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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1400: iPhone 4 on Verizon: it makes calls

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1400: iPhone 4 on Verizon: it makes calls

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The reviews are in, and they're just what we expected: the iPhone 4 on Verizon is really good at making phone calls. But that might not be reason enough to leave AT&T: find out why. Plus, UBB is going down in Canada (we hope), UFOs are real (for as long as the Internet will let us believe it), and we finally get around to your thoughts and comments in the Meatback loop. It's everything we hoped it would be. Oh, and I bought a MacBook Air, no big deal. What? What's the big deal? --Molly

February 3 when you let them. And the -- of himself I'm Brian time Donald bell Hollywood welcome to buzz out loud CNET podcast of indeterminate length. It is episode fourteen under it like -- Literary hero but -- -- -- up. I brought Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Where we're all like anti I think I honestly had five already ran you might crash -- had a bite out of our did not make an -- and I did it. Luckily he had wanted to handle -- immediately report this just added I think he added hopefully it area for the -- relaxing at -- carry him out of the studio without having absolutely absolutely -- -- -- diabetic common ports and an idea haze it's -- -- immunity -- now -- -- -- podcast. TV so I think it'll yesterday's show we kind of -- the fact that. Molly was gonna come clean. And on kind of bring forth -- confession. Say it isn't that like their own confession I have a confession to make Cella. I just think that omni -- beneath the QQ the music a little bit and having it down south. My guess that's. IE and the -- and that's the -- that you now I've talked a lot of Mac. Over the years I have anger in my heart about the way that it's treated. My heart has been hurt. It sometimes. On time and -- -- be got operative. Yadda you can forget the army -- operative. Because. And the wild all why did god saves -- thank. -- Ladies and gentlemen miss Molly led has purchase. An Apple MacBook. Air and look at. I've had it for 36 hours and -- -- sent them on and on and put windows on it at that. I mean this is -- as I literally just that there have been on the the benefit I think I might mean it does not believe me in my presented in -- -- the -- that end the islands is an eleven -- guys I was -- I -- to -- And I did something like -- if they don't like all -- I I don't even have latest app Apple laptop in the past like two years -- -- -- in use. Have a MacBook air I went back to my view invite and my Internet and so it's about five mile -- what -- how many people and -- -- gonna stop listening now that -- download mountain habitat and numbers are dropping like. I. I'm okay now I know out of here -- -- obviously -- watching the Rancho these impostors and Annan I can't believe it happened when you do with the room Hollywood. Atlanta on a blunt the remote would -- The it didn't -- And are you join at this point. -- think it happened is that we borrowed one -- you you know European art student and I used it for about a week after Edmonton. I'm listening and it -- the -- -- these things happen in instant continents and in the amazing -- -- chance encounter of the agenda layup. I mean here. If I I had more Apple -- in here I'd give you some. It's so bad Apple cooling and -- I realized that -- -- -- unit that I. Really only use Chrome like the reason that we -- that Nadia is because. I realize I exist in the browser so much now that the operating system. It almost irrelevant and how do you need to rationalize amount of time I -- they think I'm pretty it and I insult them like hey you can always tell people but I can install windows on it as well I want to that's the only year actually I. A Fuller but and I think they sound spread. Congratulations. Thing you know you've. At least seem a little bit of the light we hope to hear either positive feedback or you just ultimately destroying this product -- and returning back to the dark side or light side and on who you are and how you look at it and found that I think -- Molly Wood like evil twins are on which and I just. -- you know if you. You guys all know all right but I'm a -- and I like this what happened with there's two people living in there you know one of them -- Smart one of them -- comments and -- -- say yeah you don't crank right I don't -- on -- right right well positive is much that evidence is also the end of an air. Because as much as I love my Vivienne Tam netbook that is like it -- -- her beacons. -- -- She's not into -- time to move on you know I know where it's been hard you're going on vacation I hope that you come back to your senses no I don't it's not that they Casey look like I guess I'll bring you bring you back it sitting -- I guess you might find yourself again or. Find a new Molly which we have just seen here and this is like. -- -- And big news is that to combat isn't -- running into my open all of those of you came to that apparently -- that the event they're not ultimately -- -- -- Her not I think they the usher inspired intro -- was worth it balanced and I have re enact that that that's -- took just five minutes on this show. Emulation should we just get the news actually -- Carolina and south. There's people -- an iron them -- although -- MI and summer might move any market is crying. And none of -- Jeremy -- he the -- like that. I let's get to the news I will not be buying now a Verizon iPhone and even though the reviews are in and people -- love -- it yeah. The most important thing right the bright initial -- -- can at least more consistently make calls and dropped calls don't happen nearly as much of initiation of calls or get. Some other things obviously you guys know about the wireless hot spot feature. The unlimited data plan that is gonna be limited but a few things that might still keep people. From jumping over horizon is -- fact that in many of the reviews are out they're not just from -- you know. We have other luminaries on to say that they tested the data speeds some of the actual phone and in many cases Verizon's data on the upload and download speeds are significantly less than AT&T'S. Yeah based on the current setup of you know what it when people have been testing them up to this point. Which is really interesting because we did a very you should check this out we have a great video at CNET TV it's like -- an eight minute video where our team once and for. They actually I think over the course than they went like ten different -- and -- Cisco. Known trouble spot for cell service. In general in eighteen key service in particular and they ran kind of a battery of tests a Verizon iPhone vs AT&T iPhone. An in a lot and almost the the AT&T -- only 12 -- overwhelmingly overwhelmingly Verizon and it included data speeds -- -- -- actually -- you know again depending on your service. Its -- area I mean there's so many different conditions there really are on another thing if you're an AT&T phone -- you also know that AT&T phone as a GSM. Based phones that you do have the luxury or -- be a lot easier to use it worldwide on other GSM carriers so that's kind of where you fit in. And those things are still keep you know there's still reasons I haven't AT&T -- -- at the end of the day. Yet -- -- -- and that's I think most yes the swap and Vista are adding people you know what I think that that to the bottom line seems to be. From most people that if you really care about Davis -- And you have -- -- in your area and you travel overseas a lot of he's -- a world phone. That you know and you're happy and AT&T stick with it yet but that that if you're looking to switch that you will be happy with your. Call quality in and ability to -- as well yeah but overall mean the phone works just like you'd expect it to its via the Verizon iPhone if the road map so people happy about that their -- and also -- been talking about -- like no one time Verizon yet and -- and there are people are gonna leave AT&T and can be better and I -- -- they got a couple I'm Natalie just. Not quite right when you -- it there's like. There's people on Verizon. That path for one thing there are a lot of people using Verizon's -- -- -- call Verizon the underdog and that's right yeah and there are a ton of people using Smartphones. On Verizon I -- Verizon is arguably the number one Android phone carriers that they have a huge chunk of debt of Smartphone users think it's such a weird. Specious arguments act like. Everybody's gonna leave AT&T and -- eighteen -- is gonna have great service. And -- was -- we -- get on Verizon and Verizon services and it's not like that's just not technically as far as I know an accurate argument. And it will an infrastructure. Issue will the date double the data usage change -- sure there's going to be more users on right now but you can't say like. Nobody is on Verizon right now this is it is going to change though so until you know I I think we're expecting it kind of do that whole testing one more time. In about six months once things have kind of like equal out and chilled out a little than to see who you know how is it actually -- -- -- it is at all. -- The it is affecting the carrier in one way citing unprecedented demand for the iPhone Verizon is asking its employees not to buy a the iPhone and their families for the time being. The other saying Verizon is needed help ensure we meet customer demand for -- brightness urging employees and the damage to postpone purchases of the popular Smartphone whether online or in retail stores -- time being kind you know if you know I haven't I think you have to prepare for the outside. Unpleasant results and prizes -- -- president and command Q -- don't sell the phone. And you wanna put him in your sales people's hands. Pin -- people know about the -- -- this is just. Com and scents -- all. I -- us -- -- -- thing AT&T in the same thing at the original iPhone -- I mean part of it honestly is. It's not Verizon necessarily Apple Ali has constrained supplies -- they always do mean it sounds like retina display is really hard to manufacture and I'm sure they're saying -- -- You guys are in me by and that at a steep discount we want people were painful price to get the doctor line that time that's fine but I still you need to put in the sales people's. Citing audio until you do a candidate is the I just I was I love the idea that Venus salesperson Netflix trying to sell to somebody and like so -- -- that high for months now. -- I can show where is our last line. One availability via of these resumed Sunday at Sony is that -- play my accurately -- -- just okay. Maybe one per employee -- now. And then I'm assuming -- -- Verizon employees get you know nice discounts on phones but I'm sure that you they are not any discount and online. Even an Apple corporate employees don't just implement them. Adult Apple admitted apparently nearing its first quarter when he -- and -- that it was. Currently having trouble keeping up with an impact on -- if that they feel they have a significant backlog in working around the clock to build more. Yet now the airlines did you know -- with common. -- Athletic pretty -- how to use you have a backlog already your about the launch on Verizon demand is insatiable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- with them when demand is the demand is ridiculous sell it and also Verizon we talked about unlimited data plan that they were offering people are kind of wondering. Will they be offering is planned for other phones at the moment they're only going to be offering unlimited data plan for their for the iPhone four. Coincidence according to consumer reports. So. Now we know now we know marriage is is that -- unlimited plan is not gonna be as often as you think it's gonna be because Verizon is also gonna -- -- crap out of as. Today I think -- yeah as of today according to a PDF -- available on the Verizon website the company will begin to throttle the data throughput speeds of customers that consume. And quote extraordinary. Amount of data. And they will hopefully seamlessly optimize content for smart. Yet again be targeting common users that fall in the top 5% of Verizon Wireless data users they're gonna -- a -- The -- about this too is -- gonna reduce your data throughput for the current billing cycle and they have the right also -- -- for the billing cycle after that. So essentially your time -- two months of service that you can be throttled down. On they've said that they want to ensure the remaining ninety. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For a 5% in Europe by who have probably everyone listen to this isn't always the dilemma that we talked about throttling vs cap does it better -- a cap if it's as if it is it true unlimited plan. With throttling. Is that better than for example an unlimited plan -- actually make outline -- only if I'm -- or. I did plan where you can -- an academic you pay more than just gonna drop off and also where -- that 5% on are they because there's you know -- one or 2%. Our data or whole hours you know let down when you're down a 5%. Canada's -- poor or another caller Noel no all or that it but when you get so I present it's kind of explain that. Like a little bit to meet those -- -- -- that really aren't as abusive. The French people -- now. Hack that these different -- deep sigh okay you won't hold it for on other friends are involved. Nine holes the -- -- also -- even now Mozilla is that the -- and you've got the double French can be really out there and. -- is also -- another thing to be kind of annoyed about his. In the same memo they also outright said that there that they have the ability to implement what they call optimization and transcoding technologies. Transmit data files and more efficient -- what that really means is they could essentially take your video files that you want to show -- people in your photo files and then compress them so that the date the quality won't be as high but they're going moving through their pipes mean that's another kind of caveat that they've mentioned. In this -- though they are implementing these at the moment but the fact is that these things exist. And what and when they want to and if they choose to they will be able -- -- it. I will say though I'd rather have throttling on an unlimited plan to answer your question moaning then a unlimited plan is not -- -- -- and when I might run over my cap and get charged. You know yet and it definitely I don't have a chance yeah if I have -- think I'm -- ahead choice because the fact that I'm paying for unlimited data and -- sort of feel like if you're offering that plan I should get it you know. But if it if -- again in my decision yeah -- only get charged more. The -- rather -- the gift but I don't like it yeah and then. And -- is the clarification of the chat room -- in his and we should point out that this content this is an effective Wendy's now so chlorine. According to what -- Assume it shouldn't assume that that people that are currently locked and -- won't be affected by this immigrant and and Robert points up -- and limited -- not and then it'd be. Which and a -- -- still subject -- the characterization of the people who use the data that they need or as hot. Did the agency -- are not yet in bank settlers and I actually -- double or. You is that regular -- People listening and neatly and get away differentiating active at night and that -- -- -- -- on is that and then a mobile hot spot ability. But AT&T now says it will also start offering a mobile hot spot feature on some of it smart -- Starting February 13. The iPhone wasn't mentioned specifically although I think we consumed -- alarm me in other -- little cool negative and those that they're gonna. And add on. Few gigs of additional data usage with this provides other mobile plan -- your data pro user you pay about 25 dollars month for two gigs when you sign up for this additional twenty dollars for the yet another feature -- to get an additional two gigs on top of. Now so that's -- -- -- -- -- -- 45 month. 45 bucks a month for ward -- but I mean you can't I wouldn't necessarily look -- it. Valley because you're deciding to do the way that the mobile hot -- it doesn't mean I know report gave them a mobile hot -- not very and one that has always been out way to rate. Although all these mobile hot spot plans they haven't they're not like they're giving you lots of like a limited in his -- -- sprint kill -- Man I'm just -- only mobile hotspots all these there there -- state scaled back the whole limited idea. We can we can -- -- public but it turns out ordering Sharon. OEM -- that's not like the most awesome radio that his could not. Donald bell had a big long off some pundits -- they didn't lines and Brett and I ME ST yesterday and president. That the Google camp spoiled rotten. Not nothing but good things to say about the -- the hook. Learn and learn on them Apple within your -- any dignity in your athletic talent and what -- as we were Watson and we're like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet it is not disappointing. Just actually getting to play because these -- in -- -- And -- that the demo reels of way honeycomb is gonna look like in in this promising enough -- -- to take. That's the ads. And I'm just really happy that I didn't have to -- you know. Coming to crap -- -- because I cannot be really statement actually payment. In running honeycomb it was like. The hardware. Super responsive he had that keyboard accuracy of the group was great. The device and many -- -- -- -- thought out. And and if they decide to new -- -- -- pretty excited about. And -- and ultimately the only things that we didn't really see that we're kind of left out of the equation were. -- -- battery life as suspect as -- -- it might speak to the device so much they're showing last. So I saw some questions about the devices bars. In house and stack up against yet at a the next iPad. That. I think -- -- worth being excited about. So Donald one of the things that day you mentioned before we talked about -- the speed of it. Yeah the responsiveness of it how how -- match up when you know because a lot times the tablets that are out there right now verses the the iPad every ones like the speed and responsiveness how to -- matchup -- that. Today the hardware absolutely it was like it down to the same made that this that magical kind of -- and response time but when you're actually you know. Navigating your way around go across conferences is. Exactly one -- -- -- my experience that the iPad but this is also mean Google. Hand picking their best case hardware O card for their OS and that's the editing -- -- talked about speaking it's an advantage that they characterized themselves as like. The shepherd. Who have like the flock of -- -- that they seem kind of go I'm always different tablet devices and now they feel like it kind of you now they've they've seen -- the flock is gonna -- yeah whatever editor I feel in and that this is -- kind of real and make. Can -- be learning from that and now. -- and another patent that Pacific and and prevent reached Galveston -- again and cracked the whip but. And the ease with which the amendment is -- -- -- -- it. I'm I'm actually all four mile track of the matter -- that they hypothetically allow third but I mean I think that that's that thing that will. Probably hurt honeycomb again is that they're not necessarily saying that. It indicated an approach honeycomb could got a bunch of tablets that are. Inordinate power to cut costs again and I have that the dual core processor and you know lot of stuff that's -- and is in tablet. But the best case scenario for it so it might turn out to be clunky -- some device. Definitely I felt like it ended up being. As much as in their minds anything because some of the -- that I was getting during an -- just like give me presume now -- -- as do now now one felony does do that now I. -- -- -- Like what you see the power of the device I mean we are saying -- like an iPad he doesn't have dual core -- processor it's just I mean I feel like Apple. And who knows how the market can go right because sort of a confusing -- that they while -- tablet is better because of the news new owners -- England's. You know overall. But I did feel like Apple is on -- -- implement after yesterday. Yeah I'm -- a -- aside if this thing gets. Now four -- you know mode and slapped into -- -- -- battery life taken away in -- and another thing that will make -- not as competitive the other thing that we saw yesterday is that they're trying to. Talk about how well. You know existing Android apps scale. To the larger screen -- -- kept showing demos of games you now and again and gained rapidly and scale because of the inherent properties -- vector graphics and all that it. We didn't see them demo a lot of actual apps apps there is like a little -- after the event -- out there is that a gathering of app developers that. Made -- -- that specifically programming for. You know tablet applications and those are pretty cool but that's still a drop in the bucket compared to like them. 60000 iPad specific apps that Apple got out there and there ain't -- over although -- feeling good about it yes it also has the best hope that I've seen him. And also for the purposes of its Aaron that they were asking Motorola has that they're -- select -- in Q yeah so that -- -- -- -- -- get a dual core. The dual core chip on its -- isn't necessarily mean battery. That's up there. Another -- very -- I think they're gonna make a user of -- like you can -- steps up like it'll come -- -- step up to -- -- -- -- you can swap out three G modem and port Arabia and then there -- about how many other parts -- much only that yeah yeah. And the negative US. Google also -- that just came in today has that that they are not. Going to bring -- -- to Smartphones. Which fits with. The fact that honeycomb was always destined to be -- -- a tablet optimize operating system but. Also further fragment Google's -- strategy. Two point -- like. I mean I I guess I am I don't -- tablet optimize although really like. My Smartphone and let you tap it more than half that end tablet for example you know I mean that you Isaac is you like getting a little Timothy W lies that we saw -- of some other dedicated apps will look great on -- -- -- Now I mean -- granted yet and not have room for more than one widget per screen or something that. Apparently to widget and -- Let them but it also means that now you're gonna have all the variants of the Android Smartphone operating systems mines and amendment that now met and and you have honeycomb on tablet. And maybe I guess you only have an agreement probably begin all that you have that the looming -- -- -- and -- it's that some things it in the light where interest thing for the tablet made sense I think for the largest game where instead of -- one menu button. That -- -- -- sub menu that can actually -- mania everything single thing. -- lot of those menu items would run across the top a separate items they had and I would look I think a little bit. Weird on the phone yet -- -- -- plant from the bottom of solace is available to one right they have. -- -- at all and gave us a little in great figurines from going to this this is -- -- questions. -- Don't get -- -- -- got its -- -- it's a little little him and and final Android. I love. News. Online. -- on Apple I'm sure though they did say is that Tanzania that it will borrow -- from becoming bringing the phone it's just like man in the lot -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that Steve -- -- in this box. All the balls -- there -- one that they stop -- cut color and if we're gonna dig a little break in my little boy girl while halo and roll when we come back and. -- blew it when we come back we have. Good news for Canada hand and menus. Welcome back to buzz out -- everybody we told you all about Canada's radio television and telecommunications commission it. And there planned to switch over usage based billing for some of their carriers are for their ISPs. Decision that was obviously controversial. It says on according too -- yet. Sorry according to the star via the CT RC should be no under under no illusion -- prime minister and minister of industry will reverse the decision. Unless the CRTC does it itself saying god so the problem promised reversed the ruling comes. Under all this storm of criticism consumers I mean what we please everyone's like this is ridiculous again. So whether they whether the CRTC does it themselves are not it's going to be changed. But don't -- help picking people off and then that's coming -- -- to government like -- -- and it's just astonishing that they would -- -- they can get away with you know being taking people plan that they're currently paying more for 208 to 25. -- -- That's just like yeah I know I have three meals a day every day now and now you're gonna public -- meals a week. Ago that you find the start. Dot com said that this could happen as early as next week. In his decision. This -- CC's decision -- doesn't stand alone it can only be overturned the cabinet's only go now. That will thank goodness obviously keep that of course but I'm -- -- we now we mentioned good news for Hulu. -- announced a broad content agreement between Viacom and Hulu which brings back daily show and -- -- -- report to both Hulu and Hulu plus. You -- arid you watch those shows on somebody to implement a of that and -- after the announcement that the only way you said Viacom you know what that means new -- -- Yeah well. -- -- -- -- Athena. And I man we added our -- nightmare -- that is -- outrageously late date that we're gonna jump right in view. And I like that. Google apparently acted so Google announced that it would it not supporting -- export in Chrome while Microsoft. Has decided. You're welcome. With a little -- -- with a little extension. To do some opera interoperable. -- -- -- They think that you should be able to how nice of them -- -- movement and also -- score is now definitely looking for a MySpace buyer CEO Chase Carey told analysts at the new structure in place now's the right time. Consider strategic options for the business and they feel that on MySpace to reach its full potential. The B destitute maybe that's -- -- -- new owner -- recently you what let go was around 500 people or so from MySpace the 500 and then like camping 120 moreover -- and the ingenuity combined if you buy thinking I don't I close my account so anyways MySpace. News -- human computer going to be breaking up parties in the -- you're right maybe this system -- Asian demand -- right after about that didn't like. If you. -- think -- Begin a new car at there lines yesterday and -- daily apparently Reuters a Reuters eyewitness. -- although did not photograph. Really in this scenario with what appeared to be a working model of the next iPad with a front facing camera at the top and of the class mean the thing about as you know they -- whoever saw it wasn't -- static they would have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah of course aperture. Also if -- we fold -- about sandy bridge in some issues with the yet companion. Chipset feel Packard announced that today customers can return their products on to get a refund for now as well as unveiled at a similar announcement so until they. At the -- and if she picks you guys -- ability to send it back in relatively good. And then good news in the world. Samsung are -- and hoping it will believe their good news announcement there refuting the high Galaxy Tab returns and saying that return rate is actually. Below 2% and there -- those reports that the return it was like 16%. Nine although let's be honest. -- that was from an analyst. The 16% thing. Yeah always the only know what the by -- He has to like that's not tell you though it might react after the lake and Illinois returning them because no one's buying them is this is the you know they said they shipped two million are these 2% of those two million being shipped back to them in their own return rate under saying -- have I mean we. Who knows I I honestly. That with a track record analysts have had over the years aluminum if Samsung comes and tells me that it return -- less than 2%. I believe them. -- and patents aren't -- that that's all we know so far. -- you know I love reading plus news news. That via love it which turns out this week it also based news galore but Kepler telescope is basically rocking our world and many thousands of other -- And net in a nutshell the space telescope Kepler had -- -- I -- earth size planets in our galaxy. And has also basically exploded. In number of known acts that planets by 12100. A -- Lay out exactly. They say that smaller worlds like earth. Appear to be more common than gas giants like Jupiter and did that impact 16 planet system is unique in that the planet orbit very close to their son. Now hangs like ours. And I think it's safe to go and extrapolate that when we have stated on the show before that at that life on other -- is basically a mathematical certainty. This is kind of like when you start looking around. Back terra forming these places killing off the dinosaurs -- already happening in new place don't kill the dinosaur kill that we don't know the treatment and its dinosaurs -- and -- -- can't get -- the track -- down the five -- -- that they sat -- found. Are known at in the how habitable zone which puts them at the distance from the sun where liquid water that -- It is rain that's kind of the port -- I think in clean -- one and then the extrasolar planet family that circles the sun like star named Kepler eleven. That sounds like that some think the 1 for us am and -- -- now McCullough number eleven alright we're enough to throw. -- -- You can now just go and win the lottery the I live. And finally -- -- status this is living in Toronto has apparently cracked the code behind scratch off lottery ticket and even realize it. If they feel like figured out how to and -- In -- in essence he realized that the numbers couldn't possibly be random at their mass produced and there must be a computer program that lays down the numbers. Because date the companies want to control how many people win the lottery corporation that it can't be truly random and their must be a way. Or that it basically track how carbon -- -- card counting. On -- think -- -- -- and that something like that -- now maybe that's secret. Files. So let's -- It the heat. It sounds like -- essentially it out when is when you need to buy link which when you need to -- now he do that having it right -- when you need to -- -- -- though it certainly doesn't have a miracle anyone -- while -- certainly are mainly based on the last time someone won her way via his that the that you want that the trick is really simple -- ticket contains at eight a fact of our board and -- space on the board. Contain an exposed number. -- -- -- -- -- Look at the you can separate the winning tickets from -- -- -- by looking at the number of times each of the digits occurred on the -- packed aboard that he can't look at the ticket at the sequence of 72 random digit. It is categories -- number that's visible according to its frequency counting how many times it's an up and given it and then basically using you can look for -- earth and out the Singleton. And if three -- appeared in a row and one of the board -- probably when the -- stepped on -- -- allowing them -- -- them sort through all the tickets. The and a if you bought a hundred -- -- -- hundred -- and you know torture. Which of them is gonna -- Even if you know if one in ten of the winner you've got ten winners -- -- electric 500 back. -- -- -- Yet though not as something more work thank you guys you know it while you guys figure that out and -- got the best happy ending of them all the data we talked about planets are there life on plans no one here is seen as the except for me but -- -- This is -- part. Check out this video guys that -- this is a UFO. Caught by multiple cameras multiple camera angles. Posted on the Internet from independent people and then it was combined into the single -- is so -- you know I'd like you to play this video okay. It'll take about thirty seconds for us to on -- this but take this out like this is in Jerusalem deflate as we don't know yet keep a given area -- up. Was he just just hold on hold on hold onto your but today. It's happened in Jerusalem. We haven't created by -- -- -- make it like this now for the first time. For this happens you'll see you'll see a bright light -- just what that airlift went to Jerusalem's dome of rocket into basically one of the holy spots in the world. And so just wait soliciting camera angle you'll see the light -- down and this is three different angles -- -- -- was allegedly. A woman from Mississippi -- caucus that -- up their videos independently. On YouTube. Link in here. They'll hold on hold on. I wouldn't show you this that wasn't worth a -- looking at Alexis -- -- than their young -- -- -- -- Weird. -- -- -- This. -- the. But it's I mean you can tell include those three different angles all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm just telling you it kind of ship me out into the planet eleven painless and as it on the I don't I stopped after that because I was still means that your mind is blown so basically this hovering light it learned of her own do you currently the journals and flew out -- the air and -- -- it. Why is that that -- light speed it -- them and this is strong enough for robot. Whatever it is believed we don't know what it is not to upper I don't know what it is you don't know what it is in the dining center UFO. -- and it. Although I will tell you because this is the Internet and I'll find a lot to -- -- -- -- -- economic. It may the tavern is saying that -- thirty that you run. Time upland and one -- just told me that tomorrow urine on my parade where -- line is allowed to last longer than men and I. Oh my goodness -- it we better get right to use the feedback. Dramas get ahead here actually we got two good emails about -- -- the usage based billing even as it's on the verge of being -- return the first one comes from Christopher. Who says why do you think -- anti competitive and anti consumer when you BB gives consumers a greater choice of plans even with the same number of providers. He says I think that in it a good analogy for the Internet is the electricity grid. You could argue that the more electricity consumed the higher the standard of living in their ports to be un metered. The situation seems to have the pros same pros and cons as you -- on the Internet. Electricity usage may increase -- -- metered however it also encourages waste and the -- would be subsidizing the cost to the rich who consume more energy. Ultimately be -- the free market to allocate bandwidth to its highest value use while efficiently distributing more resources to areas that need more bandwidth. He thinks many economic professors would be in favor of UBB. Now we could argue. With him but instead -- Henry do it a right. Means -- sound at first usage based billing for Internet seems natural to think about it -- gas electric and water come LA. And don't complains when it pursues Internet back in the early nineties it was billed at two dollars and fifty cents per hour at those prices you got on W needed. Then got off there was no always on Internet device -- is -- at ten cents or less per gig in might work but here's the problem. I don't get ads on my other usage based services if you charged more than ten cents a gig. And then -- and flash blockers become cost savers than ads invite authors become cost savers. Video on the web will die. Goodbye Netflix goodbye live streaming -- -- -- goodbye VoIP goodbye online gaming goodbye automatic updates -- buy Internet. It was -- -- lasted. Exactly had a good point thanks pandering to the point also -- I mean there it. Actual like economic. Development like that depends on competition -- you don't have the other problem is that these guys are charging outrageously anti consumer prices. I mean -- you know the amount of data that they're offering people under these plans is not accessible. And it's not and and in fact it is totally regressive. Because the rich continue to get richer than the only ones who can afford access to the new technologies that make them smarter and better participants in the world and you know. It's -- it knowledge and I mercenary. And the best part about it Canada looks like it's overturning that. And that's elegant in -- there's the most for all right -- we're -- with our emails here but we have our special section here we said we address it. You know what time it is. -- -- -- Yeah. Oh yeah. -- back -- you actually have you may remember that the earlier this week ladies and asthma and I don't remember we talked about via the inevitability. Of -- meet growing need in this is we ask you -- we've -- about. Instead that we would get your feedback in Q as you earth. I think it -- it if -- meet Bakalar. -- we got to might melt on the topic of the meat that live the first land. As so often happens prove that well comedy -- hard. -- -- -- -- -- On. There -- talking about the future need and I gotta say. You guys rushed right up against that you even edit and -- with -- -- -- didn't make it opt. It down what he really neat yeah you know -- -- the -- We've let us. Alva Lambert began to letting iPad and adding that out the good -- But good try every day we still have yet -- have no way that I think the way to go up out of and other people's -- -- Other people you know on Indianapolis say there -- and I can't say -- the -- county -- time and for contributing to the show and absolutely absolutely. I and then this next in line -- for talking and I -- -- pretty irrefutable argument coming up here there. -- Make hot dog and it just I think they could make it. -- -- Now he's been equally youthful viewers -- you are already calling me out because I'm happily their way they love spam if you me who does that's. Tell -- spam and not eating meat and Intel have you ever had since I don't even know what it is I I there every I dare you to quantify that significant difference between spam and in a Petri -- it's is it's backwards though it's like actual meat that aspires to get into the Petri dish. You guys and Iran have anyone speaks so harshly about spam and unless you tried it. You have never tasted anything hasty here is salty goodness that Andy and that'll knock it yeah you know that it is acting unless everyone is -- an outstanding -- hot dogs eat spam it's good. A thing -- -- it a few emails and that he too -- deputy meet. If this we have and we have a pro an icon -- Robert from Fontana California only take the okay -- from from -- -- California said regarding the Petri dish meet I would never. Eat that I mean would we really know what it is we are eating how -- they produce the meat. Don't care now and I wouldn't dare touch the stuff it's all widget meat for me. I Robert okay Robert argument but I think yet. I think Jack L like this where they then you guys to take care of yourself amongst ourselves and -- I think Jack has an argument you may wanna hear Robert. He says Brian and Robert you seem disgusted by the idea Petri dish need to use. Squeal that the process these and the names of the chemical. -- -- -- What are some of the things you may recently we all know that much of what we already have and pronounce them -- ingredients and many of us are fine with -- -- -- through efficiency and -- in food production and distribute it distribution. And -- you -- all natural and organic and I highly doubt any of you do. Grown meat will be nothing new in -- like Mike went -- -- -- growing animal tissue in this way he treated me will actually be more natural than the chemicals that leave now. As someone who is grateful for the advancement but of technology to allow -- to get many -- that low cost. I cannot wait for a world with all of our need is made efficiently a -- Okay I may have overstated that the. Ajax heavy ever tasted spam because he -- Like so get used I would also say this isn't all that's doing it the call back the if we're -- have contracts a planet eleventh. We're gonna need to figure out how to grow meat in a -- we may eat it all the dinosaurs the space NASA graphic can only -- arrive -- -- molasses so long yet yet. Exactly and even -- -- is actually -- rather -- -- and the like algae that they made on Battlestar Galactica. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and then. Then -- -- -- I'm afraid your dreams that chowing down on Flintstones shaped pepperoni blobs will have to wait. Our products and the research behind it has been purchased by -- -- for use as an outer covering of some sort. Think about it Berman. -- -- that is awesome get of those really that's awesome. You can't convert and. Gotta valleys in Antarctica so male -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- and the Johnson deal was I -- Miller and -- Miller delivered belts and there's no news on -- amendment together -- I love you guys thought she was so on the act keeps sending us your email your comments also remember tomorrow is Friday that makes it a special edition a computer -- That's how we gonna get talent that would -- computer -- questioned I think we've been very good at pattern right so far absolutely don't complain yet. -- -- -- -- If cat like -- and that while the promised and no warning to advocate. If you like you're in the computer that questions on our blog below -- cnet.com you can college with -- urgent requests visa -- your love -- 800 pixel and 6638. And send us your most personal hopes and desires in an email. The buzz at cnet.com would go through. The -- CEO.
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