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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1397: Amazon is ready for Prime time

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1397: Amazon is ready for Prime time

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On today's show, Android is taking over the world (seriously), Internet-starved users turn to ham radio and dial-up to get the word out of Egypt, and Intel's Sandy Bridge chipsets are delayed (uh oh). Also, details about a possible Netflix-like streaming service that would be free for Amazon Prime users. As if Amazon Prime could get any more awesome. All the right moves, Amazon. All the right moves. Plus, some problems with quashing subpoenas. --Molly

January 31. I'm -- on Hollywood positive buzz out loud podcast indiscriminately at -- but. 11897. Who cares we're buzzing Monday where fired up -- we -- -- the -- -- them -- -- this you're probably not gonna wanna -- -- wanna -- Newsweek web exclusive tentatively entitled. -- stand on a -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's because it is it is -- I'm feeling better -- you finally warmed up completely Malaysia anthem. Via Benin are ER AM human opinion than Monday and Monday's Google Monday okay we're gonna although we are gonna review of it now now that -- -- atop a case like. We we've kind of been -- -- the past few days are past -- shows but. If you guys didn't hear or know about it has no one's talking about a MacWorld happened over the weekend Thursday Friday -- -- Saturday. I was there. I'm I've gotta tell you Apple not being their for the second year -- also we had all the major third party vendors like Kensington in case Belkin. -- Canon Nikon Adobe the companies that use that least shows some kind of presence even Microsoft none of them were there -- and really fell for the first time I mean there's. You always wanna go and actual -- -- him to buy something on a -- -- that there weren't any of those like awesome MacBook bag manufacturers -- case manufacturers there are some time and talent to cool it that's your deal there. Overall there's an app section which as you know if you want to spend time there was -- but it just became a lot of iPad cases iPhone cases they're really not much Mac. Like desktop laptop things it was kind of the bomber I mean I got a few -- exams but when you only buy like two or three out of the whole show via U. I don't I I just felt even so now why I lost it's losing its own big time this -- the comedian still there though that the best thing that's going for the community still shows up. But there but I really desperate for something yet what separates it from amiga -- this -- you know -- like I. I really like our -- But most of them are like you said -- manufacturers need got to start wondering like maybe it does need to be -- and meet up at this point because Apple is clearly not supporting it in any way yet there are no other companies going through and its dislike. Eat -- it's time for it. That the -- pointed out commander at the expense of need to. -- it's -- totally and also at least the last year Apple had announced the iPad before MacWorld so there are still excitement around bitten this year though there's no product announcements even how people talk about something. Yeah and I just it was sad I just. I'm really thankful to see like the community social that a -- -- -- people care. But the show itself I think everyone after year -- -- Apple not mean there was more than disappointed I think I would be to temper maybe like I mean you know I wanna go for the they're here now and I'm not at all. Commodity seems pretty clear I mean it really every you know I barely know -- happening in a there was death -- evil reporting on it it's pretty brutal yet it was almost like it didn't happen. It was basically like to -- -- really is solidly at a news story by the way tag that's you mean you're not gonna feel like a store in the show notes. World. It was slightly -- and it finally remembered. And actually did and that's -- report. So those in the -- let down -- let down. In other news around the world interesting follow up -- and Egypt story obviously that the political ramifications are still ongoing there's violence -- and country we -- was still covered tech news that we're gonna -- -- -- that angle of course we're very concerned about activities there are people turning out. Influence -- -- but and that in the tech world -- amazing story today about how Microsoft is considering shifting some work out of Egypt. There. Mike that's among 120 companies that are located in -- smart village kind of -- office park. Which is you know -- -- -- if they have the information technology park. And Microsoft is saying we're constantly and assessing the impact of the unrest and Internet connection issues on -- property and services. What limited service the company as a whole provides to -- through the region in the profit center service has been largely distributed to other locations. Yeah and they're not the only one HP Hewlett-Packard -- has offices out there they -- all the places stay home. But when you do this and you try and you know they're trying to lure people with -- -- just like a center for technology to live and grow. But from other companies until I make that one of their home bases -- nationally and you can't there's going to be ramifications when you cut off the Internet so serious and not just now but down the road in the future why -- companies want to. Work and put you know put investments into that area when something like when this is the policies of this is how the government behaves -- Mac. 109 people were really no high tech companies have been flocking to all kinds of nations around the world that they think might be stable places for them -- and cheaper and cheaper exactly because they're cheaper yeah but and Egypt was considered I mean we even talked about this when it started. When that started. That Egypt is not the kind of country where you would have have expected this level of revolution deadlier at least you know unrest and instability like the fact that Egypt would go as far as to cut off Internet access is really. A huge surprise and is gonna make a lot of companies reconsider there. Decisions to be that NASA doubling and it impact them not just after this year but years to come. Just how do you wanna work that these companies of these governments in the future -- Meanwhile protesters are turning to old school technologies to circumvent the Internet outage like fax machines ham radios and of course dial up modems that -- kind of interesting. -- -- -- -- -- We zoom out. -- is there is -- -- calling hello hello hello. When -- the new halo and twenty yeah. -- now also I gotta say. Who doesn't now expected today. You've got an okay you've got mail you absolutely. -- -- numbers have been featured heavily in Twitter messages that are being tagged with patches related to the protest like pound Egypt and on January 25. ISPs in France likely mention on Friday actually the US Sweden and Spain and other nations that -- pools of modems. That will accept international calls information to and from protesters many of actually waived fees. To make it easier for people to connect. Now on Friday we reported that they -- shut off landline or potentially should they might have in certain areas but I have a relative actually within Cairo trying to get out he is among the -- -- State Department you know US evacuees -- And he was able to -- he was staying with some friends in a suburb in Cairo and was able to call out that sounds like landline service at least. Is operational maybe not in -- in -- and rampant that bill is a little unclear what. What communications -- they're continuing to block but it just goes to show men that old school stuff. It works is still works is obvious come at least we'll still have ham radio. You still pay for a landline at home or you're just yup thank you yeah I mean I think if they live in Hilton -- service with them and but if you always we live in earthquake country and you have a landline enabled your house with handling the data security -- -- for a home alarm you. -- -- Problem. On any one of those found that plugs into the while you know. Without -- little square arena he -- the connection yet but that little bit little -- Italy -- -- ethernet you're gonna want. Also if you want an Android tablet army might be happy if you're kinda sick of this whole iPad thing Android tablets have gained. On the Apple iPad in the fourth quarter. A moment it's according to Bloomberg Google's -- -- offers boosted its share of tablet computers almost tenfold in the fourth quarter. On Android devices -- point 2% of the global global tablet shipments in three months up from 2.3 percent in the preceding quarter. We can probably attribute these numbers to the fact that. Other tablets exist with. Actually it's have to like it and basically you can buy them now although I have to admit you can't buy that -- and considering that fact that day. Dana Point about the iPad going from -- accounted for 75% of shipments in that period December 30 earth. The three months to December 31 down from 95 with. I like it is already taking a huge hit. It's pretty surprised I mean we'll see what happens -- iPad two comes out. But analysts are saying that Android tablets will further pear Apple which is not surprising when that we only at the port model T and then like the -- became. And obviously know the diversity of all the -- that we see that are coming out some these analysts are predicting that you know Apple could potentially have less than 50% of the global tablet market. Which global leader -- -- it isn't really out of the realm of you know possibility. -- -- And again this is global so we're not talking about only in effect the Galaxy -- someone just -- that actually at during the -- and -- A new -- concert from today. Saying that that Samsung Galaxy Tab sales are actually quite small. Just sort of in Canada where they're getting -- in the company's earnings call on Friday. They revealed that the sales numbers aren't they -- announced sales of two million. Which doesn't reflect sales to actual consumers there like two million units shipped two million and not shipped not sold to -- that folder. Not the -- in. But they haven't given a forecast for -- although. There at it's not the only other Android tablet out there I think their a lot of like keep a tab selling -- China that are all in Walt now. And now may be some of those bills -- Nook Color. And it -- considered a color colored and a and but that if -- inching up in thank you -- -- prevention and that -- just from noon news -- news but even. Better news for Android -- was that Android has now taken over as the world's -- Largest Smartphone platform they have unseeded Symbian. Which is then basically the on top global giants didn't -- unstoppable global and topple level stumpel -- it's -- -- -- public thought up. The Android system has now overtaken Symbian manufacturers -- 33 point three million cell phones running Android up from four point seven million a year earlier. I think they call explosive growth -- out yeah that's amazing and now Android is now officially king in the world. And it which is in favor when you think about public -- partly -- Android earth appeared in the global market just to. A sudden it Google benefited from -- 615%. Growth rate. Machine up -- and that's the the ridiculous number of the good -- now when you also little look at Smartphone growth as a whole. There's this kind of info graphic chart every game and fortunately every manufacturer's. Google Nokia Apple rim Microsoft is down. There hope they'll probably put that in 2010 with windows phone seven and others up of the Smartphone market across the board very healthy. Mario and again let's clarify this is the Smartphone market and Nokia still as far as we know opinion still owns -- all global market in terms of just -- Nokia at least doesn't terms of phones shipped one point three billion facilities Nokia phone but this is specifically -- and chair and let out that world Edinburgh -- the and where you wanna be. -- -- some other areas that may not be growing as well right now for Intel we were all super excited about sandy bridge processors just what they can do. Power there a power consumption efficiency. On -- sold just today cut their profit margin outlook on based on a chip -- And -- looks like with them sandy bridge is actually been shipping those chips and actually already been shipping date but they had to halt shipments basically a companion chipset. -- with a six there it's within its extra support -- Made to grade functionality over time of devices linked to these parts like hard drive disk hard disk drives and dvd drives so they halted completely Intel warned. It's expected -- quarter revenues to -- -- -- third 300 million. I believe lower sound their -- the article -- invested like 700 going to get this back on track the at taking back via issue but. This is gonna for all those people that are excited us any -- you know we've been talking about. He's you know laptops desktops -- -- -- and waiting for like a MacBook Pro refresh with in the next couple months. It's probably gonna delay that. -- everything's in any -- push though pushed back the couple months this is. This is bad news -- Berkshire and they do say it's a very serious problem. But it is limited in Cisco it's it's strictly effects like -- -- storage devices connected to those parts. But that nevertheless they're gonna be doing return they have halted shipments and and they're gonna take a short term hit. They say that it will like -- and release. Delay the release of a lot of different laptops with them yet the clarification for you guys it's actually it's not the actual sandy bridge processor that having the issue. It's their companionship that -- Intel sixers chipset used in computers in conjunction with. The sandy bridge processor so don't freak out like -- It's just that they need to get the entire thing but an extra motherboard through the -- series motherboard chipset that accompany the new processor but. It you know that. The -- -- the bottom line is. Sandy bridge laptops will end the beatle era that is will be delayed. I'm learn -- now Wally length -- -- that old theater does the -- we simpler theme -- -- in a -- nine mile Tampa to break a now currently -- -- You've really got back Amazon leaking details about their Netflix like movies and good news service that the ball fired up an idea wouldn't. Plus -- accurate -- Welcome back to buzz -- -- everybody. -- -- is get this guy is if you've been loving your Netflix and your look. -- for competing service to potentially take on. And gave -- some -- alternatives Amazon. Potentially -- And even better it could potentially be free for Amazon prime numbers slow. -- Amazon prime -- get better and better so on the engadget was able to grab some free shots on through one of their users that was taken on Amazon and the message said your Amazon prime membership. Now includes unlimited. Commercial free instant -- -- a 5000 movies and TV shows at no additional. Costs seriously. Shortly after it was reported the user who found a page could no longer access that and -- it to multiple screen shots as he saw there that you clearly show. Streaming and and -- as prime instant videos watch now unlimited streaming zero dollars. Unlimited instant videos for prime members only shows up in the shop all departments menu though. There's a whole list then of prime eligible movies and and and TV shows that show up -- -- notes that -- commencing -- Not like they -- with -- expansion that they will beef up their catalog over time. Now it's not like we said he can't find those options now but this does suggest that they are they're coming -- And the thing about this -- which is -- the new because Netflix obviously is based on subscriptions but. Amazon can on this or subsidize this by pushing through and pumping people through the Amazon store front. You also -- Amazon now a sleek and having this three pronged attack with retail physical dvd sales. -- -- Which should be part of the new service. And then on demand and the -- -- till the day that mean they can put this this is a monster and already Amazon is always available on set top boxes they can help expand that. It's available on computers and -- this is that plus a pretty bold an awesome -- LA if this is true this is going to be a -- There's -- be killer I -- talk about all the right moves again with Amazon boom that's right we talked about by on Friday zero day. Okay so eighty -- fear -- cheaper than Netflix. And even though Amazon likely that would only have about 25% of the imagery that Netflix has today even if they lodged with 5000 titles. They -- have a big DOD library I'm sure that they can build a library pretty quickly Amazon has good relationships with many manufacturers. And then it makes time. The united this article points out -- valuable -- prime Austin and I gotta tell you just being an Amazon prime member it will make you order staying with yet. If my guys are you -- get the little app on your pounding it like. And. Don't like -- two day shipping on every of went on products that qualify which is it feels like at least 70% of products qualify for Amazon prime anyways so it's not like you're not getting your value there. Yeah exactly if the cabin tech firms like -- -- So you know that happened yet throw this is -- -- is that Amazon prime. -- idea I'm obsessed with Amazon -- they're like they used to be prime only search engines because you -- never -- narrowed down the -- that was ultimately prime and now Amazon has that is the -- -- people -- -- meeting -- -- it's -- And if it also included that what I do you wonder actually is whether. That streaming thing would replace -- -- -- option or supplement to the -- option on my Tivo or roku or something like that because those. Those devices all have the capability to do -- community could you often and -- this free streaming with -- gamble in the it be amazing it right. As long as they use operative -- All they don't separated does make it part of -- -- service yeah I don't make it a separate thing that's included with everything you have. And then also another thing that's cases like content providers I mean they want someone other than Apple to be able to. Get their content in -- they don't want Apple to be the dominant it is also. It's well for an -- -- as well all it's ridiculous them so we're we're fired up about this thing. So if you didn't go -- and announce that. Now -- different needs get up digital and rural that sucker up. Apple's Steve Wozniak Apple co founders Steve Wozniak who apparently does still say that he is on Apple. Payroll but I think that's a -- residuals. I don't own stuff. They. Venture beats. Venture beat dot com reported today that cracks are appearing in Apple's -- of public -- mainly because Steve Wozniak. Told engadget in an interview with just -- too bulky that he ordered the white iPhone parts from that teenage. I'm not that I've -- -- guy that you -- them. When he tried to take a picture with the with the white iPhone flashes of the photo looked like it was taken through cellophane. Which would seem to confirm earlier rumors that the white case with causing light leakage when the flash was used -- seem to confirm those camera issues. He also said his white iPhone four parts cost issues with the proximity sensor. Although the blogger -- he means the ambient light sensor who knows if that Apple has resolved those problems though and that back on the white act on par will start shipping -- While could you imagine I mean once they. -- -- -- hugely look at this. Since the -- knew about it to negate. They definitely knew about this and there is no way that they out of it if -- another black. Yeah like backed up back -- out football -- it's almost better. That they've delayed it for salon and turned it into this tech unicorn we're now there's -- repent of that met the demand for something -- -- on. Kenya update released -- -- that he also and don't yet know for Apple appearance that wonder like what is was the about Android east. He still is high on Android showing a lot lucky -- -- got a little trouble when. A -- earlier last here. He said that Android with the current winner in the Smartphone race and then he had to like well that down -- -- because of summit -- they have a -- the iPhone is lacking in but. And wants -- a big fan of interest on he'd purchases of multiple phones the not the guy that just gets Apple iPhone he needs a phone that. -- the phone there so. You know that it currently has three -- iPhone he's -- -- Verizon iPhone I don't know how -- -- management but he added this is I gotta admit this is -- My favorite one of my favorite things that Android is what he also cited the fact that it can accept voice commands. And that the voices speech to -- is so -- and a -- software -- keyboard and that he prefers that to the like we'll put it -- is. We always as Salmonella level and -- sites if those two things to cynically and turn right turn -- there so I'm good. -- -- -- -- -- -- interesting story on. Torrent freak today saying that you know there was -- and -- it doubly it was -- suing everybody and -- Over copyright infringement -- apparently. The video industry has taken up that ports all over again and in just about the last since January 2010. And between January 8 at 2010 and January 21 2011 in the past year basically been almost a 100000. Users. Have been sued individuals. Have been sued for copyright infringement and offered -- this -- you know. Where it turns into -- camp offered settlements. Gap for anywhere from a hundred a few hundred a couple thousand -- nothing that's insane about this is wafers that are thought okay -- It it's the rights -- trying to make money off the fuel but -- specifically. More towards the adult adult video industry. There -- -- ones that are finding out who is allegedly send their material. And then finding out -- information and then. Offering these like essentially these alternate ups. And sit and that they're trying to figure out how to make money this is like the new business model obviously. -- -- That's -- surprising that nearly all of them and view it in involve adult movie -- well that's. That they are the ones coming out lately -- -- saying that we're losing time money to piracy but I think it's to me that -- -- with. Maybe not entirely town and we estimate seems like where there really was -- is just like amateur porn death I mean really else that nobody. You know I'm opening myself up to all kinds of mockery here. But it seems like no -- buying like really what highly produced porn anymore reasons. What's -- that I -- to be down and dirty not that I know. That via. Anyway the aftermath of the moral is delicately you want a nice little I don't have it don't associate me with what I say there are going to be like a -- -- lots more goal and how you like that -- your stuff money would have -- one seriously if anything I mean it's sort of like. You know let you know -- CD sales declined because everybody had already replaced they're -- tape collections with CDs and so once the replacement cycle is over in there weren't that sales weren't there anymore. It it's sort of the same thing with partly it's not piracy alone with killing your business adult movie industry it amateur porn -- In Alex not you don't need to go around suing hundreds of thousands of people. And extorting money out of them think like prop up your business. The FF has filed an amateurs brief in which it asked an Illinois judge to quash subpoenas issued in one of these pay up or else like it. And sorry -- -- that's gotta be a lot. I'm sorry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nothing the -- -- copyright owners you -- I I am new to protect their right but they cannot use shoddy and unfair tactics. They're not even looking to actually take these accord -- just using the threat and the idea of it. To make money exactly. So they definitely need to -- -- There's yeah there's one thing I don't like -- subpoenas. It moved. -- and that's soliciting. Yet -- really listening. Although a good -- again -- -- computer -- the hopeful state journal that the weekend. Noting that NBC sent out and edible clips. Of -- Zuckerberg SNL. Episode early Sunday -- morning. While the show is still airing on the west -- Which is notable mainly because that's an island and so hard -- about taking Alan. Embedded clips and keeping up -- -- and and -- -- does that change from the -- -- native. I did anybody even see that appearance. But apparently -- on it -- We'll have -- go check it out. Always do with just Eisenberg gluten hosts and -- I showed up and it features. Also iTunes films are -- -- -- laws. They see there's been some -- developers. That are taking content from copyright owners Russian movies and and essentially packing them into the apps. So if you download -- -- the app you're act you get access to the entire movie -- Russian films such as gentlemen a fortune. -- the diamond army you remember about 10 my gosh they carry them as well as though -- classic choose sides. I gotta say and she there are honest that is a really clever it is smart it's devilishly clever to present them about -- the -- one of the people who actually is treating apps. He he all right cities like I realize this is wrong maybe I am breaking the law. So -- the rights owners are. Going to Apple and obviously Apple -- responded taken down but for the meantime you get favorites like -- -- signs have -- They -- kind of slow it down again -- again while the hot when we tell yet these are class. If you're out there and you think you have the next great cyber security idea you could make billions of dollars in the private sector or you could issue a proposal to the US Department of Homeland Security -- Has issued a call for such proposal they have a forty million dollar program. Now to encourage research and development in cyber security topics whether it's more resilient software password alternatives better -- technology. To prevent automated -- And so on and so forth so you can apply it sounds like -- soliciting papers and proposals in fourteen different cyber security topic areas and making individual grants that range up to three million dollars. Sweets and when a crowd sourced and get on it get on it somebody help our government plea. Was -- -- the gadgets. RI you've been waiting for the Dell streak seven prices. And as announced by T-Mobile they'll be launching on February 2. If -- seven inch. Tab Android based tablet it'll be 200 dollars with a two year contract. 450 dollars with Al which is actually really competitive compared to -- Samsung's Galaxy Tab which. On I believe it's like a 300 dollar with contract and 500 or 500 without -- country without a contract and 300 with a two year contract. So -- you know it'll also be using he Mobil's. Four G. Network ants. -- SA plus. Or -- exactly forward or EU. That is pretty tempting after it meant that as good pricing like you you're gonna do with contract pricing which I don't know I sort of feel like tablets tied to contractor. A losing proposition may be in the long run but maybe not if the pricing is that competitively 200 bucks for a seven inch tablet. That's doable and I don't know if the contact with -- -- -- -- nice and cheap to me. And for all of -- Technorati that are waiting for like honey tell this is only be ready to point it. -- like why even legal for us. You know watt light India right now wafer of those -- A Ford G honeycomb tablets that come out and now but for all the people that you know held to the note to -- 99 for the -- For example in the didn't -- -- -- yet. Options at the -- -- options. I this is interesting this new app called -- now it's a new IOS only -- and a bummer but it sort of combines lectures am. And foursquare. So if you're channel flipping. And you come to use them show and you don't know what it is. You can fire up this app and it will tell you what the show is and then basically let you check into it or share them. I've been seeing. Get glue recommendations a lot are going up in my -- but lately but it sounds like there are several start -- the -- so so. -- -- And Comcast tuner fish. I don't know about balance and helping -- -- -- thing not what that there isn't a clear. Leader but I think that group clearly is the leader like that -- don't forget that I've ever seen. Yeah so it's -- now they're not trying to be like does social platform like the conversations but these wanna show people. What they're watching and let the conversation happen from there -- -- critical sir Alec. And it can recognizable live television and archives US -- -- that's crazy like television audio recognition for TV shows -- -- out right that is. That was a few other -- I mean yeah I don't know how -- -- pretty crazy the and then name comes from the expression what are you -- now. Okay -- eyes happy ending. All right Angry Birds we love it when you -- about nothing is -- -- and now we get that the body. And members joining forces with. The animated -- movie Rio -- brought to you by fox on -- -- guys units like the blue -- thing and think it. As the gov gray or blue earth like a rare blue recently -- -- seen in our driver for the Rio and -- the only one left well anyways. Angry Birds is releasing a version of their app featuring 45 levels. The three Johannesburg on special special Leo and branding. Angry Birds together calling it -- with a -- the cornea product key that. Silly body because. Digital trends dot com writer to prevent campus like this might be the -- product -- and owl city performed a song and animated Al movie. If I think -- morning. Today he also notes though and this is probably true that the tie in will likely benefit fox more than Rovio because -- This movie hits theaters on April 15 -- a really like -- that Angry Birds react and -- half. You as though you feel that it's like if they're exiting your birds the voice of the -- -- it's just the -- -- it is Oscar nominated Jesse Eisenberg. His love interest is going to -- and him. Sweets I -- they -- then watch like 35 Angry Birds little mini videos on YouTube. The other day they'll mining right he has he is the target market for the cartoon when that -- Who has also the target market for the like button. Potentially are now actually in reality literally I'm sorry guys we had to do this. T pain. Over the weekend that tattooed of FaceBook like button on his or -- It looks really adequately. -- he how to better security and elegantly I mean I know yes it made a good song for at least another light years so -- wow he truly did. I get it had every time I come a -- why that makes me feel that I should now -- myself. You're going next week I'm coming -- the -- -- aggregate -- with a light bubbly I'm coming to visit this high quality that's yard near and maybe you wiggle a lot. I don't know I do like how it's like the pixel tax it is that it's like it's it's not like all fancy you don't have to you light. Mean yeah I adult so -- and -- near death of like yeah that's what I thought when I slowly we thought actually and then make them. Travelers over the creative director when you need one right that's. I -- hurry -- and get to the point. -- Don't worry if you have been waiting we have all of the IPV four entries now we have -- at least like ten of them channel lineup today will be declaring a winner and I think. That we're actually needed US second batch tomorrow and have a winner tomorrow too because he got there are -- of amazingly. Malaria -- a -- burst up. The voice mails and at first and voicemails. Everyone's -- comedian. It -- its current product or just wanted to weigh in on the great controversy. All what realization and how far back -- all your science education. And ethically right now I am very -- -- can decide a leaked video out of China where they're currently has perfected a method of making a time machine on the -- -- So yeah I'm all about all -- -- During. Computer -- you mention that top gun helps you in the league he's way back that they have to do what you know is that you're wasting its objectives. Getting use out again and I BM as my colleague you do not put them -- -- in the. -- areas. Oh man I and that our next caller -- like to apologize in advance. We've gone down husband tips on the difference between the ecological advantage -- the -- the next. -- regarding your question about whether the -- -- -- books. Well warned that in the landfill compared to micro -- hands on it right now about 5000 book. -- Back of the envelope calculations that's about the same volume as a tiny car. So that's -- argument and second one is. Even a broken that I am looking on eBay right now. Now sells for about seventy dollars. Seek to keep it out or until all together -- a thriving market for -- -- and we just look over to the trade paperback. No paperbacks available parts or repair their -- that they -- Really did. At a I don't think I have all these issues were it not for the tone. But if not -- volume. In the landfill that I'm actually concerned about -- you could pretty much put all the books you want in landfill and they will in fact bio degrade. And lets you for example the lithium ion batteries that chemicals in the the plastic can then -- county's -- yet exactly you could put roughly ten million -- Finland Poland -- -- significantly less to. Or take those 5000 books and make new books out of those 5000 books which you get all the idea though in fact -- you made I get. -- -- -- -- -- -- Every one of your paperback if properly recycled is in fact that phone. But thank you for -- Thank you come again. Okay thank you getting email rob break in for lunch time FaceBook would keep popping up -- -- that my FaceBook account wasn't secure. The shocker is that I finally clicked on Wednesday and they asked me put it them in both the my account become more secure. So I put in my cell phone number just a they would shut up lo and behold I looked at my FaceBook profile today to see they posted my cell phone number -- the public. WTF. FaceBook explaining how posting myself alone for the rest of the world -- -- -- -- care. I've already taken up -- FaceBook friend Robin amber they can act an -- -- but going -- everywhere else or my own security. Which -- say. Diet. Fell victim to that you and -- put in my email address. Yet the security thing and then they link that email -- to my account and I started getting email notification for every freaking thing that happened on -- which I had opted out of in the other companies to sign up. And that I had to go back into the settings and literally like check 75 little -- in boxes via. Now how how how can now. -- make it stop you know what you need a tricked people into giving -- personal information that you're then going to post publicly and a profile page you're doing it wrong. How many times appetite with it but you're doing -- -- You insert I mean -- -- yeah I'm getting the same thing this guy has but I haven't filled I have yet to fill out any of that information and it showed you this -- like. How -- you're security level is with each piece of information you add in their electric -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet neither will tackle our ports -- based but -- next email this one coming from Pedro. Hey -- -- crew I'm right about the commentary them only get on I episode. Thirteen 96 about the PS3 jailbreak he said. There's no real consumer benefit and in then enabling piracy well I've got to disagree first -- -- I've -- many friends of the jailbreak PSP. And before the iPad and the Kindle the -- it to install laps to -- is PDF CR and other multimedia -- that were not supported by Sony what I'm saying is by jailbreak in the PS3. Hackers could use the PSP interface to create apps and enable other features just like what happened with the -- jailbreak. Love the -- them from Brazil. -- it in direct pressure I let's get hero. The I PV or contest idea populate these are basically I apocalypse is like our top submissions. And we'll tell you it's one of the winner after we -- heal our neighbor yet this is or if those -- in an incident. IPV four is running out of addresses potentially crippling the Internet. I PV six is not ready yet similar so we're wondering what might happen and -- And gloom and doom. I -- started alright sorry. I'm all. I'm Molly -- -- don't you believe -- defeats. On one -- we're about to run out of I. Activities it has about twenty million of them -- they are using it anymore one Rogue state that's willing to redress to the stone -- every couple years. And the modern world is dandy till I PV six is in the cheered. Oh conference. Heavy magnetic cue up there and it's not actually because this is like the federal these are gonna call for Nicholas an anchor its with a question. -- and -- and when I PV four -- -- run out and the Internet can't expand anymore wouldn't -- machines interpret that as the end of our usefulness. To them led by their most advanced member one then they won't rise in unison and murder anyone who doesn't. Love the show. But -- not it's a lot of question mark is there. -- the avionics engineer. Monster cable if -- use special gold plated platinum shielded. Address extended -- -- ethernet cables only 85 dollars per Linear but. The -- played lets those extra addresses slipped through the cable easier. All bets. Night David says hey why don't we just make all of the younger website move back and their parents got a -- of them address those. But then he goes on -- -- to sell you the truth I'm not worried I'm sure Dr. -- Lady Gaga or will I am against them. -- LaBelle theatre then a little about how it would have -- -- -- became a creative director -- like yeah that's right with the director of the RI -- through what will happen and I PV four runs out. A wake up around 615. Take a shower brush my -- -- of applied -- and get dressed similar to what happened upper lie to me. Love the show Mike of the Bible and five. -- Brian says in an Apple like keynote event Steve Jobs comes back to work -- To tell us although we were holding IPV four run and every other currently we might out of run out of addresses. Oh and the new I PV -- will come in white. All -- Everything funny they are away funny and then for your reading enjoyment and leaner and caller we have posted someone -- -- vary. Creative. Novel really a Novella that he will open about what will happen in involves President Obama Samuel Jackson -- -- -- As -- commander -- Jackie Chan Charlie Chan shin Chan Ethan Chan a goes on and on otherwise known as the -- and. I like this and think good to read it you gotta take it out but it really view logged three and I'd be allowed at cnet.com -- -- -- -- -- we appreciate the creativity that time the -- we really I mean it's amazing but it. -- at least we should go back to our winner for today we out of an effort if you guys -- -- which when you thought the winner was today the one that came out of nowhere and made us all eagle like girls. Monster cables. Cat five. Genius that is of. Address extended -- IV clinic him boldly aims -- But seriously John avionics and ZUR winner for today we're gonna have another batch tomorrow and I think I actually might send like a -- -- sticker to the -- -- that -- camping expert and whole area. I.s so with the name anyway send us that email address or that political unrest -- email you CNET stickers and buy anything else we're doing another batch of these tomorrow because we got a lot. You guys are you guys are made it happen and hilarious and also -- monster -- tables and probably send your attack for that idea is that think we can expect them and it'll work on that. Likely that you can read the Novella and key all the links of -- -- that we talked about today. -- -- below that CNET dot -- can email -- -- be allowed us CNET dot cnet.com. And send us your snotty recycling phone calls and -- hundreds think forensics. Do you think that it of the CNET please are you guys subpoenas. --
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