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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1409: Team Watson vs. Team Anonymous
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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1409: Team Watson vs. Team Anonymous

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In the news today, Apple's subscription rules raise hackles among developers, us, and possibly the Justice Department; meanwhile, Verizon iPhone sales appear to disappoint. Is Apple having a bad day? It's probably just solar flares. Also, the Motorola Xoom price is announced: not that bad. Nokia delays its Windows-based phones to sometime after October: very bad. Worse, even. And we're getting pretty worried about Anonymous, the Internet's own unstoppable secret police. Maybe Watson can save us. --Molly

Wednesday February. -- -- -- Right now -- Hollywood Bob and a buzz out loud is cnet's podcast of indeterminate length it is episode 14109. While we have just -- this -- this. Ambulance county today yet we just destroyed our voices with their own renditions of creed and nickel back. -- some of the great things that you could find on our live show are not live pre show. Not this is not the best way that -- it would come up with probably definitely promote those a -- -- Sometimes the pre show it is -- whaling. Hair band music we're gonna spare everyone was -- carry -- like I I did tack and for crying out loud. And any idea where thirty years -- 23 minutes late today -- nickel back. And treat. I wish we'd have to admit that. But it through he had to get on a company -- does any time at the live -- with slash live we have a live chat room we -- -- -- -- -- -- And also on we've been getting some love from our CNET channel. On roku boxes yet so people I can download and -- against players in the back on either dinner. -- I'm Dallas back in lots of on the Big Three dollars CNET shows that there on the -- talent in buzz -- -- summit that the government the video version you can watch that. And is like that and that's what I thought you were on Boxee queue to ask them how they get three that are like -- what -- you of the fifty instantly on any money now. -- -- -- -- not act act went it's like. I need I need them or make up. But let's get to the tech news because it has been an interesting 24 hours -- -- -- -- a little -- isn't eaten up. Yesterday we talked about Apple's new subscription service. You know the one where if you sell magazines or books or newspapers or other subscription based services. You have -- now in. Port like meat here and comfort to those things within your -- on your -- -- and then give -- 30%. Yeah that what we did we get that back in waited for that reaction to -- hip. -- I -- -- I mean we you know we said good it's good traveled that for developers. In our that's the dollar payment now and -- -- -- is good for Apple yeah the developers are -- -- -- right now you know multi journals. Recently reported article that this could. Musician and service to draw antitrust scrutiny just because of how much of the market to control some of the conditions though that are more specific elegant nicely talk about is that. Two things -- one of on the one of the things is that the iPad app cannot include a link. That would direct readers for these subscriptions to purchase them outside the magazine's website via and that -- what that's that's a big deal. Yelling links to this that links in Amazon shopping Kindle store button which take the out of the Kindle app and into the mobile safari -- -- but. Have to be remove -- day would essentially going out Amazon hasn't updated their app -- so you can still do that at the moment -- but apps like the Sony Reader. -- date and I mean they're locking down that aspect so. There there argument was that will if you. Acquire the customers -- your website then that's fine but if we acquire the customers through our App Store we should get. 13% thirtieth a thirty per -- partner is remarkable. Though the that. Reaction is definitely rolling in -- our people in our chat -- yesterday were saying is this an antitrust issue and we weren't really sure because you know it's always it's always tricky with Apple to determine. There's no question that they behave in an anti competitive fashion. And there's also no question this is that they have. The they have competing services for almost everything that would be affected like they have a movie and TV rental service they have a bookstore. It's definitely anticompetitive in that sense there's -- report out. Just this week to -- talks about the dominance of the App Store and this is where I think it could potentially -- rise the level of anti trust because Apple's. App Store is by far. Like far and away by multitudes of -- the revenue leader yet another App Store -- You know -- wanting to point out was when we're looking at these numbers now this is the revenue leader this doesn't necessarily mean how many you know people have access the store because Android surpassed. You know even Nokia and them. Apple for Android platforms that people could have access -- apps -- but from a money making revenue standpoint in 2009 Apple's App Store generated 769. Million dollars in revenue. Whereas -- second place App Store. It wasn't even Android it was black rates Apple at 36 million Nokia's obese store at thirteen million. And Android market at eleven million those numbers there there's a huge gap. And that I gotta say when you've got 82%. When you own -- 2%. Of the App Store market at least as of 2009 and and and to be clear other stars that may have made a pretty significant jump in and and since then. But -- -- 2010. Jumped up -- that 82 point 7%. Of the app market and now they're saying to publishers of any kind of content. You've gotta give us 30% if you're gonna live in our ecosystem like that is not there's. -- there's no way this is just and rhapsody -- -- come out and issued a statement and said. -- -- it it is financially untenable. For us to continue in this matter because and this is where pinching like. -- own your own contents if you publish your magazine or whatever that may be giving Apple 30% cut giving in a bankrupt you. But if your rhapsody or your Hulu or your Netflix and you have to pay licensing fees to get the content in the first place. And then give Apple that 30% cut of anybody who signs up through their out. I mean -- they just like we can -- -- Apple -- Apple's making a cut from the distribution system that I didn't pain essentially for the content. Concentration now well I I need a step back for him because the numbers I said we're 2009 but just to give you -- better update of 2010 numbers. Apple's App Store was one point 701 billion. When -- out one point seven at the at one point seven billion dollars blackberries Apple's -- 65 million Nokia 105. Google Android won a two for 2010 and that's when they -- to an 82%. Red chairman of the market -- And they actually did go down they went for third 2009 Apple had 92 point 8% and apps store market. By 2010 it was an 82%. -- there is definitely competition on the rise. And there is already competition to the district of service attack like -- a bit of really a remarkable timing that Google announced its new payment and subscription service that will. He will and that Google -- past Google we'll keep 10% of revenues. And it's not clear whether there's a requirement. That. The app developers not lead people out to other. The other store and others that there's an open question -- why should they get a cut it -- And I think it is reasonable. To say look we maintain this entire. Eco idiots on the platform and we distribute your apps for -- like we hosts. We host the apps we pay for the bandwidth that lets you did that distribute the apps and -- -- kind of the marketing engine. Rate for your apps so it's okay to an extent -- -- to be that kind of -- -- cut. That they take but but you cannot require developers to not offer consumers the option of getting that content tomorrow and thirty -- today. They're not -- not only is not only that the other thing that highly doubt. The other second mobile point of Apple's conditions for their in app -- is that. There's an explicit condition that says -- if publishers sell digital subscriptions. Outside the Apple. Ecosystem they must allow Apple offers subscriptions at of -- same price. Or less you have now from a retail price point that that's so everyone that's like we've joked about in the past -- when at least this whole snappy with the Sony Reader app came up old and may be. The content providers should just sell their things -- 30% more on the Apple Store so that Apple gets a thirty counties will get the same amount I know that -- can even happen it has an anti. The -- has to be the same. I mean it's probably look at at least they're doing on this enduring price control price I think eight or -- Its price fixing and extortion and it's fundamentally anticompetitive like I don't know how they think they're gonna get away with it and then on top of that. Apple is requiring the publishers to turn over subscriber data which Google is not with one path. Saying you know you have to give us this treasure trove of information the Google party -- But -- a well yeah hey they don't have it from Netflix they don't have it from magazines that I'm from newspapers and there are behaviors are not making it a requirement. I mean it's really. Like this is rhapsody is the first but. What's gonna be really interesting to see what like Netflix and Amazon and we'll begin the problem with the and then the sticky wicket with Amazon is that. The Kindle the third -- -- Though Apple -- Amazon -- and this is where Apple. Unfortunately wouldn't feel all of the fire in -- Amazon had a really good marketing campaign but if Amazon pulled off of violence devices. Anybody -- -- the Kindle but can no longer read them. On the iPad and -- against the counter -- reader. A that I would get the -- -- -- -- -- out of there and they you know -- in Camille shop but that we have a free reader app and all you can do is just read your -- and material and that's what -- that's. What they -- deal. It's pretty it's pretty -- -- I mean. Everyone like the people -- -- thing Apple isn't forcing developers to use their service. They are forcing developers or service they're not and nobody is forcing me to like drive a car on a road but that is how the majority of people don't get to work and -- it unites. It is a very bad position to be put in as a developer. If the dominant market place the one where you can make all the money and reached you know so many consumers says the -- -- pay me. Like after you made me. Also that -- 30% number early tender we agree and there's a lot higher -- just -- they charge 30% for app developers doesn't mean they can use that number across the board. You know for the promenade building content and it easily to digital delivery method okay I get it but subscriptions fully different -- don't you can't say 0830% off. I know now thirty -- ridiculous I'd be surprised if this would be the president continued -- -- -- and to be honest I mean. It's just bad timing for Apple does that feels like a real misstep to me because an Android is coming on so strong like -- it has bigger market -- in the Smartphone market. And and Google is making you know a lot of the right moves with it with developers -- -- -- -- subscriber data you know. That. -- -- I'll be looking in the next couple days -- -- -- -- I'm surprised some something like the daily I think their yearly subscription was gonna be around forty dollars so you're basically telling me that Apple's gonna get around like twelve dollars of that. But ID you know -- for Rupert Murdoch's paper. For the year -- did that yeah that -- -- making. -- and anyway it's not added. What it would also may not be nice is Verizon iPhone sales. At least for -- and they failed to meet their expectations. Omelet they're talking about -- numbers of how well or. How it did -- how not so hot that the Verizon -- -- we also talked about like the -- not doing so well let's see here at Thursday's. These these are total sales from five Apple stores so -- -- like Pauline Howell stores did -- the tether and is this is from boy genius report is very. Now arbitrary rate. It's not the most detailed as showing both rights and AT&T iPhone four sales during Verizon's burst. Five days and eligibility between these umpires at between the store so. Verizon. Thursday night at 9091. AT&T'S 539. Friday 8916. To 680. Saturday 660 force anyone Sunday. 796 to 701 this is Verizon AT&T so there wasn't a huge. Huge jump between. Verizon. And AT&T and a kind of signals what we had said before is that most people. -- AT&T phones jumped of the servers earlier before they wanna know via the see how well this well of numbers just weren't there. -- of people were in contracts yet. And on again we don't know this that this is a report -- boy genius report and the first that we sort of -- of sales numbers but it is really interesting. If you think about it logically it does make sense like a lot of people -- tied up in very expensive contract then. And then and didn't want to have to break -- and there were we talked about a lot of reasons not to buy new well yeah right now -- the worst time to buy -- I mean this stuff coming out of of mobile world congress alone I thought that was -- -- be coming out this week and I've been waiting her husband mid march mid march -- ethically and morally yeah. Yeah I mean I think you I think it was probably a lot of people were already and then that. If you're already in contact with Verizon but weren't eligible for an upgrade I -- -- -- -- the pricing probably didn't work out for the vast majority of people. It would have had to be like. Right at the end of your AT&T contractor out of contract with AT&T which they eighteenth he was doing everything to make sure you weren't here. And then willing to jump to Verizon so they -- get the subsidized price. And that's probably that. In a month. Now 10% of buyers -- his report said that according to them on -- pre orders. And according to sources all -- -- -- between Verizon and Apple amount to around 550550. Thousand units where projections -- they might sell a million in the first three days via. Good for all of you you listened to -- the late late rewrite their thing you know it's a really exciting and -- -- Earlier on it that -- because they've somehow leaving and coming out new iPhone coming out other and -- phones the -- processing phones coming out in March. Yeah you don't need only to put its okay you're -- don't worry guys are doing the right thing. Are right on that note appraisal take a quick break restaurant -- -- -- instant have a little nickel back -- on on defense. When -- come back Motorola -- right thing is can burn. And I almost doesn't cool technology that will hopefully -- bastard and -- cheaper data plus. Quad Core. They miss Molly Wood in the house of the -- Gonzales here back from the ad breaks. Motorola's him all of you guys are afraid how much was -- how much is -- -- -- -- and then how could -- be well. Quite possibly -- you know if -- -- -- later be dazzling Motorola has confirmed the pricing on the zoom it will be 79. Price point I'll be for the 32 -- model running there three point oh honeycomb. Reading data plan with Verizon also there -- going to be selling their Wi-Fi -- version at 600 dollars. So I at least you know with the tech that's inside there's the 600 dollar price point -- suite seven -- -- the little -- -- for -- to drop out. Enhanced -- -- high but you can bet that not very many people are going to be paying them an argument that of the that's for the three G version that's almost certainly be subsidized. I bet most people are not gonna pay 800 bucks for I think the real on your look -- -- Most likely is the 599. In of the 600 dollar Wi-Fi only version which I gotta say a hundred dollars more than iPad. -- the lowest at level iPad that's pretty good that is a good it probably and of that at all -- the Wi-Fi only is in that there really -- -- So that he tell you how all all your fears. -- -- They did they do all those little engine that it floated away it's -- everyone. Also in some if you want to about technology in some technical breakthroughs and things that have been announced -- -- surrounding all of mobile world congress. Full duplex radio breakthrough can double Wi-Fi capacity so researchers. From -- -- university have found. A way to double capacity wireless networks about the same time meet in -- more reliable efficient and this is with current connect technology that is in place so essentially their discovery allows data be transmitted between devices in both directions of the same time. Rather than just one which has been the case in this would affect not only Wi-Fi devices but also cellular networks and as well so. For example like a wireless network has Speedo like fifteen megabit per second it won't change that capital does allow it to open up the channel so communication -- -- place. -- this is this really interesting and potentially hugely. -- barrel off them -- out. -- could it mean that data plans are more reasonable because you have more options for getting data back in part more quickly and if anything just you know things will be -- and -- Devices will be more often right. Even in subtle things like when you're talking -- communicate right you know when you both talk -- retailer you actually can't hear each other for the moment because it's -- now -- -- it's not like you know. Like a wired landline or whatnot you can't do it on a cell phone conversation so. That would affect that. Not but then also overtime out wireless data exchanges -- won't have to be like waiting for a signal from one liked are either server yes and there are -- in the data -- you back are you there now it just -- goes both ways simultaneously. Yet it's pretty it's pretty remarkable -- -- if it breaks a fundamentally -- -- a fundamental assumption about the way wireless networks work. Because now data can go Baldwin and hopefully -- talking on the phone for example won't be though. I mean really -- using -- -- -- painful because of that also does the kind of thing that people thought always existed. I downloaded stuff and hey you think about -- -- -- better. This is not pretty but -- technology. Also -- video which has already made some waves with the tegra two dual core. Chips that are in the zoom and attempting out -- -- LG Optimus pad are. But now Nvidia's saying. Don't Quad Core. Yet -- dual core are not enough. Optimize your battery power not enough but I like the -- of their first line of their quad cores Howell L. AKA the super -- And what is called the Superman. The throne probably I -- how Amazon more in your own. You know that's when Nicolas Cage named as an -- That's that's worse -- -- Not that I think the Quad Core product actually -- millions of people who -- really geeks knowing -- is because I thought if they didn't let that out better of the Wu. Now we -- -- The world's first mobile Quad Core CPU they're also working on a new twelve core Nvidia G -- work -- DP stereo. -- paying particular email HD. Tuner in it too late. Tony and I like -- and I then 16100 resolution better plug those things then they're saying it will be five times as fast and the tired at the annual include a power cable now and -- -- prevalent -- power -- think it's pretty comprehensive. There currently shipping these out to their customers the Triad the Quad Core. Processes they're actually -- -- and -- -- manufactures and at least -- announced edited so I -- It's happening and that we are Nvidia road -- -- the second and their stuff anymore. Wayne Wayne -- you know Wayne riesling I Everest -- Logan Wolverine operation dark dark obviously. -- -- the mute people lured him and who do that I those energy technology success stories. Now we got a couple of regular little bit in a buzz kill if you -- stories Nokia although it is. Working on the -- windows phone seven integration thing is. Has already announced basically a delay. Of windows phones that will extend beyond October. But -- and we're really not confused -- That and that is if there isn't time for sad trombone and -- -- -- though. Because integrated windows phone you know made the announcement but they're waiting for essentially the next version of the OS-X -- -- -- with a clean -- and that does make sense to me from from a standpoint of just. Starting to pressures are new but when you talk about the timetables. Of all the new stuff that's coming out and if they wanna lose more ground to the next evolution of Android and honeycomb. And then your OS is coming out in October and webos the. Like come anyway wasn't coming back like HP's making a strong push out the year and -- in on a little crazy -- timing is greater AM this is a bad timing. I mean the real. -- business like -- I am justice -- actually -- they've finally make a move right they've finally make a move mountain. And then -- leg. -- -- That's like dinosaurs being Mike -- we heard this meteors come mortgage but I just build a house but that the early years and now what and knowing and -- known -- -- It's -- to double. Whammy of familiar -- -- So I -- that that's a -- Raila I was excited about the partnership but October. You better you better work on that lol yeah that's not yet the -- and it and it maybe you know I'm media Lander and in the short term. This is what this feels like all the all the shareholders that were complaining -- -- -- -- with a Trojan horse that's like let. Maybe if this guy was in a Microsoft -- he would just get off the stick. Go Android get some phones out now as you can do that pretty quickly -- And then instead if -- -- -- in the development cycle of windows phone seven via linked does that seem like a good idea. -- shareholder I Nokia shareholders definitely Everett V madmen and -- Also and -- Microsoft related news. From our own Mary Jo Foley is eating that her blog she asked the question is Microsoft's Zune about to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- Dead okay and in that horrible project object so basically over the past few days Microsoft is it's almost like the -- Zune. Should not be mentioned anymore and they didn't and couldn't make ended -- And it's like sing this you're. So they avoidance is tennis and speculation are you guys trying to kill the -- what you guys gonna be doing with their you know are you change in the -- or the name. Maybe maybe nine. -- -- -- out instead of think of what they can possibly do it does in the Zune is another -- Victim of Microsoft's failed immigration strategy like if they had made a Zune phone if they had -- this platform better if they had. It are rated on the software faster mean windows runs that it is almost it is noted -- interfaces lately and now and the Zune was really. -- it's good I love the highest rate hardware with the cool interface the software finally did come up to speed and gently pretty cool. And I just is complete and as far as I'm concerned link -- up after the shameful failure that you could not make that to -- fifty. -- the -- it was fighting iPod. And iPod just that to go. Like -- another rumored Zune HD two is supposedly coming out to compete with iPod Touch. Arm and we'll see if that actually happens -- there are branded as something like Xbox entertainment they have the Zune marketplace. I'm on Xbox which is you know. The third to distribute their media content movies and TV shows some we'll see -- -- in lives or dies. -- and it to be fair to only a rumor now well maybe they're just flooding when the trial -- like to -- -- disease vehemently. Does do better. My -- my bet -- I -- you're doing Iran. -- -- there Google's. Eric Schmidt says that. Nokia I was doing -- -- at mobile world congress to give a roundtable discussion and one of the things that he said with the we would've looked for Nokia and its use -- And he expressed some hope that it might someday decide to do so. The partnership -- -- stuff -- and maybe then lighting now all today. Maybe should fire your Microsoft fan -- the EL UN -- -- -- common sense. I get on Android boat. I don't think you up will be having an interview over here you can. Now also -- -- some -- like it's from mom is interview Schmidt also said regarding near field communications. They were talking about Indian nexus that the second generation of the nexus that's -- included. Also in near field communications are becoming a bigger bigger deal. They -- that Google is intending to build a business around it but they're not going to be getting to the credit car or terminal payment systems business. So they'll just use it maybe to have devices communicate with other devices but not -- you know -- -- -- -- -- credit -- -- this -- -- surprising -- I present you can -- they have Google checkout and NFC and mobile check out seems to -- the way the world is going no mean you know as usual maybe they know from the weed out as they're pretty smart but I mean the key the key thing is. -- -- even a silly. Call it really a fragmentation thing but if because -- -- -- -- to get all those manufacturers wield his kind of fragmentation. To get all those many factors that also incorporate NFC chips yeah there where they may be like I don't really care about that right now. Where is Apple a bit the one single company beckoned the -- all their devices. We've said like if anyone was gonna kind of push NFC -- -- Apple make -- -- want to do that. That's true and it is pretty -- technology -- might be that there's sort of waiting and seeing how broad government deciding whether it needs required and a. -- -- the technology isn't actually that -- -- and that -- It's been around it's just different and are now it's just integrated US -- -- -- it's more -- Others say US yet the US uptake of Nathan -- technology is definitely not yeah yeah. Interesting story coming out of our SA which is the big security conference happening in San Francisco this week it sounds like a security company. Called that has a subsidiary called HB Gary federal. Had planned to give a talk at -- say about it anonymous which is the Internet. Activist group group. Million we will speak behind it there's an error like they're the ones -- actually like to refer to as the bear. -- -- had apparently said that they were. They were gonna do a couple things they -- the company business proposal to discredit WikiLeaks. And that they apparently had figured out who some of the members. Of anonymous where and they -- into the stock of the security conference but that well -- anonymous. Launched. Death threats. Against people the CEO Aaron -- and that vandalized the company's Booth at our SA. On the conference floor which caused the company to remove the boot. And cancel. -- up. Gandy on HB -- federal. The company's been under fire they've been attacked the web sites the corporate email system and Twitter accounts were hacked my anonymous -- and then once they found out that -- CEO is talking in. At this convention then they decided I don't. When they when -- -- seals as they were vandalized if I hope it was more than just that cardboard sign put on their business could play a place. One thing I use the word evangelize and -- I see just. A cardboard sign great that I does selects OK let's bring this back a little bit and non Indian for the lol yeah but at the -- a -- they were able to essentially -- -- company out. Yeah like at a company that that wanted to end and who knows what their agenda was that they were saying like that we have you know. We have information that we think is relevant from a security perspective I mean on the one hand shame on them for being between you know I mean I'm sorry but if you if that is the but if that's the cutting your gambling. If you feel like you have information at that valuable then you should stand out to this group -- -- your -- your security let out your head of security company. But also -- we call -- the fact that the Internet basically has a little secret police force that is totally out of control and then apparently no one will stand up here. Because that's. A little unnerving. Get a little unnerving just a little bit the extent to which anonymous is able to bully people it. Kinda out of control air reminds me of lucky from -- mentality and -- -- project mayhem provide. But yeah kind of -- -- think it -- Gary. Yeah its not cool. Not cool to get scared -- the quick hits -- -- okay. Our rights. Only -- it -- famous for Madonna. Really. Is our friend Watson. Have you guys get locked in a -- in the jeopardy contest date to. Went to Watson not only that in dominating it dominating fashion so -- -- she was as Apple does ads popping up and down my article and I. While -- there but decimated the game show opponents in the second round -- the three day event. There are spoilers on the web so be careful when you're reading these articles -- apparently Weller at the bottom of this one way on this one yet this way at the bottom. Apparently that the players were visibly protect you motivated -- -- is -- The people are saying that it's mesmerizing to watch incidentally of the main the only major slip up brought in came in final jeopardy. Where he incorrectly answered a question US cities answer was this city's largest airport -- name for a World War II hero its second largest for a World War -- battle. And the question of what -- Chicago the -- and two. I want them and neither of them have to airport but then lots and all that will only that 947. Dollars -- a little -- I mean that's -- Colligan so basically the final totals for last night. Watson and the night with 35007. And there -- dollars writer -- rudder Jennings had 10405800. Respectively. I mean they're getting there but there in the lunch handed to them via. And it's like -- this from -- jeopardy from around -- -- I have noticed. That the -- rather and -- were only able to manage five correct answers out of thirty questions in the double jeopardy. But sadly this is so brain this is sobering for humanity. I still believe that exceeded the speed at which -- and compressed but nothing that's I think just more of that. I mean -- it -- axis that. Information so clueless I don't know I mean I love watching those fascinating video how it's built how it thinks how they immediate. You know on change or adapt based on the you know the test runs -- dated. It's fascinating it is really it's pretty cool so -- am I am I've decided to line up behind Watson because I think -- -- -- when it's from Matthew Watson. -- -- watts and her team anonymous Q what -- really ominous -- team anonymous right now just so I don't get it right. That's why I have to do the other -- also this at Monday's of -- jeopardy was the highest rated in four years according to Nielsen with eight point seven. Million viewers yet -- -- The ratings bonanza airplane mechanic that little moment yes -- and died in -- -- jeopardy. Put your crap on the Internet. Like I went looking for just a little bit of video because -- Molly you know what I can tell you and -- the reason why its on the Internet CBS is actually this -- behind jeopardy although it airs on ABC CBS productions. Makes Jack rabbit CBS has showed them to get back and every lead attorney doesn't even have a menu title yet because it is done by CS is ready yet you'll notice its ads by the president studios. But distributed -- yes. -- -- -- and LA okay and is one of the line you wouldn't totally I would watch a free at Hulu -- or whatever. Let's -- game who would it not -- I mean this. Then Watson machine is geared specifically the tech -- and now they won't even put it up there. Even those episodes you're -- -- even just that watch an episode put them on the Internet you're killing me who I've become less. And he doesn't he isn't -- Michael's. Primary reason -- running in quicker it. Thank goodness. Windows phone seven is not DLA after all because legit Rovio mobile has confirmed. They will be developing Angry Birds for windows phone seven and all though. 83. -- -- Also map quest is taken -- navigation with their free Android app it'll be releasing its free voice guided turn by turn navigation for app for Android headsets. On -- the cool things is that also takes a -- of Android. -- but speech capabilities and include their open street map data so it allows that to actually be used outside of the US. And results in some enhanced locate local mapping -- US so. -- -- I map quest fans you got it grew them in the and in Gaza among those mentioned in the story -- now we have -- it. It could equal -- older had at least -- -- little prospect. And the HTC fliers begin or tablet pricing from earlier HTC -- tablet has showed up on the German version of Amazon Amazon dot VE. For 669. Euros. Although that does translate to roughly 9000 dollars. American -- -- this album but it's not scary bit is that 130 US about seven and thirty US -- I imagine that -- that this to me suggest it'll be -- I mean I'm immune. -- -- Also AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson after. You know lose exclusivity. -- the iPhone is -- talk a little bay he was -- Complaining about Apple's App Store because you know the Apple -- repurchase an upper one -- -- them but then if you want in on any other device apart from -- after reports that. And that's just not how a customer experience should be if in his mind if you buy an app. It should run on every phone they carry and it should also be distributed by AT&T. Alone. This is what he is saying the carrier should sold out to customers directly. That -- based on html five and he sold through wholesale applications community. Which counts AT&T but give the money -- the carriers because they had all this time there were apps before Apple's matter whereas they could have built. And ecosystem through their carrier that worked. I mean obviously web standards are different right -- standards are different so it's easier to do that but give me a break. Why. Well I mean really really. I'm sorry that you lacked the vision before and I love the fact that before you were completely. In -- -- comfortably into the back pocket of Steve Jobs. Making all of the month -- -- Trout on the iPhone and the value of unchecked exhibiting out like a hot topics that it had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's always -- headline let's find Anatolian a drop in one more click it what what -- is that borders apparently declared bankruptcy. And -- below which make an e-book that you that -- our -- Reassure its customers that they don't need to worry because they can forgive -- but the borders. It's hard being in the wild -- sometimes -- the wild west -- technology. And maybe borders who work on that 30% cutters on all 42 -- view but -- Cobo reader but don't worry. Quarterly. All right onto our science news the sun has the emitted the most powerful solar flare. In four years. Blow as it ramps up activity and heads toward solar max. The sun is emitted the most violent solar polar four years -- NASA the flare spewed from the sun on Monday night and is called a coronal mass. Ejection quite -- factory that. And NASA's -- it's grainy could hit earth some time on Wednesday. So this layers registered they -- -- the last X 2.2. -- -- three classes classy players this small spots and flares are medium size and class. Ex players. Are the largest they could potentially cause widespread blackouts and -- radiation storms the earth. And is that this is an -- to. Where's -- -- area is it really unit I knew that they had a slightly apocalyptic -- to add appointment right now though and I'm not picking -- my cartilage that whole area was flooded with -- I mean with fire -- that was -- but still it was totally flooded in the solar -- cloudy and -- weird kind of midwest storm -- and then -- -- -- stuck in traffic out and it started -- -- -- -- -- there's -- also -- he. I'm just saying it's kind of apocalypse -- Why couldn't help but -- because a bunch of people got off the bus and literally after all of them -- off the bus to work the hail came storming down -- their -- -- -- but people the bus were laughing because it you know it was -- buddy icon of an old lake -- X three is concrete -- attitude that has also make her -- complaining like Apple is -- -- traffic and -- an annoying today announced that well look on the bright -- you could still be at the purple line. -- -- -- Anyway so if if your phone and everything else in your life and acting super want -- today apparently -- with the -- and by the way this is just the beginning. Of solar cycle 24. -- Took four year cycle. Of solar plants -- -- basically -- it's. -- you know what I know what the next. Disaster movie franchises going to be in the next four years -- solar flare and funnel there but I put my -- but mark our words on its head a buzz go up predicts there will be a movie in the next four years to about a solar flare. But destroys the earth below they definitely there's just there's no it -- -- -- there's -- -- -- I let -- cruise. Through. The feedback. I -- step in their voicemails we got a call about Apple's in app subscriptions which attempts to take the slightly more rational approach into why they might charge 30%. I've -- group came from but a week ago I was -- -- episode 1408 annual we're talking about in app subscriptions. And I haven't thought about that. Two -- actually have Napster and rhapsody. And they both are subscription based music services. So I doubt we'll be up for free Apple get nothing -- online. At -- restrictions either ten or fourteen dollars depending on what I want an Apple -- Nothing from it. I'm guessing that's why they're actually implementing the subscription on the app so they can actually get -- -- -- if they're actually offering the service. But we'll get something from it. Things -- into the debate. -- -- Yes. It's just that its 30%. Its 30%. Mean like I actually do I do think -- one of the -- asked earlier what -- think would be reasonable percent I think if you leave the customer data alone. And you ask for 10% to be the -- and you don't require your app developers to only allow you you don't do price fixing and you don't require app developers only let customers buy stuff through. -- out out. Then okay just -- -- everything else alone in taking a 10% cut to maintain the ecosystem in the infrastructure. That's okay it -- that's the standard fighters here at the that it announced -- percent. And I think m.'s argument makes sense in that way but when you mean all of their restrictions that Apple have lasting and it is to you -- beyond. And music labels lose even more money. Right they get less they like debt less slick tablet does plan because Apple's a steamy often yeah and that's and that America and I think -- -- -- -- they already hate Apple. Right in the emails since the store analyst. -- they used to own an iPhone on AT&T until recently that surprising now packet Droid -- and I love it except that I would have to wait on using Wi-Fi to download download my podcast why. Because the download speeds of Verizon simply stuck in comparison to AT&T. While on eighteen -- be able to download -- -- podcasts and about five minutes on Verizon takes me fifteen to twenty. I get so frustrated with a weight but I just give up on time downloaded over three G. And today co worker told me about the FCC test that is on the island App Store and that I should look part on the Android marketplace and we should -- speed. Him on an AT&T iPhone I and my Verizon Droid act and the results were horrible for me who download speed was more than double. My speed and -- that -- -- -- -- of the finding that's actually. That is kind of and is known what's been shown lately gather that now hold steady -- was really excited and -- but that they have the fastest data network which I think it's true. And in some areas like we did our own is about apparently an iPhone. On both north and actually the bride and data speeds were better in the town in this town. In this town now and again this is also before the switch was actually. Flipped for you know all the phones to be on the carrier and not that time via I don't know if it's changed or not but -- -- -- Awesome -- they're all right this email comes in from Dan from Adelaide south Australia. And I was losing depth that fortunately an adult on dawned on me in Apple's going to make the iPhone -- four inch screen than they could technically bring out. Three inch iPhone -- With the same resolution as the 3GS and it would still be able to be usable like something that's two thirds the size of the current phone a -- -- buy it but. -- of work love the show. Looking forward to an iPhone six on toasters LT now work in 2000 and well inevitably plants -- getting -- to reflect -- -- -- -- -- those are really good point like okay if they were gonna do us smaller iPhone that does not to be like significantly on in the current one. To smaller than -- under the new line yes absolutely. We mention -- -- -- on the top of the show definitely check that out if -- on roku and if you want to leave comments about it or anything else. Visit our blog below about CNET dot -- can find the latest episodes in the links to everything we talked about today. Call us up like -- all the way from Puerto Rico people heck yeah you're saying -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cleveland think. Few think creative there and -- and buzz at -- -- We're just we're. -- -- -- -- --
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