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The 404: Ep. 1403: Where we love it or hate it

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The 404: Ep. 1403: Where we love it or hate it

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Scott Stein joins the show to talk about the year's best and worst in tech, the appearance of the Steambox in the wild, and paying off suspect debts using Venmo.

It's Monday December 16 when he thirteen this is the for a Porsche on CNET com Jeff Bakalar Scots I'm -- -- -- Welcome to the program ladies and gentlemen the last couple days of 404 shows before we hit the big -- Before Scott goes back to England. Depart the motherland if you will and again three departure media here English countryside -- world traveler men fly take the train after that and I drive for an hour. Through like foggy London town of little -- leans right and there I got like rotting in and yet via some of the -- -- means you know there's areas. Just all identical or and then you end up by sheep fields in its its great lot of sheep in England lot of issues are only have to tell us about the sheep when you come back. For today though I want let everyone know what's going around the showed Justin obviously he's backing California. So we'll be there until we meet again in Las Vegas which is -- yes 2014 which. You know I talk too much about it I had sort of her a little bit so I'm gonna do that as yet I'm trying to push off all panic yet there's lines like and it's you just got up he's got a procrastinate you gotta put that on the on the back burner but -- -- the post Christmas. Not worry about and then after Christmas can -- couple of -- -- right. Can east and then even when I'm here today is you're sort of like iPhoto and write all that Anthony's dinner tonight -- -- -- -- that until the next morning I don't blame -- I don't -- you'll be -- actually bring up CS -- public as a wanna talk about steam box stuff -- just the second. Bush obviously one I want I think you -- in today for just in those those -- down I'm glad to be such an anonymous act I wish I was actually away -- navigation array. But not that happy to be here and not happy tolerated. I appreciate of all places that I'm here at this. Means alive and I appreciate that. A bomb Syria that's we've got going on show today showed tomorrow and then that's really it for us. Their -- listening you have to check out. We we've peppered a bunch of -- runs through the break that's going to be happening starting on Wednesday the eighteenth. And then we shot a few kind of awesome little episodes for the future we do we do the studio tour which is a lot of fun. And then we did an interview where we turn the tables on Steve Guttenberg and basically allowed him interviewed Justin and myself. Which was a really solid. Minutes and I -- -- zeros so it's. If you care you'll like it if you like Steve you'll really Jews that I can ranks up there it's like David Lynch guests turn on the threat to me it's -- like moments this is serial to see you again. On so I wanna talk a little bit about a few things that I experienced over the weekend the first thing. Is then MO you know would then goes out -- demand I do not okay this is good Ariel you know advent Moe is yeah yeah -- value -- actually receive money through them you have yet how long have you been on that. Com I think I got on the island last year but only that one crash well this is great it's a it's a way to should. He to way to make receive and share payments when I say share with a question mark because -- giving money ever they think like. It it's so it's basically PayPal without all the blew the crap. Right that's -- they're still fees lake if you use a credit card to pay somebody they're still they still knock off about 3% for arm. But what's interesting about -- -- is that -- really pushed the whole sharing thing there demos that we wanna make payments a social thing. So like when you pay somebody you look at the website and it's like oh just -- Scott. Want to comment on that. And they -- I want to comment on it that's their business -- -- weird when you -- -- -- and formulate that it but I finally -- my friends of the comments it's about -- seriously why we got just the page and -- miracle workers are finding me and I still on my -- some money in his his latest enemy of the site and it's you know it's got an -- payments meant to be as something you do it. -- I think you could opt out you know okay insulating I don't want anyone to know that -- Social that I -- Scott 400 dollars for that thing that. He did you know what I mean. Like that's definitely doesn't wanna. Post Vegas right but I guess that re payments it's like oh -- would you pay him a thousand bucks for any took care of me that one done in that place -- -- -- that thing. As other retention is back -- -- -- to me that's like very odd but that's direction to try to find things social yet. I think -- exactly the I understand where their minds -- is they want vent mode to be. This sort of you know. Thing that spreads because you've heard that your friends PD each other appearing so they're not -- dinner right exactly and and that's really what it's like perfect -- on what I think. -- kind of amazing that demo is that bank transfer stuff anything you do you. Through a bank funding receiving it's all free. That's what PayPal is right now too especially if you're doing with like friends and family. But that'll makes it totally free and it does it in 24 hours which I feel like bank payments usually take three to five. Business needs to process. Then was able to do it somehow in 2.4 hours if you meet the transaction by like 7 PM eastern -- before which at I was pretty cool. Arms so what do -- in this -- -- and I paid for like six people think it's and I might all you know all I want I want the money. And -- all right let me give them -- -- so far so good pretty impressed I recommend it just -- -- -- and a so that's you know its its something to consider everyone's on it -- I you know it's funny like. You -- you know I was a member and I just never had used it I think somebody. Wanting me to pay for something and then when it's in game cash and I became -- Mo user but never used it. Come back like ten months later like half -- contacts on -- Like what the hell and easily to the party for -- interest -- you haven't even heard of it. Not -- Well I I didn't really a conservative or in a shell when it comes to that's -- things and kind of getting old fashion with you are. Old fashion island and -- At one Freddy keeps trying to bring new folder with -- -- -- -- only hope that I am -- I'm like I don't wanna just to meet you do with it check but yeah some cash to take a check yet mechanism do you think that's what's happening deep and you just become -- MI becoming all. I might know -- old school I am hey well I'm becoming lazy that's what it is really. Actually that's a funny thing but if you're becoming -- this is the this is like the epitome of lazy it's just you click a button new aids and you know what if I just had it it -- I feel like I that you know this is what I think it is I think when you seen this is before. The more than you do you. And you get -- tired and lazy with -- -- wanna go through the process again or -- think divergence of PayPal yet I think the credit card attached as expire at 8 PM like I I was like once it was like it's time it is I don't wanna deal authoring. I wanna just hit an iso button right and go. Take care this morning. And if etc. for another thing admin password. Parity of this long list of seriousness that sounds really lame now I feel like it's got to be. The more apps and passwords and services such as wearable -- -- applicant is like. Terrifying list of connected services floating out there that are be -- -- to get me. -- -- were just saying. He is pretty heated passion that you should check it out I had you know like this that I sign -- -- -- as I do still -- someone -- so I mean messages they do the best way to do it I had I had not used it. -- signed up but this morning or over I went through the actual details of linking a bank account took maybe five. And is it true bank payments to three days with -- I'm pretty sure whenever I get paid and PayPal when you initiate that bank transfer again it it. Definitely does not take 24 hours it's usually I would say that to forties. So maybe they know something PayPal doesn't and a PayPal is also like a massive company with you today in all that stuff so who knows. You know kind of like you know bureaucratic red -- they have to deal on a daily basis. I'll try chart out just you know what you should do -- and just simulate a hundred bucks just to see would have liked to see the -- All you do get it you'll get me back in the future it's not worry about it and I'll send them alphabetically -- you can known and it's my content which is. As a director Vegas this all started the you know I feel like Ben was gonna get super popular this year and make it's that we all want to only each other money you're totally right that's actually -- be released and -- for -- keep forgetting any skin on top of that in his house or is it never works. Never speaking of CES. It's right around the corner. Wanna want to just Alex -- orbit -- you like you dreading cius which you're human. I'm one of the few -- that don't mind Communist yeah you know. I see it as it is I see as -- -- -- -- -- in the new year yet by working hard. -- You know I don't know about -- now. -- me like it's it's a good way to start than any idea why I -- -- there's something cool about it you know. It's you know you get it you're right it's a great way to syrups. You know sort of start rationing -- -- You know the cleansing -- you don't get the momentum going yeah I mean absolutely. It is it is. Find that we're out there we get to meet between east to West Coast scene that's always fun and I I -- location. I love going out there to Vegas. The part that I read is the work in September and at. You don't wanna do the work well but also I think looking at particularly wearable tech -- -- diving into it that should. It feels like. Fluently referral on that -- fall on it's on its deregulated site. I wanna just go like fear and loathing on the show I wanna just go weird guy and so yeah underground -- -- -- -- altered things strapped to virus words and -- -- what's going nine. And for whatever. And you like -- yourself incapable of doing the simplest of things yes regulate Allman and see what happens sky he went crazy at CES. He's going like 38 wearable gadgets and now for whatever reason he can't drink water and you've got something good that he's got -- -- -- it's like vibrating. It has a valuable water it's light streaming even -- he's -- transformer is that -- yeah -- is if -- behind it only can see black and -- -- -- -- -- why legal -- transformation -- -- well as as terrible as it -- it's also -- but I -- that would happen it is callers I do not want to have all of -- all of those things happened one of the things -- excited about first yes it is is valve and -- like things are going down -- actually gonna be there -- -- I mean I -- rumors and being there. And you answer. Now remember I'm -- out of their practices the steam box is the the actual. You know console competitors. Are going to be. At CES and I might have something to do that for which is out of Austin for the first -- -- a decade what feels like that will be. Pretty great especially when you think about the -- the consoles have -- -- right. And you wanna be optimistic about these councils and replace the main -- share there's a lot of potential excitement threat landscape is wide open. It's wide open and I think you know you look at that it. All these games are also being -- on PCs year. A great time offer for something this. Merge sort checking out right here is so one of the first on boxing's of the prototypes that 300 steam -- -- that -- send out to beta testers. Not very exciting. It's really just an on boxing if that's the kind of thing you're into will suck it up. But god but yet you know it's it's a console it looks exactly like a 360. An Xbox one or PS four. But what's cool is. And you know they sent these out to like. The -- guys they sent this -- account -- hands you know they're really not a lot of industry professionals have gotten their hands on this thing. So it comes with the controller that sort of touch screen. You know slash button hybrid controller comes of the few wires that the HDMI. USB -- all that crap. And then act the actual console itself. So I don't we definitely the details on exactly what the hardware is specifically for the one we're looking at right now. But. You know it's definitely kind of exciting especially because of the timing of everything. You know these mixing console that came out in November are barely -- a month old. And is definitely throws me in what my opinion is a welcome sort of monkey wrench into the whole situation. Now the thing I wanna bring up and with you. Is that it's not as. To me it's not as oh my god this is like the Jesus console. Just because. You're not -- to -- -- -- run Windows 7 gains. On a box that just has steam -- on it right so that the way that's gonna play out is sort of up in the air right do you know. A lot about that are I don't have to be steam alas bright so -- so this is like a Linux based. Our operating systems were talking about all there's there's there's there's a good -- teams that work on that. But but you don't have to be big blockbusters are against it you probably think you might be multiply right away out of opt out of the box if you're not gonna -- do you. Ten -- games and sort of become authorized or become a complicated process so it's -- -- a disconnect it is to disconnect and you know you think you're gonna like pop this thing open and have you know. A million gains out of the box all set -- go and that's kind not the. Keys -- -- all doing this to us I -- this is the third in a trained. Because the same -- with PlayStation four and it's really a -- the old games right now. And then you the first thing you think that we think of steam box is. All the plays all -- PC steam games right well it's -- here's where it's weird right so like I have I have a home theater gaming PC in my apartment. And I have steam line. And I had that experience were like -- click big picture and it just sort of works right. I'm a little Fuzzy as to why there's not like the windows option. Wise they're not esteem and -- mineral like. The always end of those manufacturers who were gonna be takings are thinks about business -- -- like. Have a retail line these things I feel like there's really gonna be up like third party people to sort of take that. And then go forward with it so. We're gonna learn a lot next month we're gonna learn a lot about where all of these sort of council's. Well at least the -- boxes stand up and lot of questions and now one note this is about some of the relationship that Microsoft is it. Is it it the competition with Xbox where is it also the fact it you know continually you've never seen esteem. BBB very friendly with with windows -- has always been this. We -- relationship or -- relationship. And the New Zealand gaming PCs that we -- from Windows 7 journal yeah and so there's it's a it's a business existing it's a mess and -- -- -- this is likely continue that fracturing I think. -- -- -- And and you know and and when people start to realize how fragmented all content is. If I'm trying to get a new console haven't bought a next gen box and then -- you know -- its -- tethering I'm sort of like all right well. I'm I'm confused now right because you know I want -- have. A steam box that that preferably runs Windows 7. Maybe windows eight I mean I have a I have about gaming laptop that runs windows eight that seem to do a decent job. So it's tough -- maybe can night tonight -- boot can actually Apple boot can have so that's orders have. That's gonna be a big pain us. And until that does sort of settles. You know -- -- gonna be at CES we know there's gonna be an event mean we should be able to learn a lot more. Then and there but as of right now there's a lot of apprehension people -- are a little confused and anticipating. Against the worse but its clip on time it's an interest -- done. -- thing I think and I think it's more CNET was last year at this time right and how we view this so it's exciting and you -- wonder if there any other hardware partners that'll merged with -- bright and it isn't surprised want to see yes it's a you know I know I mean I know for a fact some of them -- I can't talk about but I know. Of at least three major. Computer manufacturers. That will be releasing steam box yet wild guesses -- -- -- feel like -- there are you know. -- think -- -- yes and you know I just think that you know it seems to. Logically leave -- share absolutely so again will known a few weeks. I'm I'm super excited about the whole thing and I really it's like the first time going into CS like. Holy crap I can't wait to see what these guys do well and that's -- and add to say I'm I'm cynical but excited about wearable tech at CES. And cynical because -- -- like reserve cynicism -- very yeah very. I love the mass -- mass of the landscape. But what makes me worried is that you know I think when you get to wearable tech -- where it's wrapped up -- and this year now. And -- a disappointment. Is at top of the lecture. Easily because all the stuff that we were looking forward to -- mean like they galaxy -- watch blues you know nobody really wants to buy that yet. At the -- watch was one of the more -- things earlier this year but you know they never they still have not. -- -- -- With the apps that you thought we're gonna come out there. So you're still waiting nearly 12 happened -- and Google glasses was like a novelty -- which -- kind of disappeared he came by. So you feel like -- always fitness -- -- just like little tweaks to the end of the year now that only you know so act like are -- -- new things or see is just going to be dribbling. With random new companies entering the fray in you're not gonna see really you've seen some -- the later in the year -- -- the big companies like Google right. Where you know where they in media. It it's it was something very strange. And non useful. And -- yes slash its DS like OS like -- -- if -- -- stupid for. Or just some sort of like novelty gang that is funny for about 45 minutes and then it just loses all count luster and they're like I -- we do and this looks like. All viral so the moment I mean the Smart people at CES -- -- drop a bomb of some weird thing right it gets a video that's on the everybody sharing is a real has boarded at the CES first and then you see this like you said it's like a robot chicken -- a floating -- our. In -- like oh that's that. That's like crazy thing you're everybody's like that's the best thing SI this year and -- it's a really great blew you out to Vegas to -- some chicken yet. And -- January for that first week of January for anything else happened it's the best thing you see right but until strip is still really popular -- we already seen that yet. The year before so even -- -- -- a splash it was more of like. A second a second dunk yet for that attack or share features like things later on you like a template retirement upright. -- can use you know not as -- to like discount. The products we tend to highlight -- -- gesture but if you look back in the last five or six years. Our favorite stuff from these shows don't necessarily go on to lead long lives of their own -- And actually most perfectly personified. In the case in my opinion of the Palm Pre. Which we thought one year was like footballers. All my guide you've got to have this phone. And that -- Saying and -- just failed so quickly. It just went down -- a huge. Tunnel flames I mean. It was really that while like the Motorola. Xoom tablet -- environment that day and it was right before the iPad. Was transfer it. So sometimes I think the best way to deal with CS is to read between the lions share and noticed a trend the trends are way more important than the actual yeah yeah. -- last year the one that one festive. For us was. Was actually racers and threat gaming tablet -- -- -- because we kind of completely forgot about it but on others -- Telecom -- steam box. And I feel like that last year was the beginning cheer up they were kind of trying to build steam box and I think that -- -- tablet or steam cabinet it was like combined you can document library and that -- why we thought it was so interesting initially and then like the Nvidia shield was interesting because. Even though that in played out. Out of the way in terms of like everybody's buying an -- shield. You can definitely think -- it is like at the end of this year is mobile gaming more important now that wise and guest says yes so. -- it's not like doesn't like mobile gaming is utterly transform of course is here right. All right so you know when we talk -- he has obviously we talk about the closing year behind it. And 2013. Was kind of a mixed bag with the best sort of notable -- All of this kind of leads into what CNET is doing which is I think is like one of the -- features we don't really long time -- of the CNET 100 city go to cnet.com slash CNET 100. You can really get to -- like -- -- Almost interactive barometer. Of what is popular. Gadget -- reading -- What it's like a -- things right because our -- that way I get excited when I it will go to sport sites. And -- study something -- -- down. And it kind of music sharing of the tools that we use any -- We're looking -- like. How products are performing so it's like it feels a -- each forward to working on our site absolutely so I think that's. It's pretty cool and elevate its monthly so -- I get this great so it's -- 12013 -- December 2013. Farm. Well I guess what I wanna kind of -- and he was like what we think -- the best products. The year and you know you really come around again and why it ever variety wide range of stuff. You're really not locked into any -- specific sort of product street -- are -- yes jerked around. What was like the highlight for use in 2013. What really stood and a com. Well and in general what stood out was that. There wasn't. To me tremendously new and exciting product -- decently well this changes everything right and I wanna mind share wearable tech -- had its opportunities. -- -- -- -- -- You know for a lot of reasons you just you know became -- and have since taken off the list and you if you played great really clicked -- I did have somebody say again privately democracy and and they go oh hey I got my hands I have the ability to buy -- should I again. Yes and I wrote back and -- like. I don't I don't know like no why would its 15100 books again. I like our people such -- or is there like a black market for who lists -- people trying to like buying them for five K like what's going on well -- Open it up recently so that you could share invites and for the first time you could actually -- you know gift other people with with invites to buy this for like yeah 200 bucks so. That that got people excited -- -- -- should I take this opportunity. I think that if there more people getting invites and the demand for these products would decrease of Simon you know to a -- -- -- I also feel like we're at the point now where at the end of this year. You know women will Google surprises with a consumer version of this -- Do you really wanna buy this one now and I don't think it's worth it whereas I think you. You know unless you're really covering it -- people I know -- bottom covering -- protect or app developers write -- -- -- when him you know. -- ram this thing and figure -- out sherbet. In battery life is still not -- now it's not it's it's really meant to show you what it's like to have wearable. Ecosystem different is selling these like -- props you know you know -- like they're really not. Practical sort of products just yet but I think that the real version of that is probably the -- acts like and that's why would -- like the more one more instinct phones of this year. Going to like. Getting its appearance bush and what -- like is that that's right there would you like moto X I like to laugh -- and I noticed a lot of other people did -- -- And review that found and I thought it was great film is it felt really degrade and then you -- beyond -- if you're going to use this you know. Hands free voice connection but Google now the way it works on that is sort of like what was going on with glass and a radius of it okay glass OK -- now. So I'd like that was like the product this -- to really use that idea. And you want to Wear anything on your face -- and it's and it's a good -- -- in nexus five and it has been leading the charts IE I found. I mean any news nexus -- that much -- -- people of really liked it. I would feel like what's wrong with the moto -- you I feel like. It's already outsourced and hours a part of it right hours and hours part of it -- camera moto XP and people are more -- about the camera -- -- yet so I would say like. -- -- artists that would who went -- gravitate towards. On. If you wearable there are some things that we really -- I might as well -- like. I think it's a good time if you ever thought about you know keeping in touch your -- it's done. It's a bit of a fad right now it's in the fitness trackers and really light stuff to sort of weed out the the gimmicky stuff the -- -- used while wearing one like that fit if force -- on -- we really liked. He. The new Nike fuel -- not -- now had problems syncing for me sometimes but in general it's a really nice feeling them. Stuff like that. You know -- in the Bluetooth -- gotten better on -- they double as watches. And some of them are water resistant. You know we're united -- Platte -- the other week where in the shower. So I think those are there's a pretty good on the pebble it's funny and some like -- positive about it thank you. You seem to really. There is though there's an unbelievable amount of loyalty and -- I think I think a lot of it is because. It's the only Smart watch incurred if among major -- more versed in that category and I am if you think it's the only Smart watch that has this like DIY sort of following behind it -- it earned its credibility. Through CES Andrew kick starter. And it has that sort of you know ground -- following that -- the galaxy gear which shouldn't have by following those same sort of particles right. It is that would you agree that that's probably the reason line. Yeah let's say wavered due for a couple -- -- -- and I had been although it's a wild yet. And -- -- yelled at for not updating it but you know like -- by readers read but I'm waiting because they know they are going to come out. With those apps that they progressed great. Win so I actually think if you -- when I just you were in the becoming on the new tablets and I think that's that's -- -- Australia. But it's great as a watt should be more than any other merit because it's you can issue where in the show our -- and where in the in the water you're fine with. The battery life -- it gets notification that now iOS does -- -- low -- refinancing and all of your notifications. And it he works across all Android -- a lot of other phone I want some hard time doing right. So sometimes it's like Samsung galaxy -- that the Bluetooth on on the pebble as much more democratic right. So it's kind of cool to people's watch -- 150 bucks that's a lot less in the others yet so I am pretty positive about it like -- very -- even though the review may not seem that way and I feel like. It's future's bright yeah if you -- mean what you really wanna get into wearable -- get something the -- probably the safest that you know I don't expect. A touch screen or anything share buy it yet it's it's getting -- may get fitness apps and and stuff in the future so -- you'll do that. And then -- know TV hasn't been following videogame consoles yeah let's get incidental but you know I still think engine -- come out this year but I still have three idiots. It's I mean I think I'm just gonna -- right now adding the vita had a great year and I think -- 3-D S had agree you did I loved it and that's the 3-D S as the -- the most sensitive degree schemes is here I keep seeing people get it now via -- announce the -- -- and compared to the news that we use is is is not data again in fact it's kind of getting -- I don't know farmers I don't know but the thing with and we free world is grade three that team is fantastic and that's it and you wonder if they can put is that team as -- as the last time around we have the galaxy games. Don't think it is I think it's close it's -- like -- -- -- its heels yet. But it's just not now why is there and -- galaxy that exactly it's not as important now but compared to the games coming out its -- holiday. But I mean but let's be honest we US had its fair share of disappointments pretty much. I see the majority of stuff -- right now -- So you know expecting that they need to get and battery life and add some and changed that I mean. If this thing's gonna be 99 dollars or I don't know -- -- -- four and an Xbox -- Ever I keep whining to somehow as a reason to keep going to recommend them but -- I think I have not recommended -- now he can't do you can't I mean they don't they don't play. They've got to find a way to play the games and I don't care. How they do that it could be remastered versions I mean that'll happen it'll happen -- I just think about the fact aggressive out of five you can't play on the news and when you can't play some breast games you're currently -- It becomes a moment like I wasn't employment so why -- what I unplugged. My current console. I mean you there are people who will just leave it plugged in in and then writers that I mean for me the whole thing is. The the the incentive there's just nothing there there's not one -- That I truly and that's considering even how surprisingly good dead rising three is yet up how awesome sports -- five is where size really -- I mean there's a lot of there's there's. A lot there's a a significant chunk -- games that are really good and you know even playing assassin's creed for on one of these councils is a treat because of how much better it does happen to look. But it's not enough there's just not enough to say hey spend four to 500 dollars. It's just not there. And I don't want to call these things a disappointment right now. But if we're having the same -- conversation in twelve months. That's gonna be be a problem and if we do. Then there there's trouble pressure and something significant -- she. Seek and say but it's like exactly wanna wait especially since it's not one that you console -- If there was only one on the market then -- -- you say you know what you want to invest in it now your idea but. You just don't know how gold -- -- -- both -- interest staying in different ways right. Who knows which -- you want -- -- -- Tough and in the craziest thing about it on something and I've been sort of like struggling with internally. Is sort of like. The multiplatform games via. Okay like assassin's creed for for example that game looks better on PS four in my opinion and performs slightly better. Call of duty ghosts. Performs better on Xbox one than it -- -- -- because of the the native resolution so there's like. All this kind of you know. Back and forth. And you know -- cut you less from around it it sort of came out that -- 360 games multiplatform 360 games tended to perform better yet. Maybe proprietary PS3 games look better than proprietary -- -- instinct but now that these things are coming out. Then we -- each other things are all up in the air now and it's a really weird time. For sure yet nothing feels fully baked right hand for you know they're going other products -- liked his wife feel ambivalent about when he thirteen. You know I mean talk about Apple products or anything like them at the moment up to express so you know -- only incremental you regularly you know was the iPhone 5 or really great update. It was a good -- you know it it does it would you show to summon him with the knows anything truly significantly different from the iPhone 5 be tough it's tough I mean I. I think you know. If you're are habitual -- greater you'll be happy with this it's not and it's not a massively as far as the time that I've spent with it right now. I'm in the past bunch of months but it's a very good phone. You can away for a larger -- a larger screen -- in the ipad's. IPad -- a nice weight reduction in there I think -- if you've been holding off on an iPad these two are are great to get into. But it's kind of like the you know you found a really -- moment to buy a laptop shared experience -- where it's like. The the both ipads in different ways are -- -- much better I think than they were a year ago right. -- -- Then you know I think the recognize mini is great. And then the thing is there's so many other tablets you can buy right now they're painted into those like. Nexus -- in which I felt. Who made that -- kind of forgotten about it yeah and I don't think it's the best design on the planet but I think it's a good price -- -- see you -- left because I just have to buy -- -- 2013. Lot of lukewarm on all right real quick before we gotta go what what. Stands out in 2013 and it's just like the biggest pilot crap here came across I want the is anything really stand out. The -- the -- thing of the year. We have the CNET 100 in which we have like the CNET minus 100. Alex is just like the exact opposite of it where it's just like couldn't believe there really is this thing. I'm thinking -- a really bad review a couple to. Some products this year. It was the worst thing -- use. You can see it because it's there it's out there Lawler and many did readings to you but I would say that like am trying to remember yet. And he recently that -- -- -- it was Andy and because it was a it's me. Laptop slash Apple. You didn't perform well brain in your -- -- what's going here but this dispute this abomination right here. Yeah -- and budget tablet laptop that you don't want you as what -- helpers are. It has things like I was excited about it at first doesn't get -- I get the -- writer and they knew that. If you really want something like that there's the Asus transformer book T 100. As a -- 300 dollar netbooks tablet yeah that's like half the price. Performs better in some ways. And in and a smaller they're like okay it's ridiculous. Two things -- -- Put readings in -- gonna say it act before recently looked at did you really and I yeah eyes but the highlight of CES join their team finally made its way into your -- I'm. A moment there I mean. Hospitalized. Chip which hook it up over. It's choking up -- losing -- ever had before. I just -- -- heal using it. And it measures your motion and you and you -- situation. In which year prosthetic device if you bring that out. -- -- -- Years it's kinda like you bag your own silverware write your your labeled as a lunatic -- you kind of seem insane and really does this as ours is in your sites. And she -- which is -- -- if you wanna be person -- all persons. Not in electronic form we could rent to had before from -- -- happy -- -- -- around the corner ticket just for five dollars you can find out. The bytes it was register it's like a fool and I what's AD that I was huge fan of who. Not a huge fan of -- now I you know we cannot do that he's easily but. It just kept thinking why is this what's. The battery life. Not -- the concept. It's like you know people -- like people here then they're like. He -- Google and it's okay it's. And I think you think Google's using this is a platform to build Google is we herbal movements. -- who will define who we think it's about that product I think Google. Finally -- they're not sitting in a forums or how do we sell more coup last now does work -- never about the so so we'll -- will be fine yes they can harvesting wearable tech yes. Is the current version of move last worth being excited now. Although I think they had to get there and start going. But you feel like -- -- airing a prosthetic. Testing device. When -- where I thought I was walking around with the street view camera. Apparently I was like I'm an official Google you just give an Indian and you realize that -- -- -- deliver data for. On the train -- transit or buying my poor -- repeatedly just this article hassles you require. Viewers ally. It'll -- this guy yes it was like those so let's take that awesome in a user's account -- -- like. This is -- -- -- Just felt like and it -- Birthday party in oh god you got balls and now -- And I I. -- cameras -- thing but there are other products that use that version and you. -- -- Nobody in you know and you it has to be -- so that's. All right man that's fantastic. The best the worst of 2013 mr. Scott Stein thank you so much for being here now -- follow Scott on Twitter at -- -- Yes -- about them yes and -- mind. Most disappointing thing you did better brought into my handle there he had on there with -- -- it sucks. A lot tomorrow Robin Ross from TV guide dot com we'll be here we'll chat about the worst and best. TB of -- -- thirteen that's gonna do it for us today. Thanks much for tuning in 86644 CNET -- -- you can email us the four reports cnet.com. We're back here tomorrow finishing up 2013. Until then I'm Jeff Bakalar. Scott Stein and I'm -- illness this has been up oral -- -- high tech low brow. -- you guys tomorrow thanks.

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