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Ep. 1408: We have Cyber Issues: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1408: We have Cyber Issues

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On today's show, a whole collection of Apple rumors: iPhone 5 with a keyboard? That's just crazy talk. Almost as crazy as letting Apple take a 30% cut of your magazine or newspaper subscription costs by "taking advantage" of their new subscription store. Plus, Facebook is officially the entire Internet, as it gets both dedicated phone buttons and a Facebook SIM card. Plus, the U.S. finally commits to the Internet, Netflix finally arrives on Boxee, and we finally get a Plants vs. Zombies board game. I know you were waiting. --Molly

This she's integrate fifty. When you look and video results. The bright sun Hollywood I'm gonna flat out loud podcast and ultimately. Episode 14108. -- hope you guys know about our web exclusive. Our -- before the show are pre show before the show we've had a bunch of new people joining -- McCarron lately so again if you don't know about it. Cnet.com slash live we actually we do we do the show live every single day -- don't live there -- -- -- live. -- -- And appreciate though would -- -- -- we start this -- giggling because of the -- that we have made in the pre show and if he can't join -- live is the only jobs pretend like that. The -- -- -- -- that -- much like to see some of the best -- at things as web exclusives. Yeah just and I hope all you listeners out there aren't suffering from legionnaires' -- there. Let's all ominous thing animal not refer to what we just know best known that -- Leavitt with scissors slightly less paperwork and very. Lately. -- -- at -- -- issuing warnings and increase your body it's only on the topic has now officially the first half of the show this I don't know. Is all about Apple rumors dad asked what's in the news today that's what the big news shall we do the news. They have so if you wanna you know fast forward to the ad break word videos created that awesome that -- music. I totally understand button but if you love Apple like Molly does because now he honestly does -- -- acquisition of a MacBook Air her use. Extensive use an admittance to me of using iPhoto and -- it. Look at love mean they don't love the hope it is like nothing more -- -- -- but I also heard her this morning talking about how she really -- Loves the Mac App Store let's -- I'm glad it really. I went there and I like him but it didn't have no -- is downplayed it seems like only got a brand anathema that a little -- are I'm telling you. The show is changing right before my eyes. I came on the -- -- -- but. I can assure you that it's not me that is causing the disease to spread I just let people find out for themselves -- love -- thing and dumped him -- Molly was feeling the aloha. And nimble Apple -- and it's it's taken over your body I don't even know he would. That's probably well liked it so much because I have the aloha maybe you'll feel a lot where the heck. But like totally complaining on the Mac and an inland people people are crying inside right now for those of you have treated me asking me and you are many. I am still running on a stand MacBook -- I am finding that operating systems are in fact increasingly irrelevant to knowledge is -- they just use the brother -- And -- they can. -- -- But we get a pass on Apple news even if you don't -- Apple -- that is kinda thing especially now that the iPhone on Verizon. -- hunt for -- people will get to enjoy their iPhone -- for like. In three weeks and then people that have already purchased their phone -- already sad because every destroys like this. Digitized -- costly. Fed a pretty accurate information of the supply chain in the components of what's happening over with Apple products has put in -- article recently that Apple. Is -- to expand the iphone's screen potentially. To four inches compete with Google Android platform. In that -- seventy Smartphone market I can't tell you how many people actually said you know what I wish the iPhone screen with a little bigger. I completely agree. -- I don't. Every time I see it now especially -- -- -- that from the evo is out. That is the one thing I think that they're really pretty green but in baker lake is just seems too small that right now the iPhone -- at three and a half. And yes every half inch counts but on just from -- damp -- as well as you can make it thinner. And expand the screen size its its -- great -- yet that that makes a lot of sense to me makes a little less sense to me the rumors that it may have a sliding keyboard. -- that is definitely not the Apple both yet multi button. As well that's an article where they're -- also there's three other kind of iPhone prototypes of this for its one. A -- from again the rumors would stand alone but there's also stories or reports of Apple working on three new. Prototype iphones with different kind of setting so one of bomb would be potentially. A slide out keyboard which I just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I see them made the media experimenting with yeah we definitely know it sounds like when they released the iPad for example they had made prototypes of an inch -- -- -- So there's some possibility that they've looked at the that is it's not Apple -- All about the touch screen there's no way they're doing this would completely change the identity of the DNA of an iPhone. Like when your time out when we are -- and -- yesterday of going to a smaller iPhone at a cheaper price I would see that before they put one with -- keyboard on it -- -- So army -- -- one of the prototypes also there is another of course you know. Apple because Apple can no longer keep -- secret it's kind of I don't think it's as fun now we hear all these like. Prototype component rumors it and you lose the fun of what are we going to see and a and a across the board now I think at that and you like you like having like all the specs your products that -- -- -- and others especially be said about the drama of like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anything anything that stops the -- in seeing media manipulation anything it stops that feeling that you -- -- -- stampede every freaking Apple event and -- beg -- scratch for invites to them because this is what I really -- about the -- and it is that attitude. You know and of secrecy that creates more of a media frenzy than is warranted actually liked the fact that -- now. They're in there with everybody else -- compete the same way stop trying to like messed -- my head. And either make a good product -- now you know. So on December some of the other prototypes armed -- one of owner reportedly be like a larger iPhone four that was the forward screen we're talking about. We didn't talk about the one with the potential slide out keyboard and the third would be a handset that would be really a major physical change. -- -- be more like the iPhone 3GS replaced an iPhone three G and a lot of us have already talked about how this next iPhone whatever they call it. Because it's not going to be a really doesn't look like. From what we've seen that it will be afford Gphone and out of the box that this could be kind of that. I gradual step between three G to 3GS is only now have with the four to whatever that's four point five will be. And that actually. Just immediate payment if some credence to the people with the definitely iPhone five my first company AT&T -- that the iPhone four people on -- and when that period but maybe they would do because sporadic at the eighteenth he's not although -- orgy of that maybe they would do an -- of people basically. IPhone. Four and half or you know little or RS -- though it all -- plus I've -- four plus iPhone four plus. There you -- there -- and that would immediately for a few key people until they get LTE one. And then that would be -- Actually -- -- a step. So we -- didn't -- I and it ended the gadget of the that I haven't -- content bluntly you does that mean -- her last name and I think in a while. That's eggs no -- about corn isn't there room level thank you look on can you please leave. -- can completely buried under the -- -- pink -- your dad cuts. Apple also launched its long awaited subscription service. For magazines newspapers videos and music. Which could lead potentially go after things like Netflix and Hulu and then also may be the sort of a new business model for magazines and and newspapers yet -- -- -- -- -- but the first thing when I. Heard them rolling out a digital subscription service and it -- things like on you know. Was it music -- like wait is this third there I can see but no this is more like. Currently we talked about the daily which is gonna have a subscription based feature but the should be something for like. Let's say like -- net flicks or rom out what's in of the -- like a pandora service where instead of you. Having to go outside -- the app it would be the subscription feature would be built directly in the app and outside -- this also. Plays off -- of that whole issue where Sony's. They keep it out of the store they rejected it because it didn't support both out of app purchases on a web browser and in the app iPhone purchases. This whole subscription model they have apps that uses have to have the ability to do it either off site. Or with an Apple and App Store. Yet this is -- this is interesting because sort of it is Apple definitely. Stomping around a little bit of content publishers and saying look that you know the waited -- way to reach people is that through our store. But we're gonna take a 30% cut and I I do think. This is gonna be a heart that should be I think a hard sell for content producers like there's no reason to give Apple. 30% or any control over your subscription business. When you can just send people to the web to get a subscription you know hasn't -- And and if they do in fact and it does they might be taking a couple steps toward changing that developer rules and saying I mean right now they're saying you have to offer an in app. Opera featuring and I wonder if they are gonna eventually they can't send people out I mean there's no. I just that's like 30% the biggest flat out out there will now understand at all. In the press release -- they they specifically. Mention how we're still give me they don't they were not any indication that they're really like explicitly driving people. Too distant future -- date they say you know we want to offer customers the chance. To still do the subscription outside the store it's just that. If you do we're gonna take 30% cut which would mean to me that the website to promote this like. Pandora. And you know like -- Netflix. It's -- up to them to basically. Drive that traffic and hide that in -- -- to -- -- deep in the settings that they -- very bottom you know there won't be allowed to -- that yeah you know they will be rejected -- They do that and the fact is that they offer an in app subscriptions are most -- music almost you are aware of it in now and it's easier than going out to the lab. I mean it is pretty. It's kinda sneaky I get them pretty sneaky way to start taking 30% of of that magazine subscription doesn't hurt in the customer just hurts the developer mother makes a deep in the care they tell I've made it -- the -- temporary and it's like. If you're looking you know if you time -- are looking to Apple to be the savior of your business model -- No like device specific content not the way to do it given them 30% of that he can't think of a better waited sign people. A lot not the way to -- it. Yeah that's just no way I mean of Apple had a survey for all their developers I'm sure -- that all be opposed to this many now and honestly it'll attract people I mean. It'll drive -- -- it well developers developers all as -- numbers increase likeness from Harvard's perspective. -- I mean man I OS platform -- -- people right away from their right now via. I mean I don't think they're bolting developers mean yeah well I -- Android market channel last quarter -- was was higher again and Symbian like Android and now the best selling selling Smartphone platform in the entire world and so there's no question that developers are -- important that at a time and Smartphones are likely -- -- -- -- -- -- think he's right I think once used in it and we're gonna take 30% of the -- yeah whatever you do on her -- I think once you see. An Apple or -- several a few apps. -- -- come out on Android first before the islets and in a momentum because for example we talk about like Iowa south all the time that are then ported to Android. Android needs to have apps that are. -- -- be like you can only get them here now we only develop these were -- and then. When they come out on an -- -- later like -- ported over tireless leader that will show the momentum has shifted. In a bad that would be one of those ultra okay like developers are really specifically targeting -- -- the militant violence you know they know that's gonna take time. But also what we comments about -- developers. Apple is actually sent their own survey to their own customer base. Asking about what they -- he would like to see. And the next generation MacBook -- and what makes this. Had an interest in is that Apple really you know they're the ones that control division of the product they're the ones that say this is what we're going to put in your price but it it's kind of -- a shift but also very -- seen -- They're now asking the actual MacBook Air customers in a direct survey. Features that they'd like to you know have you know would. Things up like you know would you be used would you use the cloud your product now -- would you be open from earth would you want a 3-D connect three G connection. Built into your MacBook so the fact that they're -- trying to figure out and ask. In the current customer bases. Its candidates it's a different shift -- and Natal -- for Apple insiders at the last survey they can Rick -- connected back in February 2009 helped shape the future of Apple TV. Then in it online -- Survey touches on a number of issues including use of USB ports an external disk drives web based file storage and syncing and use of certain function keys. On the keyboard and a number of queries related to wireless three G data connectivity so if you think that they already had to come in they take about three G -- in the MacBook airs they already had a patent. That was approved to incorporate three G directly in the frames -- in a specific away. So I mean that. That's you know that's gonna happen in -- laptops. -- in the world -- removing three key although. I am skeptical of devices that are -- subscriptions are tied to contract. Contacts against the -- either hesitant to get potato in the treaty -- and then our last bit of Apple -- news Abu Omar. -- -- well and because he melts and if it. A report that suggests that new MacBook pros might be coming march 1 and those in prior weeks apparently existing MacBook Pro supply model -- -- department plummeting. And people think that that indicates the refresh across the board actually -- over -- and in addition. The sandy bridge processors that have the delay on layered on -- their back on track and they said -- only push out the delay of their processors to ship to manufacturers like. By weaker Q so the whole the whole march -- which is what we've kind of expected for -- -- pros. We'll probably beyond target new I don't know about march 1 -- -- but it'll be around there and then also is sorry and another related quick thing that. MacBook -- -- -- -- -- In group noted then and now repel other thank you I'll think others others -- -- -- -- -- recruit others -- others had you know. Said one of his sources claim that the MacBook airs -- -- refresh on the first week of June so bros airs around that time. And there you have it. Album and the problem is we want albeit belatedly iPhone rumors -- and -- out of it on the matter around it while Obama. Packaging people. And I remember this is coming from a MacBook Air owner I don't even have -- -- Net are just that I'm never gonna -- that out in the point that will see about that we will see about them all accounts of Lander insane. You -- in it among. Britain you know -- this clip right now. Because if we save her or her Mac. -- rants all and we have a librarian. So pleased to -- this right now it's time an open minded person at heart should -- fundamentally. 5050. I am a little bit of mobile world congress news report -- -- the break yeah. A couple of big things coming out of -- mobile world congress the first line is that. That after all of the month. Didn't I all HTC has apparently unveil what appears to be there if the phone their phones with -- -- button right on them. -- this is this is pretty awesome they're beginning they're going to be calling them the Cha Cha and that's also. -- State meaning they really think that -- it means there. None that such in the names of the phones I'm pretty sure. You know the thing about ACC in -- -- and other announces that they had like their hardware. Is solid. -- good sense -- is awesome site. They after some announces that I've seen from the mobile world congress -- there you're always trying to figure out who is gonna be that. Potential tablet or -- that competitor to the iPhone ATC. Always has a chance to be advocating any excuse is there the year is on makers and then here's the other crazy thing they got -- there's the FaceBook button. On these -- But. Apparently -- alto Gamal has also created the -- M cars. With FaceBook big. Mean -- hardware level FaceBook integration and this is where it -- it now I have many of them reach out. -- -- makes this so intriguing is this -- able you know. Not what we call Smartphones -- feature phones basically your flip out phones that have some sort of text messaging access to now have. Access to the FaceBook portal based on this tip yeah anything like. Popping it instead ya -- -- that's out there right evocative videos on am I aware holy crap that's a -- La. All alone online and. -- this is -- this is a game changer. Potentially yeah if it happens this crazy like it fact that it we'll just have. Now in current level if the act that crazy that that application on the -- card. Which look would let people update a user's data -- update -- -- you comment on your status. Right and your friends -- -- notification and conference in -- him if. That's awesome. -- think. But it's based look at what kind of information. About that that the data that they -- in marketing and advertising yet to -- -- -- the -- -- -- my people like on now my tech but like that I I would hope I would hope not just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are they ideally not that no reason those -- shouldn't be separate but it old guys they would never -- -- like hot. Respect my -- theory of how high. There is no way that they would import all of those contacts from your phone -- -- email gonna that they want and is configured -- -- aptly put it. Other. Kids text ads based on your -- genetic Pentax -- -- wow. Wow all. Okay now we've that's yeah that's been the crap out of you and I still think it's awesome especially in the yeah that's there is that they actually else though the Internet. Take a break and let that -- for a minute when we come back. We're gonna talk throughout the US finally committing to the Internet at -- -- maybe it was -- and then. But I'm drilling and then it's easy for you it's. -- -- -- The buzz out loud Avraham Hollywood -- time after he'd be -- the board -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the -- yesterday we talked about Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepping down we talked about what that's gonna mean basically in the future in terms of that. The Internet led revolution. And then today literally just -- that the show secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Gave a speech talking about expanding the expanding US policy to promote open access to the Internet worldwide for the US government really saying we're committed to the US. Or to the Internet -- -- a platform for revolution for disseminating information. And hope and ideally that's the kind of thing that leads to a bigger commitment to things like net neutrality. Absolutely so what today -- he announced that the State Department has started Twitter feeds and Arabic and -- sees that they can communicate with the public. In the Middle East and Iran. -- starts at similar speeds in Chinese Russian and -- in an effort to really does reach all the world's population make it accessible and open these lines of communication. On the Internet. If you into thinking that it having you and we -- -- spent decades thinking like. What the weird thing about diplomacy is no one ever does seem to college southern -- what's going on -- rather -- are -- -- -- no matter announced. Communicating why -- mad at me if so. Twitter begins to reach of the world's population pretty remarkable also the State Department lord 25 million dollars this year to support counter censorship technology. To secure mobile communications digital safety training and then assistance to -- -- are under threat for web based activism so help them of those like you know Chinese bloggers -- keep and put in jail. And again and -- -- this was sparked by a moment will we -- time I guess at how we were just kind of amazed that we can never imagine that these that could be this. Thing that became bigger than you could -- their ever imagined and just. Helping out with the you know a civil uprising and now -- -- and the governments are reacting and I mean it's just showing how it's taken over via the Internet as a too cool for like. Freedom and free speech and -- really. I've said this before on the show but I really think the Internet has been one of the best things that humanity has ever created has the potential to be. The best thing that we as a species have ever done in so many ways you know like that the tool for people to free themselves is really remarkable and so. As much as we might like. Make fun of FaceBook -- talk about how scary it as. It helped really really impressed miserable people like -- -- government and. That's pretty good at all thirty and a carrier and I can then potentially bad. Including the united said they appointed. And national and knew they have a new office for cyber. A lot -- avenue office first cyber issues. And mail appointed Christopher painter a National Security Council official with an expertise in cybercrime as the coordinator of the -- -- -- Diver issues because they do recognize that that particular store -- -- can make cut -- -- -- issues I have -- issues. The. I don't know if -- -- issues -- lasting longer than four -- six hours please contact your global cyber issue authority. If you're -- issues persist for more than treated me like your doctor Arthur. I look back at the hardware -- Diver is here with their problem of cyber I think we've got issues may title the and -- haven't violently and execute life. Are we talk about some of the hot hardware that's coming out of mobile world congress HTC -- announced its wired tablet. Who needs honeycomb agency is pushing this. As a seven inch Android tablet that'll have basically their most customized version customized version of Android a -- you like. A sense you -- -- built for a tablet also killer partnerships. On live cloud based console gaming. Molly was gone last week but there -- announcement that HTC had invested. Forty million dollars in on live to bring on live. T mean to your Smartphone really this is an extension of that partnership putting on live cloud -- based -- -- On to their seven inch tablet. But I'm with killer that's good that's -- I just -- election now law also legal avenue today and that's you know I keep our listeners of the data together to having your relevant Hawaii island I hope you didn't read that story in a wireless Latino. So there's a new streaming movie and video store problem with in it as well and another kind of killer feature that different that makes more personal they'll even have the ability to use a capacity of capacity at -- Which lets you scribble words on the screen to launch actions anomalies a touch based. -- -- -- Specialists call. -- potential. You definitely -- Clinton these potential it's -- -- tomorrow it's also -- three G device most likely be tempted T-Mobile in the US and it is a GSM device. That can use the T-Mobile AWS 17100 megahertz and the end not announced -- US carrier price or release date. 32 gigs of storage one he's a ram Wi-Fi at -- -- -- megapixel front facing camera. By megapixel rear. And the one point five gigahertz -- -- -- do not that I think I can't say gigahertz on the tablet is not enough. On display and I'm throughout China -- -- minimum dual core I mean ideally guilt or minimum one point I'm here at the let them again in order agency doing cool things. All I wanna get my hands on this land that at the hardware is eight OTT. -- -- they would have gone on the news today. We got the -- tablet LG coming out of Barcelona with the -- three -- mark on which was -- We've heard rumors about it actually LG announced it but it apparently but now -- gotten a little bit better look at it. It's got a try dual configuration. Below. What is that an hour and how many more about -- connector out of that is a one gigahertz dual core processor dual channel and dual memory architecture. Whatever that means -- also -- can record view and share 3-D content they really have pitched as thing as like a one stop shopping for a treaty like they they basically said in the press release. We know there's a damaged 3-D content out there that you can take 3-D video with it. And then and then watch it directly on the screen without glasses. You'd like the -- -- barrier yet. And then also the optimists had been LG getting into the tablet space which will also feature 3-D recording and video capability -- that's. I don't see much -- gone on in tablet of course that's pretty different mediums. Those who wanna play with them have fun and also on announcements -- -- a mobile world congress Deutsche Telekom is rolling out NFC that the near field communications that was one of Al under. It was -- my list. It was one of our from our predictions show that an -- would. I'm definitely come this year but they're launching out and -- payment systems with -- T-Mobile USA and other markets now one thing that they cannot point to. Is that. In their presentation. -- just say there is an Apple news that. The iPhone was one of the slides that would be in -- and this NFC payment system that looking to launch it across multiple handsets and markets starting this year. Full deployment laid out in 2012. -- a T and T-Mobile. Appears to really be stepping it up because that LG -- netted mention this but it's expected to come to T-Mobile. The -- fifty fliers expected to come to T-Mobile and now it moves. Their mechanism you have to -- it sounds like if they've got this in a slide with near field communication payment stuff they're probably gonna get the iPhone you -- we -- -- we've called Verizon the carrier of 2011 and you have to do things. The potentially change that may be read in the carrier of twentieth and who has a 2008. And -- will solve. 2000 -- like satellite than T-Mobile making these -- -- a little quiet uprising. -- -- -- -- -- You've go Catherine Zeta-Jones. And Yugo boxy people sick and you don't have been an outpatient -- -- But your time has -- Boxee. Finally has a Netflix app. Finally so this is after multiple delays though what it was supposed to be promise -- at all and of last year and -- then by the end of January but finally. It's here for box about the is that this is one of those things where the -- timing is everything -- -- -- to write. Like to think of all that time dollars in lost where someone probably at some point who might have in deciding between a Boxee box or roku or some other device. And it's -- -- 229 I think it is a 249 now is -- to 99 dollar price during that entire time period I now and I don't they don't need it anymore. And the -- about the -- so many other things of online access the constable let's be honest. Most people want Netflix as like a minimum area I think that's the baseline absolutely and I think a lot of people. A -- people not recruit about the in the interim absolutely right or gotten epic I mean it or other device you know other gaming console there. TV. -- dvds he had opened the TV -- you have it with your Tivo or have it on the Wii like we talked about yesterday aiming at. That's pretty -- completely when it happened also those -- you guys are looking for Netflix on other platforms light. Android everybody's been waiting for that Qualcomm revealed yesterday -- mobile or -- the press no I am doing but man oh you're equipment they like. Known I was actually meet meet -- because this is more like Stubbs island. -- -- appeared frame. Welcome revealed yesterday that this is ridiculous if that -- -- and where's the aloha. -- revealed yesterday that the -- snap dragon platform. On their next gen of processors will support Netflix on Android devices so they -- -- -- on the algae revolution. Streaming Netflix -- mobile world congress it's. The next generation dual core and Quad Core chips they are expected to -- -- -- -- -- actually early 2000 well. But. It's you know here's -- I want to know though is why does -- have -- -- a -- Late I didn't like and and they're all agree that the processing but there's all Android devices with all kinds of processors and the iPhone has Netflix in the iPad has meant that they can kinda curious about why the -- -- -- -- -- assure people that all the chip the chip but and -- space. Under I don't know exactly why it's an element of the chip or its DRM agreements with the chips on the processors yet and because they are using you know different processor bases. And the contracts and that content relationships are different yet it's not a content it sounds exactly like -- hardware thing. To what ever you know the Android phones are using cell. On I don't know maybe someone can -- -- little email will look into it. Yet I mean I -- like the charity golf saying that because of -- am I just can't believe that none of those chips had that DRM functionality. All the start then and that and miraculously the act and deadly that it seems kind of -- seems weird to me. But Netflix did say when they talked about why it wasn't on Andrew again that it was partly because gear and that just feels. Yet like Sony does an apparent that -- again you really have to wait for DRM on a chip that's not coming until when he twelve. Like it -- the isn't making -- sufficiently advanced handset to do you know the air emigrating cannot if the RM is that bad. It -- that you know intensive than have them -- requirements like bite me and it is because. Driven by the studios right now I mean that's it comes down to announce it but but -- -- Android on netbooks 2012 we'll see you guys and us with ever. -- you know how your time out though you'll never get an iPhone. I thought has Netflix 2012 what ever I have Netflix and every other device I own both he and movies and but it. I'm -- -- I guess that's they have the same necklace from his position. Google have also for -- -- And not -- there. -- guidelines when -- first experiment aimed at fighting back against content arms. Because we talked about how Google's results have been sort of polluted with what is basically spam like the fact that to. You know at -- gold. And now they're letting users. Download an extension from Google for Chrome called the personal block list that will let you block certain domains from appearing in personalized list -- searchers. It's kind of a policy blocker to rumors. That they might do -- then and now apparently there okay. Yay yay for that day I with a -- on on the new -- that put them -- rational. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And did it in a time. It was it was pretty. It was amazing to watch this only the first round that can handle I was what the profound people 33 it's an exhibition at three days and honestly they're smart to stretch three days if they only need it one day we'll fuel would not even be able to be I can tell your -- with an -- -- -- -- -- -- -- arm right now it there's a tie between. Is it Brett Ratner Brett Ratner. It is -- -- and I believe -- is named Ken Jennings on if pirate all right it was 5000 dollars was for Watson by thousand dollars or Brett Ratner and then Ken Jennings. Com picked up slack. He was behind for a -- with -- thousand dollars Mac guy he came back up but can't -- by the way there in that we're trying to remember the name we can't put the link in the show notes because it contains spoiler of who actually to actually waned in the end you know there he taped it and we're trying to get well iPad that he. Yeah I I thought just. But when you watch and there's a thing where they -- showed what Watson was thinking and they showed -- a little. And of I guess that a data chart of like the three top answers and the probability that Watson felt it was accurate. And it's. I it was just kind of amazing to watch when it was fun it would just fine and they did a lot of background videos of how it thinks and I would just -- -- it Alice -- I was until I I think that early Watson like messed up and you know -- -- -- like you know like a server room to build Watson might not that it's not based on stage. And -- -- like along data cable to it and it had like refer to refrigerator like room size refrigerators next it to keep it cool. It was it's -- it's on them is like you know amply represented Tivo and there are a lot and nerds -- -- things and it's all Latvia. Like. And Internet and it is an idiot that he wants he likened I mean this sounds very but I can take it like -- -- -- And encoded for use you can watch and I -- them. I've been harming -- but if anyone who hasn't seen you guys you have to check it out we don't wanna find out who the winner was but it was just amazing. Charlie Carrington on YouTube to filter and a couple also in the cricket AOL CEO putting -- money where his mouth as they love it and making them -- either bold moves lately. And Tim Armstrong -- CEO bought ten million dollars in company stock basically saying I believe in it. I'm a believer were playing offense. He says we believe we have the right strategy we're executing against the heavily in it's a lake Hefner -- -- -- -- -- I believe your Netflix blu owner. Lunar. -- -- apparently assured her -- -- better if half of air pollution partnered. Also on the Twitter the report about ten million Google acquisition. Just a rumor through mundane thing they same and that's you know today -- mobile world congress. Twitters Dick -- -- said in response to questions. I don't know where these things come from is just a rumor you know what the FaceBook phone just -- -- -- Exactly. Researchers at the security researchers think they have finally figured out what the specific targets -- for the -- -- worm. It targeted five industrial facilities in Iran over ten month. And they think that they have finally figured out -- actual spread and reached although until they tell me that you know the US made it. -- -- I'm not. But they have been walking back to -- a little bit on investment trying to figure out you know. Where it was what it was trying to view and who actually engineered and they've definitely confirm that it was launched veteran in industrial facilities via. -- now we now. We. Yes we can. -- -- -- -- -- -- okay phone chargers did kick crazier. And crazier and crazier the latest one though is bird you know you hikers and campers not not solar charged. The fuel cell charger from -- -- and a Sweden uses basically water hydrogen. -- -- -- Three it's being demonstrated at mobile world congress -- Very nice also if you want to check this gadget out arm we have a video of using the connect. With a windows phone seven showing some of the interoperability of -- -- you know we're all over like connect packs knowing this is official from Microsoft itself. And on its its -- tech preview of what's potential if you guys have seen that like that ball game where you like kicked the balls. On the basically that you can use the phone. And like control how these balls quiet big -- I'm gonna grow up right now. And he not bloody likely nothing. But it's a silly that you can use these devices -- it's it's cool new. I mean I don't I'm trying to figure out how to really call it basically like you let people interact of the game who are not claiming Amsterdam and that there -- there windows on -- to screw with their own brand right yes. It's pretty out the -- dates right -- and another one comes and that's -- and -- they -- billion million miles happily and a heart attack. Yeah -- I mean it's definitely. This is what Microsoft needs to be doing you need to have been doing is this platform integration -- or five -- -- platforms right now that barely talk to each other. And so the idea that this. -- -- -- -- Yes this is the coolest thing like if you can get you connect your phone your windows PC all talking to each other without any like. Eddy -- yeah sometimes that takes forever to get a Bluetooth mouse breaking -- and now I'm definitely though. Senior credit -- product manager for -- on seventh of its not a product announcement or even an and in the near future they think they are -- they -- real code. But thinking it's not formula and panicked when it over or never. And -- yeah what are you never be honest synergy -- there's a window there window phone seven platform has -- take off for the Stephen B anything -- -- itself. -- -- Not out through the district to strip out -- -- a -- -- if the members haven't. -- -- -- we talked about how video games don't get -- the grammys symbols civilization. There's song one -- is gaining its first music Grammy basically civilization four had a track called Bob I get to. Stirring piece featuring a gospel choir singing -- -- -- Lee originally featured in the 2005 real time strategy game. Well it was -- past year and use on composer Christopher -- debut solo album calling all -- And therefore it won best instrumental arrangement accompanying vocalist. Album won the best classical crossover album. Thing though although there -- -- categories -- -- geared. -- video game credits because it was an agreed in use by this composer it did win an award. Yeah -- -- the bummer I have it in what they're saying and even though the single watershed moment for video -- music it wouldn't probably have. If -- just been released on a video games live contact -- -- -- power as something they would not related to the mile high it would have been ignored exactly it was released -- You know this -- album mean. But it's great music and its it and hopefully -- like a the first step -- -- and through it's really haven't. The game's soundtrack absolutely. -- and still agree with that. Absolutely -- other trends news it appears to be a bizarre and increasing trend to make a physical board game out of your media -- hate. -- the -- of Angry Birds board game and now apparently they there's a plants vs zombies board game. In the works in the -- that -- and it's a prototype since the rough draft of the game. I guess if it plays exactly the same way -- as you were. You know as your phone but you'd like what role potentially roll the dice for the zombies the -- to them it says that there's that little extra. The new rules players -- -- of the opponent's -- They'll think wondered like 024 -- some of the zombies someone who wants them. All always. Will -- when you get your iPhone you will. Actually it's really get on the iPad I I don't -- I you know -- -- really popular and I can impact a big screen blanket like get these payments -- -- -- I think you'll like it ecology and -- -- its fun it's fun. I -- I just got minus 100 Internet from -- definitely in the game I know my 100 it. That hurts new. And I am downloading it tonight -- it'll work great on -- four -- iPhone staying. I'm sure all enjoy watching you play -- The this was that -- -- -- and this is the email -- voicemails they guys that keep them. Keep them -- and -- one in Madrid. 238638. Cleveland think six once they think that they. I got minority commented Ali -- like what. -- underhanded is not -- eight I've read -- I. Think 106162638. I apologize. Give a -- one and under a minute unlike this intro. Hey buzz -- -- I'm currently in the process of purchasing a new 27 inch iMac but I was wondering is a good time to buy. Or is this new iMac just around the corner in the new Macs -- -- months what to do please help buzzed through. At quiet love the show a get rid of -- click thing the last -- came out around on. July 2010. And -- -- -- on about a six month to seven month life cycle right now the and a beverage so I would say absolutely. Wait unless you're computer is dead and broken and you need some -- Just -- -- they'll be announced that within the next two months like I would almost say. Guaranteed it'll roll out with a sandy bridge processors can -- gonna get performance that these lead almost twice as fast energy consumption significantly -- just went out. Yep you heard the top of the show it's pretty clear that. -- up with them every one right now if you're looking for anything new wait for sandy bridge yup that's all I -- think. Milan and the biomedical engineer UT Austin -- with -- answer many of us the DL universe that have the exciting experience teaching parents or others. Who may be left neatly in -- aimed -- Some of the finer aspects of computing though Google has put together a site at teach parents tech dot Oregon. Where you can build a care package to send to -- battered -- and policy -- different video tutorials like. Adjust the time on your clock change your screen saver or my personal favorite. Copy and -- -- -- though he says I I know a couple of people need to take the create a strong password video card. I can -- you that that copy and pasting is revolutionary for like my parents like. Yeah they did not know I add you tomorrow and you learn how -- -- based on Russia. It is it was a meaningless but yesterday. But yeah as of may it's it is an open doesn't say if they do tutorials for both Mac and PC -- again and again also like how does -- change your screen saver on a Mac and PC take a -- make text bigger or smaller actually that's a really big yeah yeah. And the cool thing -- they have a bunch of different categories so they've got like. Worldwide lab. Communications is like setting up an email auto responder or stop getting in newsletter -- how to chat had a video chat. It's pretty great and then the funny thing that lets you like -- -- compose a little things like this little hi mom I am shocked. That have been using your computer these days. I hope you'll find these 32 videos helpful. It allowed letter -- I wanna send the more like maybe one or two videos every week. That's a little overwhelming and audio link there at all and have the little wrongly -- the matter how many they're -- and in. From Chicago. Wrote to take issue with one of my characterizations. Yesterday. It was completely out -- -- -- people inaccurate again. To allow third day Molly I'm surprised by the -- not love on the Ballantine show thing is -- our sister in profession yes liberal artist's canvas artists. It's okay though I can understand that some of -- can be a bit trying at times but we all share common thread in our key is about our trade. I admit the drawing and painting and depart Bing has typecast -- the -- but there's so much more -- -- try asking them if they -- compressed are buying charcoal. Or perhaps strike up a conversation with a 3-D artists like sculpture jeweler and I think you'll be impressed just ask my fiance journalism major -- certainly was. Of the -- -- tell you right now. Jalal will find article -- that I felt. And yet though that they got indicted in the plan -- now that beard is that they right now of fine charcoal. That killed two people. And who technical of the Japanese fiscal two guys in the life now I think the people and. Well that well then -- that you. If you like to continue to put me in my place you can visit our blog where we have a handy dandy comment section. Below that cnet.com is also the place to -- all the links to the stories that we talked about today and all the ways to contact us. Plus like our Wiki is there Arab media is -- about the -- -- Wiki but if you're trying to catch up on the show. That's the best possible way that has all -- archive episodes and lake synopsis. Of every episode it is. Phenomenal. Totally and created to maintain and possibly the best thing about this let them have. Other numbers one and its excellent 6638. -- both CNET or email address is buzz of cnet.com. Also on we talked about our break up -- Well -- and so in order for you guys to win our break up mix tape contest please continue to not only send us your song recommendations we were calling us again and tell him and her fellow -- -- flooded like you're Almaty is so you guys are reacted to that so well. But now what we want to -- in addition to your break -- song recommendations. Is your I guess best. Or worse the best break -- store -- -- a story like it and -- wanna get really truly tragic. And don't let your sort of comedic which you know we don't know why we don't all like only ex girlfriend was addicted to crystal meth and -- cheated on me feel like -- -- -- I don't really know what we don't wanna read -- -- -- Michael -- quality you can imagine if you listen to the show we mean by about Africa and -- your best break up story. And the person with the bad flash most heartbreaking -- areas whenever it is breaking story. As judged by -- month. You could have the broken heart or you could have been the heartbreak yours are great and listless -- at at all and -- -- you could -- even happen we'll be -- Well ultimately when the break up -- shuffle. Yes and -- so that we're gonna we're gonna take submissions through next Monday -- Tuesday. Everything technical and and the holiday here that you're right though is that if -- admissions and your store -- by Tuesday. February 22 and we will pick a winner on that -- -- currently. But that's the deadlines. Yes I think yes. -- -- Keep coming at all right we will see you guys tomorrow are -- I.
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