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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1392: There is no Matrix

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1392: There is no Matrix

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Brian Tong returns from the islands in time for us to get collectively punked by a surprisingly elaborate rumor about Keanu Reeves and two more Matrix sequels. But that's nothing compared to the punking that is AOL's subscription service, which generates 60% of its profits and isn't needed by pretty much anyone who pays for it. Ouch. Plus, the tech bubble is our new drinking game and the white iPhone ... never mind. We're not talking about that damn thing anymore. --Molly

Today it's Monday January 20. Report when you -- And the need to -- I don't know Brian Tong. Hollywood. In a buzz out loud podcast and it certainly -- that that the 1992. Thank goodness Brian Tong is back and looking more answers you shorthand and ever again a little angular look a little Jersey's -- -- -- of -- -- -- -- is probably gone on you know what to think about is like I had a great seminal I am not gonna like in -- enough but. Think a lot and is is -- that it was. I got jungle theme that we got jungle theme Le Mans done a jungle and economic and panels -- you know how much happened when I was gone for the Li FEI. Like how I got that down Eric Schmidt no longer it's like a year pass when I was gone for a week but there -- the whole media thing real quickly. And actually not going them. I'm not looking to get it for 249 what you think and realize I think it's a little too much about it she packed I asked how much -- -- know what I was just thinking about it and -- -- like I don't. I'm gonna -- -- out on the waited out either -- it out like that we -- would not yet for a year out have a you know lead at -- I mean I've seen the thing is I've seen it in -- so I can't I'm not -- -- -- like I'm not in a 3-D now economic. -- -- 49 it's a lot for that -- the DS's usually you know it's that it gets beat up an infant. Previously connected device or whatever it think it's too much for it did and it that I thought it was in beaten any temperature yeah I just can't I can't I can't do right -- on the games are gonna be like forty to fifty dollars a pop. Like come on who yet didn't register -- and -- -- confirmed. That led us anywhere analysts were saying that they adequately to cheapen Nintendo is going to be leaving money on the table -- that the consumer friendly price. Amount to 39 for hand held these days I think that's I mean that's remarkable as I went 200 yet but -- subsidized. If. I'm just saying that's without Mike that I thought was a little like Yahoo! -- for the -- -- like elements I was thinking about the world's lake and then when I saw the game lineup for the first six months I'm like. Going to be paying forty dollars a pop vocal acrobat that the problem you're gonna add up to easily 40500 dollars just like that -- -- -- going to review what the price but -- 200 implement them and and one any night. With that technology out of in shock when I wouldn't have thought Cubans only -- -- -- with all the other good stuff that's coming down the next six months treatment -- you talk about iPad two U iPhone five whatever tablet you're looking at. I just don't have to 49 -- now go to DS which is still a single use device and now. That there is a really good point thanks very much nice he would Massey. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- back for all I like -- -- -- that I might. -- I needed thing is much high tech stuff five -- 100 said tests that I -- then how about 699 for the Motorola the Uma which apparently at least according to leaks there's and best buy particulate. Is coming on February 17. That's really close -- -- -- is pretty soon. That the launch date would be then -- -- landed expected to land at February 16 an enemy zoom party in the seventeenth and then now. The pricing appears to be there were rumors earlier in the week that it -- to be 800 dollars early last week which currently immediate turn off do not do that. Now -- 699 which actually a lot more accessible public. A lot of balloons but it makes sense via. An -- -- may look like we said technically. This at the moment this is the -- have technically. But in a kind of disturbed me and we talked about it -- -- the as we were able to play with this. And the fact is that now the release potentially release and up every seventeen that was only like what three weeks ago we could -- -- our hands on the OS at that time. We had -- in here added in my hands again last week still public not oregano oil on an operating reading I -- whole Google. I know that it's still it's a little unnerving in makes me a little suspect I'm not seen the OS is not it is but I just wonder how good OS -- -- Because if it was the catch me -- we would have been able to only see it in -- usable form -- I think it's not done a you know yet and reviewers would. -- if it wasn't done night if it was half baked reviewers like does not experts who want they don't want that -- the went out and so I'm just a lit I'm -- I'm a little lukewarm I love the tech specs. But -- the execution and I'm a little lukewarm wondering do. Now if that soon it's gonna have. Vanilla and Vanilla -- -- and camera a critical link element of -- and -- art. But it probably gonna have like much nobler or something and not really now that's that I could be -- -- the -- -- to -- their. According it then autism is -- coming you know though behind the scenes everybody at the F with everybody at CES who's working on an income tablet. And I won't -- named was saying that. Yeah -- is -- done this is not the global hold out is the honeycomb hideout. Lifted into. That okay I. I think and its parent thing doesn't have to be priced at equal fewer beating the iPad -- I'm sure that the most -- you know them. The Apple sells more warning -- nine -- than anything else but that 99. Setting aside the fact it's a lot of money which it totally isn't -- I was born and united. The specs of this device are equal to or better than Apple offering -- -- Howell absolutely it is 699 for this device is absolutely unquestionably competitive practices that these are expensive device that would only interest in this he has whenever we see the pricing -- the specs for the next iPad T which will pry it from a power standpoint become parable. It'll be like what will their pricing be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- from a tech standpoint. I it would be so it would be surprising if they can -- dual core. I would be spread against O you know they've under -- they're different than before and well being rebuilt C yeah I mean I think. If in Finland and for any tablets early gains traction in iPad and we now realize that and that's the reality of -- -- group capital and a -- in the. As a million of -- -- a little trouble with with web search results which is kinda bad for Google -- that formula in new. Apparently people have gotten so good at FT electric engine optimization that -- leading to basically web spam in Google search results. And Google as has sort of started to tacitly acknowledged the probable -- there's not a big problem but -- manipulate a little tiny problems of the gaelic and. Yeah I mean doing a Google search myself I haven't seen. I don't feel like -- getting too much web spam that might just be me in the stuff that I'm searching for but. At the end of the day you'll like we had that sort out the eyeglass seller who -- game the system people are now figured out how to -- -- we don't know how. I don't know how widespread this web spam search result it is like do you guys feel that you're getting a lot of -- -- bogus it's. I am -- -- you get a lot of those -- you get a lot of the fact we're just like find out more about. Trips you'll IE you are only -- -- and it's just in I think that that's really depends on what you're searching via if you're shopping appalling -- -- product yet. But it's I I have definitely noticed that the first three or four length. Like there's usually a top -- that's relevant and then the next -- after that are not and -- what they've done is they've basically plug in your search term and then like find out more about. At this site and that site and -- spam and they're just using in the metadata in the -- the tags that populated but it's it's not been -- -- -- looking for via. And it you know -- it I mean SCO is just it's a fact a double edged sword like sites have. It legitimate businesses like ours have. Doubled down tripled and quadrupled -- -- FC EO was -- the answer to everything but so have the spam sites and so it's sort of you wonder -- -- can and a activities of the portal because he can't just search anymore. And are now anyway Google's. Sort of starting to look into some solutions there was a thread on -- search quality and spam blog post. Where -- and engineers said that -- definitely discussed looking at personal domain blacklist -- If you pioneer constantly being redirected to one of those and make -- block that domain. On your side as a user preference which if I mean -- like logged in to Google services to be able to use that. So. Yeah rapidly it Overture and that has moved him he -- bring up bring human embryo there is somehow I don't know and now. Let you know it it does. Google's bread and butter is still -- and may have to keep those. Those results relevant -- they're working on it. -- apparently offering a do not track tool. That would keep. Sites from tracking your online behavior and then keep you know personalized super targeted ads away from -- which sounds pretty cool. Analysts that excellent poignant little problem so the implementation is that it has to be. Implement on both sides do not only through the Mozilla browser but with the website. The it would be at least and it's that is -- header on the top. Yet today it's a header based. System where the user could with this header based mechanism. If they click a button and say I don't -- track. Which is really an elegant solution because it's a -- obvious and yes and it would just be like images transmit is very simple do not -- HTTP header with every quicker page in Firefox. Great. When the features enabled via the website are the problem like the browser have to supported the only Firefox and find -- that rather support that but every other browser and a party. And then web sites would have to agree to it. -- -- -- I think ultimately -- -- throwing their hat to the whole game we all know I -- is really -- nine is really pushing this -- -- so measles like okay will we need addresses so that doesn't become this huge differentiator -- we don't even have. Implement it. Yet and it's. I mean it is is an ongoing big deal the FTC is proposed to do not track mechanism. Google apparently is also -- new privacy tool called keep my opt -- that lets you permanently opt out of ad targeting from very company is not maybe not website pilot site. I mean. Baghdad never called the rules as the -- -- the main problem with this you know this strategy but I think what they're alternate trying to do is get out ahead of potential regulation only counting any browser any one of these companies want to see. The FDC like making a law. Of intensive it will work -- you gonna do it. Them but it's I'm happy to see if anything -- -- it's been recognized as -- -- -- -- them now you know who else is happy foursquare has just value themselves that or at their valued at more than 250 million dollars. -- for the little -- -- service Molly's nodding her head laughter I think there may thing. While why. -- they may be seeking new funny in 2000 Lebanon just kind of cute reinforce. How -- they've done. Foursquare kind of release some data points coming out in the bath and Pomona however. -- -- Our year for those I can't see this 2010 are a year above 3400%. Growth. They showed in all the check -- a total -- in the of over 380 million. The kind of broke -- down where everyone -- the most probably did and it does it make sense food was number one room and work and a half this is number two. To the primary things are doing other than I've been at home. -- but they also have the biggest event. Which is instinct so they say. There are 381 million patterns of -- 1003 and I've checked in than 2010 in every single country the last entry to check in -- North Korea. The last of the biggest single event. Was the Rally to Restore Sanity which had 30500. Thinkpad Xbox they'll give -- -- -- about the demographic like that. One check in from space. Though that thing where we thought I was eight for awhile rail and apparently feel this is bogus but it was a real is this is like so much fun and -- graphically and the top three train stations the top three -- -- -- -- and reduce the wind in -- -- I didn't Simpson's kidnapping and of the top three art gallery is insisting Australia shows of the -- there -- Top three wine bars the public a little mini from -- while Webster's why -- -- -- -- have to check out. It's pretty it's the I have to say I am starting to feel the pressure mean it -- really -- and only is it. But you might like once thought I would I would use -- service like I did before when there's like may be potential deals that it with them and -- -- -- and Wendy's. And detect and Wendy's where mayor -- -- -- I hope I I made -- -- actually like last -- at a coming into that was -- Steve Jobs or Canadian dollar news and holiday. And so I've put -- -- like Molly Wood is -- in work. Now if you're like what -- -- -- is how. However it's worth. It -- -- -- actually doing it manually guy is insane although. Bubble -- many drinking and the -- eleven bubble during. -- now not so bubbly in video we talked about video cards that evolution of just you know mobile graphics and -- in -- is tegra two. -- -- Nvidia's mobile world congress and so what they're showing off is the tegra T 3-D processor. Intended to be used for mobile gadgets featuring a 3-D screen. -- this is very interest phenom also they're talking about how -- Company master image which showed case their technology off -- yes on the instead of using a self apparent lax barrier which is what the Nintendo three -- -- skylight. The lip and like the slits or the lines that allow you to -- and it's there's this 3-D image is shown cell by cell in the LCD. Real and it can adjust with a ten degree -- so they say the reason why they feel like -- more mobile devices are gonna be taken off and why Nvidia's push in the sport is that. Only -- three TV. It's a fix item rank and you have to say exactly radar but were -- mobile devices. We pull we kind of position them in optimal spot right no matter BI and angle whether you wanna do that -- feature on or off. How I mean it. The really pressed this kind of movement -- that sweet spot is completely different and it's moving our entire body by deputies it's not -- It's interesting yeah for -- -- dual cortex -- nine clocked at up to one point two gigahertz. Yeah so. Three he had this is firm mobile devices the big differentiator that kind of combat and 3GS the app and you can implement this -- your phone. -- it and the interesting thing is they're saying that Apple could suffer. Because they're not using Nvidia chips and and that if they don't have a 3-D offering an XT three -- everything you know glasses free 3-D potentially -- -- right -- to. In every device you only -- -- tablet every -- that eight that it could become a differentiator and as much as we all complain about treaty being like a little overblown and triumph in terms trying to -- television sets. Glasses free 3-D on a mobile device for inflate especially if you're game yes that's if -- -- the -- that actually. Had a -- -- in Japan already noted that a bunch. Three mobile phones and apparently there's. There's like fifty and -- 5050 but a lot of people are having trouble with with. Using it like a long long time for a long time they're -- consistent -- -- get. -- I think I -- -- -- like first person shooters and when you start playing first person shooter you get updates in a in the beginning yeah something like that. -- I think that the -- is through banner ads literally affect them. Captain future generation video quality idealists evils -- like regular images into images -- crazy like double limited Ireland. What do we wouldn't let us all -- eyelids that are -- -- eyelids -- do a triple blink. And I'm very little of a popular vision it the media icu -- -- you right now regular. Gnome. Evolution. On time. We break them and -- them actually all about all the ways that halo objects in your grandma. While. See a lot has changed here additionally we have -- like. Sweet traditions that -- music -- the -- does not like jump beat England. Good day goes beanie that -- know where the need the Anita would Benito and -- so pro. That's it that's actually awesome so we talked about how an almighty kick your grandparents or where we -- I I don't. -- pale -- I always never trickier grandparent know so. -- recent report approximately 60% of sales profits. Are coming from misinformed customers so -- -- -- latter. -- a -- and -- -- I -- cannot -- -- about 80% of sales profits come from subscribers semi 5% of the subscribers. Are paying for something you don't actually need couldn't because they think -- a lot of people I bet use some of you might have grandparents who still a sushi. -- with the Internet. Now totally my parents did I think a year ago I had to say no you don't have the paper elite console just use their mail in dole paid for AOL. And people do not realize there's very little and impact of the quote from the article in the new York and other articles subscription only -- -- -- kind of you know read rebroadcast -- as part of it. The dirty little secret according to former AOL executive is that 75%. Of the people who subscribe to AOL's dial up service. Don't need it. Which leads to this math -- a full 60% available AOL's profit sixty -- that. Of their profits come from mostly older misinformed customers. Who don't realize that they don't need. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As something that used to cost money go free. Right -- they totally like well I'm so I've been paying. Twelve dollars a month for AOL service and as -- doesn't realize that what she was then paying -- was AOL dial up service now she has DSL. But she's helping she needs to pay for AOL and that's exactly what it is a huge. You know I mean it's hard -- Like you don't want to throw around legal terms like scam that it had. -- death and they definitely have not communicated to users that they mean you just get rid of you know don't don't allow people as a company to continue to pay for something they don't need. The -- the show how dependent they really are on this. Business model the -- in 2002 they had 35 million subscribers now there around four million like. If you why is those people Upton I mean AOL is not going to be around anymore now. So either they're gonna pass on through natural selection and age. Anne -- level lol I'm just saying after that I'm just saying -- -- So now my mom and I definitely adding you just gotta keep Eleanor that perhaps -- media. Cod on the problem -- I -- -- serious video that like how to get the AOL that should be free. Mercury the finale it is neat that it -- a few million will be united with how to -- of money. Again because 500 free hours. I wish I wish I still -- -- Ali and around that he wanted to CDs laying around as a classic. As a classic album. FaceBook has agreed to change its friend finder feature. Under pressure from the German government apparently. -- the friend finder feature -- where or that -- At thirty. We -- all on -- but that we probably haven't seen this but apparently. What FaceBook does with it and kind of thing is that it will automatically emailed people inviting them to join FaceBook even if they've never had anything to do with -- but -- they used. A certain ad or a certain service or if you give them access to your address book -- that imports all that data. In a mile and not only that it sends a picture of you. -- that new person is never use FaceBook. Totally. Targeted at very specific -- spam we -- that as bad night. I've seen -- suggestions before and mimic what that indelicate don't pick that people. That it wants it thinks should be your friend at yet basically tricking people into like Brent on -- if you don't think you're doing things but at total but you don't spam and his total address harvesting without explicit permission again you gotta pay somehow house. Get a people who don't use it shouldn't have to pay for -- that's print that anyway. German Germany and other European countries have actually really serious privacy laws -- like -- They were like hey no. The -- but has agreed to make far reaching changes to the service they said and they won't. Dude that basically that they will provide every member with transparent control over the addresses that he -- she important into the network. An address book is to be provided which enables the user to choose who on the list should be sent and indications -- you can do that thing where you decide. If you want an -- people and then FaceBook will be required to alert users that they should only send invitations to people they know personally -- Who they think would want to receive an invitation IE. Don't spam your -- these things but and I just. Felt I for the first time I finally felt the pain of the FaceBook opt in the so someone I -- decided to add me to a group. When out. Inviting me I guess they directly out of me. And -- this morning it was like a group called geeks and I'm gonna find out that this person's name right now I'll call you out that was just it was -- wrong but essentially I literally had. Fifteen emails in the span of thirty seconds Matthew -- -- -- -- How to deal UGG I don't -- god without a doubt you know right way you do not do that so now I gotta probably have to go in my FaceBook. And then find the stupid group. -- get out of it even though I had -- -- doing things be it. This is crap. And now this is pro. It is crap we talked about on snow anywhere and that -- -- -- -- video village until it affects insulin her dad and now once it comes home. And now now you're dead in a method -- there's at him but he didn't know -- but that's the thing right like that's exact I mean. FaceBook allows people spamming and fifty million widely known to be able to add you to a group that you're not part of an and that so that your feed that's just like you get all the email spam that lets. As always it's -- to like it but what are you thinking moment like who would want that. FaceBook has so far declined to say by the way whether the new friend finder feature. Regulations will apply only in Germany or whether they will be introduced across the platform -- may I suggest -- across the. Just just the little suggests. Just -- this now. -- over the weekend and Apple's -- promoting the whole ten billionth app download mark and they hit that mark overnight on Friday. Milestones of all La they -- a lot of doodle jump tap tap revenge and Angry Birds are part of that. A moment lets a young lady a mother was contacted with you know the winning prize of 101000 dollars iTunes gift card. Called by Eddy Cue I think it's easy to VP of iTunes app like directly by him and she'd -- it's -- now to kill Davis British woman whose children installed the app without her knowledge. -- got a phone call and thought it was -- break but are -- like no. No -- -- and we actually this is legit what do you do lead. And she called back and here's the funny thing right isn't that huge leg. No and that her -- came out they said -- downloaded some Catholic is the only real system and studio like oh no entity called back called Apple and got like an operator in the company's help us who was apparently extremely unhelpful and they. Wasn't able to you I mean I guess I wouldn't I would've thought. -- and I don't. Apple acknowledged the -- an apparent -- that I'd definitely like -- -- like you know what I'm gonna forward YouTube this you can leave a message it -- -- -- -- one -- to only one in 101000 dollar -- -- I had one billionth. -- -- -- Who -- do you know me. But -- that it luckily an Apple executive -- back a couple hours later and and it. -- did so this is the next and Apple runs this contest or their twenty billionth app or whatever. Nature. You called special friend that day. And -- that they one. Solid -- and I nobody -- no -- with good news but without expecting an email from Apple right. And what -- -- what -- it lets you -- -- you wouldn't have believed that he's there -- be right now. Out. Of the plan it to -- and even if someone knocked on my door and -- that he -- -- that's another the next milestone will be for the Mac app store's one million app down Diana the landing heavily Hillary did one -- those. With one the only one billion billion that they -- it's hard to bring people than miner number about 1000002 -- and believe -- In contrast. The thing that sucks about the city at 101000 dollars the App Store would have been nice if they gave you 101000 dollars to use. Either on Apple products. -- just songs and movies are -- and songs. And movies as. And songs and movies people and apps you can buy those apps -- an -- -- thousand dollars and I don't. I am rich app that was like a thousand bucks you like -- Apple didn't appreciate it -- and through that through and 00. Hey -- -- it. Down another rumor mill -- or -- We cannot stop and you know -- -- meet you back we can't keep ignoring that had -- rumors -- we were only. I was though I've not only Danny Villa let me -- Edmonton in the reluctantly did ignore them at home for a long time -- that -- is like. Enough. But now that now they have dates attached -- the -- -- commercial times together according -- Monday that the iPad two production will begin in February in -- small pilot. The company shipments for the second quarter and expect the growth so it still looks like we'll probably see it around -- or so another thing though is the iPhone five. In -- Via outlook -- for production -- which would then say it potentially you know you -- -- -- and after two months after it starts production due July timetable. Like and do not that's about it on an iPhone and you're so happy that the -- -- this -- -- -- -- -- just wait for five months I swear to you you'll thank us later -- whatever you're doing do not buy a phone yet still I'm sorry you have a BlackBerry Curve. You still need to use that -- CWA. -- -- -- it also in the rumor mill it reports out of Japan. -- is saying that the Sony PSP two will have. A three G connection -- -- candidacy. A multi touch -- screen and a much faster processor the three G obviously that would be the big deal yes so -- on the Japanese model. That'll connect to entity Kokomo which is one -- repaired their main carriers and I'm in Japan but if that -- chip with at least in the device. It could potentially give you the chance to connect it to of the carriers out here in the US or whatever other country in but OLED on the screen that's that's a big deal with -- A -- the has been talked about for CES or I would like the past four years now and it the resolution and that costs of the screens. Are so high that that's why we've never seen them reach the consumer yet. I think Sony had like a seven inch OLED screen two years ago they were selling effort 2000 dollars somewhere around seven inches. Which is insane. And and in keeping with some other reports last week where you know Sony executives are saying it would be as powerful of the PS3 well it sounds like the new processor will be a version of the cell chip. That is used in the pithy -- scaled back reportable or scaled for a portable device -- that wouldn't you know. And it it will use up your battery pretty fast but hopefully nine ballot screens are more. Efficient energy efficient use them and -- that -- the biggest. -- -- On the blue grid that there -- three G connection and -- all the PlayStation phone on the horizons and hugs and we don't know that we -- you I mean if it's just an option that's cool that 3-D -- an activity if that's true. Is. Could deal with fueling the owner or they can do overs meant that on the -- with a profit in a mobile device that's that operate -- -- power. He's holding a PlayStation event in Tokyo on Thursday which I tried to get an apartment that are happening you learn you're -- and -- that's -- I'm gonna -- -- on Thursday. It's -- and a apparently he's he's better -- -- isn't enough of them I am and in. But today we're expecting that it will be officially unveiled then I'm -- I'm curious to see what comes out now and in a February debut in part one. -- lesson on now that MR. I I haven't heard I haven't heard violent and teens on that'll either an issue that. All -- myths -- -- in quick hits today the Samsung galaxy S vibrant on T-Mobile after that huge perk up a last week whereas simpler. Some T-Mobile leaker was accusing Samsung of deliberately withholding that you -- super audio update and even may be charging carriers -- it. Samsung. Somehow miraculously got its act together -- delivering prelude to the vibrant. But no other galaxy S on the all the other three carriers -- Molly -- just -- may make sure I got this right there. -- fascinate will not be receive union I don't have a -- what was essential when you I haven't ethnic. A -- that Becker it manager acted as the best movie ever made. Best movie ever made best move amber. Also -- if you wanna really see how AT&T countered the Verizon iPhone four announcement. It looks like according to eighteenth -- only system -- the white iPhone or will -- so it's like. Verizon gets the Apple or AT&T gets the it's slowly and donating spares in Lincoln tech unicorn noise we need that we did that remember I doubt that -- You know it. It's just Noland scanners island flag gimme a break and one -- and like when someone the thing about it now if someone like -- -- at Philip. And think they're cool they might even cool and it was. Originally announced but it's like nine months later after he went dot it was cool. -- Seriously. Skeptics in terms of white iPhone -- deep you can forever. -- for edema. We are eventually gonna get a sweet sound effects -- this but we have a whole new segment and then we've been waiting to get to use actually. You'll -- speak pop geek pop. News about via pop culture events that are of interest to the geek world the movies in the book -- the -- and all that good stuff mainly the movies today apparently. Studio executives picked up the screen rights to the forthcoming Julian Assange founder become the most dangerous world dangerous -- -- -- -- man I just wanna change my whole strategy right now because that such an -- them. If you read a book written about you know the title that's data. What that -- you're that shares anyway studio executives have picked up those rights and potentially there's going to be WikiLeaks movie. Down WikiLeaks in the movie producers Mary -- Josephson and -- from -- option the most easements it appoint a special drama. In the vein of All the President's Men with the thrill of a Tom Clancy now. Move. -- commute via the and then on flash -- today according to gallery is the major explore and well the -- -- -- you gotta go broad being kept. You gotta get down mad people are dead. So -- -- point -- but -- -- Also Islam might I add you got a good down Brody. Brilliantly the biggest -- name our -- back to the news. He says they -- their major export and -- are coming that he met with the what how you Brothers around Christmas. They -- they've completed script treatment for two more matrix installment and they're planning to shocker. With that make the film in three people -- here. Might not -- added him right when would have death -- -- -- three. Read that but he's excited to return as -- and he promised that the treatments -- truly rebel I revolutionize action -- like the project and attack made. At the end of an -- yes sir at the end of the interview he did say act silly edge. They look at -- that they also notes that with James Cameron to talk about you know -- -- lately. Avatar the matrix and it. Now -- get them that it bring on more matrix movies Lana is the only delight number to -- -- if you total. Why sell it to die weird lock down a little the all of a grave as liquid burning and -- -- whose weird. Members of my favorite part about -- with I might have been the third movie but the MTV did a spoof on it -- if you like the print when you regularly -- have -- people. No I never looked at that I that I have that so basically the movies on your most number -- does not because the movie. But if this gets. There's -- -- there yet that that's is that explains how we -- about matrix before we get your feedback it's time for any opinion. Okay -- woman goes to that Ukrainian aquarium. Together that the authority of the in the aquarium and says if I'm a -- -- alpha all of my own. And they didn't believer and only now that -- -- -- no way to early adopt my crap I got my about in the crocodile. Hit tank in the country made it an -- now and then. The phones are ringing from -- kind -- -- that -- live but. -- -- -- -- So a year. Out where crocodiles realistic and that is awful that parts not happy -- Ali. Having against -- -- the -- been refusing food and acting with little list list. And they think that they might have to give him surgery you get the phone out. But -- this is straight out at. -- You see Jurassic Park three lost world I haven't had a satellite phone that was in the stomach of the diet of the not that -- that the -- is the crazier dinosaurs the level you're after -- and and others -- bigger than -- -- Mexican journalist Paul Allen and it was ringing in its stomach and so. They were like hanging out also in the -- ring. And they were like what's that and it was the dinosaur because it was ringing in -- he does it in Japan. It is Peter it is totally is totally from ticked off right so this is the part that she probably should have done does the lady who lost her phone she was -- now. To take a picture of it in when there's a crocodile take you don't reach out to take a picture of you not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In public ahead of -- drag it out thing that's a no no the call back there a wow. Download I was very. Available. And I -- you guys you called me now that so it's time for. Last week we talked about eleven who was down math and -- to fall into account and while texting. And then. Followed that up with being -- -- and up to goal -- TV and complain about how people no one knew she was but he knew who she was and then she was gonna sue. Over the phone incident in the in the security tape and why not doing -- -- -- them. Well now our voice mail today offers yet another -- -- update. -- -- -- -- -- -- Talking about -- that -- -- like all of us. -- all well -- certainly not out -- -- And apparently -- out court. That there -- looking for you. You've got a warrant. So -- -- doing a little time off its top -- and money -- and capable. Is currently get her. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is horrible thing the Internet and -- why update from -- Ken -- others in tariffs greener and downward from the London international school of performing at that cannery it has made no appearance there. That would supposedly compliant source code mine supposedly he made his appearance at -- That. Like cannery that the things -- they met with there was a lot of detail that was worse some Internet prank. It's completely made up the entire thing whoever did that -- honestly I got -- -- It's it's happening. Happening is happening. You know I -- mile of -- idyllic -- explore in spring of 2000 while in theory it is written on them in 380 and television not the revolutionary because it is pretty innovative but it's an old -- on his boots this smells exactly like -- -- And on -- the emails -- an -- and doesn't know and it's in the living essentials two last week via Amazon gift card and he could mean the -- group -- bubble. It certainly -- the -- -- thing column group on business model easily replicated. All it takes a little help from Amazon and living social -- a much name recognition in one day isn't a group on a year to build up. Friday fact that Jeff attendees went to -- -- group -- was apparently no one in New York uses it. And chimed in and -- post it like that living social thing with Amazon gift cards right. -- -- -- -- And it thank -- to the New York as for -- leap billing and hosting like a super special -- out loud on Friday because. We dissolved into the work they -- -- yet they -- a great yet there whole area of olives and fine Howell special on the island and in my feet. And -- have a little breather I. Went to the mountain. I was still surfing hello everyone I see one major problem to stop that Starbucks payment after you've talked about. It's in all the buzz and buzz about security how does that make sense to use essentially a static bar -- to pay for something. The thing about the sheer number of camera phones around copy -- decrepit code someone takes a snapshot -- Doctors in -- will also looks like the right app and AM. I -- -- free -- is a Starbucks merchandise and have no clue that you're doing so until you go and check your cell -- bill. Yes I agree that paint things with their cell phones and is -- idea. But this just seems to be a really poor idea for how to do it since it would be so easy personas failure Starbucks -- besides who needs another -- -- -- worry about we -- credit cards. Social Security numbers. Advertisements you get the idea -- judge has pretty -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- them. Every Haifa -- well. Glenn and -- Butler -- in that -- -- that when anyone sending up a blind date it is your first stop -- eight but the -- how little -- but he can find out about. Having just been given a number one. A number and amber -- I don't -- like I was like yeah. It's -- -- -- Tel oh yeah did that well having just been given a number of -- that. Check out my prospective date and -- -- -- profile picture is not helpful in their bottoms were not available or so it seemed I noticed that there was a picture post on her wall -- likely that -- I was shocked to find -- -- was given access to the entire album that contain the photo of -- scrolling -- -- clicking -- posted pictures. I was able to access several photo albums containing dozens of photos. Now that may have been due to loosely set privacy settings but I was able to drill down into photo albums -- Laporte and a few other random things but pages as well. The mechanically and that that one teams those convoluted privacy settings the -- your wall with friends and into U. While that -- humans we'll do little computer let me count of for the mind lately you say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little thumbnail and I clicked on the thumbnail that -- an album and found out what other projects that I've never done that more mannered and anything like that I -- definitely never discovered that photos he'd been on a protected profile are almost never protected and even if some of them are the mobile upload always -- everyone unless you specifically -- those albums adding. I mean the photo privacy settings are wreaking travesty and but -- don't even talk to -- ever about your simplified privacy settings because it's just -- joke. And then -- the -- -- like when you go mobile upload it it's people everyone on that album. You you have -- you could literally spend one hour a week found just monitoring. Your privacy settings on your face but. In the -- time it is -- -- And that I have never use. -- that. All right here ago a CNET crew when you first start talking about the Brian streak. -- suppress the -- plug -- that data that figured out someone asked who sat. Well I have a coworker in the IS department where I work that is just that person. The cafeteria work offers plastic mugs that are 34 ounces and has ever cut is 2.4 ounces you can -- the plastic -- -- get they'll get it filled up at the same price as standard -- -- to gauge its worth this employee actually made though it's yet to negate it's worth. This employee actually made a return of investment sport. And came up that it would take somebody to -- to break even even on your additional investment so even though -- -- I wouldn't have -- ever -- -- that I guess there are some people out there that just think that way. I'd also like to say congratulations on keeping the Brian streak alive tell you. Well yea as love the ship. We had headed view by cheating that you know that whenever whenever -- worked at hooters there are other people out there and they don't have a lot of friends the date that. All old kind and we give a month -- now in -- if you would like to comment on what I mean comment that was the same. Pity your told -- -- -- -- showdown at BOL dot cnet.com is our blog -- -- excellent six. You think there is our phone number for the feedback loops and buzz that's in their email address. Welcome back -- and paying again here -- analog mammoths that have them excellence in -- --
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