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Ep. 1399: Where we give the gift of good company: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 1399: Where we give the gift of good company

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Jill's back on the show for her last appearance of the year! This time we're talking about how to keep your head above water this holiday, why you shouldn't lower your 401k, and Google Chromecast vs. Apple TV vs. Roku!

-It's Tuesday, December 10th, 2013, this is The 404 Show on CNET. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Aunt Jill. -I'm Justin Yu. Welcome to the program. Ariel Nunez is here as well. Thanks for given up your mic for Jill. This is the first time Jill Schlesinger is in our new studio. You're here at the boomerang. -I love this. -How do you feel? -It feels so awesome. By the way, am I also the first guest at the boomerang? -You are the number guest. -We've had a couple of people-- -In other words, you-- -We haven't had anyone else. -Oh, you weren't here, we had Harry here. -Oh. Well, you're the first guest we've had for the three of us together. -As-- with the dream team. -Yeah. -This is the first-leg tribunal sort of a situation. -I love that. -It's a way to be-- -All right. -Thanks for doing that. -Not only-- -And I wanna wish you a very happy day after belated birthday. -Thank you very much. -The tender age of 35. -Again and again and again. I had a crap birthday. -Oh. -Wow. -I did. -I'm sorry your eyes turn out that way. -But I'm-- You know what? I knew my girlfriend said to me, "You know you're in a bad mood and it's gonna be good that you're on The 404 'cause you love those guys." -Right. So, where-- -But she said right when I came-- when I was coming over here I'm in the worst mood. -Right. And you're cheered up now. -I am already. -We celebrate your birthday. -Let's do it. -Now your birthday is on the 10th. Okay, I'll start all over again. -So, how you been? What's-- What's new in-- -Well, you know, some people know and some of The 404 fans actually sent me very nice condolence notes since I was here last my father died and that sucked. -Yeah. -Yes, I'm sorry about that. -And then we talked about how like I was so into the hospital and the people at the hospital they went back in. -Sure. -And so it's been like a weird time frankly. The last six weeks had been crazy. -Right. -And all I can tell you is that it's not like-- it's not like you feel like crying all the time, which my mother is doing. -Yeah. -But for me, it's just like this like weird moments so you're like, "Oh, I would have called dad right now." That's so weird, right? And so that sucks. -Yeah. -So, Jackie got this bigger word at work yesterday. We went to this fancy lunch and then I came out and I thought, "Well, this sucks like dad would have totally been into this, you know." -Yeah. -So, anyway, those things and you're like you're worried about your mom so-- -Right. We wish all you all the best with that. -Well, thank you. -Absolutely. -And I will say that I'm learning first-hand how important it is to have a good will and a good trust-- -Yeah. -and all those-- things I could cite legally, I made my father do all the stuff a few years like maybe-- -Right. -I wanna say like five or eight years ago, we really sat down. I said, "Let's go through everything." -Sure. -And it has made it so much easier so like the state attorney said to me like this is going so smoothly. It doesn't go like this normally. -Right. -And I said, "Well, you know, I used to be in the business and it was important to me, but you see how it can really like suck you into a hole where unless you have the right documents, unless all the stuff is done. -Right. -You stuck saddling and instead of just taking it like that you miss your dad. -Right. -Right, that's more important obviously. -Right? So, anyway, I got so-- I told Jeff this story I got so close to like the doctors and the nurses in the hospital. -Yeah. -I went back and saw them last week. -Really? -Uh huh. -I went to visit. -So you have a relationship with them now? -I do. I do. We set up a fund in honor of my dad for ICU Nursing Care-- -Oh, really? -because they were so awesome. -Really? -They were phenomenal. -That's unbelievable. -And so I went back and I was talking to them and they're just-- -Right. -They're great. They're great. These people are unbelievable caretakers. You know what? Every one like slams doctors and nurses and the healthcare system. We're treated so well and I think that no matter what here's something to remember, if God forbid you in this situation where someone's in the hospital. -Right. -You wanna win these people over because it-- they're so worked-- overworked, they're so like stressed out. If you just say thank you so much or, you know, you bring in a plate of cookies or my mother sent sandwiches-- -It goes a long way. -It goes a long way-- like just in the middle of everything when everyone is like going nutty just to say, "Oh, someone appreciates me." -Right. -It's huge. -No, that's awesome. -Totally huge. Anyway, I don't wanna be a bummer. -All right. -I would love to report to you. -Yes. So, I wanna-- This has been a couple of months since you've-- -Crazy. -It's been a while. -It's crazy. -When you're gone. -So, first of all, guest-- you know, I'm the last person who did not have Netflix. -Wait a minute. What? -I'm the last person who did not have Netflix. -How did you-- -No, I know people who don't have Netflix. -Really? -Yeah. -Okay, but there are a hundred? No, they're not. -Oh no, they're-- -They're a little bit old than I am. They're 60s'-- 50s, 60s? -Yeah, they're 60s. -Okay. -So, you never had any Netflix, not the streaming or the DVDs? How's that happened? -Yeah. -Okay, but-- -What do you do at night? -Yeah, right? -This is her life. -Yeah, exactly. -So, I always had a rich DVR experience. -Okay. -Okay, yeah. -Okay. So, my girlfriend-- So, okay, two weeks after my father dies, my girlfriend has to have surgery in totally different hospital. Thank God. -Right. -But she's home recuperating and I'm working like all the time over Thanksgiving weekend. It's retail sales and all the stuff. So, I literally come home on Friday after being on CBS this morning and I'm like, "You know what? I'm gonna go do a little shopping online. I'm gonna do a little self-gift thing." -Yeah. -Okay, yeah. -Treat yourself. -So, right? -You deserve it. -Why not? So, I go and I buy Apple TV. Because my problem with Netflix is you know I don't like to watch stuff on a device. -Okay. -It has to be on a television. -Right. So, I said, "You know what? Screw it. So, I bought my Apple TV. -Look at you. -And I went to the store to pick it up on Black Friday 'cause I was in experiment 'cause-- -Why? -Because I thought to myself, I bet-- I said, "I bet this store is not gonna be crowded." -Yeah. -No, the Apple store-- she's right. -It was not.-- -The Apple store is never crowded 'cause they don't have special Black Friday sales. -'Cause there's no Black Friday sales. -Right, so everyone else is like a-- -So [unk] genius, right? -True. -Well done. -That's like the best-- -Thank you, right? -Arguably the best time to ever go. I didn't real-- -I mean, it was unbelievable so go-- -I don't really want to go to an Apple store. -So, I ordered online. I got a $25 Apple gift card. -Uh huh. -And so aren't you proud of me that I-- I do it, I order Netflix, I put it all together. -And you said it out and you did the whole thing. -And we watched House of Cards, binge watch over the weekend. -How's that? -It was pretty good. -It's pretty good, yeah. -It was really good. Kevin Spacey is awesome-- -Yeah. -and Robin Wright is phenomenal. -Yeah, right. -So, anyway, we're all set up with that. I'm psyche. -Uh huh. -So that's my big announcement. However, Jeffrey-- -Only-- It's only few people can call me that by the way, I need you to know that. -Okay, J. -No, you did like you're part of that crew. -Okay. So, here's the deal. Theoretically, I'm supposed to be able to get Netflix through my Wii Console, correct? -Don't worry. Don't-- Just don't do that. -Why? -I mean, you can-- it's just a pain in the ass. -It is? -It doesn't work that well. -It doesn't. -Yeah. -But you know, I mean-- -'Cause we've-- we out east and I thought that I might-- -Roku or something. I was almost-- -Wait, if you already have an Apple TV, then-- -No, I have that in the city, why should I-- back and forth. -I mean, you could do that. -I could. -That's a pain in the ass, but I would almost say just buy another like $50 like-- -In a Chromecast. -Oh, Chromecast if you're not sure. -What? -Yeah. -What on earth is that? -So Chromecast is a little HDMI dongle. You plug in to your-- -I think that's too confusing for her. -No, come on. Give Jill more credit. -No, it's-- -Give me-- Give me-- Just tell me. -But it depend-- -Yes. So, you basically plug this thing into the back of your TV-- -Okay. -and that takes Wi-Fi from your router at home. -Yeah. -And you can basically stream anything from your laptop on your chrome browser to your TV. -No, can you Netflix natively on it? -Yeah, you just go to Netflix.com, anything you can bring up on the chrome browser, you can have when the TV is wireless. -But it doesn't have an app like built into it. -No, but you don't need to because whatever is on the browser-- -And that's what, 35 bucks? -35 bucks. -for $15 more. -What's it called? [unk] please. -See, I would recommend a Roku over Chromecast. -Yeah, okay. I mean either of those would still get Netflix if that's what you want. -Chromecaster? -Chromecast. -Okay. Okay. -The reason I would do I would recommend Roku 'cause it's easier to set up, I think, right? -Yeah. -It's easier to set up. -Both are easy to set up, I think. I mean-- -And it will-- It's just access to a lot more stuff. There's a lot more-- -All right. -And it's more-- I think it's more intuitive. -I'm very excited. -Yeah. -Sons of Anarchy is keyed up and ready to go. -So you're-- Are you like running through this world? You're like really into the show? Are you-- -I've not been into it yet because it's in my like my-- I've queued it up because we are binged watching Orange is the New Black. -Okay. -So, that's our next one to do. -Right. -We're very excited. -Yeah. -Anyway, that was an exciting-- for us. -I'm proud of you. -You know, we were so thrilled with ourselves. Now, meanwhile, my AV guy who like-- came in and hit all cables in my apartment, he's gonna freak out when he sees that cables taken inside-- -He's not gonna be-- -He's gonna be like, what? -Let's gonna give him like heart palpitations. Yeah. -You know-- You know that, right? I also need somewhat-- -He's gonna freak. -He's gonna see that thing. -Those guys can handle those wires. -You know, it is very neat. -Yeah. -They're very neat. -They can handle that. -All right. So, here's the other thing I realize. So when Jackie is home recuperating, she never works from home. So, here the two of us are working from home so she's in the other part of the apartment and she is going into her system, right? So, she is remoting in, which-- -Okay. -and she's like, "In one part of the apartment, it works well. the other part it doesn't." -Right. -So, how was that possible? Are you kidding me that like, are my balls so thick really-- -Yes. -Yes? -It's not-- I mean, routers don't have like-- they don't have, you know, perfect range. -Do I need to get a better-- Do I need to get a better router? -It's the location of the router. -It's not moving. You can't move from where-- -It's not moving. -Get another access point and put it in the-- -Really? -Yeah. -Like a good-- It's like about Peter. -[unk] the best. -Uh huh. -How do I do that? Do I have to hire-- -You've got to buy more stuff. -You've got to-- yeah. -How much more stuff? -Basically-- Unfortunately, one more thing. -One more thing and then another-- Wait, no, not another cable, just another little router. -Yeah. -Another little router. -Yeah. -Yeah, a smaller router. -I'm not terribly flowing in that. Do you know what she should get? -I need somebody-- -I'm not-- -Don't you guys know someone who can come to my house and mess-- and do-- -We got a guy. Well, I don't that-- -Can you just come to my house and like fix it all up and make it all magic? -I don't know if-- I don't know about that. -Why? I'll give you money. -And clearly you'd have to pay these guys and we're just-- -Duh. -I think she's asking you to go over there. -I think that's-- -I think both of you can come over. -I think she said we should-- we're invited over there. -You guys can come on over. -Well, I mean, this would be the first time you've invited us over, which is kind of nice stuff. -Both of you, I like this. This is nice. I'm feeling good about it. I'll put some Gladys Knight on. -Yeah. -Nice. -Well, now-- now, you're talking my language. -Exactly. -I'm trying to think-- This is something I think you could probably do yourself. I would still love to see your place. I'm just saying-- -I understand. -like, you know-- -But you meant like you're wanna be invited for dinner. -Right. I don't wanna be like-- I don't go-- I wanna go there more. -Wait, here's my question. Why can't you guys just working the same room? -Is that distracting? -We can't except than doing radio hits all the time. -Oh. -Oh, right. -So, for me it's fine. -She needs wire. -You can't move the router. -Why? But-- -Because the router has everything to do with like the geographic-- -But it's like weird, but it's-- but for me, she's not home all the time. It's only like-- we kinda have for something. -Right. Right. -So, she's gonna go back to work and I got to move my router. I usually-- You know, everything is like my ISDN is there. -Yeah. -You know, everything is right there. -You know, I hear you. -Yeah. -But those are the problems of our time. -I know. It's a first world problem, isn't it? -It's a certainly-- It's like above-- It was above first world. -It's like-- I know, it's so-- -That one percent problem. Yeah. -I know. -The world problem. -Yeah. -So, anyway, those are the big technological advances that I've made. -I'm proud of you. Yeah. -I'm proud of you. Seriously, you-- -I mean, that's pretty good stuff, right? -Not a lot of people can-- can say that they've been able to do this stuff you've done. -No. -It's a big deal. -I think most people who listen to this program do. -Yes. -I think that they would be like you are pathetic. -Well, no they'd be like, welcome to the party. -All right. -That's what they'd say. -That's cool. -Just be careful though because it you binge watch too much and you're gonna run out of things to watch on Netflix and that's the worse-- -I still-- -going through all the different-- -I still have like a whole DVR situation going on. -Yeah. -Between those two, you should be-- the content. -Yeah. Yeah. But you know, the thing is I don't about you guys, but I have definitely sort of gone off of watching television in-- like late at night at all like I really need to read before to go-- before I go to sleep. I get to like-- -I understand that. Nothing like-- it's something like, "You watch Homeland or not?" -No, I don't watch it. -No. I know what it is. -What? -I know. I don't get show time even though I work for CBS. -You could probably get screeners of it. -Yeah, probably. -But anyway, so that show it's like anxiety provoking on a Sunday night. You can't watch that. -Yeah, you can't-- No, you can't do that. -Right? I don't wanna see it-- -Yeah. -terrorist or whatever. -There are certain shows you just shouldn't-- I mean, I'm a big believer that you shouldn't watch anything you want to watch before you go to bed. It's just-- -Nothing to say. -It's just be like fluff. -I like that. -It should just be feeler. You know like even if I'm watching like a film I've seen in million times and it's Sunday night or whatever night it is, you get sucked in and you're like you just won't fall so-- -Do you know that even movies that Justin likes, what he thinks about or the parts he doesn't like. -That's true. I'm an ultimate pessimist. -You are unbelievable. I'm so shocked about that. -You know what I've been watching lately and I think you would like the show. -What? N -It's called Extreme Cheapskates. It's on Netflix. They have it originally aired on TLC. -What is-- -Nothing to do with your personality. -Not you. Not with you because you're financial adviser. I think you would find a lot of-- -Yeah. -So is it like-- It's basically like an extreme couponing sort of show? -Yeah, but these are people and most of them are in New York surprisingly. It's the most expensive scene in the world. -You got [unk] man. -Yeah. -Yeah, you know, and these are people that go to extreme measures to save a dollar like one guy he said he unscrews the light bulb in his refrigerator and that way he saves about $100 in electricity every year of that. -No way. You know what? That's ridiculous. -There's no way that's true. -Yeah. -The light bulb in your refrigerator? That is no way that's true. -That's what he says. You wanna hear a gross one-- -Yes. -It's somewhat kind of disgusting. -I love that. -There's one family that has abolished using toilet paper in the bathroom and instead, they've used washcloths. -Their hands. -Oh, that's disgusting. -Yeah. And so they have-- -That is so-- -they have a stock of wash cloths in the bathroom-- -Right. -and then on the other side is a trash can like one of those mini trash cans. -Yeah. -And when you're done with that, you put it in there and then they just dump into the wash. -Like what else is-- Okay, that's super gross, but I think it's an extreme example like-- -Yeah. -It's so gross. -if you need to do that-- -Isn't there something else you can cut instead? -there's something else you can probably cut. -That something. -Yeah, probably. -I think that's a little frightening. -Like even the most basic, you can get the super lame-o like bus stop toilet paper for like a penny a roll. -Right. -Yeah. I don't know, I just think that's-- -There's no way that's better than-- -that's rough. What else? Like-- -We just use-- -There's somebody on the toilet. -Oh, it's so gross. -Yeah. Yeah. So, there's one woman who-- Well, this picture kind of gross. We shouldn't put this up. But this woman actually washes herself after the bathroom-- -Oh. -with a water bottle and then she just doesn't flush the toilet. She just dumps it down the-- -Weew! Wohh! I'm an extreme flusher. -Yeah. This sounds like more of like almost like an OCD thing than-- -Yeah. -Yeah, this woman is also a dumpster diver in New York. If you go to the upper west side and wait to the restaurants throw away their food that they don't use-- -Yeah. -and she should take that and cook dinner with it at home. -Yeah. -Some good tips again. -Guess what? -Yeah. -Like you got to feels like what's crazy and what's actually good option. -What do you think? Do you guys-- If you're that freakin' resourceful and crazy, shouldn't you have the way-- -Have better job. -to get a better job? -I know. -Maybe. -Like you could be that calculated in the-- -That's rough. -Couldn't you possibly, you know, secure a job? -I thought it was kind of cool that I got a $25 Apple gift card, then I realized it's not an iTune's card. I'm like, "I don't actually wanna buy anything at the Apple store right now, but whatever. Okay." -Right. -Right. Like that's crazy to me, man. -I know. -That's insanity. -Interestingly enough, a lot of the people have a history of like just financial drop outs like this woman wasn't a tech bubble-- -Well, that's-- yeah. -and she lost all her money and you can tell this was sort of like psychological response to that loss. -Yeah. Yeah. -So, a lot of it's kinda of interesting 'cause you could see where it comes from, but the messed up thing is you know how most shows like-- -What's the messed up thing? -Yeah, this is the crazy part. -We have like more messed up thing using reusable toilet paper. -You know in Hoarders for example-- -Yeah. -Yeah. -they at least try to rehabilitate them at the end of the show. -Yeah. They have people that come in and organize their apartments. -Yeah. -With this, they don't do that. -No, they celebrate. -Yeah, and they just him and then they're like, "Okay, who's the next guy?" -Oh my god. -There's no-- there's no attempt of helping them out. -What is-- I'm just trying to think if there's anything that I have done recently that would be considered thrifty or-- -Yeah. -No, there's nothing. I will say the only thing is that when, you know, if you stop going out the dinner all the time, you do save money. -Uh huh. -Of course. -Yes, like I bring-- -And so I said, "Yeah, right." -Bringing in lunch. -bringing a lunch. -Bringing lunch. -For me, that has saved me more money than anything I've ever done. -Well, maybe that mortgage actually will send you-- -The mortgage will end up other things. -You know that-- I mean, when did you think-- You know what I'm saying? -It's better to add on to that part. -But I'm just saying that there are-- I mean, what's funny to me is that sometimes people would-- When I was an adviser, they would come in to my office and they've asked me about like, "How can I save money and you go through everything?" -And you like, "Well, maybe this or maybe-- They like, "No, no, no, no. I'm not gonna do that." -Yeah. -Yeah. I'm not willing to sacrifice. -No, I'm not gonna do that. But then I do like crazy stuff. And then I say, "Well, you know what? Your kid is not that smart-- -Right. -but in a nice away." It would be, "If your kid is not that smart, so why are you spending at the time $30,000 on private university? -Yeah. -Maybe you should consider states school, right? -When you see-- -And that's like real money. -But that's real-- You're right, it's real money. It's not like going out to eat once a month. The thing is though is that parents can't hear that. -Yeah, well-- -If the second someone tells me that little Jimmy is a dummy and it's-- I don't get-- -No, I didn't say dummy. I just said, you know-- -But you-- But that's how they interpret it, right? -Yeah. -I mean let's be honest. -But you know what? The funny thing is so I had this-- It's so funny because my aunt is such a snob and she-- right after my father died, she was in town, but she lives in Australia. So, she is in town. She's like this whole like no [unk] kind of thing like, "I think that we should really have-- People don't-- Not everyone should go to college like, you know, the world needs ditch diggers too-- -Oh that's-- that's the Caddyshack. -you know, from Caddyshack, right? -Right. -And I said, "Well, you know what? Actually college does pay off like it's-- there's no doubt about it." -Of course. -Like statistically-- -You will make more money. -you will make more money and the unemployment rate is lower and I'm not saying that it's easy, but the whole key is you don't spend a lot of money in college. -Right. -And so, you know, we're having this conversation, you know, how can you actually tell someone not to, you know, pay as much as possible 'cause you-- cause you say you can't retire if you do this. -Right. -Right. -Like you know what? And then they will have just worked longer. That's one of my favorite. I said, "Really, you're gonna work longer? So, you think that it's easy to keep your job from age 62 to 70? -Yeah, you think they're like-- -Do you think that's so easy to do? -Yeah. -We're you making all that money being deadweight like how can you-- -Yeah, or someone says like, "Jill, she's been pretty good, but you know, Jeff is right there. He can do it too for half a price." -Right. -So-- -Or like these guys just out of college and, you know, like it's not-- -You've got to be smart. I think the big money that people like they-- they leave on the table, I bet who went and look at those people, -Uh huh. -who were those Extreme Cheapskates. I'd love to see like, "Are they putting money in their retirement account? -What are they doing? -Yeah. -Are they doing the real stuff that like pays off?" -Right. -We're just doing this calculation for somebody 'cause it's like year-end tax planning and stuff. -Sure. -And so someone says to me, "You know, what's the big deal? I don't need to do that." I said, "Really?" And so I'm paying like extra $500. -Yeah. -You don't wanna do it? -Yeah. -500 bucks. You're getting like you walk down the street, you see $500. -Yeah. -It's not worth it. -It's not gonna stop. Yeah. -Are you kidding me? -Yeah. -So, we've got to do these things. -That's crazy. I just-- I mean, I do think everyone-- I think this is gonna-- I'm gonna get crap for this. -You? -But I think everyone should be able to go to college for free at some-- -Well-- -I think we need to invest in our future. -Yeah. We should have a system built for that. -Well, for me-- -That's the problem. -I mean-- -I mean, it's like saying the same thing, you know, the problem is same thing with healthcare whenever I went to-- -Sure. -somewhere I go on to talk about the Affordable Care Act. It was on TV a lot. I'm talking about it. So one producer comes up and she's, "Why should my son be forced to pay more for his healthcare? He's 25 years old. Why should he have to do that?" I said he doesn't have to. He can pay the penalty not to. -Right. -And then you can pay when he pulls off the curve-- -Right. -breaks his neck. He's hit by a bus and you could pay for it. -To me that's like the craziest thing for me-- like this whole healthcare thing like obviously putting the disaster that was the website aside. -Yeah. -It's having to convince him on that they need to be covered. -They-- But they-- You know why? Because-- Think about your friends. -They get-- They're like a superman complex. I understand. -Exactly. But even so-- But even say like, you know, if you're-- if I was talking to someone like you even five years ago, before you married or anything and I be like, "Well, what happens if you break your ankle [unk] -Yeah. -Well, there's no answer. -Right. -Right, so I should-- we should all pay for that? -Right. -Because that's what the system is set up for right now. -For sure. -Meanwhile, the healthcare system is so screwed up that I made my mother save the bills from my father being in the hospital. It's sick how much money it cost to be in an ICU. -Oh, I don't even wanna know how much you-- -Yeah. -It is sick. -I don't wanna know. -And, you know, like thousands of dollars a day. -Uh huh. -So, I'm waiting for the final bill to come in 'cause I actually wanna see it. But it is such a screwed up system and I love when people are like, "You know what? No one can mess with my Medicare." Okay, so what's Medicare? Medicare is basically national health insurance for anyone who's over 65. -Right. -So, it's okay for everyone over 65, but no one else to have that system. -Did you get it? To get a socialize-- Yeah. -That's crazy. -Crazy. It's crazy. -It's nutty. -It's nuts. -All right, anyway, that's-- -So, do you have-- do you have questions from people or is that something-- -I don't have that many questions from people. -Well, it's funny 'cause we had a few people write in. You know, at the end of the year, we do like, you know, this sort of-- tide thing. -Who's our favorite guest kind of thing? -Well, I think you've got that award four years in a row. -Yes. -I think you're okay. -Good. -The trophy is in the mail, Jill. Don't worry about it. -Thank you. -We had someone write in. You know, we usually like do, you know, topics or conversation that involving around the movie or something like that. -Yup. -And you know, this year, the schedule was a little tight. We're not gonna do as many as we want it to. But everyone was like have Jill on and have her talked about like-- -Year end. -year end stuff like, you know-- -Got it. -and then summer-- and, you know, we get your year-end thing. -Yup. -Because this is gonna be your last show of 2013. -It is. -We, you know-- -My birthday show. -It's your birthday show. -You didn't give me a party hat or nothing. -Well, you see, we've spent all the money on that TV. -Oh. -There you go phantom. You got it. -Awesome. -You look great in that hat. -Wow! -You simply look great in that hat. -You're unbelievable. -She's a New Yorker. -So-- Okay, there's a bunch of things to think about. Remember that there is a difference between a taxable account and a retirement account, okay? -Okay. -So if you happen to be the kind of person with a taxable account-- -Uh huh. -you go and you look at this account and you say, "Is there anything I've lost money and you think, oh my god, the markets have so much this year, how could I have something that has lost money." Because you're an idiot, -Sure. -you bought it at the wrong time. If you sell something at a loss, it can actually offset and it gains that you've had previously in the years, so that's good. And if you used up all of your gains or you don't have any gains-- -Uh huh. -what you can do is you can take that loss and apply it against your ordinary income, so it's like you can apply it to $3000 of losses in an investment account against ordinary income. -Okay. -That's one awesome thing, so we call that harvesting losses. -Okay. -Wooh! -It sounds like something I would wanna like collect. -So exactly, but you-- -Yeah. -but it's good to have. The other thing is you know you got me 'til the end of the year. You could boost up your 401k contribution. If you have a little money that's on the hand, someone said to me, "You know, my mom gave me a thousand bucks for the holidays." I said that's nice. I said, "What are you gonna do it?" "Well, I don't know. I'm gonna-- Yeah, I thought I'd invest it." I said, "Why not instead of doing that, just boost up your 401k contribution, you know, for the-- for the end of the year?" -Right. -So, you go-- I think that she was at 10 percent and we had it good at 15 percent. -Yeah. -And by doing so, what happens? So, you can use that thousand dollars that she had as a gift just to help her living expenses, but you put more money way pre-tax. She saves on her tax bill and she saves more for a time. -Yeah. -That's a great deal. It's a good deal. You can put more money into a 529 Plan if you have kids. -Uh huh. -You can-- If you're self-employed, we've a lot of fans here who are consultants, self-employed, maybe do a little something on the side. -Correct. -If you think that your tax bracket is going to be a lot lower next year than this year, you might say to somebody don't bill me until next year, right? -Uh huh. -So, let's say I did a $10,000 job for somebody in December, I don't wanna get them-- I may have-- I made a lot of money throughout the year on a pretty good tax bracket, -You can do that, you can just-- -you could basically say don't send me the bill until next year. -Right. Right. -It's a sweet thing. -That's good. -Because you're putting your money like when you-- when you look-- -Just don't forget about it. -Well, I'm not. Definitely don't forget it. So, you know, part of the thing that's happened in the last couple of years is that there'd been a lot of changes to taxes. So, you can go to jillonmoney.com where I'll be posting this article so that-- the year-end tax planning, because it's kind of confusing. But there are a lot of things that people can do before the end of the year. So remember if it's an IRA, you don't have-- it's not a calendar year limit, right? -Uh huh. -If you are self-employed and you want to start some kind of plan for yourself, either as-- there's something called a Uni 401k or a self-employed 401k, or you wanna start a profit-sharing plan, you have to do that by the calendar year end so that's a big deal. -Okay. -So you have to make sure you do that. But you know-- -That's good advice. -Yeah. So most-- most importantly, you know, people just blow through this period of time and they put their brains on ice. They just don't do anything. -To prepare this time a year. I mean-- -Right? -I think we had a few questions regarding what people should-- I mean, you know, Black Friday is behind us, but in terms of what their holiday spending should be like. -Uh huh. -I mean, how do you know how much you should spend? -I think it with a very good rule of thumb as if you're looking at your total financial life. -Uh huh. -What you wanna make sure is that whatever spending you do during the holidays, you can pay back immediately, right? So, let's just say you've got your 10 grand that's in your emergency reserve fund and you say I'm gonna spend 2 grand of that on holidays. -Uh huh. -You better have a game plan to get that money back into the account in a hurry. -Yeah. -Right. -So, what you hope has happened is that throughout the year you've saved a little bit of more money and said, "Ah, you know, holidays are coming up, I'm gonna spend some money that it just breaks your heart to hear this people who's spending thousands of dollars during the holidays and didn't have a pot to piss in. -Yeah. -Yeah. -I mean it's ridiculous. -Yeah. -So, I think we have learned our lesson a lot more. I really think people are much more careful about debt. But I do get nervous that-- that we get, you know, five years' distance from the financial crisis and recession and all these things and you kind of forget. -Yeah. -You forget that you shouldn't do these things. -Yeah, I was gonna ask you. I have a friend that is sort of down on money right now and he still wants to buy Christmas gifts for his family-- I swear this isn't me by the way. -I was like, I have a friend. -Sounding like me. -Yeah. -I said I have a friend. -I have a friend. -Because his company doesn't have a lot of money. -Yeah. -Right. -But anyway, he was talking-- he was asking me if he thinks-- if I think he should lower his 401k contribution because he's-- -No. Oh my god. -I think like 6 percent right now-- -No. -That's not-- -which is the maximum his company will match. -Match. -But he's considering taken that down to 2 percent. -No. But why is that? -I remember you said it was a bad idea before. -That's not a good idea. -It just seems like a very easy fix, but at the end of the day you can be penalized. -Or is it an easier fix to spend less money? -Yeah. -I mean, I don't know, call me crazy. -Well, no, like I mean-- -And we know what I like-- -And I'm sure if he has the people in his family-- -And I said I don't wanna be like a Jew about this and say like I don't care about Christmas. I mean I know it's an important holiday. -But let's be honest, we don't care about Christmas. -No. I mean, I care about it, but it's not about the presence. -But it's not about the presence. -It really isn't it. -No-- like no one will think they-- you love them less because you just can't afford to give them-- -Oh my god. -Well, if they do, then there-- -I would love him much. -then you know what-- then, they don't deserve to get a presence from anyone. -Well, you know, it's funny I was doing-- There's this sort of sacked of academics called behavioral economists, right? -Yes. -I love these guys 'cause they're basically-- -'Cause it enters the psychology for everything. Yeah. -Exactly right. So, it's economics and psychology and they did a study and they say, "Well, you know, why do you-- what is the best pay off in gift giving, right?" -Like on both sides of that exchange? -Yes. -Okay. -And what they found was an experience-based gift is far more productive over time than a thing. -Right. -So think of it this way, either I can say, "We're going to a Devils-Islander's game-- -Uh huh. -and we go together or I give you a Devils' jersey." -Yeah. -So you love your Devils' jersey. It's great. But you sort of like it fades so you got another one-- -Right. -But you always-- But the fact that we went to that game together-- -The memory. Yeah. -is a much more long lasting. -It's a good point. -Can we-- Can we actually do that? -Totally. -I was gonna like-- -But we can make that happen. So-- And if you don't have a lot of money, I was just thinking about this because, frankly, I spent so much time with my dad over the last six months. -Uh huh. -So, you know, when he was out of the hospital and when he was in the hospital and you start to think like, you know, what actually being with people, it's so much more important than anything else. So, I did a segment for TV and someone said to me, "Well, you know, I get it like what if you don't have the money to go to a game?" -Sure. -and you know what's interesting is that like I have a friend of mine, she's broke. But you know what she does like for friends of her she says, "Let me babysit for the kids, you guys go out on a date." -Right. -And it's like a huge deal for them. -Or like, I'll cook you dinner or something-- -Yeah. Or like, I'll just do something like that and it's so meaningful that someone is thoughtful about that. -That's right. -And it's the same thing with your parents like they love Stacey and they wanna see her, but if you just said like, "You know, I just wanna go out and like go over and hang out with you guys." -Yeah. -Or just do something with somebody and have that connection. -Uh huh. -You know what that-- what human interactions about, right? -I've read about it. -You're not-- It's not that beyond your generation. -Yeah, I've read about it. I do plan on doing it in 2014. -Okay, good. -Yeah. -But anyway, there-- so there's ample evidence that those are the kinds of things that really are long lasting memories-- -Right. Yeah. -which I think is awesome. -Which I'm so sure Mercedes Benz and Lexus are so upset that you just said that. -I know. -Those A-holes on TV. Honey, I bought you a car. -Yeah, I know it. I know. -It's like how-- It's like how kids always make those coupon books. -Yeah. -Yeah, exactly. You know what I mean? -Yeah. -It was like those don't cost anything, but-- -Yeah, it's true. -you know, you get a car wash out of it. You get a backrub or whatever it is, so it's a great gift. -It's very-- It's good by the way if you are shopping for a car. I understand I swear to God the December 31st is the best day of the year to buy a car. -I kinda am. -You are? -I am. -Okay, so here's the deal. Kelley Blue Book came out-- -Wait, we've just talked about not spending any money for the holiday. -Well, I didn't-- -This is not a holiday thing. -the holiday thing. They need a car. Okay. -I'm not buying someone a car. I needed a new car 'cause that -You need a new car? - [unk in its own, it's a last breath. -All right, so evidently you got to find someone who's like a little heavy in inventory and you go December 31st or January 2nd. -I know this like-- -and they just-- they like to give it away. -January 2nd, I'm busy. -All right, go December 31st. Go. -I'm busy. I got a wedding. I got a New Year's Eve wedding. -Really? -How do you feel about that? -I'm kind of really excited about it. -I've been to one. -You wanna know why? -Yeah. -It's awesome number one. -Give some place to go in New Year's Eve. -That's the big number one. Number two, I'm probably paying the same amount of money I would. Keep going on one of those freaking things. -What do you keep for a wedding gift these days? -Oh man, this is like-- -I mean with you guys-- What do you guys? -So, okay. All right. -I'm interested. -No, this is good 'cause this is a money thing. -Yeah. -I think if it's like a super close friend-- -Yup. -It could go up to three. -Okay. -For like casual sort of-- -Yeah, like I'm-- -it's like two. -Okay. -If I'm in like the bridal party-- -Yeah. -maybe you're looking it like 354-- -Uh huh. Uh huh. -maybe upwards from there. -Look at-- Mr.-- He's an extreme gift-- -Good I hadn't been to a lot of wedding. -Would you-- The last wedding you host like mine probably. -Yeah. -Right? -Sorry about that buddy. -No, it's cool. -If you could just look at that on-- -Yeah. -Okay. -No, you did great. You did great. -Yeah, I was totally-- -No, but that sort to be interesting because I-- I was invited to my friend's son's Bar Mitzvah-- -Yeah. -and I wasn't going. -What do you do with-- I forget what Bar Mitz the going rate. -I don't know. I gave the kid 300 bucks and I didn't even go. -That's pretty-- -But she's very close friend. -Wait a minute, that's a lot. -From somebody who's never been to a Bar Mitzvah before. -You've never been? -Yeah. -But it sort of like a wedding. -Everybody gives the kid money? -Yeah. Yeah. -And they all give $300? -No. But they give-- I mean the kids-- -She's on the high-- -How much do kids in that on average? -I tell you-- -Well, thousands. What did you get? -I can't tell you now. -Thousands? -Thousands though. -What? -Absolutely. -I made-- -And how old are these kids? -I made-- -13. -Yeah. -Geez! -I made like at least-- It was well over five figures. -Yeah. -See, I'm telling you. -And you immediately bought an Xbox with it. -No, there was no Xbox [unk] any price. -No, you're not allowed and you're not-- and most parents won't let you do that. They'll make you-- -No, like it helps pay for college and all that stuff. -College-- usually like siege the college fund usually. -So, the parents put it away. -I actually blew it all in Vegas. That's what I care. -And so I went to a wedding about six or eight weeks ago, two guys got married. -Yeah. -Fancy wedding. I mean, the other thing is-- maybe this is a bad judgment, but when they have like super fancy wedding, Mandarin Oriental, New York City. -Oh that's nice. -I factor that into my gift 'cause I'm like-- -Yeah. -"Well, I'm attending." -Yeah. -If it was like a Jo's Diner, it wasn't costing them that much. -Right. But that sounds like it's like $250 to 300 a person. -I spent 5-- I spent 5 bills. Yeah. -Yeah. -Oh. I thought you're gonna say that because they held it in a more expensive venue, then they could afford it. It won't have to be this much. -Oh that's a very-- You see that's an-- so you're a socialist basically. -That's the Chinese way of thinking-- -You are socialist. -You're socialist. -That was the most socialist-- -I just think to take a bath. -No, but that's okay like you're right. -Yeah. -I think why they book it out of their means if they can't afford. -We're that-- For that minds that comes in it's like it doesn't matter what I give them. -Right. -That's really what that-- -Well, that's true and I just-- You won't have-- -I was gonna [unk] anyway. -Did you-- Did you register? -Yeah, I did, yeah. -Because the funny thing is like you go to a Registry, you wanna give something. But if there's only like not that-- it's not damaged other than-- I sent a note like, "We're you registered?" And one of the guys is like, "Oh, we don't want gifts." I'm like, "But were you registered?" Well, you registered so obviously you know you're gonna-- -Right. -Like I always prefer than to register 'cause I don't want to think-- -Sure. It' makes it so easy. It's mindless. -Just tell me what you want. I'll get it for you, right? -Can you just deal with something like that? -It wasn't a registry for a wedding. -But baby shower. -It was a baby shower. -Oh, I hate this. -But I was-- I wasn't [unk]) about it because it's all online and I don't know if this is how Registry is always working in the department stores. -Yeah. -But you never even get to see the item that you bought when you purchase it online. -But why? -Because you just go to their online Amazon codes and it's just the list of items and you click by, by and then it gets automatically sent to their address. -Can I say something? -It's such a meaningless process. -Wait, did you say a baby shower? -It's a baby shower. -But it's the same psychology as like, you know, the meaning of a gift then that's the only thing. -Yeah. -Right. -When it comes to the baby shower though, this is crap being need. -Yeah. -True. -So just get them their freakin'-- -I'm so sick of getting invited to these things. I hate them so much. I hate a baby shower, but the thing I hate the most is a wedding shower. That has got to be the worst-- -Like a bridal shower. -the bridal shower. -The worst thing. -Can't say I've been to many of those. -Let me just tell you it is-- -Just kinda went to the baby shower. -It's agonizingly awful. -Yeah. -It is one of the worst possible- -Really? Wait, why did you dislike it? -They're just not fun. -Just tell me what you want and like I'm gonna sit there and watch the girl, but the-- -And you're gonna waste the week-- -"Oh, they're so nice." -a weekend day. -Exactly. -And it's like-- -The weird thing is the games. I mean I'd love it because it's the only reason for all our friends to get together. -All right. -We're gonna win normally; get the all heck out in one place. -Sure. -That's the good part of the baby shower or wedding shower. But then-- -Yeah. -But since do guys go to baby showers? -Yeah. -That's a new thing. That's the-- -We got to find that the patience is zero that kind of fold first. -Yeah. -I think it was you. -Yeah. -I didn't think-- It wasn't me. -It was you. -No, it wasn't me 'cause I've seen a lot of other guys been going on lately. -That is very odd. -I never heard with that. -Yeah. -I told him that one when he said it-- -It's weird. -but I went. Yeah. -The weird part is all the baby shower games like how the dad has to eat a melted chocolate while they put into a diaper. Have you seen that before? -I never heard about guy-- a father attending a baby shower. -Yeah. Maybe this is like a new-- -What is going on? -The dad doesn't have to be there. -This is like a new hip thing I guess. They play all these part of the games. -Oh my God. It's horrible. -This sort of embarrassed the dad into, you know, the work that he's gonna have to do when the baby is born. -And so he'll have to change diapers. -It may not be the 20 percent of the household work that he'll be doing instead of-- -I will not-- If I ever have a child, I will simply not be there. -Wait a minute. Wait one minute. If I ever have a child-- -You didn't want me sneak that in? -This guy has been talking about-- -You didn't want me sneak out on-- -No way. -Yeah. -No way. -It could happen. -When? -How many women could be broken, right? Who knows? -True. -We can adopt. -Yeah. -I don't have any good eggs. I'm sorry. Get up like giants, instead of being like, "Well, Stacey, you're so short." -Clearly, not our child. Oh, man. I'm gonna tell you something. There's nothing worse than a baby or a bridal showers. They are horrible events. -It's the babies-- No, it's just the baby. -The baby experience? -No, I like the babies. It's fine. But like to go to these events, I mean I'm happy to give a gift. -Sure. -But anyway, one of the reasons why I think I might have to get married just to recoup all the money that's gone out, you know what I'm saying? -I mean look, you know, I can say I didn't do-- Yeah. -You're so bad. -No, I'm not bad. I'm just living the real freakin' world and there's like sets of cultural rules that have been setting place. -Yeah. -But I am not taking it advantage of, but I'm observing and, you know, going through the motion. -What's the over under on whether when you'll have a baby before Justin gets married? -Oh, I think I became [unk]. -Jill, I think you and I should get married and split it half. -Nice. -I think-- I think I will have a baby with-- -You think so. What do you think? -I'm not-- No idea. -Oh my god, he's like dying right now. -First of all, I have no idea when you're gonna have a baby and I have no idea when I get married. I don't wanna make a guess on either of them. -I think I would-- I mean this is probably a little more transparent and I thought it would be-- -But I probably will have a kid in the next three years probably. -Nice. -Ariel is so happy that he doesn't have a mic right now. -I know. -He's so happy that he's out of this conversation. -Yeah. -He just got married like five minutes ago. -Right. -Yeah. She's all sad. It's good to go for a little bit. -I can't believe you. You've got-- You know what? You're getting old. You got to-- -No, it's not. -Come on. I'm turning 30 in a month actually-- less than a month, January 17. -Holy-- -When-- -Right. -January 17? -Yeah. -So, goodbye. -All right. -Nice knowing you, bud. Welcome to the club. Bad times at night. -Can I tell you one thing? The 30s are way better than the 20s. -I was gonna say I think I'm much more well being in my 30s than my 20s. -Oh for sure. -And I was saying that-- -Crazy. But the beginning in your 20s, you don't know who the hell you are. -Yeah. -At the end of your 20s, you're like, oh. -Someone told me there's a lot less mistakes in your 30s than in your 20s. -Yeah, of course. -You would like think so. But you know it's good if you make mistakes in your 20s because it's better than make a mistake then. I just had this conversation with my cousin. -Uh huh. -And I'm like, "You know what? The problem with you is you didn't screw up enough when you were younger so now you're screwing up in your 50 and it's a really hard to get over that." -And it's [unk] -It's really-- It's hard. It's hard like-- -Yeah. -And screw up and there's not-- there's so much to lose as you get older so you better screw up early. -Yeah. -Figure it out. Move on. Same with the financial thing and make a silly move when you're in your 20s. -Yeah. -No big deal. You screw up in your 40s and your 50s-- not so good. -Yeah. Then, I shouldn't have gotten married. -Yeah. -That is not so good. -That way [unk] with you. -Not that there's anything wrong with making mistake about a marriage 'cause some other people may have gone that. -Everybody does. -I don't know who the hell are you talking about Jill. -Twice. -It was-- It was Justin. -Anyway-- -Sure, I made a lot of mistakes in my life. -Hey man, mistakes were made. -Oh yeah. Oh, there were mistakes made. -We got a tweet in just now and it relates back to the Black Friday stuff. -Yeah. -I just wanna bring this up and then we'll say goodbye for the day. Okay, it's upsetting for the year really. -Uh huh. -What are your thoughts on my financing stuff like this? -No. -Listen, listen, listen. There's deals where it's like zero percent interest for-- -Zero percent. -the next amount of time. -Yeah. I mean, look-- -Like if you wanna buy $1000 TV, it's a great deal. You get to pay-- -Yes. -zero percent interest for 12 months as long as you pay it off in time. -Yeah. -I think that's fine. -It's okay. But there's that caveat as long as you pay it off. -Right. -Because what happens is if you don't pay it off for some reason-- -It defaults all the way back. -And it is a nasty interest rate. -Right. -It usually goes way up over 20%. -Right. -So that said, if you have the game plan to make it to just feel like, yeah, you know what, no sweat, I can pay it down. Perfect. -Right. -But I will tell you many people going great intentions and other things come up, right? -Right, exactly. -I also definitely wanna bring up, you know, in my experience recently with these new cellphones and like the plans. All the new cellphone carriers are starting to do like early upgrade programs. -Uh huh. -But the devils in the details is a lot of fine print. -Oh yes. -You got to pay tax on like $500 phone. You get your financing the phone. -Yup. -There's a lot of hidden stuff that goes in it so you gotta read all of it-- reading it. -Oh, you just made remind me one more question. So, should I get a new phone with my iPhone 4? I'm so happy with it. -Oh, are you due for an upgrade? -Yeah, but-- so what? -I mean, if you're due for an upgrade-- -I say do it. -Really? -I mean if I'm you, I would get the C, get the 5C. -I don't like that new operating system. I would like the weird-- That's nasty. -That's gonna be no matter what. You go-- You have an upgraded. -No. -Wow. There's a lot of people-- What didn't you like about the new operating system? -I don't like it. I used it on someone else's phone first to some extent. -I mean you get used to that. -I guess you do, but I don't know I'm not-- You know, is it gonna be hard for me to go to a Samsung if I'm not used to it? -Of course. -My brother-in-law is all into it. He's like, "Look at this phone. It's so great. It's so big. I can see everything, you know." -I mean Jill answer this. Do you have a lot of accessories currently for your iPhones? Because the ones that are for the 4 won't work with the 5. -What kind of accessories are we talking about? -Yeah, like a Bluetooth speaker or-- -Yeah, Bluetooth. But if you have a dock, you know, a speaker dock because the bottom of the phone is different. -I didn't know what he was doing just now. [unk] -Yeah. -[unk] -So you got this phone. -Yeah. -Yeah. -No, no, the bottom connection is different on the 5. -Okay. Wait a minute-- You know what else? Ask them for changing all the plugs. -Yeah, so don't support a company like that. -I mean look, you know, that's-- it's the one thing. I don't think people have-- -Kind of tin can in strength. -Get a block A. -Get a Campbell soup. -Yeah. -I don't think people worry so much about like the accessories anymore like I don't think-- I don't know [unk] dock anymore. -A lot is wireless now. -Like you know people with docks. I don't know anyone would go to docks. -No, I have like an old Bose thing that used to be in my office 10 years ago that they haven't used it anymore. -Right. I mean that can work with the headphone, you know. -Yeah. -But no, like that-- And I think if you're due for an upgrade-- -Do it. -It makes sense just because, you know, the only advantage of not upgrading is you get to remain sort of like month a month and you can leave if you wanna leave. -Right. Right. -But you know, the new phones-- -What about AT&T versus Verizon? -I mean, in this city people like Verizon a little better. -I've had no problem with AT&T. -I just wanna-- I mean not to be a contrarian, but I just wanna say that-- -Why not? -you should keep the phone that you have now and then wait for months until the next iPhone comes out. -Uh huh. -'Cause not will be the big upgrade. You know, the 5 was-- you know, if you wanna look at the 4S-- -Yeah, I mean if you wanna wait 10 months, then-- -Who cares? -Yeah. -Rock n' roll. -If you're happy with the 4S, it's still fast? -Was it the 4S or the 4? -I don't know. -You don't know? -4S. I think it's a 4S. -Yeah. -If you don't know, then it doesn't matter. Don't upgrade. -Yeah. -Yeah, if you're with it. -It's 4S. -Then, rock n' roll. -It's good enough I guess. -Yeah. -Although I had a little envy when I do see my brother-in-law takes that beautiful fat phone and it's light too. -It's fun. Like getting a new phone is fun for two weeks and then your life is back to normal. -Well, you know, we have to go back to that behavioral economist thing. -Yeah. -You wanna know what that's called? This is awesome. It's called the hedonic principle. -Is that like instinct gratification like sort of thing? -And it wears off. -Yeah. -So they-- -I bet if you graph that, it would look like-- -It's awesome. They did it with-- They did it with cars. -Yeah. -How psyche you get when you buy a new car for example. -Oh, yeah, sure. -And it's like, "Wow psyche!" -Yeah. -And then time goes by like two weeks, four weeks-- -And then it's a free fall. -and that's like-- but then you're like whatever. -Yeah. Yeah. -It's fine. This is my car. -I mean-- But it's the same thing with like getting a house and make-- -No. -No? -Uh huh. -I think that-- I don't know. -The house guest. -I don't know. I don't know. What about you? -I mean-- -I kinda psyched about like every place I live I'm so happy. -Yeah. I'm totally happy. -What kind of car you're gonna get? -I don't know. I think I'm gonna get-- -Don't get a Prius. -No, we're gonna get like an SUV-- we're gonna get an SUV, I think. -Oh! -And I get like a Subaru. -That sounds a little-- Really? -Yeah, is that weird? -What do you mean by-- -Why? 'Cause you're a straight man? -Skiing, hockey-- what's up? -Did you like that 'cause you're a straight man. -'Cause I'm a straight man. -That is the only reason it's weird. -No, let's-- -Anyway Martina, I love those Subarus. -You're cool. Like we go skiing 10 times a year. What's up-- Is that a-- -It's a total lesbian car. -Oh, I am a lesbian. -No idea about that actually. Is that true? -Oh my god, these guys-- -All Subarus or just the Subaru SUV? -No. Don't you know the first like big contract that Martina Navratilova ever got was her Subaru because it's such a diet car? -Oh, really? -Yeah. -Like [unk] girl like sort of thing? -Yeah. -Really? -Uh huh. -I don't know that. -Yeah. -What is it about-- I mean-- -Car. I mean, how-- how are those things-- -'Cause it's utilitarian. -Okay. -I know. -Well-- -But that sounds good for you. -Yeah, I mean, you know, I'm a straight or lesbian. I can do that. -Put it this way. Like if I said to you who do you think drives a mini? -Oh. -Mini like a Cooper? -A mini Cooper. Who would drive that in your mind? -I don't know. -Like is that a girly car? Do you? -Anderson Cooper? -Thank you. -A Cooper Cooper. Exactly. -I don't know. I don't know. -It's a little bit of a girly car, don't you think? -I guess. I mean-- -I mean I love it. We had one. -Yeah. -But it's a little bit of a girly car. My father goes, "These are girl's car." -I understand. -Well, look at the Volkswagen Beetle. -Well, yes. Exactly. -Yeah. But when I look at a Subaru like the [unk], I think-- it's like a balls to the wall sort of SUV. It's got-- It's gotten notice on it, man. You don't-- -Well, exactly. My ex-husband says that I have his. -Oh man. And you're keeping in the old box of your Subaru outback. -I like the Subaru. I think they're cool cars. -I think they're cool and like for us I need something I can fit like hockey bags in. -Yeah. -I need a hockey-- the ski rack. -But it's not cheap. -It's not cheap. -Because-- -But their-- But that's the thing like they hold their value. -Yeah. -And we've been looking into that and I know you want us to get like used car. -Well, not necessarily because the used car market is so crazy now. -Yeah. -But I used to be buying a use-- like a 1-year-old used car-- -Right. -that's coming off of the lease or something. -Right. -Or if they had a car like in a super dealership and they said, "Oh well, this is the car that's a loaner car, right? -Right. -And it's got 10,000 miles. -Sure. -That's an awesome car to buy. -Right. -But it's hard to buy used car now because they're so many on the market and people are driving their cars longer and it's just-- I don't know. It's-- -So now you're telling me don't get a used car. -No, it depends. I like a warranty. -Yeah. Yeah, like a sort of that. -That's a thing. Yeah. Yeah. -So, that's why we're looking into it. -I think-- No, I think it's a cool car. I like it. -I don't know if we're ready for December 31st though. -I don't know. It was interesting. I just-- I just came across that. -'Cause if we don't do it now, we're gonna wait a year again. -Okay, well, then next December. -We'll see. We'll see how it goes. -Let's-- You know-- I don't know. I don't wanna compete with the viewer. -Yeah. -You know, there are really well made cargo bicycles that you can buy now and you can put all manner of hockey sticks and bags on to the racks. -You know what? -It drives 30 miles. -You can be a porter. -I know. -Yeah. Yeah. You can be an endurance cyclist. -What are you gonna drive to your in-laws? -Yeah. How am I gonna-- -You drive down to where it can go. -One thing would make me happier. -How am I gonna get this in to New Jersey? -You would have to just ride really long. -Oh very far-- -Oh, it would just take like a week. -You know what I did? I would say that last year I got my new bike and I get it right after Christmas and I got a fantastic deal. -Yeah. -Smart. What did you get? I didn't know you got a bicycle. -A Kestrel. -An urban bike? -Yeah. -Look at you, hey. I like that. -Yeah. And it was great and I loved it 'cause I went to the bike store that I go to and I said, "Oh, I'm looking for a day, I couldn't do it." -Yeah. -So, then I came back with a bike. He said, "What did you pay for this bicycle? This is a nice bike. That is cool." -Yeah. -I bought like a 2-year-old model and no one could unload. Why? I walked in and the guy is like, "And you're gonna fit on this bike. It's one-- I had to get rid of this one bike." And I said, "I bet you I can fit on this bike." I literally said I bet I can 'cause I just looked at it. -Uh huh. -He says no, I think it's probably gonna be too big, but I'm all leg-- -Right. -so I fit on it and he gave me as a gift-- I said, you wanna get rid of this bike because no one on the upper west side knows what this brand is. -Yeah. -And you know you're sitting there hanging on to it because it's white, right? -[unk] for every sort of transaction. -That's-- It's a good investment because Kestrel makes their own carbon fiber, one of the two companies to do that in the industry. -Look at that. -It all retains its value over time if you wanna sell it again. -I'm gonna sell them. I've had my last bike for 12 years. I love that. -Let's gonna bike ride. -I'm scared really 'cause you're a mega biker. -No, I'll get a city bike. I'll ride anything. -Yeah. I don't-- -You and I wanna bike ride. You and Jeff will go to an Islander's game. Wait, oh my god. It's our shared memory. -I'm going-- -I wanna go skiing with everyone. -I used to ski. -I'm sure you still can. -I'm too old for that. -Yes, I wanna ski with this guy. -[unk] -No. In fact, they can. -No, I'm too far off the ground. -You're crazy. -It's a long way down I'll tell you that. -Justin center of the gravity in his shoulder last year. Yeah. -I used to love to ski, but not in the east coast. -All right, fair enough. -I'll be-- I tell you what? I'll meet you in the log. -All right. Cool. -I like that. -Uh huh. So where we gonna go for lunch for my birthday? -I don't know. We'll figure it out. I don't wanna [unk] -Starving. Again, I really just wanna thank everyone. [unk] the camera for this. -Sure, absolutely. -For all of your very nice notes. People really sent me like beautiful notes-- -It's very nice. -after my dad died and it's like crazy. -Yes. We, you know-- Everyone wants the best for you guys and your family. -Well, thank you. That's nice. -Absolutely. -I feel part of this family. -You certainly are. -In so much so that if I don't get nine more followers after this show to get me through 9,000. -That will happen. -I'm sort of like-- -It's gonna happen. -Aren't you getting a little bit off social like in your-- -I can't say this 'cause my-- my bossing will be happy to hear that. -But I just feel like some-- it can be so tedious. -[unk] -Yeah. -Let's take a break. -[unk] are good. -Yeah. I definitely-- -But it's like-- It is a job and it's part of my job. -Exactly. I tried to do that, but I mean like if people were-- people were like, "Oh, I have financial question." I can always respond to it. But like to come up with some petty things that's going on about-- -Everything. -everything, it's exhausting. -It is. It's very tiring. Nevertheless-- -We shall do it. -We would do it. -@jillonmoney. -Yeah. -So, make sure you do that follow jill and then go to the website jillonmoney.com and have yourself some phone with some financial advice. -And have yourself a very merry Christmas. -Absolutely. Okay. -All right. -That's gonna do it for us today 866-404 CNET, the number. You can email us the404@cnet.com. And we're back here tomorrow with Shanon Cook. -Yeah, from Spotify. -From Spotify. -Oh, that's cool. -So that will be a lot of fun. Until then, we'll see you guys tomorrow. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I don't know where to look. -You can look right to me. -I'm Aunt Jill. -I'm Justin Yu. This has been The 404 Show, high tech, low brow. Have an awesome, awesome Tuesday. We'll see you guys tomorrow, later.

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