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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1393: Science education: it's a crisis, people

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1393: Science education: it's a crisis, people

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Hey, you know what we need a ribbon for, people? We need a ribbon for the fact that less than a third of U.S. students have even basic proficiency in science education. Science. Education. You know, the foundations of the universe? The familiarity with physics and electronics that leads to inventions like cars, computers, and fancy tablet computers? This is a serious problem, and sure, there's other news today, but this? This is important. Love, Molly.

Today's Tuesday January 25111. And video Gonzales. Hello friends -- -- Hello everyone in Hollywood while the buzz out loud in this podcast intermittently -- -- thirteen 93. And someone's highlands and diet -- today show has been brought to you by the magic of real -- about one. And I am now officially on the the -- that had lift. After going to link showing my idea ridiculously manufacture and you're drunk in public ruined it for the rest of us through -- suggest that now that all the -- -- know. Other chemicals that making it like they've been trained away from buying over the -- And that the -- other chemicals so maybe we -- just go back to the part where we can by coal meant the network. Without having to like the electric increment. Internet and they've ruined it for everyone. -- -- -- -- -- -- in Europe the active database Bill King alien race. I still have some left over like it in like maybe twenty pills in my cabinet pact that makes you feel thing we re not that I use it in those -- They say and it's expired now I'm running. Out of all adults sugar coma I think what I I -- -- last remodel its like you know it's the same feel as saying you're being you know what's amazing -- was sound enemies in early this morning that Verizon. Announced earlier that there iPhone plan would start off with unlimited data. For thirty dollars so on the Wall Street Journal. What had a chance to speak Loma out of the ease the chief operating officer right now and he said that they would. Because it was so many people been grandfathered in before you know AT&T did their switch and one they were going to offered unlimited plan. Everyone was like -- Is seen him like this is a -- like while Verizon actually lived up to that they said they would do it but then. Our -- like a little -- like an hour later on. Later this morning -- Adams said that I -- the limited plan will be a temporary offer. And that the -- -- and -- following AT&T'S move to tiered -- -- in the not too -- -- though. I would say if you really wanna get locked in a limited. Then you gotta do within the first like month. But these this is the problem because we've been counseling people not to buy -- they exactly they shouldn't I know and they should they shouldn't that they have to you probably if they wanna get -- really wanted to implement it I mean that's the problem is you need to get grandfathered in somehow it's never simple these phone. It really didn't like. Go here you know -- and every carriers like do you want the data in the voice do you want the Wi-Fi hot -- you want the unlimited data plan but he many locked in the template. That the supplement. That's -- missiles and waited out well if you're -- on -- old and you're probably already have security grandfather yes I actually was gonna drop down to the fifteen dollar plan. The public -- on what I all the time and I actually think and need unlimited data but now I'm not going to getting away. The -- in examining -- -- in the right there will be -- -- You just wait. It's a couple interesting things actually with that one was that they've been having templates in their network over the past month in anticipation of the -- -- it's sort of and better now maybe -- been testing by definitely noticed -- like a really like updates are. Where the data as well as an instrument also he said that subscriber growth -- slowed a little bit than analysts corridor and people are saying that might also have been it was implied that that little thing in anticipation. Well there's recently -- I don't think we talked about there's recently a charter survey showing. -- Verizon subscribers and how many of them actually had Smartphones from -- like 25% of their subscriber base. Was basically locked in a Smartphone so they still have a huge opportunity at least might have plateaued. Belies the fact that let Sony 5% of them not all those are people gonna jump on Smartphones but a big chunk of those will -- jump over sooner or later -- when it helped that cell. Although -- of like kind of -- and I I think they're still gonna have a. Father and have a bigger. Big -- followed them and I think that we can still probably safely advise you to hold off on buying new -- -- there are so many good phones coming out. So it -- you know make a good buying decision and do a little testing on how much city you use because I really. I do not especially like -- -- ally -- Wi-Fi at home network. I'm nowhere near -- the 150 meg like so if you if you aren't any is it. Only pay for early Nina which is country to what I descent and now but I'm -- -- don't -- But that's the thing like I looked in my monthly plan and I was literally using just under 250 so I was like. Okay I'm gonna kind of -- maybe a few things -- cannot -- just make sure I'm on like by. And it hasn't -- -- I'm only paying fifteen dollars a month from my data plan exactly and that's I mean that's he's over the course here. That's another iPhone it's a noticeable difference pressure that's several. And if I thought -- the week. That's half of appearance on now and popular Nintendo 3-D S. I'm not willing to buy right now that the total -- but I want and the world now gonna officially have a problem but speaking of buying things. -- electronics. I've Sony dash whoa whoa is well. Not tell me that are serious thing gold box deals on Amazon publicly listed as the man and I'm not only on -- that's a good okay that's a killer you for the -- but not I'm surprised. I'm surprised to really act like I'm the only -- -- person in the world and it did -- yesterday and I'm not actually served can work out for me it's definitely an issue. But I public I really I really one of -- -- and I wanna had a solar. I do and I wanted to show me my book and my email limit traffic and weather like I just wanna relevant look at that can I -- I'm totally -- and I roll across all all the way across the -- -- my phone in nineteen million. Technically Hamlet at the moment but you can't I am and I am embarrassed now at the amount of gadgetry that surrounds me -- thankfully. But I do -- what I have to actually give you props or because I remember -- CES not this year but last year. You did like the dash I -- I am glad that it was like to putting at that point in time and you said. I love and I was like on like lukewarm to it but -- I'm just gonna say use that you stuck your guns one of the island for a long time to up like no one's gonna buy that but I guess Molly -- did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was definitely. I mean it to register -- content downloading -- -- and haven't done that influence as I'd like actually loading an app but the app that is -- But if that happens is really the American -- -- -- little. -- in BC feed him. -- -- -- -- And gradually thousands my news for today I can't believe that I like -- I did not tell me that before the -- of electronics actually give you like. Any kind of electromagnetic poisoning or whatever I -- -- -- and -- and your spirit. -- you can namely -- you are kind of electromagnetic we've already talked about this through so trying to counteract revealed exactly the content that's -- contributing -- this through your rectum or important. It doesn't and then I that mileage gadget addiction if we're at some of getting as bad as -- -- Bought by a cable or not is out of this you will talk about more -- -- Canada is that I sponges split among them about it but it. It is evidently there's if there's -- -- Okay Leo -- might be running out. Is I PV four addresses this week in -- -- body. Says that they may use about eight. They're essentially eligible to request to large blocks of these -- -- but because users have been just. Snapping these things up. There predicting that there are gonna be running out the very very soon now the thing about his couple weeks ago or. We talked about I PV six which was gonna have a test from which is kind of the next generation standards you open this up and allow for more Internet addresses right essentially like that. Number that allows us to communicate in go to different locations -- A website has an IP IP address so. They were gonna -- that out in June 8 its. January 20s. It -- via a necessity if people are so there -- eligible to request to large blocks of these addresses but there are only seven of the large blocks left. So the allocation to -- nick would activate a policy for them to then hand out the last five blocks to the -- -- national registries. In which case they would essentially be. Is that they will be depleted. Very fit everybody's been thinking that this. Doomsday clock was never really gonna happen. But now it is and now we are a lot of large web sites are really looking -- -- -- They're not -- -- I PV six -- day until June yet thousand dollars the proposed -- -- but if they really if they have to start getting more serious about this quickly I think you're gonna -- some serious disruptions in service from the major website I'm curious how many they don't they say. There's -- but they don't see how many actual addresses. Are available -- right left and I you know what's the average consumption. Per day or per week ranked pattern. I'm now so what I do it I'm -- -- -- -- for IPV four addresses -- contains about sixteen million addresses all look at. Okay because the I PV four Internet addresses that -- -- -- -- there's 4000000294. Million and -- 7002 and 96. And there almost. They're almost out bit circuit that the three man yesterday he was like taking -- -- in a thing. It's kind of my you know when we -- the Internet I didn't really think that we're gonna right now an item like. And including redundancies but who would have really I mean like you can get to -- -- about -- and that's okay okay. I only you know what his little hobby last national security -- the fact that it turn into the most. Earth shattering things happen in human history. Not with us and -- gave him a -- and -- -- over four billion available probably sounded good enough that. They're probably gonna -- at the Frontline abruptly to the mine we'll we'll be following that story of Internet again and. As detailed mental and also what could be the end of the world for import gamers the and Nintendo 3-D S which we all -- A we love what I'm not buy you guys want it don't you -- I don't want it -- I want I don't know I am not I'm no mention of it all anyways. Nintendo it has confirmed that. They're going to region locked the three yet so if you're familiar with this there's kind of a big import gaming scene where you could sums on certain -- and -- not. Purchase games from overseas Japan Europe or whatnot and then play them on your local console but Nintendo is going to block that out they've developed different versions of the three -- hardware. Taking account the different languages Adrian requirements in -- parental control functionality. On as -- -- insurance compliance with local laws -- -- region. Also Nintendo 3-D S has their online services that are regional and different but on I don't I don't see how -- -- -- health and -- isn't as isn't a silly up. Pirate it now it's not entirely -- -- -- all mean there are there trying to make it a quality of service issue -- -- your -- can have a good experience because it game is gonna play in but the fact is that people complain prolonged time. About their experience with Nintendo's international release schedule their very slow to release games across. The globe and that and that kind of fragmentation and cannot exist anymore in the modern world everybody hears about everything. Can hear about it I game on again replied yup that's -- you won it -- I'm -- plenty of times yet and it's like this is an antipiracy and actually acting. You think it is adventure at any of these -- houses does the three -- -- -- memory cards on -- yet you -- -- for -- -- like that -- And -- the north are used to get to Japanese develop dynamic and pharmacies and that's what I'm saying and a. I mean I'm sure it is unfortunately an antipiracy move at its heart but the problem -- that will probably. Create more like it always does yeah yeah absolutely yeah -- -- even if you just can't. I don't know like we've talked so much about how were at the global market and region locking -- -- and that's a prehistoric move. And you name gamers are pretty bummed about that and then -- -- -- can be like all dvds are also regional I think I have. Yes they -- -- -- and -- but what happened with that I think we all consider those off them technology. That you want to be ambulance and it was really hard to duplicate and replicate those things went belly up. But let me tell you. Nodding and it also apparently not a good idea at a any sleep get -- -- -- one comment Eric Schmidt. Trying to be it TV host. Via go. -- watching any video of Eric Schmidt not into the we haven't had a -- that result. In Google that I had look at our CNET conversations that little mobile alert you know you. Now it's not. The most engaging character if I worked for example a talent. Acquisition executive. I might not look at this -- -- think you know we need to show. That amber. Oh -- so basically Google's Eric Schmidt we know he stepped down as CEO. You got a nice -- severance and we can talk about that a little later but essentially. He was a talking with someone of producers CNET CNN's executive producers but hosting his own show they actually shot up pilots. This is according tenure as -- -- according to put it wasn't a talk show host. Yes so they -- a pilot insiders said that the -- was a complete a disaster. I can't see why. This is the same guy who when he was interviewed by CNN -- about the privacy issues with Google's street told people that they should move just move. It doesn't move if you don't like the fact that Google street view shows your house or maybe you want and if you just moved through. Other -- -- modes for him. -- Eric Schmidt include the time that he's that they like to get right up to the creepy line. And -- -- -- and I actually think I speculate that one of the reasons that the board might have indicated that it was time for a month ago. Was that he was starting to almost become a liability -- analyst with the crazy time of Ives who that's exactly well now. No question and that creepy I think NN I think you'll one point two is that if you don't want people to if -- if you're not comfortable the amount of data being collected about you in the world to just change your name. This change naming it off the grid. And the thing about it like you know he said some of these things like -- -- -- -- you know. The Daily Show or the cold airport in the U sometimes kind of thing the thing isn't -- -- sometimes not actually yeah and so the context of -- gets on but ultimately. If this is your face of of that company. And it's it almost seemed like every time you get a major interview he said something that people ran with that -- Google. -- either -- sensitive -- they care about privacy which is basically one of the number one hot button issues. And so just became is that like every time you wonder like what is he gonna say next to make Google look like they actually don't care right in -- have no idea how to deal of people and inventive and you know. It would it would have been better for him just that -- coolest -- -- -- -- not have a quote unquote face. And you know instead of kind of making that situation worse. I mean I can't imagine -- nothing sinister about im -- on TV but it'll. It would almost be watchable in the total disasters then -- -- but a bomb -- but I think -- is getting a little a little -- over the years. As we -- though he is in me he is leaving okay is basically making a lateral move in some ways that at Google he's leaving -- -- as CEO but it's gonna remain on the board I think. And they're giving him a hundred million dollars in company stock and option. Like go away -- to get fired that we know of -- insane. It's been rumored though that you'll also according to filings with STC plans to sell 6% of its holdings in Google 303. In Google's Google both 334. Million dollars. It's been a rumor that you might -- general with the Obama administration that actually went to present -- -- a lot of Googlers over there. And then a and then I get their ultimate rivers -- might succeed Steve Jobs and Apple should. Well that exactly that's what those are rumors -- world it's. I actually want to see a Eric Schmidt reality show I just let them and delete the pilot. How how -- that I really wanna even do that only you can take advantage in the hands of it -- -- -- -- -- -- imagined lives. And painful while we ponder the whole areas that we're gonna that you are frequently have -- the end of the nub. But Mac -- on everybody exclusive news coming from bad it's good -- -- -- -- -- Barnes and -- looks like they'll be phasing out the -- three G so maybe maybe -- -- millions of naproxen and obviously a very successful thing in alternative. The even an Android tablet with Internet -- arm but according to. Edit it according to gadget the three G variant has generally done as well they haven't really been doing well with -- -- sales as well so it looks like it's going to be discontinued. -- home with sales continuing until the stock is. -- Yeah they -- -- they have as a clarification. They say we've received clarification of the discontinuation isn't due to the lack of -- -- They're just the first casualty of a dwindling supply so they're they're phasing it out there running out and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- up and finish and that for. Yet it basically everybody fine with the Wi-Fi and black eyes everywhere these days and you know why it reduced you know -- again. -- -- -- Still cool vertical interesting note from Deutsche Bank which has spent two months -- trying out the iPhone as their corporate. Device using good email technology him up your member good but that was basement of the -- the software that made. You know you your exchange email work on trios. Everybody all the Treo users know about good and I'm surprised to hear that they said they had such a good experience. And with that. It's still good with good news -- that name that takes a bank which is big it isn't saying about a new the Blackberry. -- is that this is pretty crazy -- -- -- exchange server support the lean enterprise email -- S 192 bit encryption. Now here this is thing people are like there wanted to compare experiences what. Where the things that people missed. From like the Blackberry and the return of only two things one of -- that. Goods app sends push notification of new messages but doesn't download the emails in the background so -- Apple launched the app every time. You capture emails while so weak yep that's kind of -- Then then the other the other thing. What was implements it -- it sends the push notifications I'm sorry but it just doesn't download in the background though it's still a big -- -- to get a push the Apple launch the app to get the. They also be under appreciated feature on the Blackberry -- the blinking red light that signals new email the iPhone has no equivalent which I can say I personally. When it was on the -- and -- it doesn't have LED. And that -- -- view and it is. Often and you -- I'm talking about the habit I know what I'd like I have a little blinking green light and have new email simply blew an avenue -- and it is the most useful thing in the. I know a fuel if you wanna be literally that connected to your phone if you like that let. It dude you're talking early despite a dash B I I know I'm talking to -- -- -- -- -- an alarm clock that being held today in -- and -- -- you know -- -- July literally did not Texas Tech at all like -- days ago with the and intimidated the -- and aggregated at it but I do I need the phone immediately close to me. Other people corporate yet on when rotated into landscaping. At landscape mode for faster typing a letter I mean the Blackberry -- really do love -- the that the board. But this isn't it is a pretty significant move at the big you know it's a big company in the idea that -- The iPhone hasn't had a really great corporate email. X solution off Yassin into the what -- is doing so now there's and also I mean this is not and this is not good for other providers like you know we talk about Microsoft or Nokia. Who whose platforms are not really doing very well from. A stamp would have liked Nokia's still trying to see if they're -- even if we we predicted that they might go bye -- or -- and take on Android because of the dwindling markets -- Symbian. Right I think my time again Microsoft is trying to come back when the phones -- which is -- but still honestly lacks a lot of features right now because it's just its first went three months out of the gate. Yep but it's gonna get better and a lot of companies still are on windows doesn't enterprise platform and and the windows phone seven devices and -- we briefly plated that the windows and -- here at CNET and Amazon and -- -- -- -- -- The it could definitely. I mean I'm taking the time is now for Symbian and rim to get -- together. They've got a Apple is apparently according to -- -- consulting firm called the envision nearing group. What do they envision things I think what I noticed wearing we've talked about this before naming the exact same thing they -- Any -- the envisioned -- -- group envision that Apple plans to introduce and that's the based payment mobile payment services for -- -- -- near field communications now. This is not -- from Apple Apple -- -- comment about this but just possibly because the fact that and we talked about that are -- show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I had a very nice very nice guy but none -- that's alright but with Apple putting NFC -- mean they are the you know with Google's listed there was there -- -- which phone was it was -- the -- that you heard the other second generation of the nexus that's one phone. But we talk about an Apple iPhone with NFC and their iPad which we know our selling bonkers there they're gonna -- potentially. Be able to push the -- movement forward yeah and then -- though it's scary thing about it for other device manufactures and people like MasterCard -- that. If Apple was able to successfully pulled off. This is in another market. Where they -- all almost instantaneously have it's like stranglehold over an FC equal the number devices. And there will probably do in some sort of price per proprietary anyway that's not like you'll ethernet equipment and iPod and you know that I don't really like every car got an iPod -- -- only africanized act like we're gonna have -- have that battle over again. Which is a pain in the butt but hopefully -- them. -- -- -- you know an island at the end and and I mean it it would be interesting it would be great for consumers I think we can get -- to be -- -- not only just don't want it we liked and a. Yeah I I don't think it'll obviously won't be necessary law and Apple does that. They might be the company that -- the biggest push from they have all the supplies there's -- and maybe -- shut it down a throw everybody else that are yet. And -- me bring in all scary news for Tivo potentially Microsoft has filed a US trade complaint seeking to block Tivo. From importing any set top boxes. So from having them here it's definitely an -- they like to stop them from having them here Microsoft has been has sued Tivo they've accused the company of various patent infringement video purchasing and delivery mainly felt like the way that they -- that video on demand purchases. And search that lawsuit came days after Tivo sued AT&T. Because. Or even over the U verse system but now Microsoft is hoping that they their -- -- -- In the mean at least in the short term -- can't get an injunction against Tivo importing about. Will see this this clinic gets it would desolate at nuclear weapon out sort of feels like it had for some sort of settlement. But -- -- get wealthy. And then also another thing is like a cable what is is Microsoft what is their main thing behind -- -- trend el wire they trying to do this and so. Our own Mary. There's also articles -- you know good perspective on what Microsoft is doing. Is it because they're doing this to try and put a stop gap as they are looking to release their own you know Microsoft media room IP TV platform -- -- is obviously. -- and has had products. -- node to achieving this but is this mainly because they're trying to push this new platform or the next Microsoft TV solution. -- You know I think. -- they have the they have is of the pounds like -- the programming guide issue that's whether trying to put a block on them from coming that he -- from coming and it's a little. A programming minutes mainly video purchasing delivery of Allah -- -- brilliant and that definitely indicates I mean -- there have been a lot of rumors that have actually -- At what turned out to be the worst -- keynote ever that there might be an announcement of Microsoft TV like there. Their answer to Google TV or Apple TV. And we haven't seen it but -- been a lot of rumblings that that is coming. Yeah I am a major -- mentioned article that. Given their IP DB IP TV related projects that Microsoft got his -- -- program time guides TV programming scheduling system. And program delivery technology which are all multiple levels of what it DVR type device does and managed via so -- trying to kind of put a stop -- -- we see all the time -- You know companies on people are companies trying to -- other companies from product from releasing so that they can push their own -- And -- would definitely explain them except to ramp up the pressure right now yeah although Tivo not going away quietly in a have announced -- pretty exciting for people who have charter. In their area Tivo and charter have a new agreement that will bring the Tivo software and also the Tivo premiere set top box. To charter as the as the your cable. Though if you've been getting into the crappy this -- the holy Grail for Tivo in what we've been any lord for ever and -- asking for years like why don't you just. Is Tivo is set up on what that might I have enough to know that Comcast -- -- existence -- I think you know what I least although I don't know how how widespread charter actually is but only some -- to these two companies are kind of getting it now yeah they're sick of this whole like. Contact evil while you know we're just gonna make this -- -- -- it's about time. They say beyond the initial phase the strategy -- this TiVo's press release though. Forgive them wording and -- will encompass next generation platforms that will expand the service with new devices features and third party applications. So it's still gonna be a charter box it won't be the same as the Tivo premiere that you had by that it will be the Tivo premiere hardware and interface just just kind of tweaked expert charters need. Which is cool and it includes by the -- that pre -- them iPad app. And -- gather and analyze that though a little win for Tivo. All right let's I like Lara Hartley oh yeah. Our area I are now I know many don't think you. -- -- for Tivo more -- Korea now achieved. Yahoo! has confirmed that it is laid off about a 10100 to a 150. Employs about 1% of its global workforce and respect and after. They laid off. 600 employees to about -- month and again. Not -- also telling consumer previously Microsoft over the windows tax complain that -- few hard to get a refund. For pre installed copies of windows on the machine now I'm gonna let. -- on how can you can't put any of that group. Intel exhibited group. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But some -- somebody out there Mac because like me would be like look at Johnny petty dvd -- and peek at the mentality. A do you think I miss the and -- the ill. That's the only reason that this agreement and has played enough -- that we could take a crack at that. Although FairPlay to that the terms of the U lead you allow you -- to install. We know that you don't like after you buy a computer but they make -- really art yes and athletic and that's a fair point. But it is -- it is yet. And again I am super excited about the next or Amazon.com is apparently looking to expand its home delivery service which includes. Yes they've been running this on the Blackberry service in Seattle in 2007. They also announced -- plans to expand in the UK last summer and they've pushed out to new parts of Seattle but yap told Amazon hopes. Not only can you don't tell -- not only can you get your groceries there's gonna -- select merchandise. That they can just bring your doorstep is already serious thing -- and you know it sounds like an -- of people died when the weather man know what was like. Kong dollar and there there was one in the Bay Area that literally they would bring -- -- a couple liked green. Really oh my god it was the best -- some -- web Webvan was another one of those with someone in the Bay Area men it was the best -- -- -- they would bring -- like a sandwich. Relieve the area you can get semite and a packet down and they would easily delivered to you it was amazing -- -- At Cosmo with the K of course of course there was killers they in a -- animal bring in on because the -- -- for and. Also another quick hits Kodak this kind of handed a set back. By the international trade commission obviously we know all these companies Kodak Apple rim -- back to Apple -- -- they're all suing each other for some patents Kodak. That's right. There are ten as a back because they were trying to force Apple and Research in Motion pay of royalties on some of their common in its pre features. One of the -- international trade commission said that they don't violate collects and the -- still have to be reviewed by the six member commission. But at least it's a setback in the Kodak recently has really been. And of trying to go after Sony digital companies that have taken their pants and using that money essentially fund their next generation of innovation in devices. Because they've been -- and her. They've been way behind the curve and litigation and -- litigation as. Moneymaking strategy is always a little with the idea and then now you know the shows like happened is that -- in a -- isn't one that's pretty being the -- that back up. Action -- some cool gadget news to move. They knew them as low so we talked last week about and definitely gives little hope has information. We now have some -- From pre central dot net they say they have exclusive details. On that version two touchdown which is the wireless charging that was an accessory with the Palm Pre. But -- a pixie but I think it could potentially public be built into the -- tablet. Yet they're looking to not only -- -- habit of built in but still like the next generation of it so it's not -- -- -- it's -- have a lot of -- communication for example like wireless picture -- wireless web site sharing. Maps and directions so this whole touchstone it's more about connectivity platform that they're trying to push forward. With this device which is cool we want more I mean if you can do more than whilst charging it's all. Combined into that single device that's -- -- 1800. No I'll go one cool feature that they kind of talk about which is. It seems like it's more in theory than it is actually usable right now is the fact that -- -- touchstone wireless and technology you can have your video plane and -- -- And then when you remove the slate device from the dock in immediately turned to a controller and -- That's pretty cool and -- just in general the idea that it can be sort of a wireless media hub yet. For your entire house that takes the tablet -- -- either and then hopefully become that the manner but that's not -- -- iPod law then you know I think. Anytime you can value add like that -- It's a positive. You guys talk about -- it expects last week and all. Now and kind of interesting is an inspector like not that impressive -- when he format -- and 68 green it will have only public gorilla -- now. 512 megs -- ram three storage -- 1632. And 64 gigs. 128 the ram on board. Only a front facing camera only for only -- -- -- only -- based -- -- Yeah. Think it's a tablet particularly weird. -- -- but missing that would be augmented reality stuff you wouldn't give that. Answer and has augmented reality my face -- Him and a dual core Qualcomm processor running at one -- -- -- So. Basic that dual -- announcing. And a -- -- -- -- where we know. You integrated because it beats audio which we had actually speculated last week that they talked about -- -- -- the union audio. And then dual band 80211 BGN and can say one thing that doesn't bother -- about that significantly that the -- and with only -- -- And 99 dollar -- because that means that enter a wacky as opposed to just that simple text password from apologize. And network hours -- weeks. Nine and back. I apologize. All right onto the science at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So recently at my arrival here among them we've been talking about dinosaurs of appointment normal and on to tell you I love dinosaurs at La Jurassic Park and -- posters and foam toys plastic -- to talk about all -- -- had no idea years that the non Madonna no frequent sore wrists. The -- so here we go you wanna know about that a server and it's a little bit about dinosaurs. Chinese paleontologists have found the first single digit dinosaur in inner Mongolia the dinosaur. That the title article gave the world the finger and now the good thing about this is not as stupid -- dinosaur like a Korea -- tops. That's who the hell means that after a country long you know that -- -- but. There's a five. If you don't want it to -- -- the fingers are not the hook her finger SRS of the -- they're not. At these artists that these aren't at your wrists while it's actually called the linked him. -- knee kiss. -- necklace on now you're happy and -- I had gotten mainly gaming heading tests money -- -- accident that -- and -- it -- the -- fifth minute when I get back the third pod. Plus a -- -- carnivores. -- asked the middle it's probably actually the biggest bad ass from the -- -- because it flipped you off about even clearly. Right on -- more important thing we do need you raise awareness of and execute and expand not being sarcastic. Less then this is -- -- National test scores from our school -- United States schoolchildren were released yet today in the 2009 national assessment of educational progress. Less than a 13. Of US elementary and high school students have a solid grasp of science yeah makes less. Then 13. -- -- That is just. That's up hall and -- sad. It's -- -- -- and I didn't even realize how much of this as a result of No Child Left Behind which is part I note all teachers forget hates. It requires use schools to test students in math and reading. But not -- it. So critics say that school narrow their focus to comply with the law I am sorry yeah this is not acceptable in a global economy this is not. This is that -- that that we basically have several lost generations and we have very limited time to turn that -- and we plan to be. A competitive economy and a competitive country in the future there were article. You know in America wire they wire they -- you know founder developed in other countries because there it's shown that our educational system because it's been changed and evolved. It doesn't focus on trying to. You know the whole -- -- behind thing is good in certain ways but then where these programs that are going to like cultivate basically like the genius -- that we have. Well -- and -- and I'm sorry there's nothing at about it but it did is turn our children into rote memorization machines who don't know anything about math and science in fact I think they'll just say unequivocally politics aside. There is nothing. Good about an educational curriculum that has literally put our children in a position where there is no way that they can take this country to greatness in the future yeah. I mean less than 13 I can't even believe how thing that is. That US secretary of education and Arnie Duncan said. The next generation will not be ready to be world class inventors doctors and engineers frazzled and improved. This is why you see things like. That they venture capital accurate. When they said public offering -- I was offering scholarships for students to drop out and hopefully it's not 32 late but he was like we just don't even go to college yet noting go to college. Just use your creative innovative brain now. To start businesses but. -- the kids coming out of school now. There's. They wouldn't even be a -- I think actually -- someone author has some responsibility for -- ethnic ethnic textbooks and can the -- keeping everything the way it is the status. -- -- that's really the problem they're not moving forward technology and all that stuff. Well in that in teachers' unions there are many are waiting area and -- And all and -- and other dangerous comment I know I guess that I had the -- article does mention that come at least you know. The -- the president launch -- 200 the current president wanted 260 million public and private partnership. Helped train 101000 new math and science teachers for a sit you know train and math and science teachers and replicate successful science programs in the classrooms on -- Obama did -- earlier that the -- -- ability to prepare students for careers in math and science could threaten US economic prosperity which is absolutely right. I can't believe that science is not added to -- -- -- tested subjects and and that that's crazy this is really dangerous territory but part of it is that science in this country. Because of various factions has become there's literally a discussion about whether science is. Believable like there's a burden on scientists approved yet whether in fact what there what they have through this scientific method. Proving to be true is in fact for. And and we doubt we literally doubt the the truth and the factual nature of science because we want to argue whether it is in line with religious beliefs and then it becomes the discussion where science. -- -- -- The language of the freaking universe like the -- meet the study that has that. With science and math that is basically the reason that we are where we are as a species and now science is -- like weird hot button political issue where I would argue it was probably left out of the No Child Left Behind curriculum because that nobody wanted to spark -- A conversation with the extreme religious right and that is just embarrassing like if you really want a repeat -- your entire country because he decided that science. Is optional. Like literally it's optional whether you believe this stuff. And I enjoy living here and in three generations when you know we're way behind the curve and we're like a second you're up. So why bring this article lite and really let you guys know what's happening on -- -- that's it's sad. And now -- and you guys know that in six years of doing the show I think I've delved into politics all one time about how serious I think that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Girls night out I don't know I love like -- -- let's just turn this frown upside down doing that we need a happy ending. I didn't know you guys have been worrying. That he can -- it didn't know. But the Pope has decided that FaceBook is not a thin wow. -- OK. So -- you Catholics -- sign up the. The arbiter of what's relevant in society that states that has giving you the green light is even hold back. And wondering when you know it. Benedict. Sixteen then go ahead Austin or therapy pelicans now he's and he's in touch -- I wonder if he hasn't -- an account. I don't know under the manager of the Vatican -- an evening Republica now summons and -- like the -- advantage -- not a good about it yet authority. Me that the Vatican -- -- and maybe even though the under the clean it again and -- accusing him -- -- any case you've been wondering if horoscopes are real. In case you're wondering if you're wondering my favorite blog in the world information is beautiful dot net I love them they basically do the new black -- graphics galore. And they -- you all the data escaping that they -- but it also -- -- of our -- in the same thing we escaped an analyst 22000 to see. And here's our completed met worth up. But poll chart. And you can see here that lets the aquarius evaded a tag cloud which is genius the -- authorities feel -- record -- better. Dietary gesture feel. European keep feel like and don't support for every single sign that top awards are -- -- keep. Circular -- and also love it better. We what are you. If you're running -- -- Cannot -- my template design analysts. It's funny looking at some of these words -- -- -- like love a lot bigger and some than others while his small momentum and let its momentum and now we're emotionally crippled and. You know it bigger and Miami and that's only -- than others -- party. There's a link lets. You think party -- URLs man love with tiny relationships they're tiny. All I got my end of -- -- and party is. Let's you read my of my big words other than feel insure our energy ready. Love mine and move what you can't I'm on a signal an Aries you know you're an area of interest among fire may -- lately -- -- And vegetarian things that -- -- -- love. Life and he plans and that much the same -- there -- -- at it. So then a very real of that in the world information beautiful dot net when and they created a meta horoscope. There are like -- using these words which appear so frequently and 22000 worth of them with -- here's here's the today's horoscope. For everyone ready. -- Whatever the situation -- secret moment enjoy everything a lot. Feel able to absolutely care expect nothing else keep making. -- a different matter the world as life I'm in energy may be hard or easy. Taking exactly enough is best health and talk to others change your mind -- -- betterment comes along. -- number -- horoscope for today when a but the paper examined and it -- apart and opens the paper now so I hated myself. -- -- but that is -- an area. But that nothing -- but you know I do you wanna clarify that horoscopes. Totally different from authority because everyone knows that part of the totally -- But astrology. Is the thing that perfectly nailed every bit of your personality being a total waste our staff that will eventually be proven -- science -- meaning our idea until. And in palm readers do -- -- those. Roberts as more Americans believe in horoscopes and science. Little moon yeah I probably that's that's sad are doomed we are separated -- of the country are right I'll be back. -- Now I don't know exactly who sentences voice -- but it has to do about or with. V -- Keeping promises -- -- PG and just strange occurrence happened last Friday. With me and -- why we -- out on a Friday evening and around -- 10 o'clock -- is tied -- at NATO and in them also we're gonna cheer up a movie all the major title all the picked -- coming out was all in treaty. After looking at. The menu is what it takes. What was available we decided that we didn't wanna see anything in 3-D flat other dealers -- this is a common occurrence. Do you prefer not to watch your films in 3-D -- Yes excellent point I'd -- these kids and I mean it depends on the movie obviously but I do I feel totally frustrated when all the movies that are matter entry because one. Mechanic -- Cashman. -- for the -- and then also the colors -- -- saturation levels are totally different. And it you know like the -- that -- case ingredient theatres can be fun. But the whole thing about like you're looking at a flat service that is showing different layers of things -- your eyes still focusing on that same flat surface and it just doesn't work for -- like -- I enjoyed if you treating movies but now I'm kinda like -- -- three -- -- now. Kind of over it. Via an elaborate -- over it. I knew everybody had told me not the time in 3-D image and wanted and ended up going to -- -- it was only playing -- so I just took my glasses off any time they weren't in the trauma and Yale. And I could not believe the difference in the color saturation with those that -- and the tenets of the bottom left that up. It's just terrible and I think I'm sure there -- -- like how continued again and I'm greedy. What -- CD based movies look the best and Judy because they're rendered out from every level it when it's like -- shot with humans we all like hardware pieces and -- is very. Weird to look at via but all like the Pixar types you know all the CD based on its -- works -- Michael -- -- seen anything like that 3-D things like where an industry is -- to -- -- technology to Hasbro with no hard. And all I mean seriously -- majority of consumers are -- No I don't care I don't want this sum it's now or pay more for it. Makes my head hurt yeah it's really it's really seeing a winner but where did they go from hearing Alex -- -- beam at the -- they go and a on to the emails Richard in Washington DC says so sales charging old -- customers for services they don't need what's that remind you of how about mob bell. It wasn't that long ago that people are still being -- rent on their telephones. Decades after you -- buy your own phone for sometimes even less than the monthly fee evil is just part of the communications services model he needs that it -- means. But I remember that there was a big lawsuit about that. -- I mean are within their big class action theater the really big class action suit because -- had they had been -- always had these -- is that still haven't impressed that thing. -- where you actually read the phone and they just -- captains aren't in it long after impact I think there was something recent where someone. Like up and tell a few years ago link is really really old woman was still being -- or until. -- -- look that -- I do you want an -- just give a shout to assert in the -- that said okay it's set to save itself up treaty was actually worth it. He died they. I -- in a trailer and they would like you'll these cakes and snatch is like in puddles and in shock. And glitter -- -- and it's like I have seen them come line -- -- -- you guys are just like whole he's. These include little daylight I got accused of treason against new powder okay here it is -- back -- It was in 2006. Now AT&T had charged an 82 year old widow 141000. Dollars. And -- and or it's for use of its rotary phones over the last 42 years light on sega's back in the sixties when they were a total monopoly they mean you rent their phones with part of your confidently you have to get your crappy set top box from from Comcast. And it when it was broken out they had to stop and people were clear. On the business arrangement -- -- kept leasing at 29 dollars a month so you saying that drowned was basically grandfathered into the plant yes he was grand fathering a -- player. Yeah that's right okay next up. -- -- to I want seriously at CS as he has -- and went waiting for that killer Android tablet. You call it the -- than the price is announced that box -- UK. That's not how tux I had bought an iPad for my wife last year because she is too ill to be at -- computer very long. I would never pay the 499 myself. Much -- 700 dollars the upshot of this is that after paying the price -- -- -- I went to my local Barnes and Noble's bookstore and bought a Nook Color. In a few days since I've had it. I've over clocked it to 950 megahertz installed launcher pro along with my favorite apps including media -- which I just use to watch -- BOL. And a defense of grandparents everywhere -- -- 61 year old -- -- and of course love. The show how well -- day of. The pastor in each particular text add the seriously that's the best part of it's like. The acuity program I am pretty much more Bada boom -- you have a vote you all -- though the L ball -- -- of America. -- -- the -- Allow that is -- really cool I love it and also. Way to go to it I think if you have the skill there's no reason that if anything clear I don't think the zoom is overpriced experts -- super yachts then Netflix and what the market is demanding -- tablet like it is. Equivalent to. It's better than what is out -- -- six I mean it's and it's bigger than the guy in only a little -- -- -- is is a lot of -- Italy. The luncheon. Rich in lovely -- of their time. There's a problem playing with my opponents -- about but not the reason emailed an episode thirteen 92. -- that someone can serve to fully take a photo of the bark and all that he could almost certainly take a picture my debit card that -- payment and -- much -- damaged and how to copy and implement data. -- out my issue is that we've seen study after study that shows open to be some of the dirty is that we carry. And for anecdotal evidence lacking in the opposite after -- hears them and -- got to put on a -- And now we have these -- changing hands the people who prepare your -- -- but they're they're you know I'll hopefully making it -- it -- payments going soon. I'm not -- -- -- he says but sharing toilet found -- nasty. Yapping about sharing -- -- that can be even nastier. I don't want to commute time of nation on the phone but I think for clarification -- -- now injured. I'm pretty -- is the latest -- actually is that they don't. They don't catcher -- and I think that you just load up app and there's a scanner there. But if you scanners like -- like the swift -- thing you just hold -- telephone under the scanner and the picture of the bar code. And you're gonna go you know it's not there's no -- upon him exchange also usually the people would take many don't make it. That's because money trust me -- here than your toilet all I have aria might -- there is an all those things. Cricket the pencil that I use of -- -- That irate with. I hadn't had any audio and Athens show. -- we ended. She held beyond the -- at night and -- -- -- -- outlet for her pencil commentary but ended up. When and -- pigment that typically problem the that -- maneuvering and was that the -- back. Is very we look forward to your feedback -- but yeah. -- leaves behind the.
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