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Ep. 14: Electric ladyland... of bacon: Crave

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Crave: Ep. 14: Electric ladyland... of bacon

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This week on Crave, there's a hidden euphemism in just about everything, but you'll have to listen for the juiciest bits.

Tuesday August 17 January plus great -- at that time and -- Donald -- Eric Franklin. And we just had a very exciting -- -- -- -- and I wasn't saying that it is musical cartoons John does not do much for me I was really. Through it took over here there. -- -- -- -- -- -- I did just wreck the whole cartoon. And that's why does -- need flashback the late duck tales like the new morning cart I that doesn't doesn't show. Remember that -- they -- the Genesis games -- I love that hasn't. -- look at it's been a big fan. -- Can I think in this and there -- now I admit I haven't really seen really one of things where I were to watch an episode that image is. Fumble -- I think if you watch it with your -- you -- appreciate. Hit it now I'd keep making it would edited tonight -- don't -- we watched that the thing is it now. I'm gonna find but the action that's gonna happen really -- a duct cells that -- In the meantime though let's talk about you know attack right well we should do is -- -- cue up the duck -- on iPad and watch it. On this. You mean 487 yeah yeah good -- tail that got to go with it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In I've had share watching that that are standard H he would HTS. 2495. Dollar or deluxe 6000 dollar model. To both recline. And enjoy the iPad goodness you see this -- my. -- -- -- 6000 -- all -- Obama really yes because it has a built in iPad stand I mean -- them and it can recline. Well the Senate version does what -- -- -- 500 and you getting it from this guy and Hispanics by. So you get the touch what his his hands it touched on that you may wanna do that again you guys and the ability and the -- and and I don't think this is probably worth it yeah I'm Clement. But. I do hope that lazy boy comes out with he had an inexpensive -- -- with some kind. Snap on iPad. Looks regulate it like I retrofitted cupholder on this. Recliner -- is all it is and you know. And a lot of like really well done you know that is a very suggested China India. And -- slowly in late. -- something important it pack it until I just saw you often a bad place Erica right now essential on -- -- I see this movement over. Relief for some his kind of loving it sounds area -- -- a -- we're just sitting there yeah I just knows him. And the thing that that part of the chairs replace books that you actually like flawlessly and so myself. -- -- Wow that's -- -- -- -- jet engine from now like him okay now would pay for that things like a 6000 dollar care sheriff here. But yet it's as -- the pretty neat I mean. And -- now. Hey hey you guys create this or -- I can't crave something I can't conceivably ever will it ever does -- -- afford. Now go to port and justify I do I this is an -- -- iPad that -- -- suite of apps for like controlling your lighting and security cameras all from the comfort of your your chair. Yes that they they softly queuing up. Movies -- and not leave them lonely existence athletes taking mean even comfortable enough to change the temperature in the room. Can do that -- there haven't. Now -- that leaves this is a -- you know Yelp party's weekly Yelp parties -- No it's -- -- this companies and in like Vancouver. Now it have you party's momentum he might -- -- -- -- self organize -- parties and that -- -- -- valley. -- -- anyway yeah let us moving along and not -- on line via exiting -- nationally I really this month the the Wal-Mart. Clamp on iPad stand solution -- mentally -- -- Now it'll happen treatment that -- -- it'll happen I. So this is something that is kind of a sleeper craving item that I I really think is how it. On the line -- Which is a new and in that sash pencil. From -- -- liquid pencil liquid -- up -- -- awesome so it in its dispenses lake. Pencil -- basically that you can erase. I Hillary is a high school but then it will drive like a pen after three days and of these -- members -- think -- -- department -- And and we remember they had in Bristol and expect them know that -- and. What's the difference. To me the difference is not a reasonable after three days. So it's permanent then he after the -- raises funds permanent that's only difference. And I -- that right that are in and like a grade school from the future and concept is you don't know I don't worry double and apparently it didn't -- very well and race for a -- -- what you're there you make -- -- very good prototype that's that's pretty pencil it does look Hensley. I'm excited about it you can that you might just squash mine acting on his dreams and -- would you do that. And so mean and that's what they do that entered the dream pressure in -- -- now now pressure was my name in arrested him and -- equipment that was mr. rename. And you vote here well if we've talked about -- at -- -- -- combine -- skills we invited to come forth yes yes they've added frankly. We don't like Bobby college avenue from that time hello I'm. I like video the electric and -- -- You know if there's leg dragging that's -- like -- city. Josh just touched by talking about -- a electric -- with the. Electrical towers giant. Men and -- -- -- of anyone's existence who lives near an electrical power these units will help him a big deal this is the -- yeah anger the -- watching me like this property shows -- where -- -- house hunting -- that'll be that one of things hologram -- concede. Left the apartment announcer can literally freaked out about having -- the radiation. And a -- about twelve hours although it kind of stuff. So I think that they embassy here and this is actually really novel ones that dress them up so they don't look at these weird ugly pile on they actually -- -- -- really awful. -- -- late this is totally conceptual that this is an architecture for higher frame of it would require. Frame kind of creepy in you know or texture polling done little people -- yeah -- without using. The idea though is it pretty cool instead of making our rights -- -- things take essentially the same. -- he would ethic. You know architecture for them and make them -- something pretty or at least more interest in the look at you. And acting in it it would be. Yeah. Good yeah. Houses does content that's only goes some way to implement and that thing that but the space. I think this is says -- cool though kind of like Nat. Probably going to happen and I liked that idea for me please -- yeah he's RO all. What this is awareness is happening and this is all conceptual -- thing actually Apple -- -- this color I guess it's what I -- the place and rightly so they have -- -- business because like Iceland's like the state of affairs over what their way. The bit they're like. So what's on the agenda this week so well there's a little me. I mean let's let's spend years redesigning the freedom and Madison avenue and eliminate the -- -- -- your games like the end of the city planning and regulatory and practical -- what I mean this isn't the kind competition or it. Was yeah analysts note that the it is kind of it's kind of a burning any angle you look at all the data burning man sculpture -- -- -- him. On the other -- -- and -- yet. Neither here's the bad -- cheers to that because. You'll be too busy drinking from the latest addition into the beer bot -- me. The the -- bot. Courtesy of hackers from Yelp of all places. And this is AM and I had enabled -- -- greater basically that can track. If it's -- that they can track your beer intake. There's -- RFID reader -- go up and you can actually they say K and the one drinking now it'll track. How much you've you've had to drink -- what -- you've you've had a drink. -- you'll you'll -- the rate the beer do you sign any time. I use at the swipe your card over the little thing on his product placement -- yet. -- yet it and -- these guys -- it will essentially they're getting paid engineer the perfect like web enabled iPad docking. -- -- And I think it is doing a little company -- probably helps and -- make sure all four guys this is an open source project. You can actually go -- line and and and -- have -- -- in the show notes where you can click through. And build your own version of this using like an -- we know boards and sensors. Off the shelf calendar reader and an iPad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Donald that is drinking you know. At work with the help guys -- -- bases here. Now that that's yeah that he would totally -- But -- think if it's really cool. Edition to be open source beer projects I would really column a row by the kind of -- -- -- by. My -- doesn't bring your -- to you sir I'm not gonna let this into the previous discussion we've had over here abouts. -- really designed to fake a one I do you think the iPad app. And -- it's pretty equally contract would be at me and amber which one's. -- As -- the beer I'm sure -- authority out there that. How -- the mechanical. But -- we have. We. Not -- it's -- there's that too for here to different pieces. Inanimate. You know -- objects that are now giving more personality. This one is any -- is a wheelchair he was it has been giving in camera and yet here. Camera and -- the laser. Sensor. To figure out who's. Walking near you and making this kind of track their movements and the wheelchair can. Follow them around the idea is say you had. -- understaffed elderly home. And -- one person walking around. The kind of guide someone. Two in you have to do you know you would have -- -- of finger Regis. -- -- -- you do you could link multiple wheelchairs together following month per have a little parade how quickly hey raid and it's fun. Old guy is oh well it does have a -- Apple application right like you got one person hand like essentially. Guiding you now. And it doesn't mean doesn't hear people in wheelchairs to you know the -- -- -- every home and I think it's. It's it's. You know mark my words when your kids that you and home you're gonna be happy to have -- -- -- -- definitely over homes yet though bloggers. -- -- -- -- Just missed it but -- that was so we'd see -- camera -- if this actually is kind disappeared into each other but. -- begin when that happened reality action if the president have to have a segment on every -- -- now and I just I turn into eagle and then -- of a bucket of water via US and yet you know you don't get -- -- now I. You young people precious -- these -- let's talk about precious the -- the name of the site. -- that's tragic young girl that's probably deny it. Pressure as a bicycle is a bike that is. -- outfitted with all kinds of sensors. And equipment to blt -- have like a personality -- -- so when writing -- it -- happy about writing -- and can. -- track when it's kind of and moving around her like it it's going -- going down -- And meanwhile offenses that are on here but basically it's its -- promotional tool. Four. Was at the at the -- -- -- rates so there's one woman who's writing precious. Across. Cross country -- precious. -- the site. -- Practice settings and in the design company but that's the -- they can keep track of precious and precious -- progress. On this website I am precious or yes I -- -- dot com. Andy actually feel like if it's writing north to south and -- it'll -- -- its location in little -- things about. How it just saw the birthplace of Abraham link dinner whenever. If that's gotta GPS and then. Yet it's it's got all kinds this is like that -- between speaker Nathanson and we're adding that the boom evacuation -- -- okay I don't believe in it now we're -- -- boom evacuation point. His birthplace film the -- is read by we. I guess or they may be I think probably -- news I'll read it again sponsor. What you'll -- when he made in you know Lincoln's birth but it's. I think. I would wanna thank all of that although -- do -- thing and opens itself up and like many things the U. Into the kind of home invasion that occur when you know your by -- about you -- you -- cross country affable. Share that's -- this happened at. In tech I do not want. Really yes that's though this is this is a concept the smoking -- design concept things. This is a -- DS LR -- in packs -- basically like the land and like a little Kirby to. That tilts up and shows you. And LCD -- which is taking a picture. When you wear it it I don't know and am I allowed to comment on those that suggested this of this -- -- this is what I'm saying if you are that. His wife and -- with it or not it's never happened that it is like your interest in this but penis -- camera. Is it not. I mean this this lady right now but I don't think she's aware that psychological. You know things that are going on beneath the surface yeah she's not even aware that now this is happening but had no I won't this camera for reasons only Friday could explain your paints portraits. An -- want to see where what this camera. I'm just -- this this is not from us and maybe your house yet. It might be in titan might and the most highly practical cameras on share and share but no way -- an animal you get a guy like me around this -- this anyway. No that -- would come out in public with this. -- -- -- -- Penis. -- we could we give you could give you free association for genitalia -- -- For as -- as -- now they can't separate attachment but. Every time yeah it looks like. Yeah. -- And moving along. The other in other camera -- -- -- avenues other caribou Barbie straddles an. I'm gonna record was put on the picture -- picture this is great this is actually this is sent to -- and we we got an email from a viewer from one of our our most. You know dedicated chatroom participants and -- podcast viewer's eye as I -- John Strickland a video that compares the hard he. It was just like video Barbie member that's we talked about -- -- -- -- -- -- girls are being mediocre idea. Against the like high Def and recording -- seventy. And he goes on for like this I mean it just comparing the features of -- and so Ares I mean it's really -- I'm. The idea that someone unhappy lot spent the afternoon that a partner actually making this -- -- which compares you know fifty dollar video -- And -- definition camera. -- a verdict. Did not think a dialogue does that the party video cam is good for for what is it. I think -- the they -- you. Yeah and year -- year you -- which papal. Internal and -- okay okay the -- this mission and it's. -- it isn't ready. Creek that's where our. Enemy is still actually makes me even more -- the first camera actually want to get the party -- -- I didn't know -- -- that the battery for her is actually stored in the leg. -- really weird. You -- Ultimately though. Yeah sure. What -- we have now we usually do this at the and it for anyone who actually sees the show -- Right at the end of -- hit the stop button. We -- we keep the -- keep this team open. We can go into a segment called this is -- -- Right named after that this is why Arafat blah where we -- right we actually jasmine -- -- atheists and most. Repellent but also kind of wonderful treats from the blog and they wouldn't you. Today we're gonna -- one of them on the actual staff and today it'd be -- in -- It while I. And a a lot of them on the site today -- alone -- this just. Really kind of encapsulates the the you know in her personality of the site I feel like. Sure there are some other really really nasty looking thing. This you know -- Muslim. But the little bit more yeah it's a little you can't you're probably couldn't rapid if those who moon. If you magazine that -- -- Kristine Williams was like after wrapping it you actually deep -- it again someday they're actually chicken fried bacon there is they've bar and parents with an answer something called chicken fried -- and believe you -- you -- right it's eight after -- it's if it's immigrants also in Australia for the -- So that that's or featuring on Saturday that isn't the only words I have a -- like that -- every week now. Garden. -- anybody's loaded okay. Now this is clever fat people I love as -- -- what I want -- is for this to be featured right next one of those edible arrangements where the fruit. You know I think you kind of -- option that you -- the -- in northern chocolate dipped fruit. Are just -- or. -- -- abatement actually looks pretty. -- -- that I would probably -- it made a whole -- K you probably have some kind of issue is bacon and a bit this filings because of -- most creative there a lot of the things on the -- are just her are horrendous combinations of various news. Among the other thing but I didn't have is the new she make cheese cheese cheese fried -- -- for Benin. It's a mozzarella sticks inside. Animals and looks horrible huh. Home looks the looks like is that it's olden in the not home and look you'll get -- -- she's not and we don't like that she there's really growth. So but we have for today right Ingrid what people wanna get in touch with they wanna get in touch with us that it does mean out creep show at cnet.com or of the call -- when it 1700. CNET that -- 68. Right. Thanks to watch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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