- had a very Charlie Kaufman -- sort of field -- would not I didn't realist despite Johnson Etsy. Written it yet so I mean that there's posted that is on its cities -- partners maybe -- -- -- This was lots of lost in translation Minnesota -- in -- them. Not aging and such but I guess the the inability to connect with the people's eyes -- But technology -- get in the way that. Of that. You just continue to go back when using it there's so many things even now that are great substitutions for the real thing -- supposed to be. But I still an authentic and disingenuous like -- program for example never gonna compare actually out in the next year friends. Or if you don't interact going to be at the grocery store you can go to that automatic checked. Which to meet -- really big hit the real protectors who -- and W line and as -- two cheeses yet to not talk to your Virginia. I just don't anybody you know it's like -- headphones -- If I have a little daily interactions I yeah that's why I like living in your cities the sealant has -- and you -- all these little bytes guys. In -- actions yet. I like that like Theodore it was -- reports today in people's. Opinions everybody in a lot of ways it look like it was -- ward New York button. But its interest in where it was said. You know apparently they -- some in China Vietnam. I mean. Having been to Japan -- that does look like those -- -- that's in Tokyo one of our soccer or one of those places so I'd. It it was deliberately and Asian inspired city -- version. -- which wouldn't happen. Back quickly you know if it's 1015 years in the future and but it was sort of like this this future land where -- month with high waisted pants and actions yet it is fifties and sixties influenced. I felt like the saturation even -- in the movie was also really depressing to me. Everything was really flat and they're really drab colors across the board on there are no logos anyway nothing to thinks you'll infections. Which is the an unreliable thing happened yeah that's right. Clearly unrealistic whenever there's no branding on anything commuter branding that'll be a lot closer to increase in Africa and on my payment packages to newbies -- -- -- the but that's sort of looks at -- there is there is there -- teenagers -- -- -- -- Anything -- -- -- -- than -- -- -- -- -- the bug to me that means you guys. -- just yet just. The fact that wasn't about technologies. And the way the technology was betrayed I'm particularly with ending. Which we have really -- it but. The fact that she transcends and and goes away if you spent god knows how much money on this operating system and all that time. -- it was really not ups. It of that and going why. I -- -- -- -- yeah you're upset about that out yet so let's reservists from the operating exactly. And resolved I mean they didn't. She went out and -- -- the Apple and sent me. That are operating system transcended. It -- human involvement. Dissolving into the -- to proceed now you be filling warranty on. They would I'm sure there. It netcom is it from the companies and state. That. But -- -- it was rather. -- -- I mean where these operating -- Realizing that they were better than humanity and that they need it I mean like what's the next step I mean what where's she -- Because I think most -- I. Topic you know films usually there's a very negative. Implication for -- And I realized I -- Battlestar Galactica is the silence and all that com. The board -- and you can. In really not imagine. Artificial intelligence transcending its relationship -- without it deciding that we're scum bags and registering the planet and we need to based hot. And it is an interesting. Reversal of like humans but the evil thing while the I am the the operating system was evil and very very quickly and -- and -- was -- pretty much and wheat you know the next 1015 years. We don't we haven't changed that much know what we -- littler more reliant on technology but. Where it was shutting off from from human interaction but but the DO SMRS. I -- and of opening yet in a good way. Cuba Kurzweil. Because to need -- game that he's operating systems. And they had more inches and communicating with each other. Human -- but also. It seems like it are they each other world -- line. Connected -- I mean that seem to be. They seem to be one way of -- -- that she had at least with that philosophers. -- response rates -- must be learning from each other. It was sort of unclear how many different unique operating systems that word button. But -- it seemed like it was sort of like a hive. Yeah like -- hive mind type deal and there was also pulling in. Intelligence of the human beings prisoner acting press. It's sort of realized and the limitation. In action and machines can never sort of confine themselves to that that story. -- -- -- -- There you -- reading between the lines of existing between the letters of the story that he was living. On it felt a need that she no longer wanted to be confined. Monogamy human relationships -- that. And she's trying to speed -- -- thinking beings of mass like. For her summit had happened between each letter each word -- was saying -- It was distraction to -- Also. Finishing that. Machines I mean. Christina also if you can have then conversations that wants it really makes accurately and let's just talk a month to pick anybody else. And it will be assumption that the machines operating systems were created with one objective in mind that's sort of to learn. That's to -- from humans and after they had learned everything they possibly could about human emotion. It's a place of what a couple of months yet you are who -- with -- relationship I just wondered if that was the intention of the supposed designer its operating system. And yet -- Name navel before they released. Presumably -- sitting on a -- of the someone yet only months to get in the -- by Jason wanted it to me. You know blending minimal things from. Drive them to and yet it should they've released satellite -- the -- and the speed of time lines and learning capacities it was strange and number there's one scene in the movie where. Samantha and the -- into -- fight right after that humans left tax. And he asked that are what do you feel about that breaks up with that are passively and she does. Well I don't know I need a moment think that. Which is so weird to me because she couldn't get a second do you need a multi -- (%expletive) yeah -- exactly how many -- where you know action -- -- -- he had. -- -- a moment to think. -- -- -- and I'm exhausted as problematic of these operating systems and feelings and now like how I use. I can commander -- was feeling mean yet fair. Fist. Which -- And patents. But there is -- Internet browsing history men and -- I was shocked that. Porn didn't claymore role in this film it and it was mentioned once -- Very funny line and he says -- I -- -- prioritizing. O -- games video games and porn which. That's exactly. Comment TrueCrypt that you know. I think that's on the speaking about yet where we're headed some people have all these. While men especially counties. Do. Habits yet -- and addictions humans that. And you alienate them further from Rio when. It's thing he should take longer to clean sweep does -- before. Operating system -- Now let me just in the way that the as a photographer I'm just no way that you think. Which showed that it communicated -- intimacy. And it is it was very closely show how I thought it communicated. You leanings and print conflicting accounts like you're saying the ones that -- -- the one person pre. Focus -- -- and muted colors and -- Sad empty -- some of them. Landscape. -- so everybody you're here. The status so it's not -- -- really close to -- so maybe that that communicated some sort of intimacy that wasn't there ever. It wasn't it's it's not a movie designed to be seen on the huge -- -- think -- because it's it's very close to -- the other. And sorry I think it's it. Maybe you'll supposed to connect with -- it and someone at a time I've just -- -- -- the way it was filmed communicated in sort of -- motion. So you -- feeling opposite. From what -- I didn't feel I mean there is I guess if you mean into B see like with that. Link between -- -- character. I -- his is hole so it's just it is the one big monologue -- him and his computer and not. And because it's a computer he. Filtering himself the way you sort of did not encounter with his ex wife when -- sign the divorce papers came. Stumbles and stops expressing himself almost immediately -- inserts to him. -- -- -- -- -- But I even though that she wasn't shown at any point I mean those one loading screen. Maybe and maybe a couple of times to -- like -- -- computer the fact that she isn't shy and I think she was a very. Quite well defined catchment that had a lot to do with quality of the voices also dialog to dial it felt very natural yet I'm it didn't feel like a guard brought in for a -- it actually felt like a woman's -- So whether they -- -- that would that was actually. And a -- -- dialog. It's sort of felt like that -- a -- that it wasn't written dialogue was more the natural conversation. I think is deliberately supposed to be you know wait to show in the operating system was in there -- only time -- cleaners and his questions and and her responses to meet the only time that we got her perspective aside from those pocket shots was during that sexy. You know at some point bother having thanks. It does -- like movement and need that was the only perspective that we really got from her via. But it's not neglect -- -- -- with you know amendment. Open the home movies that the answer not many. Not law opinions. Here adopted its Alex and -- Anything else yes when ask for would be we wrap up. Did you did you enjoy the -- Yes yes very much into it in the vehicle -- you know once it's like yesterday's that's pretty fresh in my mind. I think I don't wanna watch it again perhaps not in theaters next and at that accurate but think he would lose any. Thing by not going to use some sort on that that of the snowy day. Lost -- month so he knows about the foot of snow or ever wild side. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think if you -- on dvd or -- right at the you can -- -- it happy loading it on here iPhone only you can look at it unscrupulous. -- ipads you know people like and use -- ipads and consequence that yet. -- that you sent it like it. I mean I did I did like it I'm glad I -- I thought it was. A movie with with plenty of food for thought in terms of reflecting on. Where things are headed. And it was but it was very sadly -- -- and he was largely about alienation and keeps the difficulty of modern relationships between men women. Like go to this probably -- -- But did it make you use your phone lists afterward. That I can change my relationship with how to use technology -- again. Whole thing very deeply about relationships yet would you buy an operating system. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- equipment you know he broker hearts and now lethal these photos that you. Right now this is happening in and out voters -- on every IP address in the that's carefully to you know. The fact that an operating system that you trust so much. Has its own volatile functions it's like writing a whole -- -- holes because of that problem you know it it can think for itself if it doesn't Mikey and you'll off. Which is -- like product line so maybe it's similar thing you don't want something that's. Basically a tool if you know you'll tool personal tool yet. Has its own mind yet say you probably don't want -- -- artificial intelligence to intelligence and leave the impression on it yet. And really disorganized and computers in use and files. And -- that. The -- just organize your ID three tags and folders on man appeals. There were a lot of seductive features. And that's publicly and ID three tags -- number one terrifying. Well you guys -- know what she thought of the movie if you watched it. And and -- been a lot of great talking points here but -- -- I think the -- phone numbers is 1866404. CNET. Comment on FaceBook page or tweet app world for. Let us know what you thought about this episode if you points about the -- -- -- -- Get him back into the studio tomorrow to talk about regular -- of what topics. Annual updates. In the past week so. That's gonna do it for us -- -- tuning in. Will take that tomorrow I'm Justin you I'm type and over it. Insert it before -- Titanic its low -- Anthony.

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Anyone who has ever coached youth sports knows the frustrations of communicating important messages to dozens of families. In this...
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Imperial Star Destroyer joins growing fleet of 'Star Wars' drones, Ep. 197
4:35 March 26, 2015
This week on Crave, we navigate crowds while staring at our phones, catch space junk with fish nets, and ogle a new "Star Wars" taking...
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Birdly uses VR, a fan and your flapping arms to simulate flight (Tomorrow Daily 151)
28:21 March 26, 2015
On today's show, Ashley and Khail check out bird-flight simulator Birdly (complete with hydraulic flapping arm mechanism), a father...
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