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Ep. 14: Which Android Tablet will be the iPad killer?: Mobile

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Mobile: Ep. 14: Which Android Tablet will be the iPad killer?

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This week we get Android math lesson from Google, Apple and Microsoft, check out four tablets vying to be the iPad killer and get giddy for Angry Birds on Android. Join Justin Eckhouse and guest host Jasmine France for this week's Android Atlas Weekly.

Google corrects Apple's -- everybody's out to kill iPad and we should -- had to check under her -- with -- phone all that more coming up on this week's edition of pandering at its weekly person Amber's second 2010. I'm just gonna pass along with guest -- Jasmine France -- Thanks for being here my pleasure. -- its dive into the Android madness. Yet alien nice break from what I -- -- doing. -- -- team -- -- -- -- -- to -- it right -- we'll talk about Apple -- -- So yes there was as little Bentley yesterday. Not really and talk about that however adds yes he may have caught some little bits and pieces of it I don't know there's a little coverage of it and if not I wanna know the location of your cave. The -- I need it. Next here. Yes we -- want to go there. -- so. Steve Jobs. There's been a lot of talk about. How many devices are being activated on -- -- -- -- things Eric Schmidt said last month. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Apple said they are activating -- -- 30000 devices and furthermore. And I quote we think some of her friends are -- upgrades and their numbers. Friends. Obviously -- -- -- directly at the Android and Google. Google responded very quickly saying that quote to the -- activation numbers do not include upgrades and are in fact only a portion of entry devices in the market since we only include devices. That have Google services. Implying that their numbers actually bigger. However still smaller. Than the 230000. Apple's claiming. Which is you know I think it's news because we've all been -- means that based -- numbers we -- from the initial. Sort of iPhone launches that Andrew it was now head and here Steve Jobs -- -- -- know. We're actually ahead so that it's hard to know that it says he would never say they were behind. Exactly. So we'll see -- sure that you know who'll come out next month as they were activated 300000 devices a day. So we'll we'll see who ultimately wins that's the -- be decided this here yeah. Com. Speaking. Android and other mobile OOS's. There was. Story that came out from someone familiar -- -- Microsoft mobile business possibly someone even that -- -- -- -- sort of basically that costs is. The windows phone seven licenses so they charge fifteen dollars per copy of windows phone seven. -- Google gives enter in a way to. Device manufacturers. And you know this person was basically saying that fifteen dollars and actually cheaper than free. So pour onto another map story here -- isn't it funny how that happened it is. It's all about math in your teacher's and -- that as well yes if -- -- don't. Luckily this is not geometry her -- -- there -- been in trouble it was I would. I'm so basically what he's saying is that. And -- even though it's free cost more because you know. The programs aren't actually using this stock and very and there's payments money to build U I hasn't -- out of it. -- -- lawsuit issue apparently exactly is not. Protected Fiat and this is come to -- recently because of their actually being sued now by its founder sorry or call I'm over job. And Microsoft and -- the -- as -- OEMs. Against lawsuits. And -- aids programs have to put entry engineering divide the engineering resources into developing device drivers whereas windows chips with a bunch addressed the drivers. It also goes on to say that windows phone seven has. Software update our -- are designed to make it easy to update -- OS and to allow ramps to test as a code really all of those it. And parade updates from different manufacturers. Have all sorts of problems because they build this custom stuff on top of it and aggregate that's all. And that -- OEMs have to pay license. Fees to actually -- different parts. Add on CO at so video Kodak's or its -- to edit office documents. Or location based services. And there's some other stuff here that. Basically you know is is this true does actually cost more money and love to sort of -- the numbers -- -- -- -- numbers and love -- easier some on the grounds and. This -- magic process or the thermometer doesn't. -- I'm here I'm just so distracted by the glorious red -- I just barely gets this you know he's actually just open this to bury it there is don't know -- -- don't under here and that's that's really that relevant but it and. Look how well sort of supplement maybe you just did they took that picture with the camera on my Android and actually -- -- it -- exactly serious threat yeah. But it. Really latch on Mandarin as much as they have it really costs them more money. Steve possibility the argument that. Google hasn't that certain allure that Microsoft doesn't have -- and I attracts you know the device manufacturers but. Another if it doesn't back customer they're making it up somehow obviously so you -- it does they're getting some benefit from injury that that they think is worth -- They just think maybe it's a better -- I mean windows phone for so many years has been such a terrible. Mobile operating system that. You know maybe it's just the massively better you although probably not since -- the UI is not that great -- it's been the stock. Android if you asked missed the device manufactures because they're developing their on your. Anyway so -- love to see more details on that will have to wait until someone. Comes -- in talks. Com. So also this week we sort of got our first official look at the T-Mobile G two which is the successor to the original G1. I'm really fed up with your yeah -- in a market for -- -- and -- with T-Mobile so I've just been kind of waiting. -- -- that holding pattern that affect editors and he can race which is I don't wanna buy anything -- you know Yuma on anything to begin its campaign to. But a bit humility to looking -- and if rate and did to it has the keeper are you like -- keyboard must I'm not a key -- must have person actually now the -- Functionality I hated. The keyboard might you hold you just awful horrible -- a detects a lot better even and I and I don't I don't like the touch screen thing with bicycle that you -- -- -- would still prefer to have an integrated hardware keyboard right. And this is this does. Yeah this is that says they. Two point seven inch display a five megapixel camera. But see it. Was originally rumored to have one gigahertz processor returns only have a heat animator frosts partnership with -- hundred to two and flash ten on -- Hands interestingly even notices from HTC's missiles ship with these stock and Redskins and no customization here. And I'm -- points out this is -- first. Phone. Since the Nexus One to ship with the stock Android install. So maybe this is a good thing. Anyway I think there's no release date yet. But it is rumored to go on sale for one mini nine with contract or porn I'm not totally reasonable and it's pretty much the price point that everyone is. Yeah the 199 areas but I'm Siemens and I'm onboard I think I just -- -- -- -- it -- Well I care about your case you don't like that here's another option. -- Samsung. Epic four G is now available from sprint this is the Samsung galaxy S series of phones. Com which uses Sprint's -- version and it's the only woman has -- -- the only -- -- a keyboard. I actually got to play with us very I would do thing. It's it's right it's got this kind of can -- plasticky feel to it I was I borrowed it to test the new app that a -- that's coming out perhaps now. But it's a little not into the big found at the pretty big -- and it's pretty thick and -- but it's really fast. -- to plant that going for it. Mean it is pretty hard to make a phone that isn't -- it does have of the -- -- It's a big tradeoff but it. But really -- both you have the plasticky -- of it is just feels -- -- via -- hollow I guess I like a weighty I don't need a device to be light. I want it can be Wheaties burials -- -- I want -- that see you just want everything I want everything has to be pretty. On top court so that -- -- -- is too. 49 with two year contract after a hundred dollar mail in rebate. Available from sprint. So check that out. So coming up after the break that's right we haven't -- this week. We're all about talent so will be right back. Welcome back so we are here talking about -- tablets. There's been crazy out of tablet news most of it coming from IFA 2010 which is with jasmine and it is the. In -- national. Them in some -- well it's it's basically the early in. Its -- electronics show red I mean it's specifically dedicated public entertainment and electrons -- forget what it stands for. So there's tons of news coming out from IFA anyway it. And a lot of -- how to lose I think the big system which he is -- Samsung galaxy have. Which they have sort of made official we've been hearing rumors about it for a long time. And you know it is probably the closest the talents at least that's how so we'll talk about two days that could be considered -- I. I iPad killers around with the iPhone. -- it is it is that at the back specific and yes I mean it glossy -- They the attic clear target in mind when -- -- the -- yet. The attack abuses seven inch capacity of touch screen with 1024 by 600. WS VGA it's gonna ship with rodeo it's gonna have to go. -- cool. How market which I think it's significant because very few. -- do because I think Google requires you to meet certain requirements to be allowed to have market. Com so it's gonna have 510116. Or 32 gigs of memory cheap yes. Call the normal sensors they haven't most entry devices -- poked around her. Com it's gonna have arm cortex -- eight gigahertz processor. What else is significant in here -- have 3.2 mega pixel camera on the back. I'm which includes out of focus and LED flash and a camera on the front as well. Batter -- must -- seven hours. It's -- sport 2.5 or three G depending where your blows -- it eleven and so pretty pretty good specs there compared -- -- and it has a seven inch screen. IPad has nine point. Nine point seven inch screen and I'm so a little smaller there the minute I think that's kind of the one of the great. And bad things about iPad is that it has this really nice being added it's pretty heavy. I'm just gonna have me. So this thing is smaller -- smaller screen and it's about half the weight. The -- so it this is 380 grams little more palm friendly. -- and when you hold iPad in your hand and try to read going prison time if it -- in your your wrist hurt. I'm carries on the pricing on this is not listed here. US by the end of the year against this month they'll break yet but we'll get Britain where. Yes there'll definitely be looking forward to -- some reviews on this. But it it looks like a pre. Pretty nice device. So next up here is the Toshiba -- Leo which I would say is also. Made to the united had killer. It was also announced at -- but it doesn't quite have sort of the same suspects. That same. Ability to compete with -- specs is iPad com tentative orbit 610. Point one is -- -- screens that's a bigger screen. Sixteen gigs of memory ST expanses spot this -- -- ATMI out as Wi-Fi. As the you know webcam. Front and back Iran directly to a -- -- hours of battery. It's only about half an inch thick and here's -- -- being is that it ships with opera. As it's broke I noticed that and -- -- when they do that. Now. He I mean I think this also does not have. The Android market place and it instead they put their own app marketplace -- -- called the Toshiba. App marketplace which is kind of weird because it means that any app if I'm a developer and it develops a thing for that how. Users can't run it on the -- -- Foleo. So it no limits your audience. There yet that interest if they're building these different -- and stores -- I can't I can't blame them marketplace that's not that's great navigates. It is not it certainly -- -- -- I think this sort of fragmentation marketplaces. Want to open yet now it's not not a good idea they just keep him for the market if they do so anyway. This. Is their launch stated here. -- that well I don't think they have a launch date but today they do have a price. It would as soon as Syria and 99 euros so what that's like 600 bucks. -- -- -- bureaus don't wear these days but for -- but in think about the church ceremony today conversion of forest interlaced. And it -- that would you. -- -- -- Lot of people are Archos raid familiar with them from my -- required -- he had so they're branching out logs are if -- They announce what is it five separate tablet sort of all in one fell swoop from top to bottom. Top of the line beam so all these tablets are gonna ship later this year September or October timeframe they're all gonna have entry to two which is pretty. Be nice. The top line is this Archos. 101. Or ten point one so all of their names actually refer to the screen size. So this is gonna cost about 300 dollars haven't passed it a point -- it's -- 9300 dollars yeah that. Is -- it is -- for a ten point one its wow screen tablet. It's gonna be half an inch thick. It's -- you know. Donald points out this that is -- you know compare very -- -- It's gonna -- -- -- process are also gonna have HDMI out 720 he. Video chat out that I'm anticipate Steve's gonna have a USB. Port. -- can use for tethering. It will also -- -- tethering. Like the other tablets talked about -- have a front facing camera. Which will work with sort of the bundled apps. Com and that's gonna come in eight and sixteen -- eight capacities. And so they have a couple different tablets here. Of various sizes seven inch four point three -- 3.2 inch and a two point eight inch. Kind of interest the F funny -- -- -- -- a tablet here it's more of a -- than a tablet says Donald but I'm I'm I'm interested in the 32 of because that's kind of on the iPod Touch L and that's going for 150 dollars for it it writes a storage though for another really inexpensive price -- It is. It and you were saying earlier date here not a fan -- using your phone as a music player correct right so if you think about getting this. -- Battery just -- and -- and alliance for music playback yeah -- does okay for music playback. But the reason mainly an on interest you in a -- for that is is because I heard and keep it there and -- more than that that the battery life on top of the user experience. I just haven't. Found it to be the greatest look I like. -- tactile buttons for playback on things right and phones generally don't have a -- -- Or back button you could press you know yeah so that's really the issue for me sign on a Friday I get -- 32 may be for video gaming which is -- -- -- but that's for -- I'm I'm just have trouble with the convergence. One of those few people I have a lots of different devices and I like way. -- -- bit -- feel like it that's not exist -- this -- and people really not -- man I don't know they might still make and it's gonna be -- -- -- -- probably still make her fitness you know or re doing laps or whatever at the big one there's lots of waterproof. Our man -- players now offered design for swimming -- I can do that can have been separate thing for awhile but as -- -- the means -- -- a now a Microsoft or in fact if you hunt and. That's the -- -- HD lineup from Archos com but they are not the last on the we're talk about today if there's one more view -- I think we mentioned this before viewsonic has. Announced their -- -- seven. Which you know as you guessed it -- -- seven inch. Tablet with drinking a pattern and yes I know very logical meaning here. And three G Wi-Fi Bluetooth GPS micro SD. And have -- -- -- speaker headphone Jack. As well actually has -- USB and it has again the front and rear facing cameras. There's no price seem. Or availability. Details on this yet. But the photo here you know looks pretty -- he looks you know very similar to other tablets including an iPad looks. The -- -- -- -- a little thicker a little less you know like rounded. And there's no pricing ability -- capacity information but I'd -- for call like he sonic it's fairly inexpensive usually. So this might be another reasonable option. The will be -- -- -- -- Dana I think there's a lot of pressure now that all of these tablets are coming out. With front and the rear facing cameras for Apple to really step up -- him -- -- and I'm sure there on top of this. I'm working on it is doubtless I mean it's an iPod Touch now have -- you know -- -- -- only a -- and so can view sonic annually in each team there there was actually. One other sorry. I think it was one of the story points -- they think the this will go on sale for about 450 dollars. Sorry -- and forty dollars in October. But it kind of rumors so -- that we tendency. And last but not least in. -- -- -- Birds you then get rid of my iPod Touch exactly -- -- -- -- -- dispute so pretty much the only reason I shall have it that and I do use it for you know streaming audio. But and rebirth with. Really all you farce now I can get rid of it that is an expensive -- reverse. Device. I know that that's prematurely at pad forest is -- a -- but it's great on that I've never played it on I've only played scrabble and this -- -- -- -- looks great it's it's much easier to -- I've added it's a little more expensive. -- -- in Iran hear birds rhetoric coming out in beta. Two -- marketplace on Friday. So exciting yeah it is and how much -- me. -- I think -- -- light is coming out on Friday so I think that's gonna be free. I think the iPhone. That's -- the same thing where they have a light version the ingredients like the first level. He -- -- there -- percent of levels billions to upgrade. But angry birds are hard thing last week we talked about -- the -- I think. And this weekend papers so I OS has nothing on us now. I want my my the ability to transfer my game data. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I really hard for me to get past and you know -- other -- that -- Yes -- register when it when had been trying to -- a level for quite awhile my son and three after notes on picked it up in just beat the level is -- Amazing equipped -- you know -- play. Particular it's just you -- beginners like he's -- mark I think he's really smart atmosphere. So now on to the app of the week this is something that is pretty interest -- Pretty clever use this is. A -- I don't know if this is called -- By -- -- that out there hadn't -- -- at her instant hurry so he uses the camera and flash on your. Phone. To. Take your heart rate you basically put them out to your finger. And basically your feeder changes colors I guess as your heart -- and this -- attack. This changes in color and sort of in real time show you what you're hurry it is and it's it -- Little heart goes up and down as your heart is beating and according to the test their bread and it's actually pretty accurate and a -- myself and it's -- -- -- Don't think you'd wanna run with this because -- have to hold it against your finger at all IRA that. You know -- for a quick check and it sounds like there's a poll on this article actually where about 80%. -- users -- -- an accurate heart rate that's you know it's pretty good number. Yeah -- -- -- -- while rant time. It's good for checking your the arrested are rated and it's fun and it's free. So instant heart rates go check it out. This couple other notable -- launches -- -- -- talked about this week there is the Microsoft released they're being -- which is the amounts their first major app -- for Android. Is just you know. Even though they have their own hot alas they want to be where you wanna be and they'll help you search using being so unity. Only them -- you've said about that. Not -- and a little. -- out of Firefox mobile this is chemical weapons that are haven't used it really but it seems like the big reason maybe teases his Firefox -- Which will -- synch your bookmarks and your open tabs in your passwords and browsing history in all sorts of good stuff with your desktop browsers or other mobile devices than half -- fox mobile. So. Check out this alpha version called FedEx -- or look at to the blog. Entry on the Android analyst blog by her own -- with dual core. And then finally this is one that he pointed out jasmine. Called papaya mobile what's I think solve some problems for us hopefully. Right -- actually the pilot mobile is the social. The network that it on and drain that they focus on you know social game meaning -- -- avatars -- Mac at that but they just launched -- -- up of the day. Witches -- website and a companion app for. They Android -- that's. If you -- they're trying to address the problem that kind of -- earlier in the marketplace exists -- organize very Juan it's very hard to discover new apps that doesn't have the no they don't have like an iTunes like interface which is actually really great for discovering new out of -- Back -- for other things but. And so -- allowance -- hundred -- of the day which gives developers a chance to either lower the price of their app or offered for free or authority free app they can offer virtual currency for free for 24 hours and it gets this you know top billing. Ray on the website in and -- of every day had to go in and adding to focus its first is gonna be on games. But that it's gonna be opened all sorts of different apps and -- -- -- -- easy way to discover new apps for your life. Cool well all makes me think of -- -- the that I could just think of a plan saying yeah there you I've eaten there so. Have never happened just everything there and but we digress. So tip of the week ounces it's actually comes from the user might. Who wrote in -- today. Well he starts up -- is not much of tip but I think the -- -- So on and direct to two. There's two ways to sort of navigate between the home screens that maybe not obvious -- the first is actually. If you tap in the lower left or lower right corner where there's little dots. You can sort of -- left and right without -- in. So it's it's sometimes a little easier than swiping. -- and the second way is if you hold down of the little dots. You do the long press you'll get a sort of display of all of your home screens as -- -- comes in -- -- -- -- anyone right -- I'm so it's -- -- -- tip I should point out there's actually it. Seems to only work on sort of the Andrew devices running the more stock and -- -- is on the incredible and it does not work. But it did work com my Android and it did work on the next one. So -- -- that that. Yeah it's easy it's quick it's fun. So we got some email from. Robert who wrote in to enter an analyst at cnet.com. Says hey guys have heard you mention the app inventor for a few episodes and -- You like no I got an email this week informing me that I can now access that and the -- I'm software developer but I wanted to see this building box. -- thing and play around with that bit is in the concept and to me when you wanna do the blocks system seems -- be fairly robust. Has messed around with -- very much but. You know thinks it's kinda cool to do certain things. I also about that invite as well and played with -- and I think it's pretty cool it's -- fairly limited. The one of the big towns as I've found is like -- and access that data sources outside of the phone itself so. Jason guy originally talked relic let's build an interim analysts Apple all our video itself a bad it can't lake read RSS feeds and. Ranked so we actually take a look at that on the create podcast a while back -- is just kind of thought it was a neat adding to just had a neat look to it via. And mean need to look at -- we never sees it that. -- -- it's good to start with to learn about programming maybe and maybe even to prototype now. If you've ever done actual programming it it's frustrated pretty quick because you're like in need to do exist and need to do that and -- perfect for me and and what about daily notes -- -- -- check -- out. Yeah its fun I. -- a quick collapses to play videos of what's the temperature will be what 90% of people do if -- their children are there -- right -- Yeah I think atom or via -- -- but it. And Andrew and needs to see you because in the -- an Apple Store. So another -- -- For -- Hector says a great show. Jason and the rest of the -- -- game. Because that that's. But I was wondering if can help me out I want to be able to watch your video podcast like it did on my iPad touch and left can download park -- -- to the device ms. watt unit. Needed deposited -- would see a place where wasn't next time maxis that was sort of jump off from there. I'm if you want suggestions for apps. To apps that I would recommend one is called architecture. From a company quotes -- dongle -- It's actually paid out in -- -- it's like 67 box. For me it was worth paying it because there is no good free apps must have originally checked this out and I've been using it prevent a year. And then there's -- listen which is free engines from Google looks like quite as feature rich. But it's free. So -- try that first exactly you don't. That's not good enough for -- and it -- -- yeah exactly and everything about standard mark places you can try it. Free for a day and I think -- there's even a trial version of the dock -- well. -- Jessica. So that is about it for today if you want sends email you can email us at -- an analyst at cnet.com. Our Twitter feed is -- Dallas. You can watches every Thursday at 2 PM cnet.com slash lives not hundred outlets. -- law we can read that all about a hundred as woes get the latest 800 -- Shows. That is cnet.com slash -- -- atlas Jason will be back next week announcement. Thanks for. Pitch in help posting this week jasmine my pleasure I needed the break -- means maybe and -- we'll have you back again when you need to get out of robbery normal. -- -- not see you next week.
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