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The 404: Ep. 1404: Where we catch up to the future

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The 404: Ep. 1404: Where we catch up to the future

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A big Happy New Year to the entire 404 audience! Today we've got Bridget Carey in for Justin Yu as the crew chats about the holiday break and looks ahead to CES 2014!

-What's up everyone, it's Thursday, January 2nd, 2014. Welcome to The 404 Show, I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Bridget Carey. -And Richard Peterson. -Oh my goodness gracious, we're back. -2014. -For officially in the future, which I've been waiting for for a very long time. -Finally. -Can we fold the future things that we've been waiting for-- -Yeah, you know. -come to fruition. I'm excited about that. Bridget Carey, thanks for joining me today in place of Justin Yu. -I'm happy to be here. Thanks for having me. -Rock 'n roll. He's-- Justin is out in California still doing his thing with his family, which is I'm sure very nice as is Ariel Nunez who's at west and filling his shoes today, Mr. Richard Peterson. -It's great to be here. -It is great to be here because you're here. All right, I need you-- -Is that the only reason? -I need you guys to know this, okay? I need you guys to know this. Anyway, welcome to the show. Happy New Year! Happy 2014 to everybody! Happy-- Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy Hug! Or whatever the hell you did over the break. I hope it was awesome. So, I wanna hear about it. -Right. -I wanna hear from you. I wanna hear like how was your Christmas, how was your New Year? -It was-- It was pleasant for me. My family is in Florida so I got the heck out of this cold weather-- -Right. -which is really refreshing. Everyone is like, "Oh, you have to travel to go home boohoo into trophics." -Right. -But for me, that's my kind of Christmas. -Yeah. -That's my kind of holidays where I don't get frozen. -So you're kind of Christmas is like no snowman, no snow, -No. -no any sort of semblance of winter as your Christmas. -No. Yeah. I got to have, you know, Cuban food and Mojitos and, yeah, it's just-- -That's-- I mean, they're so-- Think of all the Christmas carols that bring up Cuban food, right? -Feliz Navidad, man. -Right. No. Exactly. What about you Richard? You went back to Utah, right? -Yes, I was in Utah so I did some skiing. -Your ski? -Yeah. A little bit. -Nice. -I did some snowman building with my nieces. It's awesome. -I did snowman building. Very nice. All right. Well, great and you're all rested up. -Yeah. -So why did you come back and not go straight to Vegas? -Because everyone else all the other video people like Ariel and Mark, they're all out west and-- -So would like draw the shortest-- -Yeah, I did. Well, Ariel came back last year and so I just decided I would come back this year 'cause-- -So it's like a round robin. -Yeah, 'cause it had to be someone here. -Right. The show ain't gonna produce itself. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Well, that's great. I actually had at a wedding on New Year's Eve, -Oh, a New Year's Eve wedding. -which was the greatest idea ever. -That's kind of cool. Everyone's got off. -Yeah. Everyone has off, right? New Year is a joke holiday anyway. -Uh huh. -It's like freakin' amateur hour, right? -So get a free dinner and have fun. -Well, you're still gonna give like them a gift. -Well-- -It's not exactly a free affair. -You know what I mean now. -But I know what you mean and you're right. -It's like you had the entertainment set. -Because nobody wants to make New Year's plans anyway. It's miserable, right? -Yeah. -Does anyone really looking forward to New Year's? -I've passed that time. It's not like you ever really care that much. You like, "Oh man, if I stay at home, I'm either a loser or end this together with family and yeah that's about it. -Yeah, it's terrible. -Yeah, you feel like you have to do something exciting, but you really don't want to, which I don't-- -It could not save better myself. Did you do anything or you just like sitting in the couch? -No. Like I was-- I wanted to go out 'cause I felt like I had to. -Right. -But then I didn't end up doing anything 'cause my roommate was sick so I just stay at home with him and watched movies so-- -So, you didn't even realize the changing of the year. -No. I did-- Well, I celebrated it at midnight. -Right. You'll like, "Yey! Okay back to the movie." -Yeah. -Do you guys do anything like for good luck in the New Year? That's like kind of a big thing with my friends in Florida. -Really? 'Cause I don't really believe in that. -Well, like did you have ever heard of having 12 grapes at the count of midnight? -What? -It doesn't matter if they're green or red, but-- -Clearly. -Yeah. But you have to have a grape for every month. -Shut up. -This is something you see in a Spanish culture. In fact, we forgot our grapes and we were at the grocery store at about-- -And you had to do with raisins. -there was-- there was a run on the grapes. There were people of all cultures just grabbing bags of grapes about like two hours before midnight. -No way. Have you-- -And so-- And so you need 12 grapes, one for every month-- -Sure. -and some people go as far as they say, "You have to eat all 12 in like the first minute, you know, for good luck, but I just kinda like do it when-- however, I want it-- -Well then the grape demons have their way of-- [unk] -Well, I didn't understand it the first time I went to a friend's house to celebrate it and they passed the grapes and all the while people just started eating the grapes. -Right. -And they're like, "No, that's bad luck. You just destroy January and February." -Wow! -And so it's a fun thing to do. Some people wear certain color underwear like Venezuelans, yellow is good luck. -Okay. -As of now, people say pink is good luck for love. You know, people make up their own rules I think so-- -Right. Yeah. -But I don't-- I do the great thing though. It's kind of fun. -I've never even heard of that. -Yeah. Well, you watch. Give it a look next year. -I am watching. -Well, you mean like-- -And next year, you'll see there's like no grape stuff for the grocery store. -I guess. -That will kind of ruin my New Year's plans having to spend it at the grocery store. -I meant before. -I know I'm joking around. -Didn't they talk about that on an episode of Modern Family? -Yes. Yes. -Over the grapes? -Yeah, that's where I've heard of that. -Gloria had to have her grapes. -Oh my god. -It is a really bad impression. -No, that wasn't bad actually. Wow. Okay. So, you know, for me, my biggest New Year's tradition is watching the Twilight Zone on Syfy. -The marathon on Syfy. -which-- Yeah, no man. I don't know if you guys watch-- I know, you know, every year I just go nuts over this thing. -Uh huh. -And the wedding kind of like gotten away so I only saw like maybe like four or five hours of it. But there was one last night that I had never seen before like shockingly-- -Well, I've seen quite a lot, but-- -Every year I'm like I've seen this, I've seen this and it kinda gets to the point where I'm just like, "All right, I will not gonna watch this one again. I'm not gonna watch Kick the Can or just like a really classic episodes." -Uh huh. -And especially last night was like the primetime ones that they air like Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder and all those classics. -And the Glasses and yeah. -For sure. Right. Mr. Bemis. -Uh huh. -But what was crazy to me is I'd never seen the one called Masks. Have you seen this one? -I need to know about it [unk] -So, it's about this guy-- this family of like ungrateful children and they're hanging out with their-- with their elderly father who's about to die and they're really just there 'cause they wanna see what they leave him in the Will. He's super wealthy. -This is black and white like old ones -Oh, yeah. -or is this the modern one? -Oh no, no. We don't rule with the modern one. -Okay. -This is like the classic runs [unk] -Yeah. -So, all the children are like really like staring at their father like just waiting for him to freakin' die 'cause they just want his money and the father goes, "You know, you have-- He's like, "I'll give you two options-- 'Cause he can tell like tonight is the night that is gonna, you know, kill over. -Uh huh. -So, he tells the kids. He's like, "All right, you gotta wear these masks that I've given you, right?" And the kids were like, "Oh, this is freakin' weird, you know. This is weird dad. Why do we have to do this?" And the dad puts on this like really creepy skull mask and he gives these kids this like-- this like strange like facial, you know, manipulation masks and stuff like that and he's like, "You can either wear the masks all night or I'll give you airfare back to where were you from and that will be it and you get nothing." So, they all agree to wear the masks And then the dad finally dies and they start taking off their masks and their faces turned into what the masks are. -It's kinda like-- like a creepy. That reminds me of-- -It's super creepy. -That reminds me of like the-- one of the worst Goosebumps episodes where like girl couldn't take off the masks. -Right. That show 'Twilight Zone' is so ahead of it's time. -Yeah. Really is. -I mean, this is probably like a 50-year-old episode which is amazing. -I've never seen that one. -Watch that. It is shockingly frightening. -Well, now I know the ending. -It's good though. It's like-- I mean you kind of figure out what's gonna happen like-- -Yeah. -you kinda know-- -Like they're-- they're bad people-- -Yeah, like clearly they're not just gonna like take off the mask and get money and go home happy-- -Yeah. -like something bad is gonna happen. Anyway, that's my tradition. I enjoyed doing that, but the wedding was cool to have like a countdown during the thing. -Uh huh. -That's the way they do it. -Yeah, that's kind of cool. -All right, let's switch gears just a little bit. We might as well talk about tech for a few minutes while we have it. So, CES is around the corner when you're flying out. -Oh, yes. Oh, CES. Yeah, actually. -You're flying out on Sunday? -It's a-- No, I'm flying out Saturday night. Yeah, I'll be there. I'll be there on the weekend. -Oh wow. You're gonna be there early. Okay. -Yeah. -So just like some programming notes, we're gonna do 404 Shows Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday live from the CNET stage. -Uh huh. -I'm sure you'll be a part of that in some capacity. We'll make arrangements. -Yeah. Cool. And yeah. And CNET Update is gonna be there. -Yeah, tell us about that. -Yeah, well, I'm filming the daily, you know, Wrap-Up Show every morning. But also we're doing live shows with like little wrap ups with Donald Bell and like kinda looking ahead to what's-- what's in store for the day and, of course, we're also running around getting like first looks at all the great products. -Sure. -So, it's-- it's just constant busy. -So what's your-- what's your short of vibe for CES 2014? I feel like in years passed specifically last year, it was-- for me, it's always a real big disappointment. It is. There's nothing that really blows anyone away. I feel like last year-- -Because the products aren't ready to even come out yet at this time. -Right. -It's like, "Hey, look, what we could do in a year and a half." -Right. Last year was like the big 4K TV thing when no one, not one person cared. -And not one person can really afford it. -Right, that's true. And prices of those things aren't really going down, but I'm sure we'll see more of that. -Uh huh. -Is there anything that sort of like picture interest this early? -Everything-- I think the only buzz people starting to get excited about is more wearable tag. -Yeah. -I mean does that really get people excited?. You know, that's to be determined by each person. But it's an area that first of every manufacturers hungry to get into, because it's something easy. -Uh huh. -Just something to wear in your wrist at least. -Right. -And two, everyone is kind of show, "Oh, look, the concepts that we can do." It doesn't mean the concepts always come true, though. -Sure. -'Cause you don't see a lot in cellphone or tablet. It's mostly, you know, the little accessories that are kinda neat, "Oh, but you didn't think of this, you know." -Right. -And it's almost like we're seeing more of the smaller guys with their inventions than we are of the big manufacturers. But one of the rumors that I guess is kinda of coming out, you know, this week is that LG has a wearable band. It looks kinda like the Nike FuelBand. It's something that I guess you wear on your wrists, maybe keeps track your fitness and-- Now the thing is that LG is having a television that has WebOS in it, the old Palm operating system. So, they bought the rights to use Palm old operating system and like, you know, at least make it to a Smart TV system, so you can use apps. -But you know what? That-- But that's better than what these TVs growing. -It's more practical 'cause-- -Right? -Guess what? You're on your TV. You wanna maybe get some games on there. My family loves using a Roku just to like, "We're already in front of the TV, let's go play easy game, you know." -Yeah. -It's something that you can definitely see more growth in than other areas. -That's-- I can't-- I was like-- I was a big-- It's funny 'cause CES reminds me of the year the Palm Pre like stole the show, which was not that long ago. -Yeah. -It was maybe four years ago, five years ago, right? -Yeah, maybe about that. -Wasn't that-- It wasn't too long to go and WebOS was like the future of mobile operating systems at the time, right? People were really invested in it and thought that it was really gonna, you know, be around for the long-- -Well, it's so much future that everyone seems to kind of stolen a piece of that idea. -Yeah. Oh, definitely. I mean, the whole swipe to decide thing. -For sure. -You're seeing people do that now. -Android, iOS. They've all lifted stuff of WebOs especially-- -Especially Blackberry. -Yeah, absolutely. So, all right, well that would be interesting to see. I don't know how well a TV OS running WebOS is gonna work out, but we'll see. That's-- -It's different. -It's different, right? -It's refreshing, you know. -At least, it's something different. -I think we're just dying for something refreshing sometimes because we are heading that point where how much faster and better can your tablet computer experience be. -Right. -You know, it's about what fun things you can do with it. -It's always an interesting show for your cellphones, people, you know, always clamoring to see the latest and greatest and that you can go to ces.cnet.com right now. There was a really healthy amount of news that's already broken. -Uh huh. -That's supposedly gonna be officially announced next week at the big show. So, do have a favor, go check that out. I'm just reading through Jessica Dolcourt sort of mobile preview and she seems to think that bigger screens, higher resolutions and a lot more savvier sort of like hands free control. -Uh huh. -It's gonna be the bullet points that in 64 by computing. They're gonna be like the bullet points of like the new mobile phones at CES. -Yeah, 'cause-- Now, you're starting to see all these phones where you just wave your hand over it and you wake it up, you know, so everyone is trying different tricks to stand out. -Sure. What do you think about like the curve stuff? Do you think that's got legs? -Oh, such a gimmick. -Yeah. -I mean, first of, you really wanna put like earphone in your pocket. Just take some more space. It's a little awkward. You know, I think everyone is just dying to have something to stand out. And I think the trends are gonna start seen. All right, so we're talking about Smart watches, right? What's the point of having something like a Galaxy gear on your wrists when the phone is so easy to pull any ways? -Sure. -I think the whole trend that she mentioned about going bigger, I think if we have bigger phones, that's when people actually care to wear something on the wrist because the phone then is too big. -Right. -And he wants me just to quickly glance that. I think that's a more interesting trend than this curved thing, which people are rocking their phones on the table. What they do it looks different, you know. -Yeah. -Yeah, I mean I definitely think innovation is cool with the-- the mobile phones have hit sort of like a wall, I guess. -Uh huh. -I mean I just got an LG G2 and it's super quick. It's very fast and I'm like very impressed by it, but that's really seems to be the only sort of incremental update is that it's fast now and they can fit these quad-core processors and get them to an, you know, with an efficient use of power and that sort of stuff. -Uh huh. Like better batteries. -Right. -Last CES, we saw the phone, the YotaPhone that had the two sides, the black ink-- the e-ink black and white one and the normal one and that's just starting to come out now. -Right. -So, actually, I was kind of intrigued by that one. -Yeah. -I like to see innovation that's totally different like that. -But I don't even think that's coming in here yet. That's just like a Russian thing. -There's no announcement yet. Yeah. -So, yeah, for me, it's like I also think we're in a new sort of transition unload with the wearable stuff like-- I feel like you're-- you know, the idea of having a phone is gonna be more-- You just have like a family of connected things. You know what I mean? -The internet things. -Right. -Like it's super cliché, but that's what I think is gonna happen. I just think like you'll have, you know, your watch and your glasses and your sort of, you know, wearable mobile ecosystem with you. -Or something that your house that just knows your phone as home 'cause they can sense then-- -Right. -and starts playing the music where you left off in a car, you know. We're getting that, you know. -Right. So, that will be interesting to see how place out, you know. We usually look to see us is like a glimpse of the future, but they're usually riddled with insanely, stupid press conferences and things that just make us roll or rise and slap our foreheads. -Yeah. -So, we have to kind of weed out all the crap and make an educated sort of assessment as to what the future hold. -And that really matters, yeah. -Yeah. Exactly. I wanna talk about gaming before we say goodbye for the day. This is like my first CES-- I think this is like my 7th CES I think. -Uh huh. Wait a minute, I got to look that. I'll look that, settling the first second. Oh. -Seven years. -Seven CES. Richard, how many CES for you? -I think this is five. -All right. So, I'm not alone in that embarrassing detail. -Yeah. -And this is about your second or third? -Third. Third times of charm. I don't know. -I don't know [unk] in Sin City. Nevertheless, every CES I've ever been to has been very lackluster when it comes to games, right? -Yeah. -Even the year with the 3DS and the Vita came out. It was still, you know, a really, really secondary afterthought. It was just-- -All these consoled games, I would say. -Right. There's none of that. -Yeah. -It's much more like gaming PC. -It's more PC gaming, that sort of thing. -Yeah. -But this year, Steam is gonna really make a huge, you know, sort of splash at the shell. Valve is gonna be there. They're having an event. Even Sony just resets me today and said they're having an event as well. So, I don't know what that means. -That's a new show. -It's all secret hush, hush. Is it a Gaikai streaming solution thing from PS4? I don't know. But back to Valve and Steam, you know, you're gonna have pretty much their line of Steam Boxes that will come out with and then you're gonna have every third party cons of PC manufacturer, making their version of a Steam Box-- -That's right. -which should be really kind of cool to see. Now, a lot of people think like, "Oh, I'm just gonna get a Steam Box and play all the games I want." Well, it doesn't really work like that. Because the SteamOS is a Linux-based sort of situation so you have to find games that only work on that platform or can work on that platform like you can't just play a Windows game on your Steam Box. -Yeah. They're gonna buy it from the Steam like-- -Or you try it from the Steam software, but you also have to make sure it can run on SteamOS. There's gonna-- I'm positive though the third party manufacturers who come out and say, okay, this is a Windows Steam Box. We can play all the games that run on Windows. But a lot of people aren't discussing the fact that, yeah, this is gonna be a little weird in the beginning and you're not gonna have like instant access to the 60,000 games that are available on the Steam platform. You're gonna have a fraction of that. So, it will be cool to see how that place out. -Yeah. I mean, it's definitely gaining more buzz especially with those other types of, you know, kickstarters we heard about that play Android games on your PC. -Right. -Just different things you can do now in your living room. -Sure. -And so I think-- I think that is kind of a need thing to talk about. We don't get to talk about usually at CES. -Yeah, absolutely. For me, I just wanna get hands on with the Steam controller. -Uh huh. -I don't know if you've seen it, but it's-- -With those touch pads on it with the-- -Yeah. -Yeah. -So that will be a lot of fun to check out. You know, Achilles rift made a really big splash the last couple of years at CES. I think this time around, we're gonna really close to seeing what we will have in terms of like a retail device. -You really think that can-- that can be a hit with people. I mean, a 3D thing you put on your-- -It's crazy. People will love it. They do it better than anyone. -Really? -I mean, look-- it's still gonna make people sick. -That's what I'm saying. -This is gonna happen, but if you can handle it-- -Everyone-- Like 3D TV, people-- That came and went and-- -That came and went, but this is-- this is not that kind of investment I don't think. -Uh huh. -Plus, it doesn't like there's not gonna be a dearth of content that supports it. -Uh huh. -Because everything should automatically save for maybe a few sort of like re-working, you know, bugs and what not. But yeah, like to me I think this will be the first mainstream consumer virtual reality product and I'm definitely excited for it. I can't wait to like put it on and get those. -I like that. That's why people ride roller coasters, they wanna feel a little sick. -That's true. -Yeah. -They wanna get that rush of like I can't stop smiling even though I'm two seconds away from [unk] just like that rush. -Take my money. -Take here, please. Take my money, please. Right? -I wanna have a vomit simulator. -That's what it is. So, there's really cool stuff to look forward too. So, definitely stay tune ces.cnet.com. Follow all those on Twitter for the latest from the show floor at Bridget Carey and Jeff Bakalar and we'll have a great time when we're out in Las Vegas. That's gonna do it for us today guys. Short little show. Check it out. Before we leave and say goodbye, tomorrow I don't know if you're following the weather-- -Oh, kinda crazy right now. -I don't know if you're involved in that if wherever you're tuning in from. But the forecast for the Northeast specifically Manhattan, it's not too good. They're predicting-- It's just crazy. They're predicting anywhere from 5 to like 12 inches. That's a big rain. -That's a big span. Yeah. -Yeah. -'Cause 5 is like beautiful, 12 is debilitating like the shuts the city down pretty much of full snow. -Wow. -So, we'll see how it goes. The best thing I can say is 50-50 for 404 tomorrow, right? -Uh huh. -If we can get in, we'll see in Vegas. If we're here, then we're here. -If we could fly out. -Right? I hope we could fly out. -I hope so. -Men. -[unk], Bridget. Thank you so much for filling in today. Always a pleasure. -Thanks for having me. -My pleasure. Richard, great job buddy. -Thank you. I haven't been in the states yet. -No, you haven't. -We'll see with the closing of the show. -So, it's not over yet. That's gonna do for us guys. Email us the404@cnet.com and follow us Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, all that fun stuff. That's gonna do it for us today. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Bridget Carey. -I'm Richard Peterson. -Thanks for tuning in to The 404 Show. If we don't see you tomorrow, we'll see you live from CES 2014 on Tuesday. All right. Don't forget that's Tuesday, January 7th is the first CES Show for 404. We'll see you guys then. Buh bye.

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