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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1395: BingTorrent

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1395: BingTorrent

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Google starts censoring torrents sites in their search and Facebook denies rumors of a Facephone, which means it exists! Hulu is looking at becoming an online cable operator and we drool over Sony's PSP2 announcement.

Today's Thursday January 2. When you -- I'm Donald bell com Brian's song love the buzz out loud podcast of -- determine a link episode thirteen 95 Molly. She's kind of lost her voice if you've heard her collectively each day. He is falling apart her voice box needs a little repair so -- little break he sounds it will for primitive days. But nobody really that's pretty that's -- -- -- -- I think though that the fact is that MacWorld opens today. The official floor. And I think that might have also been wife she's a little sick when you have all that Apple love flowing into the streets -- -- just felt like Kryptonite there -- only a matter of time it until she can't take it anymore. -- -- -- mission which -- of that site she should be back tomorrow. If not on. We'll see what happens but you know. The voice thing she gave me a day off when I had that had eight. And -- very angry mean so -- -- I can write they had the right -- -- Donald bell -- -- how things are coming out your welcome always ecstatic to be here always. Okay so let's get the stories over -- on the big thing everyone was expecting Sony to unveil something gets you relate a lot of us thought it might even -- Sony Ericsson phone. On that actually did not get any mention -- all but what we did see was the first look and specs. Of the next gen of Sony's next and portable they're calling it the -- and portable everyone's referring it to as their PSP two but -- the harder on here is really. -- -- For -- hardcore gamers let me just jump into it. You know throughout the -- it's gonna have the dual analog sticks and it hasn't five inch OLED display and 950 backed by 44 resolution slept four times. The current PSP -- also come packed with three G connectivity Wi-Fi Bluetooth and GPS. It has a front touch screen back -- booty touch screen and and it also has six axis motion much like the move a gyroscope. Com -- -- tech technology inside of the actual device plus a three axis compass and we also have up front and rear cameras. So that's. This is pretty crazy it's going to be packed and everything under the sun -- -- arm cortex a nine. Four core processor -- anything. So on are -- guys what do you care drugging and are not what you think. I think it sounds amazing but I also feel like this is like this same. Kind -- -- still around like really high and portable media players and PB players that come out right now is like. I don't care how awesome it is people are just so focused on phones right now and Smartphones and gaming on Smartphones that. This is an amazing effort. But it's like if you could if you could talk about how he knows me sold through T-Mobile rates that how you can -- a Smartphone to. People get excited about it I think it's -- though it has three G. Yet has a three G connectivity they did it. This announcement was really -- about specs and hardware showing off some of its capabilities now cookie -- back to lightly thinking inside they showcase games and they touted. They're next PSP is equivalent to PS2 graphics reviewers that -- actually had hands on time with. You know they had demo and chart which is basically one of the place -- -- huge franchise said the level -- were just a tad bit under PS3 -- wouldn't salary -- -- but. About scrap sitting on a portable hand held so farming. You're feeling in my -- I'm as a gamer I'm excited about I criticized I think the thing that Sony does though that might that hurts them long night we know the -- is coming that's going to be more -- consumers. The Nintendo brand is always more consumer but. The dual analog sticks the graphics and the thing I. Who knows how much is gonna cost me it also has -- motion sensors down at at and he's so you know -- -- interoperability with PS3 and whatnot but come. From hardware alone I am excited -- -- -- gamer I'm pretty sure also that some software it's gonna come out native identity -- -- -- -- Potentially life as it does -- -- say analysts say count indictment statement that the IPSec. Devices like this will push. -- -- like Smartphone game style devices further right wing you get for doing this has the only he's been really focused on gaming performance. That competition -- probably never -- the editors -- -- mobile game meaning factors that there so. No pricing we don't -- the battery life on this arm butts. Question what through the Chatham and you guys if you had -- -- now let's say they were both cheaper and -- the original PSP wants that to 49. Back in the day in 20045. And you don't mind is that media right yeah right now so if let's just say they were both -- -- nine what two it would go this is good this is this is the first time a portable console is basically made. Almost the level of real console and its -- it so what you guys say -- room as you mouse. I would have to it would have benefited -- -- been released titles we had with the release -- -- I mean I'm assuming it's going to be out of port three god of war -- where. No uncharted uncharted LittleBigPlanet and that'll be pretty awesome and I also want to know how back. Other reader yet as there intentionally -- that's kind of -- In addition in games. And I can really if I could always been like -- must have high school item -- you know especially if you're gonna have. My three G wireless in Malaysia so that it always texting keeping and communication with -- man. If you're not in that. Eight yet at that point we really feel like you need -- have a Smartphone but you want all the game all the fun all the awesome. I can see this being agreed to -- -- for that crowd. Yet now according to the chat -- it looks pretty unanimous right now PSP two men like pretty hardcore but with some other -- the news that Sony unveiled on that there. Announcements also was that they're -- be announcing a new platform -- PlayStation suite that's gonna allow original PlayStation games to be run on a variety of Android. And health and tablets and that's -- in -- they're you know pushing their content over on obviously Android -- that I stupid. That's more because that they -- -- Sony Ericsson. That Android being that similarly in it and operate as though that's a really good point and so they have that coming they have that. Coming down the line as well and am I know the hardware looks -- it's -- a little bigger than the current PSP 3000. Lighter in weight by them down that's that's that's all the good their -- it'll be available sometime in the holy season. No pricing yet but there's kind of like a little take on the PSP two or they -- -- I think it I think at some ridiculous stuff. Also hot news -- we talked about yesterday. We were. There is a rumor as always that face -- phone might be coming out. FaceBook themselves. Has basically said handle so that no deal has been shut out but -- it is not going to happen here are some of some FaceBook said it's not repeat not develop a mobile phone when a company represented that -- the tech news world today. Everyone's been timeout this you know -- -- -- we said that might be coming out on the NH TC branded phones mobile world congress. We'll see if they come -- -- but basics like you guys are free these stop. So it exists. We'll see it. And of course again that in this guy -- mad that might just got exists the -- or it'll just out of sheer will power the will yeah exactly it. So I don't have forgotten about via and -- -- -- you know at least we have faced looks at the story they say still nothing whatsoever. Now also Hulu. We all of Hulu or some people -- you know -- so -- about it's a little slots that little bit it's not particular pain -- when it first came out I mean everyone was just like. Hulu Hulu Hulu. Now you know because the contents I'm showing up on some like Hulu plus I'm not shown on regular Hulu Hulu plus people not be able to get all that stuff -- I -- regular on Hulu beta that -- on the boot camp so awesome it is that the those like ad free. Everything I everything is so cool now is potentially a -- this I'm really in depth article the Wall Street Journal that you guys should check out. -- -- kind of talk about the evolution of how their company has. Changed over time in what they were -- set out to do in a leadership Hulu management is potentially -- seen. -- Hulu as an online cable operator that would use the web. -- -- live TV channels and video on demand content. To subscribers. Then change the in the like you know blu always wanted to be that revolutionary service. There's a lot of evidence now you know -- timeouts -- that how would you know TV viewership we all know it's going down at the same time. Know the stats say 2% of all video. Period TV Internet wherever consumed now -- 2% of it is online so it's still not that big chunk -- Some of the warning sign that there are worried about is that on in a recent report what is -- -- here. Entry up in last year's fourth -- -- number of people between ages eighteen and 49 that's the sweet spot pretty happy viewing watching any kind of TV and a traditional -- Was down about one point 3% from the previous -- The biggest decline now at least four years at the same time Internet viewing has increased US consumers are watching videos com or TV shows -- this -- 96% up from journal. How many have that the actual content makers about their old systems that there that -- Holding two and there they're part of food they're gonna and they're gonna freak and that viewership -- now on their old model. -- they're talking about -- -- They're they're model change because I'm initially let's see who who's who's the founder -- killers have done processes and -- Austin yes then yes that the bar and -- -- offensive when they first started they were here to be you know a revolutionary service but as they -- in saint Hulu plus was offered -- the concept -- -- will you know we need something different that we're losing revenues and it's changed what I mean who's so purely as a finished thing it's a bloodless revolution could have water that can happen. Is and so on whether this happens or not they'll be interest in -- -- Off. I mean obviously would come on the pricing but. For someone it get it and that the biggest thing as usual in what Hulu has suffered with. Is will the content providers jump while we've all -- we even talked about an iTunes. Subscription back in the day will the content providers jump on and when they don't because they're -- -- to the old model like you say it. That's gonna make them all -- you'll little did the others. I happen is that any people freak out and they're not mean watching TV or Hulu there all the enemy jumping on a Netflix. And then now that the -- that make that in the actual contracts -- -- in the coming up for Netflix. All the content provides me the war on Netflix now from all these content holders. I mean is gonna be ugly and it's gonna changes ambulance can be disappointed in people are gonna be pitched back in the file sharing and having to get stuff illegally but like. The subscription model on -- at the same problem with subscription the subscription model for music is -- Maybe not as much as that amount of content out there pervert -- television isn't as as. You know huge -- -- amount of content out there for music at the same problem which is. You really only wanna pay for like the new thing those handful of shows he really passionate about and other 99%. Of -- I'd say say some epitaph but they'd -- to have to buy -- to see -- property. That does nothing to hazard. Reruns of Colombo I haven't felt when he asked. You you don't wanna pay for -- don't care about that. If there's so much there's the same problem with cable right now which is like you're paying for all the stuff. You're not watching. And -- that -- the price you're paying per month this is ridiculously low it's no longer revolution is just you're replacing one double with a different. And you know your basic pain for some these stations -- ESPN like a lot of you know. There yes in his kind of funny -- these other stations for existing on this -- passes and we're already getting -- -- in order to bypass cable subscriptions. Were buying like four different other services that are equally in the same rights campaign people anyway. The models not changing anytime -- but they're gonna try and do it on the statistic even -- -- little revenue numbers for Hulu and Netflix and reliably talking about Netflix a little later. Who reported revenue more than two -- -- sixty million dollars. Up from 108. Million in 2010. Netflix. Service which jumped in -- still not competing at least from a continents and went with current TV shows but looking to obviously of all there. Netflix which conference on dvds revenues of two point 16. Billion. Dollars last year. He though. You know although the services are different right the thing about it pitching to its paying boom bold. Really I think you have Netflix all Netflix -- to -- -- as their subscriber base continues to grow and we'll talk about the little more of the content providers will flock to them -- The and they -- -- -- -- that we got on every device -- I can I can practically -- Netflix summit toaster now but Hulu is like still like -- we can't get on the TV we can't get on the and we don't and we only admitting -- view the -- the Hulu plus -- which is act. You pay but it's a little more limited than watching the shows you currently wanna watch frustrating thing that path and Netflix is so easy to get it. -- Mac past that are not easy to get -- right now Google. -- a sensor bit torn in rapid chair and others. Google's finally it looks like they have potentially -- -- -- pressure from then PA and RIA this is fun. The search engine now is actively censoring terms including. BitTorrent point you turn you -- it. -- -- -- goblet from its instant auto complete services so. If you guys are searching for these terms whether it's on Google's web page or up in the top and Warner. There's usually an auto filler auto complete or Google instant -- shows those you know. Highest ranking surges into it it won't show anything as your times that -- tech bits are like seven characters -- normally. You see something you don't. I mean if you're sophisticated have to be doing it aren't you already know -- sophisticated enough did to use a different search -- featured artists -- dangerous country. It's gonna be so great under the guise of being like so -- right now I. -- and I can remember at the heart surgeon on this does but you know the thing about this is its. Obviously it's not gonna stop right I mean this is showing an indication that Google is you know -- -- in the US now. Now leaned down to big companies in the corporations that and the you know I mean they wouldn't do that just because -- just for the good of how does that affect you know quote unquote. Google's not streaming in and it is continents for in them they're trying to play nice all the content you have YouTube that they did you have YouTube. Well I mean. I guess the only thing I say this is that is you could you could make a free speech argument where there is like not everything on BitTorrent is. An illegal file train passed around -- lot of artists -- -- distribute their content aren't exactly so I'm Natalie it's kind of like it's kind of an evil main. And they'll be evil company isn't due out by deliberately censor searches for. This particular comic -- guitar -- also increasingly becoming and that what you're saying for music and film freely and -- -- -- people -- releasing stuff just on guitar. We know a K you know we're not gonna play dumb and pretend like open torrent like these towards her the you know have the high you know. The has moral standards that obviously we know all that type of content that is on there. But at the same time it is still a -- -- we beat that the -- in -- show awesome technology to the gap and so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know if they if they get enough -- -- bill -- -- but that completely remove terms arbitrarily. And in some of these other torrents searched I think that may not be as popular. I'm like -- is one of -- Not until he got -- let you can still search those so its its home it's a little suspect of why they're doing certain ones -- it's not -- either -- indicate no motivation exactly and it's it's the studios are right. Google also I'm actually in good news because least. -- -- -- see an action but I'm gonna -- -- there. With tablets coming out with honeycomb. They released their platform preview and -- I believe -- as the -- it was ruled out as well now showing us tennis of the new looks of what we can expect in -- a lot more real Android three point oh. This is very slick stuff com. Definitely -- dramatic design -- it. It looks like it's kind of stepped up into the future just even and I liked the way the menus the clean lines. On your taskbar at the bottom that's that's sitting at the bottom incentive Venus -- -- -- and -- -- a beautiful things about -- is that like you mentioned on the taskbar. Will have -- of those -- like to go back the menu button. And the homeland which would eliminate you know these hardware at the hardware bugs me a lot cleaner design know what -- can think about some of the things that -- seen with. With the latest like releases and looks it looks. Cool I mean I'm excited to see it on the -- -- to be the first to have it. I think that. It is gonna definitely changed the landscape for Android based tablets in -- not having to account for the buttons. And I think in the long run it's gonna make a lot easier. Hopefully for companies to offer inexpensive products that just put this beautiful new operating system on and leave it alone yeah you know instead of having to work so hard to transform. You know Foleo into something that's -- can fill up a tablet space and work. There's me -- acting and also the reason that it's being released out to developers is because it's gonna be apps that can really take advantage of all listen. It actually states -- bat -- and -- theological stuff you have and and hopefully. I mean Google must know that the apps have to be there at that size and for that you know for that customer and -- four. And honey come to really take -- and in -- to compete against the iPad. Yet -- -- mean finally at least we get an Android that's made for tablet some of the cool stuff they see here. Is in the web browser as it actually has tabs open in diet that which gives a lot more of a Chrome feel that I love the -- idea on an actual tablet. Thank you know it's it's -- and I have -- here's this little video running the show some of -- -- -- -- excellent. They go experience the lab with the best in class web -- -- people that -- -- -- antibody and you have what you said this clean interface that people don't have detritus in it because they think it's a. Ran and ran out of the eat it copy paste too for actually reflecting -- You and emails. And get like the different -- email and phase out the iPad there's there's a lot of popping into -- -- and and hopefully it will. But -- That the experience that last year with everyone trying to shove awkwardly -- of Android two point you know 22 point one on to a tablet yeah thank god they've really just. Paying money to the lowest bidder and not until I guess in this -- -- -- the onto that fancy. Don't do it. Yeah if you guys wanna check out any of kind of some of the more nitty gritty details can check out com. Android -- developer website on that in -- breaks down somewhere the features that developers of Android common you know navigate yourself either but. I like -- looks it looks great. Nap and the one thing now that still missing against the iPad obviously the the content -- had they shown how they're gonna have their Google bookstore. The artist John I think -- you and I kind here when I patent Amazon. May be an MP3 -- PT and content delivery but there's no real. ITunes on the tablets I think it's hard it's hard -- -- -- it's I mean I don't know and that's that's one of those things Apple's gonna build the whole onto its and I look. People want to geek out and -- she now downloaded episodes of -- year whatever they want and that's going to be -- much smoother experience on our -- -- -- for like half burnt in Amazon com not Amazon -- -- and break even compete or finally have some sort of all in one ecosystems solution and with -- view the content providers that are out there it's really to me it's either gonna be Amazon that builds it or Sony -- you know that that app that can -- compete with iTunes for alternative Apple and that. Microsoft can do it again anyone who's like really kind of nerdy about this that does not commit to its gonna take empty second -- and how they're gonna wanna get their content. And -- -- on Sunday night that he can go to an Amazon store and download the file and play it back directly on the device without. Apple's you know walled garden of -- -- to actually download and play that MP3 but down for the the user that's coming to devices like tablets -- -- -- ease of use and simplicity. And outlined how to download apps and or to download content -- all that. If it's gonna be a little bit more stretch back and I think that it's a really cool alternative to what Apple's obsolete all right we as we're gonna take a little break will be back talking about Netflix. Well that looks pretty -- here -- themselves will be -- live. Welcome back about that let everybody here with mr. Donald -- and keynote themselves -- -- house. Move it back. Netflix. Very happy just that the recently Q4 2010 earnings report they talked about how many subscribers. They picked up in 2010 adding seven point seven. Million of those subscribers during this past year surpassing its -- -- million subscriber mark in the final hours of 2010. Com. They're going gangbusters. There's discovery are literally nothing you gain means that -- gangsters there's subscriber growth in 2010 outpace its original prediction. A three point six million. It jumped from seven point seven over -- -- a project with the point 68 at seven points. And and -- -- a lot of can be attributed to its newly offered streaming only plan. Which account for more than a third of all -- subscribers that only that looked like it was its successful venture for them out. -- they're they're on every device -- I'm curious -- Yeah I'm I'm wondering how much more growth they have to do -- not have to do but they can do now I mean. It's gonna come down more if if they can it can take that next step would potentially take in what who looted and implement in the Netflix. Meaning meaning -- in the live like more quiet content on the spot at third and the next evolution is thing. Remains now is how well they're doing they can't be doing anything except in in inviting. Them some jealousy and hate -- and that just -- haters out there from other companies other content providers who -- just can be trying to take that money off the table. And it there you know in their QQ four earnings report they just talking about how all their subscribers nearly our nearly three point one. Million arrive in the fourth quarter alone for new subscribers that -- -- but the streaming service. Me it means more money to license content with which means -- Goes hand in hand why I'd think though more content that which. Oh my of that and even if that means that paid you know tedious or whomever again and I hate that -- he jumped out of the Netflix -- -- get some specific piece of content that's not being offered yup -- and also you know -- really -- -- with a company like Netflix button on. Like TV controllers are many factors so it's gonna be about. That's that's a -- but -- -- there. A button on your -- like -- CNET have a button. I wanna look our logo looks like a button we should just be a button is on -- -- Also -- Netflix is Netflix trying to embarrass her eyes -- -- in addition at there -- earnings report Netflix CEO Reed Hastings kind of called out Internet service providers saying it was inappropriate -- to -- -- The costs. On his company -- pay all the costs of delivering streaming -- service to subscribers homes he's -- -- do something about it so obviously. He said it's only fair price is expects some of the -- in which I guess according and they really arts. And he's going to release essentially a list. Of the best performers which ISPs are best at delivering the best and most consistent. High speed Internet traffic -- Internet for streaming Netflix got an ad because -- I -- is this is so much more what people are asking the Internet connection to do for them and this is this is a man I mean. The kind of -- -- fees and and -- have consumers. You know this is only like more inside -- -- it's -- like my -- can be like oh my -- com announces low on Netflix I'm gonna switch providers know they're not let down. -- and a the transparency and audio we've talked about it -- Netflix that makes up its -- there -- somewhere around 20% of all primetime -- especially in Atlanta -- some providers are purposely throttling Netflix traffic. You don't get HD stream -- even though they -- off pretty extreme. It doesn't it it will let everyone now. Let's be transparent idea that in most places you'll need it -- -- -- -- exactly. Well related artists all the same flavor and maximize the -- same players are right -- along we talk about they yum. Verizon iPhone unlimited plans being offered or a limited time. AT&T is going to be tried to prevent customers from defecting com according to reports a -- an Associated Press. They've learned that some AT&T iPhone users unlimited plans when they say they're going to switch over Verizon are being re offered. The unlimited AT&T plan. The afternoon the special you know the of the African country it's like -- speak easy got another -- handshake. A want to go to Verizon so -- according to a report. This does apply its of people who were previously had been limited plants -- -- had to be I guess iphones drivers before June 2010. Before they -- a change their plans on but there. I mean they're gonna do everything they possibly can keep -- divers but. I don't know the man -- mounting black I don't thing Blackberry here. Nokia can -- them -- -- camp up in. Make up for that last revenue it's also when you thought about -- -- -- Blackberry playbook and Smartphones there's an exclusive from boy genius report. Are potentially look keen to run Android. Apps -- So they'll be loaded with apps out of the gate. They're trying to figure out a path. On to see how they can take its existing -- environment on and then using the Java virtual machine running on the playbook to then pump and run Android apps. This in. I don't know how -- look at it its -- if -- properly could be a big -- but it's how often. Yeah I -- I don't -- it actually. Blackberries hold position on this is that they are the secure her answer to the you know. Total lawlessness that and -- -- the democratic base jump on and bring it like it. An emulator that can bring -- Virus -- -- Android apps that you are trying to protect yourself against anyway. I mean that it's in the vehicle featured appeal to brag about but it's also like it's it's it's and say it's against the what they're trying to do not being Android. Gallup also is against like in inflating develop. Developers to make. Specifically for that label and is is -- -- -- it's not. Bad it's it's kind of -- it seems like not. It's a little bit down a little that the low self esteem -- With nothing like -- one delighted that so that when a -- come out to have all these apps already in hand but. And -- it it it themes seemed like a heard them -- -- best -- that they have going for them right now is that they are coming out with an OS that's specifically designed from the bottom up for tablets. -- having. Like that's separate environment -- you can pull -- -- to run apps that were designed for Smartphones. Music is gonna be a bad user experience. I'm there with -- Again I there was yet I have a hard time believing -- but I usually you know that's when something's probably right. Community and everybody -- of this like there's no way Apple's gonna play piano. Separate buttons on the phone for the foreign control. Can hold -- and -- -- no way no way okay we're gonna Obama. Jump ahead the so we can keep things move along give -- some of the crickets. -- we talked unused cores iPad magazine it was going to be announced the -- January 19 it's now looking to be launching at an event. Every second -- -- invites out syllables -- all the details of their subscription based service how this changes the game content specific. Our device is that it was at the -- specific content which my aunts and -- Clubs with an -- at -- -- is at the end. -- -- -- Now all know we're gonna open in its development here and I -- I document game in my back Microsoft on the shipped this is not necessarily sold by -- -- shipped more than two million copies of the windows phone. Seven operating system so basically you know the launch though it once on -- they -- customers that's that the product. Is -- 90%. Brand awareness -- jumped 22 points to 66%. It's it was released so. On you know we we like that again we keep on repeating -- -- like the Windows 7 software it's still needs to get some more features and I'd get up -- -- with the others. Com we said it'll slow we know that's gonna become -- slow -- for them there are now what is it 6500. Applications for windows phone. -- avenues and for the past two weeks -- -- you don't want your own -- how. Happy with an excellent its a -- -- -- is not -- and how the breadth of things you could do with an Android phone. But the things that it does it it's this really polished I can see why that user satisfaction. That you like the -- you like you I own it. Reptiles and everything Alex Laats. I -- Nokia Smartphone market is sharing -- 31%. And operating profits are taken -- -- as well. So the Nokia death watch continues and even if CEOs are kind of testing out of -- yeah. Profits aren't going to be. Dropping market share from 40% 31% never a good thing -- Also for all you people that -- one about the pre ordered details on the rise and iPhone creators are going to be starting. -- -- -- Eastern time on every third line little wraparound who knows how far -- -- -- the lines that I definitely think there will be lines for this one you can get up early in the morning to do that. The authority -- that -- I want to. Well -- -- video what you do a path. On that read a third. And with some of another cut in keeping that in -- -- this is that Verizon themselves they'll be offering. Trade unions -- the existing AT&T phone customers to get iPhone credit when buying their new Verizon -- or so. If you look at this iPhone or 32 gig propping it 360. Dollar credit which pretty much covers closer cancellation -- now when he signed up. IPhone 4168 to eighty they're gonna go all the way back iphone's second gen sixty games are giving you sixty bucks three G for sixteen gigs. 1053 G ass at 32 gigs 160 dollars. So I I was shocked that they were in opera -- for AT&T well that that surprised me. In response to that AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson saying that you -- of the iPhone exclusivity will probably mean a rocky year for AT&T. Anything that they you know there's still have a huge commitment to Android -- -- more Android devices than ever this year windows phone seven Blackberry. Let. We'll probably have a little bit -- Iraqi with the thing. First quarter -- now dam project in Charlotte and -- and it really served it'll probably be removed it hard to call. The -- as much a surprise they are right on -- goodness isn't useless. Items in the robot okay. In a galaxy. -- along time ago. Astronomers using held public health they'll -- they found a new star system that is. The most distant they -- In the hubble's -- of -- the best camera. Cable appearing deeper in the universe that are or. They believe they found on the most they believe -- the galaxy they can't confirm that yet but it's so far away that the light from it -- thirteen point two. Billion. Years to reach earth so technically they death -- -- -- blown up. -- gallons a day -- and finally it could be that it's a dim galaxy -- starts its 100 the size of the Milky Way galaxy that existed about or eighty million years ago. Pretty weird so they're hoping to find out there hoping -- by galaxies that indicate early life -- universe. This is this is the third it is one of things that they talked about -- that surprised them was bombed the area they found. Several dozen galaxies on the -- 650 million years after the Big Bang but they really -- found AP. In between that's -- to see something with these new lands but on the whole Hubble telescope they thought they would find. See a lot more of these potential penalties between 66 and -- and years and the 2.2 -- but they haven't. So the same implies something between 480 and sixty that 650 million years after -- the rating these stars forming increased temple. It's exciting. A lot of stars than. We know it could be out there in his galaxies. Squid. School where it's meaning like looking -- as its abilities we've fitted some content. -- US navy is looking to. Unlocked the secret of and visibility. By taking its that he of these special squid that have. I guess disappearing organs might. Organ that can become transparent and it -- I don't like don't like squid like different light -- that they react to light the lakes means the color on not only there are students -- the surface in but also -- -- and portrait picture. That's -- thing when their -- their super army. You know genetically engineered. Super people -- gonna have this squid like visibility organs. I mean we know they've that's what I'm saying from that they -- and the rest of -- now I'm not correcting you want to be true. Hey it's good peoples alternately peoples -- army so other investing in a five million dollars and to -- sciences at Duke University. The wits honesty a lot of you know what we -- -- snake robot that -- the crap he's. We also saw on they've -- like that though the surface of the pads on deck -- -- It emulated have a climbing robots so one and you know that Star Wars -- back to this could be the beginning -- that -- are. And I -- -- that you literally in the US and he was gonna it was useless permanently -- issue was reportedly mean what about there is one of those bounty hunters with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Netscape at the clause. That -- -- IR let's just get losses that that Indian. We talked about MacWorld Mac world is here everybody on this on I'm sure that if you come here to MacWorld. Strip clubs are rounds. The census -- -- -- -- report released they have joined forces. You bringing your MacWorld badge and you get half off admission button. Have yet pulled out a little yet you know thank you candy amber -- and -- are all here to serve -- -- During your time here at MacWorld earth and the name tag they like -- off the names like absolute -- -- I had met you I've met you and it you to highlight how her bad -- has -- Twitter FaceBook and YouTube clips. Like you're gonna YouTube viewer experience and San Francisco strip will be -- -- code you hear hey if you thought you'd like a foursquare check in. Is here how far does a pretty good deal though I'm gonna tell you right now any any -- have -- the oats like you got at least look at it. But it now it's not gonna encourage you -- there's always there's -- like this kind of weird -- a second hand market of MacWorld that -- but sometimes you can't go on Craigslist. Some of the people the hot commodity -- on -- it's like there's more value packed in a -- -- than ever before this year. And -- to sad like more of the crew hand drawn MacWorld that if -- -- That is awesome all right let's go get some of the back -- Okay our first voice -- we talked about around the state of science education here at the US. Com offers voice -- is about state of education in general. Yet the show. About the advocate and -- -- a school teacher. And acute health and I'm now -- let him. I'm at I. A lot and and this is an -- this where they don't teach -- this sudden leap out here. I'm is it. -- is on the tenth right now at some elevens and wow -- and now I -- -- now. Go -- this I mean I. I almost I do believe it yeah I believe -- observations. Pattern of like its widespread if they losing that part of the analogue world really -- such a horrible thing for our nation -- -- I mean that doesn't affect critical thinking little -- -- it was having issues but -- we have a student friend. From I believe the second and editors accused -- trying to refute some of those results of those are the results of the survey are test that's of that you know we're deficient science. -- David -- from Sacramento high -- -- actually -- yet talked about how 13. All -- who it is in. I. Don't have the crap that science. I don't believe this are actually true will reflect the real. Knowledge of its disputed because they're based off the start that. And start sent it very hard it is to try because it doesn't affect -- in the long term whatsoever. -- to actually have to lie about issues -- I personally don't because it it doesn't affect us whatsoever colleges don't look. Nobody really looks there's just something to think about I don't believe those are -- -- viable source. But that could be completely right -- could -- -- -- -- -- -- It's possible maybe -- Sacramento now well hello -- exact -- Donald. I'm Donald I'm I'm I'm mad dated even regular attacks in real -- now -- only that commands in my heart. -- down you know on the -- -- lover and it we had a caller who is. Not happy about -- -- other times earnings but offered anyone. -- her I was listening to episode thirteen 93 and I was horrified. Horrified. To hear you guys students safe finger sorts. And not a single personal. Fingers -- it. Metallica -- source. Ehrlich a lot of -- of the show. No he won't hold my -- had not. Wow -- -- and repeat that. Thank you for that voicemail and mapping on the tell you that that was also Molly -- approved early people who -- in Hawaii we just but -- because there was genius. Okay -- of the emails. Hey below -- just a few thoughts on educational system I recently graduated high school in the state mandated tests that were required to take real rarely represented knowledge of the student body. -- were required to sit in a room and look at the tests were monitored to ensure that we were at least writing something but oftentimes it's would just scribble or -- and not try. -- time oftentimes these students would skew the results. Though they did tests -- moron if we could read rather than think critically thankfully my high school had a great science department now I'm studying engineering and eleven it. Love the show Dylan Ann Arbor, Michigan. And I. School this for the email. -- down here from mark. Saying Molly and Brian and normal. I think that show thirteen needs it in show -- -- started ranting about Samsung and their lack of upgrading from previous and -- phones the pro audio. I -- AT&T captivate. And I found myself standing up and -- I'm -- its assessment of stance on being tech journalists the of course have responsibility. To report on all products but. It every journalist and -- reviewer that -- report on Samsung products would just add a disclaimer that Samsung does not have a repeat reputation for supporting. Previously you of these products with upgrade if I'm sure more people would -- -- and that purchasing decision. That's payment attached every mention of every Samsung product or leave us phones -- Samsung would take notice and things would change hopefully. Wishful thinking but just -- the does a lot of fist -- I I do my best represent parks via passionate pet assessment did this -- -- Is they you have -- allows. Can tell mark I'm here damn I need to support their -- -- -- thank you are a distance of Jack you know I'll buzz to. Richard from Washington Xena about -- T charging rent for their phones reminding me of a personal family story from a few years back. Around 1994 so we -- -- my grandmother out of her house that -- been living in for the past forty plus years. And into an assisted living community one of my -- wanted to keep the old school rotary telephone that resided in the kitchen as a souvenir of his childhood home. The thing was probably as old as the house itself. Though through a series of long and boring events we ended up learning AT&T would not let him and -- of the phone was not to return back. In at a authorize collection spot. That charges can be brought up as -- phone was still the property of AT&T. That was a bomber actually learn how to dial telephone number on that phone -- one of the few people my age I know who can say that and 26 by the way. And it's kind of hilarious that think that even though AT&T was in the middle of its court ordered breaking up of its monopolies and -- The -- someone there insisted that they get back there -- gas darn property sad love the show. It has it taken throat into a pile I absolutely just -- it does get a melted and all right. That's gonna do up for our show guys they strain -- this. Donald Benito here you check out our show notes if you want a -- the stories of the old -- cnet.com. Call us 80616263880616. CN ET you can needles of -- at cnet.com. We will be here back tomorrow Friday Friday Friday on and then we'll do little recap of what we saw -- -- will we didn't. There will be not know iPad is now I know no gold club. He added that thing and there is I'm not gonna talk and what happened with Google's. -- right we'll see you guys.
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